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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  August 3, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> new findings on use of force by oakland police, still not where auditors want to see it and now the chief is looking to new technology to better monitor officers on the street.>> plus a deadly cliff collapse are popular beach or the san diego, those details coming up. >> no more grabbing a plastic water bottle before your flight, at the san francisco airport the unprecedented change for what it means for passengers, it is 6 am.>> we have breaking news,
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firefighters are at the scene of multiple vegetation buyers in contra costa county and calfire says over a dozen buyers have been reported in the area near marsh creek road and morgan territory and this is near the communities of brentwood and, there is a shelter in place for residents near the fire but no evacuation orders have been placed yet and it is unclear how many acres have burned but we will monitor the fires throughout the morning and bring you the latest on air and online>> after a check of our forecast here is darren >> the good news from the weather department is there is less of an onshore flow meeting last wind. that weaker onshore flow is having an impact for the rest, treasure island looking back at the city pretty view but it gets a lot better when you get to the top of the tower and look the other way, looking east towards sunrise you see this low clouds but they are spotty and the lesson the way of low clouds the less marine layer because we're not pulling in as much of an onshore flow.
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this means today will be somewhat warmer for some of us look at the daytime high for san francisco at 70, 67 would be the average which is not that big a deal. but we will be noticeably above- average inland. that is a 94 daytime high coming from inland locations, anywhere from six, anywhere from 6 to 80 above average this time of year, and today is the peak for inland want and it will get better getting into the middle part of next week. are supposed we will stay pretty seasonal and much milder temperatures to come. i will see you without forecast coming up but for now back to you. right now we have a standoff with police in palo alto going on for more than 20 hours. this began yesterday morning when officers responded to a home on tennessee lane, they are there to negotiate the surrender of a man suspected of domestic violence and police say he could be armed with a
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handgun. no other people are believed to be in the home and the alleged victim is safe. and vascular so there is no danger to the public. an internal audit suggests several cases oakland police officers failed to report drawing their gun on someone and other uses a force the office of inspector general look at 47 incidents from last year which forced me have been used but was not reported and the audit determined officers failed to fill out a use of force form and 17 cases and of those cases 12 involved in officer pointing a firearm and the other five involved techniques like leg sweeps, take downs and control holds. >> the audit calls out the fact that when oakland police officers use force against african-americans they did not report it. >> the audit on no instances of an officer using unreasonable force and in a statement police chief said officers undergoing additional training and shouted the department is looking into using technology that tracks when officers un-holster their
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firearms new details on the gilroy garlic festival should from the santa clara county coroner confirms the gunman killed himself as police closed in. 19-year-old santino legan is suspected of killing three people and injuring dozens of others and the police chief said the findings doesn't change much in his estimation of the police did shoot him but legan fired the fatal shot and initially chief scott said officers killed santino legan. >> the officers shot at the suspect striking him multiple times in the suspect went down to the ground and was able to shoot himself in the head which is why it results in manner a suicide. spirit officially the motive is unknown. the san jose police officers association canceled a fundraising rifle with a semi
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automatic rifle is the price on the unit have been selling $20 tickets to benefit the police chaplains program and all of that was before the gilroy shooting now the union says it has canceled that fundraiser after complaints that it was important a's. meantime a well-known san jose pizza restaurant is holding a fundraiser for shooting victims from tony and elders pizzeria is changing its name to all the gilroy pizza to gilroy strong throughout the month of august and all proceeds will go to a victims relief fund. the restaurant is also welcoming extra donations. other fundraisers this weekend, the san jose earthquakes will hold a silent auction at the stadium today and it includes team signed jerseys and 2020 season tickets, tomorrow there's a five hour benefit concert at the brittania arms, and for more information on how to help victims of the should go to . three people are dead and two others injured after part of a cliff collapse onto a beach north of san diego
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yesterday afternoon at grandview beach that popular beach had surfers, locals and vacationers and was filled with people at the time. the 30' x 25' section of the bluff from 15 feet above the beach, dumped rock and sand onto the people below and several victims had to be dug out. >> according to the civil engineer it was an extremely heavy amount of weight, tens of thousands of pounds as some of these 5 to 10 foot sections>> one woman died and two others died at the hospital and one of the injured remains hospitalized but the other had minor injuries. the cliff remains unstable and it is cordoned off to keep people out of harm's way. now back in the bay area is somewhat incident ñwoman at fort funston in san francisco in february when a huge section of a coastal bluff collapsed as she and another woman were walking a dog, the crews worked tirelessly to dig out the victim but were eventually forced to call off the
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search.>> we have learned there been several falls at yosemite this week and one with deadly emergency crews responded to two calls a bridal veil falls involving hikers who slipped on wet rocks on the second call on wednesday was a 21-year-old man who died. the third call yesterday was at the base of lower yosemite fall where a hiker slipped off a boulder into yosemite creek until they were trapped underwater until bystanders came to help and rages had to carry the person out and there is no word this morning on their condition. power is expected to be restored in orange county shortly after an outage brought air traffic to a halt at john wayne airport in santa ana. the airport was among the 28,000 southern california edison customers who lost power yesterday evening. this major
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outage was connected to a fire at a substation, several flights out of san jose, oakland and san francisco were among those canceled last night and as of now all flights to orange county today are expected to be on schedule but a few flights from orange county are canceled this morning. this is a live look at the san francisco airport where sales of water in plastic bottles are about to end in an effort to protect the environment. all sales of single use plastic water bottles will be banned in the air force restaurants, shops, cafis and vending machines and is said sold and recyclable aluminum glass or come possible bottles, some passengers say they want my the change. >> we cannot go on like this we have to put a stop to the plastic. >> it takes effect august 20 it will not affect plastic bottles of flavored beverages, sodas, teaser juices. new developments in the death of miss kennedy hill, no
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trauma was found on her body but an exact cause has not been released for her death, she died thursday after being found unconscious at the kennedy compound in their published reports quoting family sources that it was a drug overdose some of the kennedy quanice in returning from a sailing trip and for what has become a tradition for the family following a tragedy, neighbors in the massachusetts community lower their flacks to have staff this morning. an american rapper asap rocky has been freed from a swedish jail pending his verdict in a trial and a new video shows he and his crew arriving overnight in los angeles and yesterday he was seen with a big smile on his face as he left a stockholm court, the court releasing them while he awaits a verdict of his assault case in stockholm. a video capture art of the confrontatanrapper pleaded not guilty say he was only defeating or defending himself in the alleged victim said that he and his entourage kicked him and beat him while he laid on the ground in the case called the attention of the president and he said on twitter that is released from prison and on his way home from
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the united states or from sweet united states and it was a rocky road the verdict is to be announced august 14. the present resumes is next week for a new nominee to head up his intelligence agencies. catherine johnson says his first choice was withdrawn after five days.>>reporter: less than one week ago the president named john ratcliff to be the director of national intelligence and on friday the president said ratcliff had withdrawn from consideration. spirit i asked and i said you want to go through this the next two or three mustard you want to do something else? he thought about it. i said it will be rough. >> ratliff is in his third term in the house known as a vocal trump supporter and outspoken at the hearing for former special counsel robert mueller last week.>> time is short and i will be at five minutes and you will leave it as you cannot find it because it does not
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exist. strength reckless congressional bio claims he put terrorists imprisoned during his four years as a prosecutor and us attorney for eastern texas but his name doesn't appear in court documents for any terror -related cases sources tell cbs news president trump was nonetheless caught off guard by the decision, he fully intended or expected august went to stick it out despite lukewarm reception from some republicans. i would rather not address that i've had a chance to meet him and discussed his background and qualifications. >> mr. trump believes ratcliff would eventually have been confirmed. >> a lot of the republicans did not know john and he would've had good receptivity. >> the president said he would soon announce another nominee.>> 6:11 am.>> tesla it with another lawsuit over a deadly crash and did the autopilot technology do enough to prevent the driver from colliding with a semitruck? and east bay company closes its doors leaving behind a
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. this morning a man accused of spray painting racial slurs on three a spay homes is under arrest but not for a hate crime the vandalism happened to be point early wednesday including
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spray paint and a rock thrown through the window open the african-american family lives in each of those houses63- year-old alvin brown was arrested in oakland yesterday and investors believe he painted the racial slurs to try to hide his true motive>> mr. brown has a personal relationship with one of the victims of the vandalism. all evidence indicates this wasn't a hate crime it rather an attempt to mr. brown to make the vandalism's appear to be racially motivated and we are confident it is not the case. >> officials are still of us getting the nature of the relationship and neighbors cleaning up the graffiti still thinks it was a hate crime. >> yes i think it would be a hate crime. it could be a black person or white person, whoever did it and what you did was hateful. >> who was bold enough to say that word up at that were on people's houses he should be able to take the weight of the repercussions.
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>> brown is in jail and detectives plan to present the case to the das office monday in napa county two mountain lion sightings have been reported within the last 24 hours, those felines were senior fagan creek and the railroad tracks near the airport officials are advising residents to be careful at the napa county airport area a florida woman is suing palo alto-based tesla after her husband died in a car crash, jeremy benner was killed four months ago when the tesla model three collided with a truck in the lawsuit contends the cars autopilot safety system failed causing the crash. >> there is no question at all it is defective and it did not work properly and in fact it didn't work at all. >> the family attorney says the truck driver was at fault in the accident and it violated his right of way and also released a statement saying the autopilot system is safe when used properly by an intensive driver prepared to take control at all times. we reported lift bikes
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catching fire earlier this week but now we're going it is not just happening in san francisco. these fires appear to be starting at the flammable five battery packs or from and was and now there have been two other fires in san jose and berkeley. although no one has been injured they have removed the black and pink electric bikes from the spay, san francisco and san jose while it investigates. marta or bart is making a change. paper tickets have been used for decades but starting monday the 19th st., oakland station will stop selling paper tickets, people can still use paper tickets at stations that will not sell them at anymore, and aside from efficiency and convenience bart says it is cheaper to use card good news for people live around richmond, getting to and
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from san francisco got easier, ferry service will be available on the weekends. the water emergency transportation authority announced a summer weekend trial run starting today november 3 and that service includes five trips both ways every saturday and sunday. also today for words for you, world dog surfing championships, set to run from 9 am until 2 pm at linda mar beach in pacifica and includes other dog competitions and a pet wellness fair for those is dogs are not too keen getting into big bodies of water. now let's look at the weather and see where the puppies can expect. >> at the coast just like it always is this time of year, cloudy in the morning and we will stay in the 60s, in fact i will show you why places like pacifica will notice a very little difference compared to places like this, that is dublin. the live look looking down into the tri-valley did look at how clear, that is part of the issue today and let me show you what it looks like in the city. a beautiful layer of low clouds hanging out and that is from the view on top of the sales
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force tower. the important thing is all the low clouds streaming in have an influence on the bay on the coast keeping temperatures right where they should be this time of year. look at what that means for right now. 57 in san francisco and 63 in oakland, 63 in cochran but it is the daytime highs were will notice the difference. we will show you how much farther above average these locations will be first. that is where the story stands out. santa rosa 90 above average and i will show you the daytime high in a second know that is almost 100 warmer than average than this time of year, there are the numbers on the right, san jose we are going to 92. no, santa rosa is going to 92 and san jose is 86. instead of looking at the inland locations, away from the influence on the coast, we see the numbers on the left not nearly as dramatic. for half-moon bay 10 above average, oakland you are the warmest spot above average i
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can find, only 40 above average so we're going to 76 today in oakland, 72 would be the average, a member the numbers for inland spots, we are much is 200 warmer. this is really the pattern where we notice it is not an equal opportunity scenario. it will be noticeably warmer today for inland spots that will be for those who have access to that cool marine layer streaming into the bay right now. this is the warmest day. we will come back down a few degrees tomorrow and more by the middle of the week. look at the daytime highs inland by the time we get to wednesday, all the way down back into the mid-80s and that will be below average we can do the comparison the other way then but we're not there yet. it will be warm today and i will have more on this coming up later but now back over to. new restrictions on tackling in youth football practices, the changes designed to protect kids and we will hear from gov. gavin newsom. >> coming up esports has a
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cannon of an arm but never got a second look from a major league team until now. now look at this bomb out to the right but can he power the giants to the first win in the month of august. all coming up. >> before we go to the break a quick check of getaway gas and here is where you can find the cheapest prices, today we are checking oakland. can my side be firm? and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both... adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with him? yup. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, save up to $600 on select sleep number 360 smart beds.
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>> back to their early season for mattresses month of july in the manager treated to a farewell celebration in what is likely his final season theories in the mile high city and we go to the fifth inning, game tied at two and this is blessed to the right, 472 feet and it is 4-2 the giants and colorado answers at the bottom of the sixth. tying the game at for each and at the end of the game reyes marotta comes in and has trouble and now the giants trail 5-4, at the top of the ninth inning there is two on. now there is grounded double play to end the game and san francisco's back to 500 as they lose by a final 5-4. the a's have a rare friday off but they were able to be a part of one of the most interesting stories in baseball. two weeks ago nathan patterson tried to speak pitch at the colorado rockies game and hit as high as 96 mph and he did
6:25 am
the same thing at a aaa game last year and today the a's signed the 23-year-old to a minor-league contract with oakland rookie league team in arizona. that does it for sports. gov. newsom is excellent his decision to sign a law changing youth football guidelines. >> is meant to reduce the risk of sub concussive hits in children and players are now allowed 30 massive content practiced twice a week which is down from nine and medical professionals are recorded all games and independent monitors must be present to remove players with signs of injury and full contact practices will be banned during the off- season. >> it is the right thing to do because you have to have concussion protocols and make sure the kids are safe and this requires them to respectfully care more about the kids than about practice time and winning. >> the public says if the
6:26 am
athletes cannot train with contact and practice it may lead to more injuries during a game and that law will go into effect january 1 the public says if the athletes cannot train with contact and practice it may lead to more injuries during a game and that law will go into effect january 1, 2021. 700 permits needed to clear brush? the governor calling out a delayed project in the santa cruz mountains but calfire says it is not that simple. people in one bay area city are pleading with the feds to clean up the river. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust,
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or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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>> welcome back, it is about 6:30 am. >> we have an update for you on the breakingnews we brought to you at the top of the hour. firefighters estimate a total of 500 acres have burned and contra costa county due to multiple vegetation fires for calfire says more than a dozen fires have been reported in the area near marsh creek road and morgan territory road near the cities of brentwood in clayton. there is a shelter in place for residents near the fire we still have no evacuation orders yet and will continue to monitor these fires through out the morning and bring you the latest on air and online and let's check the weather. >> i just checked a couple of the window sensors and it is less than a 10 mile-per-hour breeze where they are battling the blue or the blaze which is
6:30 am
good news and look at this view from the top of the camera on the salesforce tower. in fact not only is this the view from the salesforce tower but is making an appearance in the shot, that is the shadow of the tower and what a beautiful shot it is because that low cloud cover says we're getting help this morning, the closer you are to the bay and the coast your temperatures are not change that much today. we'll stay right where we should be this time of year it is 57 in san francisco, it will be a little bit warmer inland, 67 for san francisco which is about three above average but not that big of a spread gets more noticeable to further inland you go today. 94 the daytime high for inland spots which comes in anywhere from six the daytime high for inland spots which comes in anywhere from 6 to 80 above average this time of year and this will be the peak of the warmth for inland locations, a degree or two warmer than yesterday, and a degree or two cooler this time tomorrow which
6:31 am
will start a trend the cacace although into the middle of next week, the bottom line reads much milder temperatures inland by the middle of next week but we're not there yet but back with more in a few minutes. we're getting details on san francisco's nearly billion- dollar emergency fairness and response plan and much of the focus is on updating the 911 call center technology. yesterday the governor toward the center in san francisco he says the updated technology will come with a fee for cell phone companies, the mayor says the current analog technology is outdated so they are making the switch to digital. >> weather there is a wildfire or a heat advisory, or all the different challenges that sadly we have had to ensure, we want to be prepared and we want to respond in a timely manner and we are ready to move forward in making those investments to do
6:32 am
just that. >> just ahead of what is expected to be a very busy wildfire season the governor has announced california will hire nearly 400 more firefighters. >> meantime crews want to read a massive fire along highway 17 and the santa cruz mountains which would run from summit road north to los gatos which is a total 6 1/2 miles and this could save homes and protective misuse evacuation route if a fire breaks out and the challenge is it is a patchwork of public and private land and each individual landowner needs to give the okay before work begins. >> highway 17 is a very important area as it is a large evacuation route for residents of the santa cruz mountains of the goal is to remove the vegetation from the roadway and then it out.>> there is definitely more that could be done based on what happened in the past. now i do not see anything being done differently i think we deftly can. there's plenty of room for growth in that area. >> calfire says that work is expected to start august 12.
6:33 am
this morning a north bay waterway is in dire need of dredging.>> the petaluma river is choked with sand, silt and mud and harassment more than 20 years since army corps of engineers beautiful dredge and yesterday the city's mayor presented a petition supporting a new dredge but the regional commander of the army corps road with that congressman in a specialized boat to see what is left of the river. docs that were once busy with commerce are now empty with boats stuck in the mud. we also have submitted as part of our complete budget package for fy 21 budget, it will compete nationally with all the rest of the operations and maintenance navigation projects. >> we have actually seen businesses leave town because they can no longer navigate the river. >> the mayor says if business activity can return to the river it would bring in more
6:34 am
than $1 million a year for the petaluma economy. the man accused of fatally stabbing a young woman in oakland part station did not enter a plea in court and his case was continued again and this time until august 19 writ 28-year-old john lee callan was in charge and special circumstances and the murder for stabbing death of 18-year- old nia wilson and that sparked a nationwide reaction in some activists called it racially motivated and a hate crime and recently a judge found he was mentally fit to stand trial the family of one bay area teenager accused of killing and i tell you police officer is breaking the silence and providing an update ontheir son's condition in a statement finnigan elders father even said it was good to see finnigan who was struggling but holding up. the family remains heartbroken over the loss of life he also said that we are hoping the prosecution produces the video footage of the incident to show what actually happened. swarmed by the media his father arrived at the prison this week
6:35 am
and he released his first essay me yesterday after thing his son for the second time. police say that finnigan stabbed italian officer 11 times with a 7 inch military grade knife you brought from the us. italian investigators say that he has confessed to the crime and that it stemmed from a botched drug deal and extortion attempt carried out by elder and his high school classmate and those two teenagers could face life in prison if convicted. in washington president trump friends just like the trade war with china and yesterday he announced a trade deal with european union he says will give us beef producers greater access to the european market and this is after he threatened a 10% tariff on $300 billion of chinese imports starting september 1. the us already has a 25% tariff on another 250 billion dollars of chinese goods. >> we have to make a much better deal with china and if i wanted to i could increase it to a much higher number. >> china has threatened to
6:36 am
retaliate if the us tariffs going to affect the next round of trade talks between us and china is scheduled to take place next month in washington now stocks tumbled on fears of a us and china trade war, the dow closed 98 and the nasdaq 107 and the s&p closedown 21. meantime the jobs report is out us employers added 164,000 jobs in july and the unemployment rate is holding 3.7% for the second straight month. the pace of hiring has slowed down this year but official status because more americans have jobs. the us has officially backed out of the cold war nuclear arms treaty with russia. the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty was signed in 1987 by pres. ronald reagan and mikhail gorbachev of russia and it banned nuclear weapons capable of destroying europe within
6:37 am
minutes and the us claims russia has broken the treaty by building and testing intermediate range missiles 20 since 2014. >> they were not living up to their commitment and i said if they're not going to live up to it then we always have to be in the lead. >> meantime russia is blaming the us for the breakdown saying the trump administration is trying to destroy all international agreements they do not like a new study shows what rising sea levels could do in the bay area over the next 30 years and an interactive map where the flooding could be the most severe as polar ice melting because of climate change and climate says of the city of alameda could see some of the worst flooding. >> more than 30,000 homes are at risk and the flood zone areas of a major flood event and the total value of the homes is nearly $50 billion. >> that is a big number. >> we have a link on the website to the interactive map which predicts the impact over several decades, just go on over to the state of california has just opened up a new nutria
6:38 am
headquarters in sacramento, that is large with footed rodents the damage crops and trees and the state will now use the new headquarters to find different ways to eradicate them. >> they reproduce so quickly and if we do not get on top of them quickly they reach a point where you can never control them. >> the state is also increased its staff dedicated to nutria from one person to more than 10 case you were thinking of running for president, and california it is the law you have to submit five years of your tax returns before you can be on the primary ballot. we asked former san francisco mayor willie brown how many times he's published his tackiness or his taxes. none. i never want anybody to know how really poor i wasn't how little i gave to charity.>> that is a chuckle. that is one of the few things that comes
6:39 am
out of this income tax stories when they are released is how much they gave to charity. >> i cannot afford it, i was the charitable beneficiary. >> charity begins at home is what they say. >> and by then i was still trying to get a home. >> moron that's more morning at 6 am right here. next, our original report, the alameda county computer company that moved into a toxic mess. plus a possible solution to soaring avocado prices, maybe fake emily, the vegetable some restaurants are using to replace avocados.
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you have probably seen a sprawling still founder as you drive past berkeley on interstate 80 and never say it has been polluting the environment for more than a century. >> we finally shut down last december it was a collective sigh of relief, but is christin ayers discovered the saga is not over.>>reporter: really scared. really scared for my employees and myself. for my employees families. >> jake jerry did not know what he was getting into when he released a yard in berkeley for his computer recycling business. it used to be part of pacific fuel testing, and 83-year-old foundry which shut down last year after going bankrupt the foundry had a history of pollution violations but jake says when he least his section -- >> we were told the property would be safe to move on to>> a report commissioned by the
6:43 am
landlord found high levels of heavy metals inside a metal structure called a baghouse on the premises where the foundry used to dump its hazmat waste. according to the report the materials in these areas are contained and they pose no substantive threat to occupants of the site but after he moved in jake noticed suspicious dirt collecting under the metal structure so he paid for his own testing >> we tested directly underneath each one of these openings from the back house that had been cut away and that is this stuff that you see here, and it essentially showed the same level of toxins inside the baghouse are now on the ground surface>> arsenic, chromium, lead and other heavy metals way above safe limits right on the ground were employees for jake's company, universal waste management, had been working for one year. our greatest fears are that one of us will get sick as a result of the toxins>> what he turned
6:44 am
to the city berkeley for help. >> the answer came back that our department is responsible for this, please talk to the next. >> we discovered why it may be a sensitive subject for berkeley and it turns out one pacific steel went out of business is signed a closure plan with the city to clean up any toxins left behind but that was never completed. in fact here in jake's yard and never even started.>> it is on hold right now because a bankruptcy. >> is head of the city toxic management department carl is in charge of overseeing the despite this founders repetition is one of the worst polluters in berkeley he trust the report that shows the site is safe>> their ultimate report that said there was no worker safety health hazard is what we're going by right now. but the county disagrees and after visiting the site it publicly posted a warning letter to pacific steel and to
6:45 am
jake's landlord the says existing analytical data confirmed the site appears to pose a risk to human health and the environment. that is concerning when you hear that especially considering that you had a recycler and its employees on- site working on the site for more than one year. which report? the county letter that just went out and was posted last week. i letter that he was cced on. how in the world did the city of berkeley allow this business to get a permit at this location considering all of the pollution?>> what business are you talking about and what specifically are you referring to? >> we are talking about the recycling company. >> which permit?>> city berkeley spokesman watching from the side started to interrupt. stood by the city does not have
6:46 am
discretion to issue a business license, the city is required to and there is no choice. i'm not asking how the business got a license i'm asking how a business was permitted to work on a site is a very clear has a toxic pollution problem. >> in a very biased way you are asking this and we are talking about a site you're talking about a very vast portion and you are not talk about which part of which location. >> i gave the address, as someone over this department what do you have to say to the people who may have been exposed to toxic substances while working on the site?>> a good question. there are people who have worked on that site he may have been supposed to toxic substances and was a mistake for people to be working on that site?>> i am not a toxicologist i cannot tell you. >> back at the recycling yard
6:47 am
jake is taking matters into his own hands and he said county officials have told him in no uncertain terms he needs to leave. we caught up with him as he and his employees were packing up closing shop. >> we are feeling angry, disappointed, overlooked and let down. and at risk. >> the county is holding pacific steel casting and jake's landlord responsible for cleanup of the site and has requested to meet with them and the bankruptcy trustees involved in person. meanwhile jake's landlord is now suing him for nonpayment of rent. jake tells us he is countersuing for exposure to toxic materials. berkeley christin ayers kpix5. today in oakland petal fest, it is a bicycle themed family-friendly event at jack london square including food, sideshows, live music and unicycle lessons running from 11 am until 5 pm.
6:48 am
also today the 36th annual fremont festival of the arts, you can find food, wine and music at what organizers call the largest free street festival west of the mississippi. the event is it paseo padre parkway and walnut avenue running today from 10 am until 6 pm.>> let's check the weather and what can the effect of the biggest festival of the mississippi or west of the mississippi? >> let's look at the view over the airport in san jose, look at the tarmac, plenty of sunshine for the south they. clear skies from the camera that looks over san jose which is the way it will look for much of the south bay and much of the peninsula although things start to get more interesting as you look back at the city from treasure island. look at the low bank of clouds, you can see the salesforce tower sticking up above and in fact there is another view from our camera looking back towards the city.
6:49 am
lovely views this morning with the low clouds coming in and from the top of the salesforce tower looking back where we were taking advantage of the camera over there. now as far as the lookouts or the low clouds that will help with temperatures if you're close to the bay or especially the coast where temperatures will not be all that far above average today. we will stay a couple of degrees above average for those locations but if you are inland it will be noticeably warm today. looking at the extent of the marine layer the low clouds of come through the golden gate and much of the space is covered we were sink relative sunshine down for san jose at the airport and fremont for the festival. these clouds will burn back as they always do and keep it to about noon today and as a result temperatures inland will feel a bit warmer today, 94 a concord six or 70 above average, 91 at livermore and 92
6:50 am
santa rosa which is 90 above average today. it is just the inland locations expensing numbers for above- average and pretty much everyone else is typical. over the next few days this is the warmest day in the forecast for those inland spots and for everybody really good 94 and then 85 by monday come in san jose will be 86 today which is only 30 above average so not that big a deal and back down to 79 by monday of next week for oakland 70 the average, 76 today but you see how the numbers will come back down to average by monday and for san francisco at 70, no real big swings. although we will see the numbers come back down into the mid-60s by the time we get to monday. in the seven day forecast you don't notice any change of the coast, maybe cooling down to the low 60s at most by early next week which is not a big deal. a good-looking seven day forecast if you get past the warmth of the weekend even at that all you have to do is
6:51 am
think back to last weekend and instead of 94 inland spots we were talking 100 inland spots we were talking 102 and heat advisory so we are nowhere near that but it is a bit warm. back over to as avocado prices continue to rise some people are resorting to fake guacamole. >> it is made with squash instead. this squash has a summer extra to avocado and is much cheaper and some chefs are working the vegetable it to new guacamole recipes and they are getting creative. you can see just how some people are using it, they spice up the squash with jalapenos, cilantro, garlic and other vegetables. high avocado prices are because of a shortage caused by california's unusually hot weather this season. >> it looks like a cucumber. helping inmates come out of jail better than when they entered, when the area woman's mission as this week's jefferson award winner. so
6:52 am
we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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>>reporter: sonny schwartz speaks to inmates in a classroom at the san francisco county jail in san bruno, a far cry from the jail of years past. >> traditional incarceration was about plank are the dominoes and watching really bad tv and never taking the time to look at yourself in the mirror and say my god what if i done. >> as program director under former san francisco sheriff i can is the the 1980s, she
6:54 am
cofounded several programs to change lives.>> restorative justice is about making it right and including everyone impacted by violence and other crime. >> one program result to stop the violence project did something radical each week, but inmates face-to-face with violent crime survivors >> it was an opportunity for the men in our program to stand in the shoes for those who had been violated and for the first time hearing the horrible impact of their crime. >> she also founded five key schools and programs in 2003, the first high school within a jail that has since expanded into dozens of jails and communities in california. it serves 4000 people a day and it is awarded more than 2800 high school diplomas or ged equivalents in the conference of programs or models for the nation according to the executive director steve good.
6:55 am
recidivism rates for graduates around 30% and more>> current sheriff hennessey credits her determination. >> at the bottom of it is a place of deep caring for everybody. >> so for pining programs that transform the lives of inmates in san francisco county and beyond this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to sonny schwartz. sharon chin kpix5.
6:56 am
>> 6:56 am, now looking at this
6:57 am
morning's top stories. >> set off with police in palo alto has been going on now for almost 21 hours and this began yesterday morning when officers responded to a home on tennessee lane and wilkie way to negotiate the threat of a man suspected of domestic violence. police say he could be armed with a handgun and no other people are believed to be in the home the corner confirms the gunman in the gilroy garlic festival should and killed himself as police closed in the 19-year-old santino legan is suspected of killing three people and injuring more than a dozen others gilroy police did shoot legan but he fired the fatal shot and as of now the motive for the shooting a salon three people are dead and two others injured after part of a cliff collapsed on april beach north of san diego yesterday afternoon at grandview beach. that beach was filled with people at the time and a huge section of the bluff about 15 feet above the beach dumped rock and sand onto the people
6:58 am
below a total 500 acres have been burned in contra costa county to to multiple vegetation fires and calfire says over dozen fires have been reported in the area near marsh creek road and morgan territory road near the community of brentwood and clayton. we just got these photos into our newsroom from east contra costa county and there are shelter in place for residents near the fire and no evacuation orders yet. and it is time for us to call a morning, thank you for watching kpix news this morning. >> we will be back here tomorrow morning at 6 am.>> enjoy your saturday.
6:59 am
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narrator: today on "lucky dog," a german shepherd found on the street shows a lot of potential. brandon: i think i have a pretty good idea what i'm going to do with you. narrator: not only could she help one woman heal from a devastating loss... cindy: my dog was my everything. narrator: ...but if she can prove that she's got the skills, she could make a difference in the lives of countless others. cindy: i've already been an emotional wreck this morning just waiting for this day, so excited.


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