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day. the majority of the seven-day forecast is cooler than average. there is rain to talk about. not only heat we have rain. we will have all of that coming up in a few minutes. that he did not stop people from in the marina district from soaking up some sun. we spotted tourists and locals. some out sailing and others writing bikes by the water. dressed in light clothing. drink plenty of water to help to manage the heat. we are not that used to the heat. we are not fresno. many of us do not have air conditioning. we are not physically adapted to the o buildings don't have great circulation that can trap the heat inside. for several hours. the wreckage of the dive boat conception has been raised. from the waters off the channel islands. it took a while because the
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winds and weather conditions delayed them over the weekend. what is left of the boats should contain important clues as the investigation enters a new phase. conception has been raised to the surface. and it is being prepared i a b it will then be transported to an undisclosed secure location. for further investigation. the sheriff department said that the final missing victims remains were found by diapers yesterday at a nearby coal. all 34 people aboard have been identified using rapid dna analysis. many of them were from the bay area. federal investigators are now saying that all six crewmembers on board were sleeping at the time that fire broke out.
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that would be a violation of federal student safety regulations which require at least one person a night watchman to alert others of danger to stay up at night. a lawyer for the operators are disputing it saying a crewmember did check in before the fire. five of the crew members survive. one parish along with 33 other passengers. the la times is reporting the previous passengers of this boat the conception were never told about any emergency escape hatch in the sleeping quarters. the family of a walnut creek man shot and killed by police is filing a federal lawsuit against the department. the lawsuit charges the death of 23-year-old miles in june was preventable. the police knew he was having a mental health episode when they responded to 911 calls from his family members. officers found him carrying what looked like a crowbar. they tried to stop him with the nonlethal beanbags. the camera footage shows hall running on the street. police say he charged them. family members say he was trying to move towards his home. instead of due giving due
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consideration to his mental condition they did just the opposite. they yelled at him. screamed at him. didn't take a position of cover. they could have taken a position of cover. it could have created time. it could have created distance. they did not do any of those. two of the five officers shot hall in he collapsed. he died later that day. no criminal charges have been filed against the officers. the city attorney issued a statement saying in part based on the preliminary feedback the city has received from the district attorney's office and the city's internal review to date the city believes the officers actions were justified under the dangerous and dynamic circumstances they faced. police departments will now get help from the state to meet strict new use of force requirements.
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a new bill signed by governor newsom provides money for training. requires departments to update their written guidelines around using deadly force. the new law comes a month after the government approved one of the most stringent use of force bills in the country. tomorrow a judge would determine whether felicity huffman will go to jail for paying $15,000 to rick her daughters sat scores. in these five universities in california have been caught up in that admission scandal including berkeley stanford and ucla. state lawmakers have passed several bills to regulate admissions. melissa in berkeley with how this reform could level the playing field.>> reporter: here at berkeley it is alleged by the federal prosecutors said that at least one student enrolled after his father paid $100,000 to have someone else take his sons as a tea. making berkeley just one of those colleges caught up in the scandal. the governor is considering a number of bills to regulate admissions in california.>> it
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is disheartening. it takes spots away from people who deserve it. worked hard. they are not writing on the coattails of parents. >> reporter: applicants to berkeley have to have a minimum gpa and test scores to even be considered. the school can admit students with a lower gpa or test scores using an exception. michael said exceptions should not be used to help the wealthy but they can serve a purpose. the economic background is not always the same. people don't always get the same opportunity. they should have a chance to reach reach higher education. >> reporter: authored a bill to require most colleges in california to report just how many exceptions they offer and how many are accepted. the idea is that this will reveal how many people get preferential treatment. we wanted to make sure there was a dakota adequate data regarding donors and what kind of preferential treatment donors receive. >> reporter: one of several
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bills to prevent another admission scandal in california. i was proud to offer that bill as a package of bills in response to operation varsity blues.>> reporter: three administrators will sign off on exceptions at cal state schools. and prevent parents in the scandal from reporting those bribes as charitable donations. resolution asked uc and csu schools to consider phasing out the use of the sat and sat altogether. all of these bills have passed in the state senate and assembly and are on the governor's desk. the governor has not said whether he will sign them. i am hopeful he will sign the whole package of bills.>> reporter: we reached out to the uc office of the president. in a statement they said they are already monitoring their exceptions. they do not give preference to alumni or donors. they haven't actually taken a position on these bills. they are in favor of that bill that would not give a tax benefit to folks who engaged in
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bribery. federal prosecutors are recommending seeking criminal charges against andrew mccabe. sources say he lost an appeal today with the department of justice. his the department to disregard the u.s. attorney's recommendation that mccabe be indicted. mccabe has been accused of lying to investigators after improperly authorizing a leak. about a federal investigation into the clinton foundation. mccabe has said he never intentionally misled anyone. u.s. lawmakers are taking a step toward potential impeachment proceedings against president trump. the house judiciary committee voted on the ground rules for an investigation. some republicans are warning it is a waste of time and money. with these new procedures that we will begin next week and aggressive series of hearings. investigating allegations of corruption obstruction and abuse of power against the president.
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if you can actually prove these accusations as joseph welsh won't say why won't you do so before the sun goes down. the chairman of the committee said the investigation will go well beyond the mueller report. the first hearing will be next tuesday. terrifying moments at a mountain view condo where a balcony collapsed sending residents scrambling for safety. here is what is left of the balcony. several people were on it. but managed to escape before it crashed to the ground. it happened last night near east middlefield road. i'm going to take this as a wake-up call. discuss with our a whether we want to have someone to do it structural integrity check of the balconies. these properties are circa 1980. things don't last forever. officials say four people were treated at the scene. nobody was seriously injured. no word on exactly what caused the balcony to collapse.
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cal fire is under fire under how it handled last year's mendocino complex fires. emily turner on why former firefighters are slamming the department's battle plan in a new report.>> reporter: wildfires have become hotter fiercer more dangerous. that experts say is happening without a doubt. what is up for debate now is how we fight them. more than a year ago these flames became the largest wildfire in state history. the response to the mendocino council complex fire has been hotly debated. firefighters united for safety said cal fire's approach was all wrong. we have to change our whole paradigm of fire management. we will take that information and see if there is something there. it missed the mark.>> reporter: they just released a report on the record-breaking blaze that burned 459,123 acres in mendocino and lake counties. the report said fire managers
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ignore its science-based risk assessments and pursued aggressive tactics despite record-setting fire danger. the unified command of calfire and federal agency fire managers created ongoing tension and confusion due to conflicting organizational missions and management cultures. it goes on to say state and federal fire responders need to update their responses to a new paradigm of ecological fire management. the biggest mistake was driving an aggressive firefighting response when the fire was headed away from homes and communities into the wilderness.>> reporter: that paradigm is a good one. but not a one size fits all approach. he agrees allowing fires to burn into the wildland can be a good thing. it may not have been the best option for the mendocino complex. fire is burning under that condition are not necessarily going to be ecologically beneficial. i can understand the notion of
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wanting to try to catch those fires and try to minimize their extent. before they got into somebodies wilderness areas.>> reporter: it is like monday morning quarterbacking he said. the makers of this report have had a year to come to these conditions. cal fire only had hours or minutes to make their call. without a doubt they stand behind it. we are emergency operations. the conditions that we saw in the mendocino complex one of the largest fires in california history the right decisions were made at that time. 280 structures were lost. one firefighter died while fighting it. his family is now suing cal fire. flying out of sfo has been a mess. we just got a progress report on the runway repairs that may ease some pain for passengers. married murder suspects on
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the run for weeks. the ending to their dramatic run from the law. a close u.s. ally spying on the white house. israel response to claims implanted secret devices around washington.
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israel is calling into report accusing it of planting spy devices near the white house a complete fabrication. the report raises questions about president trump's close relationship with israeli prime minister. the white house is being tightlipped about a new political report claiming the u.s. government concluded israel was behind cell phone surveillance devices planted near the white house. i have nothing to say about
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it.>> reporter: the fbi and other agencies working on the case felt confident israeli agents had place devices which were likely intended to spy on president donald trump as well as his top aides. israeli prime minister benjamin denied the report. a former u.s. intelligence official in the report that the trump administration took no action against israel for the alleged behavior. in contrast to how past administrations have handled. they enjoy a close friendship. in march president trump signed an executive order calling for the recognition of israeli sovereovdi goal line heights.>> israel responded by naming a new community trump heights.
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on monday he indicated his relationship with president trump presented a unique opportunity for israel to annex parts of the west bank if israelis reelect him next week. palestinians say if that happens it will destroy any chance of a peace deal. the trump demonstration said it is planning to wait until after the israeli elections to unveil its long awaited peace pan. who made a dramatic escape from custody. have been recaptured. they have been among the most wanted fugitives since august. they are accused of killing a tucson man before setting his home on fire. the couple was arrested in new york a few weeks later but managed to escape from a prison van. while being extradited to arizona. fugitives go on a run. there could be some desperation. they have two choices. you can either give themselves up or continue their path of flight.
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in our fear is somebody was going to give them away. investigators have stayed tightlipped on where they were caught after 16 days. in hiding. the suspect in the mass shooting had a walmart in el paso was indicted today on a capital murder charge. 22 people died in last month's shooting. rescued us alleged patrick is the author of a racist ran. published shortly before the massacre. they are now weighing hate crime charges against him and seeking the death penalty. he remains in jail without bond. the ceos of more than 100 companies including bay area- based uber levi strauss and twitter is sounding out on the gun debate. in a letter to congress the business leaders implore lawmakers to widen background checks to apply to all gun sales and an act a red flag law. part of the labeler letter reads doing nothing about america's gun violence crisis is simply unacceptable.
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it is time to stand with the american public on gun safety. gun violence in america is not inevitable. it is preventable. the ceos argue current laws do not reflect how people buy guns today. looking at live pictures of sfo. the reconstruction of runway 28l has reached a halfway point. 40 hours ahead of schedule. crews have been working continuously for 24 hours a day. the construction project has been causing headaches for travelers. today's delays stand at 294. there have been 85 flights canceled. if you did find yourself at the airport a member of sfo therapy team can cheer you up. her name is lee lou. the world's first airport therapy paid. she can play music on her toy piano. she will be wearing a vest the says pet me. also a pink tutu.
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is hot everywhere. usually when san francisco hits 85 livermore is 105. not the case. livermore is 4 degrees warmer than san francisco. it is like the ocean isn't they are. because the ocean breeze isn't there. san francisco your next to the water. there is no breeze coming from it. the forecast for tomorrow and sent karlos. we begin with it. 94 degrees. how to stay for you will be tomorrow. it will be a degrees cooler saturday and sent karlos. you probably won't hit 70 degrees coming up on monday. 95 in concorde. 93 livermore. 90 in oakland. 90 in san jose. oakland shouldn't be sneaking in there. it is as warm as the inland cities. san francisco with a minimum ocean breeze 82 degrees. low 60s tonight. fremont 62.
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vallejo 60. the heat advisory is done as 7 pm. it does cool off tonight. it is back in effect from 11 am until 7 pm tomorrow. the hottest san francisco september day for the past three years. the number that stands out is two years ago. the all-time record high of 106. last year we got as high as 83. back in 2016 we hit 92. even though it feels really warm this is the time of year when it should get warm in san francisco. 87 degrees is not too terribly uncommon. two areas of high pressure once of the south and east want to the south and west cutting off the ocean flow for another day. the stormy weather stays of the north. the ridges will stay close to us for a while. future cast for tomorrow morning we are cloud free in the afternoon. we are cloud free again. saturday not much changes. the ocean breeze comes back. sunday little bit of cloud cover returns. the onshore breeze will get stronger. sunday could be up to 23
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degrees cooler than what some of you experience tomorrow. monday another 10 degrees cooler after that. low 70s and the warmest spots of the bay area. it is going to rain next monday. september is known for the beginning of the fall season where we can get rain and hot. next five days we are doing both. hot today and tomorrow. monday widespread showers. a showery starts next week. inland highs with help their peak tomorrow. from 96 to 103 and the hottest spots. the ocean breeze does return saturday afternoon. we will be much cooler on sunday. scattered showers are moving in on monday. a lot of 90s tomorrow. we might 94. san jose 96. 100 concorde. 100 fairfield. 103 livermore. san francisco 87. it will be 77 in pacifica. we lose about 5 to 7 degrees inland. we are 14 degrees cooler near the bay on saturday.
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the heat is done after tomorrow. sunday everybody is cooler. monday scattered showers and highs in the 60s to low 70s. after that front moves out we won't see 80 degrees. if you are a fan of the heat think about a three day weekend. after tomorrow it will get a whole lot cooler. dress for success like a duchess. how megan markel is helping women in the workplace with a new fashion line. at aetna, we believe in taking care of the whole you. that's why we take a total approach to health and wellness,
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so you can age actively. and we simplify medicare by connecting you to the right coverage, resources and care. so you can keep pursuing the life you love. aetna medicare solutions. find the brands you love from nordstrom. up to 70% off at nordstrom rack. ♪ that's fashion at a fraction. ♪ shop anytime at and get easy returns in store. nordstrom rack. what will you find?
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the emails that many believe brought down hillary clinton are on display as a work of art. the democratic candidate herself dropped by the venice to peru's the 60,000 emails that she wants to send a secretary of state. any of those emails were leaked throughout her 2016 campaign for president and her use of a private email server became a weapon against her. it is still one of the strangest most absurd events an american political history. anyone can go in and look at them. there is nothing there. hillary clinton tweeted a photo of herself sitting in the exhibits oval office replica. the caption read found my emails at the venice. someone alert the house the gop. megan markel launched a clothing line meant to help women in the workforce. it was created in partnership with designer friend. and three major british brands.
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it supports the uk charity smart works which helps unemployed women find work. for every piece of clothing someone buys that item is donated to charity. giving women in the uk a new outfit for the job interviews. as women it is 100% our responsibility i think to support and uplift each other. when a woman is hired the charity donates five more pieces of clothing. to build her a small wardrobe for work. the duchesses clothing collection will be available for two weeks. busted breaking the rules of the road. we are not talking about cars. but bikes. why cyclist and one e. bay city state they are being unfairly singled out. peru's ex-president likes to get out of jail. the outburst he got his wife dragged from the room. you want to have a child and you can't have one. finally you are able to. the
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couple claims the fertility clinics mixup left them heartbroken. the lawsuit aimed at making sure it never happens again.
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a police department is dishing out tickets to enforce the rules of the road. the bicyclists say they are unfairly singled out in the name of safety. >> the price cyclists could pay for rolling through stop signs
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in berkeley. >> reporter: a bicyclist died in this collision with the car world to be the bike's fault but last year berkeley right tickets to bikes that don't stop at stop signs and the bike community is not happy about it. >> a bike boulevard. it is intended to be bike friendly and those who use it don't seem to feel obligation to stop along the way. >> it requires a lot of energy to put on the brakes and come to a complete stop and regain momentum. i think that is why people cruise through. >> at the stop in virginia there is hard to find anyone who will stop at the intersection. police say the data shows this is not a behavior without consequences. >> between january 1 of this year to july 31, there was a 64 bicycle accidents and 32 collisions the bicyclist was at fault. >> when they got a grant of


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