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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  August 12, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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exclusive sales force tower. it is monday morning already august 12th. back to work, back to school for some, too. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. it looks like it's going to continue. >> we're going to keep that weather going with a warmup today and through the middle part of the week. those temperatures will be soaring, especially as we head through the afternoon inland. here's a live look with our future cam looking at the golden gate, and starting off in the 60s. we have the oakland unified school district that kicks off today for the first day of school and as we head through the afternoon in oakland we'll see plenty of sunshine and warming up into the 70s in oakland. some other locations as we head through the day. 95 in concord, 88 for livermore, and 72 for a high in
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san francisco and we'll continue to warm up. i'll have your full forecast coming up. your overall drive time, so far you are in the green with the exception of the altamonte pass. you are a 34-minute ride if you are headed out of the tracy triangle this morning. 25 on highway 4 and on 101, a 36-minute drive. everything out to 880 we don't have lane closures we've had due to construction, which is headed northbound on the nimitz. those of you headed across the bay bridge we'll have a busy morning seeing stack ups in that cash lane already. customers doing just headed into san francisco. no emergency closures on the san raphael either. and i'm anne makovec, and in hong kong, protests continued all weekend long and the airport
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is paralyzed right now. all departing flights are grounded. there were thousands of demonstrators over the weekend. still hundreds though, the crowds have gone down a little bit. some people alleging police brutality after police unleashed some teargas there around the airport. hong kong international is one of the busiest in the world and has some flights to sfo. at least two flights have been canceled, those headed from hong kong to fso, and so we're watching the departures and the arrivals and certainly if you know anybody going to or through the hong kong airport you're going to want to check that out. a lift driver is in jail accused of raping a passenger in his car after she passed out. san bruno police saying that 46-year-old picked the woman up at a bar in san mateo, and drove her about 60 miles to his home
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in tracy, according to authorities, where he had sex with the woman without his consent. >> i have a 22-year-old and 24-year-old and they use it and it really frightens me because i told them you're getting into a car you don't know anything. the person. >> he has been charged with false imprisonment and rape and the driver has been permanently removed from the company's platform. lingering questions after jeffrey epstein died saturday in an apparent suicide. the coroner performed an autopsy and we are standing by for the results. john lawrence reports on the investigation. >> reporter: the fbi has started an investigation into jeffrey epstein's death. >> he was probably the highest profile person in the custody of the borough of prisons at the time and he reportedly had a recent suicide attempt. >> william barr said he was appalled while in federal custody and said the inspector
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general is opening an additional investigation because epstein's death raises serious questions that must be answered. >> it is very difficult how he was not on suicide watch, and some were responsible to have him in safety. >> he was found with marks on his neck and placed on suicide watch. psychologists took him off suicide watch, according to a source familiar with the matter and new allegations of sexual abuse claims against epstein and several associates, he was dead the next day, and although epstein is dead, the alleged crimes linked to him are still alive. >> anyone who helped him run this sex trafficking ring, promote it, should still be very worried. the southern district says we are not done. we're still coming coming after the coconspirators.
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>> no one should die in jail, they say. and a vigil, a massachusetts and walk in downtown los angeles honored the people of the mass shootings in gilroy and dayton and el paso. people carried a large sign that read build bridges, not walls, stop donald trump. the mass ended with a message aimed at the president. >> the second amendment does not mean any controls to protect the safety they swore upon takes office. >> the fbi has opened domestic terrorism cases in both the gilroy and el paso attacks. meanwhile in el paso, the suspect had written a manifesto. and a bipartisan background
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check bill is ordered to be given. and a series of high-profile raids in mississippi, hundreds of undocumented workers were put in federal custody. families broken apart by i.c.e. are calling to shut the agency down. >> protestors and lawmakers are showing support of the children of those families. >> reporter: children in canton, mississippi came out to protest on sunday. >> i'm here because their parents couldn't. those kids came over here alone because they want to speak for their parents. >> reporter: many of their parents were arrested during the immigration raids. juan garcia had just finished his shift at pico foods on wednesday when immigration and customs enforcement agents came in and took his father, who is an undocumented immigrant. >> i cried. plenty of times. i told myself, i know my dad doesn't want to see me crying. without us, the plant ain't going to run.
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>> reporter: another one of the seven poultries raided, more than 240 of its workers were arrested. >> these employees are exploiting undocumented workers. >> reporter: on sunday, the trump administration defended the raids. >> targeting work site enforcement, meaning companies knowingly hire illegal aliens to pay them reduced wages. >> reporter: democrats say i.c.e. needs to focus on dangerous criminals. >> for them to invade a workplace, divide families, just really undermines the character of america. >> reporter: acting homeland security secretary kevin macklenan says the plants are being investigated. laura podesta, cbs news. >> and more than 100 immigrants were arrested after the closure
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of a highway. and a last-stitch effort by teachers in sonoma county are giving contractors another chance before they go on strike. unless there is a last minute deal, they are planning a walk out at 7:30. teachers want a 5% raise and better health benefits for their families and a strike would be the first in sonoma county in nearly four decades. students are heading back to school and the school year begins as the district struggles to hire 20 principles, accounting for about a quarter of oakland's schools. 2019 has been a difficult year for the district. a teacher strike shut down the district for 20 days and agreed to a $20 million budget cut. jackie ward will hear from them live in oakland in the next half an hour. today for the first time in nearly a year, full ac transit, transbay and early bird express
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bus lines will return to the sales force transit center. it has been ten months since ac buses started rolling in and out of the transit bay center. it was shut down after crews discovered two cracked support beams. mountain and i golden gate were the first to begin making stops at the center. commuters will have more food options at the sales force transit center. an italian restaurant and dimso are moving into the building, plus a new chocolate spot. 4:39. and a daycare bursts into flames, what firefighters say what happened. and this is from our treasure island camera. this is the lovely eastern span of the bay bridge. it's monday morning. 4:39. we'll be right back.
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an investigation is underway after a fire killed five children in erie, pennsylvania. firefighters knocked down the worst of the flames after 1:00 this morning. neighbors looked on as firefighters pull children out working to revive them with oxygen and cpr. a team of investigators suspect an electrical over load at the 24-hour daycare may have caused the fire. >> there was a lot of extension cords underneath the couch, a lot of different items were plugged into it, so it's leading towards that. >> among the dead, four siblings. investigators say smoke detectors could have saved their lives. jury deliberations continue in the trial of the deadly ghost ship fire. the jury is weighing the feats of the master tenants and ghost ship creative director and face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. no verdict was reached after four days of deliberations last week. we'll bring you the verdict live
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as soon as it's announced. and firefighters hurt after battling flames in san mateo county yesterday in the wood side hills near huddard park. crews had to hike half a mile down a steep embankment to get down the fire and hosed it down. and the city is pressing forward with a plan which has vocal opposition off johnson drive near the 580/86 interchange and costco addressed concerns that came up in an environmental impact report in 2017, but opponents who sued before are still worried about added pollution and traffic. >> there is a costco five miles down this way. >> i would stand for it mostly because of the convenience it's going to offer to the community. >> city council expected to
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start hearing public comment and if approved costco could break ground soon. >> and in the dog patch neighborhood, currently an amazon warehouse, drivers go to pick up packages for delivery but if amazon gets its way, future drivers could deliver alcohol to prime now customers. according to sf gate, the storefront could be 200 square feet in which customers were buy wine, beer, and spirits. >> the problem with amazon is they destroy the brick and mortars and are coming back and taking over those properties so it's a very strange thing for neighborhoods and it's bad specifically where there are small mom and pop shops. >> amazon makes alcohol deliveries through prime now in a number of cities including los angeles, new york, and washington, d.c.
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and the u.s. china trade war continues to take its toll. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange this morning. >> wall street futures are indicating some optimism today. meanwhile, stocks ended the week with another decline after three days of gains. renewed concerns about president trump's trade war with china banged up the market friday. the dow fell 90 points, the nasdaq dropped 80 and the s&p 500 lost 19. key reports on inflation, retail sales and consumer sentiment are all on the calendar this week and walmart's quarterly results are due before thursday's opening bell and sales rose 2 1/2% to $130 billion, but forecast earnings declared from a year ago. and hobs and shaw raised to a second weekend win at the box office. universal pictures estimate the fast and furious earned more than $25 million this weekend.
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scary stories to tell in the dark came in second place taking in more than $20 million and disney's the lion king came in third and that's your cbs "money watch" report. for more head to at the new york stock exchange, i'm diane king hall. 4:46 as we check our weather and we're talking about a warmup. exactly how much though? >> we're going to warm up into the triple digits inland so we're definitely going to be feeling the heat as we go through the next few days. today, the start of a warming trend that will continue as high pressure builds in. let's first show you a live look at the sales force tower camera. this is looking north with mainly clear skies. temperatures running in the 60s for many locations. city for oakland and livermore. 60 in san francisco. 64 san jose, mid-50s for santa rosa. it is back to school for many schools across the bay area and our own cute jackie ward is
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helping us with that back to school forecast. we'll see plenty of sunshine all day today with temperatures warming up. so upper 60s for the coast. 70s for the bay and heating up inland into the low-to-mid-90s. the oakland unified school district we're going to pinpoint your forecast for today at lunch type, mid-70s in oakland, sunny and mild and by 3:00 p.m. looking at 79 for a high with that sunshine. and this is just the start. we're going to continue to warm up as we go through the next few days as ball of this ridge of high pressure across the desert southwest that will be building in and that's why we are expecting a warming trend over the next few days. so going hour-by-hour on futurecast, you can see the skies clearing already and we'll continue with clear skies as we head through the day and tomorrow morning you can see not a lot of clouds to start off so we'll see plenty of sunshine tuesday and especially into wednesday. we're going to pinpoint san jose. the average
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high for this time of the year, 82. you can see temperatures in the upper 80s, as well as tuesday and wednesday, mid-90s. the warmest day out of the week for all of us will be on wednesday and the san jose unified school district kicks off the first day of school on wednesday. it's going to be a hot one and temperatures will be cooling do as we go through the rest of the workweek. daytime highs looking at 95 for a high in concord this afternoon. 94 in fairfield. 88 for a high in san jose. 79 in oakland. 72 for san francisco, and 69 for pacifica. here's the seven-day forecast and what you can expect. those temps will be heating up as we go through the middle part of the week. again triple digits for some of our hottest locations inland by wednesday, 99 for thursday in landand temperatures cooling back down as we head into the weekend. emily? so far, so good on those roadways. only a couple of trouble spots and they're really not slowing anything down too
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terribly. you can see the overall big picture is pretty good. that's mostly green. good news for those of you hitting the roadways at this early hour. it's right there on 92 at elcamino real. you can see it's not causing any delays because it's the way most of you are going at this hour. eastbound 580, opposite of the commute direction at keller. lanes are blocked but we're not seeing any slowing. as you approach oakland past the alameda exit, there is some emergency construction lane closures in effect at this hour but those should be finishing up here shortly. this accident that's showing up here coming out of theality month pass, that has been cleared. it's still showing up as an icon and causing some delays in the westbound direction. once you get past that in the wake of that accident, it is off to the right hand shoulder but slowing you down towards the dublin interchange making your drive time 35 minutes.
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it's a little bit slower than it would be normally, but hopefully those things will quicken as the moing continues. on the east shore freeway, 14-minute drive, 26 minutes on highway 4, 101, 36 minutes. taking a live look to the nimitz freeway, no problems to report there. and we thank you. marilyn weyans plays many brothers and daytime is sizzling thanks to a new cast member on the young and the restless. >> michelle medina has that and more on today's eye on entertainment. >> reporter: marlin weyans found out he's a sextuplet who goes on a long journey to find his siblings. he takes on the role of all six siblings in the
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comedy. get ready to laugh a lot. sextuplets debuts on monday. and light of my life debuts a father trying to save his father from a plague that has killed the world's female population. and tyler johnson recently joined the young and the restless as a successful media professor with ties to kyle abbott and appeared in several daytime shows. >> i look at the colleagues and the amount of workload and text they have, the amount of lifting they do emotionally and to come back and do it the next day, it's quite impressive and it really drills into a work ethic and discipline i don't think you can get anywhere else. >> the young and the restless airs weekdays. cbs news, los
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angeles. and a wild one yesterday, between the giants and the phillies and the a's trying to keep pace in their wild card race. coming up from oracle park. and let's take a live look, downtown san jose, 60 degrees there right now, but it's going to get really hot later on this afternoon. it is 4:52.
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beyond fast. good morning. a warming trend is in store for us today. here's a look at the sales force camera. looking east you can see the bay bridge as we look across the east bay, as well. right now temperatures are 67 in concord.
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oakland, 63, as well as livermore. 60 in san francisco, san jose, 64, and santa rosa at 56. so let's check the winds. we're looking at mainly light to calm conditions this morning out of the west-southwest. we'll have the full forecast coming up. and taking a live look to the bridge checklist, it is looking good. good morning at 4:55 out of your real time traffic center. all of your bridges are in the green this morning, golden gate, 92, san mateo bridge, as well as the richmond, san raphael, the only exception is the bay bridge where we are seeing a stap in those cash lanes. metering lights will probably be on in the next 20 to 25 minutes. good morning, everybody. crazy week for the giants swept by the nationals earlier this week. bouncing back against philadelphia yesterday. before the game, the giants honored the 1989 national league champion
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team and announced will clark will have his number 22 retired next season. tied at 6, kevin pillar drilled a 96-mile-an-hour fastball into the gap and evan longoria scores from first base and pillar ends up with his second triple of the season and two batters later it's the closer, will smith, lines a base hit to right. two more score and the giants up 9-6. san francisco takes 3 out of 4 from the phillies and be 3 1/2 out of the wild card standings. and a's starter chris basset, silence the white sox, seven strikeouts over seven strike out innings with a 2.00 e.r.a. after the all-star break, let his pitching coach know everything is working right now. top of the fourth, matt olson, two run shot off white sox all-star, lucas gialino and remain a game and a
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half behind tampa for the second wild card spot and it heats up tuesday night as the a's and the giants from the regular series. that's it from oracle. 6:57. outrage after jeffrey epstein, financier, and accused sex trafficker dies into jail, coming up, the investigation into his apparent suicide. and today is the first day of school in the oakland unified school district. we'll get a sense of how they feel post-strike from teachers and the union.
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what about him? let's do it. ♪ come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. hurry in and lease the glc 300 suv for just $419 a month with credit toward your first month's payment at the mercedes-benz summer event. going on now. buses are starting to roll into the transit agency back in full service. >> plus a bay area ride share driver under arrest accused of raping a woman who was seeking a
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safe ride home. and last week's immigration raids could just be the beginning. why the trump administration is defending them. >> good morning, it i monday august 12th, i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. a lot of students are heading back to school today so it is good back to school weather. >> that's right. it's going to be feeling absolutely more like summer with our temperatures warming up so hopefully kids are ready for school as we head back tochl. that first day today. looking at temperatures in the 60s, and in the mid-50s in santa rosa. low 60s, san jose. san francisco, livermore, as well as oakland, m-6 and concord. oakland unified school district kicks off today with plenty of sunshine in the upper 70s in oakland. other locations looking at 95 in concord. 94 for fairfield, 88 in san jose and2


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