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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 15, 2019 7:00am-8:57am PDT

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good morning to you our viewers in the west, and welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. scramble in syria. the u.s. hits turkey with sanctions over its invasion as president trump faces growing bipartisan criticism over the american troop withdrawal. breaking overnight, a former texas police officer is charged with murder for killing a woman in her own home. how the victim's family and attorney point to what they call a brutal culture of policing. >> dealing in danger? one of the largest auto retail chains is accused of selling used cars with safety recalls that have not been repaired. and thriller master bestselling author john grisham will be in studio 57 with his new novel, "the guardians." it's tuesday, october 15th, 2019. here's today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.
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the united states of america wants turkey to stop the invasion. to implement an immediate cease-fire. >> reporter: the president slaps new sanctions on turkey. >> reporter: sanctions will not make enough of a difference soon enough. >> green lit this operation, and now is panicking. >> according to "the new york times," the president's former top adviser on russia told congress john bolton was so disturbed by efforts to dig up dirt on democrats that he called it a drug deal. >> reporter: in texas the white police officer who resigned after shooting and killing a black woman in her home has been charged with murder. >> there was no threat. people reportedly killed in a mass shooting in puerto rico. >> reporter: lebron james reting to the ina rorsy, respon houston rockets' general manager's tweet supporting the hong kong protesters. >> i believe he wasn't educated on the situation at hand. >> reporter: cuba gooding jr. will be arraigned on new
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actually mis -- actually misconduct charges. >> reporter: there are reports that even more women have come forward. all that -- >> brendan gaughan goes airborne and sticks the landing. off to the races. the wrong way! best part of this -- eventually tackled at the ten by a teammate. >> reporter: all that matters -- >> hello, blair. hello. >> a contestant on "we're of fortune" drops jaws with his family. >> tell us about your family. >> i've been married for the last 12 years to an old battle axe named kim. third down and five -- incredible play, 35-yard touchdown! >> lions were dominating the packers until aaron rodgers orchestrates a game-winning drive. >> now to play hero again. and there it is -- walk it off and win it. captioning funded by cbs
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note to married men, please don't ever call your wife a battle axe. >> i want to talk to kim. >> see what she has about you. clearly they have a good relationship for him to see that on national tv. that's what i'm thinking. we're with, kim. welcome to "cbs this morning." we begin with this -- the white house is scrambling to contain the growing crisis in syria after president trump's decision to withdraw most u.s. troops from the country. turkey's invasion of northern syria targeting u.s.-backed kurdish fighters and civilians has entered its seventh day. syrian government forces backed by russia are taking control of key cities in the area. president trump called on turkey to end the invasion yesterday. trump sas g negotiations on a trade deal. ben tracy is at the white house. ben, what else is the president doing? >> reporter: good morning. so the president is also sending a senior delegation to turkey including vice president mike pence to try to broker some sort of peace. as for the sanctions that the u.s. is hitting turkey with, a
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source tells cbs news that even here at the white house there are some who don't think the sanctions will change turkey's mind. >> the president of the united states called on the president of turkey to stop the invasion. >> reporter: vice president mike pence attempted damage control after criticism mounts of president trump's abrupt decision to withdraw troops from syria, allowing for turkey's invasion. >> we want an immediate cease-fire, and we want to begin negotiations between turkey and syrian defense forces. >> reporter: the administration's initial statement announcing the withdrawal of troops set no boundaries for turkey's military operation. after bipartisan backlash, president trump vowed to destroy turkey's economy if it went through with this kind of invasion. >> if there wasn't there should have been a very clear sanctions threat provided during that
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conversation to prevent exactly what erdogan ended up doing. >> reporter: now the white house is hitting turkey's top government officials and ministries with sanctions, doubling steel tariffs to 50%, and canceling negotiations over a $100 billion trade deal. >> these sanctions are very, very strong. >> reporter: while the u.s. will keep some troops in the region to prevent an isis resurgence, the president is broadly sticking by his initial decision to pull out and boasting of defeating 100% of the isis caliphate. as for the kurdish fighters who were crucial in accomplishing that, mr. trump also said, "let syria and assad protect the kurds." bashar al assad's syrian government, a bitter enemy of the united states, is backed by russia. >> this alliance between the kurds and assad is not good for us. >> reporter: republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell issued a strongly worded stt mo gravely concerned by our nation's apparent response thus far and will create a vacuum that will be exploited by iran and russia. a source tells cbs news there are officials in the administration who recognize that this is devastating for
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u.s. influence in the region, but the source also says there is no one left in this administration that could act as a counterweight to president trump. anthony? >> thank you. turkey's president is defending his country's invasion of northern syria. in a "wall street journal" op-ed, president erdogan says the operations aims to address the refugee crisis saying, quote, the international community should either join our efforts or begin admitting refugees. charlie d'agata is in dohuk, iraq, near the border with syria. >> reporter: president erdogan has doubled down on the offensive saying that his forces are going to see this through to the end despite growing international pressure to bring the fighting to an end. it may be hard to hear president trump's demands for a cease-fire over the deafening overnight explosions on the battlefields
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of northern syria. [ gunfire ] if anything, turkey's stepped up its military campaign in a land grab as syrian regime forces race to retake key kurdish cities. the u.s. military is now largely out of the picture, retreating u.s. troops seen on the move to avoid being caught between two advancing armies. a russian journalist posted video allegedly showing the abandoned u.s. base in manjib saying i'm now at the american base, let's see how they're living. america's quick exit changed the landscape dramatically and immediately. we not only had to avoid syrian regime forces but the turkish military, its extremist militias, and an emerging isis threat. caught up in the widening chaos, kurdish civilian, victims of indiscriminate shelling packed into overstretched hospitals. we've witnessed how underresourced these facilities are. one surgeon told us they're desperate for medicine and commitment and on the verge of collapse.
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u.n. estimates of people displaced by the fighting keeps climbing. it's now 160,000. defending the offensive in the "wall street journal," turkish president erdogan said his country had reached its limit dealing with 3.6 million refugees from the syrian conflict. turkey also views syrian kurdish fighters as terrorists that must be eradicated. forces who were once america's most loyal ally in the fight against isis. we've been in touch with kurdish commanders this morning who tell us that the u.s. military in kabani have asked for their protection to keep syrian regime forces out of the area so they're able to withdraw safely. >> thank you, charlie d'agata. the pictures difficult to watch. thank you. we're learning former national security adviser john bolton apparently tried to raise the alarm over rudy giuliani's involvement in ukraine. "the new york times" is reporting that bolton wanted white house lawyers to be
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alerted back in july when he learned about efforts to pressure the country. bolton's former aide, fiona hill, testified yesterday before house impeachment invstigators. bolton reportedly called rudolph giuliani a hands grenade. very graphic description. what else do we know? >> reporter: fiona hill testified for more than nine hours and said that john bolton told her to go to the chief lawyer at the national security council and report that there was an outside ukraine policy, very unusual, that involved the acting white house chief of staff, mick mulvaney. a red flag from john bolton who was the president's own national security adviser.
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according to "the new york times," fiona hill told lawmakers that bolton was concerned about the goals rudy giuliani, gordon sondland, and acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney were pursuing in ukraine. bolton advised her to tell white house lawyers, "i'm not part of whatever drug deal sondland and mulvaney are cooking up." his metaphor may have referred to this -- in september, cbs news reported that shortly before mr. trump's call with ukraine's president -- >> that call was perfect. it couldn't have been nicer. >> reporter: -- mr. trump instructed mulvaney to hold off on releasing millions in military aid for ukraine as giuliani, sondland, and president trump all pressured ukrainian leaders to investigate a campaign rival, joe biden. today lawmakers will interview
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deputy assistant secretary of state george kent. kent oversaw former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch who testified last week. >> she was the victim of propaganda, conspiracy theory, and an organized political hit job on her. >> reporter: some republicans argue these closed door depositions are unfair to the president. >> even if you're not going to allow the american public to watch it live, release the transcripts. >> reporter: house intelligence chairman adam schiff says he wi zlrges i'm not sure that he realizes i got all of this evidence as part of my representation of the president. cbs news
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confirmed that the department of justice is now investigating rudy giuliani and whether he violated foreign lobbying rules after two of his ukraine-led associates were arrested last week. tony? >> that's amajor development. thank you so much. a white former police officer faces a murder charge this morning for shooting a black woman inside her texas home. aaron dean posted bond overnight following his arrest late yesterday. he resigned earlier in the day before he could be fired from the fort worth police department. dean shot 28-year-old atatiana jefferson as he was responding to a neighbor's call for a wellness check. omar villafranca is outside fort worth police headquarters. good morning. how are the victim's family reacting to the murder charge? >> reporter: fil relieved that the officer was arrested and charged with murder, but they're quick to say that this is not just about the officer but the way the fort worth police department trains their officers. we talked to a former fort worth cop who agrees and says the department needs to change.
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>> as a black female former police officer, i'm afraid when i get stopped. >> reporter: former fort worth police officer lad arounda young says she doesn't trust the officers and feels atatiana's death is a breach of protocol. >> officers are shooting before assessing situations. if that officer had simply knocked on the door, that young lady would be alive today. >> reporter: officer aaron dean resigned yesterday. body cam footage shows the moment he shot and killed jefferson in her home on saturday. >> put your hands up! >> reporter: the video shows dean, now charged with murder, never identified himself as a police officer. >> the front doors have been open since 10:00 -- >> reporter: he was responding to a 2:00 a.m. wellness call from jefferson's neighbor, but interim police chief ed krause said it may not be have been
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clear there was no emergency. >> if they thought there was something more criminal, a more tactical response would be warranted. >> jefferson's siblings say it's a sign the department has to change what their attorney called a brutal culture of policing. >> no guns should have been out. there was no threat. >> reporter: when you heard the gunshot came through a window, what was your response? >> that's -- that's drive-by material. >> reporter: police chief kraus agrees, there's no excuse for dean's actions. what can you tell members of the community who have told us incidents like this are why they do not trust fort worth police? >> i tell them i get it. we're trying to ensure that they act and react with a serving heart instead of a warrior's heart. >> reporter: dean was charged with murder, but the investigation will not stop there. in fact, fort worth city officials have handed over a preliminary case to the fbi to look into possible civil rights violations. we are expecting an update on the criminal case later on this morning. anthony? sh an uting sry.
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thank you. a powerful earthquake rocked parts of northern california overnight. the 4.5-magnitude quake was centered in the bay area. shaking was felt across san francisco, oakland, and san jose. there were no immediate reports of major damage or injuries. california's largest utility company, pg&e, says no equipment appears to be damaged, and there are no plans to shut off power. puerto rico's governor will hold an urgent security meeting later today after a mass shooting reportedly left at least eight people dead. [ gunfire ] >> cell phone video captures the repeated sounds of the gunfire last night in san juan. several people were heard screaming and running in panic. authorities are still trying to figure out exactly what happened there last night. search and rescue efforts are stun rock hotel in new orleans three days after it collapsed. crews are frantically searching for a missing worker.
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the building was under construction, partially collapsed on saturday. two people died in the accident, and at least 30 more were hurt. yesterday, engineers determined both of the cranes at the building are at risk of falling. the safety perimeter has now been expanded as a result. investigators are trying to determine what caused the sudden collapse. the city's mayor told cbs news the building was last inspected 20 days ago. oscar-winning actor cuba gooding jr. is expected to appear in court today on two separate charges of sexual misconduct. this comes amid reports more women are coming forward with accusations. gooding was set to go on trial last week for allegedly groping a woman at a new york city club. jury selection was postponed after prosecutors added a new charge. don dahler is at the manhattan criminal courthouse. what can gooding expect today?
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>> reporter: good morning. like the rest of us gooding's going to find out what the latest accuser is alleging. now in is on top of new reports that say three other women are also sayinging that the star groped them, as well. >> good morning, cuba, how you doing today? >> reporter: the new charge against actor cuba gooding jr. will be unsealed to, nearly a week after he was test to stand trial for allegedly groping a 29-year-old woman in june. instead, at that pedaddi itment e actor, delaying his trial. cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman. >> cuba gooding jr. is going to court and will face a seconds charge that happened allegedly in 2018. and it is of a sexual nature. >> reporter: the original exchange was allegedly caught on video. mz posted images from a surveillance camera that appears to show the actor touching his accuser.
7:18 am
although it's unclear from the video whether any groping occurred. >> reporter: in a statement to cbs news, gooding's lawyer says "the conduct alleged in this new charge was also caught on video," and that it, quote, will not reveal any criminal conduct on cuba's part, even less so than the first accusation. now the "new york post" is reporting there are three new accusations involving simila alleged behavior of inappropriate grabbing at manhattan clubs. those accusations are also disputed by gooding's lawyer who told cbs the third, fourth, and fifth cases never saw daylight because i think the d.a. felt that anything that was said wasn't credible, let alone provable. even so, the new accusations may hurt the oscar-winning actor's ca >> when you start to have other agencies or what we -- allegations or what we call prior bad acts, acts of a similar nature, it makes it a much more difficult case to defend. >> reporter: gooding's current charge is a class-a misdemeanor which is punishable by up to a year in prison if convicted. now we'll have to wait until the new accusation is unsealed in court later today to find out if
7:19 am
that, too, is a misdemeanor or a felony. tony? >> all right. thank you so much. ahead, lebron good tuesday morning to you. a gray start to the bay area. fog and clouds along the coast and parts of the bay. also looking at chilly temps for all of us. seasonal daytime highs. 78 san jose. 72 oakland. cooler, cloudier for your wednesday. tracking our next weather system that could bring some showers wednesday night especially for the north bay.
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we have much more ahead. tonight's democratic debate will be the first since the house launched its impeachment inquiry. two former presidential campaign managers tell us what we should be watching for. plus, one of the nation's largest car retailers is accused of selling used cars with unrepaired recalls. anna werner is here. what did you learn? >> reporter: coming up on "cbs
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masculinity changing? it's the subject of good morning it's 726 i'm kenny choy. two aftershocks have hit the hour. the tremors centered near pleasant hill. just after 10:30 last night. viewers from the north bay down to san jose reported feeling that jolt. >> hundreds of new electric scooters are coming to the streets of san francisco today. jump, lime, that number could expand. >> and today the sfmta will make the final approval. that would mean a ban on cars and wider lanes for bikes and pedestrians. news updates throughout the day on our favorite platforms including our website
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welcome back. metering lights remain on. we're seeing a slow ride remain on. 580, 880 and the east shore freeway right around powell street. take a look at traffic just as you get across the bridge there. reports of broken down vehicle near treasure island and past that. we'll have brake lights again southbound 101 heading into san francisco. we have an earlier accident cleared. >> a chilly start to the day. also gray as well as we kick off your tuesday. grab that jacket or coat as you head out the door. we'll see that sun for most of us. our next weather system arrives. 81 concord. 72 oakland. upper 60s in san francisco. and the chance of a few showers for the north bay wednesday night. get details on this state program. call or visit
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it's 7:30. here's what's happening on "cbs this morning" -- the white house sanctioned turkey over its assault on the kurds. as a bipartisan backlash grows over president trump's decision to pull u.s. troops in syria. the united states of america wants turkey to stop the invasion. the impeachment inquiry reveals signs of unease over white house state of over the administration's shadow ukraine policy. >> everything else is perfect. the call was perfect. something is grossly wrong in our city. >> a texas police officer quits and is charged with murder after shooting a woman in her home. >> the gun shouldn't have even been out. there was no threat. plus, we check in with bestselling on author john grisham about his thriller called "the guardian." >> i view my books as entertainment, first and foremost. and "g.q.'s" editor-in-chief
7:31 am
on updating masculinity in the me too era. >> thank you for teaching me that i'm dumb. >> that is not the message i'm trying to get across. i hear you loud and clear. i'm a dumbo. >> you're obviously very smart from our conversation -- >> they were right. boys do get to jupiter and get more stupider. >> looking forward to that conversation. welcome back, i'm gayle king with tony dokoupil and anthony mason. a new report just released this morning accuses one of the nation's largest car retail chains of selling used vehicles with unrepaired safety recalls. the public interest research group looked into 2,400 used vehicle at 28 auto nation dealers nationwide and claims one in nine, one in nine had safety recall issues including problems linked to deaths and injuries. "cbs this morning" consumer investigative correspondent, anna werner, has been looking into all of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
7:32 am
in 2015, auto nation said it would no longer sell used cars with open safety recalls but reversed course. they're looking into how many unrepaired used cars are sold to consumers. this isn't limited to auto nation. we checked in with a florida car dealer we met three years ago who says it's still a problem nationwide. in lake park, florida, owner darrell stewart walks through a lot with cars that he ownsy about refuses to sell because they have defective takata airbags. >> if i can't sell a car that i would schoell to my family, i'mt going to sell a car. >> reporter: stewart estimates he's lost close to $600,000 on the cars over the past three years because he can't get the parts to fix them. >> we have to hold those cars until the takata airbag is available to fix it. so i'm suffering a huge amount, most of that half a million dollars plus is from depreciation. >> reporter: but other dealers do sell cars with safety
7:33 am
recalls. a new report from the u.s. public interest research group surveyed 28 auto nation dealerships around the country and says of 2,400 used cars for sale, one out of nine had unrepaired safety recalls. some were takata airbags, and general motors' ignition switches linked to injuries and deaths. adam garber co-authored the report. >> these recalls range from explosive takata airbags to steering malfunctions to seat belt problems that could put the lives of drivers, passengers, and others on the road at risk. even before the purchaser got epn2015, auto nation said it would no longer sell any vehicle used or new with an open safety recall. >> we're going to put the customer first. the customer's safety first. >> reporter: that was former ceo mike jackson on cnbc. >> you better care about recalls. i think the industry has to get its act together around recalls,
7:34 am
and we want to do our part. roy but a little over a year later, auto nation reversed course and resumed selling vehicles with active recalls. jackson told "automotive news," with the trump administration there's flow way that that issue is going -- no way that that issue is going to be addressed from a regulatory point of view. >> auto nation advertises the processes as worry free. they're not worry free. if i have a car with a takata airbag in it, that's something i'm probably worried about. >> reporter: auto nation told us it has not had the opportunity to see the report but disputed its accuracy saying it "repairs the cars if it has the parts or holds the cars if instructed to by manufacturers." for cars it does sell with unrepaired recalls, the company said they sell them with ful disclosure. but democratic senator richard blumenthal who's pushing legislation to outlaw the sales of used cars with unrepaired defects says disclosure isn't enough. >> disclosure's really no substitute for repair. the dealers who say disclosure
7:35 am
is a substitute for repair ignore the plain facts that unsafe vehicles are a menace. not only to the passengers and drivers but to other motorists. >> reporter: auto nation says it complies with all laws and regulations regarding recalls and says any suggestion that it is knowingly or deliberately seeking to mislead consumers is entirely unfounded. >> so what do people need to do to make sure they don't get one of those cars? >> the thing to do is you need, if you're looking at a car, to check the vin number, the vehicle identification number -- >> i have never done that. do people do that? do you? >> yeah. very important. >> you -- >> i don't drive. so -- >> that's right. okay. >> i live in new york ci i don't drive. i live in new york city, we have a subway. >> can you go to our website. we are posting the link to the government website. >> where is the v.i.n. number, anthony? >> you open the hood and i think it's there on the dash. >> and often under the windshield, right in front of
7:36 am
the driver's, there's a long number on a piece of metal. >> you need a piece of paper toe write it down. >> i know it's a long number. >> go to our website. we're linking to safer with your you with go in, enter the v.i.n. in. see if your car has or the car that you're looking at, that you're shopping, when you get serious about car, check this .efore you sign on the dot the you may not want to take that risk. >> v.i.n. number, check it. >> i see it on my insurance form. i got it. we're going to ask you about your v.i.n. number tomorrow. ahead what basketball star lebron james is saying about the nba/china stand-off over hong kong. and if you're on the go, subscribe to o u'atching "cbs this morning." give it philips sonicare. next level clean, next level care.
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for the first time the l.a. lakers' lebron james is addressing the stand-off between the nba and china. last night, the basketball superstar said the houston rockets' general manager darrell
7:41 am
morey was quote misinformed or not really educated when he sent a tweet that supported hong kong's pro democracy movement. jonathan bigliotti is at the staples center in los angeles. lebron has taken a lot of heat. >> the lakers won here, but it was what lebron james said before the game began that's grabbing all the attention. lebron james considered one of the most influential stars in nba history, his four-year contract with the lakers, valued at $154 million but based on the reaction and there's been a lot of it, not everyin ague agrees with him. >> i believe he wasn't educated on the situation at hand. >> lakers star, lebron james, criticized the decision by houston rockets gm darrell morey to support hong kong profitable relationship between the nba and china. >> so many people could have been harmed, not only financially business physically,
7:42 am
emotionally. we have greed fareed om of speech, but there's negative that comes with it. >> morey tweeted an image that said fight with freedom. stand with hong kong. the tweet was scheduled days before the lakers were scheduled to play games in china. the chinese government was furious, stripping down nba signs and canceling the players' media appearances and team events. >> his voice goes a long way. there's no question he's the most influential player voice in the league. >> "washington post" reporter covers james and the lakers. >> why doesn't he stand up for darrell morey's tweet which most people wouldn't consider to be that controversial in the united states, basically saying fight for freedom and of those words from lebron. >> james tried to clarify on twitter writing i do not believr watheruences e cs any and on ramifications of the tweet. i'm not discussing the substance. >> the nba has been working to fix the relationship with a major market across the
7:43 am
partnership. >> they want to stand up for his freedom of expression, but they want to make it clear that they had respect for china's history and government and they didn't want to anger a very important business partner. >> and the nba has a relationship with china that goes back decades, a relationship that has brought in billions of dollars. to put this into context, more people in china watch the nba finals than here in the united states. >> that says it all jonathan. thank you. >> lebron is going to be in "space jam ii." he's getting eviscerated on social media for this. he's being called brainwashed, putting business interests ahead of democratic valuables. somebody tweeted social justice begins in america, but ends at communist china's doorstep. >> it will be interesting to see if he has more to say. >> says he doesn't want to comment on the substance. we're looking at stories you'll be talking about today.
7:44 am
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and for thousands of years they've shared a love for meat. grain-free blue wilderness is made to satisfy that desire. feed the wolf that lives inside your dog with blue wilderness. close out that work e-mail, you're in vladimir duthiers's office now. time for "what to watch." >> see you and me down by the schoolyard. ♪ >> paul simon. >> very good. >> hey. here are a few stories we wi think you'll be talking about. mark zuckerberg is drawing mixed reaction and the hash tag #deletefacebook picked up steam after he's been holding dinners with high-profile conservatives. it may fuel speculation from the left that the tech titan is trying to appease the trump administration. the president threatened to sue facebook in june. he claims it and other social media platforms are biased against conservatives aensothem.
7:49 am
yesterday zuckerberg defended the gatherings saying in part, to be clear, i have dinners with lots of people across a spectrum on lots of different issues all the time. >> what's wrong with eoplare thinking -- >> it is remarkable that people would say delete facebook. he meets with all different people -- >> probably not unusual. he's taking heat from both sides. elizabeth warren on the other side is giving it to him, too. >> exactly right. he's going to be on the hill soon. we'll see what he has to say. he's taking those meetings. this was a heartbreaker. taco bell voluntarily recalling millions of pounds of meet from its location in multiple states after a customer reported finding a metal shaving in a menu item. more than two million pounds of seasoned beef is impacted. the company confirmed it has removed and discarded the beef from all affected restaurants in 21 states. as well their have been no -- there have been no confirmed reports of illnesses or injury. over the weekend, some restaurants were asking customers to try chicken or steak in their burritos instead
7:50 am
since the beef did not meet the chain's quality standards. i say heartbreaker because there were some people who didn't get the memo that it had been voluntarily recalled. they were like, where's my beef? i want my beef -- >> tund a m shavi in one. one customer report, and they took action. you know, it's a big deal, 2.3 million pounds they took off the company. americans eat 2.3 million pounds of beef? that's a lot of beef. taco bell's really, really good. the sauce is what makes it. >> i love my taco bell. okay, this is the greatest story. they say a picture is worth a thousand words. that proved true when the kids took charge and used some creative license to absolutes the players on the new jersey devils at a recent hockey game. take a look at this. >> number 28 -- david severson. number 35, schneider -- >> that's fabulous. >> yeah. >> the chest hair.
7:51 am
>> like everything's in color but the face. so the young artist hand drew pictures of the players that were showcased on the jumbotron to the delight of the crowd. here are side-by-side comparisons. this is cory schneider. >> i like that one. >> look at that. here's defenseman sammy vatnen. okay, okay. the head is really, really small. take a look at team center travis zaja all far better hockey player than artist. >> he's flexing. >> terrific drawings. >> aren't they great? i like the drawings and their voices introducing them. >> yes. >> the inflection when they won >> theorn the scene, too, interviewed defenseman p.k. suban. they had a child singing the national anthem. can't go wrong with kids. >> p.k. engaged to lindsey vonn. she says she's happier than she's ever been. >> that's a piece i didn't have on mine either -- >> very happy.
7:52 am
>> didn't win the game, but the rest of it was a lot of fun. thanks. you can watch vlad on our streaming service, cbsn, find it on coming up, atuate between two presidential campaign managers. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." 're all set. (mom, shouting) really? bamwhat!? (dog) whining noise. (mom, whispering) that was so easy... (associate) bamwhat!? (mom) bamwhat? that's not even a word... jill jill has entresto, and a na heart failure pill and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. where to next?
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morning update. >> good morning it's 7:56. more than two dozen aftershocks have hit the east bay since a magnitude 4.5 earthquake hit last night. viewers from the north bay down to san jose reported feeling that jolt. governor newsome is demanding pg&e take responsibility for last week's shutoff. and $250 to each small business affected. and new video showing a crook taking off with a rare piece of art in san francisco. this suspect took an etching from painter salvador dolly fine art store. the artwork is worth about $20,000. we'll have news updates throughout the day including our website
7:57 am
weba it's e door near point oystle. uttifrom 380
7:58 am
freeshe freeway. we do have reports of an accident tlchlt at least one lane is blocked. and another crash. this one in marin. south 101 at lincoln avenue. left lane blocked for that one. it's a chilly start to the day. gray as well. low clouds and areas of fog. grab that jacket as you head out the door for work and school. seasonal daytime highs. our next weather system arrives for tomorrow. cooler temps for tomorrow. also cloudier skies. the chance of showers wednesday night. especially for the north bay into early thursday. temps will stay below average for the rest of the workweek into the weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to you our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, october 15th, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king and tony dokoupil and anthony mason. the trump administration struggles to end the spiraling violence in syria after the u.s. military pullback. how we got to thisrisis and go ? >> a dozen candidates take the stage in the democratic debate. what to expect in the showdown. >> master of the legal thriller john grisham will be here with his gripping new novel. >> first, here's today's "eye teou is skrim bling to contain the crisis in syria after president trump's decision to withdraw most u.s. troops from the country. >> a source tells cbs news even some administration officials acknowledge that those sanctions are unlikely to change turkey's mind. >> president erdogan has doubled down on the offensive saying that his forces are going to see this through to the end.
8:01 am
>> cbs news has confirmed that the department of justice is now looking into whether giuliani violated foreign lobbying laws. >> the family is quick to say it's not just about the officer but the ft. worth police department and how they train their officers. >> gooding is going to find out what this accuser is alleging and this is on top of new reports that three other women are also saying the star groped them as well. >> you've heard of the prenup, but what about a baby-nup between both parents with witness and all. it states each parent's duty once the baby arrives. >> first baby showers and gender reveal parties and now a witness to your prenup signing? if i want to be this big part of your baby life i should have a say in whether or not you should have one. phone friends, we're thinking of having a baby, i'm trying to focus on my career right now, i can't be friends with a couple who has a baby, i'm sorry. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota, let's go
8:02 am
places. welcome with back to "cbs this morning." we begin with this, the white house is taking action against turkey. a nato ally, as the u.s. scrambles to end attacks on kurdish forces in northern syria. president trump signed an executive order imposing sanctions against turkey's government and several turkish officials. the white house is sending a delegation led by vice president mike pence and new national security adviser robert o'brian. now they will try to negotiation a cease-fire with turkey, turkey's invasion and attack on the kurds followed president trump's decision to withdraw u.s. troops from northern syria but the white house insists turkey was planning to invade syria no matter what. the president is just protecting u.s. soldiers. turkey's invasion of northern syria highlights the complicated relationship between the u.s., turkey and the kurds. it's the latest chapter in a long history of tension in the region. the roots of turkey's offensive against the kurds date back
8:03 am
nearly a century. the kurds are a largely muslim ethnic group native to the middle east. they have their own language, culture, and traditions. at the end of world war i, western powers promised the kurds an independent state, but it never happened. instead, the kurds are among the largest groups of people in the world without a state. at least 20 million strong, spread out across turkey, iraq, iran, and syria. but statelessness hasn't kept the kurds from being an ally of the united states. the kurds joined u.s. forces to topp top saddam husan during the iraq e key partners in the fight against isis. >> these kurdish fighters are trying to move in that direction and retake the main asked road to mosul. >> which set the stage for today. for years a kurdish militant group calling for more autonomy has launched violent attacks in
8:04 am
turkey. turkey sees the kurdish fighters in syria as being linked with that militant group. when president trump pulled u.s. troops out of northern syria. >> we want to bring our troops back home. >> turkey moved in. pledging to remove the kurds and create a so-called safe zone where at least a million refugees displaced by the syrian civil war would be returned. and with u.s. troops out of the area, the kurds are now turning to two u.s. adversaries. syrian dictator bashar al assad and russian president vladimir putin for protection. and cbs news senior foreign affairs correspondent and moderator of "face the washington, good morning. things are not looking good in that region and a lot of people say this is exactly as was expected when u.s. troops were region. what are your sources telling you about whether the administratiay aoseemto be ensuing?
8:05 am
>> well there is a divide between people who follow and know the middle east and the president himself. an exasperated source said to me that this is could be the end of the trump presidency. the president does not appreciate the implications of his decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria which will allow turkey to continue its advance. for the people who do know the region, within the administration, they are arguing that the decision amounts to a demolition of u.s. power in the region that will only benefit russia, iran, bashar al assad and isis. yet, the president is convinced that he is doing this country a favor by pulling out a relatively small number of troops. there is no broader strategy or policy. all of this is being retrofitted to fit the president's decision to withdraw. >> it is interesting, margaret, some of his staunch allies are speaking out against him, lindsey graham and michael morell.
8:06 am
y -- mitch mcconnell. you don't see that happen. >> for them it's fall on deaf ears. calls for the president to rethink this decision had no effect and the president doubled down with the late saturday night decision to pull everyone out. and it's also interesting that pentagon itself is saying there are many dangerous isis detainees in syria right now who have been released and so you have the administration warning that isis is running all over eastern syria virtually unchecked and the president doesn't seem concerned it's going to destroy his narrative having defeated isis. that could hurt him when he's on the campaign trail. he believes all of this suspect his problem, but rather the problem of turkey and europe if there's a terror attack. >> what impact are these new sanctions and this visit from vice president pence likely to have on turkey? >> sanctions are going to punish turkey but they're not going to prevent anything. they're punitive, not preventative. the action has been taken. the administration briefed
8:07 am
reporters yesterday and said basically there's nothing america could do to stop turkey. once erdogan consolidates his gains, the cease-fire they're expected to try to broker with vice president pence will still benefit russia as well as iran and turkey. >> margaret brennan, thank you. the top tier candidates could go after each other during tonight's democratic debate. ahead, we'll talk to two former presidential campaign managers about what to expect. plus, how prince william and kate are following in his mother's foot
8:08 am
8:09 am
jaboukie young -white uses daildy to address issues on "the gentleman bookie yng comedy such as why he jokes at young people who do not typically vote in large numbers. >> why do i have to go out to vote. cans you post mate the lex to me. tony will be here in 20 minutes with my ballot and seaweed salad. >> now he's tackling the definition of masculinity. he will join us with the editor and chief of "gq." his name will welch to discuss how masculinity is changing. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:10 am
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♪ duk e ke a dss of cambridge are in pakistan on a
8:14 am
high-profile visit amid very tight security. today william and kate went to the islamabad model college for girls to highlight the benefits for younuring higher education and professional careers. the royal couple met with pakistan's president and prime minister. the pair arrived yesterday on behalf of the uk government for a five-day tour of the country. kensington palace calls this visit the couple's most complex so far amid political tensions and security concerns in pakistan. william and kate are following in his mother princess diana's footsteps and she made three different visits to pakistan back in the 1990s, including this one back in 1996. ♪ >> i remember those visits. >> i only remember one. i don't remember all three. i love it when harry and meghan just came back from south africa. from africa. i like it when the kids, the boys go to where their mother was. >> yeah. >> you can see when she was there and when they were there. >> yeah. >> i think all of us who follow
8:15 am
the royals were worried how they would turn out when she died. it's good to see them grown men following in their mother's footsteps. >> growing into the office they occupy as well and the decisions they occupy. >> exactly right. >> elizabeth warren the frontrunner in the race for the democratic nomination as we head into tonight's presidential debate. marco rubio and hillary clinton's 2016 managers, terry sullivan and robby mook are in our green room with whether warren will cement her lead. coming up. if your mouth is made to amaze, let philips sonicare give its care a raise. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. give it philips sonicare. next level clean, next level care. there's always a way to make life better. philips sonicare
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8:18 am
♪ tonight for the first time 12 candidates will face off on the same stage in a democratic debate outside columbus, ohio. a lot has happened since the last debate a month ago. two more people on stage. robby mook and terry sullivan
8:19 am
are here with what to expect. robby was hillary clinton's campaign manager in her 2016 run, mr. sullivan was marco rubio's campaign manager in his 2016 bid. good morning to both of you and welcome terry, let me start with you, former vice president biden facing criticism from president trump over his son hunter's ties in the ukraine. does he have to respond to that tonight? >> he has to take a fight to donald trump. this is a huge opportunity they've missed. this is -- you can either catch spears in politics or toss spears. catching isn't much fun. >> seems like it hurts. >> even if you're good at it it's not much fun. start throwing them. he needs to go on the attack and prosecute the case against toop on the same issue. >> wonder if hunter biden may have handed spears today. this is hunter biden responding to his joining the ukrainen energy company, the board, and dropping out. let's listen to that. >> i'm a human. you know what, did i make a
8:20 am
mistake? well maybe in the grand scheme of things, yeah, but did i make a mistake based on some unethical lapse, absolutely not. >> does that put an end to it? >> case closed? he addressed the issue and it's over? >> nothing to see here. >> i know, sadly. these things are hard. i don't think this is going away and there's no perfect solution. the campaign has to manage through it. if i were sitting next to hunter biden i would say buck up my friend. what happened here is nothing compared to what the trump family has done. >> what do you mean? >> trademarks ivanka getting trademarks in china while she's serving in the west wing. don junior over doing an event with the prime minister of india to sell condos. what he did is nothing compared to that. sat on a board and wasn't doing events with foreign figures. >> what about ism. >> he did profit off of his father's name and, you know, at least he's taking responsibility for it but it does look kind of
8:21 am
aum awful. if i was next to hunter biden i would say don't go on tv again ever. you look awful. you look guilty. >> this is -- look, this is the evil genius of donald trump. he has a big problem and he casts it on to his opponents. we're hearing lock him up again. it's mind boggling that trump is somehow on offense on an issue where he has serious -- >> what about bernie sanders? >> his first after the heart attack. >> i think so. he needs to project to his supporters i'm all-in or not. >> healthy. >> i think that's part of it. people are also looking for signals. he said i'm going to change the nature of my campaign and so on. he's like all-in charging for it and we're going to take the mantle back or not. and look, the other thing i think you might see fromli hth , warren, hey, i was for this stuff and wrote theseil isffg b got on the train. >> he needs to.
8:22 am
regardless of his physical health his campaign's health is on life support. >> yeah. >> he either tonight -- >> no pun intended. >> no pun intended. takes the fight to elizabeth warren tonight and fights on the issues or he functionally drops out. he's losing ground to her. her gains are coming from him, not joe biden. >> i know, but last time you were here you said elizabeth warren to quote you exactly had the worst chance of beating donald trump in the general election but she's rising in the polls. do you still think that's true? >> yeah. >> why are her numbers going up? >> amongst democrats. democratic primary voters. these voters are a super small universe and sometimes you have to do things to win a primary that hurt you in a general and that's what frankly all of these democratic candidates are doing on things like health care. >> 12 people on stage tonight. >> yeah. >> that's a lot. >> what can we expect to get out of this? >> who will fall off before the next debate? >> that's a question of fundraising, on-line fundraising, right. effectively. i think that -- i think look,
8:23 am
they're going to be speaking in short clips and this format will lend itself to people throwing spears. i would look for some of the middle to bottom tier candidates to go i think tulsi gabbard, we've seen her in the past didn't take on any water for going after kamala harris. wouldn't be surprised if she goes after warren. >> what role is the impeachment inquiry going to have in this debate? >> that's really interesting something i'm going to be curious to look at. candidates my guess are not going to lean into that. it says well let's get rid of donald trump through a vote not saying hey, let's beat him on the merits. i'm ready to defeat him in an election. i think there's weakness in hitting on that too hard. i think you will see candidates say it's wrong, he should be impeached but pivot to say i'm prepared to beat him on my own. >> is this the last chance for some of these candidates? i mean there's only three in double digits and bernie sanders is in danger of dropping below that. is this the last test for some of the these candidate shs.
8:24 am
>> for some. you don't have to be in double digits right now. pete buttigieg, he's still in a good position. i think he's a little bit of the sleeper candidate who can when these other ones start pounding on each other can rise up. i think -- he's got the money to do it. >> better chance of beating donald trump? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> he does? >> 100%. he's likable. >> why. >> when she speaks -- >> that implies she's not likable. >> yeah. >> the -- look, at the end of the day, the way she wags her finger when she talks and things like that, her videos, she's awkward and not comfortable in her own skin and it has nothing to do with her being a woman versus a man. >> when we went to the green room before they came on, i said what's going to happen tonight and terry goes, the nationals are going to win. >> go nats. >> between the debate and the nationals what are you going to do. >> absolutely the nationals. >> robby and
8:25 am
this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> good morning8: i'm michelle griego. more than two dozen aftershocks have hit the east bay since a magnitude 4.5 struck the east bay last night. viewers from the north bay down to san jose reported feeling the jolt. more than a dozen people in san jose county say they're being evicted for no reason. the campus pardon apartments in daily city. and workers are heading back to the bargaining counter today in santa clara county. county employees are not happy with the offer. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website kpix 5 is sponsored by
8:26 am
8:27 am
welcome back it's 8:27 i'm going in the traffic center. you're still seeing some delays here. this is north 101 right at oyster point in the left lane. trying to push that over to the right shoulder. look out for a broken down vehicle in that right lane. we're seeing red in both directions which means traffic is slow as you work your way southbound. taking a look at traffic as you work your way near the golden gate bridge. not bad once you get on the span. traffic earlier quiet here. a slow and go ride as you head
8:28 am
out of san rafael this morning. still pretty busy out of the maze. >> it is a chilly and gray start to the day as we head through the afternoon. we will see sun for most of us with seasonal daytime highs. our next weather system arrives for wednesday with cooler, cloudier conditions. mainly for the north bay. for today 81 in concord. 72 oakland. upper 60s for san francisco. right around where we should be for this time of year. so we're going to see temperatures drop down to below average for tomorrow with a weak cold front. looking at a few showers for the north bay wednesday night. overnight into the early thursday morning hours. otherwise below average temps through the rest of the week.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's time to bring you some of the stories that are the "talk of the table." that's where we each pick a story to share with each other and all of you. anthony, you go first. naoyd. right. >> yay. >> who had to be rescued from grandeur peak trail near salt lake city. floyd went for a mountain hike with his owner -- there he is -- 190 pounds. he was too tired up on this peak to come down. apparently they tried to move him, he wouldn't budge.he90-pou dog back down the trail. they didn't hesitate when they heard it was a dog that needed help. the rescue team's facebook post said floyd was a very good boy. the whole rescue took about four hours. floyd is back home -- >> wow. >> getting some tlc. >> i love it. >> i wonder how floyd feels. sometimes -- >> anthony, i love there story so much because i tried to get it, they said it's gone. >> sorry about that. >> i said, can somebody run to
8:31 am
my house and get pictures because i've had two mastiffs. they are my favorite, favorite, favorite dogs. there he is. there's simon. >> simon. >> no longer with us. and this is sheldon. sheldon and will swimming. will is now 33, so that tells you how old the picture is. >> wow. did they ever get tired -- >> no, they are such gentle dogs -- >> gayle never hiked the mountain. >> i love that picture. when i saw the mastiff coming down the hill, being carried out on the stretcher, i love that story so much. >> all right. >> we're on the same page on that. >> sorry, tony. what have you got? >> i'm talking about the new cover of "variety." it was unveiled, and the latest cover story features two familiar faces. >> i know those people. >> yes. cbs evening news anchor and managing editor norah o'donnell. they discussed retooling the "cbs evening news" broadcast for the streaming era. norah told "variety" each of us gets the headlines on our phones, how do we go beyond the headlines? one of the things that has informed my own reporting is tell me something i don't know. very good advice.
8:32 am
they also touch on the new exciting opportunities the show will have moving from new york city to washington, d.c. as he says, that's our fearless leader says it's about straightforward journalism investigations, breaking news. >> she says news with a heart. those are two bad asses in action. i'll get a copy and maybe they'll sign it. norah, can you sign this -- >> you're redecorating your office or can put it up on the fridge. >> congrats to them both. your morning pickup. an excited toddler in texas was caught on video welcoming her siblings home from the school bus. i love this. this clip has been viewed hundreds and thousands of times. their mom says the story of the two sisters began years ago. it's a way she runs to her sister and she just throws the ballpark away to pick her up. i love this. the big sister prayed for a little sister even though she loves her brother. and their family had not planned
8:33 am
on another child. so no one was more excited -- look at this. i love this so much. the little sister made the appearance, the mom runs a blog that has tips to cherish every day. >> we had a picture when the little sister was first born. do we have that? look at her face when her sister was first born. normally when a sibling comes, they look at you like, how long are they staying? 'sour other -- >> put them out in the garbage is what i recall. >> i find the trick is to bring a gift from the baby to the older sibling. >> yes. >> very good. >> a very smart trick. >> i like it. >> lovely. all right. >> aaliyah. thank you so much. a aaliyah. john grisham is known as king of the legal thriller. the bestselling author has sold more than 300 million copies of his books worldwide and include classics like "the firm," "a time to kill," and "the pelican brief." his newest is "the guardians." it tells the story of a murdered lawyer and one organization's journey to exonerate a man wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 22 years. the "los angeles times" called it an inside look at the dirty machineries of process and power
8:34 am
with plenty of entertainment. you would not expect him to lose that. john grisham joins us at the table. thank you for being here. >> always a pleasure. >> welcome. >> 300 million-plus books. >> who's counting? >> your wife is counting. >> who knows how many we sell? >> your wildfire -- your wife and us. >> it was 300 last year. wasn't jst hoingk ar are you doing a book a year? i marvel that you can do this. >> i've done a book a year since 1991. >> wow. every one has gone to number one. >> yes. well, yeah. but who's counting? >> so with the new one, colin post is a lawyer-turned-minister. i was not aware that lawyers could become ministers, at least not in your book typically. >> he's a reformed lawyer. he's a lawyer in recovery who -- who finds god. >> and does what with that? >> it's his calling to take innocence cases and exonerate innocent people from prison.
8:35 am
and it's based on some real-life innocence lawyers i know who dedicate their careers to exonerating innocent people because there are a lot of innocent people in prison. >> yes. >> he tries to help a character named quincy miller, a black man convicted of murder, maintaining his innocence. >> yes. he becomes convinced quincy is innocent and gets more than he bargained for. the real murderer in quincy's case does not want quincy out of prison. >> right. >> so in the real -- the real murderer is still out there. it gets complicated. >> they're still trying to get quincy. you also tell about duke russell, also on death row. and so -- but was this inspired by your own work with the innocence project? you started looking at these cases and said "there is a story here"? because you're right, there are a lot of stories like this. >> every wrongful conviction is a fantastic story because of the level of human suffering, the injustice, the just storytelling, all the factors that we love in stories. they a wrongful conviction -- i wish i could write every one of them. i published "the innocent man," my only nonfiction book, in 2006 and became aware of wrongful
8:36 am
convictions and how many there are. we see them all the time now. all these exonerations. they're fantastic stories. i wish i had time to write all of them. >> you dedicate this to james mcclosky. the exonerater. >> he's a remarkable man, and he started a ministry 45 years ago. for 45 years he's roamed the country, taking a few cases at a time. 45 years later he's exonerated 63 people. >> wow. >> innocent people. that's his -- his claim to fame. dedicated his life to it. so the ministry now is based in princeton. a wonderful organization with a staff. they litigate from coast to coast and get innocent people out. >> the other thing the book touches on is how you get the forensic experts to testify. and often the -- what they're testifying is very faulty evidence and they know that. >> it's junk science. >> junk science is how you describe it. >> yeah. >> we have no forensic standards in this country. we're trying to adopt them.
8:37 am
but there are thousands of people in prison who were put there by bogus experts. people who testify about bite mark analysis or boot print analysis or hair -- >> blood prints. blood spatters, yeah. >> most of it's not based on science. and what's happened, dna's come along and exposed some of these guys. it's still impossible to get the innocent people out of prison. we're working with the innocence project, centurian ministries, working to undo the bogus cases. >> it would shake my faith in the legal process if i were a lawyer or a judge, you used to be a lawyer. do you hear of prosecutors saying i can't public in this business because i have doubt now? >> i don't hear that. what you see, though, jurors are far more skeptical now. they don't believe everything that the police and prosecutors them. that's why death verdicts are declining rapidly in america.
8:38 am
>> wow. >> that's why the -- the death penalty's dying. not because of courageous lawmakers, not because of courageous judges. because of courageous jurors. they hear the whole story, and some of these crimes defy description. what they do, they listen to the defendant's whole story. and they say, okay, we -- we're going to vote for life without parole as opposed to death. and that's what's happening in america. >> and unfortunately, a lot of these cases involve men of color and both -- in your book, i was glad that in both cases they were men of color who had been falsely accused. you're seeing more of that. it's good to hear that jurors are more skeptical about the evidence that is presented to them. >> gayle, racism is so inherent in the system -- >> i know. >> because black -- defendants of color are just treated differently. >> yes. >> by the police and prut the system treats them
8:39 am
differently. >> uh-huh. i'm glad you're shining a lot on that. in this case -- >> that's my job. >> flashlight played a crucial role in this -- >> i bought you a mug. always get coffee mugs here. my compensation for being here. >> you brought me one, thank you. >> you guys don't pay very well. >> sorry about that. >> i brought you your own mug made by my son-in-law in raleigh, north carolina -- >> thank you. it has my name. >> fabulous. >> i have one for you guys, too. >> you know i love stuff with my prlways re. >> see you next year -- >> hello to renee. see you next year. mrs. grisham. "the guardsians" is on sale wherever you like to buy your books. the debate over how we debate mass cue masculinity is the subject of the issue. we have more from "g.q." jaboukie young -white -- guess who's who -- i'm trying to be funny, jaboukie, in the toyota green room. stick to my day job. why they say masculinity is changing for the better. i hope t welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
8:40 am
8:41 am
hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! mini golf. relax! relax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for basketball. pool. carnival. choose fun.
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"g.q." magazine is redefining the definition of ma. november's new masculinity issue interviews pharell williams, kevin love, and correspondent jaboukie young -white. they look at men'sehavior is changing. young-white shares his
8:44 am
experience as a member of the lgbtq community. he uses humor to tackle tough topics like gun control in skits on "the daily show." >> we don't need gun control. we just need to decrease gun ownership. >> okay, but how do you decrease gun ownership without gun-control laws? >> easy, trevor. we just need to make guns gay. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> okay. wait. wait, wait. i don't understand. i don't -- as far as i know, guns don't have a sexual orientation. >> well, not at the moment, trevor, not yet.bu't th reaju it them they're worried so we just need to harness that same toxic masculinity and just direct it toward [ laughter ] >> there he is. first on "cbs this morning," jaboukie young -white and "g.q." editor-in-chief will welch join
8:45 am
us at the table. welcome to you both, gentlemen. >> thank you so much. >> i want to start with you, will. i love when you got the job, most people said congrats, yay, bravo. one friend said, yikes, hell of a time to be editor-in-chief of a men's magazine. you took it as what? >> a reality check. she was throwing the gauntlet saying this is -- this is exciting, it's a big role, congratulations. but this is serious work. >> you said what is men's role in what call the shutup and listen era. >> yeah. >> that was your take on it. >> yeah and the new masculinity issue which came out yesterday, we -- >> very provocative cover. >> it is a provocative cover. you got to get people's attention in this environment. >> i love it. it is stunning. >> we started working on this issue in january. and that's partially because it is sort of this shut-up and listen moment where people don't -- women especially don't want men just barging in like we're going to fix this. we take that aspect seriously. we wanted to take our time with it, do it right. and really get all the dials set
8:46 am
in the right place. we're proud of the result. >> re-examining masculinity is not only good for women, it's good for men. it's freeing and exercising in your interview you say for many men the way they learn masculinity is through getting it beat into them. like a scar on their identity. can you talk about that? >> absolutely. i think that so many of us, the traits we pick up in our childhood are things that not -- that we maybe didn't naturally gravitate toward, but we were taught, no, this is the way it's supposed to be. and you sort of correct yourself over time and build on what that natural impulse was to just like express yourself. >> you talk about what you heard in your dad's barber shop, for example. >> yeah. >> a bastion of male -- of masculinity. >> yes. >> the black barber shop. >> yeah. >> been there many times. yes. >> 100%. i remember when the "dangerously in love" video came out. i was doing that in back, they said you can't do that. why can't i do that? it's popping, why would i not? yeah, i think that it's stuff like that where i feel like for
8:47 am
me, coming to terms with not being straight, i was just like, okay, well, i'm already existing outside of this, so a lot of this doesn't apply to me. i can pick and choose. but there are a lot of people who feel the pressure to adhere to every single thing that they're told they need to be in. >> reporter: you did a survey, 1,000 men and women about the state of masculinitien. what did you find? >> 97% of respondents said they noticed masculinity is changing. this is real. this is happening. it's not something we made up out of thin air. the other thing that stuck out is 30% of men said they were confused by the changes. that was a real call to action for me and for the team at "g.q.." >> you feel like -- >> for me the new masculinity is simple. it's i know who i am, and i respect who you are. it comes down to that. >> yeah. >> i'm aware. i'm free to express myself. i also respect jaboukie's right to express himself. i wouldn't ever put my needs -- i wouldn't project those on him, and i ask the same thing in return.
8:48 am
>> that's what i want to know, when you say changing, changing how? >> yeah -- >> that vulnerability is okay is one of the things that you point out so it's something that we've last issue brad pitt and his cover story was talking about growing up in the ozarks, not feeling free to be in touch with his feelings. the process of becoming an adult for him has been about learning to be vulnerable. >> should male anchors have to wear seats on tv? wear suits on tv? asking for a friend. go. >> i felt that i should wear one today out of respect for gayle. but otherwise, i think it's a free-for-all. you try the yellow coat -- >> yes! yes. >> try the -- tony, try showing up in this yellow coat and see what happens -- see what we say about that. >> thank you. coming up before we go, how neighbors came together to help a homeless man. we'll be right back.
8:49 am
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before we go, a new york city neighborhood is helping a homes man, johnell johnson. sleeping on the same stoop for more than a year. he goes out ofis wo a smile on everyone's face muchmm the favor. one neighbor posted more than 100 flyers to try to find him a job and even went to interviews with him. >> they think i'm the happiest man in the world. i may be the saddest man in the world away from my children and grandchildren. as long as i can see these people every day, i'm okay. until i get better. >> the kind work paid off. johnson started a job as a
8:53 am
8:54 am
this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> good morning it's 8:55 i'm
8:55 am
michelle griego. more than two dozen aftershocks have hit the east bay in the hours since a magnitude 4.5 earthquake rattled the region. viewers from the north bay down to san jose reported feeling that jolt. hundreds of new electric scooters are coming to the streets of san francisco today. jump, line, skoo scoot and spin will initially be allowed. that number could expand. >> today the sfmta will make the final approval for the better market street project. that would mean a ban on cars and wider lanes for bikes and pedestrians. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website
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8:57 am
welcome back i'm giana franco. it's 8:57. we still have some stop and go conditions. no accidents on the main lines of the freeway but just a heads up there is a trouble spot on foothill road. so if you plan on taking foothill this morning keep that in mind. southbound 880 also busy out of fremont as you work your way through there. maybe a little difficult. elsewhere there is a stalled vehicle. south 280 connecting over to westbound 380. it's blocking lanes there. slow anyway as you head out of san bruno this morning. you are tapping the brake lights at the bay bridge. mary.
8:58 am
>> okay. grab that jacket if you're heading out the door it's a chilly and gray start to the day as we head through the afternoon we'll see some clearing with seasonal daytime highs if not a little bit below average for this time of year. cooler temperatures for all of us and looking at cloudier skies for wednesday. in the meantime 81 for a high in concord. 72 in oakland and in the upper 60s for san francisco. below average temps beginning on wednesday. especially for the north bay into the overnight hours thursday morning. below average temps will continue into the work wook.
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