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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 26, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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unfortunately when the vehicle ran over them they fell ov and they flattened them out.>> reporter: just minutes later the stolen honda accord allegedly driven by perez ran a red light and broadsided a left carrying two people at the intersection of lawrence expressway in santa clara. is the rideshare vehicle is making that left turn the impact is on the rear passenger side door. unfortunately were the female passenger. >> reporter: that passenger carol major of santa clara died at the hospital. passenger and driver also suffered major injuries. a short time ago we confirmed through a friend that this is carol major. she is 28. she worked at apple. the suspect sitting in the santa clara county jail facing homicide charges. as well as dui and abating
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officers as well as that stolen vehicle. new details in an east bay shooting involving an off-duty police officer. they have confirmed the officer involved has been put on leave. ceo itthe. ou 10 pm and off-duty stamps the police officer shot a man in his 40s. it happened outside an apartment building. the victim did not have a gun on him. he was taken to highland trauma center. neighbor said the man confronted the off-duty police officer. the neighbor shot him. after that a lot of things happened here. a lot of cars. those sirens. i was sound asleep. and i woke up. the man who was shot is listed in stable condition. he is expected to survive. santa clara county the
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search is on for three suspects who pulled off a smash and grab robbery setting off panic at the great mall in milpitas. shoppers went running last night after mistaking the sounds of that smash and grab for a shooter. the robbery happened at the jewelers store. officers issued a shelter in place warning while they search for suspects. two hours earlier in modesto another julie restore was hit in the same smash and grab. police say these are suspects involved in the robbery of vintage fair mall. there were several injuries as people took off running. no one was to just seriously hurt. not clear of the robberies are linked. detectives are checking surveillance videos at both malls. based on the time frame of the modesto police departments incident and hours the possibility could be there. i don't want to see they are. people might have case the business before hand. they came in and looked around. and identified what cases they wanted to hit. in los angeles county another mall shooting scare. this time topanga mall.
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police responded to reports of a shooting in the early afternoon yesterday. but confirmed there was no shooting. officers were able to catch suspects involved. they were taken into custody on suspicion of robbery. fremont just getting underway a community workshop to discuss the city's proposed homeless navigation center. the fremont city council has neural the possible location down to 2 potential spots. a parking lot behind city hall in downtown or on surplus city property next to a plant nursery and north fremont. the since it would be made up of portable buildings. 45 homeless people could stay for up to six months at a time. residents will have resources on hand to find permanent housing and employment. we will meet a man who said he is proof the navigation center is desperately needed. a big 4th inning project got underway in the santa cruz mountains to cut down on the wildfire risk.
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cal fire is clearing brush and trees along a nearly 7 mile stretch of highway 17 between los gatos and summit road. devon feely set the idea is to keep 17 as an evacuation route rather than a source of trouble.>> reporter: the gold is straightforward. when there are fewer trees and brush in an area that means there is less fuel to burn in the event of a wildfire. winding a path of the santa cruz mountains highway 17 is an important evacuation route and in its current condition a potential problem. hemmed in by largely untamed forest. people are not going to be able to get out. they will have to shelter in vehicles. like paradise if you are sheltering any vehicle that is not in an area that has been treated. were you are up against the vegetation that is on fire it is not a tenable situation. >> reporter: cal fire has launched an ambitious project trimming or removing trees and clearing brush. along the 6 1/2 mile stretch of highway 17. from the summit north to los
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gatos. the paperwork is the hardest part. appearing to get these things started.>> reporter: a project whose complexity the governor underscored. citing the permits necessary to do the work on public and private land. we know that in an emergency it is going to be a good thing that all these combustible materials around the house has been removed. we are fully in favor of it. i'm biting my lip about the loss of a couple trees.>> reporter: cal fire thinned the cheese on her backyard hunting her neighbor agreed to as well. a willing sacrifice. the name of safety. we are enthusiastic about them coming in and trimming up. we have been nervous about a fire coming through here with all the recent fires that have happened.>> reporter: cal fire's goal is to have the project completed by the end of december. a live look at san jose. hot out there today. spare the air alert around the bay area.
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we will be feeling a change tomorrow. not as hot. the hottest weather for the week is what we have right now. it really was a big temperature spread today. more than 1 degree per mile. at the coast at 4 pm it wasn't even 60 degrees. 59 in pacifica. 42 miles up the road in fairfield. it was hot. at travis air force base. 33 degrees hotter than pacifica. 43 degrees over 42 miles -- 102 in fairfield. inland heat for a second day. it will be hot inland tomorrow but not as hot with a high of 94 in concorde. san francisco 72. 3 degrees above average. we have some tropical clouds heading north. the remnants of a tropical storm that dissipated a couple days ago. working its way up the coast. tomorrow it will not be as hot. it will not be as sunny. cloud cover running into an over the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. an increase in humidity as well. the full seven day forecast coming up. president trump due back at
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the white house within the hour. after an eventful weekend at the g7 summit in france. the u.s. trade war with china dominated discussions on the final day. cbs reported nicole has the latest on president trump's trade disputes.>> reporter: president trump will be coming back to the white house soon. from the g7 where he said there was unity among world leaders and the possible breakthrough with china on trade. as president trump departed the summit he insisted china is ready to make a trade deal with the u.s. i think they want to make a deal. i'm not sure they have a choice. i don't say that as a threat. >> reporter: the french president said there were lengthy discussions about the trade dispute which has created uncertainty in global markets. an agreement is arrived at the quicker that uncertainty will dissipate.>> reporter:
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wall street stocks return to positive monday after president trump said china wanted to resume negotiations. the vice chairman of china came out that he wants to see a deal made. he wants it to be made under calm conditions. i agree with him on that. >> reporter: the u.s. will host the g7 summit next year. the president said he may invite russian president vladimir putin even though russia was kicked out of the group. i would certainly invite him. whether or not he could, psychologically i think that is a tough thing for him to do.>> reporter: he said he will be willing to meet with iran's president to resolve the ongoing nuclear standoff. president trump said the conditions for a new agreement are simple. we are looking for no nuclear weapons. no ballistic missiles. any longer period of time.>> reporter: he is hopeful progress can be made but if the iranians are not good players they will be met with really violent force. president
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mccrone said he hopes president trump could meet in the coming weeks. president trump was noncommittal about a timeframe. was that he thinks it is possible there is a good chance they could meet. now the dow jones closed up 270 points on hopes the u.s. and china might be restarting trade talks. the nasdaq jump 102. the s&p close 31. california is leading a coalition of 19 states filing a lawsuit under the new rule migrant children to be indefinitely detained. the lawsuit points to a court settlement from 22 years ago. it limits detention of children to 20 days. president trump's new policy is set to take effect in two months. unless it is blocked by the courts. california's attorney general said indefinite detention interferes with the states ability to ensure the health safety and welfare of kids.
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the actions by this administration are not just morally reprehensible. as i said they are illegal. children don't become subhuman sympathy because they are migrants. california is also filing a preliminary injunction to stop another child and ministration rule from taking effect. which would prevent immigrants who use public assistance like food stamps from getting a green card. the groundbreaking ruling in the opioid crisis. a drug giant ordered to pay millions for fueling the epidemic. what one states victory could mean for other cases. apple joining the battle in the amazon. tim cook's plans to help the fire is raging in the rain forest. welcome to chase center. i've been waiting seven years to say that. showing off the warriors in the home. a first look inside the chase center.
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late this afternoon will could be a first for california public schools. this afternoon the california state assembly passing a bill that would allow students access to medical marijuana. it lets school boards decide whether parents can administer medical cannabis to school age kids in grades k-12. the current law prevents it. that means kids who use medical cannabis to treat their seizures have to go off campus to take it. the bill could help students by five-year-old brooke adams of santa rosa who uses cannabis oil the cbd to treat her seizures. the rankin valley school district said she couldn't have it on campus. her family took the issue to court and the judge ruled that she could. it has helped her tremendously. last year former governor jerry brown vetoed a similar proposal. we will monitor the bills
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progress as it goes through the state legislature. oklahoma judge today making a landmark ruling on the opioid epidemic in the first state case to go to trial a big pharmaceutical company was hit with a half $1 billion judgment. the opioid crisis has ravaged the state of oklahoma.>> reporter: the oklahoma judge said johnson and johnson is responsible for fueling the states opioid epidemic by flooding communities with addictive painkillers. specifically defendants calls and opioid crisis that is evidenced by increased rates of addiction and overdose deaths and neonatal accident syndrome and oklahoma.>> reporter: he ordered the drug giant to pay $572 million in damages. well below the $17 billion estate asked for to pay for addiction programs over the next 30 years. i feel like my boy is looking down.>> reporter: he lost his own son to opioids. he said he is grateful for the
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ruling but not hopeful. am i optimistic? know. i'm not. i think they will appeal this thing and fight. >> reporter: purdue pharma were also named as defendants. but both settled on of court. a combined total of $355 million. without admission of wrongdoing. johnson and johnson and its subsidiary jansen decided to go to trial. sabrina strong as their attorney. we are disappointed in this agree. with the judge's decision. disagree. we believe it is flawed.>> reporter: the oklahoma cases at the forefront of a wave of lawsuits across the country. as communities struggle through the devastation of the opioid crisis. johnson & johnson has already promised to appeal. today's ruling could shape negotiations in a make a case in ohio. a federal judge there is weighing 1500 opioid lats>> pol
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employees in a florida nursing home along the death of 12 residents. they died after hurricane irma knocked out power in 2017. attorney say the patients died of heat exposure after the storm wiped out their air conditioning. at the hollywood hills rehabilitation center. the nursing home administrator and 2 nurses surrendered to police earlier. a third nurse is involved. it is not clear she turned herself in. each employee facing several charges including manslaughter. hollywood producer harvey weinstein pleading not guilty to an indictment that at two charges of predatory sexual assault. the new indictment will allow three new accusers to testify. including sopranos actress annabella. she claims he her in 1993. weinstein's attorney said the charges show the prosecutors are desperate. the defense once the trial moved out of new york city because of the pretrial
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publicity. in the bay area crews suspended their search for a missing boulder in discovery bay. authorities say the two men were out fishing in an inflatable raft when it malfunctioned yesterday morning. one of the men was able to swim to shore. the other disappeared. he has been identified as efren cruz. the coast guard said it search lesson 24 27 hours. raging wildfires continue to destroy the amazon rain forest. but now help is on the way from apple ceo tim cook. he tweeted this quote it is devastating to see the fires and destruction ravaging the amazon rain forest. one of the world's most important ecosystems. apple will be donating to help preserve its biodiversity and restore the amazons indispensable forest across latin america. help is also coming from the sacramento-based supertanker. the modified 747 is flying to drop missions over bolivia.
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the supertanker is being dubbed the next generation air tanker. it could be sent anywhere in the world in under 20 hours. the raging wildfires became the focus of discussion at the g7 summit in france. world leaders agreed to a $20 million fund to help brazil in the firefight. brazilian president is also sending about 40 thousand troops to the area. to battle the flames. nearly 10,000 new fires have been reported the past few days. many are believed to be intentionally set by farmers clearing land. leonardo dicaprio's foundation is donating a bunch of money for that firefight. they give off oxygen and absorb. what do we need? oxygen. we want to get rid of carbon dioxide. don't bring the stuff. around here we look at a muted fire season. right now we are talking about warmer temperatures inland. a slight increase in humidity.
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coming up tomorrow. it is not even 70 in san francisco. it is 3 degrees short of 100. in concorde. in between san jose a warm day at 85. santa rosa 89. it is 75 degrees in oakland. a mild night tonight. the humidity increases. not as prominent as last week. livermore 64. san francisco 58. high-resolution satellite it is a disparity not only in temperature but cloud cover. clouds are hugging the coastline. everywhere along the coast is breezy and cloudy. even drizzle. you get one or two miles inland it is nothing but sunshine. you go away inland sunny and close to 100. all because of this ridge of high pressure just to the north but moving away. there is something new moving and. the remnants of tropical storm evil. most of the rainfall will stay offshore. the cloud cover already over central california.
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you will see an increase in cloud cover and a slight increase in humidity tomorrow afternoon. it won't impact the weather in a huge way. it will feel stickier. 24 hours from now. morning clouds of the coast. there is a veil of filtered sunshine and cloud cover out there tomorrow evening 5 pm. the wave moves through. wednesday morning we are back to the normal stuff which is morning clouds near the water and afternoon sunshine. alamo today got close to 100. you won't be as hot tomorrow. nor is sunny. it will be warm and humid with a high of 93. back to abidjan wednesday. temperatures down to the middle to upper 80s. low clouds and fog along the coast tonight. humidity will increase tomorrow. with a somewhat cloudier afternoon. some filtered sunshine late in the day. just returned to normal beginning wednesday and staying there the rest of the week into the weekend. the hottest weather was today. cool down a few degrees tomorrow. napa 90. concorde 94. livermore 96. 86 fremont.
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88 san jose. 78 oakland. 72 san francisco. still chilly at the coast. you were in the 60s but he will stay in the 60s. everybody cooling down wednesday thursday. we level off in the middle 80s to low 90s ellen. middle to upper 60s near the bay. into and through the weekend. labor day is on monday. labor day weekend dust look. pleasant. no thunderstorm chance in the bay area. former stanford czar angela coston upward when he retired from the nfl. players are now coming to his defense. what a former star said about andrew luck coming up next. the weather's perfect...
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reaction today to quarterback andrew lugs decision to quit football. some ticketholders are demanding refunds. from the indianapolis colts. the sports director is here with more on the former stanford star retirement. i was caught offguard. i was on the sidelines in kansas city. trying to focus on my job. since he announced retirement on saturday social media and the talkshows have cast judgment on his decision. after seven years in the league the cold quarterback was burned out. i'm in pain. i'm still in pain. i have been in the cycle which feels like it has been four years of this pain rehab cycle. for me to move forward in my life the way i want to. it doesn't involve football.
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it is fitting i'm in my retirement press conference. in an athletic shirt. i looked pretty ratty after a game. sorry mom i can have a better appearance right now. news of his retirement made the rounds in the middle of the kohl's game on saturday. as luck walked off the field fans booed. his peers came to his defense. when i think about it i thought it would have been more of a standing ovation typing. and a thank you. from cal back to samford business professor and former secretary of state gave her support on social media. andrew luck mate $97 million since entering the nfl in 2012. by retiring he leaves over $40 million on that contract. and was set to run two more years. he has bigger bigger things in mind for his life.
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he has an architect degree from stanford. that is what he wants to do. i don't think he owes an apology to anybody. his responsibility is to himself his family and to his children. his retirement comes as the new data shows a decline in football at the high school level. the number of teenagers going out for football dropped by nearly 40,000 and the most recent school year. the total of just over 1 million was the lowest in nearly 2 decades. the national federation during the survey said concerned about safety is a key factor. a tour inside the warriors brand-new home. save some finishing work it is just about ready. ready enough to show it off. we have your first look at the new chase censor. some good samaritans rushed to the aid of a southern california deputy. when a man tried to take his
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gun. tropical storm dorian barreling to the caribbean and could reach hurricane strength. the threat of puerto rico still in recovery. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. he it. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. recees snap or ssi benefits. we've created access from at&t californousi may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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a special tour inside the warriors new home. we are getting the first look at the new chase center in san francisco. good evening. the new san francisco landmark is taking its claims is the most modern most luxurious sports arena in the country. wilson walker is live where he got to experience the new digs today.>> reporter: i have been thinking about that for a while. i don't quite know what to think. is that massive scoreboard going to in the courrofe fo


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