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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 29, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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insist are unfounded. of course they would get stressed out if they nonstop, so we bring them out in shifts and give them breaks. one thing is clear. this country is happily going to the dogs. captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, august 29th, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." tracking dorian. how florida is preparing for what could become a category 3 hurricane. vaping health alert. milwaukee officials urge everyone to stop using e-cigarettes immediately, but the ceo of juul tells cbs news he believes his product is safe. and murder manhunt. how a married couple facing homicide charges pulled off a daring escape.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. i'm wendy gillette in for anne-marie green. florida is under a state of emergency this morning as hurricane dorian is forecast to hit the state as a major category 3 storm. dorian is expected to slam ashore florida's east coast over the labor day weekend. chief meteorologist craig setzer of our miami station wfor is tracking the storm's path. dorian is in the atlantic moving to the north-northwest getting stronger as it goes. it's forecast to intensify through friday and on friday make a turn to the west or west-northwest. how sharp that turn is going to be a big player in terms of where the storm goes. if it's a very sharp turn, south florida under the gun. if it's a slower turn, more gradual, central florida. if it's even a slower turn, north florida could be under the gun. but the entire peninsula has the threat of dealing with a major
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hurricane sunday or monday time frame. what's steering it? it's the steering pattern in the tropics. two areas are blocking high pressure. we call it a break in the block. if that break were to stay there, dorian would likely go out to the sea. it's basically closing off this northern route, so dorian forecast to go to the west, and that's why it looks like florida will be dealing with dorian later this weekend. craig setzer, cbs news. puerto rico avoided the full wrath of hurricane dorian. instead the virgin islands got battered. st. thomas took a direct hit with heavy rain and wind gusts up to 100 miles per hour. the department of emergency management in florida is warning a similar scene could happen if dorian makes landfall in the state. laura podesta is live in new york. laura, how are people in florida preparing? >> wendy, floridians are used to
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hurricanes, but they're still heeding warnings of dorian's racket. some are choosing to stay and boarding up their homes to prepare for high winds. others are leaving town. store shelves are emptying across florida. >> i bought a lot of tuna fish, potato chips, peanut butter and jelly, and lots of water. >> dorian pounded the u.s. virgin islands as a category 1 hurricane and is now forecasted to reach florida this weekend. governor ron desantis told all floridians to stock up on seven days worth of supplies. >> even if it's a small one or you pretend it's not coming, you pretend it's coming. >> if it's not going to happen, i'm still going to use this. >> tourists are deciding whether to ghunker down or get out of town.
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local business leaders say they understand if tourists leave. >> why would you come to a hotel with kids and be trapped for two days. you can stay home and listen to them scream. >> homeowners are preparing, filling up sandbags and installed wind-resistant windows and doors. >> people think that just putting basic materials over their windows and tape and all that's going to work. it's also false security. none of it works. >> dorian may also move north into other states like south carolina and georgia. fema has more than 3,000 people in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands and is expected to mobilize more people when the storm eventually hits. >> could be a big one. laura podesta in new york. laura, thanks. health officials in milwaukee are sounding the alarm about vaping. they're urging people to stop vaping immediately amid an outbreak of lung disease that might be linked to e-cigarettes. there are 16 confirmed cases in wisconsin. all had recently vaped marijuana-based products. >> who knows where the kids are getting it from.
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there's the thc pens and all sorts of different chemicals that go out there that are not sold in a vapor shop. >> in an exclusive cbs news interview, with "cbs this morning's" temp spoke with the ceo kevin burns. he says his products are safe. >> when people say they don't know the long-term effects, that's true. >> that's true. that's a true statement. >> how are you sitting here selling it today? aren't you selling first, asking questions later? >> we have a product that's legal today, they're not at risk based on the guidelines for the category today to the american public. >> you can see more of the in r interview with kevin burns on "cbs this morning" later this morning. the trump administration has announced it will change the citizenship policy for some children born to u.s.
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servicemembers abroad. under current policy children of servicemembers an other officials stationed abroad effectively receive the same automatic citizenship as if they were born in the u.s., but starting on october 29th, parents of certain children born outside the u.s. will have to apply for citizen ship on their child's behalf. some democrats criticize the change, saying it will harm members of the military. a manhunt is under way this morning for a couple accused of murder. they escaped in utah yesterday. police say 56-year-old blaine barksdale and 59-year-old susan barksdale are wanted in connection with the murder of a 72-year-old man in arizona back in april. they were arrested in new york and were being transported back to arizona when they overpowered two security guards. they are believed to be armed and dangerous. china's military rotated new troops into hong kong this morning as protests there continue. hong kong has been engulfed in pro-democracy protests for three months.
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the fresh troops sparked concern that china's military will intervene in the demonstrations. china called the troop rotation routine. there's backlash against a plan by british prime minister boris johnson to force through his brexit deal. johnson decided to shut down parliament in september for more than a month. he plans to open it days before the brexit deadline. queen elizabeth approved the plan, but many parliamentarians are furious. >> this is a coup. we've got to stop this. >> what the prime minister is doing is sort of a smash and grab on our democracy. >> he's become like a ten-point dictator. >> the uk voted more than three years ago to quit the european union. coming up on the "morning news," she's the latest democrat to drop out of the 2020 race for president. >> and an alleged school shooting plot in north carolina. a teenager is arrested. this is the "cbs morning news." is arrested. this is the "cbs morning news."
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united airlines fleet of 14 boeing 737 max airplanes is on the move. the airline says it's moving its grounded fleet of max jets from houston to phoenix. itedaysantsoe t planes out of houston during hurricane season. it also says arizona's weather makes it a better place to store the planes. the max has been grounded since march after two deadly plane crashes. another democrat is pulling out of the presidential race, and there's been an arrest in an alleged school shooting plot. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. cbs boston station wbz reports a teenager from boston allegedly planned a shooting at north carolina's high point university. yesterday 19-year-old freshman paul steber was arrested on
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charges of bringing guns on campus and threatening mass violence. police say another student tipped them off about two guns and ammunition in steber's dorm room. according to court documents, he told police he planned on shooting up the campus. >> and i mean you'd hate to think about what would happen if nobody said something and he was able to go through with whatever he was planning on going through with. >> prosecutors say steber had been watching videos to learn how to carry out a mass shooting. they say he bought the guns because he was upset about possibly not getting into a fraternity. "usa today" reports a second suspicious death at a west virginia v.a. hospital has been ruled a homicide. the fbi and the v.a. a investigating the ten deaths at the louis a. johnson medical center in clarksburg. the bodies of two victims were exhumed and autopsied. their deaths were both ruled homicide by insulin injection. west virginia's senator joe
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manchin's office says there is a person of interest in the case. the v.a. says it does not involve a current employee. "the new york times" says new york senator kirsten gillibrand announced she's dropping out of the 2020 presidential race. the decision came after gillibrand failed to qualify for a democratic d nexon that will include ten candidates. throughout the campaign she averaged less than 1% in polls and struggled to raise money. she said she would endorse another candidate in the primary but has not yet picked which one. and the "washington post" reports u.s. women's soccer star carli lloyd says she's not afraid to kick in the nfl. last week during a philadelphia eagles practice, lloyd nailed a 55-yard field goal. she talked about the possibility of giving the nfl a try. lloyd said someone approached her afterward to kick in a preseason game. >> from a kicking perspective,
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spacex released footage of the successful test launch of its star hopper prototype. after a few false starts, the mars rocket rose about 500 feet over the texas coast on tuesday before coming down for a soft landing. it's the first prototype for the next generation spacecraft. they plan to spend people around the moon and to mars in the next decade. on the "cbs moneywatch," there's a major airbag recall and the days may be numbered for forever 21. marc liverman has that and more.
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good morning, marc. >> good morning, wendy. notable companies reporting today include best buy, dollar tree, dollar general, abercrombie & fitch, burlington stores, and ulta beauty. stocks closed higher on wall street wednesday led by banks and retailers. the dow rallied 258 points. the s&p 500 gained 18 points, and the nasdaq added 29 points. there's a new recall alert north america and japan. the automaker says it's recalling 191,000 cars because the airbags may not inflate properly in a crash. the recall covers certain 2003 through 2008 corolla compact sedans and 2005 through 2008 matrix hatchbacks. toyota says the front passenger airbags in the cars were installed in prior recalls to replace dangerous takata airbags.
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dealers will replace the airbags at no cost to owners. tesla is now offering car insurance. the company says it will offer rates 20% to 30% below those offered by traditional insurers. the policies, however, will only be for personal usage of tesla cars. the company says it eventually wants to offer commercial policies. the insurance is only being sold in california to start. tesla says it will expand to additional states in the future. another clothing store chain is reportedly close to filing for bankruptcy protection. according to bloomberg citing people with knowledge of the plan, teenager store forever 21 is preparing for a potential filing. forever 21 has also reportedly hired a team of advisers to help restructure its debt and has been in talks for additional financing. negotiations with possible lenders, however, have stalled. >> and marriott international
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has announced it's eliminating tiny toiletries. the world's largest hotels will remove small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel worldwide by december 2020. they'll be replaced with larger bottles or wall mounted dispensers depending on the hotel. the move follows a similar announcement by ihg which owns holiday inn and other brands. wendy? >> marc, it's very hard to steal the larger bottles. >> yes, it's going to be harder. i'm used to taking the smaller ones. apparently you're allowed to. >> that's not stealing. >> i know it's better for the environment, but i'm going to miss them. >> me too. i'm a bit of a hoarder. >> do you have a few of those at home? >> yeah. it's a little embarrassing. all right. marc liverman at the new york stock exchange. marc, thanks. still ahead, top plays at the u.s. open. superstar serena williams pulls off a real where, while roger federer gets off to a slower start.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. race car driver jessi combs was killed in a high-speed crash while trying to set a new land speed record. the 39-year-old was attempting to become the fastest woman on earth when she crashed in southeastern oregon tuesday. combs began her career as a builder of hot rod cars. she went on to appear on television in a number of auto shows including "overhaulin'" and "all girls garage." at the u.s. open, tennis in new york defending men's champion novak djokovic won his
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second round match yesterday, but hehood to deal with a nagging shoulder problem. djokovic beat argentina's juan ignacio nan darrow in straight sets. he needed treatment on his left shoulder throughout the match. serena williams survived a scare against 17-year-old american caty mcnally. williams lost the first set before coming back to win the next two. five-time u.s. open champion roger federer started out slowly for the second straight match. he dropped the first set against bosnia's damir dzumhur before he won the next three sets. it was federer's 100th match at the u.s. open in 19 years. venus williams lost her second round match to fifth seeded elina svitolina of ukraine. coming up only on "cbs this morning," more of tony
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learn the signs at our top story this morning, hurricane dorian is making a run for florida. forecasters say it's likely to hit florida sunday or monday. dorian is expected to gain strength in the next few days and become a major category 3 storm or higher. yesterday puerto rico was spared the brunt of dorian, but the storm hammered the virgin islands. torrential rain caused flash flooding, and many areas were left without power. overseas there has been a dramatic escalation in the civil war in syria. yesterday syrian government warplanes attacked close to a turkish military post. holly williams takes us inside one of the last rebel
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strongholds there, considered to be one of the most dangerous places on earth. >> reporter: in idlib, warplanes rained down death. more than 3 million people live in this corner of syria, and after eight years of civil war, many have nowhere left to run. in this dank bunker we found children hiding from the insanity above. so this family has dug out a cave by hand, an air shelter underneath their own home, and when there are syrian regime or russian jets or helicopters in the air, the children come down here and take shelter. rslutcng their teddy bears, taking cover from the bombs of their own government. parts of idlib are now eerily quiet, like this town abandoned by tens of thousands of its residents after air strikes
4:27 am
targeted a busy market last month. 50 were killed by some reports, a massacre in cold blood. this family who farm olives and cherries on the outskirts of town have hung on, but now they've packed a few possessions and are heading to a camp. they told us their children are terrified by the bombing r. do they understand what this war is about? they're kids, he told us. they see the jets and the bombs, but they don't understand. the syrian regime and its russian backers are apparently trying to make idlib unlivable, and they're succeeding. holly williams, cbs news, idlib, syria. coming up only on "cbs this morning," more of tony dokoupil's interview with kevin burns, the ceo of juul, about
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the teen vaping epidemic and what he plans to do about it. plus, new privacy concerns we'lspeak withheompany's ceo se thathe "cbs moing ws" for t thanks for watching. i'm wendy gillette. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- is
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