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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 1, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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lives on. >> that is the overnight fuse for this thursday. eckac a little ws continues. hawaii-born actor jason later for the morning news and cbs this morning. momoa is the latest to visit and address the protesters at the bottom of the volcano. he's been vocal in his opposition of the construction of the giant telescope. captioning funded by cbs he received a ceremonial welcome. some native hawaiians believe the land is sacred. it's thursday, august 1st, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." the protests have been going on fighting the front-runner. for two weeks. democratic presidential on the "cbs moneywatch," cisco agrees to a multi-million-dollar settlement, and an ice keep flavor that might grow great with a hot dog. candidates come out swinging diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that against joe biden in round two and more. good morning, diane. of the debate, the heated topics. >> good morng, wendy. another busy day filled with the possible dealt of al s corporate earnings. may have been killed could be notable companies include the end of a terror group. dunkin' brands, uss, gm. >> give me some room. don't pull me. the dow plunged 333 points, and a double rescue on the des moines river after a
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nighttime rafting trip goes wrong. closing below 27,000. 98oints. drped 32and th good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news cisco hasim after knowing headquarters in new york. i'm wendy gillette in for anne-marie green. about the security of its former vice president joe biden faced a fresh round of surveillance products. attacks during last night's presidential democratic c debat. the company says they knew about candidates sparred with biden on the issues regarding access everything from health care to criminal justice reform. biden was also repeatedly forced passwords and data and other to defend his decades-old political record. laura podesta is in detroit. laura, how did the former vice access. president handle himself? cisco said there was no evidence any unauthorized access to customers' video occurred as a result of the architecture. cisco stopped selling the >> reporter: good morning, software in 2014. wendy. there's a warning for well, he's facing a lot of criticism for his stage presence. he stuttered. he often didn't finish his thoughts. parents this morning involving both he and kamala harris took baby sleepers. the most hits during last night's debate. baby sleepers from disney and eddie bauer are being recalled. california's senator kamala harris went after former vice babies can roll over and be president joe biden last night in detroit. suffocated by silar >> you do nothing to hold the ones by other brands have been insurance companies to task. linked to deaths after infants rolled over from their backs to their stomachs or sides.
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parents can contact the >> reporter: the other manufacturer for a full refund. candidates on stage also attacked the front runner. and french's has teamed up with cool house to make a >> there's a saying in my mustard-flavored ice cream. community. you're dipping into the kool-aid starting today french's mustard ice cream will be sold in new york and los angeles. it's a limited time offer throughout the month of august. and you don't even know the flavor. french's also plans to serve the ice cream with a pretzel cookie. >> reporter: biden argued the focus needs to be on more recent history. it comes in time for national mustard day, which is tomorrow. if you can't make it no new york >> everybody's talking about who i am on these important issues. barack obama knew exactly who i was. or l.a., don't worry. >> reporter: he punched back. french's has an easy to make recipe on its website just in >> you came to the university with me and said it was case. wonderful. i don't know what's happened. >> reporter: they spent much of the time going after each other >> just in case. on health care. >> just in case you want mustard ice cream. i'm out on this one. >> i don't know why democrats on this stage are fearmongering i'm not a big mustard fan. >> i agree. diane king hall at the new york about universal health care. stock exchange. diane, thanks. still to come, water rescue >> they can choose a public option. caught on video. police in iowa try to pull out two people stuck in a raging >> for a democrat to be running river. es n cover everyone, i think they make everything better. it's without excuse. like our strawberry poppyseed salad and new strawberry summer caprese salad. >> reporter: harris did not order online for delivery. panera. escape unscathed last night. food as it should be
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hawaii congresswoman knocked her criminal justice record. >> she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when asked if she ever smoked marijuana. jill jill has entresto, and a na heart failure pill >> reporter: similar to the thatpeke people alive first debate, democrats saved and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. their harshest criticism for president trump. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor >> we can no longer allow a white nationalist to be in the or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. white house. >> the first thing i'm going to the most serious side effects are angioedema, do when i'm president is i'm low blood pressure, kidney problems, going to clorox the oval office. or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. >> reporter: and president trump was active on twitter during and where to next? after the debate, at one point everyone gets $10 kohl's cash for every $50 spent! tweeting the people on stage earn it on everything!... tonight and last were not those like $30 on a fitbit... or $60 kohl's cash on this dyson! that will make america great spend it on anything! again or keep america great. plus - save even more on your back-to-school purchase! wendy? plus - free amazon returns now at all kohl's stores! >> laura podesta in detroit. laura, thanks. ahead on "cbs this morning," candidate bernie sanders will talk about last night's debate.n of osama bin laden has been
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killed in a military operation. hamza bin laden was in tal qaed. now the future of the group is in question. david martin has details from the pentagon. >> reporter: one official tells cbs news osama bin laden's son is believed to have been killed in a military operation, although, he was not the target of the operation and not known to be at that location. there were conversations that were monitored about whether they should try to keep hamza's death a secret or acknowledge it and celebrate hamza as a martyr. hamza was reported to be in neither pakistan or afghanistan. president trump brushed aside comments. >> i don't want to comment on it. >> reporter: letters captured in the 2011 raid, which killed osama bin laden, indicate he was grooming hamza to succeed him as here's look at today's leader of al qaeda. forecast in some cities around earlier this year the state the country. department offered a $1 million
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reward for information leading to his capture or death. it's been eight years since osama bin laden was kill and al qaeda is no longer the threat it once was. killing his son and heir apparent will make it harder to stage a comeback although its a dramatic river rescue caught on camera in des moines, iowa. police say an inflatable raft leader al zawahiri is still on carrying two people capsized in the lewis. i'm david martin with cbs news, raging water below a dam monday night. the pentagon. rescue crews dropped ropes to the man and woman. a search continues for a they grabbed on and struggled to get to safety. they were pulled to safety and taken to the hospital and then pilot of a navy pilot jet that released. crashed in california. emotional ties. the f/a-18 super hornet went down yesterday in national a mother met a tie to her son valley national park. several people were injured. the injured were treated for minor burns and cuts fyifragmen crashed and exploded. >> as soon as i saw her, i fell in love with her. the area is known to aviation just precious. and i heard the heartbeat. enthusiasts as "star wars" canyon where pilots train here.
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really just beautiful. >> 2-year-old cash landers the aircraft is similar to these pictured here. the pilot was on a routine training mission at the time of the crash. for the first time in more than a decade, the federal drowned in a pool accident. lola was born with a faulty reserve has cut interest rates. heart. last year a heart transplant the fed dropped its target rate saved the little girl's life. yesterday the two families met for the first time capping an to a range of 2% to 2.5%. emotional journey. and harlem globe trotter it was the first since it slashed rates in 2008. it was seen as a precautionary effort to protect the u.s. from star zeus mcclurkin decided to slowing grown china d europe and uncertainty over have some fun in the sun while president trump's trade war. parasailing in the atlantic >> ocean in new jersey. cbs news business analyst jill >> here we go. schlesinger will take a look at while in new jersey, parasailing the fed's reasons for cutting trick shot. rates and what it means for your wallet. >> wow. he shot a ball while flying over 100 feet above a basket mounted on a boat. audio recordings have sur mcclure kin also made a few other trick shots from boat to boat. farced from nearly a half the globetrotters are touring this summer. coming up on "cbs this century ago between president morning" in our series "a more perfect union," we'll show you a nixon and ronald reagan. program that puts internships on capitol hill within reach for the two held derogatory reports. low income students. it was the day after the united nations voted to recognize the i'm wendy gillette. people's republic of china. this is the "cbs morning news." "
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reagan phoned nixon at the white in bulk. house to vent his frustration at boom! african delegates who celebrated the vote. what a beefsteak. gotta love it. land o' frost premium. a slice above. >> last night i tell you to watch that thing on television as i did, to see those -- those monkeys from those african countrieies, damnit, they're stl uncomfortable wearing shoes. >> the ronald reagan foundation said if he said that 50 years ago, he shouldn't have, and he would be the first person to apologize. nixon, reagan called william rogers and adopted reagan's racist language. ( ♪ ) only tylenol® rapid release gels >> later that month nixon have laser drilled holes. laughed at the comments from his ease medicine fast, best friend beebe rah b-- rah bw sew.
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>> that reaction on television was that it proves how they ought to be still hanging from the trees by their tails. >> even in 1971 that language would have shocked the general public. president trump has been under fire for his racist tweets. in an interview he told c-span he's the least racist person there is in the world. paula reid, cbs news, the white house. we're following breaking news in kentucky where a ruptured gas line caused a massive explosion. it happened overnight in lincoln county about an hour outside lexington. at least one person was killed. several homes caught fire and have been destroyed. several evacuees took shelter at a local church. experts are trying to find d fire ate fied they of baown. shelte-place wning had arn the signs atled holes. been issued forcommunities around the plant but had been lifted. the facilities process made
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materials. coming up on the "morning news," what caused a massive explosion that leveled a house in pennsylvania. our top story this morning, and a water park malfunction caught on video. a wave machine causes a huge joe biden faced more attacks during last night's democratic presidential debates. tsunami, injureding dozens. the democrats also sparred over this is the "cbs morning news." e "cbs morning news." health care, immigration, and race. kamala harris, a former prosecutor, was also criticized my joints... they hurt. for her criminal justice record. and cbs news has learned the pain and swelling. that osama bin laden's son has the tenderness. been killed. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this. hamza bin laden was in line to head al qaeda, the terror group i found cosentyx. founded by his father. now, watch me. it's unclear when or where he real people with active psoriatic arthritis was killed. are getting real relief with cosentyx. it may mean the end of the it's a different kind of targeted biologic. terror group. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain air canada is thele ted to of psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. te an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms. if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms crkr vanleavhas e tails.e after
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i got real relief., i got clearer skin and feel better. >> i'm not gettin 7 of now, watch me. eing and af s and her rs get real relief with cosentyx. now whfaa did not do demanded when you have diabetes, ♪ dietary choices are crucial to help manage blood sugar, more after the first 737 max crash last october. but it can be difficult to find a balanced solution. >> why did the faa not take try great-tasting boost glucose control. immediate action to address those risks. >> reporter: they pointed to an the patented blend of protein, fat, and carbs internal faa analysis done just is part of a balanced formula days after the crash, predicting that's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. in fact, it provides 60% more protein another crash was likely within the next ten months due to the than the leading diabetes nutrition shake plane's troubled anti-stall and contains only 1 carb choice. system mcas. enjoy the balanced nutrition of boost glucose control as part of a healthy diet. instead of grounding the plane, they required pilots to reskpriereview existing procedures. fi you should have more description in the computer-based training in order
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to explain what mcas is. >> we want you to be person or entity that does not appear to be the case in this situation. >> reporter: faa executives told senators while not every decision is perfect, the faa stands behind the certification of the max. boeing's biggest rival airbus reported a monster revenue where oh, it was a blast. their earnings increased by 75%. >> that's a neighbor explaining what it was like when a house boeing saw their earnings drop by 35%. suddenly exploded in western kris van cleave, cbs news, reagan national airport, pennsylvania. virginia. coming up on "cbs this morning," the latest on the three firefighters, the owner of american teenagers detained in italy for allegedly murdering a police officer. a home, and a neighbor were we'll hear from a family member of one of the teens. injured. before the blast the owner had plus, we make thousands of called 911 after smelling gas. decision a day, and sometimes we struggle with our options. the explosion also destroyed two vehicles in the driveway. we'll talk with a psychiatrist the blast impacted homes four blocks away. on how we can get better at making decisions. and in our series "a more perfect union", we'll show you a former football star is a program that puts intern ships suing the maker of roundup, on capitol hill within reach for and a wave machine apparently low income students. malfunctioned. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand.
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the "washington post" reports 44 people were hurt when a water that's the "cbs morning news" park wave machine in china for this thursday. launched a tsunami. thanks for watching. i'm wendy gillette. have a great day. officials at the water park said -- captions by vitac -- watching. the machine malfunctioned sunday. i even wendy gillette. have a ay. several swimmers were launched out of the pool and onto the pavement. the water park was closed and an investigation is under way. former steelers football player merrill hoge is suing the maker of the controversial weed killer roundup. he claims it causes cancer. hoge who is 54 says roundup caused the lymphoma he was diagnosed with in 2003. he first came in contact when he worked on a potato farm in the '70s. >> i've been exposed to roundup since i was a kid on a potato farm at age 12.
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the thing thng andisturbing is o oue shelve >> hoge is one of more than 18,000 plaintiffs suing the manufacturer monsanto. parent company buyer beyer says an extensive study shows roundup does not cause cancer. "rolling stone" reports the organizers of the woodstock 50 announced it is officially canceled. it was originally scheduled for august 15 through the 18th in . thiss f our roof cam on theve ab yout it lost its original financial company and venue. studios. 58 degrees in san francisco. it was moved to the location in maryland. and it's a thursday morning, many of the headliners, jay-z and miley cyrus have pulled out august 1st. i'm chelsey mcneil. . >> maylaarey in see the westerne mark the anniversary of the legendary woodstock festival in 1969. and "new york times" reports on the death of broadway giant hall prince. bay bridge and i will raise you the longtime producer and an eastern span. low clouds filled in the bay director died yesterday in once again this morning. iceland after a brief illness. as far as the temperatures go, think back to yesterday and it prince produced or directed some of broadway's biggest hits will feel like that.
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including "west side story," "fiddler on the roof," let's get the numbers up there. "cabaret," and "the phantom of the opera." currently in the upper 50s for he won 21 tony awards. san francisco. oakland looking at 62. >> directing is fun, i think, and working with actors is 58 in san francisco and terrific, and i like actors a lot. >> last night broadway dimmed livermore and santa rosa. its lights in honor of the everybody is waking up to the theater legend. hall prince was 91. same feel. in aafternoon, san francisco, 65. and we take a look across the still ahead, a taste of area, 87 inland. a little bit cooler than summer. check out the ice cream flavor yesterday by a degree or two. inspired by mustard? mustard? enjoy the upper 80s inland i've always had a knack for finding things... ...colon cancer,to be exact. locations. concord, livermore, santa rosa, talking to and i find it noninvasively... no need for time off or special prep. it all starts here... you collect your sample, and cologuard uses the dna in your stool to find 92% of colon cancers. you can always count on me to know where to look. oh, i found them! i can do this test now! ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. covered by medicare and most major insurers did you know even the cleanest looking cars can smell musty? ♪ that's because odors trapped in your car's soft surfaces
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get released, and are then circulated by your ac system. to stop the cycle of odors febreze stops the circulation of musty air by trapping and eliminating lingering odor molecules for up to 30 days of fresh, clean air. plus, they come in a range of scents including extra light. stop the cycle of odors in your car with febreze car vent clips. brand power. helping you buy better. the no added hormones in land o' frost premium sliced meats have moms buying in. in bulk. boom! what a beefsteak. gotta love it. land o' frost premium. a slice above.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around
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