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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  KPIX  August 19, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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and rhodes have just reopened after a deadly accident and the latest on this. students in san francisco go back and how the city makes sure they get to class safely in the rake of recent high profile crashes. fears of a recession after a wild week on wall street and what we could see when the markets open and one half hour. good morning. it's monday, august 19 and i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi pay last week, a scorcher and now, just a bit cooler. that's right. pleasant weather temperatures and right around where we should be, if not below average and all the onshore flow is kicking in once again. a cool weekend and we continue with that weather as we start the work week and the school week. here is a live look with our treasure island camera and a gray start for many because of that marine influence with temps
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running in the mid-to upper 50s or low 60s. good morning in san francisco. the san francisco unified school district starts today. happy first day. breezy and mild, mid-to upper 60s to the afternoon. daytime highs in concord, 85, 83 in livermore, 73 in oakland and 63 for pacifica. high pressure builds in this weekend details coming up. we are seeing issues on those roadways with travel times moving out of the green and into the yellow and you are no longer in the red on some of them but still in the altamont pass, in the red at 40 minutes. still looking good on the eastshore freeway and 101 and highway 4, slowing down and the altamont pass, if you take 84 westbound, there is a lane closed approaching sonoma. bay bridge metering lights are on for the foot of the monies and the 880 flyover in your approach to the toll plaza, a side. lot better and at t
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it's out of the lanes but really slow going toward the peninsula, slower than usual. you might need to give yourself 5-10 extra minutes toward the peninsula in that westbound direction. we are seeing a backup in the an rafael bridge toll plaza but then you look good into marin. i'm katie nielsen at the live desk. police and fremont have reopened paseo parkway through downtown, close most of the night after deadly pedestrian accident. police said a person was hit by a vehicle around 12:30 this morning and investigators closed paseo padre between walnut and capital avenues as they collected evidence with those lanes just reopening about 30 minutes ago and police do not know if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash and
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we will keep you posted as we learn more information. at the live news desk, i'm katie nielsen. barth officials said a woman died after being struck by a train at a san francisco station around 11:30 last night at the powell street station and based on witness statements, bart police do not suspect foul play. the identity of the victim has not been released and the incident is not causing delays for the morning commute. students in san francisco go back to class and police are cracking down on dangerous drivers to make sure kids get to school safety. mayor london breed said there's extra urgency after a series of deadly crash is mostly caused by reckless driving. the police chief said everyone needs to play their part. >> we really need the community's support and your support to get the message out to slow down and pay attention and be careful. our kids mean so much to us. we
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can save lives. >> nearly 200 city crossing guards will be out in full force this morning and muni will have assistance to make sure students get to school safely. alameda high school will have students inside again today with the school going through a $60 million transformation to make it modern and earthquake safe. jackie ward joins us to show the work it took to get ready for the first day of school. >> reporter: it looks beautiful. take a look behind me at the newly refurbished and earthquakes safe alameda high school. this project was quite the undertaking and took two years to remove more than 2 million pounds of concrete, almost 1 million pounds of wood and more than 1 million pounds of steel to create the new and improved alameda high school. [ cheers and applause ]
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welcoming the new well honoring history, the district said alameda high school is returned to grand status again with all three buildings getting major upgrades. there are 11 new science labs and 37 modernized classrooms that are earthquakes safe. it has been here nearly a century and got a much-needed renovation thanks to the people of alameda. >> california has a long way to go to fully and fairly fun public education. we work on statewide reform but collection of action like in alameda is critical in bettering the lives of our students. the reopening of the historic alameda's building is a testament to the love of our young people in this community. >> reporter: 1978 was the last time students use the historic campus, and city leaders and activists fought for years to save the school and fight for the money it would take to retrofit the old buildings. a lot of the money came from
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measure i, a bond measure passed in 2014 that also used state grant money and some money from prop 39 with nearly 1800 students now attending alameda high school. jackie ward, kpix5. join us tomorrow as our back-to-school coverage continues with jackie telling us why one bay area district is switching from junior high schools to middle schools and that will start tomorrow at 4:30. for the 11th consecutive week, hong kong protesters took to the streets. this time, it was peaceful. [ crowd chanting ] the rain did not stop the ow ctoriaand conference today, representatives from the pro- democracy group called on the government to respond to the demands to resolve the ongoing unrest and they also asked police to explain the reasoning
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behind banning certain rallies and allowing others. 6:06 and it looks like wall street could get off to a better start after steep losses last week. stock futures point slightly higher and asian markets rallied overnight. last week's selloff and a warning from the bond market had investors concerned that a recession is on the horizon for the u.s. while leaving his new jersey golf club, president donald trump downplayed those fears and said stalled negotiations with china should be blamed for the economic slowdown. >> i'm not ready to make a deal. china would like to make a deal but i'm not ready. >> democratic candidates took aim at the candidates while taking a trip through new hampshire. >> the first thing is to stop everything trump has done. >> he's been using farmers and workers like poker chips at one of his bankrupt casinos. >> the trade talks between the u.s. and china are scheduled for
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this week and the white house said if that goes well, chinese negotiators may come back to the u.s. for another round of talks. it's 6:07. in the last few minutes, a new shuttle express service launched on the peninsula. we will have all the details. one city and alameda county could relax the downtown building height restrictions this week with a plan that is drawing skepticism from some residents. happy monday. we have clouds and areas of fog and patchy drizzle with onshore flows and another day of temperatures on the cooler side and high pressure builds in. details on the warm up, coming up. i'm tracking your main travel times and the overall big picture looks good but we will keep an eye on the commute times for this back-to-school monday. shopping for backpacks...
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we have a wonderful ocean breeze and here's a live look at the beach house camera witha expect through the afternoon and i will show you the futurecast and when we will see skies clearing. it feels like a monday on the roadways at 6:12 on the drive times i slowing down on the bridges, especially the san mateo bridge on the an rafael bridge. you are in the red and it's getting longer and longer was 17 minutes to cross the bay bridge and the only one in the green is the golden gate. i'm katie nielsen at the live news desk with breaking news out of salem, oregon and you can see firefighters on the scene at a petulant business where a fire that started at 3:00 this morning is still burning with the stacks of
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pallets on fire and you can see there is barely anything left. glow and the d d around d le m tir sg that ages. an see it llite e coy ownesa she thinks the fire caused at least $1 million of damage and we are looking at a firefighter in salem, oregon, trying to put out this four-alarm fire at a pallet factory. no word on how the fire started but thankfully, no reports of injuries. i'm katie nielsen. a new plan on the table seeks to ban panhandling on bart. bart director deborah allen said among areas of dissatisfaction for the riders, panhandling is one she gets
6:14 am
consistent bad feedback on. she plans to address this at the board meeting and it would prohibit people asking for money, including train performers and women often seen walking around with infants and asking for money and those who hand out kleenex packages with notes. >> i've lived in cities my whole life and it doesn't bother me that much but i guess it would be nice if they didn't. i mean, like, i feel bad they are homeless. only aggressive panhandling is allowed right now, and critics of the anti-panhandling ordinance said it would step on civil liberties because it's a form of speech protected under the first amendment. starting today, you can get a paper ticket at the embarcadero station as part of a program to encourage riders to use clipper cards. powell street and berkeley follow next month. you can still reload tickets for now and bart staff will hand out free clipper cards at embarcadero through wednesday
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and they are normally $3. a plan to change downtown pleasanton is having a task force working on the plan and it ulallow high-rise condos and apartment buildings along main street. supporters say they need more affordable high density housing wherever there is space and those against it say downtown pleasanton shouldn't be changed. >> we need affordable housing but i'm not sure that a high- rise is the answer in downtown pleasanton and and i'm not sure i want to make pleasanton like dublin. [ laughter ] >> the city council will discuss the issue at the meeting tomorrow night and council members encourage anyone who wants to weigh-in on the changes to attend. for commuters, you can now take express bus service between foster city and san francisco. for the first two weeks, riders can take the bus free of charge and the cash fares range from
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$2.25 inbound to $4 outbound and the new route is made possible by the funds from measure w. kids are going back to school so let's get a review of the schools. >> we can recap hot, whether public transit or walking, san francisco was going back and there are lots of kids that walked to school. what you should know is that whenever kids are present, not just when school lights are flashing, the law said when children present and you have to slow down to 25 miles-per- hour within 500-1000 feet of a school. you will get slapped with a $99 ticket and it climbs when you are above 15 miles-an-hour. when buses pop out their signs and the yellow lights and red lights flash, you have to stop in both directions unless you are on a divided highway with a divider of 4 feet or more or
6:17 am
you will get in big trouble. don't try forward until the stop signs and the red lights are not flashing. you have to wait on the bus to tell you you can go. for crossing guards, you have to obey all of their orders and do not drive until they are safely on to the side of the road. there are serious repercussions for tickets and there could be injuries involved. now, let's make sure you slow down and give yourself the time you need to spots on the roadways, the worst is northbound on 101 at candlestick with one lane blocked and a tow truck is there trying to remove that last car in the slow lane but you are creeping along all the way through brisbane and then you are good to go moving toward the airport. that will slow you down this morning. southbound on 101, there is an accident at the sir francis
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drake exit and a tow truck is there. no delays, a little bit early for that. the altamont pass is slow and go, seven miles-an-hour westbound and when you are out of the past, back to a regular running speed with delays all the way from the dublin interchange on 680 with the travel time 41 minutes and slow and go on the eastshore freeway, closer to 20 minutes. highway 4 is 43 and still in gr on 101 at 39 minutes. on the bay bridge, we are seeing delays in your backed up to the foot of the maze and on the 880 flyover. most of us waking up to a cloudy start with onshore flow kicking in and it was a cool weekend and we continue with that weather as we start the work week. transamerica cam has patchy fog with temps in the mid-to
6:19 am
upper 50s and low 60s. concord, 61 and san jose 61 and 60 in oakland. 58 in san francisco and 56 in santa rosa. that microclimate back to school forecast in alameda, good morning and the first day of school for the alameda unified school district. by lunchtime, upper 60s and mostly sunny and mild. warming up, not as hot as last week and for the coast, your microclimate forecast is breezy with wind at 10-20 and low to mid-60s for the bay, breezy and mild with inland locations, upper 70s to low to mid-80s with that sunshine. after the spare the air alerts last week, better air quality today and looking at good air quality for all of us across the bay area and that is great to see. the ocean breeze is kicking in for us. high pressure with a trough of
6:20 am
low pressure to the west and that is why we continue with the onshore flow and staying on the cooler side today. today, the coolest day of the week and we warm up with high pressure from the desert southwest building in for those comfortable temps. you can see skies clearing except at the coast and at 4:00 p.m., the cloud cover is hanging along the coast. another gray start tomorrow with clearing in the afternoon. temps warmer for your tuesday with the sunrise at 628 and the sunshine with daytime highs in the mid-80s for you in concord. for livermore, 80 degrees and san jose, 74 in oakland and 78 in redmond city. there we go with the seven-day forecast and temps warmer on tuesday and much warmer wednesday with mid-90s inland
6:21 am
and we stay hot inland thursday, friday and into the weekend with plenty of sunshine. 6:20 and millions are under the threat of severe weather again after a wild weekend and we have more on the chaotic scene at an east coast swim club where seven were injured. taking a quick peek outside at the san francisco skyline, cloudy and cool and gray to kick off this monday with 59 at treasure island. just when you thought you were done painting...
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6:24 and y, the man seen ono compliance hearing. the public defender said the suspect, austin vinson, kept the conditions of his release orders. on friday, was
6:25 am
erseeing case saw the surveillance video and ordered him to wear in ankle monitor. he was placed in temporary housing. rescue crews discovered the body of a missing hiker in the trinity alps. they believe that the 34-year- old fell in the rocky terrain and was hawking where his body was found near his backpack. he was last seen one week prior on august 11. cleanup is under way across the midwest and northeast with a series of violent storms leaving behind a trail of damage. severe weather left nine people in pennsylvania, including several kids that were heard at a swim club with lightning hitting a tree that crashed on a tent and lifeguards jumped . to action and >> i was really scared. i didn't know what to do.
6:26 am
>> everybody started screaming. >> they were struck by the branches that fell. >> reporter: in kansas, dozens of train cars derailed from strong wind with about 140 cars from two trains being blowed over. fortunately, no deaths were reported and more storms are expected for millions of americans today. today, the bay area's biggest city launches a major push to fix the roads with the unprecedented effort straight ahead. authorities have stopped mass shootings in recent days and who police in florida credit with preventing a massacre. fire fighte
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1-888-5-helps-u one vandals trashed one east bay school students go back to class and who police are looking for. we introduce you to young chefs banding together to help those affected by the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. good morning. it's monday, august 19 and i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego. people are going back to school this week. we are looking at comfortable and pleasant weather as we kick
6:31 am
off the work week and people are going back to school and happy first day for san francisco unified school district and the alameda school district. the mount vaca camera has the sun shining brightly east on the mount vaca cam with temps in the mid-to upper 50s to low 60s. 61 in concord, 60 in san jose and mid-50s in santa rosa. the unified school district in san francisco, happy first day with breezy conditions to the afternoon and mild in san francisco. other locations looking at temps at or just below average this time of year. 85 in concord, 80 in san jose and 63 for pacifica. we will warm up and i will have more on that, coming up. on the roadways, let's start with a look at your bridges, starting with the bay bridge and that is the worst of it with the drive times in the
6:32 am
red and you can see you are backed up, if they can focus for us, backed up at the foot of the ma all the way to the 880 flyover with those metering lights on. same thing at the san mateo bridge, probably the slowest of the day with no accidents or stalls and this is regular rush- hour traffic for those commuting to the peninsula. give yourself extra time thanks to all those brake lights. eastbound looks all right. an rafael bridge, delayed from the moment you get off the eastshore freeway and on to 580 and then halfway across the bridge, looking good into marin northbound or southbound with no problems and i think they are refocusing those cameras right now. your main travel times no longer in the red at the altamont pass, but in the yellow and the same thing on eastshore freeway. 101 looks good despite an earlier accident and we will get a last look at the nimitz this morning. busy north or south.
6:33 am
asked 32:00 and as we look at san jose, the city is celebrating the start of a major street paving effort as part of the san jose maintenance program that will fund crews to pave and maintain almost 300 miles of streets with the city pledging to pave every residential and neighborhood street in san jose within the next nine years. a live look at the newly renovated alameda high school, one of the districts going back to school. they went through a $60 million transformation to become a earthquake safe and modern. in vallejo, students are going back to school on police are looking for three suspects accused of vandalizing a middle school yesterday morning on the campus of solano middle school. it is in the process of merging with a nearby elementary school and police said the suspects were either teenagers or young adult men. they broke a window to get in and a photo shows that they
6:34 am
ransacked the classrooms with books and supplies in a jumble on the floor. >> it's really disappointing to do that at a school the night before school starts. really disheartening. >> some laptops were beyond damaged. they were crushed. >> police said a burglar alarm sounded at 3:00 but didn't find anyone and a couple of hours later when the custodians arrived, they came face-to-face with the suspects and snapped two photos of them. they wore bandannas over their faces. students at vargas elementary in mountain view will be in the dark when kids return to class this morning. the school is running on a backup gas generator with officials saying the entire second floor is useless right now and the generator is costing about $35,000 a month. there is a dispute between pg&e
6:35 am
and a nearby homeowner's association over a power hook up. 6:34 and three men in three separate incidents are under arrest for suspicion of plotting mass shootings. florida authorities arrested 25- year-old tristan scott wix after his ex-girlfriend said he had sent her text messages threatening a shooting. authorities said he had a .22 caliber hunting rifle and 400 rounds of ammunition when arrested. >> he fits the profile exactly. he lost his job and girlfriend. he is depressed and has the ammunition and wants to become known for being the most prolific killer in american history. >> is charged with threatening a mass shooting and held without bond in florida. more than 1000 miles away in ohio, police arrested scribe nationalist. he threatened to do a shooting at a jewish community center and police seized semi-automatic
6:36 am
weapons, dozens of rounds of ammunition and bullet proof armor. and another arrest of 22-year- old brandon wagshol expressing interest in a mass shooting on facebook with authorities finding weapons at his home, as well. three weeks after the deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival, a group of chefs cooked for a cause. these young chefs participated in a cooking competition at the garlic festival when tragedy struck. they came together yesterday to prepare their food at a fundraiser for the victims. they prepared an array of appetizers from bacon-wrapped shrimp to pork buns, two chicken tacos. >> sometimes mom says not to make a mess and you make a mess and that is all the fun of it. >> it is the fun of it and the organizers put the event together in about 1.5 weeks. the jury in the ghost ship trial will enter its third full week of deliberations and they are struggling to nd oif derric
6:37 am
manslaer. they face one 20 warehous. rorswere asked tes lived in the warehouse and we have details of conditions inside and a lack of a sprinkler system with juliette goodrich in the courtroom and when we hear the verdict, we will bring it to you live. it's 6:37 and pg&e is providing details on plans to cut power to prevent wildfires and why a bay area firefighter said it's raising new concerns. contra costa county is considering whether to allow pot deliveries. the market opened up 10 minutes ago and the dow is up. it's about 311 points and coming up, look from the financial reporter, jason brooks.
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we have a refreshing ocean breeze and a gray start to the
6:41 am
day with clouds along the coast with visibility at 5 miles for half moon bay this morning. clearing through the day for most of us and futurecast, comi for those in san francisco, it's back to school monday for you at 6:41 nes and crossing guards and in the meantime, no major delays in san francisco or into or out of san francisco. i'm katie nielsen at the live news desk and we are continuing to follow this massive fire happening in salem, oregon. it's actually at a pallet factory just south of portland. people who live 20 miles away said they could see the glow of the fire before the sun came up and the national weather service in portland tweeted out
6:42 am
that the fire is so big they can see it on satellite images. the owner of oregon pallet said she thinks the fire has caused at least $1 million in damage and the fire started around 3:00 this morning and is continuing to burn at that pallet factory. so far, no one has been injured. i'm katie nielsen at the live news desk. in alaska, two fast-moving wildfires just outside of anchorage. the division of forestry reports and unconfirmed number of structures lost and evacuation notices and warnings about unhealthy air quality are in effect. the size of both fires are estimated between 700 and 1000 acres unfortunately, no injuries have been reported. pg&e may leave cities in the dark, sparking new concerns for a bay area lawmaker with state senator jerry hill saying people and businesses in the bay area need to be ready to
6:43 am
survive without power for several days and fire conditions somewhere else could cause a blackout in the bay area. pg&e might shut down large transmission lines that supply electricity to huge areas. >> the challenge is that now they will turn off transmission lines that serve entire areas of the bay area. san francisco and san jose and from across the state -- if a wire is turned off and the power cord pulled, there's a problem. there are growing concerns about how quickly power can be turned on an estate expert recently testified that first you have to wait until the weather is safe. >> we need a full assessment of the infrastructure impacted during daylight hours and then re-energize the lines. this could lead to multi-our outages and potentially multi- day outages. >> the pg&e vice president said the company is working to section off and on threatened areas but he did not provide a
6:44 am
timeline for how long it would take. in the wake of the accidental outage that cut power to thousands in marin last week, pg&e reminds us about the medical baseline program with people relying on breathing devices or motorized wheelchairs may be eligible for lower electricity rates and notifications in advance of a planned outage. all eyes are on the escalated trade war and apple makes itself heard. >> we are joined by jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. there is optimism over potential trade talks with china and apple is a key player and catalyst. tim cook met with president trump over the weekend of the president said after the meeting that tim cook made compelling arguments for why the tariffs are bad news for apple. some apple devices get a reprieve on the tariffs due to his september 1 including the
6:45 am
iphone and the macbook but other devices like airpods and apple watch will still get hit with a 10% tariff on september 1st. apple, one of the most affected companies by these tariffs, worrying wall street in recent weeks about that, the stock is moving higher after that meeting, up 2.5% this morning and that is a big help for the stock market that continues the rally we saw friday with the dow gaining 300 points. much welcomed after the big loss wednesday. for the big board, the dow is up 280 points and the nasdaq gaining 115 and the s&p higher by 33 points. pleasant hill city leaders will vote on a controversial cannabis plant and they will consider approving ordinances that would allow two delivery medical marijuana businesses and banning all other cannabis
6:46 am
retailers. if approved, the marijuana delivery services would not be allowed near schools, day care's or use centers and the meeting starts at 7:00. the sounds of the rolling stones could be heard deep into the night from santa clara with the rock legends appearing at levi's stadium last night. the 10:00 p.m. curfew on sunday nights has been a point of contention between the city and the 49ers. the stones got an extension and played until 11:00. 's 46:00 and let's get a check of traffic on this back to school and back to work monday. it's a bad conversation unless you are hitting the roadways where we aren't seeing terrible issues. that is the one bright spot and overall, lots of green on that map with some troubled spots that are looking better. this one still at play at candlestick with the last car
6:47 am
being moved out of the roadway and you are slow and go approaching through south san francisco and brisbane and toward bayshore, good to go northbound on 101. surprisingly, it hasn't affected your drive time. however, there is a stall or some issue on the center divide at vasco road westbound out of the altamont pass, 10 miles-an- hour and speeding up to 15 and then closer to 60 out of the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. there is slowing on 680 out of the dublin interchange and westbound 84, as well. the bay bridge metering lights are on and at the 880 flyover, looking pretty good in the east shore freeway with that background showing the car is moving along. the san mateo bridge is a slow slog and it's gotten a little bit better in the last few minutes but honestly, not looking great. give yourself extra time.
6:48 am
no stalls, just regular rush- hour traffic westbound. a slow approach to the toll plaza an rafael bridge and you are backed up significantly off the eastshore freeway. slow all the way to the toll plaza and then halfway across the bridge, good to go. northbound 101 is clear, as is southbound 101. your main travel times, highway 4 is a 51 minute drive and i'm checking in. there are no traffic accidents slowing things down but you are in the yellow on the eastshore freeway as well as 580 and in the green on 101. we will keep our refreshing cool weather as we kick off the work week with the coolest day and we are warming up with high pressure building in. in the meantime, here is a live look with low clouds out there and temps are running in the low 60s in concord, oakland, san
6:49 am
jose and upper 50s in livermore and san and in alameda, temperatures at noon in the upper 60s with sunshine and mid-70s for the daytime highs in alameda and definitely not as hot as our last week, thankfully so. along the coast, breezy and cool with westerly wind at 10-20 and then in the bay, upper 60s to low 70s with mild temps inland and warming to the upper 70s to low to mid-80s with that sunshine. after the spare the air alerts last week, better air quality today and good for all of the bay area because of that ocean breeze kicking in for us. high pressure to the east across the desert southwest with a low pressure system off the coast to the west that ushers in the onshore flow. on the cool side today and hour-
6:50 am
by-hour on futurecast, you can see by lunchtime that skies will be clear for most of us except the coast. by 4:00 p.m., sunshine and clouds hanging around along the coast today and keeping the coast much cooler. tomorrow morning, a gray start and temps warmer for your tuesday. today, 85 in concord, livermore, ad and san jose and 78 in redwood city and mountain view, 63. warm-ups for your tuesday, much warmer wednesday with temps into the mid-90s inland and we stay hot thursday and friday, especially ill in through the weekend with high pressure in control and plenty of sunshine. today, the public will have a chance to weigh-in on another san francisco navigation center. city leaders work with caltrans to secure a parking lot off evans avenue and the sheltered
6:51 am
would have up to 200 beds with laundry facilities and medical and social services. the public meeting starts at 6:00 at the southeast community facility on oakdale avenue. san francisco filed a lawsuit banning seven people from an area downtown. the lawsuit alleges they've repeatedly caused a public nuisance, forcing the city to use resources to deal with them. some business owners are glad the city is doing something about it but are doubtful the move will fix the problem. >> if we ban them from one location, they will just go to another and cause a nuisance. it's a temporary fix. >> the city claims the people named in the lawsuit are repeat offenders for assault, shoplifting, drug use, trespassing and public intoxication. 51:00 and roads are back open in fremont after a deadly accident overnight. the latest on this
6:52 am
investigation. for the first time in decades, alameda will host students at alameda high school. how about that? we show the transformation, next. ahead on cbs this morning, more than 50 million across the country are on alert for extreme weather and sweltering heat. we are in pennsylvania where in one town, seven children were hurt in severe storms. an 18-year-old blames his lung injury on vaping. ann werner speaks to a young man who wants others to learn about what he believes is a big old wake up call. we will see you at 7:00 on the dot. from our mount vaca cam, you can see the sunshine over the bay. ask 52:00 and we will be right back. from the couldn't be prouders
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we are in front of the high
6:56 am
school, i'm jackie ward. students are coming before the first day of school and the first time in decades that the alameda high school will have students inside once again. the school went through a $60 million transformation to become a earthquake safe and modern and it took two years to remove 1 million pounds of wood and more than 1 million pounds of steel to create the new and improved alameda high school. there are 11 new science labs and 37 modernized classrooms that are earthquake safe. it's been here nearly a century and finally, a much-needed renovation, thanks to the people of alameda. >> california has a long way to go to fully fund and fairly fund public education. the collective action like alameda communities will be critical to better the lives of our students. the reopening is a testament to this community's love of our young people.
6:57 am
>> reporter: 1978 was the last time students used the historic campus, doomed for demolition and the city leaders and activists fought for years to save the school and to retrofit it. now, almost 1800 students will be in this beautiful school. jackie ward, kpix5. 6:57. president donald trump on the economic team believe the u.s. economy will grow but last week's selloff on wall street and a warning from the bond market have investors concerned that a recession is on the horizon. yesterday, president donald trump said stalled negotiations with china should be blamed for the slow down. a live look at the big board and in the 25 minutes of trading, the dow is up about 255-point spread the man seen attacking a woman outside her home in san francisco is due in court for a
6:58 am
compliance hearing. austin vincent plead not guilty to these charges. san jose celebrates the start of a major street paving project. they are paving and maintaining almost 300 miles of streets and san jose pledges to pave every residential and neighborhood street within the next nine years. a woman has died after being struck by a bart train in san francisco around 11:30 at the powell street station and foul play is not suspected. the identity of the victim has not been released. in downtown fremont, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a car just after midnight on paseo padre parkway near walnut and capital avenues. the roads were closed but all lanes are now back open. let's look at the main travel times. in the red on highway 4 with no accidents or stalls, it's just
6:59 am
regular rush hour. looking good through the altamont pass, the drive time is sub 40 minutes. in the green northbound on 101 toward the airport. the nimitz, things are slow but not too delayed. skies are gray. you can see on the san jose cam, clouds in the sky as we start our monday and looking east at the mount vaca cam, most of us are waking up to gray skies with temps in the mid-to upper 50s to low 60s with daytime highs at or below average. pleasant and clearing for most of us. 85 in concord, 80 in san jose and 68 in san francisco. with the warm ups, the coolest day and by wednesday, highs in the 90s inland with hot weather through the week. thank you for watching kpix5 news. it's back to school.
7:00 am
show up on time and start off right. and be safe. cbs news is coming up next. have a great day. good morning to you our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." extreme weather risk. millions across the country on alert for thunderstorms and heat after severe weather swept through the northern u.s. we're in pennsylvania where nine people were hurt when a tree came crashing down. mass shooting plots foiled. three men in three states are arrested, each accused of threatening mass shootings. we'll show you how social media may have prevented another tragedy. prince andrew's denial. the british royal breaks his silence on jefeffrey epstein's alleged sex crimes after newly revealed video from 2010 shows the prince with young women at epstein's home. and teen vaping warnings. hear from


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