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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 5, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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people still cannot get their personal property. they had to leave behind when the shooting started. that plus two more shootings of the weekend has added to the survivor stress. i just want to verify a can get my car today. they said you need to go to gate number two.>> reporter: she got the runaround today trying to retrieve her car from a garlic festival parking lot. she did not get the carpet she got a major case of stress. it feels like this hasn't really ended. >> reporter: we met her at the victim assistance center. she spoke to the fbi and other officials about her car. but she said it has been a rough week got worse with el paso and dayton. i don't even have my car back. this one hasn't really ended. there is all these keeps happening. >> reporter: her feelings are common in this town which is trying to stay strong is bending under the emotional stress. >> we saw 555 individuals who
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were feeling the pain of having been through such a traumatic experience. intervening events that have happened across the country have added to that emotional toll the people are feeling. they don't want to be out in the street.>> reporter: she is a longtime resident who sees a lot from her sitting area on monterey street. she set the sidewalks have been emptier than normal in gilroy. they are concerned that something else is going to happen.>> reporter: is a down feeling that others want to move on. but she cannot. a lot of people is apathy almost. you didn't die. shouldn't be happening. this shouldn't be happening. it is very disturbing.>> reporter: there are victim assistance sensors that continue to be open throughout gilroy. when a gilroy high school and one at the wheeler community
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center on six street in the downtown gilroy air. it will be open tomorrow starting in the morning for people to retrieve the items they had to leave behind. personal items such as cell phones purses and strollers. it is going to be a difficult process. and probably a lengthy process because each person has to go in and claim their item individually. for more information on how you can help the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. visit bay area tech company caught up in the investigation into one of 2 mass shootings over the weekend. more than 1000 miles away. g y sharing the alleged gunman's motives.>> reporter: we are talking about cloud player based in san francisco. they provide online security to 8chan. the online forum that a lot of
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the shooters are apparently using to spread their hateful messages. at first it looked like cloud player was going to sit on the sidelines. and not chime in on this debate. let these 8chan do what does. overnight the ceo had a change of heart. he yanked the online protection for 8chan . did not take long for hackers to take down 8chan. it went off-line around midnight. the ceo said 8chan was a cesspool of hate. >> he realizes that what he is aiding to some degree this kind of rhetoric.>> reporter: a professor of master medications at san jose state. is that cloud player was to realize it was an enabler. the mass shooter who killed 51 people in new zealand posted a link to the live video of the shooting on 8chan. the alleged shooter in el paso posted a four page manifesto on 8chan hours before the rampage. cloud player ceos that their lack of rules and lawlessness cost the depths.
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this should serve as a warning to other tech companies to do what they can. whether you are condoning it or providing a platform for this rhetoric you are still going to be associated with it.>> reporter: the effect is happening. also based in san francisco heard that 8chan found a new service provider they caught up cut off security protection. 8chan was knocked off-line. let of the companies a very uncomfortable with this new role. they don't feel qualified.>> reporter: the director of the internet ethics program at santa clara university. back in 2017 cloud player ceo was hesitant cut off service to the daily storm or a neo-nazi website. today about 8chan he will we continue to feel incredibly uncomfortable about playing the role of constant arbiter and do not plan to exercise it off and pick >> i can understand the discomfort. the call for that burden to be taken from him. but the question is by home. who should be making those decisions? >> reporter: for years a lot of
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these websites these companies said we are not a media company. we are just a platform. we deliver content to users whatever users do is their business. now experts are saying the public is not buying the argument. there is more public pressure for these companies to do more. a huge wet mess let's an arrest in san francisco this afternoon. police say a driver hit a hydrant a grant and o'farrell knocking it right off and sending waters shooting into the air. the driver took off. but did not get very far. the suspect was arrested just a few blocks away after crashing yet again. a store owner in concorde said a family of thieves targeted his toyshop. how the parents are accused of using their kid to commit the crime. >> reporter: the store owner said there are cameras everywhere.
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he knew he would be able to identify whoever stole his $180 lego set. when he went back and look at the video he said he was shot. tom fitzsimmons a pot ingle collectibles shows us the video of what he believes is a family of thieves. you see two adults a man and woman along with a boy fitzsimmons said looked to be about 10 years old. the boy pulls an expensive lego set halfway off the shelf. the adult man walks up to the owner and starts pointing in the other direction. i can't see his hands. i can see his head. he distracts me.>> reporter: the boy grabs the set and walked right out of the store alongside the adult woman. lego sets in hand. when i turn the mother or female suspect in the child left with the set. it was a distraction technique.>> reporter: you realize it was intentional.
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he said he reported the crime to police as soon as he was able to dig out the video. did he posted the video on facebook. he is angry at the adults for appearing to coach the child through the theft. they are showing him theft is either easy or there is no accountability for it. do we want to prosecute the child? know. the parents need to be held accountable for the child's actions.>> reporter: he told police one of the major clues is that they were speaking a different language. he said he knows it was it english or spanish. we reached out to the concorde police department and are waiting for a return call. fire watch a group of wildfires used in contra costa county. called the marsh complex fire. is now about 85% contained. a dozen fires started on saturday. they burned about 750 acres near mount diablo. some homes had to be evacuated but none were damaged. authorities reopen the road to
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all traffic. a busy wildfire season this year. the national interagency fire center in boise idaho that northern california can be headed into a very active fire season. it predicts heavy fuel loads left by one terrain will begin to dry out this month. producing increased fire risk is october. that is one warm conditions and possibly strong winds make that fuel particularly dangerous. all three of those topics align it definitely create something that is really hard for us to control with these wind speeds up to about 50 miles per hour. it is hard to get ahead of these fires stop it. the forecast calls for warmer and drier than normal conditions in northern california this fall. jewel is launching a new e- cigarette that will track when and where users the babe. the joule c1 is being rolled out in canada. in the uk.
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the new pin reportedly uses facial recognition software. in order to verify uses age and is said to include geo-fencing features which will prevent vaping in public areas and schools. jewels that this is an effort to deter teenagers from vaping. dramatic plans for downtown san jose. so why are some neighbors upset up at the much-needed new housing? night riders in san francisco beware. muni is shutting down its train service. rising sea levels could flood much of the bay area. warriors officials are not worried about the date of the chase answer. look at this picture. you've got low clouds over the hills of san francisco. the remnants of a tropical storm giving us high clouds up about 10,000 feet. that is a beautiful picture. what does it mean for your work week forecast? i will explain coming up.
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ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. the housing crisis has sent communities scrambling to increase their housing stock. now developers are flocking to downtown san jose. john reports on one corner promises to transform the area around city hall.>> reporter: for years bay area cities have been resistant to housing development. being afraid of getting too big too fast. but now san jose is making it clear they are open for business. at the corner of santa clara and fourth street across from city hall a massive twin tower
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apartment building is already under construction. across the street from that the chevron gas station was just purchased by an investment development group urban catalyst. they plan to build 250 housing units in a high-rise building on the gas station site which is just steps from a future bart station. the price for the three quarter acre lot is more than $15 million. the proximity to city hall. san jose state university. and also the proximity of the future bart station should be 100 yards from here. it is the opinion many of a transit oriented development. >> reporter: they have also purchased the fourth street pizza building on the opposite corner. plans to build they are as well. that means within a few years thousands of new residents will be living right next to the hall. it will be monumentally different. there is a lot happening downtown. millions of square feet of office. we have new hotels coming online.
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we have dozens of new retailers.>> reporter: it will be a big changes downtown gingerbread is replaced by glasses deal. there are those who are not happy about it. they built for profit not for humanitarian.>> reporter: jamie prices small businesses have been priced out. the new buildings will do nothing to help the two victims of the housing crisis. the homeless. we are still dealing with 4500 people. what are you going to do with them when you build all this pretty stuff? >> reporter: the great dilemma of our times. how to welcome thousands of new neighbors to an area without forcing the old ones out. urban catalyst that is could take two years to get the plans ironed out. another 24 to 30 months to complete construction. urban catalyst said the gas station which is one of only two in the entire downtown san jose area will be allowed to stay until the actual construction begins. a housing project that had
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been shelved in san bruno might still have a chance. state regulars say san bruno might have violated california law the city rejected the mixed- use development last month. the mills park project and all the cities general plan zoning designer standards which meets only be denied if it would hurt public health. the city councils counsel will meet in the coming week. bart started testing out paperless failures but at the 19th street station in oakland. they plan to eliminate paper tickets altogether. at 4 stations this summer and systemwide by 2020. as each station goes clipper card only. writers won't be able to buy paper tickets. but they can still use them to enter or exit the fare gates. they can also add money to them in order to exit the next station to go paperless embarcadero. that starts august 19. train service will be shut
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down between the embarcadero and west portal stations. at 9:30 am 9:30 pm starting august 12 for two weeks. until 1 am shuttle buses will replace light rail service. after 1 am muni network will return to its normal train schedule. the closures are part of muni's subway maintenance project. they extend the hours crews can work on the tracks and equipment underground. give you a live look at the chase center. which according to a new report to be directly impacted by rising sea water in 30 years. the report from the low said $50 billion worth of bay area homes in the mission bay district are at risk of flooding from rising sea levels. but warriors officials say the chase center is built to withstand sea rise for the next 100 years. by then the warriors will have a lot of banners hanging there. what we see in the bay area being a place of so many hills
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and valleys and waterways. could potentially could look different. we will talk about the weather for this week right now. that is a long-term issue that is not going away. we had clouds outside. regular cloud cover. we don't do that that often around here. this is cloud cover been pulled up from a dissipated tropical storm. his name was gil. it lasted two days. it never made on land. some clouds even a few showers making it onshore. we will not see rain here. we will give character to the sky this evening. the low clouds moving over mount sutro and the high-level cloud cover right above it. cloud cover over san francisco currently. temperatures outside are not as warm as today. your average for concorde and livermore in the 80s. 70s oakland. now tonight tonight. ro frem vaejo 58. nothing on the radar. august is still a very dry
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month. most parts of the country will get as much rain as we get all month long in about two minutes of a thunderstorm. 1/10 of one inch of rainfall is all we average around here. in the month of august. we won't see any rainfall the next several days. high of 78. wednesday 75 degrees with more sunshine. a downward trend into butcher. ridge of high pressure is moving away. less of an impact on the weather. will send authority in coastline all week long. no clouds from it. no brain from it. it will continue to feed in an onshore flow keeping the chilly breeze everywhere in the bay area all week long. i cloud cover is gone by afternoon. will be there tomorrow morning. low clouds near the coast. wednesday morning low clouds pushing inland. with afternoon sunshine again. widespread cloud cover for the next several nights. tomorrow we are close to average. we are not done cooling down. onshore breeze get stronger and temperatures will fall below
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average for the second half of the week down to the 70s even inland at the time we get friday and saturday. 79 napa tomorrow. 83 san jose practicable warmer spots but cooler spots but pacifica 61. fremont 75. san francisco tomorrow 66. we lose a few degrees every day until saturday. that is below average. even some clouds pushing inland. warm-up sunday and be back above average by next monday. the new giants second baseman in a homeless man. how one baseball brought them together. a great story. his reaction next.
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some the next seven days could make a great the giants wild card the nationals and the phillies come calling this week. the teams currently tied for the wildcard spot in front of the giants. after a red-hot july the giants 1-3 in august and trail washington and philadelphia by 2 1/2 games. tonight's game will be the home debut for second baseman scooter jeanette. who was acquired from the reds last week. jeanette has already one friend in san francisco. a homeless man he befriended last year when he hit a homerun at oracle park. trenchcoat. on the street. he came up to me and said you are scooter jeanette. it was surprising. that he knew me. a day game.
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i had one. after the game of walking to the bus and there is a guy in the french coat the ball. i get on the bus and i start thinking about it. i look at the app and i see the highlight. i see the guy get the ball. i get off the bus and he said i have your ball. babe ruth story called the shot. the kid the homeless man at the home run. story. see the countdown clock. the big five. for the 49er preseason game. against the cowboys this saturday. he is an eagles fan. jimmy g is not going to play. the 49ers code back is looking healthy. after tearing his acl last september. last year an nfl record for receiving by a tight end. is excited to have his talent and leadership back on the field. rookie year he was coming
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down the sideline. we have to get this drive. 53 heads snapped and looked at him. the entire team we have to listen to jimmy. when i saw that i was like he is for sure the real deal. he proves it with his play on those last six games. i'm looking forward to everybody getting to see the real jimmy g again. last week the blue jays former kpi exports intern to the astros. one saturday he made history. debut he pitched a scoreless eighth inning one of four pictures who combined to throw a no-hitter. based on his post game interview he clearly learned how to be a good soundbite while at channel 5. what did you feel is you got the ball for the first time in and astros uniform? that is true. i was thinking they might trade me again. they got what they needed. i knew earlier in the game and
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then forgot. i was going to say i did not feel any pressure. i'm all cool about not feeling pressure. i did not realize it until after it came out. i have to go do my stuff in there. an intern at channel 5 news. relatively quiet and laid back. did not say a lot. his personality is coming full circle. wonder where he learned the sarcasm from. cbs evening news is coming up next. on tonight cbs evening news from el paso texas. remarkable stories of bravery and sacrifice in the aftermath of a deadly mass shooting. we will hear from a man who ran toward the gun fire rescue 2 women who were shot. a grandfather is gunned down shooting his wife and granddaughter. a family member tells me about
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the emotional wounds that will last long after the tragedy.
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stranded on an island for more than two years. rescuers furious with how long it is taking to rescue an injured donkey in mariposa county. the donkey is stuck on a small island on lake mcclure 50 miles east of modesto. a retired police detective found her two years ago. a couple living in a houseboat has been feeding her. that couple is leaving soon and are worried that she is going to starve. the donkey is recovering from a broken leg. to make matters worse the island is shrinking in size. spite rescue ssion ca to lt l wehad bo.
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we had thevets. pointing fingers back and forth. it was like ping-pong. it was ridiculous this whole government red tape. the fish and game code said it is illegal to capture a wild donkey. unless the land owner makes the request. state wildlife officials are trying to determine who should take responsibility. we will keep watching the story and report back. thank you for watching. the cbs evening news is up next. back here at 7 pm. have a good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight the death toll rises from a weekend of a rror in america. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] at least 31 dead in mass shootings here in el paso, texas, and in dayton, ohio. stories emerge of survival. >> she had to pretend that she was not alive. >> o'donnell: and great heroism. why did you run toward the danger? a> because of the kids. >> o'donnell: the president speaks out. >> our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. ar o'donnell: but critics say he is part of the problem. >> he's given license for this toxic brew of white supremacy to fester more and more in this country. s> o'donnell: investigators track the movements of the el paso suspect in the hours before
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the attack.


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