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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 6, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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you? >> that was a good day. >> reporter: omar villafranca, missouri city, texas. missouri city, texas. that' captioning funded by cbs it's tuesday, august 6th, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." mass shootings aftermath. the search for motives continues as the death toll climbs to at least 31 in shooting rampages in texas and ohio. and now new calls for president trump and lawmakers to take action on gun control reform. enough is enough! >> not one more! stocks plunge as the trade war with china escalates. the effects are being felt around the world. and a scare in the air. smoke fills an airliner, forcing passengers to make an emergency exit.
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ohio, early sunday morning killing nine people including his sister. >> just defied believability he would shoot his own sister. it's also hard to believe that he didn't recognize that was his sister. >> reporter: police say they moved in and killed the shooter, 24-year-old connor betts, in less than a minute. people who knew betts say there were red flags. >> he was somebody who made me feel afraid when i knew him as a teenager. ♪ >> reporter: monday night ohioans grieved and looked for answers. >> i'd just like to know that everyone that did pass away is at peace and is in a better place. >> reporter: 1,300 miles away, people in el paso, texas, are going through the same grieving process after a gunman killed more than 20 people at a walmart. >> we may have differences, but
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there's other ways, there are other ways to address it. never violence. never with hate. not our children. >> reporter: 21-year-old suspected gunman patrick crusius allegedly posted an anti-immigrant manifesto on line just before the shooting. >> as soon as he got here, he was lost in the neighborhood. after that, he found his way to the walmart because we understand he was hungry. >> reporter: crusius has been charged with capital murder. prosecutors say they intend to seek the death penalty. people all across the world are paying very close attention to this violence. and in the wake of both of these shootings, some governments including uruguay and venezuela are warning their citizens that traveling to the u.s. could be dangerous because of the frequenc
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anne-marie? >> very interesting. laura podesta in new york. thank you. an increasing number of hate groups are using social media and online message boards to spread their rhetoric. jeff pegues reports on what the fbi is doing to track them and prevent future attacks. >> reporter: before opening fire, investigators believe accused el paso shooter patrick crusius posted a manifesto to 8chan, an online message board used by extremists. chan was kicked off its cloud service. a former dhs counterterrorism official says that won't silence
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hate talk. >> they're going to find another forum to gravitate to. they've been systematically kicked off of fa a m channels for the past several years. they've gravitated to other places in online forum where there are less rules. >> reporter: hate crimes are on the rise, up 9% in america's 30 largest cities last year. the problem is growing so acute the fbi released a rare statement warning of the continued threat posed by domestic violent extremists and perpetrators of hate crimes. the fbi says it has 5,000 open terrorism cases. 850 of those are domestic terrorism. to prevent attacks like el paso and dayton, the fbi behavioral analysis unit meets regularly to try to intervene before there is violence. >> he has a heightened interese in weapons and explosives -- >> reporter: cbs news attended the discussion of a 13-year-old boy who had gotten his hands on
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his stepfather's guns and expressed an interest in school shootings. it was his mother who tipped off police. >> the guns consisted of a shotgun, two long guns -- >> reporter: the fbi says that it remains concerned that this weekend's attacks could inspire domestic extremists to carry out more acts of violence. jeff pegues, cbs news, new york. stock markets in asia saw more losses this morning following big drops on wall street amid an escalating trade war between the u.s. and china. yesterday the dow closed down 767 points. and the s&p 500 lost 87 points. the nasdaq dropped 278 points. last week, president trump announced tariffs on $300 billion of chinese imports. china responded by allowing its currency to drop to tan 11-year low. it suspended purchase of u.s. farm products. the u.s. treasury has officially named china a currency
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manipulator. a british airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing after the cabin filled with smoke. yesterday's flight was headed to valencia, spain, from london's heathrow. the plane was approaching valgensia when passengers noticed the smoke. the pilots immediately landed. on the runway, passengers evacuated. three passengers were treated for smoke inhalation. it's unclear what caused the smoke to fill the cabin. coming up on the "cbs morning news" now, new accusations against singer r. kelly. this time involving a teenager in minnesota. an elaborate disguise. a gang leader dressed up as his daughter to try try and escape prison. this is the "cbs morning news." you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx.
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icky messes in microwaves and on stovetops for an amazing clean, get the power of mr. clean magic eraser in new disposable sheets. from big celebrations ♪ to life's little moments. ♪ time spent together calls for america's family favorite. ♪ lipton®. live alive. an illinois man is paying tribute to each of those killed in saturday's mass shooting at a walmart in el paso by erecting crosses at a shrine there. greg zanis is a carpenter and
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the founder of zanis crosses for losses. he began traveling the country and putting up crosses for victims of tragedies in 1996 when his father-in-law was shot and killed. he's now made more than 26,000 crosses. >> 26,806 represents a victim of gun violence. >> a thousand a year. >> reporter: that's unbelievable. >> it's a matter of fact. >> in 1999, he erected 13 crosses in colorado for the victims of the columbine shooting. last year, he put up 11 stars of david in pittsburgh for the victims of the tree of life synagogue shooting. and he's heading to dayton to honor the nine people killed there in a mass shooting on sunday. in brazil, a gang leader used an elaborate disguise to try to escape from jail. and r. kelly faces new allegations in minnesota. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstands. the "minneapolis star-tribune" reports prosecutors charged r. kelly with prostitution and solicitation involving a 17-year-old girl. the singer is accused of
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inviting the girl to his hotel room in 2001 after meeting her before a conce prosecutors say he gave s phone erhen th >> after some discussion, she was offered $200 to take her clothes off and to dance before him. she accepted the $200, he got naked, and they proceeded to dance. >> kelly's attorney tweeted "give me a break, this is beyond absurd." kelly is in jail in new york after pleading not guilty last week to charges of sexual -- sexually abusing women and girls who attended his concerts there. the "los angeles times" reports a california multimillionaire charged with killing his wife was captured after a four-year international manhunt. authorities say 54-year-old real estate investor peter chadwick was arrested sunday out of the country. yesterday he arrived back in california. he's accused of strangling his wife in 2012 and dumping her
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body in a san diego gas station trash bin. he skipped a court appearance in 2015 and vanished. prosecutors are scheduled to hold a news conference today to discuss the case. "the indianapolis star" says that an indiana tree farm is honoring a young man who died from cancer with a corn maze. the maze features a silhouette of tyler trent. he became a purdue university super fan and gained national attention during his long battle with bone cancer. he died on new year's day at the age of 20. a fund in trent's name has raised more than $1 million for cancer research. the farm hopes to continue to raise money. and "the new york times" reports a brazilian gang leader tried to escape from prison by dressing up as a teenage daughter when she visited him. authorities say the 42-year-old prisoner dressed in a silicone mask, wig, glasses, jeans, and a pink t-shirt. he reportedly attempted to walk out of the rio de janeiro prison on saturday leaving behind his 19-year-old daughter but was
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tense moment after a child walking on a sidewalk stepped on a broken manhole cover and fell into a well. his dad dived in to action leaning into the well, managing to pull the boy out. the incident was cute surveillance camera. it happened last week in southwest china. the 3-year-old sustained only minor injuries. on the cbs "money watch" now, america's two largest newspaper publishers are merging, and the former ceo of tinder is being sued. marc liverman is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, marc. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. earnings season isn't quite over yet. notable companies reporting today include disney, papa john's, discovery networks, weight watchers, and wynn resorts. also developing today, barneys new
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york, an icon of luxury new york retail, has filed for bankruptcy. the retailer said it will focus on running only five of its namesake stores. barneys ate as well as five smaller concept sports and seven warehouse stores. the filing marks the department store as the latest victim of the retail upheaval. publisher gatehouse media has agreed to acquire gwinnett for about $1.4 billion. the deal aimed at cutting overlapping costs and enabling the combined company to cater to an audience that's consuming more digital content. together the two companies would operate more than 260 daily papers in the u.s., far more than any other u.s. news publisher. the company's estimated they can save roughly $300 million in annual costs within two years. the new company will go by the name gannett. a former executive at the dating site tinder is suing the company. the lawsuit alleges the former ceo gregory blatt sexually assaulted her at a los angeles hotel in 2016.
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the former executive said she was then fired in retaliation for her complaints. she is seeking unspecified monetary damages for negligence, wrongful termination, sexual battery, gender violence, and retaliation. tinder has not commented. and you can get around in style like elizabeth taylor for the right price. the legend's custom-built 1960 rolls royce is going up for auction today. the new york auction house handling the sail expects the -- hamming the sale expects the car to go for more than $3 million. the car was painted a unique shade of smoke green at taylor's request which complemented her eyes. the oscar-winning actress offer referred to the car as her green goddess. anne-marie? >> it's beautiful. marc liverman -- >> it is. it is. >> thanks a lot, marc. >> sure thing. still to come, a new addition to the bush family. we'll introduce you to the first grandson for former president george w. bush. ent george bush. be... ...used almost everywhere on almost everybody.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ the south bend fire department helped rescue two raccoons from a massive warehouse fire in indiana on sunday. firefighters set up ladders against the burning building so both critters could navigate their way down safely. onlookers cheered as the animals made their escape. and former president george w. bush and rest of the bush family are celebrating a new addition. mr. bush's daughter, jenna bush hager, delivered a baby boy on friday. it's the former president's first grandson. he has two granddaughters. the baby was named henry harold hager. coming up, a groundbreaking surgery that could delay menopause. i'm anne-marie green. ould delay
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our top stories this morning -- police in el paso, texas, have identified the 22 people killed in the mass shooting at a walmart this weekend. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty for the suspected gunman. president trump is scheduled to visit el paso tomorrow. meanwhile, police in dayton, ohio, are still investigating a motive for a mass shooting that left nine people dead. people who knew the gunman said that there were red flags. wall street is hoping to rebound after stocks saw the worst loss of the year monday. the dow dropped 767 points. it comes amid a trade war with china. china allowed its currency to drop to an 11-year low. it also suspended purchases of u.s. farm products. china was reacting to president trump's latest tariff threat. nearly a year and a half before the mass shootings in el paso and dayton, the school
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shooting in parkland ignited some of the largest youth-led protests since the vietnam war. young survivors changed america's gun debate. but as adriana diaz discovered, they say real change is yet to come. my heart is exhausted. it's so much for all of us to have to keep dealing with this over and over and know that as hard as we fight it continues to happen. >> reporter: 19-year-old delaney tarr is a parkland survivor turned social activist. >> we are not here for bread crumbs, we are here for real change. >> reporter: she helped start march for our lives, the national movement grew oft the school massacre. there have been 566 mass shootings since. how do you feel when you see this happen over and over again when you set out to to stop this? >> it almost feels like we keep shouting into nothingness because lawmakers aren't listening. this is literally life or death. >> every day we wait is another live lost. >> students are sick and tired
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of planning vigils. these are 15, 16 17-year-olds. they're experts at vigil planning. >> reporter: tarr and two friends invited us to their headquarters in florida. >> every time we see another shooting, it's this mixture of defeat, of anger, of renewed spirit. >> reporter: when you say the word defeat, what do you mean by that? >> there is this certain level of personal responsibility that a lot of us feel every time we find out somebody else has died at the hand of a gun. >> reporter: they've taken that responsibility on the road. registering 50,000 voters for the midterms and even helped pass a universal background bill in the house in february that stalled in the senate. >> right now it's up to mitch mcconnell to bring that to the vote in the senate and to get it into law. >> we've seen so much lack of action. i'm angry. i'm filled with rage, and i would like to see it get done. >> reporter: they say they won't stop until the violence stops. adriana diaz, cbs news, parkland, florida. coming up only on "cbs this morning," we'll ask acting
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homeland security secretary kevin mcleenan what his department is doing to end the mass shooting epidemic. plus, in our "morning rounds," dr. david agus tells us about a groundbreaking surgery that could delay menopause by up to 20 years. and we'll show how a group is bringing communities together by putting an artistic spin on old basketball courts. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪ ♪
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 4:30, looking live at the skyline of san francisco and this is from our camera on treasure island. it is tuesday, august 6. good
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morning. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi and it's just about 4:30. let's get a check of the forecast on this tuesday morning with mary lee. good tuesday morning. we start off with low clouds and areas of fog, once again due to the onshore flow with cooler temps and we will continue on that cooling trend and that will go on through the rest of the work week. let's have a live look with the roof camera and you can see cloudy skies and temperatures running in the 50s to low 60s at this hour. your microclimate forecast through the afternoon, little bit more sunshine compared to yesterday and for the coast, cool, breezy and low 60s for the bay and mid-to upper 60s and low 70s with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies inland and topping out low 80s to low 90s with plenty of sun and


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