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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  August 13, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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who are you rooting for? >> they're both in the playoffs, to spritz back there you go, pretty good. it's tuesday, august 13th and i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego. sunshine and temperatures will warm up with high pressure in control and that means temps will climb even warmer than yesterday and here is a live look at the treasure island camera on this tuesday and good morning to you. 69 in concord, 63 in oakland, 61 in downtown san francisco and santa rosa, 56. we have a spare the air alert today with air quality good for the coast and the central bay and moderate for the north bay and the central bay and santa claraal of high pe in control th temperes wi .
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in concord, 90 in fremont, mid-80s in oakland and upper 70s in san francisco. for the travel times, the good news is in the green including the altamont pass, still in the green and that's lucky for those headed out of the tracy triangle at 4:31, easy breezy and everything else is, as well with no problems on any of those routes. we are seeing stack ups and the cash lanes at the bay bridge but if you are a fast tracker, no problems. the eastshore freeway is moving right along with no problems. the san mateo bridge, not so busy and that will change through the morning with the westbound commute and eastbound, no problem and super easy and same thing at the an rafael bridge. i'm anne makovec at the news desk and we are going to hong kong where the airport is still shut down for the second straight day with protesters taking over the terminal.
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all departing flights right now are canceled but we are seeing some sign of movement with the airport taking and arriving flights including those leaving from sfo and that is good news if you have travel plans and this is what you will face with protesters upset about police tactics in the past and for a couple of weeks, as the protests go on, they are pro- democracy protesters and the u.n. top rights officials is calling on the protesters to resolve this peacefully as soon as possible. authorities and riverside county are investigating a horrific shootout that left a chp officer dead. >> the attack also wounded two other officers and we have new video to show you on the gun battle as it happened. >> these are [ bleep ] human beings. >> accounting video of the gunman carrying an assault
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style rifle ducking behind his truck. he was wearing all black and dodged a hail of gunfire. the officers took cover from the return fire and the suspect was shot and later pronounced dead. this began as a traffic stop in the chp officer was alone trying to call a tow truck to impound the suspect's vehicle. the officer was filling out paperwork when the suspect pulled out a rifle and shot him but he radioed for help and investigators now have questions to answer. >> we don't know where the suspect was coming from or where he was headed to war what his affiliations are and we don't know his motive for this crime. we won't speculate on that. >> chp officers escorted the body of their slain colleague from the riverside hospital last night in a white person we learn the name of the officer who died. 33-year-old andre moyer jr. the
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other officers, one is in critical condition and the other suffered minor injuries. a small earthquake in the south bay that happen one hour ago east of alum rock with no reports of damage or injuries. in fire watch, smoke is creeping into the bay area as a wild fire forces evacuation's and mendocino county. the so-called moose fire broke out near cloverdale and has burned 85 acres so far and is 25% contained with firefighters telling us 10 buildings are in danger and all residents are told to get out. hundreds of firefighters are battling the fire and the crews called in reinforcements overnight. today is a spare the air day in the bay area with forecasters predicting unhealthy air even before the fire due to a mix of wind, high temperatures and car exhaust in the bay area. the youngest victim of the gilroy garlic festival mass
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shooting has been laid to rest. a memorial service in san jose honored the life of 6-year-old steven romero yesterday with 300 friends and family joining to remember him as a happy kid with a quick smile. he was buried at a san jose cemetery, the last memorial service for the three people killed by a gunman who opened fire at the popular food festival on july 28th. federal authorities now know who helped out the dayton gunman in last week's mass shooting. they said a longtime friend, 24- year-old, ethan kollie, helped him get body armor, ar-15 parts and 100 round magazine for the dayton shooter, connor betts. >> there is no evidence or allegation in the criminal complaint that ethan kollie intentionally participated in the planning of the august 4th shooting by connor betts and i don't want that to be misconstrued. >> the accusations came to light when prosecutors unsealed
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charges against ethan kollie. he was arrested on a firearms violation unrelated to the mass shooting. he will be in federal court tomorrow. a night of healing is scheduled in oakland with congresswoman barbara lee hosting a vigil at 5:30 for those affected by gun violence in the bay area and across the country at the frank ogawa plaza. the second vigil will be in morgan hill at the community and cultural center at 7:00 tonight. new recommendations for police accountability and one south bay city with independent police auditor counting the officers pointing guns as force with a new complaint saying complaints jumped in 2018, including internal misconduct. now, she recommends tracking when an officer points a gun at someone, reporting all interviews and interrogations and installing surveillance cameras in evidence rooms. no comment from san jose police. five oakland police officers are fighting to keep their jobs after they were
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fired for the death of joshua pawlik in 2018, found lying between two houses with a gun and when he didn't drop his weapon, officers shot him. the police chief cleared them of wrongdoing but they were fired anyway. they are now suing the city, saying oakland had no right to let them go. >> the officers are looking for something very simple, to be made whole and return to duty and continue to serve the citizens of oakland as they have done for many years. >> all five officers are on paid leave the administration while the dispute is being settled. the officers can now appeal the termination and an arbitrator will make the final call. a new regulation could slash the number of illegal immigrants able to enter and stay in the country. the trump administration released a regulation saying green card and visa applicants may be rejected if they have used government assistance like food stamps, housing vouchers and medicaid. >> if people are not able to be
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self-sufficient, this negative factor will bear heavily against them in a decision about whether they can become a legal and permanent resident. >> the department of homeland security said the regulation is expected to impact more than 380,000 people trying to change their immigration status. the new york attorney general, letitia james, announced she would sue to block the rule. several states are vowing to sue the trump administration over a rollback to the endangered species act. the 1973 legislation is credited with saving species like the bald eagle from near extinction. they said regulatory burden reduces struggling species and a u.n. report warns that more than 1 million species globally are in danger of vanishing. in a few hours, governor gavin newsom and xavier becerra will announce a lawsuit against a major environmental issue. federal prosecutors are
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turning focus to possible co- conspirators in jeffrey epstein's alleged sex trafficking operation. the disgraced financier was found dead in his new york jail cell saturday from an apparent suicide and investigators are looking into how epstein died while in federal custody. numerous women are accusing opera superstar placido domingo of sexual harassment. the associated press reports the women said that he tried to pressure them into sexual relationships by dangling jobs and punishing them if they refused. he believes that all the interactions and relationships were welcomed and consensual and for now, domingo is slated to sing in a special 50th anniversary concert at the san francisco war memorial opera house this october. it's 4:39. we take you to a sonoma county school where a group of teachers are protesting for the first time in decades. let's take a peek outside before we go to break with a
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nice shot of the san francisco skyline and clear conditions to start this tuesday morning.
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today, day two of the forest filled teachers strike with a small group expected to return to the picket lines this morning, one day before school starts there. the 16 teachers make about $60,000 per year but want a 13% raise spread over three years and according to the teachers, the district offers one half% less but the union rejected the offer and if it continues, they will use replacement teachers to keep the school open. it's the first day of school in san mateo and jackie ward is live this morning to highlight issues affecting students today. bullying in the classroom is a big issue and coming up in a few minutes. tensions overseas royal the u.s. markets. we have dan king at the stock exchange.
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>> reporter: stocks took a tumble to start the trading week on wall street and the major index experienced a broad selloff prompted by growing fears that the u.s. trade war with china won't be over anytime soon. on monday, the dow sank 389 points and the nasdaq skidded 95 points in the s&p 500 dropped almost 36 points. two u.s. congressmen want to know what amazon means when a product has a choice badge. bob menendez and richard blumenthal sent a letter to as jeff bezos to explain. they believed this may mislead consumers to think a product has been endorsed by amazon is the best available and the letters cite it a buzzfeed report that said the retail giant often chooses products that are inferior or have manipulated reviews. nothing says autumn like a pumpkin spice latte with the drink becoming a seasonal favorite at starbucks in this
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year customers don't have to wait until the fall. they don't even have to wait for labor day. starbucks said spice lattes will be on the market august 27th. that is your cbs money watch report. for more, go to today is a good day for pumpkin spice latte, but not in the east bay. >> temperatures will soar to the upper 90s for parts of the east today and the heat is on. through the next couple of days, temperatures will rise even more. taking a live outside, the sales force tower cam is looking east at the bay bridge and we start off with clear skies and temperatures at 69 in concord, oakland, 63 and san jose, 61 and 56 for santa rosa with a spare the air alert today. the air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups for the east today with high pressure in
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control and the sinking air will act like a lead to trap particulates on the surface. moderate air quality in santa clara valley and good for the coast and the central bay. the microclimate forecast, taking you through tuesday, for the coast, mostly sunny and mild and in the low 70s for the bay and upper 70s to low to mid- pr moving from the desert southwest and it will build and strengthen and that is why we will heat up once again. not just today but over the next couple of days. going through the futurecast, hour by hour, at 4:00, you can see that clearing with sunshine across the bay area and even along the coast and tomorrow, some low clouds along the coast but otherwise, mainly clear skies with temperatures warming
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up even more for your wednesday on thursday. we have your bay bridge series and your game day forecast tonight at 6:45 for first pitch, mostly clear and mild with temperatures in the upper 60s pect today. temps well above average for south bay, 93 in santa clara and 92 in san jose and 92 in morgan hill with daytime highs topping out at 99 for brentwood, 99 in pleasant hill an 82 for berkeley and 78 for san francisco and 90 in novato. the daytime highs at 96 for windsor and st. helena. the seven-day forecast, triple digit heat inland wednesday and for thursday, slowly cooling down through the end of the week, especially by the weekend with daytime highs at or just below average by saturday and sunday. thank you so much but the first day of school in san
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mateo, we will get to that drive time prediction in a moment. the overall big picture, mostly great out there, green, if you will. zooming in, let's go to a stall on westbound 90. at hillsdale boulevard, i'm zooming in because san mateo is back to school today. no problems for any of you hitting the roadways this early, very early for back-to- school but if that's the case, good luck and have a great day. the altamont pass, slow going out of the tracy triangle, 32 miles-an-hour westbound and when you get halfway toward livermore, good and back to regular running speed all the way to the dublin interchange. no slowing on 680 or 84, good news for those going south. the drivetime is now in the yellow with a 30 minute ride but you are still in the green on the eastshore freeway as well as highway 4 and 101, no problems on those directions and mobile five is on the road
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getting onto the bay bridge right now, as we speak and we will check in and just a couple of minutes to see what the roadways look like leaving the city this morning and for those coming into the city, you can see stack ups at the cash lanes but the fast-tracked computers are looking fine heading into the city this morning. season 3 of the crown is getting ready to curtsy. and the first night of apple tv for jennifer aniston, reese witherspoon and the morning show. >> hears the eye on payment enter report. >> reporter: viewers get their first peek at the morning show. the anticipated offering from apple tv is making its debut this fall. the series stars jennifer aniston, reese witherspoon and steve carell in a high-stakes drama for early morning tv. acting royalty is getting ready to take her bow.
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the netflix drama the crown returns november 17th. coleman and outlander stars take over the roles created by claire foy and matthew smith. powerhouse director ava duvernay said there will be the central part five with a series , when they see us, receiving 16 emmy nominations pit netflix said 23 million accounts tune in to this drama worldwide. that's your eye on entertainment. danya bacchus, cbs news in los angeles. is it safe to eat 30-year- old gumout of a baseball card pack? antonio brown and the decision, next. you are looking live at downtown san jose this morning, 60 degrees to start.
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good tuesday morning. plenty of sunshine and checking out the highs for the south bay, 93 in santa clara, 92 in san jose, upper 90s for antioch and brentwood and flirting with triple digits in pleasant hill, 99 and berkeley, low 80s and upper 80s in san leandro and oakland, upper 90s and 94 the high in novato with mid-90s for windsor. taking a live look at the bridges, we will check in on the san mateo bridge at 4:52 and getting busier and just the last half hour westbound. we will keep an eye on that and see how it goes. in the meantime, let's hop over to the nimitz freeway. really slow with emergency construction in place.
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lane closures in effect. northbound, a bottleneck with early be slow on the nimitz. the raiders receiver, antonio brown, spent the last few days trying to get an nfl arbitrator to buy into his old helmet. we have exclusive video from that meeting. >> what do you think i'm going to say to you? >> no. >> correct. goodbye. >> brown doesn't agree with the ruling but indicated he plans to return to training camp in napa, presumably with a new helmet and he also has to deal with those frostbitten feet. let them thaw out a little bit. three decades after the true battle of the bay, at oracle on sunday, the giants honored the quake interrupted series.
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one of the unifying moments of that season was the return from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. a moment everybody wanted to be a part of, except his teammate, don robinson. >> it was the only time in my career i did not want to pitch when he came out in the ninth inning at candlestick and i'm like, don't put me in this game. i did not want to come in and blow this game. >> he didn't pitch and the giants won the game. >> steph curry reportedly was at a wedding over the weekend and you will flip over the next shot. simone biles landed a triple- double on her floor exercise. she won her sixth u.s. championship. a leap over the wall to take a home run. tampa won the game.
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has anyone told you to get a grip? that's what the orioles were saying with a blunder and remember how bubblegum used to come in a package of baseball cards? the padres announcer opened up a 30-year-old pack and actually chewed the gum. >> totally disgusting. >> gross, isn't it? >> disgusting. >> the thing about that gun, it was always disgusting even when it was fresh. announcers are okay this morning and that's the latest. the sportscast tonight from game one of the babr sethe a's orac learn the fate 55.
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1-888-5-helps-u five live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a freeway gun battle in southern california with one chp officer dying and another wounded. a rets evacuation orders and now wind carries smoke from the moose fire. a rod as the victim of a car break-in. the crime that caused him one half million dollars in san francisco. good morning. it's tuesday, august 13 and i'm kenny choi. let's get to mary lee to talk about the tuesday forecast. we will heat up through the day with high pressure in control and we have a spare the air alert in effect for today.
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the air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups in the east bay and moderate in the santa clara valley with good quality for the central bay. talking about the temperatures, we will heat up inland. 97 in concord, 98 in fairfield and 96 in livermore and 92 in san jose. mid-80s in oakland and upper 70s and san francisco and even along the coast, mild temps and we will see sunshine through the afternoon and i will let you know what to expect with temperatures climbing even more through the week with details coming up. and new accident on one of the major commutes. let's get right down to your main travel times, it's on the altamont pass at west linn road and the accident is on the west hand side but it is slowing down the commute westbound and when i talked to you it was only a 25 minute ride but that's now
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bumped up to 32 minutes for those out of the tracy triangle and you are still in the green on the eastshore freeway. omead bay bridge, the metering lights are not yet on and they should be on in the next 15 or 20 minutes and i will keep an eye on that. in the meantime, if you have cash, it's slow at the toll plaza but otherwise looking good. fast-tracked, no problems to report. the toll lights should be coming on shortly with the san mateo bridge z but not too bad and the westbound commute, eastbound wrote no problems to report. also, easy breezy at the an rafael bridge for those in marin county northbound or southbound on 101. no problems to report. this is not necessarily a traffic problem but it is a construction area northbound on the nimitz that has lane closures in effect and has essentially created a bottleneck for those northbound
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on the nimitz tow


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