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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 30, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. . live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. . >> breaking news a new wild fire threatening thousands of homes in southern a california, powerful winds pushing flames close to the ronald reagan lie area. >> here in the bay arving relie helping pg&e canceled shut off. thousands are in the dag and the fire fight continues i am michelle greeing ao. >> i am kenny choi. strong winds are fanning the flames and it's called the easy fire in simi valley named after the street it started on but it's no easy fight. there are mandatory evacuation for ronald reagan presidential library and more than 6,000 homes nearby. fire broke out during the first
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ever extreme red flag warning that was issued at least 1300 acres ha d meanwhile, farthe re crews ep the getty fire under control. we have have much more on the fires in a few minutes. looking live at the massive kincade fire burning out of control in sonoma and lake counties. firefighters continued to battle the flames there. limiting spread and increasing containment amid critically dry weather with gusty winds. now here are the latest numbers from cal fire. more than 76,000 acres have burned and the fire is 30% contained. 206 structures have been destroyed and 94 are homes. we are learning two firefighters have been injured. despite the red flag warnings in effect, the majority of the fire lines held overnight. kpix5 jackie ward keep fighting. . >> reporter: a lot goes into coordinating more than 5,000
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firefighters who are fighting this big of a fire and this is where they reish and refuel. these fire crews are returning backe orme after being on tke you have be hi truck >> reporter: had village quickly sprung up on snow momma county fairgrounds shortly after the fire started to burn from a mechanic area to a makeshift pharmacy and urgent care. this space serves every need a firefighter has when they are not in the field. >> it's not we are holding them here and they are doing nothing, those are the people that just came back from working. they are getting showers and food and some sleep. >> reporter: and they are getting their equipment patched up. so they can beat it up all over again. engine from portland oregon's air 14 is getting an air leak in the engine repaired and next door a supply warehouse where a fire fight kerr get anything from new hose to replacement protective gear. captain says more favorable weather conditions are on the way tonight. >>expefrost in
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many locations. that's good news for us. and it creates slippery slopes for fire fighters to work on but frost requires two things that are helpful moisture and cold many. >> reporter: cal fire says they still expect the kincade fire to be fully contained by next thursday. in santa rosa jackie ward, kpix5. >> taking a live look across the bay area, winds much weakercompared to the weekend but fire danger is high. and mary has a closer look at that. mary. >> that's right. so tracking the conditions a. big difference compared to last night with the winds and even this morning. so we are watching the winds decrees. and significantly so. so right now, near the kincade fire current conditions northeastern winds sustained at 8 miles per hour. gusts up to 20. but the problem is low relative humidity values. at 13% right now. and that critically and incredibly dry air will continue as we head through the day. so other locations with that relative humidity looking at
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just 14% hay hayward. 11% in concord. and down to the single digits in fairfield at 7% for relative humidity values. now the strongest peak winds was last night with the wind eventpine flat road near the kincade fire at 68-mile-per- hour wind gusts. healdsburg hills 60. both locations near the kincade fire. mount st. helena 58 for the strongest wind gusts with the wind event mount diablo 57. and 34 in oakland and 35 for sunol. because of the incredibly dry conditions, even though the winds are now easing, we still have that extreme fire caning danger until 4 p.m. the red flag warning in effect. we will talk about the rest > a si winds weaken slightly overnight. pg&e was able to pull back on some power shutoffs sparing some counties and homes from another blackout but right now plenty of people still left in
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the dark. kpix5 anne makovec joins us live with the silver lining for thousands of pg&e customers. . >> reporter: tens of thousands of customers are still without power right now. but pg&e confirmed this morning it got the all clear weather wise to start inspecting the lines and it will begin reenterenergizing communities throughout the area. you might have power by the end of the day. also, confirmed by pg&e it is going to give rebates to some of the customers. those who lost power during the first psps on october 9th. because pg&e admits it mademies . website being down and the customer care center being overloaded. >> reporter: as pg&e decided on reparations for the first shut down, and as it was restoring power from the second, another power shut down sent 120,000 bay area homes and businesses
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in to the dark. >> where i live it's been turned off every shut off is turned off. >> reporter: melanie is on her 5th straight day without power. >> i have two kids that have not been dealing with it well. it was in the 20s last night. so, without a heater, that was a nightmare. >> we brought in extra support to try to give everyone a little break in between the two shut offs because we know these have been multiple day. >> reporter: but people were not able to have the break. >> a lot of people weren't able to have the break. >> reporter: governor newsom reiterated he had hold pg&e accountable. >> enough is enough. and that is on us to prove not just to setter and you will see aggressive actions in realtime. we are not going to wait to do justice to your anxiety and meet this moment. >> reporter: so as for the moneythat some customers will get back for the first shut down onoctober 9th for individual households, it is $100 you
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lost much more money than that during the shut downs. you also have the option to file a claim with pg&e but it's unlikely you will see money from that because as pg&e explains it's not part of the policy. live in santa rosa anne makovec. plenty school closures because of the shutoffs. tethe shutoffs on our sures website and you will find survival guide for the emergency shutoffs, and information on the latest pg&e outages. and estimates for restoration. again that's back to the fire burning in ventura county. easy fire in simi valley, again, named after the street it started on, definitely not a true description. it's a tough fire to fight. it broke out amid an extreme red flag warning as firefighters battle heavy winds. it started before dawn and forced evacuations of the ronald reagan presidential
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library and nearby homes. more than 1300 acres have burned and 6500 homes are now threatened. the national weather service says gusts in the los angeles area have reached 70 plus miles per hour at the higher elevations. and the winds are strong at lower elevations as well. >> so what we have right now is this is sort of dryway on eastern side of this property, on the opposite side of the stalls that's where the large structure was. it could have been a house. it could have been an indoor arena. it's hard to tell. but it was a te gone. . >> a lot of people are worried about priceless artifacts at reagan library. but a spokesperson says that the section that contains the archives faces away from the fire. also, every year, hundreds of goats are brought in to that area to help eat away vegetation that could fuel wild fires. the fire also has horse ownersevacuating the area. many residents came together quickly to get their animals
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out of harm's way. . >> i lived here all my lieive life. and we have always had the winds but never the fires i just -- i see how i am reacting and i can't imagine if it was my home or my children. . >> people were also spotted rescuing goats from this farm in simi valley. fire crews are trying to keep the getty fire under control in the face of a nd-blown trnch fellinto power lines and sparked the blaze earlier this week. fire burned about 745 acres and last check it is 27% contained. impeachment inquiry into the president continues with two more depositions today. foreign service turn before impeachment investigators. the opening statement obtained by cbs news describes an outside effort to get then u.s. ambassador to ukraine removed from her post. . on tuesday lawmakers questioned lieutenant colonel
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at he can and der vindman who heard the phone call between the president and the eu cane president e says that the summary of the call was incomplete including one omission referencing the energy company that hired hunter biden to serve on its board. the white house summary is less specific and that is z-e-l-e-n- s-k-y-y representing the company according to the "new york times." vindman omitted the recordings of joe biden talking about ukrainian eruption. president insisted the call was perfect. as the inquiry continues, law makers are putting the finishing touches on a resolution that lays out how this investigation will proceed. resolution calls for open hearings andpresidt's legal tea question witnesses now. democrats can strip that right if president trump does not cooperate with the investigation. . >> we are entering into a new phase of the impeachment
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inquiry. that will allow for the public presentation of facts, truth and information to the american people. >> to continue to deny the white house an opportunity to participate in the process. . >> and in a statement the white house says the president's rights remain undefined, unclear and dismiss the inquiry as a illegitimate sham. full house will vote on the resolution tomorrow. . we continue to follow the fire burning in simi valley. thousands of homes threatened. firefighters battling strong santa ana winds right now. . >> also ahead, jewel facing a new lawsuit a former executive claiming the e-cigarette makersold contaminated goods.
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so you can... retire better. . a new lawsuit claimed juul shipped and sold contaminated pods to retailers and the former executive alleges one million tainted pods were put on the market. anna warner has more. >> reporter: form juul senior vice president claims he was fired in march for raising concerns about at least a million contaminated pods that the company allegedly shipped to customers and retailers. the lawsuit cites instances
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where he expressed concerns about the quality of the products being sold. the lawsuit claims ceo kevin burns responded to the concerns saying half the customers are drunk and vaping like explicatives. who the explicative is going to notice the quality of our pods. burns who stepped down from jewel last month told tony in august the company's products are safe. . >> people say juul is toxic. is it? >> a product or the company? >> interesting you would ask. the product. . >>eporter: but last month, rod. the fda warned juul about misleading claims that vaping is less harmful than smoking. >> we think we have a product p risk based on the guidelines of the category today to the american public. >> fair to say if you knew this to be a toxic ordaining rouse substance you wouldn't sell it.
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>> i can't imagine we had the data to support we are selling a product that is damaging to the american public and we had that data that we would continue to sell that product. >> reporter: it's worth noting there is no evidence that links the claims in the lawsuit to the more than 1600 vaping related illnesses and 34 deaths reported nationwide. most of those instances involve vaping with thc, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana or both thc and nicotine. we have not been able to contact kevin burns but juul has not responded to the request for comment. anna warner, cbs news new york. the lawsuit comes as the e- cigarette maker confirms they are laying off about 500 staffers. let's look at the big board right now. see how the stock market is doing. the dow is up about 87 . san franciscoans will see two housing propositions on next week's november ballot. >> we take a closer look at original
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series project home. both have widespread sore support and little public opposition. prop a approves millions for affordable housing, and prop e freezes up publicly zoned land for housing but will it make a difference? >> it's like a clever game where they are trying to avoid -- they are for prop e and we will apanned -- it's going to have minimal impact but they can say they did something. >> it's. >> the silver bullet, it is going to allow for more affordable housing in every neighborhood in san francisco. . >> our susie steimle will have a full breakdown and end sur stories idea to us to project let's check on thre looking the wind especially because of the kinkaid fire. >> that's right. so we are watching those winds. we saw them pick up last night. and they are continuing to ease and that will be the case as we
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head through afternoon. thankfully, quieter calmer weather as the winds will calm down. but that relative humidity values will continue to staylow. so we are looking at incredibly dry air which is why that extreme fire danger is still in place especially up in the north bay mountains. a live look from the sales force tower camera. hazy skies is looking north was a cold start to the day. temperatures right now in the upper 50s to low 60s. so, seasonal daytime highs as we head through the rest of the afternoon of the spare the air alert in effect. air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups for the north bay and moderate air quality for the coast and central bay and east bay and south central bay and good air quality for santa clara valley. we had the two weather features. this lowsure system across the great basin and this ridge of high pressure to our west. they were so close together that's why we had the tight pressure gradient anstrong offshore winds now the weather features will be moving apart. and because of that, we are
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looking at the winds easing and as we go through the afternoon you can see that just north bay mountains, beale see the winds continuing to reat 6:13. and our sunrise at 7:33. so, daytime highs for today, right around where we should be for this time of year. with that hazy sunshine. looking at 71 in concord. and 70 in fremont and 70 in oakland and upper 60s for san francisco. so quieter, calmer weather. and as we look ahead to tomorrow, and halloween. and for friday, and temperatures warming up a little bit through the weekend. now we are still looking at incredibly dry air in place as we go through the next several days. and maybe by the end of next week, we have the chance to see a few showers. but in the meantime, over the next effort days ilooks fall back we get an extra hour of sleep. >> thanks for reminding us.
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we love it. >> yes we like that ti of year. >> all right. thanks so much. you are talking about the dry weather and also the strong winds that's really fueling this fire in southern california. this is the easy fire in simi valley. it is burning. you can see all the smoke there. so far it burned 1300 acres. 65 homes have been threatened and it was dangerously close to and neighborhood and reagan library as well. animals had to be evacuated. we will stay on top of this and give you updates as we get them. we will be right back.
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. halloween is tomorrow and the race is onto get the last- minute halloween items. >> from costumes to candy the costs can add up. the national retail federation says americans will spend an average of $86 eachp top costumes include princess costumes and super heroes. my little one is going to be wonderwoman. they are not only ones joining in on the fun. 29 million americans r ese very for our four legged friends. >> of course. we are going dressed up as sharks. we would live to see your costumes post pictures on facebook, instagram and twit wert hashtag kpix and we may share some on the air. >> a reminder if you have a
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consumer problem or question, ee. e-mail consumer watch@kpix or call 88-5-helps-you. we will be right back.
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association.
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not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at . back to breaking news these are live pictures wind driven fire threatening 6500 homes in ventura county. this is called the easy fire. burning close to the ronald reagan library in simi valley. that library has been evacuated. big concern right now, the santa ana winds. which are pushing more than 65 miles an hour right now at least 1300ic aers are scorched. >> that's going to make it a very hard fire fight. like we are having here up north. >> and it's because of the same low pressure system bringing offshore winds for us and the santa ana winds for the southern california area. we are looking at quieter weather thankfully so. and that starts as we go through the day today. the rest of today and through the next several days. . >> all right. mary, thank you so much. and you can always si
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fonthe website, just did to kp >> and we have a lot more on pg&e shutoffs and restoration. head to the website. hope to see you tomorrow morning.
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