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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 6, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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sparked this police pursuit. the nation mourns those killed in a pair of mass shootings over the weekend in california lawmakers have harsh words for fellow members of con debate. u.s. markets are poised to open after huge losses yesterday and why investors should not be the only ones escalating the trade war with china. tuesday, august 6th and i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi and its 6:00. let's check the forecast per looking good with a slight change? that's right. temperatures cooler today and the cooling trend goes through the week, thanks to the onshore flow kicking in. we have a sliver of a sunrise on this camera with the fog obscuring the sunrise view and temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s to low to mid-60s at this hour. your highs for today, little bit cooler compared to yesterday
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but seasonal daytime highs looking for 86 in concord, 88 in livermore, 70 later in the afternoon and oakland, mid-of n withcleariand cl cover puing back through the day. more on that cool down coming up. heating up in some drive spots this morning with the overall main travel time mostly in the green though the altamont pass is now in the red, a 42 minute ride out it was the tracy triangle toward the 586 interchange and good to go on highway 4 and 101 and not the story on the nimitz this morning. at 23rd, there is an accident blocking one lane with chp trying to get that cleared and in the meantime, barely crawling northbound and then you move along just fine then slow at the maze. i
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will work on some reroutes and in the meantime, let's go to the san mateo bridge with an accident approaching the toll plaza and it seems like that delay and the slowness continues onto the bridge toward the peninsula. east bound, everything is moving fine and the bay bridge is slow and go and the toll pleasure ridge plaza is a little bit better. developing this morning, one person dead following a police pursuit and crash in the north bay and let's go to jackie ward live with the very latest. investigators are working to determine what led to this fatal crash that happened last night and we will show you how the pursuit ended with this car flipping onto its back off the road along big branch road north of the intersection with el centro avenue. napa police learned of a parked
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car behind the raley's on soscol avenue and the driver was reportedly passed out and the driver sped off and then the car kept going with police deploying a spike strip causing the driver to lose control as the car tried to swerve around the spikes. the car crash just before 8:00 and people were taken to the hospital. the driver survived but we don't know their condition and at one point, napa police and chp were on the scene and live in napa, jackie ward, kpix5. wall street futures point to a recovery when u.s. markets open up in less than half an hour and yesterday saw the biggest selloff for the dow jones, closing down 767 points. investors are feeling less anxious with the central bank
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not allowing the currency value dropped to happen as much as first feared yesterday. beijing said it would sink against the dollar and chinese products are cheaper on the worldwide market and that could hurt u.s. manufacturers. the announcement prompted president donald trump to accuse china of currency manipulation. they said the decision came in response to the latest tariffs threat on the chinese goods. those would take effect next month extending tariffs to nearly all chinese goods. >> that will hit the u.s. companies first and there will be some time where they withstand that pain but eventually it will trickle down to the consumer. >> chinese companies have halted the purchase of u.s. agricultural products in response to the latest tariffs threat. president donald trump is traveling to el paso and dayton tomorrow in the wake of the mass shootings over the weekend with more than 80 people killed or wounded in the attacks.
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last night in dayton, ohio wins grieved and looked for answers and investigators are trying to figure out why the gunmen open fire early sunday, killing nine including his sister. police said they moved in and killed the shooter, 24-year-old connor betts in less than one minute. a gunman killed 22 people and injured 24 at a texas walmart and this is a live look from el paso this morning where police still have the area blocked off and you can see the growing memorial with the 21- year-old suspected gunman, patrick crusius, cooperating with investigators. they said he allegedly posted an anti-immigrant manifesto online just before the shooting. >> he was lost in the neighborhood and then found his
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way to the walmart because we understand he was hungry. >> he has been charged with capital murder and prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty in the justice department is considering whether to bring hate crime charges against him. according to a gun violence research group, the u.s. averages one mass shooting a day so far this year. a bay area congressman wants to return to washington to pass new gun regulations. >> it's got to stop and will stop if the u.s. congress, republicans and democrats, decide we will listen to evidence-based research and institute policies that the rest of the world does that still protect second amendment rights but will help statistically in reducing these events. >> mark desaulnier has co- authored the bill to mandate universal background checks and it already passed the house and yesterday, senator kamala harris also blasted majority leader mitch mcconnell for
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blocking the debate on the bill in the senate. >> this is actually, literally, in the hands of one person, in terms of the legislative action and it's mitch mcconnell. i would hope and pray that he understands that he actually has the power to do the right thing here. >> mcconnell said in a statement, quote, senate republicans are prepared to do our part. i'm anne makovec and we have new video of this british airways flight that was filled with smoke. the entire passenger cabin, as you can see, has passengers describing it as smelling metallic and like chemicals. this wasa,pain and 175
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people were on board and they were hyperventilating and crying. they said the oxygen masks never deployed and when the airplane landed in spain, the emergency slides came out and people could get out of the airplane and three were taken to the hospital. british airways has not explained too much about this. the airline apologized and said it was some sort of technical issue. in a few hours, jury deliberations continue in the ghost ship trial and the jury is trying to decide whether defendants, derrick alemena and max harris, are responsible for the deaths of 36 people. they each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fire in oakland. the journey could not reach a verdict in two days of deliberation last week and we will bring with the verdict alive as soon as it is announced. the chinese government is about to crack down on protests in hong kong and officials gave a stern warning saying, quote, violent criminals pushing the city toward a dangerous abyss will be brought to justice and there are three consecutive
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days of protesting that halted subway lines and canceled more than 200 flights. police reportedly arrested 248 in the largest single day crackdown yet. california prosecutors are going after the maker of a spray designed to make homes fire resistant and how the product is supposed to work and why critics say it's dangerous. officials at yosemite hope to make a trip to the park easier and more enjoyable for families. are bay area air conditioning is kicking in once again, bringing clouds, fog and drizzle. here is a live look of our camera from just a few moments ago. we will talk about when we see clearing on futurecast coming up. we have a traffic alert in effect southbound on 680 just as you come through and it is backed up big time and i tell you the reroutes, just ahead.
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crews are getting a handle on the so-called tauro fire that broke out yesterday on a hillside leader lake elsinore with evacuations prompted of nearby homes in riverside county with the blaze 75% contained and today marks one year since a fire scorched 23,000 acres in the same location. this comes as officials are predicting a busy wildfire season for northern california and the nationalirnter predicts heavy fuel loads left by heavy winter rain and there's increased fire risk
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into october, when possibly strong winds and fire conditions could make fuel dangerous and the forecast calls for warmer and drier conditions in california this fall. a wildfire protection company that claims they have a fire resistant spray is getting hit with a lawsuit for $5 million. sun seeker enterprises, quote, made false and misleading claims about the spf 3000 clear spray and the company said it can provide protection against heat and embers up to 3000 degrees for 5 years and was developed in collaboration with nasa and the u.s. forest service. >> i'm afraid somebody will get this product and put it on their house and stay in their house a little too long because they have the belief their house is safe. >> they said they've saved homes with no complaints and they said there is no silver bullet for fire prevention.
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berkeley will officially ban co-nalas ainto law yto and next year, all new homes and small apartments will be required to use only electrical infrastructure in city leaders say the ban will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the u.s. somebody conservancy has a high tech way to plan a visit with a new app giving information on services, programs, and features an interactive map of yosemite. check it out on smartphones with ios and it's at nps yosemite national park. if only getting a camping permit would be easier. you have to do it six months in advance and be lucky, like a lottery system. >> either that or a lottery ticket? >> money might be the better
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option. >> yes. you need luck in your pocket with a traffic alert and troubled spots in maine commute directions and taking a live look at the nimitz, it looks bad, a slow slog northbound and better than it was. there was an accident blocking one lane at 23rd that has cleared but a little bit further north at broadway, there was a box truck blocking a slow lane that they are trying to get out of the way and in the meantime, they are trying to recover and hopefully they will do that. there is a reroute and it looks better than earlier but if you need a reroute, take 73rd and then pop onto 880 when you see the traffic has cleared. your traffic alert, three lanes are blocked to an accident on southbound 680 out of sonoma but the backup is all the way to pleasanton and the speeds, in the red. there aren't great reroutes. there is a service route called foothill road that you can take
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to 84 and you can try to work around it but you might just be stuck because i'm not sure it's that much, atis point. there are over from the altamont pass. heads up that you will need an extra amount of time if that is your commute. there was an accident on the san mateo bridge, but it's slow and go. coming through the altamont pass, this is the worst spot and the least of the worries, 12 miles from the tracy triangle and back to 62 westbound, that commute no longer in the red and we are now in the yellow on highway 4, still in the green on south bay 101 and that's good news for those coming out of san jose. the san mateo bridge is backed up westbound under those gray skies. >> cloudy and foggy. the salesforce tower camera,
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just a moment to go, you can see a sliver of a sunrise. we start off with fog and patchy drizzle along the coast because of the onshore flow with temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s to low 60s. check the visibility, to miles for half moon bay but clouds and fog are along e and even a gray start for inland locations this morning. through the afternoon, most of us will see clearing and sunshine compared to yesterday. cloud cover for most of us and still cloudy and breezy with southwesterly winds along the coast at 10-20 and low 60s for the bay and mid-to upper 60s to low 70s with clearing. breezy for the bay and inland locations top out at mid-to upper 80s to low 90s with plenty of sunshine. speaking of august rainfall, it will be dry today but the 30-
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year average for us in august, a tenth of an inch. not expecting any of that but we are looking at the onshore flow kicking in once again with that ridge of high pressure moving away and pushing east with this low pressure system being the dominant weather factor for us and with that, we will see an increase in the marine influence through the weekend that's why temperatures will continue cooling down. hour-by-hour and futurecast, we see sunshine for inland locations and parts of the bay have cloud cover pulling back to the coast and at 4:00, low clouds and fog and even patchy drizzle tomorrow morning first thing and then temps will be cooler wednesday and thursday and friday because of this low pressure system sticking around and the heat will stay away.
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sunrise at 6:17 and sunset at 8:13 with daytime highs cooler and seasonal for this time of year and in the south bay, 82 and 88 in morgan hill an 83 in san jose. low 90s in antioch and brentwood and mid-80s in concord vail. san francisco, upper 60s and alameda, 70s. low 90s for cloverdale with temps cooling down through the work week and warming up by sunday with plenty of sunshine. 6:20 and four years after allegedly killing his wife, a california millionaire is in custody. where police tracked him down. can my side be firm?
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new this morning, a 4-year long manhunt is finally over for a southern california millionaire accused of killing his wife. peter chadwick walked through lax yesterday, shackled at the waist. he was captured in mexico one day before and the 55-year-old newport beach husband and father hid from authorities after his arrest for allegedly killing his wife. while awaiting trial, he was released after posting $1 million bail. in a police department podcast, officers knew he was the suspect before he even took off. >> there were broken shards of glass and the family safe was open and empty. >> we had blood in the bathtub. >> investigators said chadwick tried to pin the murder on a house painter but the story never added up to the naacp will paint a different version of a mural at washington high school in san francisco. it's in the lobby of the school and shows slaves and a native
6:25 am
american man lying dead at the feet of european explorers in the school board voted to paint over the mural in response to complaints that it was demeaning in its depiction of slaves. the naacp backs the decision and today will be the alternate mural but critics say it's a step too far. and santa clara county, the san jose school district found a way to get more qualified teachers in the classrooms. they will pay for their education in an effort to help with special education teachers. it will pay tuition at san jose state for the two years, the time it takes to get certified. it works out to roughly $20,000 per participant and covers tuition, testing fees, a borrowed mac laptop and a mentor. >> without highly qualified and talented people in those roles, we will struggle as a district and special education is a high need profession that is complex.
6:26 am
we see more turnover in that area. >> of the 30,000 students in the district, 10% are special- needs and the district struggles to fill those teacher positions each year. lots of school districts are reopening and oakland unified begins classes on august 12 while san jose starts on the 14th and san francisco, a few days later on the 19th. the battle between the u.s. and china over trade tariffs shows no signs of letting up and why some experts fear they are reaching a point of no return. a final goodbye for the teenager killed during the mass shooting at the garlic festival in gilroy. it>>takeomto loo e for the this shot. fantastic. 57 degrees at mount vaca. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a chase through the north bay overnight ends in a deadly crash and what police said sparked that deadly pursuit. the nation is reeling from recent mass shootings and governor newsom wants to ne federal laws. his plan, straight ahead. thanks for joining us. it's tuesday, august 6. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego.
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i love the beautiful sun rises. this morning, the sun rise did not disappoint. a spectacular view on our transamerica cam looking east. you can see the fog but above the fog, a gorgeous sunrise with mount diablo, that beautiful mount diablo. temperatures are in the upper 50s to low 60s and similar compared to yesterday. we start off with fog, clouds and patchy drizzle but we will see sunshine through the day and eventually we will have clearing for the inland locations in concord will see a high of 86. 70 in oakland, 66 in san francisco, cloudy and breezy and then a cool down with details coming up. we are seeing troubled spots on the roadways and i will get to those in a second. let's start with your real time
6:32 am
traffic commute are no longer in the red in orfreeway and sti the green with 44 minutes on 101. the nimitz freeway has been a trouble spot this morning, slowly clearing. by slowly, i mean under 10 miles-an-hour northbound and there is nothing blocking any lanes any longer but the problem is that the damage is done and it's residual delays. better to stay on the nimitz and keep going because it's slow no matter which way you go. the san mateo bridge, off 92 westbound, you are slow even past the toll plaza to the peninsula under the the gray skies. he spun, not a problem in the bay bridge, metering lights are on and no issues with accidents or stalls and it's regular rush- hour traffic to the foot of the maze. more from this area with a slow
6:33 am
commute. for the san michele bridge, more news. some sad news. toni morrison has died, the author and nobel laureate and teacher. she died at 88 years old and her friend confirmed that just a few minutes ago and she is the author of beloved, adopted into a film starring oprah winfrey and in 2012 she was awarded the presidential medal of freedom. we don't know the circumstances surrounding her death but toni morrison is dead at age 88. 6:33 and taking a live look at the board, the big board, trading is under way on wall street after a brutal day yesterday with the dow dropping 700 points amid the escalating trade war between the u.s. and china with the dow
6:34 am
poinitbit a rebound in china has halted purchases of products where the move will be devastating to u.s. farmers and ranchers that are already struggling to get by and some analysts fear it could reach a level hard to reverse. >> it seems as if the u.s. feels that they can continue this trade war and it will hurt china more than the u.s. they feel like there is a free election but the trade war reignited last week when president donald trump vowed to impose new tariffs on imports from china and china responded by devaluing this currency, prompting the trump administration to call china a currency manipulator. the funeral for keyla salazar, one of the youngest victims of the garlic festival shooting has a service beginning at our lady of
6:35 am
guadalupe church on san antonio street. it's three days after what should have been her 14th birthday and her family released a statement saying, quote, she loved helping others and always show generosity for others, forgetting herself many times and she's a hero for the community and an example to follow. family members released butterflies and she had been shot and killed after helping a relative who used a cane. >> it's really hard and it's retraumatizing to hear the news. people have pain about this. >> she is one of three people killed in the shooting including 25-year-old trevor irby and the youngest victim, 6- year-old steven romero. the family assistance center in gilroy will be open for people to retrieve personal items left behind after the shooting. there are hundreds of cell
6:36 am
phones, purses, strollers and other items people can claim. ufhas been stressful in the already traumatizing situation. >> i don't even have my car back. kps happening. >> in the last week we saw 555 indis were feeling the pain of having been through such a traumatic experience. the intervening events across the country have added to that emotional toll that people are feeling. >> gilroy police and the fbi in san francisco will hold a joint press conference with new information regarding the garlic festival shooting. governor gavin newsom is discussing what to do about this violence. the new ammunition background check will has already stopped more than 100 prohibited people from buying bullets in the first month in july and he
6:37 am
wants a national law like california that requires ammunition buyers to submit background checks before every purchase. see rnia have a chec guns erous co with ammunition. >> the topic is often overlooked and is a major kurd tribute are two gun related deaths. one person is dead following a pursuit in crash in napa that started just hours after 7:30 last night when a driver reportedly was passed out behind a supermarket and known when he woke up, police said he sped off and then a spike strip caused a crash. we don't know how the driver is doing this morning. police are investigating after a car struck and killed a pedestrian around 9:30 last night with rutherford road being close near zinfandel
6:38 am
lane. it's now crash. two people in contra costa county are accused of enlisting children to help them steal from a toy shop. this is from pot of gold collectibles. a boy pulls out an expensive lego set and then a man walked up to the owner and pointed in the other direction, apparently a signal. the child and an adult woman then walked out with the unpaid toy. >> it was a distraction technique. they are showing him theft is easy and there's no accountability for it. >> the vintage lego set was worth about $200 and we've reached out to concord police and are waiting to hear back. bay area residents have fewer options for redeeming recyclables. the largest recycling center has closed its doors. the move shutters over 280 locations and leaves 750 without jobs.
6:39 am
trouble started brewing for the company three years ago when 200 recycling centers were close. san jose officials are looking to add flashy advertisements by adding digital billboards. nearly a year ago, a policy allowed it but they are still trying to set up where the billboards would be located. the city council will discuss where the billboards will go. and other bay area city takes legal action in connection with the nationwide opioid epidemic. the muni service will be disrupted every night for the next few weeks and we will run through the details. stocks are soaring after the market opened up with the dow up about 200 points and we will get an update from jason brooks. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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good tuesday morning and here's a live look at the unt vaca cam, a golden and glorious
6:43 am
view of that sunrise and you can see the low, mid-and high level clouds in the skies. the future guest is coming up. we have been monitoring a news conference going on by the governor of ohio, mike dewine. he's republican but proposes tough new gun laws this morning after he visited dayton, the scene of the shooting overnight and he was shouted down at a memorial on sunday with people saying to do something and he said this morning they were right and he has introduced a red flag law that would seize guns from people deemed to be a threat to themselves and others and he will put more money in the budget for mental health services for all of the local schools and that is going on live in we are monitoring it. in napa county, firefighters have knocked down
6:44 am
a 2-acre fire that started near downed power lines overnight. pg&e said an oak tree knockedow 200 pg&e customers in the dark. the fire started in that area but they fire. san jose is going after drug manufacturers for allegedly fueling the deadly opioid epidemic and drug stores like cbs and walgreens failed to monitor and report suspicious patients and purchases. a number of cities and states are pursuing lawmakers that are accused of highly covering up the addictive opioids. struck law state had a big selloff yesterday and apple saw a drop. >> we have financial reporter jason brooks from kcbs. >> reporter: it's safe to look at your 401(k) account for the moment. the market is rallying but yesterday was a proof of a
6:45 am
putrid day. chinese stos sparked a selloff and they said china did that to counter u.s. tariffs on china imports and there are no signs of the trade impasse to be ending and there is a bitter effect on corporate earnings and fears are rising of a global recession on the way. apple is one of the companies that has big exposure to china with most of its hardware made in that country and the u.s. tariffs would affect iphones and other devices made in china. apple is trying to get around that with waiver requests and it has resulted in a 5% drop in apple stock yesterday with about $50 billion in market valuation wiped out in one day. today, apple stock is dropping off and there was a drop where
6:46 am
the big board is showing the dow is up about 200 points after the nearly 770-point plunge yesterday and the nasdaq gaining 94 and apple stock is up over 1.5%. a new study finds uber and lyft have a growing impact on traffic in san francisco with a transportation consultancy doing the analysis. in september 2018, ride-share vehicles accounted for 13% of all miles driven in the city and that is roughly double what it was a year earlier. muni riders, starting next monday, train service will be shutdown between the embarcadero and west portal stations at 9:30 every night for two weeks from 9:00 until 1:00 with shuttle buses replacing light rail service and after 1:00 a.m., the owl
6:47 am
network will return to the normal train schedule and the closures are part of the mini subway maintenance network where the crews work on the tracks and the equipment. let's check traffic to see how it's doing. we had a traffic alert earlier that was slowing things down and now the lanes are open and the nimitz freeway is recovering. let's start with the overall look at the big picture with green and plenty of orange and even read. this was a traffic alert and ignore the text box because the lanes are open with residual delays in play from pleasanton on the southbound 680 commute with backups in the westbound direction of 84 and there is not really a good reroute. you might be late, unfortunately, this morning th
6:48 am
triangle and back to a regular running speed that has recovered quite nicely with 38 minutes. you've gotten a couple of minutes back and that is good news for those from the tracy triangle. in the yellow out of the south bay and on highway 4 to the eastshore freeway. 880, there was an accident at 23rd and then a stall on broadway and northbound nimitz, slightly recovered and really slow going northbound with not a great route because surface streets will be slow and you might have to sit through with those brake lights and pay attention so you don't create a fender-bender and slow everybody else down, including yourself. southbound at 880 looks good. the san mateo bridge, plenty of company with a couple of accidents in the morning that made it a slow start to the peninsula with the toll plaza clearing but then pretty
6:49 am
and that westbound direction. last but not least, the bay bridge has metering lights on. one thing i love about the bay area is the microclimate. you can see the ocean beach camera with clouds and drizzle and now, i take you to the south bay. san jose, good morning to you with a little bit more sunshine on the san jose camera. the temperatures right now in san jose, 62 and 61 in concord. 57 in san francisco and 54 in santa rosa. a gray start for most of us but san jose has more sunshine. cloudy and foggy along the coast and the golden gate gap in parts of the bay, 1.5 miles visibility at half moon bay with more sunshine and clearing, especially compared to yesterday.
6:50 am
cool, cloudy and breezy. turning mostly sunny to partly sunny with breezy conditions in mid-to upper 60s to low 70s inland with plenty of sunshine and here is your fire season outlook with a record rainfall this past winter and spring and that has increased the fuels that could burn with a slow start to fire season and not much wind or heat this summer. one offshore event can change things to rapidly and drastically and quickly, as well. as things dry out, here is a ridge of high pressure that brought heat to the desert southwest and will push east and move away from us with this low pressure system being the dominant weather feature over the next several days and that will help to usher in that stronger marine influence.
6:51 am
temperatures will continue on that cool down and futurecast through the day, hour-by-hour, we stop the clock at 4:00 p.m. with cloud cover pushing back to the coast. parts of the bay will see sunshine and clearing but it will be cloudy along the coast tomorrow with low clouds and areas of fog with patchy drizzle possible tomorrow morning along the coast with temps a little bit cooler tomorrow. today, slightly cooler compared to yesterday and daytime highs are seasonal. for the south bay, 82 in santa clara an 83 in san jose. los gatos, 86 and low 90s in antioch and brentwood, mid-60s. berkeley, san francisco, mid- 60s and the seven-day forecast, down and then warming up, especially into the weekend on sunday. the raiders have their impending move coming closer every day. >> one of the last steel beams
6:52 am
was raised to the roof of the building in sin city. it's the completion of the highest point of the 60,000 steet stadium which officially has a name. >> from this day forward, i like to announce a stadium will now be known as allegiant stadium and we are really excited they are on board. >> the parent company, allegiant air, scored the naming rights in the work on the facility is now about 60% complete and it will be the home of the las vegas raiders after a final season in oakland. 6:52 and a major crackdown could be coming in hong kong with the new threat and response to massive demonstrations that paralyzed the city. police are investigating the circumstances leading to a fatal pursuit and crash. good morning. ahead, we are in el paso,
6:53 am
texas, and dayton, ohio, as communities struggle to make sense of the mass shootings that killed at least 31. acting homeland security supervisor, kevin mcaleenan, reveals what could be done to prevent future attacks. a california millionaire was found in mexico and we will see you at 7:00. taking a look outside from our tower cam, pretty cool with the sky and the sun and all those clouds. it's 6:53 and we will be right back.
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6:56 am
i'm jackie ward. detectives are working right now to try to figure out what happened leading up to a fatal crash. >> reporter: this pursuit ended with a car flipping over on its back on the side of the road along big branch road just north of the intersection with el centro avenue. nampa police learned there was a suspicious parked car behind the raley's on soscol avenue and the driver was reportedly
6:57 am
passed out. when medics got there, the driver sped off. police tried to pull him over but the car kept going and police deployed a spike strip on big branch road that caused the driver to lose control as the driver tried to swerve around the spikes. the car crash just before 8:00 and two were taken to queen of the valley medical center where the passenger died. the driver survived but we don't know the condition. at one point, nampa police and chp were on the sign and we will have more as we learned. time for a look at the top stories. jury deliberations continue in the ghost ship trial with the jury trying to decide whether derrick alemena and max harris are responsible for the 2016 fire that killed 36 and we will bring the verdict live when it's announced. in santa clara county, the funeral for keyla salazar, one of the youngest victims of the garlic festival shooting will
6:58 am
begin at 11:00 in san jose at our lady of guadalupe church on san antonio street. president donald trump is affected to visit el paso, texas, tomorrow where 22 people were gunned down over the weekend. the president condemned hate- filled violence and stop short of calling for restricted gun laws. the stocks are bouncing back a bit with the dow up about 130 points and yesterday, the biggest selloff of the year, dropping 760 points with txdot's getting hammered. the chinese government is about to crackdown on protests in hong kong with a stern warning that protesters would be brought to justice. unrest halted subway lines and canceled more than 200 flights. nobel laureate, toni morrison, has died. she was the first african- american woman to win the nobel prize and later, a pulitzer prize for the novel, be loved. she was 88.
6:59 am
taking a live look on the nimitz, starting to recover with some relief northbound and it won't get a lot better than this because the commute is ramping up. no issues causing that, necessarily, that is residual delays and slow going westbound plenty of brake lights going toward the peninsula. the bay bridge is slow and go at the toll plaza but no stalls or accidents or issues, just your regular rush-hour. a gray start but clearing inland and for parts of the bay, temps slightly cooler. 83 in san jose and 66 in san francisco and we continue the cool down through the work week and thanks to the onshore flow kicking in, temperatures are warming up in time for the weekend, especially by sunday with plenty of sunshine. thank you for watching kpix news this morning and your next
7:00 am
update is at 7:26. cbs this morning is next and have a great day, everyone. in about the suspect and the moments leading up to the attacks that killed 22 people in el paso and nine more in dayton, ohio. and a psychologist who interviewed other mass shooters tells us how common traits can help identify future threats. responding to tragedy. president trump plans to visit both cities tomorrow. only on "cbs this morning" the acting homeland security secretary talks with us about trying to stop the rapid rise in mass shootings. suspected killer caught. a millionaire accused of murdering his wife is captured after more than four years on the run. 48 hours witnessed his retur


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