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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 28, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> now at 5, analameda ty family still striking and shaking after a home invasion. now a startup is stepping up to help. we have got a change in the weather. you no doubt felt the difference already. but there is a chance of rain coming tomorrow afternoon for parts of the bay. i'll have that, coming right up. this was supposed to reform the so-called gig economy. coming up, all have details on industries that fear they could be harmed by the new law.
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we begin with the pleasanton family still trying to recover after a terrifying burglary attempt this incident was all caught on surveillance camera. and now, the pleasanton-based startup deep sentinel has stepped in to provide additional security. cameras monitored by guards around the clock. >> katie nielsen is at the pleasanton police station with the story. >> reporter: pleasanton police still have not made any arrests in the attempted break-in from two weeks ago. they do have video of the suspects from an existing ring to finance camera, but the founder of deep says no deep sentinnel says their system may have stopped these burglars in their tracks. reporter: a new security camera video, a man can be seen knocking on the front door of the home on september 11th. >> they wanted to see someone
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was home. >> reporter: andre didn't answer because she was in the shower. moments later the two men pulled off their masks, and started kicking in the door. >> at that point, i was scared. >> reporter: with the would-be burglars heard her screaming, they ran off, not expecting anyone to be home. >> they were trying to get whatever they could really quickly. >> reporter: david dellinger is the founder of deep sentinel. when he heard about what happened, he offered to install a security camera system, at no cost. >> were able to have these guards respond in a matter of seconds to any type of situation. >> reporter: here is how the system works. when i walk up to the front door of this home. >> there is someone watching my every move. >> hello, this is deep sentinel security, is there something i can assist you with? >> reporter: and his family situation the guards would have
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talked to the two men when they approached the door, and if they didn't leave, the guards would've called police. >> a life situation, a description of the suspect, the situation, and something they can respond to. >> reporter: another layer of security that is helping the family feel more comfortable in their home again. >> definitely making us feel a lot more secure, safe, peace of mind. >> reporter: deep sentinel uses its own hardware and cameras . it is not compatible with nest or ring home security systems. but, then, it does provide the monthly monitoring 24 hours a day with those guards in the monitoring center, which is all based right here in pleasanton. as far as this case, pleasanton police still have not made any arrests and they're asking anyone with any information to contact them. live in pleasanton, kpix 5 news. it is hard to believe after our warm to warm weather, but parts of the sierra got snow and this is what conditions look like a couple of hours ago of interstate 80.
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darren is in the weather center with more on this cooling trend. >> there snow on highway 50 but first i want you to see what is happening here in the bay area, look at the clouds over mount diablo. that is how they look different, those are the puffy kinds of cumulus clouds we don't get that often here in northern california and that tells us we have a pretty decent weather maker overhead. there are storms off to our east, sacramento is down there, there is a complex of thunderstorms coming out of the northwest about to roll over woodland and into east sacramento the next 15 minutes. that is really isolated. if we go back to the sierra, look at what is going on in the mountains. the snow we showed you is up on i 80. here is highway 50. this is your drive. there is snow from about 6000 feet all the way over the past, it will stay that way through much of tomorrow. plenty of breaks for it is not snowing but the possibility for snow to the point where it will
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mess with the drive for anybody who's got to get over 80 or 50 will stay with us until 5:00 on monday. winter weather watch what is going on here, and what does it mean for the bay area for the rest of the weekend is what i want to talk about coming up with a complete forecast. new details now in a shooting that sends three people to the hospital that happened last night in richmond. not far from a high school were a football gave had just wrapped up. two teenagers who were shot are in serious condition tonight. the third victim was treated and released from the hospital. investigators say a dark- colored sedan was seen leaving the area. no arrests, but anyone with information is asked to contact richmond police. a santa cruz man lucky to be alive following a crash landing in modesto. the single enter piper pa 28 went down on highway 99 just your cruz landing. the plane burst into flames on impact. the chp says the file it pilot
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is a 59-year-old man from santa cruz he's the only one on board and was on his way back to the bay area. officials said the pilot was not seriously injured and that no vehicles were hit in the crash. hundreds gathered at the steps of the capitol building to honor 34 firefighters who died in the line of duty. at the state annual firefighter memorial ceremony, american flags were distributed to family members who lost their loved ones, their names will be etched on a memorial wall. there is artie the names of 1400 fallen firefighters. governor newsom was there. >> we share the same conviction. they shared the same bravery. and now, they share a permanent place on this wall for making the ultimate sacrifice in service to our state.
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>> 2018 was the deadliest fire season on record for the state. fires caused 93 deaths, and destroyed more than 23,000 buildings. hundreds of truck drivers took the streets to protest a new law that is supposed to reform the so-called giga economy. devin fehely with why they want or wonder if the law goes into effect, how could do serious damage to california's economy and their livelihoods. >> reporter: governor newsom signed this new law into effect that will take effect in refers, the members of the trucking industry say it is flawed, deeply flawed. so as part rally, part and they said the fight is far from over. >> >> reporter: describing the bill as ill-conceived and potentially disastrous for the trucking industry. hundreds of talk truck owner operators turned out. with more than a decade of experience owning and operating his own bigwig, michael wegman says the new law will effectively legislate him out of business.
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>> getting to the point where is starting to pay off and now they are changing all the rules so i have to go out of business. america is about being in business right? >> reporter: meant to reform the so-called gig economy, it can force owner operators to become employees of the larger trucking companies they often work for. that would be a lot more expensive for the company's, and come at the expense of the freedom and flexibility that many owner operators say they now enjoy. >> this thing has got to change. if it doesn't, we are doomed. this rally today is a good step forward. >> reporter: the bills office says a guaranteed steady work, good wages, benefits, and other protections for people working in the gig economy. >> we as the state are acting as the backdrop for these workers when they don't make enough money. >> reporter: but many business leaders fear the law will stifle innovation and hurt the economy. >> whether or not we are reforming or handcuffing the gig economy, we are absolutely handcuffing people who want
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flexible hours, flexible schedules. >> reporter: for the truck drivers themselves, there is growing fear the businesses they have built are at risk of sputtering to a stop. the trucking industry is still hoping for a legislative fix they say if they don't get a reprieve from sacramento that this battle will almost assuredly end up in the courts. in menlo park, kpix 5 news. coming up, the impeachment inquiry escalates. how the president and house democrats are digging in. even celebrities aren't immune to the bay area's car breaking problem. a former mythbusters host is asking people to look out for a sentimental item.
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the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. house democrats are ramping up impeachment inquiry. >> but the president continues
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to dismiss the effort as politically motivated. natalie brandt has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: in front of cameras, the president has been notably silent on the upcoming impeachment inquiry but has continued to lash out over social media. tweeting saturday presidential harassment. three house committees are now investigating allegations the president pressured ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son, hunter. in a july 25th phone call, not at the center of aca whistleblowers complaint. it says the president's personal attorney as a central figure in the effort. >> there is a record of the conversation, the conversation does not talk about military aid. military aid was not involved in the situation. >> reporter: in an interview with sky news giuliani said he would testify before congress. he's been on a media blitz defending his actions and questioning the whistleblowers account.
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>> he's not a witness to anything, he heard gossip, he's telling you what other people said to him. >> reporter: three has committees hope to depose five state department officials in the complaint over the next two weeks including special envoy to ukraine her to voelker who are probably resigned on friday. the trump campaign and republican national committee have unveiled a new multimillion dollar ad campaign targeting house democrats and former vice president biden. biden son hunter joined the board of the ukrainian national gas company in 2014 but has since left. a former deputy prosecutor told rocks cbs's roxanne there was no evidence of wrongdoing. >> did you see every evidence of wrongdoing by joe biden? >> never, ever. >> reporter: ukrainian officials as a hunter biden was not a subject of the investigation. natalie brandt, cbs news, the white house. senator kamala harris is arriving for a campaign fundraiser. polls show her trailing three as a other president of kennett
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in california. joe biden, lisbeth warren, and bernie sanders. tonight we will talk with harris to find out how she can catch up. other candidates are hoping that they can catch it on the impeachment debate. p to be the judge, amy klobuchar, and cory booker are in town this weekend, joe biden will be in the bay area next thursday. california judges says tesla has been violating federal labor laws. the judge says tesla threatened employees repeatedly when they try to unionize. that includes a tweet from ceo elon musk $0.20 worker should join a union would lose their stock options. the judge said the tesla broke the law on other ways prohibited employees from handing out leaflets and the company parking lot during their off hours. the company now has to hold a meeting to advise workers of their rights. and musk is required to be
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there. new at 5, the former host of the show of mythbusters just had one of his prized possessions stolen from his car. the thief got away with adam savages ' whip that was featured on the indiana jones especial, to test out whether a number of stunts were actually feasible. savage took to twitter to ask his neighbors to reach out to him if they happen to find it. savages says the whip is eight feet long and is made of kangaroo hide. to the storm watch if you're visiting yosemite this weekend be prepared to take an alternate route. glacier point road and tiger road are close right now due to snow. both roads will reopen on monday if conditions are safe. >> maybe don't drive that fast on that road, slow it down. roads are slick. the time lapse gave you the impression they were being reckless but the snow looks pretty. we beat them today. this is i 80. going over donner pass. that is going to to 2:30 and 3:00. in between the window we picked up maybe an inch most of it sticking to the side of the
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road. but, we are not done. we are looking at this map in blue. do you have any travel plans to get you into the sierra for the rest of this weekend? or dear friends, families were in the loved ones love was there in the amount of the playback they'll be a bit of a slowdown on the travel. snow above 6000 feet anywhere from two to six inches, it be more impressive than the snow we just showed you from this afternoon. let me show you how this comes together. this is the snow that will cumulate tomorrow. watch what happens. we get an additional 4-5 inches on donner pass. this is late september. people do not expect that. call them if you have anyone who wants to come over let them know. if you're driving over the mountain. have change, have snow tires you are going to need them. this does have the possibility to bring us, perhaps, a little bit of scattered rain to the
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bay area tomorrow. there is the storm responsible for this, that is what is driving the snow in the mountains. as you watch the rain coming in, i want to put this into the futurecast. play it forward, come in for a closer look and we will stop it as we get to the best chance of rain for tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 tomorrow. 24 hours from now. up in the north bay, around sonoma county we have spotty showers. judging by the intensity of storms i showed you at the top of the newscast, this is a really good thunderstorm. these have the possibility to do that tomorrow. the way this comes together for sunday is there really isolated and confined it to the north bay. you will get a pretty impressive show, you get a brief, heavy downpour. maybe even here some thunder, the whole deal. it won't last long, most of us want get a thing. but since that is the possibility that some of us could get in the north bay we will highlight that. the sierra will get it, snow above 6000 feet up and look
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what happens here in the north bay. in general, from santa rosa north that is where we have the chance, the best chance to get rain you can measure. there is the possibility some of that could come south to sonoma county but not likely we will watch it. 11 update coming up at 11. i will track it with you throughout the day tomorrow and be back on tomorrow at 6 a.m. and through the afternoon. tomorrow this time will be an interesting time to check in on the weather and see how the storms are playing out. once we are done with that tomorrow, we are done and we will get a nice chance to warm back up to average. we will get there by wednesday. but it will stay cool, and it will feel like definite fall for about the next two days. andre, what is going on in sports? the a's are postseason bound again, what they need to do to host the wild card game on wednesday and it is coming to an end. side-by-side in the dugout for the skipper's final weekend with the orange and black. we will be right back.
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it wasn't a perfect night for the a's as they hope for the gave up a walkoff win to the mariners, but did not stop them from celebrating another trip to the postseason. the a's appear to get over the loss on the walk from the dugout, to the clubhouse. as they pop the champagne to celebrate clenching a wild-card spot. it is the fifth trip to the postseason in the last eight years. >> we have our tans, it's all about going out there and showing it. >> i mean, that's all we need. >> the rays clint the other wild-card spot, it's just a matter of where wednesday's game will be turnaround quick
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turnaround for tampa bay. oscar hernandez with a leadoff homer. the jays scored three in the first and beat the rays 1. tampa's loss means the a's magic number to claim the top wild-card spot number is down to one. oakland holds the tiebreaker, all they need to do is win one of their final two games in seattle this weekend. peter mcgowan inducted into the hall of fame. mcgowin passed away in january. bruce bochy, and madison bumgarner, side-by-side in the dugout for one of the final times. top of the second and the safety to right field. jalen davis makes a sliding catch up. top of the six, max muncy hammers a fastball to the. that is the 35th as l.a. wins 2-0. they get set up for the 16th time this season. raiders face the colts for their second at five straight games away from the coliseum. vern glenn touched down in indy
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earlier this afternoon. >> reporter: from indianapolis, andrew luck retired just before the season. what a cup clench to that fact friend franchise. with this offense has not missed a beat. with jacoby brissett at the starting quarterback. >> not a lot of teams have a superstar quarterback retire that can turn the ball over to a guy like this. he is a winner. he completed his first 16 passes in last sunday's win against atlanta. and in three games he has thrown seven touchdowns to just one interception. but the colts inquisition to content even without luck. >> i'm sure he feels. andrew did not want to retire. his body, i guess, had enough. i'm sure his teammates just put her arms around him said let us
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go. >> is getting paid well too, not uraverage yer, like me. so, i don't want to underestimate him at all. he is doing an excellent job. >> reporter: oakland is hoping to take more shots down fid tomorrow but, if not, you can bet they will targetumber 83, tight and darren waller. 13 catches last week. and second in the league with 26 catches this season. >> hope, again the raiders fans enjoy the heck out of him. he's like first or second in catches? he is playing unreal. and, i think we all root for that guy and what he can do. >> reporter: derek carr and derek waller will have to connect a lot for the raiders to be able to get over in this building against the colts. that is the story from indianapolis, back to you in san francisco. thank you so much. matta brownback coaching in north carolina, his tar heels looking to snap clemson's 19 game winning streak.
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carolina down seven in the fourth quarter. williams times and for the touchdown to brown not interested in going into overtime triggers for two. sam howard rolls out for the tigers defense. he stopped short of the end zone's clemson. barely hangs on to beat north carolina 21-20 four the 20th straight win dating back to last year. keeping this national title hopes alive for clemson. >> vern just magically in indianapolis. >> he left very early this morning, he did not face too many delays and he made it there. so, it is nice to see him from there. >> gametime tomorrow at what time? >> 10:00. and then we have a double header, followed by the 5th quarter. basically just keep it on 5 and you will be fine. >> thank you. we will be right back.
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a lot of theories about what can help a pregnant woman go into labor. >> there are a lot of theories. one restaurant owner in minneapolis says she got a burger on the menu that will certainly do the trick, it is known as the labor inducer and it was created when the very pregnant restaurant owner was testing new recipes to enter for a burger competition. after she ate her creation, she went into labor. since then, pregnant women go into the restaurant for their burger fix, by the way it has
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got angus beef, american cheese, honey cured bacon, cajun spice, and a pretzel bun. that sounds good right now. we are hearing a kale salad will also work, either one. >> okay. that is it for us, we will see you back here at 6. cbs evening news is coming up next. captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: tonight, on the attack. the trump campaign unleashes a blittering new ad targeting joe biden. what the president is accusing biden of doing in connection with ukraine. winter is coming. millions of americans in the northwest on alert tonight. we're tracking a snowstorm of potentially historic proportions. cold-blooded murder. a man arrested, charged with killing a texas police officer. the violent ambush that led to the brutal murder. on the edge: california's iconic coast is under assault from rising sea levels. an up-close look at the dangerous threat to people living there.


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