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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 31, 2019 2:07am-2:37am PDT

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>> that is where andrea nakano joins us with why a state court threw itwas a califoia appeals court that threw out the sole conviction against jose inez garcia and attorneys are celebrating cautiously waiting to see what will happen next. >> terrible thing to happen. >> reporter: on july 1 in 2015, kate steinle died while taking a walk with her father. the jury only found him guilty on one charge. an exfelon in possession of a firearm. the defense claimed he didn't know he was picking up a gun covered with a cloth on the ground and it accidentally fired killing steinle. the courtover appeal overturned the gun conviction because the judge failed to give the jury the option of acquitting him on the theory he only possessed the weapon for a moment.
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the reaction was swift. the san francisco police officers association released this statement saying this is another disgusting injustice crime than by a broken justice holding violent offenders accountable. garcia's attorneys see this as a victory. >> we will be given the right law in this case. i can say. >> reporter: the state reverse of the weapons charge opens the door for the san francisco district attorney's office or the california attorney general's office to try garcia zarate on the same charge. while the da's office says it is weighing all its options, sarah hopes the federal court will be the final stop in this case. >> they should say we are not
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going to go. he has done his time. we are going to let the federal case proceed. >> reporter: we heard back from the california attorney general's office. they say they are reviewing this decision but wouldn't elaborate on whether it plans to pursue the charges again. in san francisco, andrea nakano, kpix5. a young woman from central america is receiving life- saving medical treatment here in the east bay. but now, the trump administration says she and others like her must leave the country by mid september. christin ayers on the growing fight to keep that patient right here in the bay area. >> reporter: isabel spent all day getting life saving treatment here at children's hospital in oakland. but, a deportation order from the trump administration would make it impossible for her to continue the treatments and tonight, politicians and celebrities are fighting to keep isabel here.
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>> i'm isabel. >> reporter: the video circulating shows a happy smiling isabel bueso. the 24-year-old suffers from a rare genetic disorder called mps6. originally, from guatemala, she and her family legally migrated to the united states in 2003, invited by doctors to participate in medical trials to study the disorder. the treatments have extended her life expectancy. but trump's policies are ordering her to depart the united states within 33 days. representative mark dsange did not hold back on criticizing the president and his order. >> if he goes through with this in this instance, the doctor says she will die. without the treatment she gets and can only get here, he is committing a death sentence to a young woman who has done
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nothing but what was legal. >> reporter: he and senator kamala harris sent this letter to the department of homeland security calling for the government to reconsider the decision to deny extending deferred action on deportation for the bueso family. the congressman says he is working on introducing a private bill that would keep isabel in the united states. but politicians are not the only ones fighting for the buesos. actress eva longoria tweeted save isabel. we can't continue to let children die under this administration. gina rodriguez says let's help save isabel. according to the letter isabel received from the trump administration, she would have to depart the united states by september 15. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. on now to the storm watch. hurricane dorian continues to gather strength in the atlantic. millions are now in the path of a monstrous category 4 storm that is expected to make landfall over the labor day weekend. our chief meteorologist paul deanno is keeping a close eye
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on this one. >> the forecast track and intensity has changed a lot over the past 24 hours. we are just getting caught up on hurricane dorian now. it is bigger, stronger, it's a category 4 hurricane. it only goes up to 5. with sustained winds up to 140 miles an hour. but, now that landfall in florida is anything but a guarantee. many computer models turn the storm before hitting florida an take it up to the carolinas next wednesday or next thursday. looking at individual computer forecast models, almost every one makes a turn into north florida or keeps the center of the storm offshore. not making landfall in florida. everybody in florida needs to prepare, but this forecast is absolutely changing and trending toward a turn to the north. nikole killion is in cocoa beach, florida where officials are warning residents to get ready or get out. >> reporter: whether dorian makes a direct hit here in florida or not, forecasters warn no one is out of danger.
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this plane full of weather instruments flew into the eye of the hurr closer look at what could be in store for florida. governor ron desantis warned dorian is likely to bring power outages and storm surge with flooding that could affect millions of people for days. >> you need to take preparations for this storm if you haven't already. >> reporter: officials are urging floridians to stockpile a week's worth of food, water, medicine, and other supplies. fuel shortages at some gas stations have been reported and authorities are bringing in more fuel from out of state. here in we are saturday brevard county, residents are told to leave the area starting sunday. as dorian churned over the atlantic ocean, the international space station captured these images. back on earth, this south florida resident trimmed trees an vegetation at her home. >> it doesn't become a projectile.
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i don't want to hurt anybody. >> reporter: this map secured his boat and belongings before heading out of town. president trump returned from camp david for a meeting at fema headquarters. before he left he asked if he is worried about his mar-a-lago report in florida. >> the thing i'm worried about is the state of florida. >> reporter: meanwhile at the second busiest cruise port, ships are charting a new course to keep passengers safe. major tourist attractions like disney world remain open for now. and no mass evacuations have been ordered in the state. nikole killion, kpix5. >> so much has changed the past 24 hours. i offer you one guarantee, the forecast track will change much more. so keep it tuned here to kpix5. tonight, governor newsom has sent crews to florida from task force 3 to assist people in that area. and i will be keeping a close eye on hurricane dorian throughout the weekend.
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stay with kpix5 and for continuing air and online. well, an suv smashed into a house in sonoma county this evening with deadly results. it happened on bodega highway just west of sebastapool. it sent cinderblocks flying. >> multiple spots on the house went through the window. went through the front door. went over the house, the vehicle currently is resting on top of the hot tub in the backyard. >> authorities say a tree apparently deflected the car enough to prevent even more damage to the building. driver of that suv killed. the search is on for two men accused of snatching the purse of a 95-year-old woman at a petaluma safeway. these suspects were caught on target's video surveillance. where they allegedly purchased more than a thousand dollars
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worth of merchandise with her credit card. drugs, guns, and stolen credit card. san jose police announced they busted a major burglary ring responsible for dozens of break- ins across the area. maria medina is outside the the santa clara county jail where the suspects are locked up tonight. >> reporter: san jose police say the group of suspects targeted mostly businesses in schools and that they worked together sense january of this year until investigators caught up with them yesterday morning. >> then i see a swat team. guns drawn pointing at somebody on the ground in my backyard. >> reporter: it's a sight patrick will never forget. >> somebody is yelling get down on the ground now. >> reporter: he says dozens of san jose police officers surrounded his neighbor's home. and arrested several people. little did he know, investigators had just broken up an alleged major burglary ring. and one of the suspects in
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cuffs. >> i'm surprised he's in jail. >> reporter: david burton's friend of 20 years. >> i don't see none of this stuff going on here. i come a couple of times a week. >> reporter: but police paint a much different story. this is the evidence investigators found on the ten suspects. from stolen drivers licenses to credit cards as well as drugs, guns, and ammo. police say the thieves targeted bike shops, construction sites, and schools. and 13 cities across the bay area. as well as santa cruz. from morgan hill to fremont and pleasanton. >> they are quiet. they kept to themselves. >> reporter: proof you never know who your neighbors are. police arrested four of the suspects inside the home near patrick. >> what a wakeup call. >> yes. >> reporter: an police didn't give any specific locations of the burglaries. the suspects face a long list of felony charges. in san jose, maria medina, kpix5. in the wake of the fall of
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theranos, a new blood testing company is promising results with just a of the finger. a group olwith stricter guidelines about what they with wear. some say the new rules are over the top. llisresponng after the company's ceo gets his own twitter account hacked. the message spread to hi it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides - your sleep number setting. can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. and snoring? no problem... and done. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise. prove. and now, all beds are on sale! it's the last chance to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36-months. ends labor day.
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this just in. at least ten teens injured tonight during a shooting at a football game in alabama. the victims ages 15 to 18 year old were taken to area hospitals. six victims suffered gunshot wounds. right now, five are in critical condition. two people are in police custody though it is unclear what led to the shooting. a bay area start-up is promising to provide accurate blood test results from just a of the finger. it's the type of assurance that might sound familiar. >> that's because another bay area firm theranos made a similar claim before it unraveled. as betty yu explains, this new company says the system works. >> you need about three to five drops. >> reporter: with just a few drops of blood from the of the finger, this tiny vial promises to produce test results that
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are as reliable as traditional lab testing ones according to a health care company called micro drop. it's at home blood testing kit is called i'm aware. >> that first visit to the doctor is actually very time consuming, paper oriented just to order a test. so, what we are saying is let's not necessarily waste time on that first visit. and let's have you go armed with a little more information. >> reporter: that information would come from this kit people can order online. the global blood testing market is expected to reach $60 billion by 2023. it is a space by elizabeth holmes. she had promised to revolutionize blood testing using a similar method of collection. she is now awaiting trial on charges of fraud an felony conspiracy from misleading investors about the technology. >> the problem was that they had technologies that were not validated in a clinical
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environment. they did not engage the clinical lab of professionals when they first launched. >> reporter: micro drop says it is dedicated to transparency and how its tests work and accuracy. the vials are sent to certified partner labs around the country. no lab order is required. the process takes less than five minutes. after mailing back the vial. results are available within five days. right now, i'm aware only screens for celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis but plans to expand to heart disease and other autoimmune conditions. the cofounder says the goal is to help people get diagnosed quickly. >> prompt health care means being able to measure and monitor your health stats and vitals rand when you see something going out of range, you go to the doctor proactively. >> reporter: dr. allen wu is a professor of laboratory medicine at ucsf and not
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affiliated with the start-up. he says microdrop shows promise as the industry grows. >> we don't want patient to make their own diagnoses and interpreting the laboratory results without the health of a professional. so bypassing that step is to pen usually problematic. >> we don't want you to not visit your doctor. but just with a little more awareness of your health. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. the account of twitter ceo jack dorsey hacked. this afternoon. messages to his more than 4 million follows included obscenities, racial slurs and a bomb threat against his own company. twitter headquarters rmined the threat was not credible. social media company cofounded by him says the phone number associated with the account was somehow compromised due to a
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security oversight by the mobile provider. that issue is now resoeverred. students at a sacramento high school are calling on school officials to change a new dress code saying the rules are unfair. west can pus' new dress code requires a shirt neckline to be no lower than two inches below the collarbone. shorts can be no shorter than three inches above the knee. some think it discriminates against certain students. school leaders are working on a compromise for students. health officials have a warning for anyone headed to the water this weekend. some spots could be dangerous because the warm weather has led to several toxic algae blooms. and caution are already going up in several spots from
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berkeley to oakley. >> we hear about be perfect bea weather saturday. sunday, and monday. looking excellent. 68 in oakland. 64, san francisco. most of the bay area falling into the upper 50s . a little cooler. because the ocean temperature, the ocean water just to our west is cooling down the air above it. it is also not as mild. sausalito, the art festival this weekend. sunshine, 72 degrees. sunny and warm. upper 70s to low 80s . pollen count is climbing as well. a 10.5. ha't been that high since early spring. now it will be there sunday. no rainfall any time soon. i don't see anything on the horizon. teget ridges flgives a ssure
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sten montez ridges to our south, forget about any chance of heat near the water because the on shore flow is there. clouds near the water tomorrow morning. sunshine in the afternoon. clouds near the water only on sunday. and temperatures will stay very close to and slightly above average. warmer this weekend. but no widespread hot stuff. september typically the warmest time of the year. 72 in the city tomorrow. it is 3 degrees above average. san jose, 84. your normal is 82. it will hit 82 in fremont. 83 redwood city. san ramon, rrto vallo, 86. novato, 89. mill valley, 85. lake port, 95. your extended forecast falling for pleasant weather. if anything, we are going to cool down next week into the mid 80s ndnd 60s ba
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hot stuff just yet. the latest forecast with darren peck, tomorrow morning starting at 6:00. so much going on weather wise throughout much of the rest of the country. we have nothing to worry about here. sunscreen, put on a hat. enjoy. >> so lucky. >> we are very fortunate. thanks. well, bad dog. well, maybe wrong place wrong time. how a bay area couple is explaining these crazy crash photos. k nigh
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after crashing into a family's front yard. >> he is not being taken to jail because, well, he is a dog. janey black says this is what greeted her when she heard a crash outside. oops. there goes the mailbox. the damage done by duke, part german shepherd, part lab, part daredevil, part crazy head. he was waiting in the car when his leash wrapped around the gear. pulled it into neutral and the car started rolling. you get the rest. >> he looks happy with himself. he didn't look startled or upset but super happy with what he had achieved. >> the car rolled down the hill and crashed into black's retaining wall. she is not mad. she is just glad or no doggy drivers were hurt in the make of this accident. kpix5, speaking of doggies,
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is a proud sponsor of the bay area pet fair at the alameda county fairgrounds. september 14 and 15. and tomorrow morning, will feature a lab that is up for adoption. join us tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. >> no picture, but we have sound. [ laughter ] [ panting noises ] >> to find out how you can -- >> he's house trained! [ laughter ] >> it's a little messy. >> put down some training pads. >> what do you got? >> how can i transition into that? hey, we have sports. we are making a n e of eve of stanford football. august turns into september. speaking of finishing strong, boy, the yankees just bring out the best in the oakland as . it happened in oakland
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baseball up top for the american league engine known as the oakland as . cc sabbathia on the hill for the yankees. a solo boat for profar. he accounted for three r.b.i. tonight. sabbathia left after three innings because of a bad knee. there is down pound seth brown who brought the as back. brown, three for three and three r.b.i. tonight. and, then profar, same inning put the as ahead for good when he brought home two re sweat the yankees in oakland and they won 8-2. they are within a half game of the
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top wild card playoff spot. give me bruce bochy. just a month left managing the giants. padres in the house. for the giants, so is brandon belt. a no doubt about it blast. 16th r.b.i. this month for belt. and look at mike go the opposite side of the ballpark. 5th inning blast. the rookie's 18th. bumgarner. giants 8, padres 3. liz, let's transition to tennis. that fellow on the right is kobe bryant. williams. just a mere workout for her. no problem. won this third rounder 3-2. and sophia kennan and madison keys.
2:31 am
keys serving. and keys getting across court winner like liz did so many times in her tennis career. keys advanced to the fourth round 6-3 and 7-5. shut-out. sacramento river cats. shout-out, pa >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> and you are going on a special assignment? >> yes.
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