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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  August 6, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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morning. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi and it's just about 4:30. let's get a check of the forecast on this tuesday morning with mary lee. good tuesday morning. we start off with low clouds and areas of fog, once again due to the onshore flow with cooler temps and we will continue on that cooling trend and that will go on through the rest of the work week. let's have a live look with the roof camera and you can see cloudy skies and temperatures running in the 50s to low 60s at this hour. your microclimate forecast through the afternoon, little bit more sunshine compared to yesterday and for the coast, cool, breezy and low 60s for the bay and mid-to upper 60s and low 70s with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies inland and topping out low 80s to low 90s with plenty of sun and we will talk about the cool down and how much cooler it will get, coming up. we already have troubled
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spots to report. the overall main travel times, which won't show because the commute has not picked up, let's ese accidents before it gets worse. taking a look at the overall big picture, everything is in the green on 580 toward the altamont pass, and highway 101 northbound from the south bay, you've added one minute because there is an accident with a full closure with all lanes shut down at 380 due to an accident and chp is on the scene working to clear that and we will keep an eye on it to bring you the latest throughout the morning. the bay bridge metering lights aren't yet on and they are busy in the cash lanes going to san francisco this morning and you can see the eastshore freeway is moving right along and the headlights aren't slowing a bit, same thing with a 880 flyover. the san mateo bridge is busy in the westbound commute toward the peninsula, eastbound, everything looksled the richmon
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rafael bridge, you can see there are some closures until 5:00 eastbound of the richmond san rafael bridge but that shouldn't cause delays because that's the opposite of the commute direction and westbound, no problems and hardly a car at the toll plaza. the 880 looks good with no problems at all. i'm anne makovec at the live news deck and we have investigation after police chase lead to a crash killing one person in the call came in as there was a suspicious vehicle parked behind a raley's store. the driver was passed out and then took off, and a spike strip was put down on big ranch road and the driver crash. that person and the passenger were taken to the hospital where the passenger then died. no identification.
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gilroy pd and the fbi san francisco will hold a joint news conference with new information on the garlic festival shooting with a funeral being planned today in san jose for one of the youngest victims, kayla salazar and it comes three days after what should've been her 14th birthday with services at 11:00 at our lady of guadalupe church on san antonio street and her family gathered to remember her life at san jose park and she was one of three killed and 13 injured in the shooting nine days ago. for more information on how you can help the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting, visit our website at the nation is grappling with two mass shootings that occurred over the weekend, one in el paso, texas on the other in dayton, ohio with more than 80 people killed or wounded in the two attacks. president donald trump is traveling to both cities tomorrow. chris martinez is in el paso with more on the alleged shooter and vigils being held as both communities grieved. we have a lot of evidence
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to go through. >> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out why a gunman opened fire in dayton, ohio, early sunday killing nine people including his sister. >> just to believe he would shoot his own sister. it's also hard to believe he didn't recognize that was his sister. >> reporter: police said they moved in and killed the shooter, 24-year-old connor betts in less than one minute and those who knew him said there were red flags. >> he was somebody who made me feel afraid when i knew him as a teenager. >> reporter: monday night, ohioans grieved and looked for answers. >> i would just like to know that everyone that did pass away is at peace and in a better place. >> reporter: 1300 miles away, people in el paso, texas, are going through the same grieving process after a gunman killed more than 20 at a walmart. >> we have differences but
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there are other ways to address it. not with violence, not with hate. not our children. >> reporter: 21-year-old suspected gunman, patrick crusius, allegedly posted a manifesto online just before the shooting. >> when we got here, he was lost in the neighborhood and then he had found his way to the walmart because we understand he was hungry. >> reporter: 's been charged with capital murder and prosecutors intend to use the death penalty. chris martinez, el paso. the justice department is considering whether to bring hate crime charges against the el paso gunman. for 35:00 and taking a live look at capitol hill, in d.c., lawmakers are calling for action is a recent mass shootings have turned political. laura podesta reports on the division and what should be done to prevent these strategies and it is split
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along party lines. >> in one voice our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. >> reporter: in a statement, president donald trump condemned white nationalism after two massive shootings over the weekend. many democrats are blaming the president for inciting that violence. >> mr. president, it's long past time you address it for what it is. this is hatred, pure and simple and it's being fueled by rhetoric that is so divisive and it's causing people to die. >> he's incited racism, he's invited violence. these are the consequences for his actions. >> reporter: president donald trump pledged more federal resources to combat domestic terrorism and recommended curbing the glorification of violence found in video games and restricting access to firearms for the mentally ill who pose a threat. >> mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun. >> reporter: democrats insist it's time to act on those promises. >> i'm furious that this
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continues to happen and that congress does nothing about it and the president does nothing. >> we are working on some legislation to incentivize states that have protective order red flag laws to make sure they have due process to protect the gun owner and to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. >> reporter: former president barack obama issued a lengthy statement monday saying and all of us stand up and insist on holding public officials accountable for changing gun laws, these tragedies will keep happening. laura podesta, cbs news. today, jury deliberations continue in the ghost ship trial where the jury is trying to decide whether the defendants, derrick alemena and max harris, are responsible for the deaths of 36 people. the two men face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 warehouse fire and the jury could not reach a verdict
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in the first two days of deliberation last week and we will bring the verdict live when it's announced. and fire watch, an update on the marsh complex fire burning near mount diablo with these fires now burning 757 acres but cal fire said it has the upper hand. firefighters have reopened marsh creek road and crews have reported nine separate fires in that area on saturday. the combined blaze forced evacuations but firefighters say no homes have been damaged. two cal fire personal suffered heat related injuries while fighting the fire and so far, it's 85 present contain. in napa county, 2-acre fires were knocked down overnight and they said an oak tree had knocked down the fire lines in wooden valley crossroads, with pg&e customers near the area and officials have not set up the power lines started the fire. a popular youtube years with 800,000 firefighters has
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been booted from the site for hate speech engine goes by the name soph on youte. it's a 14-y with the far right and the less video she posted before her account was taken down and included a rant against the lgbtq community and other videos include anti-muslim rhetoric and youtube told kpix5 it terminated her channel for violating community guidelines on hate speech and that the account accrued three strikes in the same 90 day period. >> we are seeing pressure on facebook and twitter and youtube to start moderating services. going in and not just taking down the obvious terrorism stuff and child pornography, but all that type of stuff -- to go the next step and actually say, this is hate speech. >> those videos still appear on alternate sites, and it's called ute. it's still on twitter and she later deleted
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that accountant said it was not meant to be taken seriously. and money watch, wall street helps to bounce back after the worst day of the year and marc liverman is at the new york stock exchange this morning. >> reporter: trade tensions with china sank the markets on monday with the dollar dropping 767 points and the nasdaq falling 278 and the s&p 500 lost 87. beijing allowed the value of the currency to reach an 11- year low in hopes of easing some of the damage from new tariffs. the u.s. responded by labeling china a currency manipulator and that designation could lead to more sanctions on chinese goods. late monday, president donald trump signed an executive order imposing sanctions on the venezuelan government. the action freezes assets and bands american companies fr doing government business with them. it's the latest effort to oust
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nicolas maduro from power and to support juan guaido, the leader of the national assembly in venezuela. a japanese company nec debuted a flying car and the drone-like vehicle hovered 12 feet in the air and they want to see people in flying cars by 2030. in the u.s., uber air has more ambitious goals, putting people in flying ride-shares by 2023 and that's your money watch report. for more, go to and at the new york stock exchange, i marc liverman. it's 4:41. >> more teachers in the classrooms. coming up, a teacher incentive turning heads in san jose. taking a live look outside before we go to break, we are looking at the skyline of san francisco. it's tuesday morning at 4:41 and we will be right back. and to know that i could save money? i'd be thrilled. this sounds like a whole business package, which would be incredible. so what are you guys waiting for? let's do it. (laughs)
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almost time to go back to school for many bay area school districts but there is always a
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teacher shortage. >> the san jose unified school district found a way to get more qualified teachers in the classrooms by paying for their education and the district said they will pay their tuition at san jose state for two years, the time it gets certified. the amount comes out to roughly $20,000 per participant and covers not only tuition, but testing fees, a borrowed mac laptop and mentor. >> without highly qualified people in those roles, we will struggle and obviously, special education is a high needs profession and complex and we need more turnover to be taken care of in that area. of the 30,000 students, 10% are special-needs in the district said it struggles to fill 10-30 for those positions each year. and lots of school districts are reopening in the next few we with oakland unified beginning
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classes august 12th in san jose starts on the 14th. san francisco a few days later on the 19th. >> my kids start and a couple of the weeks. hallelujah. >> no babysitter anymore. >> that's cool. i love it. how is the weather out there? low clouds? >> are you liking the cooler ones? i like the heat. we are looking at refreshing conditions and once again with low clouds in areas of fall, we continue on the cooling trend as we go through the day and through the week. if you like this cooler weather, you've got it sticking around for some time. here's a live look at the treasure island camera with low clouds and temperatures in the 50s to low 60s with the visibility, clouds and fog along the coast through the golden gate gap and in the bay. half moon bay, one mile and three quarters and dense fog and
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the microclimate forecast, breezy and low 60s and we will see more sunshine. mostly sunny to partly sunny and breezy with mid-to upper 60s to low 70s and for inland locations, up to the low 90s with plenty of sunshine and this fire season outlook, we had a lot of rain this past spring and it increased the th could burn with a slow start to fire season and not a lot of wind or heat but one offshore wind event could change things drastically and very quickly and of course, we are on guard and keeping a close eye on that for you. satellite. satellite and radar, high pressure to the desert southwest brought triple digit heat in vegas that pushes east and away from us and low pressure will be the dominant weather feature for us and that will draw in that marine
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influence, that stronger onshore flow and that's why temperatures are cooling down. on futurecast to hour-by-hour, you can see clearing with cloud cover pushing back to the coast through the afternoon with a little bit more sunshine for most of us and tomorrow, low clouds and areas of fog and patchy drizzle along the coach wednesday. as we go through the middle part of the week, the low sticks around and the heat will stay away from us with cooler temperatures. as we go through the day, 86 is the hyatt in concord, 70 in oakland and 66 in san francisco. the seven-day forecast and what it can expect with temps cooling down wednesday, thursday and by friday and just in time for the weekend, we warm up, especially sunday. we are tracking trouble spots already at 4:47, specifically for those out of the south bay driving through the peninsula on 101. the overall picture looks good despite that issue and let's
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assume and because all lanes, every single one of them, all lanes are blocked on 101 at 380 due to a big rig accident and they are trying to get the oil off the roadways. chp is on the scene and they are trying to come up with the e.t.a. of when it will be open but in the meantime, slow going. the backup starts at the airport and when you are past the airport and past 380, it actually starts to clear and get better. hopefully, they can get this opened up and in the meantime, you might want to pop over to 82 or take surface streets around that and i will give you a reroute and just a little bit. there's a car far west on 24 at lafayette with lanes are blocked in the westbound direction and the good news is, it's early for 24 to get busy. for the altamont pass, this is the early morning super commute, 24 miles out of the
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tracy triangle and back to regular running speed closer to the dublin interchange, which looks good. the richmond san rafael bridge eastbound, there are lane closures because emergency construction not causing delay so far in the altamont pass is a 30 minute ride and the only one in the yellow. even 101, despite that accident with those lanes closed, but it is foggy for the golden gate bridge and coming into the north bay or out of it, you might need extra time to cross the bridge and last but not least, it is picking up at the bay bridge. 4:49 and the summer of keanu reeves continues and how about scary stories about that? >> danya bacchus has the or eye on entertainment report. >> reporter: the matrix is about to celebrate the 20th anniversary with a technologically enhanced rerelease. >> bring your mind. >> reporter: this sci-fi's thriller stars keanu reeves as a
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computer hacker who finds out the world is a simulation caught in a matrix and it will play in 135 select theaters across the country for one week beginning august 30. reeves has been busy appearing in toy story 4, the third john wick movie and the movie, always be my baby. bill maher is among a big names set to headline the new york comedy festival with more than 200 comedians, late-night hosts and others bringing their jokes to 100 shows over the weeklong event that kicks off november 4th and tickets go on sale next week. >> people believe if we repeat stories often enough, they become real. >> reporter: friday, scary stories to tell in the dark. >> scary stories. >> reporter: in 1968, a group of teenagers find a book of stories written by a girl who lived a tortured life in a mansion on the edge of town and
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as they read the stories they deal with terrifying all too real truths. that's your eye on entertainment. danya bacchus, cbs news in los angeles. baseball bonds a homeless man with a giant. this baby wasn't the only thing sleeping at oracle last night and i will give you the details coming up. a live look at downtown san jose, 60 degrees and cool. if you love high 70s and sunshine, you will love it. we are coming right back. it's 4:51.
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temperatures are cooler and we continue on the cooling trend through the week but with sunshine as well and south bay,
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82 an 83 in san jose, highs topping out around 86 for you in concord and pleasant hill and 90 in antioch and 90 in brentwood with daytime highs for berkeley in the mid-60s. upper 60s in alameda and 70 in oakland. mid-60s in san francisco and warming up, st. helena, 93. good news for those traveling up the peninsula on 101 pair that sig alert and traffic alert is now canceled with all lanes back open and that oil is out of the way. it went from zero to 68 miles- an-hour and just a matter of a few minutes. we have to clear that hazard information and for the most part, looking good on the peninsula with no problems to report. alex dickerson will be off the injured list on saturday but not soon enough for the giants offense gone a wall and the only thing popping at oracle last night was the popcorn.
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suzuki looking for a two run double. superman without the cape. the game was scoreless and fell apart in the fifth with a box run, 2-0 washington and later, this is what you call a can of corn but pilar lost the ball in the twilight nine and the ball dropped with another one scoring and its 3-0, a weird night last night. ninth inning, buster trying to get the final out at second with a double steal. anthony rendon took home a play on the throne the giants lose 4- 0, now one game under 500 and 3.5 back in the wild cards. after a red-hot to live, giants are 1-4 an august with the game a home debut for second baseman scooter gennett, acquired from the reds last week. jeanette already has one fan in san francisco, a homeless man he befriended last year when he
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hit a home run at oracle park. >> we were friends on the street. he came up to me, you are scooter gennett and it was surprising he knew me and i told him i would hit him one. i hit one and after the game, i walked to the bus and there was a guy they are in a trench coat and i got on and started thinking about it and i looked and saw this guy trying to get the ball. i got off the bus and i said, i got you a home run ball. >> the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind at wrigley field. marcus semien goes the other way with a two run shot, and later he added his 19th home run with the 17th inning a complete disaster. four runs in two thirds of an inning. the a's lose 6-5 and the good news, they remain one half game
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back in the wildcard. getting down to crunch time in the wildcard and that's the latest in sports. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. the time is 4:57. in our next half hour, a bay area company pulls the line on an online message board accused of spreading hate. one person is dead in napa following a police pursuit and crash and we will tell you where the investigation stands this morning. wimpy trash bags? c'mon. hefty! hefty! hefty!
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futures look promising this morning. it's tuesday, august 6. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's go to mary lee for the forecast. we have clouds, fog and drizzle and you can see that on the ocean beach click post camera with the drizzle on the live cam and once again, all because of the onshore flow with temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s to low 60s and going through the day, we see more sunshine for most of us in the daytime highs are slightly cooler, as well. 86 in concord, 83 for the high in san jose and looking at 70 in oakland and mid-60s in san francisco, cool, cloudy and breezy along the coast and in the low 60s. we will continue with that cool down and i will have the forkful forecast coming up. i'm oubleds and le


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