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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 7, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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credit card information, to your email address, your ip address, which can help triangulate where you are physically located. there are conversations that you might have with others through direct messages, who you faller, how often you tweet. >> reporter: according to documents the data was a specific as noted in this email from the complaint and down to the age of potential complications helping pin down a dissident between turkey and iraq. it didn't just happen once. over 6000 twitter users data were stolen and given to a regime known to kill those who speak ill of them. twitter released this statement about the case. "we recognize the lengths that actors will go to to try to undermine our service. our company limit access to sensitive account information to a limited group of trained and added employees." jeff harp, the former assistant special agent in charge of the san francisco fbi office does this complaint read like a tom clancy novel and says it highlights how valuable data is to foreign governments, and how
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far they are willing to go to get their hands to data that may or may not have been monitored by their corporate security department, i don't know. but, whatever it may be, they had access, to use that access to provide information to a foreign government, and now look where we are at. >> reporter: he says this will likely bring the twitter ceo, jack dorsey the same scrutiny that mark zuckerberg has faced on capitol hill. >> keeping in mind the potential exploitation and those are the questions that are going to come up again with this. this is a nether, you know, moment in which legislators look at the tech industry and have been talking about legislating tech and, now, really diving into what does that mean? >> reporter: he was taken into custody in seattle, and in two other associates have fled the country and are believed to be back in saudi arabia tonight.
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now, tonight the washington post is reporting at least one of the dissidents targeted by the saudi's with their employees who were inside twitter was related to the murder of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi. he was a friend of him. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. the nations largest seller of e-cigarette is halting u.s. sales of its best-selling flavor departed. >> reporter: double team maria medina with the information on today's announcement. >> reporter: another setback for jewels is already under scrutiny from u.s. regulators, lawmakers and health officials today juul announced, it is ending its u.s. distribution of mental vaping pods, after a new government study showed that juul is the top brand among high schoolers who use e- cigarette's and that many prefer mint. the flavor accounts for nearly 60% of the company's retail sales. juul ceo said today "these results are unacceptable, and that is why we must reset the
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vapor category in the u.s., and earn the trust of society by working cooperatively with regulators, attorney general for public health officials, and other stakeholders to combat underage use. health officials say under age vaping has reached epidemic levels, and the latest government survey one in four high school students reported using e-cigarette and just the previous month. despite federal law banning sales to those under 18. juul had already stopped selling some of its popular flavors in stores, and online after coming under fire for its alleged role and sparking the vaping trend among teens. the company now will only sell menthol and tobacco flavors. a middle school in san ramon put on lockdown today, after receiving a threat. please recall that to iron horse middle school after graffiti was found on a bathroom wall. he threatened a shooting on campus as a precaution. school went into a lockdown for more than two hours.
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>> we are always updating the protocols i think every time we have an incident we look at it, debrief and say what went really well, what was really wrong staff and kids here today were fantastic. as far as just all the pieces come together. >> the lockdown was lifted about 1:00, no word yet on who was behind that threatening graffiti. also, tonight airbnb responding to accusations of insensitivity from the family of one of the orinda shooting victims. raymond hill, junior, was one of five people killed at a halloween party last week in a home rented through the platform in a statement through their attorneys, his family said today that airbnb has ignored their inquiries about their unexpected funeral expenses. adding "they haven't even reached out to apologize. they have merely responded in public with platitudes and thoughts and prayers, or have made nebulous promises to do better and improve trust."
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airbnb says it did, in fact, reach out to the whole family today, adding "we have set aside funds to support the victims loved ones with funeral expenses and counseling services." the company is also offering a reward for information leading to the shooter. the city of mountain view is sitting sending a clear message, no new office buildings, without an equal amount of new housing. len ramirez is live in mountain view with the city is taking a strong stance as a large section of the city is about to be redeveloped. >> reporter: this decision is specific to a 400 acre swath of land right here known as the east whisman district. it is considered a gusty move by a city trying to solve its dramatic jobs and housing imbalance. high-tech workers filled the streets of mountain view's east whisman district for decades, small lowrise industrial and tech campuses have been the norm. but, many of the people who work here don't live anywhere
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close. >> have like eight people living in my house not because i wanted to but because i have got relatives and friends cannot find housing. >> reporter: this man commutes from san jose and so does this man who says the drive is getting longer every day because so many others are doing the same. >> someone like me who travels from south and san jose takes about an hour, hour and 10 minutes every day to come in. >> reporter: which is one reason why the city council took it to step approving a redevelopment plan for the area that requires any new office construction to be matched with an equal number of new homes. >> i think a lot of people deafly see housing at a crisis level. >> the city planner, eric anderson says the formula calls for three housing units for every thousand suite of office thousand square feet of office space. about 5000 housing units. ski that ends up being roughly 1-1 ratio of jobs to employee residences. >> that's pretty ambitious. >> yes, it is.
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>> reporter: especially in a city where big tech companies like google are based. the move is being applauded by workers. w we can keep putting up buildings without having places for people to live. >> it could end up scaring away some developers because building office space is more profitable than building housing. and the school district is concerned that it could lead to thousands of more students and no place to put them. even city councilmembers, support the plan are worried if the city can follow through. >> is sort of a global experiment for mountain view trying to figure out how to get this to work. >> reporter: to some degree this is still a work in process but the city officials say they do have some companies and builders waiting in the wings of for this decision, and they say they will be moving forward with those plans. it is hoped that other cities will look at this and follow suit because this is really a regional issue. reporting live in mountain view, len ramirez, kpix 5. and mountain view police have made two arrests after
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recovering for bags full of stolen police care and other items it all started friday night when an officer spotted a u-haul parked outside the entrance to a kohl's store. minutes later, students got a call saying that these two suspects who had rubbed other such cool stores were inside. when they first learned that the u-haul be rented out by the suspects, and other officers had the vehicle searched inside, they found duffel bags full of woolen items including police care, handcuffs, personal id information from other people, and stolen items from kohl's. >> we were able to search the vehicle and has relocated all of the stolen material that included personal identifying information that belonged to some folks from the bay area. obviously did not belong to him and we located some police equipment from bay area agencies as well as the state agency. we are in the process now of returning that equipment to them. >> reporter: no firearms were found, it is still unclear which bay area agency and which
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estate agents the that gear was stolen from. police say a third suspect took off and is still on the run tonight. still ahead, one bay area county looking at a new type of tax, why some feel it is vital to their survival. plus, an east bay middle school making a drastic decision after finding out it is at high risk during an earthquake. and, an endangered bird getting life-saving treatment right here in the bay area. we are checking in on san jose, that is the camera behind me where there are clear skies overhead now. but this morning, it was great. and, it was worse than that in the north bay, we the dense fog advisory this morning. we'll see how likely that is to happen on your morning commute on friday, coming up. don't miss the grand opening
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>> reporter: the county is not going to sit around and wait for it to happen. something extra ordinary happened at tuesday's run county supervisors meeting. the county is proposing a hefty new task tax, and absolutely no one who got up to speak with against it. >> we fully support this proposal. it is because the issue is wildfire. marin residents have held their breath watching fires in sonoma county, knowing they live in
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exactly the same kind of environment. but, so far, fire prevention has been a piecemeal effort. >> fire agencies respond seamlessly in terms of response. but, what they don't have is one single group that can address prevention and mitigation for wildfires. >> voters will consider a partial tax on businesses of up to $.10 per square foot to fund the new marin prevention. the unified effort to address issues like taking homes more fire resistant, clearing vegetation along evacuation routes. and creating a new wildfire alert system. the tax could amount to hundreds of dollars per year for homeowners, and though the local taxpayers group supports the measure, they are not sure of its chances. >> i do not know if it is an automatic yes vote, that it will clear the two thirds hurdle. but, i believe it has a very good chance of doing so. >> reporter: the fact is almost support the idea, the public does seem to be experiencing
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some tax fatigue. >> it just never ends. there's always more and more and more. >> does add another tax to the pile. >> reporter: another issue is assurance, people living in a wooded neighborhood testing their insurance policies triple and cost or cancel altogether. the hopi with a coordinator prevention effort, companies will see this as an area safe to do business. john ramose, kpix 5. >> is a measure can garner the two thirds approval, it would raise more than $19 million annually for the next 10 years. fire chief is says if it fails, the marin wildfire fire prevention would have to be disbanded. oxford almond driscoll will move to a new location next year. a recent report from the school faced an elevated risk during an earthquake due to its proximity to the berkeley hills. the area is a landslide zone at the reports of the school could
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move up to 20 feet in an earthquake the school's new location in the fall of 2020 will be at the west campus adjacent to the district office on bernard street. an endangered california condor getting specialized medical treatment right here in the bay area. this bird was brought to the oakland zoo this afternoon from the pinnacles of national park. it is one of the condors that is routinely tracked there. and, test reveal that high levels of lead. was likely from eating dead animals that had been shot with lead shot. in >> so, when they come down and eat the animal, they get a whole goal full of lead shot and then mix and have lead toxicity in their bloodstream. >> the condor will be treated at the zoo for the next couple of weeks. when is to release it back into the wild. a fog rolling through san francisco, look at that. you can see those buildings there, kind of slowly start to
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disappear. darren peck joins us with a check of our foggy forecast. >> kind of nice though to be honest. >> it is nice for a change, it kind of feels like a very return to a summerlike pattern. >> it is not nice to drive through. >> true and there is a chance tomorrow we might be doing that again. i want to highlight some of the places that might be looking at this. first off there is our big measuring stick in the bay. the tower of the western span of the bay bridge. we show that in the 11:00 newscast, and had already been obscured at the top from the low deck of the gray closet came in. it is likely going to happen again later tonight. if you look at the impact that more of this marine layer has had on daytime highs, we were 78 inland, concord near 80 and only 60 in the city. there is a big 20 degree temperature spread whether you are in lender near the coast and if you look at the averages for this time of the year, the thing that is interesting, it is a level playing field when you get into late fall and
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early winter. in other words, there's a temperature difference between what averages are for the bay or inland. the differences are not that big anymore. look where we were, started the day today. stockton, for much of the bay even down over san jose and here is the north bay. we were on the ground, that is i can technically call it fog is going to touch the ground if you call it fog, images floating harmlessly overhead you need to know the word. whatever you want. there was a dense fog advisory. in the north bay this morning and, there is a chance again tomorrow. it would take a look at the last imagery to come in, you can see this marine layer that is squeaking into the petaluma gap already about to fill in those valleys of sonoma county. same story here and if we put into futurecast tomorrow. this makes it look not quite as impressive, but the possibility is there. if you had some fog this morning give your actions your give yourself some time tomorrow. by the weekend, the pattern will change because this big,
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dominating center of high pressure off the coast is really going to control the weather. look at how the clouds are going up and over when you get something that dominating overhead, you don't get as much of the marine layer and the temperatures start to warm up. here are the morning lows, the typical, but, for the daytime highs tomorrow, a little bit warmer near the coast, and just as warm inland. moving your 80 again. for daytime highs, estimate to the rest of the seven day forecast. >> we are not seeing any changes, no rain either. i don't hear any complaints about this, that is a great looking monday for veterans day upper 70s and mid 70s for the bay. monday will be fantastic, as well as seven day forecast, back to you. i'm live at the coliseum, this is what i call an exclusive parking lot live shot, talking 49ers on monday night when we come back. in here.
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♪ hello everybody from the oakland coliseum, final primetime game in the stadium behind me right now, the raiders leading the chargers 10- 7, the game is in the second quarter. let's talk about the 49ers monday night football george, the tight end is sitting out practice this week as he continues to deal with knee and ankle injuries, kyle shanahan said the team will not know his status for monday nights game until this weekend. also, robbie gould is questionable after injuring his quad and practice. jimmy g is coming off his best game of the season. but the first 49er quarterback to throw for over 300 yards and
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four touchdowns since jeff garcia in 2000. but, they receive some backlash on social media for his interview with fox's erin andrews. >> how does that feel? >> did not expected to blow up like that. it is what it is. but, yeah, i was excited. 8-0. >> that was in a deer was it? that was off-the-cuff. >> has a baby like 500 times the game to my teammates and. it wasn't like that. >> reporter: meanwhile, the seahawks head coach pete carroll is not getting caught off at the height monday night. >> it is a big week, such a big week. harlem globetrotters are in town, holy mackerel. did you guys know that? they got a great looking team they are ready to go.
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you can bet richard sherman will be ready to go on monday night, he's already looking for his bragging rights against his old team but, former teammate, babbie wagner currently has the upper hand. >> is a person is not going to let you live that down to the following season, unless you give up basketball, and his house. deny it, but i'm pretty sure, a guy like that has cameras in his house. and, finds of footage. >> reporter: but, this version of the rivalry still has a long ways to go to match what it was earlier in the decade. >> do you miss jim harbaugh being in the league? >> yeah, yeah, i liked him a lot, i think is a great ball coach and, he will like me saying this but i love beating him. >> [ laughter ] >> if he wants to bring the wolverines in there, okay we will play him. let's go. in >> good stuff, i tell you what, we are spoiled. primetime here, primetime monday night, i'm going back
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inside, i'll have the post game report and our late show at 11:00. guys, back to you. >> don't have too much fun. >> she says that everybody picked up the ante. cbs evening news is coming up next. >> norah o'donnell is here with a preview. we ask a former top cabinet official whether she was a part of a plot to try to remove president trump from office. can school attacks be stopped using some assay methods the secret service uses to protect the president? will show you what we should be looking for. >> and meet a high school football player chasing his dreams to be a one-of-a-kind nfl quarterback. we've got the stories, and so much more tonight, on the cbs evening news. in
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>> a lot of people drive through the presidio tunnels and san francisco. >> might be hanging out on top of it. a ground making was held today for a new park project on top of the tunnel, 20 2114 acres of land by chrissy field will make the tunnel tops park. overlooks the old golden gate bridge, gardens and a gateway plaza, with food, and additional services. has speaker nancy pelosi, developers say this will be a must see stop for visitors. >> the location is a geographical center for san francisco. a naval, a cradle, a forever place, a timeless place. the first phase of this project started over two years ago, caltrans had to create a sloped down to chrissy field and then the presidio trust added thousands of plans, should be interesting.
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call today for a free guide. ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight in the impeachment inquiry, allegations of a campaign of lies. a top diplomat says president trump wanted nothing less than the ukrainian leader to publicly say "investigations," "biden," and "clinton." plus, vice president pence denies he ever considered an effort to remove the president from office. >> those rumors, i dismissed them several years ago. >> o'donnell: also tonight, heartbreak in mexico. family members gathered for the first funerals for nine american women and children massacred. chilling voice messages from their family. >> dear god, pray for us all. >> o'donnell: an early blast of wintry weather for nearly three- quarters of the country. how low will the temperatures go? the secret service investigates violence in america's schools and says why some of the massacres could have been avoide


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