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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  August 20, 2019 6:30pm-6:58pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight the president considers tax cuts to stimulate the economy. what he wants to cut and how it would affect you. and what about the "r" word? >> we're very far from a recession. >> o'donnell: also tonight, a series of mass shooting plots foiled. n.y.p.d. deputy commissioner john miller tells us about warning signs the suspects are nightmare in paradise. a connecticut man charged in the death of a hotel worker in the caribbean is getting threats on his own life. >> all i did was defend my young daughters from an attacker that was crazed. >> o'donnell: if the president is still warming to the idea of buying greenland, he should know it's melting. we are there with the evidence for "eye on earth." outsmarted by a second grader.wd
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by a yth moomayenef fest for breastia >> this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell. >> o'donnell: good evening. this is our western edition. we start out with breaking news at the white house. president trump has just spoken again with the head of the national rifle association. cbs news is confirming that wayne lapierre placed the call and there are questions tonight about the context of that call. earlier this month after the mass shootings in el paso and dayton that killed 31 people, the president said he favored what he called "meaningful background checks." but he's been backing away from that. this news comes in addition to the president in the oval office today speaking about the possibility of a recession and what he might do to head it off. so we'll start tonight at the white house with paula reid.
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mberne, wee donomy hwaimy to avd one. >> payroll tax is something that we think about and a lot of people would like to see that. >> reporter: yesterday white house officials denied a payroll tax cut was under consideration. regardless, congress is unlikely to enact such a measure, especially ahead of the 2020 election. but a strong economy is key to the president's reelection pitch. the trade war with china is fueling concerns about an economic downturn. >> the biggest issue is to de-escalate when it comes to trade wars. trade wars are very unproductive, and it's not clear what the goal is. >> reporter: a study released monday shows that 74% of top economists expect a re20ssioby >> the fact is somebody had to take china on. >> reporter: the president's tariffs on china have put a strain on the american consumer according to j.p.morgan, currently costing the average household $600 per year and
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could go as high as $1,000 by the end of 2019. >> the steel industry is back. it's doing great. >> reporter: despite the president's claims that the steel industry has been revitalized on his watch, the tariffs on foreign steel imports he put in place last year have devastated u.s. steel, which has lost nearly $6 billion in value since. that has meant temporarily laying off about 200 workers at this facility near detroit. >> o'donnell: paula joins us from the white house tonight. and paula, what about that phone call between the president and the head of the n.r.a.? i know they've spoken frequently. >> reporter: norah, the white house confirms the two men spoke today but denies the president has ever supported universal background checks. in the wake of these recent shootings, the president has repeatedly called for meaningful checks, but in the oval office earlier today, he said he believed the current checks are "very strong," suggesting that now he doesn't believe there need to be additional measures. but norah, we've seen this
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before in the wake of high- profile shootings where the president signals he may pressure congress to act and then backs off. >> o'donnell: all right, paula reid with that new information. thank you. we've also got newly released body cam video tonight that shows police in daytona beach, florida, arresting a 15 year old who allegedly threatened in a video game chat room to bring an m-15 to school and kill at least seven people. now, the police took that threat seriously, and the boy's mother can be seen trying to plead with authorities. >> he's a little boy. he didn't do anything wrong. >> o'donnell: now, the mother was told her son would be taken to juvenile detention and face a felony charge. this comes as authorities investigate at least two other planned attacks in miami and memphis. for more on our nation on edge, we turn to john miller, deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter-terrorism for the new york city police department. john, thank you so much for joining us. i want to talk about these other cases, too, these additional, this truck driver taken into cu planninli or's throat, m
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what do wenow ab is lawor t wha therhe case in and over the past week, what acti shooter scenariei prevented before they happen. i think that's a good thing. what we're seeing in the terrorism game, our slogan has always been, "if you see something, say something." in the world of active shooters, we know this. 88% of the cases, there's what we call leakage. people are giving the signs, making statements, writing social media postings that are tells, cues as to what they're going to do. we also know in most of those cases, people talk to the person directly. in only half those cases do they call the authorities. that's the change we're seeing now. people are stepping forward and trying to get help. >> o'donnell: so is there a rise in domestic threats, or are we
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just seeing the signs and everyone ipaying attention?d thm the f.b.i. studies, is that one active shooter doesn't start the next one planning. one active shooter accelerates the planning of the person who is already thinking about it. most of these cases involve months of planning, at least weeks of planning, and it's a bit of a contagion. >> o'donnell: all right. john miller, good to have you here. thank you so much. >> good to be here. >> o'donnell: secretary of state mike pompeo's interview with "cbs this morning" made news around the world today. pompeo acknowledged that isis has regained strength and is more powerful in some places than it's been in years. david martin recently reported from inside syria on the fight against isis in syria and has tonight's report. >> reporter: fighters in syria taking an oath of allegiance to isis. anwit onnearly it's a pgando, i presents a rea
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acknowley y of ste pompeoo gayle king on >> what we've always said is the caliphate has been gone and that there is always a risk there will be a resurgence. >> reporter: a recent report by the pentagon's inspector general said isis had solidified its insurgent capabilities in iraq and was resurging in syria. the report cited estimates that isis still has between 14,000 and 18,000 members in iraq and syria and the opportunity to recruit more from among tens of thousands of refugees living in poorly guarded camps. the u.s. has 5,200 troops in iraq and nearly 1,000 in syria, where the top commander for the middle east, general frank mckenzie, recently told cbs news, "u.s. special forces are helping local tribes track down isis fighters." >> they try to get in the desert up here, an empty corner of
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desert in southeastern syria, and our partners go out and get 'em, and we help them do that. >> reporter: but isis is still capable of suicide bombings, assassinations, and ambushes. >> is it getting worse? >> it's complicated. there are areas where they are more powerful today than they were three or four years ago. >> reporter: in afghanistan, isis claimed responsibility for this weekend's bombing of a wedding party which killed nearly 70 civilians. isis is conducting attacks in africa, as well, but the deadliest branch is in afghanistan. by u.s. accounts, isis has killed some 800 people there in the past year. norah? >> o'donnell: david martin from the pentagon, thank you. the massive search for two fishermen lost at sea ramped up today. firefighters brian mcclunney and justin walker were last seen friday when they headed out for a day-long fishing trip. mireya villarreal is in jacksonville with the latest on the search. >> reporter: hundreds of volunteers started gathering early this morning to continue the ocean search for the two missing firefighters.
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>> today we're pushing 80 boats now with over 200 people that are out actively searching. that does not include the ten aircraft that we have out here, the volunteer aircraft that we have out there, as well. >> reporter: now in day four, jacksonville firefighters searched near the shore. the u.s. coast guard is off shore. justin walker and brian mcclunney went out fishing from port canaveral last friday morning and they haven't been seen since. walker's wife natasha took to the air to help with the search. >> i need to be up there, feel like i'm searching, too. >> reporter: crews have covered more than 50,000 square miles off the coast of florida searching for the men, their boat, or even debris as far north as charleston, south carolina. yesterday search crews found a tackle bag belonging to the missing boaters about 50 miles off the coast of st. augustine. that's helped them dramatically narrowir searcin this vast ocean. >> if there is anybody that has a skill and ability to survive this it's briant saythis is stia
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rescue mission. >> there are some deep concerns for the amount of time that's gone by, but we're not giving up. we're going to press forward until the coast guard tells us that we need to back off. >> reporter: huge military planes are actually being used for this search. we're talking p3s and c-130s, not to mention some of the most sophisticated search technology the department of homeland security has on hand right now. norah, the commander in charge tells me this search does have special meaning to them because these missing men, they consider them their first responder brothers. >> o'donnell: so many people looking for them. thank you, mireya villarreal. now a cbs news exclusive. a connecticut man tells us he fears for his life tonight. scott hapgood is facing manslaughter charges on the caribbean island of anguilla in the death of a resort worker. errol barnett has new details of a terrifying confrontation in a vacation paradise. >> reporter: scott hapgood was vacationing with his family at
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an anguilla hotel last april. kenny mitchel, a hotel employee, dressed in uniform, entered hapgood's room in the afternoon. what happened next is unclear. but their violent encounter resulted in mitchel's death and hapgood charged withughter >> my wife, my children, we wake up with it. we live in it. we swim in it. we breathe it every day. >> reporter: today at a press conference, hapgood and his lawyer, who say mitchel was armed and demanding money, raised concerns about the release of evidence by officials in anguilla. >> the attorney general withheld for more than two months a toxicology report that showed mr. kenny mitchel was not only drunk but also high on cocaine and other drugs when he attacked scott. >> cocaine and-- no. >> reporter: rina mitchell, the victim's mother, spoke to cbs news via webcam. >> my son didn't try to rob him. something else happened. >> reporter: hapgood, who is out on bail after posting a $74,000 bond, has been inundated with
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insults and threats like cbs newsned thesvoice mails left on hapgood's cell phone. >> i know exactly where you live ( bleep ). if i ever see your punk-- in connecticut, i swear to god i'm going to jump. >> reporter: earlier this week he spoke to cbs news. >> all i did is defend my young daughters in front of an attacker that was crazed and desperate, and i have to just hold on to that fact. i would do it again and thank god i was in the room when he came. >> reporter: errol barnett, cbs news, new york. >> o'donnell: there is breaking news tonight in europe's migrant crisis. a short time ago, dozens of migrants who were rescued at sea nearly three weeks ago were finally allowed back on land. they're now on the italian island of lampedusa. the rescue ship named "open arms" was not embraced by anti- immigration officials in rome. holly williams has the late details. holly? >> reporter: well, norah, those stranded migrants have finally been allowed onto italian soil tonight.
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where they have been greeted by cheering supporters. their evacuation was ordered by an italian prosecutor when he went onboard their overcrowded rescue vessel and saw firsthand the conditions there. video earlier today showed some of the migrants apparently in a state of despair, hysterical in some cases and clearly veryl ob and attempted to swim to shore. the rescue boat, which is run by a spanish charity, had been at sea for 19 days and was anchored just off the italian island of lampedusa. but italy's far right wing interior minister, matteo salvini, has banned migrant rescue vessels from docking at italian ports, leaving the people on board stranded despite several european countries offering to take them in. the ban is popular with some italian voters, who have watched a stream of migrants crossing the mediterranean sea from north africa. norah? >> o'donnell: relief for those migrants tonight. holly williams, thank you.
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president trump has expressed greenland, the island three rl s melting. seth doane went to greenland for tonight's "eye on earth." >> reporter: flying just above greenland's glaciers and icebergs, nasa scientists are dropping probes into the ocean. >> drop, drop, drop. probe is away. >> reporter: trying to measure the temperature and salinity of warming arctic waters. josh willis of nasa's jet propulsion lor years into this mission. >> we think of greenland as a block of ice under a hairdryer, but really the oceans are doing a lot of the work, too. >> reporter: greenland's ice sheet is melting six times faster than it was in the 1980s. and while warm air is a known culprit, willis' team is trying to understand the role oceans are playing. they call their project oceans melting greenland or o.m.g. >> there is enough ice in greenland to raise sea levels by
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25 feet worldwide. now, we don't think it will happen right away, but just how fast it does is something we're trying to figure out with o.m.g. >> reporter: through these missions they've learned how sensitive glaciers are to the ocean and have mapped the seafloor, identifying glaciers at risk of melting. many more than initially thought. folks here tell us they're adapting to life with climate change-- longer summers and wilder weather. the nasa scientists explained that the melting ice means the water at the surface is colder and fresher. their real concern is the influx of warmer water deeper down, melting glaciers from below. norah? >> o'donnell: seth doane, thank you. and still ahead on the "cbs evening news," new guidelines say more women may benefit from a gene test for breast or ovarian cancer. next, c water bottles areon wins the basketball mmatch of the
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unscented odor control like that? try tidy cats free & clean. >> o'donnell: at san francisco's international airport, a ban went into effect today on plastic water bottles. here's john blackstone. >> reporter: every day about 10,000 bottles of water are sold at san francisco international airport. so the ban on plastic water bottles but not other plastic bottles may create some confusion. you can get a soft drink in a plastic bottle. >> but not water. >> reporter: but not water. >> i don't know about that. >> we have to start somewhere. >> reporter: doug yankel is the airport's public information officer. >> there are good alternatives to bottled water in something besides plastic. there are not a lot of goodrefes husable containers at reusable
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>> i brought my own. i'm about to refill it after i go through security. fo reporter: the airport's ban to reduce the city's plastic waste. this recycling center processesr this is a mountain of plastic bottles here. >> this is just from about two or three hours here in san francisco, these bales here. >> reporter: there are certainly some folks who will say, "there goes san francisco again." >> that's understandable, but the way we look at it is our airport has been on the leading edge of a lot of environmental initiatives, so in our minds, pushing the boundaries of sustainability, that's kind of our job the way we look at it. >> reporter: here at the airport, an aluminum bottle of water like this costs almost $6, but this can be refilled, reused, and aluminum is actually easier to recycle than plastic. >> o'donnell: all right. but, i hear you can still request plastic straws there. john blackstone, thank you.comis y. today. ♪
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>> o'donnell: breaking news,ara. the mayo a number ofice facing alles ment gender and racial scrimination. new guidelines out today say more women may want to consider a breast cancer gene test. researchers say women who have already survived breast or ovarian cancer or who have a family history of cancer may benefit from such testing. genes called brca1 and brca2, when mutated, can't repair damaged d.n.a. as well, and that greatly increases the risk of certain cancers. gene testing allows affected women to consider steps to lower their risk. up next, a story you don't want to miss. a seven year old takes a cop's challenge and wins. since my dvt blood clot
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play him one on one. first to score wins. lose, and you do push-ups. win, and hanks buys you sneakers. well, after 20 straight wins, officer hanks met his match yesterday in a pint-sized seven- year-old named josiah brandon, who sank first basket. >> the smile on his face when the ball went through the net, that probably-- that smile will stick with me forever. >> o'donnell: soh go police escort to the store where he picked out a pair of nikes, size two, and officer hanks drew his credit card and paid the $70 bill. he does it for the kids. they do it for the kicks. don't you just love that? either way, it's a slam dunk for both sides. and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. i'm norah o'donnell in new york on this tuesday night. we hope to see you again right back here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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breaking news right now off of the coast of half moon bay. a small plane went down in the ocean about one hour ago. this is not far from the airport. two people were inside of the plane, they have been rescued. we will bring you the very latest as that happens. right now at 7:00. >> we're live with the cal berk right when thousands of new students move in. >> do a look like a mom? >> reporter: of course. >> i'm terrified. he jumped on me and he had me and a headlock. >> strangled outside of his own bay area business. the owner's 13-year-old son grabs the bat and becomes a hero.
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