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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  KPIX  November 8, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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right now at 7. >> you are not even on bart. >> busted over a bite to eat. the ndwi cionbi tasbaed
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ders. baguys. at kiki too far? the cause of those mysterious lung illnesses from vaping might be caused by something pretty common. >> these vitamins can be perfectly safe to swallow, that does not mean they are safe to inhale. what two bay area soldiers did to deserve medals of honor's today. with thousands of house keys, hundreds of bricks, and countless tears this was a day to remember who and what was lost. scenes from this day of remembrance one year after the campfire. the kpix5 news at 7 starts now with the barge rithe sandwi good evening i'm ken bastida. >> i maria medina. other passengers have been hungry to react to this one. da lin is at the pleasant hill
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station, tonight. >> reporter: at every bart entrance there is a sign with a code of conduct, no eating or drinking beyond the fare gates. >> cannot even on bart. >> i was just explaining to you >> reporter: the breakfast sandwich confrontation is leaving a bitter taste for a lot of passengers. >> i think that is overkill, the guy wasn't hurting anyone. >> it seems like a minor infraction. >> reporter: it happened monday morning about 8:00 on the platform of the pleasant hill bart station. the officer apparently went to the platform to look for a woman who was reportedly drunk when he couldn't find the woman, he spotted a man eating. he asked the man to put the food away, when the man refused, the officer held onto the man's backpack to try to detain him. >> for resisting arrest.
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>> i'm not resisting arrest. >> reporter: the guard declined to talk on camera. in a statement they say officers detained him for not cooperating. and cited him for eating a sandwich. >> it just escalated pretty quickly on both parties. i think he should've stopped eating when he was asked to, especially because the other guy is just doing his job. i think the other guy could've been a little bit more lenient. >> reporter: in the off video, the officers identified the man at steve foster. we reached out to him but do not hear back. fellow passengers though have plenty to say. >> i feel like there are better things to cite people for. >> sometimes i question why do they cite one person as opposed to another, are they discriminating? >> they need to look out for the real bad guys, the people that are hurting people. >> reporter: bart says the independent police auditor is reviewing the video to see if the officer did anything wrong. we asked bart how many eating citations have a given out in recent years? so far they have not responded back. at the pleasant hill bart station i am da lin, kpix 5. a breakthrough tonight on what may be causing those serious lung injuries linked to vaping. andria borba has some new information on a possible cause.
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>> reporter: the cdc thinks it may have identified one of the sources of these lung illnesses fromd juice itself. 29 lung samples and patient turned up vitamin e acetate use as a thickener in the vaped juice, particularly on the black market. dr. arthur rheingold is an epidemiologist. >> the notion that inhaling some vitamin or, some chemical of some kind might, in some percentage of people, cause a life-threatening illness is not very surprising. >> reporter: so far, the cdc has tracked over 2000 vaping related lung injuries and at least e acetate in lung
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tissue found thc in 79% of those tested. >> i don't smoke tobacco. this is just marijuana, cbd. >> reporter: lindsay hartman of chicago says she thinks vaping injuries come down to use. >> i know people who have had and, you take that into consideration that it is a possibility. it also adds into how often i do it. >> reporter: even president trump waited on vaping before boarding marine one this afternoon suggesting raising the limit age from the current standard of 18. >> we have to take care of our kids most importantly. we are going to have an age limit of 21 or so. >> reporter: dr. rheingold says he is not surprised by the cdc's findings and since vaping has been around for a relatively short amount of time, more problematic care chemicals can still be tied to vaping injuries. >> professionals have longed for a note for a long time that the longer can be injured by many different things being inhaled. >> reporter: now, the cdc is not just focusing on the vitamin e acetate, they are continuing to look at the components of vape juice and what they are finding in these patient's lungs to see if
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there's anything else causing the illnesses. >> andria borba reporting live. thank you. a much deserved honor for two men who rushed to the aid of gunshot victims at the tanforan mall shooting. staff sergeant isaiah le claire were working at the recruiting office the day that gunfire rang out in july. both men rested to help victims would been shot and injured. today, they were awarded the u.s. army's prestigious soldiers metal. >> the soldiers metal is one of the highest awards in the united states army. it is an honor for the general and he is in recommending that the present is this award anyone else who supported us. >> reporter: the men say there army training kicked in to help save lives that day. >> isaiah le claire has been a lot of help with this whole situation. and, like you said, just glad that everything worked out the way that it did. everybody was okay at the end of the day.
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santa clara police are trying a new approach to bring attention to a cold case murder. they posted photos of the victims online, along with details of the crimes. the appeal is to the public for help, not so much to jog your memory but to their contents conscience >> you always have these cold cases assigned it to someone, there never not assigned, the actual physical files of these cases still live in our investigations division. >> santa clara police say they were able to solve half a dozen cold case murders with help from the federal grant. and most of those cases, dnas testing steered them toward the suspects. this week, fire crews valley contained the kincaid fire in sonoma county. but tonight, there is a new adache for homeowners. homeowners will not get federal and, possibly, not even state funding for debris removal. it is an unintended consequence of firefighters doing a good job protecting the town.
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that means that homeowners could be on the hook for millions of dollars in understand is right there are two phases the hazmat removal what you will do and not charge the homeowner? phase 2, all the foundation and stuff? >> that part will be a private debris removal. >> that is on the homeowner? >> and homeowners insurance. now at 7, no smart train service between novato and petaluma over the next few weekends is being set suspended while they run tests at the new downtown novato station. the early morning horns like before, but there will be bells and flashing lights and if the tests go well, there could be an announcement about opening day for both stations shortly. coming up next, new numbers just in shaking up the san francisco district attorney's race. >> you have got to see this video, a burglar learns the hard lesson about gravity. and, starting over in
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paradise, the emotional ceremony marking one year since the worst wildfire in california history. i know for some people, it is very difficult to remember but, i hope that they come and get involved somewhere and find the joy. plus, you will meet the bay area highschool football family, three brothers, all playing side-by-side. wait until you hear about their dad's huge role. >> i know how lucky i am, i hope they will appreciate it down the road. >> who's the better looking one? >> [ laughter ] we are going to take a look at all that hayes that has just been lingering upon the bay area. i will tell you why it is not as bad for you as it may look. and we will talk about the weekend forecast as well. coming right up.
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it is hard to believe but it was one year ago today the deadliest wildfire in california history, nearly wiped the small town of paradise clean off the map. the campfire killed 85 people, destroyed thousands of homes. >> wilson walker shows us how the resilient community has survived this past year. >> reporter: the town of paradise has a long tradition of putting flags out for veterans day.
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that tradition resumed this morning was precisely 85 flags. this was a day of remembrance. >> to me, it's also the greatest lesson in permanence and nonattachment. we never know what is going to happen with ourselves and our homes and our things and also that life does go on. >> reporter: it was also a day for thoughts like that all across the butte county. survivors pause for moments of silence and reflected on the past year. this was a catastrophe so large, we are still looking for all of the survivors. >> there's a lot of friends that i know they survived but i've no idea where they are. i wish, if anyone sees this, check in with me and let us know where you are. we would like to catch up. >> i've moved to two hours away and started my life over aga. ter: that applause you
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here, also a big part of the day as every event looked toward the future artwork unveiled in paradise.a x is mad house keys left with no home. in my galea, it is a tribute made of bricks from the very same houses, along with the names of the eighty four victims that we know, and the one we still do not. the pastor who spoke your fought back tears when he dedicated the site. >> it is a place where you can see the forest to regrow. and start over again. i know, for some people, it is very difficult to remember. but, i hope that they come and get involved somewhere and find the joy because it is going to be a great new community. >> reporter: in paradise, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> there is a new leader tonight in the razor thin san francisco district attorney's race. >> this thing changing by the
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minutes. this released a little while ago, chesa boudin is ahead by 150 votes over the interim district attorney, suzy loftus. the elections office is continuing to count provisional ballots, as well as mail in ballots that were dropped off at polling stations on election day. the vote count will continue through the weekend. final results could come next week. darren peggy joins us. this guy today, not good. >> all you had to do was step outside and take a drive and the question has got to be what is all that stuff? let me show you in san jose, we had to go back before sunset to show you the hayes. that is not cloud, no marine layer, that is the late afternoon hayes. san jose was not only you. let me show you another vantage point. looking back towards the east bay. pretty view of the marine layer. the salesforce tower there. but, you got to look at the east bay and you can see the same layer of hayes. switch to the weather computer and i will show you with the
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air-quality readings are. it down here in the unhealthy south bay but you need to take that into consideration, it is not great to be out there taking her job. this next image may be more important to the official forecast put out, it was the same for today, it is all yellow. meeting all moderate up and down the bay area. the reason there is a difference is because the centers i showed you a moment ago were all the right now readings. if you want to take in an air- quality reading and put out a forecast that is done using the 24 hour average. if you average it out it is moderate and we are doing okay but there are moments in the day we do get up into this unhealthy for sensitive groups category. it is not like were pulling in anymore smoke, we are stuck underneath a dominant ridge of high pressure which is not allowing the area to reach out. we are pulling in more humidity from the bay area which makes it look lazier and now a silky looking sky. it is not the best but not as
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bad. look at the impact on daytime highs because we did pull in the marine layer. 78 we do not feel much of an influence at all from the marine layer in livermore and then 60 back in the city. back to near 20 degrees temperature spread which is very much like the summer. as we look tomorrow, marine layer coming back that gets us through saturday morning. 6 a.m. until about 11 a.m. just like today, we will have the low gray clouds hanging out and then it'll be gone and sunshine for everybody this helps keep the morning lows relatively warm. if you're underneath the brady blanket. it is kind of like an insulator so you don't get as cold. no more temperatures getting into freezing like we saw last week. or tomorrow's daytime highs there is no change here will be at or near 80 in lent and in the mid 60s near the coast. and, even in oakland there is your kind of summerlike temperature spread. thanks to the influence of a still surging marine layer that
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has got influence on the temperatures. we keep doing this the next four days. no change, and then by the middle of next week there is a subtle cooldown. will get those in the numbers from the low 80s to the low 70s. that is closer to average. no rain in that seven day per but there is a holiday, and that looks great, their be sunny and warm. back over to you. >> sounds good thank you. that was a great game last night? >> it was, it was. and how do i follow up a great game like that? how about a feel-good friday story? you will love this one, it is storytime everybody. you've heard it 1 million times in football. it's like a brotherhood or, hey man it is a family. well, for one high school team on offense and defense, it rings true. let's take you to san rafael. those linemen, did he ever get any love? at san rafael high school they do. at one tackle senior liam plays
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defense. grabbed the pig versus great high school. and the other starting tackle? senior aiden. he plays defense too. look here. a pick six against richmond. snapping the ball at center. the baby? sophomore shamus. >> entries at home who eat the most? >> him. >> no, you do. two i don't need the most, he does. >> i.e. the most. >> you say shamus does? >> reporter: but, that is not all. the head coach? mark, a.k.a. dad. >> and how lucky i am. i hope they will appreciate it down the road. right now, it is maybe, i am a good guy, but hopefully they'll appreciate the fact that maybe
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i'm a good coach too at some point. >> reporter: talked about all of the family. three brothers on the starting offensive line. aiden, can you do an impersonation of liam when he misses a block? >> i don't miss blocks. >> that wasn't my fault. >> okay, okay. >> reporter: to your brother when he misses a block? >> you guys gotta do better, you guys got do better, we are a team, a team, i have to make sure everyone is getting better. >> who is messier? >> shamus. >> have you seen this kids room? have you seen your own room? >> far and away the messiest. >> reporter: and, who is the better looking one? >> guilty as charged. >> reporter: [ laughter ] >> that was a fun afternoon with the bulldogs. sadly their season ended on a downward note. 5-5 for the year. did not make the playoffs, but they have those memories of playing together as a family.
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>> you know, shamus, they pick on him. >> reporter: they do. you will love this. >> is big enough to whip them both. >> you will love this, guess how many gallons of milk they drink a week two >> i was just going to ask. >> reporter: 4 1/2 gallons of milk a week!! that's it? i thought it would be more. >> that is a couple of cosco runs. >> that is just the milk, how about the cereal, the chicken, the eggs? oh my gosh. >> alright. >> big boys. >> thanks. coming up next, can the raiders really make the playoffs this year. a look at what it will take. plus, what the head coach is all last night that he has never seen before. >> plus, the country overseas
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is now dealing with the scenes that we are very familiar with here in california. up next, a new twist in the lead up to president trump's impeachment inquiry. the man who is now in the sub spotlight and what he missed out on today.
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with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. here's what you missed if you're just getting home. the impeachment inquiry focusing on the acting white house chief of staff who failed to appear today for a scheduled deposition. newly released transcripts from two key witnesses suggest that mick mulvaney helped establish the terms of a possible quid pro quo with ukrainian officials. tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. the world watched as east
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germans stormed it at the chance of a new life. today, the secretary of state unveiled a statue of former president ronald reagan who famously called for the wall to be torn down. right now, brush fires are burning out of control in eastern australia, turning the sky an eerie orange. at least 100 homes have been destroyed and two people have been killed. one fire commissioner said they have never seen this many fires at one time. the oakland raiders are the favorites to win the next two games as they push for the playoffs. the real decider on a playoff bid will be the december road games against their afc west rivals. the raiders improved to five - four after last nights win against l.a., - head coach jon gruden got up close with raider nation. i i to see some costumes i have not seen >>before any football games,
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awesome. >> will have another chance to meet up with fans, at the blackhole next sunday, against the bengals. can? maria, thank you for that. coming up next it is both an epic fail and, an epic fall. we will be right back. just because we're super hungry...
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...doesn't mean you got to spend a lot! because denny's brought back the super slam™. with eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage and pancakes. all for just $6.99. the $6.99 super slam™ is back! see you at denny's! new video showing a burglar in southern california learning the hard way on halloween night. >> watched as the woman, it is
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a woman, falls right through the ceiling, there it is. of a restaurant. pots and pans go flying, here it is again. wait for it. she appears to be pretty dazed after, you can see her, the partner in crime in the background finally realizes what happens, but doesn't appear to be all that worried about her. >> [ laughter ] get up on your own. >> restaurants, a lot of money in there to steal. okay. >> alright, thank you for watching at seven. >> back here at 11:00 for more news and weather, you can always had to
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