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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 1, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. a wild scene unfolded in the middle of a neighborhood. >> changes could be coming to levi stadium after a fan is hiw curry what the coach is saying about the team's performance.
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>> good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> and i'm ken bastida. tonight the person that opened fire at a halloween party in orinda killing 4 people is still on the loose. and there's some questions about why it took police so long to respond. betty yu is live in orinda with new information. >> reporter: ken, neighbors heard a lot of loud noises. they were alarmed by it. this is largely a quiet, residential neighborhood made up of winding roads and large trees. the home where this shooting happened sits at the top of that curvy hill and driveway behind me. tonight we're learning the names of the victims from the contra costa county sheriff's department. the victims have been identified as kyon farley of antioch, omar taylor pittsburgh, raymond hill jr. of san francisco oakland and javon
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county of richmond. they were all in their 20s. >> no! is he hurt? >> reporter: gunshot, chaos, and pandemonium on halloween night. >> i have to go to the hospital! >> reporter: multiple social media videos show party goers dancing before gun fire. the shooting happened at a home on lucille way in orinda. more than a hundred people from throughout the bay area showed up at the party that was advertised on social media. this instagram post called it an airbnb mansion party with the caption we going expletive viral this halloween. >> i look at my camera and see a lot of people in my front yard and backyard, so that's >>repoer: d said the gunshots and commotion woke him up last night. >> he says there's about a hundred people running around outside. >> reporter: tonight we learned
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from the county sheriff's office that orinda police officers were called to the house at 9:19, and again at 10:25 p.m. at 10:48, an officer headed to the hometo investigate, and the first shooting reports came 2 minutes later. >> there's always people talking about going to the best parties. >> reporter: as of this afternoon the home was still advertised on it's a 4 bedroom 4,000 square foot residence and the listing states parties are not allowed. >> it's a very safe area usually, i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: but this home has been the subject of repeated complaints to the city for
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largsheriff says there's no ongoing or immediate threat to the community. tonight airbnb said it was horrified by this tragedy, and it would be supporting and assisting local officials in this investigation. live in orinda, betty yu, kpix 5. >> since february, the city has received 3 complaints from neighbors about noise, trash, and parking violations related to large parties at the home. the city says it tried to work with the owner instead of slapping them with a fine. this isn't the first shooting at an airbnb party. in july, a party in san jose's cambria tv turned into show. the night ended with 4 people being shot. lled. a party in sacramento and the search is on for a
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dangerous suspect in fairfield. the man allegedly tried to use his car to plow into police officers, and police say it began this afternoon along dahlia drive. they tried to pull over a fairfield man in connection with a narcotics investigation, but rather than stop, he allegedly tried to mow them down. and one officer opened fire. the officers were not hurt, but the suspect got away. despite finding his car, police say 47-year-old robert hanson is still on the loose. he's considered very dangerous. he's well known to law enforcement, and has an extensive felony wrap sheet. >> he has an extensive criminal history that includes firearms, taking hostages, vehicle pursuits, and drugs. so please do not contact them. >> police say if you see him, contact the police. new tonight, the 49ers are looking into fireworks safety after a fan was hit by debris. it happened at the end of the national anthem during sunday's
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game against the panthers. the team confirms a golf ball sized remnant hit a man and caused a small red welt on his shoulder. he was taken to a first aid station and then returned to his seat to see the niners win. tonight the 49ers say quote we'll continue to work with our public safety partners and the fireworks vendor to confirm necessary safety protocols are always followed to ensure the safety and security of our patrons. the warriors hit the court without steph curry tonight for the first time since he broke his hand in wednesday's game. >> andrea nakano has more on how the team fared without him, and it was pretty much as expected. >> pretty much. actually i was a little impressed in the first half. but the warriors were almost unrecognizable tonight in their new san francisco uniforms and playing without curry. the warriors opened the doors torte new chase center and the fans will see steph play
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for at least 3 months. now taking steph curry's shot was rookie jordan pool as they hosted the spurs. pool behind the arc, settles in and takes a three for his first shot of the game and the warriors are within striking distance. then just a minute to go in the first half. we have draymond green who throws out the rebound, and the pass to damian lee. and then deangelo russell provides another highlight for the fans, but by this time it was too late. the spurs pull away to win 127-100. the warriors are still looking for their first win at home. >> obviously without steph, we hung in there for a long time but it was more about the
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defense than anything. >> you know, usually a fracture like that you'd think 6 to 8 weeks, but health is more important than the sport. >> it's disappointing, obviously we were hoping to see curry in the new stadium, but it was a close game with draymond, closer than i expected, so i'm actually excited. >> so curry will be re-evaluated in 3 months meaning steph will miss more than half of the nba season. >> ouch. >> we'll see how expensive seats are in 3 months. thank you gloom a thank you. a health alert tonight, there's a salmonella outbreak linked to ground beef. 2 people in california had to be hospitalized. 1 of them died. so far the common supplier of the beef hasn't been identified, and the cdc is not
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advising that you stop eating thoroughly cooked ground beef or retailers stop selling it. and tonight containment of the massive kincade fire has increased to 70 percent. crews continue to make headway thanks to calmer winds. they expect full containment by next thursday. the fire has destroyed 174 homes, gone. and 360 other structures overall. it's burned more than 77,000 acres, but apparently is no longer growing in size. in southern california there's a large brush fire burning out of control. that's the maria fire that broke out last night. it's already scorched 9,000 acres. that fire threatening several communities in ventura county. 8,000 people have been forced to evacuate. turning to campaign 2020, tonight senator kamala harris going all in on ohio. cbs news reporting she's cutting all of her field organizers in new hampshire and
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closing all but one of her offices there. and that's not the only shake up in the race. >> yeah, kpix 5's maria medina breaks it all down for us. >> reporter: former texas congressman beto o'rourke is the latest democrat to quit the race for the white house. >> we have to say at this point that we do not have the means to pursue this campaign successfully. >> reporter: o'rourke rose to national prominence in 2018 when he challenged the senate seat of texas republican ted cruz. cruz won, but o'rourke was noted for making a strong showing in a deeply red state. the news about o'rourke came as the democratic candidates gathered in des moines for a major party fundraiser. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is currently the front runner in iowa sanders and south bend mayor
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pete buttigieg. warren has been discussing her medicare for all proposal. >> our democracy has been hijacked by the rich and powerful. >> this is a man that started his campaign based on hate and division. >> we need an agenda that speaks to the pain of so many of our working family. >> this is the moment where we need to fight for this country we love, for the rule of law, for our system of justice, and for our very democracy. >> the first votes in the 2020 presidential campaign will be cast just over 3 months from now in the iowa caucuses on february 3rd. president barack obama will be in the bay area later this month for a democratic fundraiser. in the newsroom, i'm maria medina. meanwhile in mississippi tonight, president trump blasted the impeachment inquiry calling the vote to formalize the probe an attack on democracy itself >> and movies are skipping the
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box office and going straight to streaming services. is this the beginning of the end for movie theaters? plus: >> reporter: from california's highest mountain peaks to our cities, we'll show you a network of 300 cameras monitoring for wildfires. >> and holiday shopping. already? halloween is barely over. why retailers are getting started extra, extra early this season.
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the early seen on a network of cameras part of the alert wildfire program. here's how the system works. >> reporter: from the mountain
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a site just off highway 87 here in san jose, a network of 300 cameras is constantly monitoring for wildfires. you might have scene some of the incredible images of the kincade fire like this one from geyser peak. this is a 24 hour time lapse from a camera called pepperwood east. you can see the winds whipping the flames with the trees blowing in the foreground. they come from a new statewide network of cameras which have been coming online quickly since the 2017 tubbs here. we caught up on face time with dr. graham kent, the director of the nevada laboratory that initially launched this network on a small scale spliforndaand working at the site of a future california wildfire camera. >> so the camera's the great equalizer. within about a minute you know what's going on.
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>> reporter: graham says the camera networks are monitors and can be controlled by emergency operation centers statewide. the live feeds are also available to the public. most often the cameras are used to quickly zero in and confirm initial reports which is what happened with the kincade fire. >> but you have to know early on when it comes to an evacuation event or early tactical air strike, you need to know how to scale up. >> reporter: the cameras are used in southern california right now to monitor the maria fire in ventura county. the network caught the start of that fire as well. >> everybody has been very helpful in getting us to put out as many cameras as we can. >> reporter: the next step is working with artificial intelligence so computers monitor them for fire starts. full house star lori
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loughlin and her husband have pleaded not guilty to new charges in the college that could mean an extra 5 years behind bars. loughlin and her husband are accused of paying half a million dollars to get their 2 daughters into usc. a film that's being called one of the year's best is hitting the big screen tonight. the irishman is directed by martin scorcese and stars pacine and deniro. >> but you can't watch it in san francisco, oakland, or san jose. here's why. >> it should be epic. >> reporter: if the crowd in hollywood is any indication, the irishman has the makings of a block bluster. every showing at the egyptian sold out. but the money making in theaters will be limited, netflix only shows it in select
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theaters in only the top 10 u.s. markets and for only a month. after that it will only be available on netflix where the company hopes to cash in with new subscribers. >> it's scorcese. i think any film made by a film maker of that caliber should be seen on the big screen. >> reporter: that was the general consensus of most we spoke with, but this critic says streaming services making movies, even with a limited theater run, is a sign of times and a good one. >> there's at least 3 major year end releases that might not have happened at all without their funding. the two popes is their movie and marriage story is their movie, and these are major oscar contenders along with the irishman. >> reporter: he puts it on theater owners for not accepting the new ways people
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are consuming media. >> they're refusing to book it because they're at war with netflix and streaming services. so really, they're the ones who are creating the impediment. >> reporter: for generations, the big screen has meant the literal big screen in a theater, but now it also means reaching millions of viewers in their living rooms instead. >> i appreciate you can watch it on netflix because i'm originally from michigan and we didn't get a lot of these movies. all right, so halloween is barely over, right? but get this, you may have noticed that big box stores are already piled high with christmas toys and those shiny gadget. today marks the first unofficial day of the holiday shopping season, and if it seems unusually early to you, then you might be onto something. the season is almost a week shorter this year. since thanksgiving and black friday land later in the month
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of november, stores are offering deals way ahead of time. the reaction so far has been mixed. >> i want to grab them. >> like to see it early. >> it's ridiculous. they haven't got through thanksgiving, and they have had that stuff out before halloween. >> wal-mart is offering online deals on toys and tvs, zales and kay ramping up their advertising between august and october. august! >> i always like those movies where people go get their christmas trees the night before christmas. it's christmas eve and they do that. >> depict real life the way it is. yes. and chinese food is a tradition for myself for awhile. and i'm happy to tell you there's no freeze warning for the north bay. instead we have a kinder, gentler sounding frost advisory. what's the difference?
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i'll explain in a second. here's the current numbers. 46 in santa rosa. the national weather service has colored in the map. light blue. sonoma and napa and parts of coastal marin county, a frost advisory with temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. the freeze warning of the last few nights, that wording says not only are you going to get down to 32, you'll go several degrees below it and stay there. this was a warning, and we did that. the frost advisory says you'll get around freezing and shouldn't stay there too long, but it could still have impacts. especially because santa rosa is going to 32, the outlying communities in some of the more rural or agricultural spots, the bottoms of valleys, you'll be in the lower 20s.
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so you have to still take it seriously. and then look at tomorrow. 80 degrees for the north bay. nice turn around. 79 the number down south. concord at 77. 76 in redwood city. so this is a pretty exaggerated weather pattern we're in. look at the clouds. they're going directly north and up and over. it's like there's a big block, and there is right there causing all the weather to go around it. and what goes up must come down. if it's arcing over us it's pouring down into the eastern part of country. there's no balance here. we're well above average by about 10 degrees, they're below average. and we pretty much stay here the announcer: 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. it's an
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we have some late breaking news in the halloween shooting last night. the sheriff confirming more bad news. a fifth victim has now died at the hospital. she's identified as 19-year-old oceana tompkins of vallejo. the people that threw the party rented the house on airbnb and right now that suspect is still on the loose.
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we'll continue to follow that story and bring you updates when we get them. also tonight, some scientists are offering to pay you to get sick. >> yeah, they're offering $3,300 to people willing to be infected with the flu on purpose. researchers at the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases want to better understand how the virus works and how to control it. participants will receive a nasal spray with a strain of the disease. no shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone.
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♪ i'm damon. and i'm marcus. and we're airbnb hosts. ♪ the warriors play their first game of the season without steph curry. he had surgery on his hand and will be evaluated in 3 months. he broke his hand on wednesday in the game against the suns. the warriors say the surgery was a success today in los angeles. miss at least 45 games before he is re-evaluated in
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february. the warriors taking an the spurs tonight. first quarter, all russell. he goes behind the back and drains the three. he had his first 30 point game as a warrior. to the second quarter, warriors down by 3, and the easy flush, so the dubs go into the half only down 2. but in the third the spurs broke the will of the young warriors and san antonio was up double digits. mill for a deep corner three, and the spurs win 127-110. still winless at chase, and here's green's thoughts on playing without steph. >> he draws a lot of attention on the offensive size of the ball. he brings leadership to the table for us, and him not being up there, the offense is really built around him, so figuring
11:31 pm
that out and navigating through it is a different challenge. the sharks trying to snap a three game skid taking on the winnipeg jets. tied at 2 late in the 3rd, but then the jets get the game winner 3-2 final. >> very grown up statement by draymond. >> he's right, everything revolves around steph. >> thanks, we'll be right back. you know when you're at ross and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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