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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  August 4, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. now on kpix news. another deadly mass shooting, this one overnight in ohio. the latest breaking details coming in our newsroom. >> 12 hours earlier a gunman opens fire in el paso texas killing 20 people. we are learning about possible motive. >> a wildfire blowing smoke in the bay area. the warning about air quality and hot inland temperatures. it is six a.m. on this sunday, august 4th. >> let's start off this morning with a check of the forecast. >> we have seen a lot more low clouds this morning for many more of us today than what we had yesterday. that is a sign of the daytime
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highs are not going to be as warm. i wish i would say they would cool down in a big way but at least they will cool down some. let me show you the numbers and the view from the camera that sits on treasure island from the bay bridge. currently 62 in concord and 59 in livermore and san francisco at 57. actually take that back. santa rosa has you beat 56 in santa rosa. 67 today in the city for san francisco officially. it is about a degree below yesterday's daytime high. if we look at the bay area there is still low 90s today but it was mid-90s in general yesterday. i don't think you are going to step outside and go hey, nice cool down inland but know it will be a few degrees cooler and much more significant cooling by the mid of the week. you read that bottom line it says much milder temperatures inland by, say, wednesday and thursday. we will even get temperatures below average for those spots. other than that, right along the coast and in the bay we
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will stay around average for this time of year. i will be back in a more. back over to you. >> breaking news for the second time this weekend a gunman has gone on a deadly shooting spree in a the u.s. the latest happened this morning in dayton, ohio. nine people are dead, 26 other people are injured. in addition the gunman was shot by police that were in that area on regular patrol. it happened in an entertainment known as the oregon district. police have not released the suspect's name and so far the motive for that killing is unknown. >> the latest developments in texas, 20 people were killed yesterday and 26 others were injured in what is being called the 8th deadliest shooting in modern u.s. history. >> it happened at a walmart store in el paso. we have more from chris martinez. >> reporter: el paso is in mourning after a gunman opened fire in a walmart saturday. >> texas griefs for the people of el paso today. >> reporter: the store was
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packed with back to school shoppers. >> right now we are going to have to get ready mentally for 20 funerals. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the alleged shooter entering the building. sources say that suspect is 21 patrick reuses. this video shows him being taken into custody. the walmart is spart of a large shopping complex that was locked down during the attack. >> this is someone that came from outside our community to do us harm. >> police are investigating a manifesto written by the suspect and says the decreasing hispanic population as one reason. >> we have a manifesto that has a necksus to hate crime. >> beto o'rourke met with some of the victims' families. >> some don't know where their loved one is right now. many fearing and expecting the
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worse because they have not heard from them. >> that is true for edie heldbert that have not heard from her 86-year-old mother, angie. . >> somebody needs to tell me where she is dead or alive. >> hundreds waited in long lines to answer an urgent request for blood donations. chris martinez cbs news texas. chants on capitol hill hours after the shooting rampage. hundreds of protestors with moms demand act mobilized. they marched in front of the white house and calling for the senate to take up a bill to expanded gun background checks. >> the governor feeing on sunday it was gilroy on sunday and now el paso our churches and synagogues and movie theaters and classrooms and homes, this is an epidemic and
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crisis. treat it like one. we need the senate to act now. right now a group of fires in east contra county is contained. the marsh complex fires broke out at 3:00 a.m. yesterday. it was between brentwood and clayton. it burn brush and dry grass prompting the evacuation of a neighborhood. >> the minute we opened the door you could smell the smoke. >> it is terrifying, you think about all of the stuff in the house, you know. sure you can say i had a couch and tv but what about all of the other stuff? the photo albums and the memories. >> at least nine separate fires merged to three main blazes. crews will stay on the scene throughout the afternoon. >> this morning roseville police are on the hundred for a man that made a shocking attack on a foot locker employee. it was all caught on camera. police say that the worker was trying to stop a shoplifter
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when the man grabbed her and slammed her on the ground. a video of the incident that happened at a roseville galleria mall. police are looking for help to identify the man. >> police are looking for these two people after video shows them burr galliesing a film company. the company's founder says its inventory is going including original foodage about a new film on the dali lama. there was a domestic violence call on tennessee lane. a woman left the home safely but an armed man was barricaded in his own home. he was arrested yesterday and police recovered a handgun. crews near san diego continue to monitor a cliff side that collapsed on beachgoers killing three people. authorities have the area
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blocked off as a precaution and this morning they are concerned that there could be another collapse. the bluff gave way friday afternoon. 30-foot by 25-foot section of the bluff collapse on the people below. authorities had to break up the rocks to make sure that no one was buried beneath them. a tribute is grown for the three victims, two of the three is a mother and daughter. julie and her daughter. the family runs a pediatric dentist. the community says they were well respected. >> they were healthy and innocent. its hard to put words to it. >> we have over 3,000 contacts annually just on those things and we tell people over and over and over, you know, to stay back from these naturally eroding cliffs. investigators say that one woman died at the beach, two other victims were air lifted to the hospital and died there.
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life guards have been posted along the cliff side all weekend to make sure that people stay back. and big changes coming for part riders. starting tomorrow the agency will phase out paper tickets. the first station will be oakland's 19th street station. it is all part of bart's plans to get ride to use clipper cards that can be purchased at the station. iphones may be more expensive. the president is vowing to slap a new 10% percent tariff on 300 billion goods imported from china. it will start september 1st until there is progress on trade talks and when the apple unveils its new phone the high end version could cost an extra one hundred. >> if my iphone goes up one hundred more. i will hate you but i will still buy it. >> the large parts of the manufacturing sector and the retail sector and other sectors
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that have been doing a lot of business with china in both directions are going to have to reset their expectations. >> the trump administration says that the impact on american consumers will be small. in case you were thinking of running for president in california it is the law that you submit five years of your tax returns before you can make it on the primary ballot. we asked former san francisco mayor brown how many times he has shared his income taxes. >> never. i never ever wanted anybody to know how really poor i was. and how little i gave to charity. that's a chuckle. but that's part of the few things that comes out of those income tax stories is how much somebody came to charity. >> i was the charity. >> charity begins at home. >> that's right. and i didn't have a home. i was still trying to get a
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home. >> he can be on the primary and no way to prevent that by doing this he can by pass it pretty easily. it will require the democrats to be on the ballot and don't have it as a foregone conclusion like the president does to release his tax returns. >> if you in ten to run you better think five years in advance so you can give money away so be careful of everything you buy and earn. the source of the earnings because believe me it is not going to stop just with the top of the ticket. i can see it now any day of the week some school board member, some college board member will have to be offered five years of tax returns. that's a mountain of an opportunity for new public employees. >> i think that's part of the
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theory here that if you open the door to placing requirements that are outside of the u.s. constitution -- >> there wills a disincentive for people to run. >> and it won't stop. >> i thought this will end up in the courts. >> it is. the trump administration has been following it's the way and they were immediately ready with a lawsuit the second the governor signed it. it is already there. i think the a. g. knew that and wrote the bill as carefully as they could. i think both sides are asset up as they can be for for legal challenge. pro bowl wide receiver cliff branch has died. part of three raider super bowl championship teams. the 71-year-old found dead yesterday in a hotel room in arizona. there were no signs of foul play and he likely died of natural causes. 6:11. a san francisco supervisor is
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spearheading an effort to help the severely mentally ill and addictive people on city streets. we hear from him next. a lifetime of savings accidentally tossed away. you won't believe where it was found introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? f0 >> any people that have walked the streets of san francisco see the chroniclely ill. and here is rafael mana won that has been changing the way things work and making it better. taking a look at san francisco conserve vaship program. it is hard to believe but when we have seen this explosion in mental health the number of people taken in the hospital for mental health issues is dropping. >> the number in the hospital is up but the number of people conserved going down. >> the number of people being
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brought in for short-term emergency, they are clear and present danger to themselves and others has gone up so the problem is increased but the longer stays are going down. >> yes. >> why when everybody is advocating for longer term health is happening? >> that is troubleing to me and that's why i requested the report. over the last five or sixes years the numbers for conserve vaship went down by 50%. >> you can keep someone in for 72 hours or three days and up to 30 days. >> yes. >> going beyond that however is the dicey issue and that's where civil rights get involved. people want them to go to outpatients. is that realistic? >> some folks will and there is a lot you can do with those efforts but some folks don't need they need services and they are cycling between emergency services and jail and they need conserve vaships.
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>> when we closed down the institutions because they were considered snake pits. people were in there for door too long and the reasons they were there did not justify them staying in there. an ugly situation. ronald reagan closed them down and a lot of people agreed with him doing that. but the idea was that there was going to be -- >> community care. >> that never happened. >> right. >> under every administration. >> we never fulfilled that promise and we have gotten worse about it over time. over the same period of time where there have been fewer conserve va ships the reasons is there is fewer placements for people. >> why in the san francisco bay area, why were we part of that trend, you would think we would reverse it. >> you would think that but anyone on the streets can see we are not managing the problem and i think san franciscoians are fed up and upset. part of the exanation is in this report.
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>> the report says that the recession, budget and policy. what was the policy that says we don't want to keep people? >> i think in progressive places like san francisco, there is a real reluctance to take away people's civil liberties. we saw this in sb bill 1045. during the recession we needed to find more money so those two things have led to us doing a whole lot less conserve va ship than we probably should. >> can you stick around? i would like to take a break rafael san francisco board of supervisors. we will come back and right now we will look at the weather to get you off on your day. >> we will start off by checking out the scene from our cameras in the bay area and the first one shows us a very familiar site in the bay. look at how low the clouds are right over the western span of
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the bay bridge. it will look this way when we look at the golden gate bridge as well. it will feel pretty cool out there with temperatures in the upper 50s. let's put some numbers in front of that. i will get the currents on the screen. there's the view from the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge. plenty of low clouds here and the scene in san jose down here in the south bay, we are waking up to plenty of gray clouds. it is not one of those days where it is clear down in the south bay, you want to get clear you got to get top of the high mountain like this one up around 2500 feet on the eastern edge of the bay area. as far as the way it feels, 62 in concord and 59 in san francisco. one degree cooler in sanna rosa at 56. and the extent of the marine level shows you how far inland this stuff has gotten. we know it is widespread now and the pattern it will burn back to is interesting. i will bring us back to 1:00 in
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the afternoon. pause it here. most of this is now back to the coast. but if you look right here through the golden gate specifically look at that one little finger of fog that is just continually streaming through the golden gate and working its way towards the east bay. we saw this yesterday. and this is a perfect example of what happens when we got a really strong area of high pressure pushing down on the atmosphere. it is squeezing the marine layer down. it can get over the hills at this point but it can sneak in the golden gate. you get that really cool ribbon of low gray clouds over the golden gate bridge out across alcatraz and over to richmond. everybody else will have sunshine but the benefit of the cooler air will still be felt today. even if not astro as many would like look at the cool down for inland spots. livermore you will be five degrees cooler and concord will be four degrees cooler than yesterday. you will hit the numbers on the right. livermore 91 and concord 94. we will go to santa in santa rosa. that's a three degree drop.
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none of these will be big enough difference that you will notice. san jose at 84 and 85 yesterday. not a big drop. for the bay we can see as we take a look comparison for how far above average it is one think to say we are cooler than yesterday but still warmer than average. here is the numbers. oakland 74 and san francisco we will hit 67 and we will get the rest of the numbers on hearsay can pick out your part of the bay area. that covers today. as far as what happens in the next seven days, we will cool down by next week in the mid- 80s for inland locations but it doesn't happen until wednesday. let's get through today. kind of warm but better numbers are instore. all right, guys can back over to you. thanks, darren. the ferry terminal in san francisco where people head out to alcatraz will get a renovation. the national park service and the port of san francisco have been working on a plan to spruce up piers 31 and 33. there will be a shoreline
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plazas and exhibition area and new places to eat. construction will happen in phases and may begin by the end of the year. good news for travelers flying through sfo, you can skip the lines and have your coffee prepared by a robotic barista. an austin base company has installed the airplane's first automated coffee house. customers can wait at tsa and pick up the drink to go. that's what banks are made for. workers found more than plastic at a recycling facility in humboldt county. they found cash. a man tossed a shoebox contains his life savings in a recycling bin. he called recology to see if they could find it. an employee found the shoebox filled with more than $23,000 in cash. yesterday the man and his money were reunited. coming up in sports. the athletics get back a familiar face in the outfield as they face the cardinals and
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the giants revise the bullpen put to the test as madison baumgartner makes an early exit. here is where you can find the cheapest prices for gas. today we are checking walnut creek. get away gas sponsor bid toyota. let's go places.
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the giants are playing several teams battling for a second wild card spot in the national league. madison bomb guarder is making a start in colorado last night. 8th inning giants trail and buster posey in the right center field gap scoring two runs to give the giants the lead and they pull ahead. 6-5 and they are within two-and- a-half games of the second wild card spot. a's broadcast crew calling the game against the cardinals from the left fielded seat. oakland up 5-2. chad pinter with a three-run homer and the a's win 8-3 to stay a half game back from tampa in the wild card chase. the warriors agree to a contract extension with draymond green for four years and one hundred million in seven science with golden state green has won three championships and won the defensive player of the year in
6:26 am
2017. sad news, former raiders wide receiver clint branch passed away in his 14 year career all with the raiders. branch had five hundred receptions for over 8000 yards and won three super bowl titles. branch was 71 years old and he is still not in the hall of family. and in major league soccer the earthquakes and the columbus crew played to a 1-1 draw last night. air ranson scored for san jose. the quakes are undefeated in the last ten home games. we have new outdoor courts for pickle ball opened in berkeley. pickle ball is a combination of ping ball, badminton. they are replacing courts that were closed at cedar park for years. coming up in the next half hour. preparing for the worse at
6:27 am
yosemite during a year of extreme snow melt. the father of one of the bay area men accused killing an italian police officer meets with the media. we will meet with him after the break.
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. welcome back to kpix. the time is 6:29. >> let's start this half-hour with a check of the forecast with darren. will give you the survey of the skies to show you the dramatic differences from what
6:30 am
part of the bay you are in or how low you are. if you are not up above 1500 feet it will be great wherever you are. here is what it looks like across the eastern span of the bay bridge. i can switch that view and you show you another one. here is what it looks like from the golden gate bridge. plenty of low gray clouds and that's what it looks like if you get up above it all. as far as the temperatures it is 62 in concord and 61 in oakland and livermore is 69 and san francisco at 57 and santa rosa down to 56. we will top out at 57 in the city today officially for san francisco. we will get sunshine by late morning. not necessarily for the western half of the city because the clouds are going to hug the coast and the west side of the peninsula for most of the day. plenty of sunshine inland. however many clouds you have now it will burn back by late off in any. we are going to 91 for inland locations, that means we will be a couple of degrees cooler today than yesterday. still staying on the warm side but we will be a little bit
6:31 am
cooler than yesterday. much better temperatures by the middle of this week for everyone. i will show you that coming up in a few minutes. guys, back to you. thanks, darren. we have breaking news. for the second time this weekend a gunman has randomly opened fire in the u.s. killing a number of people. it happened early this morning in dayton, ohio. nine innocent people are dead and 26 are injured. the gunman was shot and killed by dayton police that were already in the area on regular patrol. this happened outside of a bar in an entertainment area known as the oregon district. dayton mayor nan whaley spoke a short time ago. as a mayor this is a day that dread happening. i have gotten messages across the country because so many of us have gone through it. this is the 250th mass shooting in america. it is sad that it is in city of dayton. >> the gunman was wearing body armor but not much else has
6:32 am
been revealed including his name. so far the motive is also unknown. >> now the latest developments in texas. 20 people were killed yesterday and 26 others injured when a gunman went on a shooting spree at a walmart store in el paso. in this case the gunman survived and is in custody. the police say the store was packed up to 3000 people. many of them doing their back to school shopping. some of the wounded have life- threatening injuries. one witness says there was no indication that shooting was about to start. >> he didn't say anything. he just started -- he walked in and started to shoot at everybody. >> the gunman who is from ellis, texas in the dallas area is in custody. he is identified as patrick cruses. but authorities are saying very littles about him. president trump posted a comment about the shootings on twitter. he said "today's shooting in el paso texas was not only tragic but an act of cowardess. i condemn today's hateful act
6:33 am
there is no reason or excuses to justify killing innocent people" a source told cbs news that the gunman was considered a troubled youth and described as a loner. a manifesto denounces hispanic people in texas. one week since a gunman opened fire at the gilroy garlic tragedy. and now another popular festival opened this weekend and police are not taking any chances. the free month arts and wine festival attracts more than 300,000 people every year and to keep everybody safe this year two officers kept watch over head from a tower right in the middle of the event. dozens of security cameras and 12 massive portable roadblocks around the perimeter. we have seen the cops and we have seen them circling so it feels safe. >> our goal is to make sure that community is able to come to this event and know that we are trying everything we possibly can to keep them safe. >> people that decided to go yesterday say they refuse to
6:34 am
live their lives in fear. everybody has something in their mind that there's the gilroy festival that happened and the tragic events that happened but i don't think that will stop people from going and enjoying their life. the two day festival that spans four city streets continues this afternoon. this morning san rafael police are warning about a spike in burglaries. there have been 14 cases in four weeks. 8 in the tara linden neighborhood and six other cases in various areas in san rafael. the burglars are happening between nine in the morning and noon. no matter where you live in the bay please keep your doors locked. the father of one of two bay area men accused of killing an italian police officer have released a statement since visibling his son in rome. an attorney read the statement
6:35 am
from ethan elder. the son of finnegan elder. >> we saw our son, finnegan, he was okay, tired and remorseful and scared. >> police say that finnegan elmer confessed but the father says they don't know the full account to what happened and looks forward to his son returning home. >> we stand by his son and he has our full support. >> finnegan elder stabbed the officer nearly one dozen times. prosecutors in italy say the plain clothed officers were investigating when the man attacked him. the two youth remain in jail. several falls at yosemite this week and one was deadly. now we are getting a better look at how rescues are performed there. yosemite rivers are running fast and people that fall in how about 15 seconds to get out or risk being swept away. it is fueled by record mountain snow pack mounting and filling
6:36 am
up the streams at unprecedent levels. people that are getting rescued were just getting wet and they underestimate the speed of the water. >> there will be fatalities. 2/3 of the operations i go on with water are body recoveries. >> jonathan bigly otto experienced the rescues on hand. >> this is pretty intimidating. >> i swam in the strong current and became part of this rescue drill. >> rescue teams only have one shot to grab hold of me. >> you are only in the water for a short time but you lose your energy so fast and it is so cold it sucks the air from
6:37 am
you. i am breathing hard. >> visitors are still flocking to national parks with phones and documenting their visit on social media. rescuers warn the trips can be deadly. some are calling last week's democratic debates a demolition derby. we asked willie brown for his thoughts. >> it was horrible. the worse five hours i have spent watching something that i should have turned the sound off. >> did you watch the whole thing? >> i had to watch the whole thing if i am going to criticize it, i have to watch it although i can be creative. >> you are one of the spew. >> what was wyour number one criticism, what did this debate say about the democratic party? >> too many people on the stage. you cannot have that kind of a production and think you are going to convince any undecided voter. any independent of anything. >> honestly, i hope that this is it. right? i hope that everybody up there has had two rounds to get the
6:38 am
word out and if they can make to it next debate they have to drop out and it has to stop. >> let's take a look at the cumulative in the lineup. president obama if he had walked out on the stage it sounded like he would be under attack. the shift in the democratic party from the obama years to this is significant. what is going on? healthcare, immigration? >> not sure you would have seen an exit of 20 people if obama showed up. it would have been obama alone. >> his policies they didn't want anything to do with obamacare except for biden and the moderates and others said it is not working and we need to get rid of it. immigration they were calling biden out for his view on deportations. >> they were clear on the deportation but they were very careful on the health care. you would have assumed that the first night and second night discussed health care and you would assume that there is no
6:39 am
health care. affordable health care was never the issue. >> well, i can say this, too. in all of the discussions with health care it was still muddled and that goes back to the point that there's too many people on the statement. you didn't get a picture on who was on what side and what the proposals were and a lot of talk that did not provide clarity. >> any winners? any privacy, you would think they were on all sides? >> i understand that there is a crowded field and a crowded stage but i think the concern amongst democrats have to be that everybody comes out bloodied and muddied. >> that is true and in the meantime you leave president trump like president obama plenty of time to start defining the front runners so that by the time the front runner is there and the person is chosen by the democratic party and they try to identify themes it is too late to some degree. they have been sort of branned
6:40 am
in this way just like obama with mick romney. there is fear they are beaten up and leaves plenty of time for republicans to go ahead and start damage to the people. just a few people and they can start working on that. moving on the kennedy family received mourners at their cape cod compound amid heavy security. people began to show up to pay respects over the dead of 22- year-old is uersia kennedy hill. the granddaughter of rf kennedy was found unresponsive in her great grandmother's ethyl home. kennedy hill was staying on the compound that once served as a the white house for your great
6:41 am
uncle j.f. kennedy. maria schriver. she would have entered her senior year at boston college. funeral arrangements have not been announced yet. still to come. homeless conservatorship. making important decisions for a person that can care for themselves. we sit down with san francisco supervisor to learn why the city's numbers are so low. a man leads police on a chase from the sand into the ocean in f0
6:42 am
6:43 am
southern california. [ do barki]
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what about him? let's do it. [ sniffing ] come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. hurry into the mercedes-benz summer event today for exceptional offers. lease the glc 300 suv for just $419 a month at the mercedes-benz summer event. going on now. walk out on the street and chances are you may come across someone inebriated or under the influence of drugs. joining us is rafael linaman. he is a supervisor here in san francisco who is actually ordered up a report that has some rather disturbing findings about counties and cities and
6:45 am
the mental health system. basically you are saying we have been cutting back until recently on the number of beds to help people. >> yes. >> why? >> we had a huge recession and people were looking for plays to cut and they cut psych beds and subacute psych beds and the change in the economy has reduced it. >> this is leading issue and humanitarian issue and i can't pick up a newspaper or turn on a tv without somebody saying we need more. how did they make it less, less while at the same time. >> i was not on the board of supervisors and i would not have gone along with it. >> how much was money and how much was ideology because these beds where people would be committed to? >> both. the leading driver was the reduction in funding and beds and the city and folks that work for the city have real
6:46 am
reluctance been conservatorship. >> they don't like taking away people's rights? >> people are reluctant to make that decision and to take on responsibility with other people. >> how will we get ahead on this? >> we need to do it. the will among the voters is to move forward with things like conservatorship and take a more coercive approach. we have moved people out of hospitals and jails and i support all of that but if you are not going to have hospitals and jails and reduce the folks you have to have some other way to take care of people and i think san franciscoians get it but i am not sure about city hall. >> you can put someone under mandated care if they have alcohol problem but not if acute drug problem, why? >> it is a problem in san francisco. half of the folks in psychiatric services on 50/50 holds are coming in with things
6:47 am
in their system. we have a meth task force looking at metal. it is really problematic that we don't have better ways of dealing with folks that have this. >> the only venues of dealing with somebody that is out of their mind on meth is jail. >> yes. >> and we don't want to put people in jail for drugs. >> right. >> and the other is asking if you want help. >> in the throes of a serious substance use disorder you may not recognize that you actually want help or may want help. >> what is it either financially or philosophically that keeps the help from being delivered at jail? in other words you sentence someone to 30 or 60 or 90 days in jail and have the jail be a rehab center. >> it can be and we provide excellent jail help but i don't think you or most of the viewers would want people in jail for 60 or 90 days for drug possession. i don't know if we want them
6:48 am
there at all but we want them to get help. >> i understand that. we don't want them in for drug possession but want something dug if they take the drugs in their possession. to the point where they are? >> we want a non-criminal response to that problem. one of the things that i'm optimistic about, sb1045 that says part of the problem is a serious substance use disorder, we will start implement that on a pilot basis. a handful of folks but we will be able to see whether the conservatorship can get help to those folks. >> it sounds like we have a big problem and you are proposing dixie cup. >> i would like a bigger cup but i will take dixie cup to start and keep pushing. >> we will keep you back on this and get people from the other side on as well. but right now we will take a break and take a look at weather. >> all right. i will give you a look at how different it is from one part of the bay area to the other.
6:49 am
we will start in the heart of the bay, the bay bridge and you can see the low gray clouds that are obscuring the top of the tower there. that is the eastern span of the bay bridge. i can put a couple of other views. golden gate bridge technically. that's the camera looking in the direction of the golden gate bridge. but it is a really thick marine layer here that is pushed down on the ground. san jose not dealing with that but you have the same cloud that is lingering overhead. you are looking at low clouds for san jose and you get up above and you see the sunshine once we burn it off. that will happen by the late morning, there is a lot here that is pretty widespread and watch the time and i will play this forward and we will watch it melt back and by the time we get to the late morning, or early afternoon for some of us the closer you are on to the coast and the golden gate the longer it will take to burn off. for some of us it may not. look at the time it says 3:00
6:50 am
in the afternoon. see the ribbon of marine layer getting in the golden gate. a classic sign with high pressure in place and pushing the marine layer down so it is getting squished and can't get over the hills but there is a lot to it and squeezing through the golden gate and you get that freeway of low clouds over the golden gate bridge all day. if you are on the water you will hear foghorns right in the middle of the afternoon because we won clear out that one little ribbon. it shows us a sign for today for the rest of us, even if you are not at the gate we will feel the influence of that onflow surge. it will cool us down from yesterday. all of the numbers are a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday. it doesn't help in concord where it says 94. but it is better than yesterday's 98. it will be 91 for livermore. as far as the seven-day forecast, you see the temperatures will come down by the middle of next week. we will start to cool off but
6:51 am
it will take time until we get there. another warm one and kind of for monday and actually below average by the middle of next week. it looks better. guys, back to you. thanks, darren. you may have seen youtube videos of skateboarding dogs. well this week some showed off their balancing skills on the water. yesterday was the world's dog surfing championship. held at the lindenmar beach in pacifica and dogs showed up ready to take part in the surf competition. >> this is samson, he does well, surfs backwards all the time. >> there is a pet wellness fair for folks that dogs weren't keen surfing. a police chase that ended on the beach yesterday. la pd chased a suspect. he ended up stuck in the sand and jumped in the ocean where
6:52 am
he stayed for quite some time. officers wrestled him out of the water and arrested him. a major restoration, years in the making. how dozens of volunteers restored san francisco's mountain lake.
6:53 am
6:54 am
one of san francisco's last natural lakes is making a big come back. >> yesterday scientists celebrated the fruits of their laborers bringing mountain lake back to its glory. located in the recreation area. over the last one years the health of mountain lake has taken blows. some of it was the highway and pesticides from the golf course and people releasing their pets in the lake. >> we found pretty interesting animals in the lake. none of them were native.
6:55 am
some of the most shocking ones was an alligator in 1996. we found a sturgeon that was five feet long. >> now after an ambitious clean- up and a public education campaign the lake is revitalized. it serves as a safe nesting spots for native turtles. we will be right back.
6:56 am
6:56 and time for a look at this morning's top story. >> an awful week in the u.s. with two mass shootings. the latest just happened 8 hours ago in dayton, ohio. nine people are dead and 26 injured. in addition the gunman that was shot and killed by police who was in the area on regular
6:57 am
patrol. this happened in a popular night life district. u.s. democrat sherrod brown just released a statement saying thoughts and prayers are not enough. that followed a deadier shooting in west texas. 20 people were killed when a gunman opened fire in the el paso walmart store. another 26 are injured. that gunman is in custody. these attacks come less than a week after a deadly attack at a gilroy garlic festival where three people were killed. so far this year 125 people have died in mass killings. it is going to be cooler today. 91 for inland locations. it was mid to upper 90s yesterday. it is still hot and above average but better today. if you want to get a real cooldown we will get it by the middle of the week in the mid- 80s. as far as the rest of the bay upper 60s to mid-70s. thanks for joining us this
6:58 am
morning. cbs with jane pauley is next. kpix 5. how do you gauge the greatness of an suv?
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