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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. breaking news. a small evacuated tonight after reports of an active shooter created panic. we are live from the scene. good evening. >> let's get to the breaking news. police swarm the great mall off 880 in milpitas as it was closing. officers issued shelter in place warning. kpix 5's andrea nakano is live with the details unfolding as we speak. >> reporter: we are still seeing people driving out of the parking lot here as officers conduct a search of the area. but a big sigh of relief as family mauves loved ones inside and mall employees are learning
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that this is not an active shooter incident. >> shut down the mall to make sure nobody was hurt and officers are inside right now searching the great mall to make sure nobody is sheltered in place, employees, get them out. we responded this way to make sure it is important to make sure the community is safe. it is out of caution for everybody that is here. just because the incidents recently. >> reporter: it was a chaotic scene after 7:30 p.m. this evening. this is video posted of people running away from the mall. the concern was a possible shooting took place and an active shooter was on the loose. milpitas police responded along with the san jose police department and air support also arrived on the scene as they did a search of the mall and that was a big task. this shopping center has more
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than 200 stores. a movie theater and restaurants on site and a food court. employees and customers were aible to leave the mall and go to had maul -- able to leave and mall and go to the parking lot. >> my girlfriend and her daughter were just that gilroy garlic festival and we missed the shooter by 15 minutes and now this is happening. it is just horrible. >> reporter: the captain tells us this is now being investigated as a robbery at a jewelry store inside the great mall. a similar instant happened, a smash and grab robbery that mall but the captain here with the milpitas police department says he would not say whether the incidents are related. now, the police are looking for three suspects in connection with this case. they believe they may have gotten away in a black sedan but at this point no one is in
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custody. andrea nakano, kpix 5. >> thank you very much. well, switching gears now. a great day across the bay area. hot in some places. a live look at several cities. things could get muggier? >> by tuesday or wednesday. let me show you how that will happen. it may bring back memories from last week. when the humidity spiked and it got uncomfortable. well, look at all the clouds working to the pacific. those are left overfrom a tropical storm. all that humidity and moisture is till working north and if we follow the track of that, the blue, time stamp says wednesday afternoon and that is when we notice the spike in humidity. good news is, i will use san jose as an example, we will see the temperatures cool down for day time highs but at the same
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time the humidity level will rise. this should not be as dramatic as it was on wednesday and thursday. the highs were higher and there was more humidity but this is still developing and this system could throw the moisture any number of ways. we will have updates on how sticky this week might feel. i will be back with the full forecast. back to you. >> thank you very much. the coast guard is searching for a missing man near discovery bay. he was out this morning when the boat failed. kpix 5's betty yu is there where crew have been searching by boat and helicopter. >> the coast guard said at 4:15 a.m. this morning they received a report of a missing man in the indian shrew near discovery bay. the contra costa county sheriff's office two men were fishing on an inflatable raft
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when it malfunction. one of the men swam to shore, the other disappeared. the chp, the u.s. coast guard and the contra costa county fire protection arrived on scene with boats and helicopters. >> we 3rd go over. >> reporter: -- heard it go over. >> reporter: she heard helicopters from her home this morning. the man crews are searching for is in his 30s. 5'6", 185 pounds. residents tell us it is a popular spot for fishg. >> fishing real early in the morning, as that. bass -- you have everything. catfish, bass. minnows. >> reporter: she has lived on india slew for four years. >> there is a current. there is a natural river that runs through here and it does have tidal action. it goes high and low. if a person wasn't a strong swimmer that could be a
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problem. you could panic. >> the coast guard says it plans to be back out here tomorrow night to search via helicopter and boat. in discovery bay, betty yu, kpix 5. a bay area link to a horrific crash in kern county. two children have been identified as victims in a fatal roll overyesterday morning along i-5, 30 minutes outside of bakersfield. the driver over corrected, crashed and rolled over. ejected and killed two kids. one 10-years-old, the other 13. three others were treated r injuries. the chp is investigating. tonight the white house is suggesting president trump is treed double down on the trade war with china. the president saying he had doubts about the strategy but officials clarified his regret
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is that he wasn't tougher. ben tracy has more. >> we have horrible trade deals and i am straightening them out. >> reporter: at his first meeting of the day president trump seemed to admit he is not sure about his trade war with china. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> yeah. sure. might as well. might as well. >> reporter: do you have second thoughts -- >> i have second thoughts about everything. >> the white house says what the president meant is that he wishes he raised the tariffs higher. >> is he going to raise the tariffs higher and to what? >> he hasn't made any decision. >> reporter: new u.k. prime minister told the president he is not a fan of tariffs. >> just -- motive -- our view on the trade war --
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>> reporter: today all seven world leaders met on the global economy, called for by president trump. a senior administration official said the white house feels french president emmanuel macron is spending too much on climate change and gender equality to score points and isolated president trump. >> it is billions and billions of dollars. tremendous for the farmers. >> reporter: later the president announced a new trade deal with japan. president trump commented on this weekend's missile test by north korea. kim jong un claims it perfected a new rocket launching system. >> i am not happy about it but he is not in violation of an agreement. >> reporter: these tests do violate u.n. security council resolutions. >> i can understand how the prime minister of japan feels. >> that is ben tracy reporting.
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the foreign minister of iran ended up having a meeting with the president of france but then left before having meeting with president trump. a former congressman will give president trump competition on the race for the white house. walsh announcing his run for the nominee today. once a supporter of the president walsh now saying president trump is unfit for office and he believes many republicans share his views. walsh published an op-ed apologizing for helping elect the president. >> three candidates are in the double digits but their competitors are hoping to pick up steam. of the 21 people in the race, only joe biden, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have national polling averages of 10% or more. since 1972, democrats who had
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single digits captured their party's nomination. some hope they can do the same. >> if i just made it debates for the fall, it is like making the playoffs and it is a long haul. number of our presidents that ended up being president were single digits at this point. >> you will see us tick up and we want to peak in february, march in california. and april and beyond. >> the next debate is september 12 in houston. today a section of downtown san jose was transformed into a river of rainbow for silicon valley pride. this year what started as small gathering has got an big corporate push. though it is only five blocks long and there is more people marching than watching, it is still a sign progress is happening in the south bay. >> i don't think big
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corporations really believed it. they realize a diverse work force is good. >> this is the third year after being halted for seven years due to lack of participation. fran police are sending an invitation to the lgbtq community. they are teaming up with glide for reflection and reconciliation sessions. the first is tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. in the sanctuary at ellis and tailor. tonight residents of one contra costa county city say there is no room for hate. a group decided to take action following an incident where a muslim woman was pushed inside a store. today a dozen community members walked through theater square and handed out signs with the words we are standing up to hate. >> that support that i received
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from all these wonderful women i wanted everyone to feel that and not be hesitant about visiting businesses in the community. >> they know nastiness could continue but they have a greater good in mind. he says he was shot by an active shooter but coming up, how police say one deputy faked the whole thing, including a gunshot wound. >> and the big donation fire fighting efforts in the amazon
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. evacuation orders are lifted from a wildfire burning across the state line in nevada. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon, 25 miles north of reno. firefighters have it 50% contained. they say it burned 2400 acres and destroyed home. but it is no longer growing. crews are trying to increase containment. >> as we get into the higher elevations, the steep tutrain, it is really rocky so it poses challenges for the crews to secure the line. >> residents in the neighborhood had to clear out
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yesterday as crews rushed into battle the flames. now people are back home but they are told to remain on alert. a person hurt in the mountain fire in shasta county but fire crews are making progress putting out the flames. the fire is 80% contained. all evacuations lifted. 600 acres burned. 14 homes and other buildings destroyed. and there is no word on what started that fire. the fires ripping through the amazon forest were a hot button issue at the summit. leaders are close to reaching an agreement for aid however french president emmanuel macron is threatening to pull a trade deal. pope francis weighing in today joining in on the call to protect the amazon forest. now amid pressure the brazilian
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president authorized troops to help with the flames. mean time leonardo dicaprio's fund is pledging $5 million toward reserving the amazon forest. alpha entertainment will donate to local organizations fighting the fires and helping communities impacted. steveswidow is also backing the -- steve job's widow is also backing the cause. a deputy's claim he was shot by a sniper turned out to be a hoax. last wednesday the deputy called dispatchers to say he was hit in the shoulder in lancaster in the southland. he claimed a sniper was on an apartment building bullet now authorities say it was -- but now authorities say it was all made up. >> we are disappointed to have to report to you that the reported sniper assault was
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fabricated by the deputy. >> we have to be outside the house, and i had to stay at my mom's house. they weren't letting anybody in the house. my wife had to miss work. >> the deputy used a knife to cut holes in his vest and shirt to fake bullet holes. the sheriff is apologizing to people who were inconvenienced by the fake emergency. hundreds gathered at a free benefit concert in thy honor the nine people killed in the mass shooting. they reminded guests of their power to triumph over tragedy. >> certainly, you know, my work will continue on the commitment to end gun violence and we will continue a work with anybody who is willing to change the laws as we know it. >> funs will benefit families of the shooting victims and
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survivors. a district attorney says harvey weinstein is headed back to court tomorrow. it is not clear if more charges will be brought against him. it could also take up his request to have the case moved out of new york city. he pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault charges against him. the trial starts september 9. all right. the weather, things are going to get muggy. >> tuesday and wednesday. but before we get there, i have to look back at today. the low clouds over the hills. take a look at the view. full screen. i want you to see the clouds arcing over the headlands there in the distance. golden gatebridge right there. high pressure is set up. high pressure presses down on
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the atmosphere. that is why the marine layer is pushing over them and high pressure is how you warm up and we started warming up today. let me show you tomorrow. we will do the sum pearson to show how much warmer we will be tomorrow. some places warmed up today. concord, 97 today. that is enough. no change for tomorrow. but if you are closer into the bay and the offshore flow, today we got help, not tomorrow. 8 degrees warmer tomorrow in san francisco. 74 degrees for the high. it was 67 today. san jose going to 90. it was 84 today. these are increases for many of us. concord 97. we are staying there. livermore 96. fremont goes to 87. mountain view 85 tomorrow and san rafael going to 88. in the long range forecast, we are staying above average.
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through the next 10 days. september 4. the temperatures will stay above average for highs. i don't have hundreds for inland locations. you will see there is some mid- 90s, upper 90s coming up. the other thing we will start hearing more about now is the other tropical system. i showed you the one that will give us humidity at the top. now this tropical storm will turn into a category 1 hurricane and it will march its way by the time we get to wednesday evening, it is just south of puerto rico. that is something we will watch closely. right now the forecast track takes the eye of the storm south of the island. but that needs be watched. haiti and the dominican republic is next. we will see how that plays out. as far as back home, more humidity. pointed that out earlier. tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the temperatures are not as hot
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as they were last week when we had the humidity. you remember how sticky that felt. this won't be as enhance but it will feel a little humidity this week. all right. back to you. >> okay. thank you. he went from the bay area to hawaii with a small boat and a paddle. coming up, what he did as soon as he got back on dry land. . >> straighted ahead on game day, what is in a name? >> i try to tell people and they are like -- they can't -- they can't -- i was like -- >> the day after. >> how antonio brown now will have to use his head. the 1989 world series champion 30 years later and the giants got all a's. reaction, analysis, on game day, after the newscast.
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. a spanish endurance athlete who set out 76 days ago arrived in honolulu. he made the trip paddleboarding across the pacific. his 2900-mile trip was meant to raise awareness about ocean
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pollution. his 24-foot paddleboard includes sleeping quarters in the front, storage space in the back. he is the first solo traveler to ever cross the pacific on a stand up paddleboard. he celebrated with an ice cold beer. tomorrow is a great excuse it give a dog a bone. there is our producer's dog because it is national dog day. you will see many pups on social media with the hashtag #national dog day. visiters to the golden gate bridge were surprised with a great view and piano music. coming up, ♪
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. foggy day in san francisco. >> it was the perfect back drop for some surprise piano playing. >> visiters were only treated to the stunning view but heard classical music with the waves crashing in the background. all thanks to an organization called presidential hopefuls, called pianfrancisco.
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the event ends today. these pianos have been popping up around the city. we will keep you posted from the couldn't be prouders to the wait did we just win-ners.


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