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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  KPIX  November 6, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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evening with tens of thousands of ballots still left account. >> reporter: nearly 70,000 votes to be counted but the 16,000 votes counted today pushed suzy loftus into a 2% lead in the san francisco district attorneys race this after three rounds of right to
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choice of earning voting. the candidate to receive the most first choice votes. >> people are hungry for change, a more effective approach to criminal justice that does more than just punish people. >> reporter: the public defender ran much as the establishment opponent, you will remember suzy loftus was appointed the job by mayor london breed just 17 days before the election. how might the two of them handle the job differently? >> i would just say that being the district attorney is a very specific skill set. it is not easy, it does not translate directly from any other job. >> reporter: 20 brass is a former san francisco prosecutor loftis has a more traditional background but a victory may not seem all that different for the past several years. >> i think that gas go and made his name of being a police reformer and i think that he wants to do the same, neither of them had ever been a prosecutor before. >> i've got a lot of experience on the ground.
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i have spent most of the last seven years in the criminal court. i tried more than two dozen jury trials in front of san francisco juries. >> reporter: loftis disagree to speak on camera so wait for more detailed accounts, with the votes cast, the respective campaign headquarters sat deserted today as the counting dragged on across town. >> there might be some final processing but, i think that the bigger numbers will be done by the next week. in >> reporter: they go middle or late next week maybe we know how this will shake out. flashback to september of last year when mayor london breed jumped at the chance to endorse suzy loftus for this position. long before we knew what was going to happen to george gascon. she wanted an ally in that office help with her plans for the city. remember that office does not answer to the mayor, like to have an ally there that is why london breed would love to see suzy loftus elected. the other race that mayor london breed was particularly interested in, her opponent he
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appointee which was trailing last night now holds a lead of 2/10 of 1% so the district 5 race incredibly close but valley brown and now with a slim lead over preston. lots of votes to be counted, we will stay on top of it for you, life here at city hall, wilson walker. >> still votes to count, but we can tell you at this point, a tax on rideshare trips is a squeaking by. property would at a 3.5% surcharge, it drops to 1.5% for shared rides. as of this evening, is just clearing the two thirds majority needed to pass and, it is the same story with an affordable housing bond that is too close to call. reading was 6 to 9.3% of vote supporting it. 30.6% are opposing it, amanda brentwood, where voters overwhelmingly abducted the developer back measured l. 70% have voted no.
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the initiative would have moved the urban limit line to allow for 815 acres of new housing. you can find updated election results online and all the bay area races, also this ballot measures had to two dangers inmates who escaped from the monterey county jail are back behind bars tonight. jonathan salazar, and santos fonseca were led back to monterey county. they were caught as they tried to cross from tijuana mexico, back into the u.s. on foot. monterey county deputies got a tip, and warned the border patrol agents. the men are both facing murder charges in separate cases. on sunday morning they escaped from their cells. the monterey county jail in salinas. they have been on the run ever sense. >> just because they are back in custody does not mean we will stop doing our job to investigate the crimes. we'll find out everything we can about how did they get from, everybody wants to know how they got from salinas. >> since their escape the
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sheriff's department says that there have been three security improvements made to the housing unit to prevent escape from happening again. these inmates between them are now being housed separately in a new unit. experienced 11 in the last year alone. >> is bad, people can work, can charge the phone, it's like
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what's weird is when you lose power, or have no service. >> reporter: the island gets electricity from the deva substation located at the port of oakland. >> part of that infrastructure is 40-50 years old to put into context the useful life of most every structure is usually 30 years old, a lot of the infrastructure is outdated and old and need to be replaced. >> reporter: with a power flipped off, they switched off treasure island to generator power. but those did not have enough fuel. so, the plug was pulled once again on t.i. residents at midnight. >> we spent $200 on the food. and, sitting it's going bad. because, there is no electricity. yesterday the electricity, we do not have any electricity, and electricity came back this morning at 6 p.m., but then, they were here for one hour and electricity went up and they haven't been back yet. >> reporter: the power lines and grid were passed down from the u.s. navy and are now in control of the treasure island development authority. powered by the sf puc.
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press secretary will richmond said the lights will continue to go out for another year and a half until construction is complete. pg&e is refunding the customers for the time that they lost power. you guys have plans to do the same? >> cost $250 to refill. understand that, have not heard any plans about that, we can check, that someday we can obviously check moving forward. now in the past two years the past few businesses have relocated here to treasure island seeking lower rent in the case of some restaurants, seeking to cash in it when rita veltman finally heads. we'll take a look at what all these power outages mean for their bottom line tonight on kpix 5 news and 7 live on treasure island, andria borba. new at 6 a legal showdown between a napa grape grower and pg&e, this is over part of a vineyard that has been in his family for generations. john ramose on the farmer who is hoping for a miracle.
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>> reporter: this property is a part of the cook vineyards, but it's also a part of the history of napa valley. and, now pg&e says it needs to take it in the name of progress. terry guards vineyard it feels like a living time capsule. his family and his grandfather lived in the ancient old house on the edge of the property. his grapes are a rare variety imported from france, ideas and vines planted by the chinese more than 100 years ago. but, it is this corner of the property that is standing in the way of progress.
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>> reporter: already on the line and the size of property needed to temporarily house the equipment, we are now seeking a permanent easement for 1.3 acres. the tanks will be brought in as needed, and then removed, the guard believes the tanks could easily be replaced by tanker trucks located on the state property across the street. and he thinks pg&e's plan is more about convenience than necessity. >> the last couple of years, i think people have lost trust. they've lost trust. especially in the face of bankruptcy. decades ago the guards family
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lost another chunk of plan to the city to create this water treatment plan, now, pg&e is once again claiming it is in the public interest to take control of more property. guard knows he is battling long odds. >> at least i will have my day in court. and, hopefully that day in court will see that there is social justice for the little guy. >> reporter: in calistoga, john ramose, kpix 5 news . still ahead, a gnarly scene on highway 101 a car careened out of control. the uber driver in the wrong place, at the wrong time. plus, former twitter employee is now accused of espionage. the prosecutors say they got in exchange for inside information. in i am don ford, whereafter $5 million more than a year and work, the lighthouse is finally going to open. i will have the story, coming up.
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very gray skies out there at the lighthouse, very typical there, you can see plenty of marine layer but if you are inland, it is still very much the summer, i will talk to you about the places that will be as much as 12 degrees above average for this time of the year. looking at the next few days, coming right on up. hey there, california residents on medicare. it may come as a surprise... but medicare doesn't pay for everything. so help bridge the gap with a medigap insurance plan, like an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medigap plans help pay some of what medicare doesn't, reducing your out-of-pocket costs. there are also zero networks and zero referrals needed. call or click now to connect with unitedhealthcare insurance company. find out about the range of aarp medicare supplement plans and rates available... the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. and here's something exciting that comes with
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new video of a dramatic crash on highway 101 in south san francisco, and happen monday between grand avenue and oyster point. you see that carter hit the center median and then flies across all the lanes before slamming into the vehicle hitting a man, nixing his car on the shoulder. the man appeared to be changing a tire what he was knocked to the ground. we are told he was an uber driver. thankfully, he was a. still unclear what caused the driver to veer into the median.
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antioch police looking for the suspect in a deadly shooting that left a 17-year- old girl dad, another teenager -- >> private data directly to the government. the employees were rewarded with designer watches and tens of thousands of dollars deposited into a secret big account. twitter released a statement saying this "we recognize the lengths that actors will go to try to undermine our service. our company limit access to
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sensitive account information to a limited group of trained and vetted employees. social security members, immigration status and other sensitive information was improperly released in a data breach at the dmv. the california department of motor vehicles announced this week that for the past four years seven government agencies received personal information of more than 3000 people. the dmv insists it was not hacked and says the data was not shared with private entities. a letter has been sent out to all of those affected. they also said additional steps have been taken to correct the error. after several months and nearly $6 million in renovations, the historic lighthouse is set to open up this week. don ford it shows us the improvements, and explains why the project costs as much as it did. >> reporter: after being closed never more than a year the national park service says that the lighthouse is finally going to be opened this weekend. it cost $5.7 million and was
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supposed to take only nine months to complete. but once engineers opened up the nearly 150-year-old structure, they found damage far greater than they imagined. >> we dismantled the entire lighthouse lantern including the lands. >> took the lindsay park? after how many years? >> the lens has been in there since 1870. >> reporter: 1032 individual glass prisms, made for this lighthouse, carefully cleaned and reassembled, or authenticity, cracked or chipped prisms were returned to their places. >> our first order almost 10 feet high and about six feet across. >> reporter: why do they cost $5.7 million? >> with an amazing amount of specialists who had come out and work on this project, including her neurologist. >> reporter: what is that? >> him but he was involved with really the study of time., in this case, people who are experienced working with
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clockwork mechanism. >> reporter: the surrounding buildings are also restored including preservation of the early 1900s foghorn. during the process they discovered an unexpected time capsule laced in a wall back in 1929. several newspapers, including the san francisco examiner. >> just seeing the issues that we face today. kind of are presented in some of those headlines, it's kind of fascinating. >> one major feature so remains the stairs leading down to the lighthouse. still steep, still long and equal to a 30 story building. open to the public this friday. at the lighthouse, don ford, kpix 5. >> standing by with a forecast, looking to be a pretty good weekend. >> did i just get an idea for what to do this weekend. >> seriously right? it has been close for a long time, looking for a chance to see that again in person. it was great for that story right? always one of, if the not the foggiest places in the country. but, the view from the top
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looking back towards the city, from this vantage point anyway look at the whole city is gray over but you can see there are clouds here and there's a salesforce tower. there is the tower of the bay bridge, most of us are looking at clear skies but, there is a good, healthy marine layer on the entire coast. and, it is coming onshore for the city tonight and it'll be inland for the bay tomorrow morning, much like this morning. gray skies if you're up early and in the sunshine by 10 a.m. we made it up to 77 today but look at san francisco at 60. there's going to be a big spread, like a summerlike spread were inland locations like livermore, conquer, santa rosa b 10-12 degrees above average for much of the seven day forecast. and, if you're in the bay or near the water you maybe three or four degrees above average look at how widespread the marine layer is. this is just before the sun went down. marine layer filled in the entire coast and he goes for miles out over the sea.
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just a small amount of this will be able to work its way onshore. you be able to see what looks like an a closer view before sunset and here is tomorrow morning that a 7 a.m. kind of like a typical spot, not widespread but really something. much better like what we had last week when it was warm, dry air. just flowing offshore and now we get a look at the morning lows, you don't drop nearly as much when you pull that what gray blanket overhead. tomorrow's highs bring us pretty much back to the same story low 80s inland, barely at 70 near the coast right at the bay. as we look at the seven day forecast, get used to this, in fact a little bit warmer as we head into the weekend those numbers want to start climbing into the mid 80s for inland spots. and the bay does not change much at all. there's also no rain here, and that is something that we are going to have to start reintroducing soon. hopefully sooner rather than later. we had to start putting some water on these landscapes. alright, that is forecast, back over to you. the 49ers are the only
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it takes a village to raise to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope.
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we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive. the bay area is going to rock with primetime football starting tomorrow night, in oakland the raiders win over the charges and are back in the playoff conversation. derek carr has the raiders in overdrive. you know they scored 24 or more points in five straight games to put themselves in a position for a strong second-half front. after a rough first year together in 2018, jon gruden are in lockstep with the offense. >> got a lot of issues, a lot of injuries, a lot of problems
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last year i want to reiterate that i don't want to reiterate those, he was playing the best he could play any played pretty good. now he is coaching. you know, he sees it before it happens, he's as good a coach as we have on our staff. >> with the raiders set to move to vegas, it'll be the chargers quarterback philip rivers final game at the coliseum. >> played a lot of games in there, made a lot of games in there, more than most of their players played, and that saying. >> the old lady holds a special place in rivers heart, it is ready 37-year-old in his first career start back in 2006. the chargers throughout the raiders on monday night football for the first of rivers nine wins in oakland. >> was a fun night, i was a cannot remember that one only through it 11 times, they can talk them into more than 11 attempts on thursday. >> now to the undefeated football team, starting tackle and mike mcglinchey are back on track to return monday night
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against the seahawks. the offensive line did a solid job in their absence. >> they did a great job was able to hold up out there. also, the same time and was able to get rid of that balsa fasting is really great in the pocket, makes the job really easy been telling them don't change when i come back now. don't hold the ball back there for 10 seconds. >> jim was edged out by a russell wilson for nsc offensive player of the week honored. wilson threw five touchdowns and cl's overtime win against the bucks. hope provide the 49er defense with their toughest test of the season. >> goodnight, that is a huge fish.! i love this, this is dana beardsley and her fianci who went crabbing last weekend and half moon bay. they caught 15-20 crabs per pod with three pots. they got three limits, very nice crab, all six inches or better. if you seven. it looks like the deadliest
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catch with mike right there, nice job. think you can do better. send us your fishing pictures to catch of the day. >> you asked for people to send that in? >> they respond to pick >> it's because you are blogging. >> the cbs evening news is coming up next. w norah o'donnell joins us now for a preview. tonight on the cbs evening news we are going to introduce you to a wrestling superstar whose body slamming stereotypes. we got you all covered tonight on the cbs evening news. in
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recently, there have been large numbers of blue whales hanging around monterey bay. marine experts say is a unusual time to be spotting them in the area. >> about 5-10 blue whales spotted in the last few days, and a dolphin is also joined in on the fun along with humpback whales. last time something like this was spotted out the central coast 30 years ago. >> are you ready for it? >> that is a whale of a party.
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>> more dad jokes coming up at seven. [ laughter ] the cbs evening news is up next. >> be back here on the new kpix5 news at 7.
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>> o'donnell: tonight, lights, cameras, testimony. the stage is set for the first televised hearings of the impeachment inquiry. we now know when they will happen and who may be the democrats' star witness. also breaking tonight, two twitter employees accused of spying for saudi arabia. is there a connection to murdered "washington post" contributor jamal khashoggi? a miracle after the massacre. new video of the moment a seven- month-old baby was found alive in a bullet-riddled s.u.v. in mexico. cbs news is inside cartel territory tonight where nine american women and children were ambushed. cries to check the math in kentucky's hotly contested race for governor. >> we are not conceding the race by any stretch.


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