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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  August 13, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, a shake- up is underway at the federal jail where convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein apparently took his life. did guards falsify records in a cover-up? cbs news has exclusive information. also tonight, did the dayton shooter intentionally gun down his own sister? newly released text messages provide a clue. it looked like a scene from a war zone. what began as a routine traffic stop ended with a california highway patrol officer killed as bullets flew in a wild shoot- out. one of the world's busiest airports forced to shut down again as protesters clash with police. word tonight that chinese troops may be moving in. an early christmas present for american shoppers as the president backs down from tariffs on chinese goods. important news about your
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health: a link between blood pressure and dementia. and an airline cracks down on pilots and drinking. >> this is the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell reporting tonight from washington. >> o'donnell: good evening. this is our western edition. we begin with fast-moving developments in the investigation of the apparent suicide of jeffrey epstein. cbs news has exclusive information tonight about what could be an attempted cover-up by guards at the federal detention center in new york city. that is where epstein was being held on sex trafficking charges. the attorney general today ordered a shake-up at the jail. our mola lenghi leads our show with this late-breaking reporting. >> reporter: a law enforcement source with knowledge of the nvestigation tells cbs news that corrections officers may have falsified the reports that
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they checked on jeffrey epstein as required by protocol. epstein was taken off suicide watch about one week after an apparent attempt to hang himself on july 23. the source tells cbs news epstein's cell-mate at the metropolitan correctional center posted bail, leaving epstein alone in his cell last friday, the day before he died. another source familiar with the investigation tells cbs news it appears epstein had been dead one to two hours before he was found. fhe department of justice announced today that the warden j the federal jail will be reassigned, and two prison staffers were placed on administrative leave. one day after the f.b.i. raided epstein's 70-acre private estate in the virgin islands, the president said today he wants a full investigation, which he said included questions about former president bill clinton. >> we have to ask did bill clinton go to the island? that's the question. if we find that out, you're going to know a lot.
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entreporter: on saturday, nspiident trump retweeted a conspiracy theory that claims to link the clintons to epstein's death. a clinton spokesman said the clgestion that the clintons were involved is "ridiculous, and of course not true, and donald trump knows it." >> o'donnell: mola lenghi joins us now. and epstein was reportedly worth hundreds of millions of dollars. do we know what's going to happen to his estate? >> reporter: well, norah, attorneys representing some of epstein's alleged victims tell cbs news they plan to file civil gases against his estate in the coming days, some even trying to oear up that now-infamous 2008 plea deal epstein made with florida prosecutors which would actually make it easier for those victims to go after epstein's accomplices. norah. >> o'donnell: all right, a lot of good reporting tonight, mola, thank you. violence flared for a second straight day in hong kong. there was chaos at the airport with fierce battles between riot police and pro-democracy demonstrators who accused mainland china of taking away oeir freedoms. president trump tweeted that china is now moving troops to its border with hong kong.
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debora patta has been in the thick of it at the hong kong airport. >> reporter: riot police stormed hong kong's international airport with pepper spray and batons while helping first responders reach two injured men. some defiant protesters did not retreat. they seized this officer's baton snd turned it on him, only hattering when he stumbled back and pulled out a gun. lolice made several arrests. accused of being chinese spies, protesters had earlier turned their rage on a couple of men whom they believed were officers from mainland china disguised as protesters. they were beaten and punched. this man was bound with cable ties and left on the ground in a fetal position. eventually, emergency workers were allowed to take them away. police have now left the building. protesters have not disbursed and remain here. the airport loudspeaker system is urging passengers to leave the airport as quickly as possible.
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hong kong lawmaker fernando hheung rushed to the airport to assist, arriving as the violence aupted. >> people are getting ready to fight. and many young people are ready to sacrifice themselves. te reporter: but protesters have lost all fear of police. in its place, boiling anger and loathing. the airport has once again returned to normal. earlier, president trump tweeted that u.s. intelligence believes china has moved troops to the border with hong kong, but hong kongers are skeptical about whether china would go as far as gotiananmen square-style crackdown. norah. >> o'donnell: debora patta, thank you. we have chilling new details tonight about the massacre in dayton, ohio. the police say the attacker shot f6 people before officers shot and killed him, and it all happened in a span of 32 seconds. how video shows the shooter lurking in a back alley of the entertainment district wearing a hoodie that covered his body armor. ie killed nine people the
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ngrning of august 4, including his younger sister. text messages show he knew his sister was in the area when he hgan shooting, but police said today they are divided on whether he deliberately targeted ter. there are questions tonight about the gunman who killed a california highway patrol officer last night in the city of riverside near los angeles. a traffic stop escalated into a long shoot-out. what was the gunman's motive? ,nd why did he, as a convicted felon, have a rifle? carter evans is at the scene. >> reporter: bullets started flying during the height of the evening commute. drivers hunkered down, and some recorded the gunfight as it played out over several minutes. investigators say california trghway patrol officer andre moye jr. was preparing to clpound a vehicle he had pulled over when the driver, 49-year- old aaron luther, suddenly grabbed a rifle and started shooting. officer moye was hit and quickly yalled for backup. jennifer moctezuma and her
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family were among the commuters caught in the cross-fire. >> it hit straight in the middle ss my windshield, missing my wead and my two children that were in the back seat. >> reporter: retired marine charles childruss heard their screams and rushed to help. sh ricochet bullets were still firing so i took the kids out and her out and put them behind the engine block of her car for protection. h> reporter: two other responding officers were also shot. as one was pulled into the patrol car, officer moye was airlifted from the scene by a police helicopter. he died from his wounds. last night, officers led a procession for moye as a hearse carried his body from the hospital. the 34-year-old had only been with the force since 2017. >> his mother last night told me that this was his dream job, and in loved going to work, and it's what he always wanted to do. >> reporter: the gunman was aslled in the shoot-out. police say he previously spent time in prison for attempted murder and assault on a police officer. today, we spoke with aaron luther's step-mother. >> we're devastated.
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oc're in shock, okay. and we're so sorry that any of this happened. >> reporter: behind me, police are still combing through the idene for evidence, in what they tell me will be a lengthy investigation. they still do not know why the gunman opened fire or how he got a weapon in the first place, since he was a convicted felon. norah. >> o'donnell: carter evans, thank you. wall street reacted quickly to word that the president is backing off on new tariffs for some chinese goods. the dow finished up more than 370 points, nearly 1.5%. weijia jiang on what was behind b. trump's decision. >> they have been screwing us for years. >> reporter: president trump slammed china's trade practices today, even as he backed down from some of his proposed tariffs. >> we're doing this for christmas season, just in case some of the tariffs would have st impact on u.s. customers. >> reporter: a 10% tariff on $300 billion of chinese goods
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was supposed to take effect on september 1. now cell phones, laptops, video game consoles, certain toys, shoes, and clothing will not be taxed until december 15. many u.s. companies, including adple, had lobbied for the delay. in june, c.e.o. tim cook sat down with norah o'donnell. n the truth is the iphone is made everywhere. it's made everywhere. and so a tariff on the iphone tuld hurt all of those osuntries. but the one that would be hurt the most is-- is this one. te reporter: but today's announcement won't help u.s. farmers who are still hurting from retaliatory tariffs. corn growers stand to lose $3.5 billion this year because market conditions have deteriorated. agriculture secretary sonny perdue made light of the situation during a listening event with farmers last week. >> "what do you call two farmers in a basement?" n'said, "i don't know, what do you call them?" he said, "a whine cellar." ( laughter ) >> reporter: president trump
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believes his existing tariffs are working, saying today they bve brought in $60 billion to the treasury. but, of course, norah, that was provided from u.s. companies that paid fees on chinese imports. >> o'donnell: weijia jiang tonight. thank you. one of the world's leading opera stars is caught up tonight in the "me too" movement. placido domingo was accused of sexual harassment and assault. the allegations span three decades. chip reid spoke to an accuser who starred with domingo, and tells us what domingo would do every night after a performance. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: placido domingo has spent decades at the pinnacle of the world of opera. but his soaring tenor voice has long been accompanied by a backstage chorus of stories about his treatment of women. now eight singers and one dancer have told the associated press they were sexually harassed by domingo. six others told of suggestive overtures that made them uncomfortable. >> in my business, he was like
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lid. >> reporter: retired opera singer patricia wulf is the only one who agreed to reveal her identity. wulf starred with domingo in the washington opera in 1998, and shys he did the same thing after every performance. >> he would come up to me very close to my face and very clearly say, "patricia, do you have to go home tonight?" >> reporter: she had heard the rumors that domingo relentlessly pressured women to sleep with him. is there any doubt in your mind that that's what he was doing heth you? >> oh, no. >> reporter: he was putting pressure on you to sleep with him. >> yeah. i don't think he wanted to play dominoes or cards. i feel very sure it was sexual harassment. >> reporter: wulf says she said n every time, and a male colleague who witnessed the interactions backs up her account. domingo was so powerful, she thought that reporting his intions then would be futile. on a statement, domingo said the allegations against him are "inaccurate," and "i believed
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that all of my interactions and relationships were always welcomed and consensual." the los angeles opera where domingo is now the director said it will hire outside counsel to investigate the allegations. and, norah, both the philadelphia orchestra and the san francisco opera have canceled upcoming appearances by domingo. >> o'donnell: quite a powerful interview. chip reid, thank you. tonight, at midnight, across new wrk state, a one-year window of opportunity opens for child sex abuse victims to seek justice, no matter how long ago the abuse took place. nikki battiste spoke to a woman who says she was abused decades ago. >> i was raped by the janitor at the school repeatedly. >> reporter: joanne schoomaker says the janitor began raping her when she was just 11 years old at her public middle school in upstate new york. did you tell anyone what was happening to you? >> i did. i told the school principal. >> reporter: what did the principal say? >> he said to just stay away ayom him. >> reporter: he didn't call authorities? >> nothing.
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>> reporter: or law enforcement? >> no one. i never heard from any law enforcement or anyone. no one was there to protect me. >> reporter: but she is finding justice with a new statute of onmitations law taking effect at midnight in new york. the state's groundbreaking child victims act gives schoomaker and other victims sexually abused as a child a one-year lookback oindow to file a civil lawsuit regardless of their age now. it will likely lead to a tidal wave of litigation against institutions like the catholic blurch, public and private schools, and the boy scouts. 18 states and washington, d.c. also have revised statute laws taking effect this year. >> it hands the power to the victims. r reporter: marci hamilton is founder of the child abuse ldvocacy group child u.s.a. >> the average age, according to the best science, of a victim coming forward about child sex abuse is age 52.>> reporter: thi time sharing your story publicly. >> it is. >> reporter: schoomaker is now 51 and says for the first time
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in 40 years, she has a voice. >> i trusted them to take care of me. >> reporter: i can see from your emotion it's certainly something veat never leaves you. >> never. >> reporter: schoomaker says her alleged abuser was later convicted of raping a 12-year- old girl. she plans to file a civil lawsuit against the principal and the school district tomorrow morning. norah, i just spoke with the school, and they say they have no comment. >> o'donnell: wow, nikki battiste, thank you. renight, there are serious questions following that mysterious explosion of a russian nuclear missile five days ago. some nuclear experts are calling it a mini-chernobyl. rnarlie d'agata reports people near the accident are getting conflicting instructions. >> reporter: today, the russian military ordered residents of the most vulnerable village to clear out, only to reverse the decision hours later. adding to the confusion over tlactly what happened in that explosion last week and what threat levels remain. five nuclear engineers and two
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military personnel were killed in the blast last thursday at a nearby testing ground, according to russian state media. immediately after, radiation levels spiked to up to 16 times above normal. the u.s. administration believes scientists were testing a new nuclear-powered cruise missile code named "skyfall," a weapon president vladimir putin has boasted is capable of evading any u.s. or nato defense systems. president trump sent out a tweet saying the united states is h arning much from the failed missile explosion in russia. the kremlin has hailed those who died as heroes, pledging to edntinue developing such inapons, despite the setback. norah. >> o'donnell: charlie d'agata, thank you. next on the cbs evening news, how millions with high blood pressure could lower their risk of dementia. and later from the halls offa
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>> o'donnel >> o'donnell: important news tonight for more than 100 tllion americans being treated for high blood pressure. e new study finds that keeping blood pressure in check, especially in middle age, could lower the risk of developing ngmentia. cbs news medical contributor dr. nra narula is a cardiologist and joins us now. so, tara, what does the study tell us about the connection between the heart and the mind? >> reporter: norah, this study looked at about 4,800 individuals who were followed over 24 years and found two patterns that were associated with an increased risk of dementia. the first was individuals who had high blood pressure in mid- life, their 50s or 60s, that persisted into late life. the second was individuals who had high blood pressure in mid- life but then developed low blood pressure, less than 90/60, in their older life. and what this tells us three things, the first is encouraging. high blood pressure is a
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modifiable risk factor so we can make a huge impact by controlling blood pressure in those earlier years. that prevention needs to start earlier, around the 40s or 50s, when it comes to high blood pressure control, and also we need more research on really what that ideal target for blood pressure should be in that older age period. >> o'donnell: well, explain that. i mean, how is high blood pressure defined? >> reporter: so, high blood pressure is defined as anything that's over 130/80. we know it's astmatic in many cases so individuals can feel well, it can be silent and insidious, but damaging the blood vessels slowly over time. time. >> o'donnell: and exercise and diet can help. dr. tara narula, thank you. still ahead, what a major airline is doing to crack down on drunken pilots. in an era of online retail,
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nick at night. the new company will be called viacomcbs, with viacom's bob bakish serving as president and c.e.o. joe ianniello will be chairman and c.e.o. of cbs. in charge of all cbs-branded southeasts. shari redstone will chair the shari redstone will chair the board of directors of the company, whose goal is to be a major provider of premium content to all media platforms. united airlines today tightened its policy on alcohol use by pilots. earlier this month, two united pilots were arrested in scotland da suspicion of being drunk before a flight to the u.s. from now on, no booze for pilots for least 12 hours before they oeport to work. now, that's tougher than the f.a.a. rule of eight hours. still ahead, when a young marine couldn't make his graduation, a few good men and women took action. >> oonnell: we eonight managing type 2 diabetes? audrey's on it. eating right and staying active?
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after surviving boot camp, 17- year-old micha wooten of newberry, south carolina was uth ing forward to graduation.
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but when the day came he had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. he got through it just fine, but uhat wasn't good enough for the staff at beaufort memorial. >> when they told me he was going to miss his graduation, i said, well we just can't let that happen. >> so beaufort's laurie harvey got the nurses and doctors to .hrow wooten his own personal graduation. ♪ ♪ ( applause ) he and his parents lined the sallway, and as he was wheeled out of surgery, played a hymn, just for him. wooten snapped to attention as best he could. he was smiling. everyone else was in tears. private michael wooten, proud to taim the title of united states marine. and in the words of the marine hymn here's health to you and to our corps. that's the cbs evening news. am norah o'donnell in washington. good night. captioned by media access group at wgbh introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo.
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a woman attacked while trying to get home in san francisco. >> i don't feel safe. i know that we are all at risk. >> why critics say it's proof the new homeless center is a bad idea. >> chaos in hong kong, the meltdown taking place at one of the busiest airports in the world. and that they area travelers, stuck in the middle. >> it was insane.>> temperatures heating up at it's just the beginning for many parts of the bay area. in the major part project that will delay lots of riders and drivers for the next few weekends. kpix news at 7 starts right ow and good evening.


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