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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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and start from the beginning. with the added jurors. this has been a tough waiting period. we did not expect deliberation would restart. i think i still me and my people have high hopes that this is going to get resolved.>> reporter: derick almena and max harris are still in custody awaiting their fate with these alternate jurors. they faced 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. just to clarify typically the alternate jurors are not part of the deliberation process. is that the case here? that's why they have to start over again? >> reporter: those jurors were there the entire time but did not participate in the last 10 days of deliberations. they have to start from square one. keep in mind now there is only one ultimate juror left in case there is anything that happens moving forward. there is only one left as an
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alternate. we will have more at 6 pm. reaction on this latest development and how we start again deliberating. a much longer trial now. this afternoon another robbery of a high-end retailer san francisco union square. andrea tells us why they find the tourist magnet so attractive.>> reporter: it comes down to one thing. high-end shops with expensive merchandise that can be sold for a lot of cash. this was the scene just before noon. sfpd. detective's warning mcm. the latest target of high-end robberies and sepsis goals union square. we have had a lot of hits in the last month or so. it is frustrating. we have cameras everywhere. get footage. but then it seems to happen again.>> reporter: three people walked into the store grab the bags as a starting price of $850. ran into a waiting sedan and
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peeled out. nearby retailer who did not want his face shown set these high-end highs feel premeditated. when they choose to hit places like this i feel it is a professional job. it is done really clean. >> reporter: next door there is a shattered glass payment also a recent target. across the street literally by a truck in the last month and robbed. the stores come together regularly to share information. and so we know who the individuals are some of them. we are just waiting for some prosecution. union square is covered with cameras capturing all the thefts. and getaways. welcome people all over the world. we want to present our best foot forward. it is really frustrating to have this happen.>> reporter: the union square business improvement district said they are considering hiring their own private investigator to get to the bottom of what they
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consider to be mop rings in the union square area. we will take a closer look at the problem of high-end robberies in the union square district. now and in the past. the live news desk. we want to take you to sonoma county. there appears to be multiple vehicle fires in a parking lot. let's see what we can find. this is what it looked like a short time ago. a lot of smoke heading up. you can see from about five miles away. the vehicles appear to be in some type of parking lot just outside of santa rosa. reports came in within the past 90 minutes or so. according to the santa rosa fire department at least three engines have responded to this. so far it is still unclear what started the fires. three vehicles appear to be on fire in some sort of a corporation parking lot. we will stay on top of this one. got a temperature check
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around the bay area. quite the contrast from the heat last week. the hottest areas barely getting into the low 80s today. this thick marine layer helping with the natural air conditioning. today was more than 3000 feet thick in san francisco. residents waking up to damp sidewalks. measurable precipitation in santa cruz mountains. i got to use windshield wipers this morning. and i wasn't the only one. what is going on with the turnaround. is one explanation. the breeze from the ocean has returned. that can thicken the marine layer and drop temperatures. we told you about it on friday. here we are monday. the clouds literally. hayward 15 mile-per-hour bridge. 25 miles per hour. san jose 16 mile-per-hour breeze. it is 18 miles per hour in fairfield. yesterday was on the cool side of average. today is even cooler. 9 degrees colder in mountain view. 2 degrees colder in san jose. 7 degrees cooler in livermore.
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one more day with temperatures running below average. five below average in concorde. san jose 78. below average in san francisco and oakland. we lose the ocean breeze. we will talk about when 90s return and how long we will stay warmer than average coming up in a few minutes. a big announcement today from planned parenthood. the organization is dropping out of a federal full family planning program including one in california. in the trump demonstration rule bans participants from referring patients for abortions. natalie joins us live from washington with a look at what the changes mean for health clinics and patients. >> reporter: planned parenthood announced today it will leave the federal title x family planning program resulting in an estimated loss of millions of dollars. the acting president of planned parenthood said that they will
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potentially dip into emergency funds to continue to serve patients. she wants the move will have an impact nationwide. planned parenthood is pulling out of the federal title x funding program saying it will not comply with the new rules from the department of health and human services. guidelines now prohibit healthcare providers receiving title x funding from giving abortion referrals to patients. as part of family planning services. the rule also mandates clinics physically and financially separate facilities providing healthcare services from facilities providing abortion. there will be many other clinics that make the same decision. >> reporter: health policy professor at the george washington university has been studying the impacts in talking with community clinics. she said the changes could hurt them in the nearly 4 million patients who receive wellness exams birth control std
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screenings and other care under title x. everything from cutting back hours cutting back laying off staff. women will not only have to pay more for the visit. the discounts they have gotten for the prescribed drugs could disappear.>> reporter: the august 19 deadline is for providers to submit compliance plans to h hs. they will have a month to enact the plans. opponents are calling this the administrations gag rule. the department of health and human services pushed back on its website saying the new rule is not interfering with the ability of doctors in advance practice providers to provide nondirective abortion counseling. h hs said abortion referrals and emergency medical situations are not prohibited health providers are already barred from using title x funding to perform abortion services.>> reporter: antiabortion advocates argue that the trump administration's new rule ensures that taxpayer dollars do not indirectly support abortion. meanwhile california and around
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20 other states are challenging the new rule in court. the ninth circuit court of appeals that the new policy could take up that while the legal cases continue. oral arguments are scheduled for next month in san francisco. the trump administration is rejecting talk that a recession is on the horizon. after a huge selloff last week the stock market gained ground for the third day in a row. in the white house is dismissing the suggestion administration policies have added to financial uncertainty. president trump said he could end the terror of war with china at any time. but that would be settling for a bad deal. i think we are in good shape. i want to say we should not be afraid of optimism. even during an expansion most americans haven't been
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able to get ahead. that is a huge problem. the president has made it clear that he doesn't care. the white house said if the trade negotiations with china go well more senior chinese officials may visit the u.s. soon to try to reach an agreement. markets ending all in the green. the dow jones closed 250 points. chipmakers did well on news the u.s. is giving chinese telecom giant another 90 days to buy equipment from u.s. suppliers. san jose crash is backing up traffic in the city's willow glen labor hood. it happened at curtner and meridian avenue. police say it is causing major traffic issues. we got a look at the mess where traffic were a truck and two suvs appear to have mixed up in the middle of the street. another car was also involved. the driver side smashed in. thankfully police report there were no injuries and have asked the drivers to avoid the area. changing hearts and changing minds. changing our approach to dealing with one another. coming up but is start a
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national trend? the new rules on when california police can use deadly force. direct the were your family on the defense. why a princess getting dragged into jeffrey epstein's scandal. the royal family. a flying mattresses.
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the state of california adopted some of the nation's strictest use of force laws for police. governor newsom signed a bill limiting when police can open fire on suspects. the new law requires police to use deadly use of force only when necessary and only in the defense of a human life. the old standard allow police to enact use of force when an officer thought it was reasonable. with appreciation and with
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a deep sense of responsibility and a hope that we can reduce the number of lives lost. and we can begin to build trust and heal. i'm honored now to sign this legislation. the new law aims at encouraging law enforcement to rely on de-escalation tactics first. it goes into effect january 1 next year. a response from both sides after nypd officer was fired. for allegedly taking part in killing an unarmed lackey man five years ago. police commissioner fired him over the death of 43-year-old eric garner. pence allele placed him in a choke hold in 2014 after garner resisted arrest for allegedly selling cigarettes. garner's last words were i can breathe.'s the incident sparked public outcry. members of the black lives matter movement demanded he be
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fired. in the meantime president of new york's police union had harsh words for the commissioner's decision. the leadership has abandoned ship. and left our police officers on the street. alone. >> the commissioner said it was an extremely hard decision. and he maintains there was fault on both sides. britain's royal family is on the defense trying to distance andrew from the jeffrey epstein's sexual scandal. new video has emerged connecting him to the deceased billionaire. reports from buckingham palace. >> reporter: britain's andrew said he is appalled by recent sexual abuse claims about his former friend jeffrey epstein. the wealthy businessman who hanged himself in a new york jail this month while facing text trafficking charges. this video allegedly shows andrew and epstein's manhattan mansion. waving goodbye to a young woman as he peers out the door.
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the footage was reportedly shot in 2010. less than an hour after epstein left the house with another young woman. the prints appears to check that no one was looking. in an unusual move buckingham palace issued a statement on behalf of queen elizabeth middle son. the palace road his royal highness or deplores the exploitation of any human being. and the suggestion he would condone participate in or encourage any stuffed such behavior is a boring. the video of the royal was recorded two years after epstein was convicted for soliciting prostitution involving a minor. images staying at jeffrey epstein's house after he had been convicted of child sex offenses has raised more questions about andrew's judgment. the latest in a string of revelations about andrew's friendship with epstein. which have been splashed across british tabloids. britain's
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daily mail reports andrew hosted jeffrey epstein at queen elizabeth's home in scotland in 1999. the latest in the investigation into jeffrey epstein's death. attorney general william barth is removed the acting director of the bureau of prisons from his position. it comes after mounting evidence shows guards at the chronically understaffed metropolitan correctional center in new york failed to keep 66-year-old epstein from killing himself. epstein was awaiting trial on charges of sexually abusing teenage girls. powerful winds created this mattress mayhem in colorado. it started when people invited for a relaxing outdoor movie night in denver. they ended up chasing after their mattresses in the middle of the movie. some even landing right in that pool. they are not the only ones dealing with wild weather.
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communities across the country either getting hit with heat waves of thunderstorms. in philadelphia authorities say nine people were hurt after a lightning struck a tree. sending it crashing down on top of them. i'm shot. i'm totally shocked. i've never seen anything like this. it is hot in many parts of the country. we are so lucky here. from the desert southwest to texas. it has been 105 to 120. it was warm around here. nothing like most of the country is dealing with. we have had few extremes so far this summer. and no flailing mattresses last time i checked. our temperatures warm up this week but not as hot as last week. it is running up to 7 degrees cooler than average. santa rosa 76. concorde 78. livermore 73. the end of last week temperatures were near 100. now this evening we cannot give above 80. 64 and foggy all day long and san francisco. tonight oakland 59. napa 56. santa rosa 51.
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plan on a repeat performance of the cloud cover spilling inland again. a great shot of the clouds hugging the coastline. all afternoon long san mateo county in san francisco. stretching across alameda county. and of course the marin and sonoma coastline very cloudy as well. the cloud cover will be pushed in. there needs to be something to do the pushing. without the push we had 100 degrees. we have a push. there is a low-pressure area spending. it is a fall or early winter low that will make it to juneau alaska and spread reign of the pacific northwest. we will not get the rain. the storm will give us a strong onshore breeze which will be around for one day tomorrow. that low lips away and has less of an influence on the weather. ridge over the desert southwest making palm springs at about 1/18 is 122. we will get a touch of that warmer weather. on this week. lots of clouds tomorrow morning. running off in the afternoon. watch on wednesday clouds are not pushing nearly as far inland. san jose and livermore and
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fairfield you will be cloudy tomorrow morning. you won't have a cloud in the sky come wednesday morning. we take you to martinez tomorrow temperatures below average. afternoon sunshine 78. with sunshine all day you will warm up to a high of 85 degrees in martinez. widespread cloud cover tomorrow morning. temperatures will quickly warm- up starting wednesday. afternoon. it won't be as warm as last week. temperatures will climb above average. tomorrow our last below average day for a while. concorde 82. fremont 74. open 71. san jose 78. san francisco 67. wednesday warmer by about 7 degrees. thursday friday and saturday 80s and 90s inland. 70s near the bay. 60s at the coast. we stay slightly above average into early next week. or me up after tomorrow. stop if you heard it before. it is a rater long national nightmare. is it over antonio brown is
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plenty of drama at the oakland raiders training camp these days. the team's new wide receiver
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antonio brown. the antonio brown. talking about this helmet for weeks. put it on already. raiders wide receiver antonio brown left training camp on sunday it was clear the raiders have lost patience with their all-pro receiver. he is upset about the helmet issue. we have supported that. we appreciate that. but we at this point we pretty much exhausted all avenues of relief. from our perspective it is time for him to be all in or all out. we are hoping he is back soon. we've got 89 dies busting their tails. we are really excited about where this franchise is going. and we hope he will be a big part of it starting week one against denver. end of story. brown was all in at least for today. befohe amreturned to in pa
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alameda. it was expected to practice sunday. after the league once again said his helmet did not meet league standards the all-pro left camp. open is scheduled to practice tomorrow at the team facility in alameda. we will see if brown shows up. does any of this helmet drama really matter? not until september 9. to kick it off for real against the denver broncos. that is when football players start collecting paychecks. money might talk. follow the money. and he makes big money. if you use a streaming service on your smart phone there might be a reason the connection is so slow. a new report finds in the absence of net neutrality wireless carriers are slowing customer speeds. researchers from northeastern university and university of massachusetts conducted more than 650,000 test. and found that from 2018 until
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now at&t throttled netflix 70% of the time. t-mobile brought up amazon prime video and more than half the test apple ceo is worried that president trump's tariffs might be helping its rival samsung. according to business insider resident trump met with tim cook over the weekend as that the apple ceo voice concerns about south korean company samsung getting an edge. because it's products like apples won't be subject to the same tariffs on chinese imports. tariffs on additional $300 billion of chinese goods including consumer electronics are scheduled to go into effect in two stages in september and december. a historic repaving project is underway in san jose. not just a couple miles. we are talking 300 miles before the end of the year. one bay area school going high-tech. when it comes to getting kids away from their cell phones. a housing boom in oakland.
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why are business owners upset?
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the promise of a smoother ride. we are going along as contractors hustle to repave roadway in san jose. the massive project covers various areas throughout the city. some people are really happy to see the work is getting done.>> reporter: some people love the smell of fresh cut your grass in the morning. for me as far. le the oil the steam can only mean one thing. for san jose taxpayers it is christmas in august. you are like santa claus out here. >> san jose is like santa claus
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right now. spending taxpayers money. a lot of people are appreciative.>> reporter: his crew working at a rapid pace paving 1100 feet of road every hour. of course there is always time for a little love from the people. thank you. you are welcome. a happy customer. yes we are. >> reporter: for years we have been covering the miserable conditions of san jose roads. how family spent $800 a year repairing pothole damage to their cars. parts of the capital of silicon valley look like a third world country. finally after years of budget shortfalls san jose is on pace to repave 280 miles of roads this year alone. plans to repave all 1400 miles of city streets in nine years. we are on the road to repaving.


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