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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 8, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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there could be power outages and downed trees wednesday into thursday. we are tracking this for you. >> have a fantastic day. we will have updates throughout the day. >> don't forget cbs this morning good morning to you our ing viewers in the west, and welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony doupil. the president facing pressure. >> nba diplomacy. the commissioner fires back after a pro hong kong tweet. >> tyler perry's inspiration. he takes us in his historic studio new complex. how he learned to dream big and follow his heart. and a side hustle, why 15 million americans do extra work in their spare time.
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it is october 8th, 2019. here is today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. if turkey does anything out of what they should be doing, we'll hit them so hard in the economy. >> the president defends his withdrawal from syria. >> the president keeps saying we've won this war on isis. we certainly have not. >> this is a bad idea. tactically and strategically. >> a key figure to the president and european union testifies before congress today. >> the nba is doing damage control after a houston rockets general manager spoke on protests in hong kong which infuriated china. three infants have dine at a pennsylvania hospital from a waterborne bacterial infection. >> it's really too soon to say exactly where the organism is coming from. kroger and walgreens are the latest to stop selling e-cigarettes.
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the trump was ordered to turn over his tax returns. >> an appeals court granted a last-minute delay. >> all that -- >> the yankees have swept the twins! they're the first team to go onto the championship series. >> -- and all that matters -- >> the president tweeted a threat to the government of turkey in which he referred to his, quote, great and unmatched wisdom. >> in my great and unmatched wisdom. he's talking now like "the wizard of oz." >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> the centerpiece of the opening of the tyler perry studios was a dedication to sound stages named after directors, producers, actors, including cicely tyson, oprah. >> do you know how rich you have to be to give something to oprah? like s she probably forgot what that's like. wait, what's happening? i get a studio, you get a studio. >> that's right. we'll have more on our interview
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with tyler perry later on. we have breaking news from washington right now. the state department is told a key figure in president trump's lobbying effort has been blocked. >> gordon sondland agrees to investigate. what does this mean for future witnesses. >> what it means is they won't show up weren't. this cancellation took everyone by surprise. he flew in from brussels nor deposition. the u.s. department of state directed sondland to come in f his interview.
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he is disappointed that he won't be able to testify and he hopes this is cleared up soon so he can. and democrats are already citing this as another instance of obstruction of justice by this administration. they want to talk to him because he was pushing the president's priorities. harder than just about everyone. namely those that included investigations into the 2016 election and into the energy company that hunter biden worked for. in one text message, sondland insisted there was no quid pro quo. >> that is certainly a plot twice, w! twist, who else do they want to hear from? >> the one and now possibly two whistle-blowers that have come forward. they have been engaged in conversations with the whistle-blower's lawyer trying to get security clearances lined up so they can conduct this
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closed door interview, however the president and other republicans said to frequently they want to be ae to confront this whistle-blower, perhaps have him testify publicly. the president says he wants to meet his accuser. and now they're saying they're considering extraordinary measures to conceal this whistle-blower's identity when he goes before congress. they say they're thinking about obscuring his face or his voice or altering them perhaps having him testify remotely because they're so concerned that his anonymity will be blown. >> nancy, thank you very much. >> president trump faces rare backlash from his own party for his decision to withdraw troops from northern syria. more american force leaving the area clearing the way for turkey to attack fighters that are crucial allies in the fight against siisis.
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the president's decision was a shock to other officials. many supporters call it a by trail and a mistake that threatens to upset everything that they wanted to accomplish in the region. this morning the president announced on twitter he will host turkey's president at the white house. have the turks started attacking yet? >> good morning turkey says preparations for a possible military operation in northern syria are complete. but turkey says all preparations are complete amid u.s. intelligence believes what could happen within 12 to 36 hours. the pentagon has made clear it does not support a turkish incursion, but the white house is offering conflicting ideas where it stands. a meeting last night ting last trump defended his decision to withdraw american troops from northern syria. >> we were down to very few soldiers in syria. we had 50 in the region that you're talking about. 50 soldiers, and they've been we had already moved out.
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>> these images capture american troops abandoning posts and al abandoning the kurdish who were out. ved in the fight against isis. capturethe president's troopshest republican allies in tsngress wasted no time ondemning his condition. pat toomey called it a threat to our national security. liz cheney described it as a atastrophic mistake, and itdsey graham said it's a shot tastrophic to the bad guys, devastating to the good guys. ton majority leader mitch mcconnell said it would increase the risk that isis and other connellst groups would regroup. >> the other popular opinion is regr do we leave? are we going to stay there when do forever? >> the fear is an attack by turkey could jeopardize the ansons controlled by kurds that turkey cghly 10,000 isis prisoners, about 2,500 of whom are dangerous foreign fighters.
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the white house said sunday hold urkey would take custody of foreign fighters after turkey said it would soon move forward pr homsident trump changed his tune n eeting if turkey does anything that i in my great and unmatched th wisdom consider to be off imits, i will totally obliterate the economy of turkey. there are roughly 1,000 troops in northeastern syria and the administration says for now there's no plan to leave altogether. ders morning cbs news has learned former senior advisers to president trump are watching and they're concerned there are few voices left here who can dissuade him from making sudden decisions and advised him on making smart moves for everything from foreign policy like this to the impeachment inquiry that is hanging over the white house. and advise him on making smart moves on everything from foreign policy to the impeachment inquiry hanging over this white
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house. >> weijia, thank you, police are not ruling out terrorism as a potential motive in the crash of a stolen semi truck. authorities say he drove the truck into a ground of people yesterday. the driver was arrested at the scene and investigators say it is unclear at this point if the crash was accidental or deliberate. >> nba commissioner adam silver defending a team executives ion ents over hong kong's protestors. it was by daryl morey. it caused a major backlash. now they're calling for a boycot of the rockets. in hong kong ramy has been covering this. they are trying to win over both sides of the debate. how is that going? >> good morning just to put this into perspective, the nba says
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china has nearly twice as many pro fans in the country than there is in the united states in total. now they're trying to do damage and working overtime to try to thinkt their reputation on both sides of the specific. >> i don -- pacific. >> i don't think it is wrong to be sympathetic to them and speak ur principals. a adam silver tried to salvage his relationship with china and defend freedom of speech after a support of anti-government protestors in hong kong. >> there are consequences from >> hat exercise of in essence his ofedom of speech. ill hav know we will have to live with those consequences. >> the houston rockets super playedmes harden played to the
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stonese fans. apppthey give us individually s tion, soization, so, you know, we love you. > the rockets have long been the adiration of chinese fans. 's now tow the president of the chinese leagetball association. several chinese businesses eadlowed suit. cbs sports writer bill reiter. do thay will use their financial might and they will continue to do that to the rockets. >> china fired back saying they would immediately suspend their broadcast arrangements of the nba pre-season. id,tatement saying we're strongly dissatisfied and pposed to adam's claim to upport morey's rights of free expression. we believe that any speech that challenges national sovereignty
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and social stability is not in the lines of free speech. >> whatever american principals you bring to the table including free speech, you check that at the door if you want to do business with china. >> silver will try to mend fences with officials in china tomorrow to find mutual respect of each country's beliefs, but there is so much riding on this for the nba, for example that including a 1.5 billion streaming deal and a massive online fan base that rivals the heited states. >> ramy in hong kong where they do a delicate diplomatic dance there, thank you. the whereabouts of a diomats wife who is expected of a car accident that resulted in a death.
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a we have new information from harry dunn's family. we don't wish her any harm, she is a mom. but we're disappointed in humanity, really, for her to not come forward and at least reach out somehow. >> tim dunn and charlotte charles are at the heart of a wiseenning d wi widening displomatic support. san sacoolsa is a mother, she has a driving infraction in virginia in 2006. prime minister boris johnson says that's not the purpose of the protection and wants it
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waived. >> if we can't respond it, i will raise it myself personally with the white house. >> diplomatic immunity keeps diplomats and their families from prosecution. something harry dunn's family wants to do. >> if we don't get any answers from staying here in the u.k., we still have plans to go to washington. >> try to make our voice more heard harry dunn's parents have poken to mike pompeo about peir death. but the only person they want to talk to is ann scacoolas. situ >> it is very different.
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you can feel the family's pain erica'and america has to figure out a way to make it right. actress lori loughlin could face a full sentence. if she is convicted, they would stifor a stiffer sentence than what felicity huffman received. but loughlin is fighting the charges. >> the longer the case goes, arges. say she goes through to 'sial. if it is after trial, i think we lin ande asking for something higher. >> they are accused of paying half a million dollars to get their daughter into the university of southern california. if convicted on all counts they
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could face up to 40 years in coul prison. >> doctors in pennsylvania are acing to solve a deadly medical mystery. they're trying to find the source of a bacterial infection apparently lingtked to the deat al.three babies. what is the germ and who is at risk. >> yeah, it is a very common onatalborn bacteria that is usually harm leless. eight babies got the infection et the medical center in danville that is about 50 miles th infh of harrisburg. of the infants died. ted.other four are doing well. another is still being treated. bor say the babies were turleyable because they were fe. premature rly. c we made sure that we ncreased the chlorination of oe water.
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ra put special filters on the taps, we have done extra cleaning but we didn't find the organism on the surfaces. he the hospital saying we lyntinue to work closely with the pennsylvania department of health and the centers for disease control and prevention o ensure that proactive sureures have been taken and eradicated this measure. proact according to the cdc there are an estimated 51,000 infections ere areu.s. each year with roughly 400 deaths. doctors say the bacteria should hs. be a concern, however, for hildmom delivering a child after 32 weeks. till're still looking for how got got into the hospital. hat'hat is the most frightening off of. >> and the moms that may deliver early to other regional ho hospital. atestate officials say a woman was in her 60s and died of a
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lung injury. the cdc reports there was nearly s1 cases of lung injuries. it comes as walgreens and kroger both announce they will stop yearsg e-cigarettes. >> dozens of children were kidnapped at gunpoint and buried a live 40 years ago. >> i felt like i was an animal oing to the slaughter house. >> it would be silent and then somebody would bust out crying and it would all just erupt. >> three survivors good tuesday. cooler due to onshore flows with
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patchy coastal fog and through the afternoon, a dry cold front pushes through and with it, temps will be cooler. 84 in concord, 84 in san jose, 74 in oakland and 70 in san francisco. strong wind tomorrow into thursday and a red flag warning and for the santa cruz mountains and the diablo range and there we go with that extended forecast.
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we have much mor we have more news ahead, the judge in amber guyger's murder trial sayshy she gave the convicted killer a hug. how quickly football players can double their risk of a life threatening brain disease. and the supreme court will decide if a law protects gay and transgender workers. we'll talk to a plaintiff who was fired after joining a gay softball league. this portion sponsored by
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movie mogul tyler perry says despite his success at 50, he feels like he's just getting
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this is a kpix5 news morning update. 7:26 and i'm kenny choi. high fire danger today and almost all of napa county, moraga, the rend and lafayette and contra costa county are expected to lose power. pg&e said the outage will last all day tomorrow and could go on for 5 days or longer. two years since the deadly wine country wildfires and the flurry of fires in 2017 ripped across the north bay, killing 44 people and most of the fires were blamed on the pg&e equipment. fleet week is under way in
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san francisco. the annual event will draw more than 1 million to the city this year. with large crowds, law enforcement personnel are on high alert and we will have updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website at welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour. hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride. mini golf. relax! relax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for basketball.
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pool. carnival. choose fun. it's 7:27 and busy on 680 southbound into walnut creek. a trouble spot has been there out of the right lane with slow and go conditions and 24 minutes. 680 from venetian bridge to highway 124 and across the bay, south lawn 101 at 3rd street, a motorcycle accident blocking the lanes. cooler today due to onshore flow kicking in and we are seeing patchy fog on the coast and through the afternoon, temps will be cooler compared to yesterday but slightly above average. 84 in concord, 84 in san jose. 70 in san francisco and wind will pick up late tonight and especially wednesday morning through thursday in the
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afternoon, a red flag warning in effect with extreme fire danger. ideas.
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>> this morning you put glitter in the butter. >> disco dairy. >> no. that's not a good idea. that's terrible. >> i think glitter in everything is good. >> i like glitter. welcome back to "cbs this morning," glitter-free for the moment. i'm tony dokoupil with gayle king and anthony mason. we're beginning with this. we're hearing from one of the country's most bizarre and notorious kips. 40 years ago in california a driver and the kids were taken from a school bus and buried
7:32 am
alive. the abduction took place in the central california city chowchilla. our david begnaud is looking into the case. the facts of this case if you haven't heard it before is chilling. >> imagine this. little kids on the school bus with their driver during the summer. they're on their way home in the middle of nowhere and they vanished without a trace. there's been a parole hearing every three years for the last 40, and can you imagine the trauma for people who are now adults who are still reliving what happened to them when they were just children. >> i was wondering how it was going to feel to die. i was too scared to move. >> reporter: it was 1976. 26 terrified children, some as young as 5 and their school bus driver ed ray were kidnapped at gunpoint by three armed men. >> the first man came on the bus and he had a gun.
7:33 am
ed ray said what's going on. he said shut up and move to the back. >> reporter: the kidnappers who were going to ask for a quarry drove them to a rock quarry with a semiunderneath and put them through a hole in the roof and buried them alive. >> it would be silent and then somebody would bust out crying and the whole would just erupt. >> reporter: after about 12 hours the roof started to cave in. >> and i remember children just screaming and crying. >> the sides of the van were w bowing in. i knew i was going to die. i knew it. >> reporter: they were able to escape, digging their way out and getting to safety. but those 28 hours of terror would impact the rest of their lives. >> by the time i was 21, i was using meth. i was smoking crack.
7:34 am
>> when you've gone through something that's so traumatic, it's hard to go back and be a normal kid again. >> it's now been 43 years and those survivors are still piecing their lives back together. >> i have nine years sober. my resentment for them was killing me. one night i was lying in bed and i said, god, help me to forgive them. >> and forgive he did. that was larry park. larry met with one of the kidnappers and he said it changed his life. as richard and his brother james, the third kidnapper. the alleged mastermind, frederick woods, his hearing is today in california. >> so many questions here. i know you're going to get a lot of them on the show on saturday. why is woods in prison, but the
7:35 am
shownfield brothers are out? >>as caught withing forfy and a cell phone and he wasn't a model prisoner. he was caught with pornography and a cell phone. there is evidence put forward that he still is not a model prisoner. >> it's interesting to see the trauma that stays with him 43 years later. i was in college, i remember because it was so eerie, you never heard anything like that. to see the pictures of them as little kids and segue to them as adults, can you still see their little faces. >> when you listen to people like larry and others like marshall, their lives fell apart. this happened to them at such an innocent age and for the last 40 years they've struggled to get through life. >> the past is still entirely present for them. >> imagine there have been more than 60 parole hearings in the last 40 years. >> david, thank you very much. you can see david's full report, the chowchilla kidnapping. saturday night here on cbs.
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the supreme court is taking up two cases today that will have a huge impact on lgbtq rights and protections at work. one man whose case is before the court says he was fired simply for being gay. and if you're on the go, here's an invitation from us just to you, subscribe to our podcast and hear the day's top stories in 20 minutes. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. a world fu, shouldn't somebody be listening? so. let's talk. we are edward jones. with one financial advisor per office, we're built for hearing what's important to you. one to one. edward jones. it's time for investing to feel individual. [baby crying] pampers is the first and only diaper with air dry channels
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. the supreme court will hear arguments today in two landmark cases for two lgbtq rights concerning workplace discrimination. to determine if it was legal under existing law to fire an employee based on sexual orientation or gender identity. we have more at the supreme court. jan, what can we expect today? >> these cases will be the first sign of how this new conservative supreme court is going to approach gay rights issues. here the court will decide whether title vii of the federal
7:41 am
civil rights act of 1964 protects workers on the base of sex, thought to be maem or female. also applies to sexual orientation and gender identity. >> on day one i said to myself. no child will fall through the cracks on my watch. >> for ten years gerald managed an award-winning atlanta-area program advocating for victims of child abuse and neglect. >> it must have been a pretty rewarding job to have had? >> it absolutely was. knowing you're making as positive difference in your community is very powerful. >> but then he joined a gay recreational softball league. >> within months of that, the negativity, the scrutiny began. and then weeks after that, i'm handed that pink slip, i was fired for being gay. >> how did someone splay that to you? >> i was called in to the court administrator's office and handed my pink slip and the reason for termination was
7:42 am
conduct unbecoming a clayton county employee. >> he sued and the supreme court will hear arguments in and two owe cases on the civil rights law. prohibits discrimination on the basis of an individual's race, color, rooi relig religion or s. >> whoa. >> that's dawn zarda. whose case sls before the court. he was fired from a sky diving job in central islip, new york. >> to put this female student at ease about their physical contact for a tandem jump, zarda told her he was gay, the girl's boyfriend called to complain. zarda recorded the conversation when his boss fired him. it's about your personal life talking to people about it. >> the owner of the sky-diving company said he fired zarda because of the complaint.
7:43 am
but to zarda, it was about being gay. he died in a wing suit accident in switzerland in 2014. his husband said he was suffering from depression after being fired and started doing jumps with greater risks. >> i don't think don would have died had he not lost his job. i think he would have continued working summers and sky diving and doing tandems and would not have been taken this crazy trip to europe. in the middle of the summer. something that him being fired is what took, eventually is what took his life zblcht n. the other case that the court will hear concern as transgender woman who was fired from her job at a funeral home in michigan after she revealed she was transitioning from a man to a woman. these cases are the first that this supreme court will hear involving gay rights since the retirement of justice anthony kennedy. he was known as a champion of gay rights. a decision probably won't be expected, however, until sometime next year.
7:44 am
anthony? >> jan, thank you, big cases coming up at the supreme court. vladimir duchey is looking at the stories we'll be talking about today. >> in her first interview sis the amber guyger murder trial, the judge who gave the former police officer a hug after the sentencing explains what good tuesday. cooler due to onshore flow and we notice patchy coastal fog this morning as we go through the afternoon and daytime highs will be cooler compared to yesterday but lightly above average an 84 in concord and san jose, 70 in san francisco with wind picking up tonight and especially wednesday and thursday and that's why we have a red flag warning and wind advisory with strong wind offshore. the strongest wind we've seen so far this season.
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serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. so help heal your skin from within, and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. boil the water and pour in the grits but then take your time. don't rush it. take it slow. >> here's somebody who's made grits. >> that's right. >> stir it slowly and eyes on vlad. >> that's right. good morning, everybody. how's everybody doing. >> good. >> here are a few stories we think you'll be talking about today. for the first time we're hearing from a judge after the conviction of a police officer. this is the moment judge kemp
7:49 am
walked over and hugged amber guyger. kemp said guyger asked twice for a hug and she could not refuse. she said faith guided her actions. >> will forever be the murderer of botham jean. how she carries that thus forward depend depends on how we receive her, and as a christian, i believe i'm commanded to offer her love and compassion. >> kemp also gave one of her own bibles to guyger after learning she did not have one of her own. >> i don't know. she's getting slammed for being human. i actually don't understand the controversy. she hugged amber guyger after the trial was over, not during the trial, not before the trial, and i think she said it best. she asked for a hu
7:50 am
she said she didn't have a bible. i don't know why that's a wrong thing. i know the case is very controversy. >> it's an unusual gesture from a judge and surprised people. that's a big part of it. >> i find that very moving. a judge having compassion for the criminal and also the victim. >> that's right. she went to the victim's family and went to them too. >> she said amber has a very long life to live and she hopes she finds the way. the there's a secular group that challenges lawsuits showing relims displays in government. >> no one's giving amber guyger a pass on this. no one's giving her a pass. i think we have to remember that too. >> indeed. so this is really interesting. the risk and severity of a brain injury after playing football increases with the time played.
7:51 am
traumatic encephalopathy or cte increased by 30% for each year played. the risk for the worst forms doubled every 5.3 years played. now, the study comes as concern over participation incollision sports grows. at least five players were evaluated for concussions on sunday. that includes pittsburgh steelers quarterback rudolphe. they're committed to supporting scientific research. >> one of the real problems here is you can't diagnose itntil after death. you can't monitor the progress. there's no way. >> men who play football for more than 14 1/2 years were ten times more likely than those who played fewer. okay. a collection of 66 paintings by
7:52 am
former president george w. bush are now on display in the nation's capitol. it portrays members of the u.s. military who served in the years following 911. some of them were at the exhibit's opening yesterday. they tell us what it's like to see their stories show cased. >> it's an honor that i could ever evenn interesting move there by george w. bush. we recognize our veterans. >> all right, vlad. we'll be right back. and real meat is always first. if you love them like family, feed them like family, with blue. ♪ ♪
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7:56 am
this is a kpix5 news morning update. it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. and there is high fire danger in all the towns in contra costa county, and they are expected to lose power. pg&e said the power could last all day tomorrow and could go on for five days or more. authorities in sunnyvale are on the lookout for a serial arson suspect from the morris park neighborhood from september 8 where he allegedly set small objects on fire. a tobacco ban goes into effect in san mateo county,
7:57 am
banning the sale of all tobacco products in pharmacies and flavored tobacco products within city limits. will have news updates including our website,
7:58 am
a busy ride in and out of san francisco. a crash at westbound 80 near fremont off the bay bridge with speeds across the span down about 50 miles-an-hour and a bit of a struggle out of the east bay into san francisco across the span. on the eastshore freeway, trouble spot at san pablo road and the vehicle is stuck in one of the lanes and still busy along the peninsula in both directions of 101 near 3rd street. the remains of an earlier crash. cooler today with patchy fog on the coast and into the golden gate, onshore flow kicks in with temps running cooler compared to yesterday but still above average by a few degrees.
7:59 am
84 in concord and san jose. 70 in san jose and the big weather story, the wind will pick up late tonight wednesday into thursday with a high fire danger and red flag warning and wind advisory. we will watch wednesday and thursday closely for you. quel
8:00 am
♪ quel it is tuesday, october 8th, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with tony dokoupil and anthony mason. ahead, why a key witness in the house impeachment inquiry will to thenswer questions from investigators this morning. plus, tv and movie mogul tyler perry takes us inside his new studio and explains why talking to his young son is enough to make him cry. in our world of motion series how a new african highway helped businesses and smugglers. >> that's not good. here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the state department has told a key figure in president trump's ukraine lobbying effort
8:01 am
not to answer questions from congress today. >> democrats fear that other state department officials who have been scheduled to be deposed won't show up either. a possible turkish military operation in northern syria could happen in the next 12 to 36 hours. the nba says china has almost twice as many pro-basketball fans than there were in the united states in total and now the league is trying to do damage control. >> harry dunn's parents have been promised a meeting with british foreign's secretary talking to his u.s. counterpart secretary mike pompeo about harry's death. a very common waterborne bacterium often harmless but in this hospital's neonatal intensive care unit it became deadly. president trump has been ordered by a federal judge to turn over his tax returns but that order has already been temporarily stayed by u.s. court of appeals. >> he had to turn them in and now he doesn't, the d.a. and
8:02 am
trump's tax returns are the legal system's ross and rachel, will they, won't they? can be there any more tension? >> very good question. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we have breaking news about a key witness in the impeachment inquiry into president trump. u.s. ambassador to the european union gordon sondland will not appear today on capitol hill for a scheduled deposition. his attorney says the state department told sondland not to answer questions from house investigators. sondland, as you know, was in the middle of white house efforts to get ukraine's government to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son. house intelligence chairman adam schiff said this morning that blocking sondland's testimony is more evidence of the trump administration obstructing the role of congress. a series of texts show sondland defending the president. bill taylor the top u.s. diplomat to ukraine wrote as i said on the phone i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a
8:03 am
political campaign. sondland replied, bill, i believe you are incorrect about president trump's intentions. the president has been crystal clear no quid pro quos of any kind. this morning sondland's lawyer says the ambassador is profoundly disappointed. a federal judge's ruling ordering the president to turn over eight years of tax returns is on hold after it was appealed. new york city prosecutors want mr. trump's financial information as part of their investigation of hush money payments to women. the president claims he cannot be part of any criminal probe while he's in office. in his ruling yesterday, the judge called that an overreach of executive power. in this morning's eye on money a closer look at the changing job market. even with unemployment at a 50-year low, 43% of full-time employees say they have a job outside of their primary work. that's according to a bank rate survey back in june. taking on an extra job for money or experience is called having a
8:04 am
side hustle. chris guilleeau is the author of "100 side hustles" and went to hear why people want to learn the art of the side hustle. >> i think side hules are changing the landscape. everybody has been doing little projects on their own but now it's so much more mainstream. >> i help people start side hustles. i can wake up and do what i want and i have empowerment and choice doing what i love. >> it's about what skill do i have other people could find valuable. >> it's something that i love doing and the big secret is we do it for free, the opportunity to share my work with other people who enjoy it and make money for that is attractive to me. >> people have a job, they're happy there, but they're like, now that i have a second source of income, i feel different about myself. >> if it's not fun you're probably not doing the right side hustle. >> cbs news business analyst
8:05 am
jill schlesinger is here. they seem to be having a great time. 15 million americans supplementing their full-time jobs with side hustles, why? >> this is a shadow of the financial crisis. think about this during the fincial crisis a lot of young people had to go outside of their work, if they were lucky enough to have a job, to get extra income, pieced together work, but it has grown from the millennials who started this, it has expanded. genx, all people of ages in that piece. we have baby boomers who say even after they've retired they want to have some control and extra stream of income and, in fact, chris guilleeau said to me, the reason why people are doing this is because it makes them happier and makes them happier in their lives and better at their real day jobs. >> but like a third of the people say that they're doing this to supplement their living expenses. >> they have to. >> they have to, right. whadoes job market? >> i think there's a little bit of a difference here between people who are forced to go and or gig, maybe they're driving le
8:06 am
an uber or a lyft or delivering, but these people, the side hustle folks, they're kind of a subset and it's a little bit different. i will say about those g workers, we look at this unemployment rate being at 50-year lows which is great, on the other hand we have to look at wages kind of frozen from where they were 20 years ago for para bank rate survey found people are really struggling to pay those bills and that gig work is filling in the gap. the side hustle, however, it's sort of like this magical benefit where it's great if it does translate into dollars but you heard these people say i'm doing something i love, it's my passion, and it's up and down the income stream which is also fascinating. >> makes you think people don't like their real jobs all that much. >> or maybe really love that job because it gives you security, you have benefits, it's a steady paycheck but this other thing you can channel creativity. i think that's a beautiful -- >> when i was coming up, a side hustle was something illegal. clearly that's changed. maybe i was hanging with the
8:07 am
wrong crowd. tyler perry gave us a very special behind the scenes tour of his massive, massive is the word, film studio, including a look at his oval office. >> this is the oval office. >> it looks just like it does on tv, tyler. >> uh-huh. >> now you're showing off. is this to scale? it feels like -- >> this one is actually to scale, yeah. >> ahead, he tells us wh a dry cold front pushes through, those temperatures will be colder. 84 for concord, 74 in oakland in 70 for san francisco. strong winds expected tomorrow into thursday. a red flag warning for the north and east bay hills, santa cruz mountains, and the diablo range. there we go with that extended forecast.
8:08 am
8:09 am
there's much more news ahead. our world of motion series looks at the power of a new bridge and road in one of the poorest regions. how the effort to boost the economy also increased criminal activity. you're watching "cbs this morning." a bridge increased the economy but also criminal activity. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ man we don't waste it ready or not, here i come! eww! gotcha! hide-n-stink protection. lysol spray kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria at the source unlike air fresheners. lysol. what it takes to protect.® everyone no.s i should fiyou know what i do? i snack on blue diamond almonds. oh, come on! sriracha? woo!
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8:14 am
>> i could see the little legs on it like pods on the bottom. >> a saucer shaped deal. >> got over the village and it was gone out of sight. >> ahead, astrophysici physicis degrasse tyson will share his thoughts. >> tyler perry talks about the poetic justice about his massive new studio complex in atlanta. you're watching "cbs this morning." is skincare from around the world better than olay? olay regeneris131 premium products, from 12 countries, over 10 years. olay's hydration was unbeaten every time. olay, face anything. ♪ ♪
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8:17 am
this shot is from atlanta, home of tyler perry's new historic and massive new movie studio complex. we went behind the scenes at the site that features a dozen sound stages named after black icons in hollywood. tyler perry is a creative force
8:18 am
behind 22 movies, 20 plays, eight tv shows. he's very busy. he told us what inspires him to think big. the star-studded grand opening of his new film studio is quite literally a dream come true for tyler perry. >> i'm going to tell you something. there's a moment that happened in 2005 at the legends ball. i promise you -- >> that's oprah's legends ball. >> yeah. she invited me there. the movie had come out. not a lot of people knew me in the room and i was sitting there wondering what am i doing in the room. yolanda adams was sitting there. i must have said it out loud. she said, you belong here. seeing it, feeling it, touching it, seeing a black woman to do that, spoke to me in so many
8:19 am
ways. i was thinking, i'm going to dream bigger and dream more and it opened me up to believing anything is possible. >> in many ways it seems like you're just getting started. >> yeah. >> does it feel like that to you? >> yeah. at 28 i went into a shell. i started going on tour. somewhere around 44, 45 i came out of it and i said, wait a minute, where did all those years go. i feel like i'm 35. i feel like i'm just 35. there's nothing about me that feels like 50, whatever that's supposed to mean. >> everything i've done for the last five or seven movies has been done here. >> reporter: the land that is now tyler perry studio sits on 330 acres with 12 sound stages. that is even a replica of the white house where he films his new show, the "the oval."
8:20 am
>> this is the oval office. >> it looks just like it does on tv. this was once a confederate army base. >> think about the poetic justice in that. the army was trying to keep negroes enslaved. now this very ground is owned by me. >> it's an extraordinary accomplishment for perry which includes overcoming abuse during his childhood, at one point losing everything, including his home. but now his ride to work is a reminder of how far he has come. what did that mean to you to see that on the highway? and it's a bo e na feed highway sign. what does that mean? >> the first time i saw it was next to sylvan road. i remember i got put out of
8:21 am
house, had no money. i'm looking at sylvan road and to see my name next to that moment, it took my breath away. >> people know your story. you were homeless. you literally slept in your carom you're 6'5". what car? >> geo metro. >> about the size of this car. >> that's right. a convertible. what you do think happened to you that you did very well that you're proud of? >> i work very, very hard. this entire journey of telling stories was born out of pain, born out ofhea heartache. born out of abuse where a kid could imagine. a manchild watching his mother getting beat and there was nothing he could do. my desire to make her laugh and feel better was so strong. if i could make a joke, imitate her or my amount or some of the
8:22 am
women she would play cards with on a friday night, all of that was so important to me. >> today perry is a parent himself and while he is very much in the public eye, he makes a point of keeping his 4-year-old son out of the spotlight. >> you have called him a healer for you. >> for real. >> what do you mean by that. >> i look at him and i'm looking at myself at that age and i'm wondering how anybody could be cruel and unkind to this level of pure innocence and beauty. >> and love. >> and love. i had to discipline him one day because he was having a problem with the nanny and he was cutting up and he's in the bathroom, he doesn't want to brush his teeth. i open the door and he freezes and looks at me. i asked the nanny to leave. i sat down with him, got eye to eye with him and as i was talking with him i realized i needed to come out of the room before i started crying. i told him how much his mother and i love him and i said, why
8:23 am
are you doing this? you're such a smart kid. this is not what we do as parents. i'm trying to finish. he said, pop, i'm so sorry, i'm trying to calm down. i run out of the room without him noticing it because it broke me. i realized that nobody had every talked to me like a person as a child. nobody ever talked to me as a human being. he's my healer. every time i talk to him, every time i hug him, let him know he's special, there's something in me getting healed. >> i so get that, tyler. what you do want your legacy to be? >> i would love for my son to be an amazing person. >> you talk so lovingly about him. is it impowe late to say you could have a baby little girl? >> very. very rude. >> a girl can try. tyler and his partner gelila are
8:24 am
a wonderful couple. this boy is a wonderful little boy. it struck me about many things what he did this weekend. everybody there was left inspired, what more can i do. i need more to do with my life. he did something very special for the cast who made him, he says, who contributed to who hi is today. the stars from the original tyler perry shows like "house of pain," "the browns," the "haves and have-nots" all have their walk of fame star in front of the oprah winfrey sounlds studios and they had a moment. my son call and said, how come you didn't mention that part. he said, if you want success, work like you're broke. >> especially if you're actually broke. >> that's true. >> work like you're broke. >> starting any business is
8:25 am
difficult and building somethut w bt i love is the symbolism he's added to it. >> he's still dreaming big. his next big dreamhe'soing to this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> it is 8:25. in less than 24 hours, almost all of napa county and the towns of moraga, orinda, and lafayette are expected to lose power because of high fire danger. pg&e says the average outage will last all day wednesday and could go on for five days or longer. a fire investigation is underway in american canyon after a grass fire broke out west of i 80 on sunday afternoon. crews contained it at 526 acres, no injuries were reported. police say five people had been detained after the shots fired inside the pittsburgh
8:26 am
waypoint bart station. the station was shut down briefly, no injuries were reported. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:27 am
let's start this time around in the south they we have stuff in conditions as you make your way more than 101. it is a 91 minutes driveway to make your way northbound 101 from hilliard to boat. a handful of accidents on when i went to the peninsula.
8:28 am
drive times all in the red. that includes 87 to 80 and 85. take a look at traffic at the bay bridge. you are still sluggish out of the maze. we have a new crash reported west on 80 at 580. the good news, they got it to the right shoulder. busy, of the e shore freeway. we lost that live look of the upper deck. traffic is getting better. that crash at fremont west on 80 as you come into the city has been cleared. a cooler day today, things to onshore flow daytime high school than yesterday. still slightly above average this time of year. 84 in concord and san jose, 74 oakland, 70 for san francisco. strong gusty winds as we head through late tonight. especially into wednesday and thursday, just like a red flag winning is an offense for our bay area hills, north bay and east bay valleys in the diablo gusts 45 to 55 most of our an extreme fire danger wednesday into thursday. also a wind advisory. we could see power outages and
8:29 am
downed trees. this could be the strongest wind event we have seen the season. really watching wednesday and thursday, the wind eased by friday.
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." it is that time. you know the time. it's called "talk of the table." we bring you some of the stories that we each pick out because we like them. so we share them with each other and all of you. anthony, you're first it says here that i'm starting off. i don't mean to be sad. but with an obituary. itunes is officially dead. apple announced back in june it was shutting down the music app. yesterday apple released its latest update. it replaces itunes with three separate apps. apple tv, apple music, and apple podcasts. itunes was launched back in 2001. i'm actually surprised it's that
8:31 am
long ago. they released the ipod nine months later. the store opened in 2003. it was such a big part of the music industry because they were losing revenue to napster, and so this was a solution. and they revolutionized music by selling songs for 99 cents. >> how do we feel about this death? >> i don't know how i feel about it either. this chapter loomed so large for a while ends up so brief. >> what's interesting, they bought the tunes for 99 cents and now their library disappeared. >> it moves forward into whatever the next generation is. most are getting their music from streaming services. >> so ownership is kind of a meaningless concept. >> butt has, in fact, rejuv nated the music business. >> you're talking to somebody who still has an ipod. >> really. >> yes, i do. >> you have it on your phone. >> i know. but it uses up the battery. >> batteries are living longer, gayle. >> i also have a topic you could
8:32 am
say is the best of music past. the moustache. this is going to be a moustache-heavy hour. neil degrasse tyson has one and a football player has one. he took a hit. the helmet came off possession the helmet off to the despair of their spouses. one said he's not even a jaguar. i domino why he's trying it. >> this is an interesting look. >> you're supposed to do it on the front. they call it the fu manchu. they call it the few minchu. if my dad grows one, i'll grow one. i'll be the first anchor. >> i'm sorry. >> are you thinking about growing one? >> i'm would love to. >> what's stopping you? what's stopping you? >> z.
8:33 am
>> our boss. >> diana zirinsky. >> to me it ee fr's freedom, rebellion. >> i don't know about few man cheer. >> handlebar. >> nope, nope. i'm talking about a little boy who does not have a moustache. he was caught on video after receiving a positive affirmation from his mother. take a look. >> i am smart. i am blessed. i can do anything. i am smart, i am blessed. i can do anything. i am smart, i am blessed. i can do anything. >> yay. >> you try saying that every day, little ayaan. his mom taught him that. he's 3 years old. she started teaching him that
8:34 am
when he was 2. he's on his way to school. he's learned it and he believes i. i think that's a beautiful thing. the power of words really, really works. so congratulations to little ayaan. >> we learned that from tyler perry, how important it is what they say. >> the good and the bad. all right. astro physicist neil degrasse tyson is sharing his letter archive and is revealing his thoughts on the meaning of life and the meaning of big foot. his letters contains more than 100 letters, facebook posts, and other letters an detractors from family members. it's a fabulous place. good morning. welcome again. >> good morning. >> welcome back. >> i can't believe gayle still owns an ipod. >> yes, i do. >> that is the origin of the word podcast. >> there you go.
8:35 am
since the last time you were here, you went through three claims of sexual misconduct, you've retained your jobs. >> yes, yes. >> what have you learned in the past year going through all this? >> i learned to care about the support that i've received from friends, from families, from a fan base that was there throughout the entire time, and a lot of that fan base is sort of represented sort of spiritually and emotionally and intellectually in this collection of letters where it's people sharing their deepest issues, angst about the world. all i'm saying is that in this past year, i've learned to value that more than ever before. >> as anthony pointed out, there were investigations and you were cleared. but i'm curious how the past year has changed you. were you surprised you were even involved in a me too allegation. people who know you and love you
8:36 am
were surprised. were you? >> life is day to day. you don't know what's going to happen or who's going to say anything. what i do know is people -- there's a -- there's an understandable urge for people to take sides, to have opinions, even in the absence of information or only partial information. and the entire point of an investigation is to be thorough and get to the bottom of everything. it doesn't seem to -- for some people that doesn't matter, i suppose, but for due process, it matters greatly. >> it does matter that and for just the effort to get to whatever the truths that are out there. >> you did write in a public letter that's not in the book that the past year changed the way you think about personal space and you would rethink it and be more sensitive in the future. >> yeah. i have a lot of sort of spillage of personality. it's like, hey, how are you
8:37 am
doing? so the concept of personal space has evolved over the years, iny really range from big'to letters to your father. >> to calling him, tony, pooh-pooh head. >> one wrote deeply apologetic that when he was 10, he had accused of being a pew pew head for demoting pluto. he said, i'm deeply sorry for having hurt your feelings but i believe it now. but it was a deadpan letter with pooh-pooh head in quotes. that exchange is in there. >> you talk about how scientists could maybe communicate better. how so. >> we're not trained to communicate. we're trained to be in the lab and get our work done. to cross over could be awkward, difficult, even impossible for many. so what's important here is to at least have analogies that
8:38 am
people can relate to. if you have some ail millionaire, you to a doctor. the doctor says here's a pill that 3% of the researchers say will kill you. here's another one that doctors say there's a 97% chance it will kill you. they're going to take the 97% pill. >> this is called your most personal book to date. i love what you say about your children. you say people ask how do you teach your own children. you don't worry about what they know but how they think. when you see something are your curious about it? do you poke it? do you probe it? think about how much effort parents put in to keep a neat house in the presence of creating children. >> guilty. >> no. the entropy they create, the disorder of the house is the consequence of them being curious. >> one of the consequences is
8:39 am
the order of the universe goes from order to disorder, and i'm not going to fight that. >> i want to ask you about the moon. you got a letter from someone after you bashed the moon. >> i didn't bash the moon. i just said mars was better. >> how do you feel about nasa taking us to mars by 2020? >> i don't have a problem. you can get there in three days and rejuvenate public interest. yeah, i want to send people to mars. >> you're beyond the moon at this point. >> don't think of destinations. think of the solar system as our backyard. as soon as you say i want to go here instead of here, that's not the way to think about it. >> you have a letter that you wrote to your mom and dad. >> with collisialligraphy on parchment. it was on their wedding anniversary. i wanted to thank them for the support they gave me.
8:40 am
once we express an interest, they supported it. they never subplanted it with their lost dreams. >> neil degrasse tyson says true love never ends for somebody with a gpa. >> if you -- >> can we get a thumbs-up, thumbs-down on alien life. >> here's the thing. i worry they might have landed during coming con ae in comic-c noticed. >> thumbs sideways. up next, we go to good tuesday morning, a cooler day due to onshore flow. already noticing patchy coastal fog this morning as we had
8:41 am
through the afternoon, daytime has will be cooler compared to yesterday. still slightly above average this time of year. 84 in concord and san jose, looking at 74 oakland, 70 for san francisco. the winds pick up starting tonight, especially wednesday and thursday, it is why we have a red flag warning at a wind advisory, could see the strongest of offshore winds we haveeen so far this season.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
this morning we continue our world in motion series. we rode trains in japan and the u.s. technology is defining how we travel and how fast we get to our destinations. but in africa, something as simple as a bridge and road are changes thousands of lives for better and work. debora patta went to mozambique ro show us a road connecting
8:45 am
>> reporter: mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world. many areas are simply inaccessible because of the treacherous quality of the road, which is why this bridge and the 60-mile stretch from it could be potential game-changers. a year ago there was nothing here but fresh air. now this bridge is a potential gateway to economic development. previously the only way to travel was like this, a ten-minute trip on a crowded ferry. this was how she used to get her supplies from the capital. now she takes a quick ride in a subsidized bridge across the bridge, but it's come at a cost. we're standing on what used to be her home underneath the new highway. she was compensated for her loss, a new plot of lanand a
8:46 am
beta house, but it's a lot further away, and she's had to leave behind her parents' burial site, her friends, and all her memories. you see my heart, she said. i cried a lot. it was painful. but the mozambiquen government believes ultimately the state-of-the-art infrastructure will bridge the country's massive wealth gap by increasing tourism and trade. it used to take five hours on a road that was so bad you could only drive on it if you had a luxury four-wheel drive. now with this new bridge and road, it takes a mere 1 hour. this area always had a chance to live up to its name, place of gold, but the shocking quality of the road meant most mozambiquens never got to
8:47 am
experience it. . for 25 years this woman struggled to keep her beach and restaurant going. and then business opened. >> it was poof. yeah. amazing. all days was amazing. >> reporter: she's making enough money to add a little bed and breakfast to her restaurant and is planning her first holiday abroad. but the new road has had unintended consequences. filming on hidden camera we traveled with smugglers who smuggled illegal goods across the border. these men and women pay under $25 to be smuggled into neighbor south africa in search of desperately needed jobs. this smuggler told us corrupt police officers patrolling the border have benefitted the most
8:48 am
from the new road. we pay them bribes, he said, so we can go across the border, but the economic benefits still seem to outweigh the problems t. the new roads has increased tourism and trade. those economic gains, however, now need to reach the 50% of mozambiquens living on the equivalent of just over $20 a month and who simply cannot afford the $4 toll. for now, these children will only get to experience the bridge playing in its shadow. over the next two decades, the mozambiquen government is going to have to find ways to lift people out of poverty, so they can afford to use the bridge and road and ensure they do not become as inaccessible to the poor as the old road was. >> that's incredible. you hear infrastructure, and
8:49 am
some think senatorsville but it can change lives. >> it's a shame it's there and people can't afford to use it. today's "cbs this morning" podcast, boxing legend oscar de la hoya, he's part of the real men wear pink campaign. and before we go, an inspiring little girl shows the world how brave she is. we'll be right back.
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8:52 am
before we go, a little girl in texas is gaining national attention after taking some big steps. wow. her name is love johnson. you go, love johnson. she was giddy with excitement when she took her first steps all by herself. the 6-year-old has cerebral
8:53 am
palsy and uses a walker to get around. she tried to do it on her own. her mother said she can do anything. her action on
8:54 am
8:55 am
this is a kpix 5 news morning update. it is a:55. in less than 24 hours, almt all of napa county and the 10th of moraga marinda and lafayette in contra costa county are expected to lose power, because of high fire danger. pg&e since the outage were last all day wednesday, and could go on for five days or longer. today marks two years since the deadly one country wildfires, flurry of wildfires in 2017 acr. most of the fires were blamed on pg&e's power equipment failure. authorities in sunnyvale are on
8:56 am
the lookout for a serial arson suspect. here is an image of the suspect, if you recognize him, police to hear from you. news of these throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our websit it's time for sleep numbers fall sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise, prove.
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and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1,399, save $300. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. only for a limited time. this time around we had to 80 where we find another traffic alert. this is on the westbound side
8:58 am
of 80 as you work your way out of fairfield, near airbase parkway. it looks like we have an injury crash blocking the two left lanes and a backup behind it. is low in right as you work your way across any of us money. richard and sandra file bridge crawling along this morning. we had an earlier trouble spot on the westbound side. it looks like there may have been clear. traffic is busy through their. if you work your way west on 580 into the maze, lookout for a crash blocking the left lane traffic. slow working your way towards the bridge. the san mateo bridge are struggling a bit slow right as you make your way towards 80. a cooler day for today with onshore flow kicking in. also tracking a patchy coastal fog this morning. it really does indicate changes for us. the big weather story, the extreme fire danger for wednesday into thursday with a red flag warning, and a wind advisory, gusts up to 45-55 miles per hour. that is wednesday and thursday. could be the strongest wind event we have seen so far this season. for today we are looking at temperatures cooler compared to yesterday. still slightly above average. 84 concord, 84 san jose, 74
8:59 am
oakland, and 70 san francisco. we will show you the extended forecast. a windy day thursday and friday, winds relax friday. below average in daytime highs for the weekend.
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