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a lot of people are appreciative.>> reporter: his crew working at a rapid pace paving 1100 feet of road every hour. of course there is always time for a little love from the people. thank you. you are welcome. a happy customer. yes we are. >> reporter: for years we have been covering the miserable conditions of san jose roads. how family spent $800 a year repairing pothole damage to their cars. parts of the capital of silicon valley look like a third world country. finally after years of budget shortfalls san jose is on pace to repave 280 miles of roads this year alone. plans to repave all 1400 miles of city streets in nine years. we are on the road to repaving. sorry that was painful i know.
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>> reporter: the mayor held a press conference in think voters who overwhelmingly passed measures to fund the historic repaving project. he said joses road system the first on the list. something has been fighting for for some time. when you see infrastructure such as roads. when it starts the road starts to erode the way we feel about ourselves. more importantly it starts to erode the trust and confidence we have in government. >> reporter: lived here for 12 years. this is the first time the roads have been paved since. i'm very happy. because the streets will be brand-new again. our tax money is going somewhere. in san jose the search is on for a suspect involved in a deadly shooting overnight. it happened just before 12:30 am near williamsburg drive and south winchester boulevard. an area right next to a mcdonald's.
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police were still on scene there today taping off the block and looking for evidence. one man was rushed to the hospital but later died. another victim was treated for a grazed the wound. if you have information call police. planned parenthood said it would no longer take federal title x funding. because of new rules that would forbid them from making abortion referrals. healthcare for nearly 4 million patients could be impacted. a bombshell announcement and the ghost ship trial. the judge dismissed three of the jurors. three alternates will take their places. the deliberations will have to start from the beginning. the two defendants derick almena and max harris are each charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. gavin newsom assigned a law detailing officers can open fire on suspects. it allows police to use deadly force only when necessary. and in defense of a human life. the goal is to encourage law enforcement to rely on de- escalation tactics. the law goes into effect
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january 1. teachers have been struggling for years with how to keep students ice off their cell phones during classes. devon is at a school in san mateo where they might have a solution in the bag.>> reporter: if you have ever tried to pry a cell phone out of a kids hand long enough to get them to pay attention to the world around them to understand with the school is trying to do. some parents and students still have questions about whether or not the potential positives truly outweigh possible problems. you touch the magnets of the base. it opens.>> reporter: every day san mateo high school begins and ends with the same ritual. unlocking a pouch which stores student cell phones. keeping the devices out of their hands and hopefully off their minds during the school year. it is tempting to go on your phone and check who is texting you. at first it was i don't want this. towards the end it benefits you. >> reporter: for a generation
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of students who have grown up with smart phones the change was not welcome at least not at first. it would be pretty weird. uncomfortable. because i feel like i'm used to having my phone. i feel like after a few months it should be fine.>> reporter: admonition to say it is a case of addition by subtraction. students are more attentive in class. more engaged socially outside. it makes students more present. i think teachers would tell you that they can get more done within an hour and a half. they can turn their back on a group of students and let them work independently. >> reporter: each teacher has ability to unlock the pouches especially in the event there was an intruderd campus. some students who thought it was unthinkable not to have their phones are adjusting to the change. we are way too connected to our phones and devices. and the internet in general. i think getting away from that environment for even a couple hours is healthy.
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>> reporter: this began last year with a smaller program at the school. the school system said things went well enough to expanded to a schoolwide policy. schools are locking up phones. parents of younger students are promising to keep their kids phone free. the wait until eighth pledge has been parents prompting to wait until the eighth grade to give their child a smart phone. studies have shown too much screen time can lower test scores. heard memory development and hinder language skills. the mother the started the pledge. i saw these kids at the end of the school day. all of their heads were down. they were completely oblivious to the world around them. now for safety reasons kids don't have to go completely phone free. the pledge only covers a smart phones. parents can buy older devices such as flip phones and most carriers have plans without data. new polls suggest
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pediatricians could lose many other patients if they treat unvaccinated children. the university of michigan poll found four in 10 parents say they are very or somewhat likely to take their child to a different doctor if they are physician sees families who refuse childhood vaccines. the poll is based on responses from more than 2000 parents. with a child younger than 18. parents are getting the message. parents are understanding these vaccines are lifesaving. especially with my daughter having. it is even more important that she is not around people who are not vaccinated. the poll found three in 10 parents say their child's primary care office should ask parents who refuse all vaccines to find another health provider. tomorrow our back- to-school week coverage continues with a junior high conversion to middle schools. why one bay area school district is making that move. tomorrow starting at 4:30 am.
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pg&e shares tanked after june a judge ruled lawsuits can go to trial. he was a look at today's numbers. stocks of utility plunged more than 25%. closing at $10.67. u.s. bankruptcy judge ruled a state court trial can determine whether pg&e is responsible for the 2017 tubs fire. the state previously said the fire was caused by privately owned electric equipment. if attorneys for tubs fire victims convince the jury to rule in favor of their clients utility could pay as much as $18 billion. berkley's recent ban on new natural gas installations might be the first for the bay area and the u.s.. it appears it won't be the last. san francisco will consider a similar ban next month. legislation is introduced to the board of supervisors. san jose santa rosa petaluma are also looking at phasing out the use of natural gas in their
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new building. the new bands as part of an effort to meet climate goals. hurting some of its oldest businesses. there are thousand housing units under construction in the downtown core door alone. some of the smaller mom and pop restaurants and retail operations say they have been suffering because of the costs going on around them. added to the construction chaos rents have reason risen 15% in three years. the city is now working on a detailed development plan to be rolled out next year. san francisco long delay construction project to finish ahead of schedule. that is the latest promise from the city's municipal transit agency. the $300 million plans of speed buses down the center of the boulevard has been plagued by delays. managers now say they are on schedule to finish by summer of 2021. northbay costco wholesale wants to build in san rafael. some residents are voicing strong opposition to that plan.
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the proposed cosco would be built in the former sears at the northgate mall in terra linda. it would include a tire center a gas station nearby residents worry about the traffic impact in that area. there is an online petition with more than 600 signatures against the costal being developed in terra linda. how virtual reality is helping stroke patients get their life back. rolling stones rolling right past curfew. last night at levi stadium. why they are not going to get into trouble. intern in the case of a brazen san francisco condo attack. the suspect back in court with multiple accusers. coming forward.
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the live news desk we are getting the word from the highway patrol in contra costa county that they have forwarded eight cases to the das office now in connection with three separate sideshows. that all happened on the same day august 11. the chp said they are getting more sophisticated. they are using fixed wing aircraft now. they are able to alert ground units to each of these sideshows. one was in martinez. one happen and rodeo.
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several people there. this was later on at night. and another on the coming skyway between crockett and interstate 80. they ticed sever same vehicles in each of these. kind of a rolling sideshow event. they alerted ground crews crews came in. they were blocked by some spectators who would not let them through. you are looking of course at the chp video there. all in all three drivers were detained. three spectators. also detained and cited. and three vehicles also impounded. chp said you can run but you cannot hide. they're getting more sophisticated going online and going in the air. to catch these sideshow people. seems to be working. tyson foods issuing another recall this evening. the poultry producer said it is recalling some packages of weaver fully cooked chicken breast patties with rib meat.
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the recall comes after some consumers found pieces of extraneous material in them. affected items have a best if used by date of january 31, 2020. there is a new virtual road to recovery from stroke survivors. adrian talks the patients retraining their brain with vr.>> reporter: the goal for stroke survivors who strap on these virtual reality goggles is to get better. not to get a high score. this is not something like you are trying to get points.>> reporter: tina was one of the first to play the games after she had a stroke in 2016. i started out paralyzed on the left side. >> reporter: the game has helped her recover her strength. stroke survivors use the paddle to hit a ball and blowup boxes. i can get crazy with this. i can whack it.
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>> reporter: tina said virtual- reality was strange at first. it was weird. i had never done it. i did not know much about it. >> reporter: patients who keep playing get stronger one game at a time. their doctors learned so much. how stable is their reach? how facets their reach? >> reporter: three years ago tina was in a wheelchair. now she can walk and play with her grandkids. the founder said success stories like hers has made the hard work worthwhile. play with fun technology. you are making a positive difference in people's lives in a day today basis. the developers say they are improving the games every week. stroke survivors all of the country in the world. will eventually get to play them. back to school for kids in san francisco. hitting students to class
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safely is on officials mines. police are cracking down on dangerous drivers after a series of deadly crashes. mostly caused by reckless driving. the mayor was at roosevelt middle school welcoming kids and talking about the importance of the city's investment in schools. my goal is to make sure we do everything we can to invest in the future generation. that we take care of all kids. not just be concerned about our kids. we have to be concerned about all kids to ensure success for every last one. the mayor has hired 15 more crossing guards bringing the total to nearly 200. assistance will be on board to make sure students get to school safely. on muni. looking out for the crosswalk. you can't be driving safely if you're looking down at your phone. especially in the crosswalk. ice on the role . be smart. lots of kids are crossing the street. we are looking at whether that is more conducive for something
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later in the season. it is somewhat cool. i love that we live in an area where the numbers are chilly. the short amount of time a good chunk of the country will be begging for weather like this. for us we are saying a little chilly. 78 san jose. fremont 78. 60s for highs. santa rosa taking the cake at 81. more on santa rosa august coming up. it has been warm in sonoma county. vallejo 56. fremont 59. oakland 59. livermore 57. temperatures relative to average. last week was a hard week. it skewed the numbers but warm weather skews the numbers warmer. san jose san francisco and santa rosa all 3 degrees or more above average. we are looking at the entire month. that is significant. specifically about santa rosa. i checked the number. the average high 72.7 degrees. that is the warmest santa rosa has ever been in the first 18 days of august. we are on track for the warmest
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august ever in sonoma county. we will see how that plays out. temperatures start to climb toward the middle of the week. they fail yesterday and today because of this area of low pressure. spinning right there counterclockwise. we are to the south of it. counterclockwise been was all the way back toward the bay area in the form of an onshore flow. the air above the ocean is just as chilly now as last week. our source of the air was not from there. now it is because of the low pressure area. you saw the cloud cover this morning. it was all the way inland. it will be again tomorrow. clouds everywhere throughout the bay area. sunshine and afternoon. temperatures cut down. wednesday not nearly as far inland. a lot more sunshine. a sign that things are changing towards thursday. that low is all the way up in the gulf of alaska. less of an influence on our weather if any at all. the ridge of high pressure which is baking vegas and palm springs and phoenix and tucson that begins to move closer to
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us. we will be warmer. for the second half of the week. is that ocean breeze decreases. cloudy nights drizzle around the coast. a cool to mild day tomorrow. with warming weather. by midweek. as soon as wednesday. highs tomorrow below average. court 5 degrees below average. san jose 78. redwood city 78. fremont 74. barely making its 84 dublin san ramon and pittsburgh with morning clouds for you. mill valley 74. daly city 65. oakland and berkeley below average. sonoma 78. hotspots will be lake county. you are 100 last week. 89 degrees lakeport tomorrow. tuesday and thursday warm up. the breeze will be a strong. 80s and 90s near the bay. we stay relatively cool with highs in the 70s. middle 60s at the coast. stay above average from wednesday through the weekend. still ahead turning struggles into success. how this bay area teenager is making her come back in the
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today's students rising above scholars struggle in school as a young teenager. she is now inspiring others with her renewed commitment to education. >> reporter:the assrm is her fun space. definitely. each kid has their own
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necessities. that is what is great about the classroom.>> reporter: she is spending her summer as a teaching intern. at 826 valencia and san francisco. educational nonprofit that serves under resourced students. it is a job she loves. spinning academics was important for me. school was the most stable thing in my life.>> reporter: her parents split up when she was small. her mom moved out. her dad was a single parent. he really wanted us to have the best we could possibly have. a lot of tough love was going on in my house.>> reporter: always a good student rebelled. her grades slipped. i kind of fell off. i remember giving my first e but not caring about it. >> reporter: she found comfort in sports. picking up wrestling. she found support students rising above. they help me see who i was and who i wanted to be.>> reporter: sra inspired her to
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improve her grades. graduate high school and apply for college. now the rising junior is impressing a 26 valencia's kathleen rodriguez with her classroom skills. her table understands what the expectations are. she is great about offering positive reinforcement when they are doing a great job. >> reporter: being positive is a big part of her success. something she wants to share with others. anyway i can give back is what i love to do. i love helping people. >> reporter: for students rising above. to learn more about students rising above and it scholars you can go to our website one s. bay elementary school starting the year with a power problem. the dispute that has the school running on backup generators. is suspect in the san francisco condo attacked facing new allegations. the past incidents involving a knife. why a tree removal project
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in the north bay could actually increase the wildfire risk. it is all coming up at 6 pm.
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calling or bearded men in the bay area. can help fight cancer. cuts for a cause will be in san francisco september 13 to offer free facial hair trims and shaved in time for prostate cancer awareness month. can be parked at the salesforce tower from 11 am until 6 pm. for every trim the hair clipper maker wall will donate one dollar to zero the d of prostate cancer nonprofit. the rolling stones rocked well past the 10 pm curfew last night at levi stadium. apparently not in any danger of getting in trouble. thanks to negotiations between the city of santa clara and the
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san francisco 49ers legendary bands curfew was set at 11 pm. the band wrapped up with a two song encore at 10:57 pm. that's proving the volume. other accident broken curfew coldplay and beyonci. that is it for the news at 5 pm. the news at 6 pm begins now. surrounded by cameras heading into court. new charges for the man who is accused of attacking a woman outside her condo. a shakeup at the ghost ship trial. three jurors sent home. those left told to start over. was sonoma county were trimming trees next to pg&e power lines might make things less safe. we will have the story co up. good evening. tonight we begin with an unexpected turn in the case of the san francisco man accused of attacking a woman in front
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of her condo. wearing a suit and tie he walked into court with his lawyer this evening. now he is back in jail after new accusers have come forward. wilson walker has details on those other attacks allegedly committed the same suspect.>> reporter: every day the story has unfurled a little bit more. it has gone and slightly different directions and brought us surprises. through all of it the one big question mark has really been austin james vinson. who is this guy and what has he been doing before he services last week? suddenly there are a number of people who think they know who this man is. they were attacked mr. vincent with a knife. those individuals had called for an uber ride and they were able to get into the uber and leave the scene. >> reporter: the attack on february 4 at fourth and brandon. the victims escape


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