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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  November 10, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. . a matter of life and teeth this morning. san jose police explain what led up to a deadly shooting at a traffic spot. >> and san francisco's next district attorney, it's official. the challengers bowed out. what the police department is not backing down. >> and a fire breaks out in the how would hills. no official word how it started. why a witness said the power lines may not be to blame. it's 6:00 a.m. on this sunday, 10th. thank you for -- sunday, november 10th. thank you for joining us. >> we're learning about a deadly officer-involved shooting bringing traffic to a crawl yesterday on highway 85. >> the man who was shot and killed was wanted on a warning.
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andrea has the latest developments. >> i this is a scene of the officer-involved shooting this happened after 3 in the afternoon in the southbound lanes of highway 85 near the winchester boulevard exit. according to the san jose police officers, they pulled the car on every and the adult male passenger pulled out a handgun, when the officer fired and striking the man once. he was pronounced dead at the scene. as investigators collected evident, southbound highway 85 was closed from saratoga avenue to winchester boulevard creating a traffic nightmare. >> took us an hour to get three miles. >> an hour for three miles? >> yeah. >> i have been waiting an hour and a half trying to get through. i am on the way -- >> the san jose police department said the homicide unit and the santa clara district attorney's office are investigating the case. the officer who fired the shots has been placed on a routine
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paid administrative leave. now, the driver in the car was not hurt during the shooting and the officers were not hurt as well. in the south bay, andrea nakano, kpix 5. this is the fourth fatal officer-involved shooting this year. san francisco has a new district attorney. the most hotly contested election in san francisco. bhoudin took the lead on susie loftus by more than 2400 votes. with only 1200 left to be counted, the numbers prompted lo if, tus it concede the race. here's more on how bhoudin and supporters celebrated the victory. >> reporter: supporters welcomed him to rio with cheers and applause. his agenda as san francisco's da is clear. >> know there is a lot of distrust between san francisco communities and law enforcement. my first job is going to be to roll-up my sleeves to work with everybody. all stakeholders and all
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communities, make sure we can we're build the trust so we're all safer. >> reporter: the bar was bursting with supporters and big smiles. >> oh, my god. i am in heaven. i'm in heaven. we took our city back. >> i think that he will bring a whole new attitude to the district attorney's office. focus on dealing with the root causes of crime and not just locking people up. >> reporter: that was the premise of the campaign, diverting people away from the criminologist justice system and toward rehabilitation. the former public defender vowed to hold police more accountable in cases of brutality. weeks before, the mayor appointed loftus as interim d.a. in part, shows i didn't win the race but we won the support of so many san franciscans who are demanding our city work more effectively together to improve safety. boudin was on the way back from new york where he was visiting his father in a new york prison. his parents were incarcerated
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as members of the radical weather underground for terrorist role in an armed robbery in new york that left thee people dead. >> we talked about it. he was supportive and i think like most parents, you know, concern for our family and our well-being in the midst of the tremendous responsibility that we have taken on to work and serve all of san francisco. >> reporter: betty yu kpix 5. >> boudin said his first personal order of business will be to marry his fiancee and plans to enjoy his honeymoon before getting down to work. the san francisco police officer's association had this to say about his victory, quote, unfortunately, the election results mean that san francisco residents will have to suffer through another four years of the george gascone- style policies that have plagued our city and decimated public safety. those folks are shouting f the poa, by the way.
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tension were on display at his election party tuesday night as the crowd expressed anger toward the police officer's association and its attempts to sway voters against the candidate. the union funded political ads and sent out numerous mailers against boudin and in favor of lo if, tus. >> in richmond this morning, the search is on for a man who is accused of shooting two homeless men with arrows. it happened yesterday morning along the bay trail south of central avenue. two men and a woman remember catching there when the arrow started flying. the woman was not hurt but both men are hit. the victims are in stable . the suspect was last seen wearing a heavy jacket with white fleece and a blue backpack riding a purpose will bicycle. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. >> a construction worker is in the hospital after falling 40 feet from a platform in san francisco. it happened yesterday afternoon on 11th street between mission and markets which is close to the civic center. the worker is listed in serious at a trauma center but no word
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on how that accident happened. on the fire watch this morning, the firefighters stopped the forward progress of a brush fire in the hollywood hills. it's sending up plumes of gray smoke near the warner brothers movie studios. the reporter has the latest from the fire join. >> reporter: an air fight above the hollywood hills a reminder that this urban oasis has brush lands and as ash reigns down on nearby streets, worried tentants pack up and perspective tenants come for a tour but see flames instead. >> we were heading out because of the smoke and all and found the two girls with lots of backpacks. they were moving in from london yesterday or two days ago and helped them out. >> this is what it looked like from the ava apartment complex after the fire started. off camera, the woman who was first to call 911, tells us there were no power lines around and that the fire
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started burning in the middle of brush. soon, trees were also on fire. kicking up so much smoke, the giant plumes slowed traffic on nearby highways. >> this is the closest to home. i walked out and there was a big wall of smoke. it's with the studios and everything here, it's unusual to have, i manin the fires are in this populated of an industrial area. >> reporter: helicopters beat back flames and on the ground, firefighters with hoses and the barn fire into retreat, holding it at 34 acres. >> this is more of a nuisance fire than a huge threat. the surrounding communities, there is minimal impact. we want to make sure we keep our eye on that. >> that was christy fajardo reporting. there were no mandatory e vacation orders, but one of the brothers decided to clear out everybody from the lot as a precautioning. >> and let's get a check of the local weather. less foggy this morning. >> it is. still foggy in parts but not nearly the fog we saw yesterday
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and woke up to a fog advisory yesterday. looking at the numbers at the moment. you can see it's not grit, but definitely bit -- not great, but definitely better than yesterday. anywhere along the bay and coast, the low-lying areas and valleys, especially in the north bay where you will see issues. .3 of a mile in napa andanta rosa and through the delta, anywhere around the bay and along the city and the coast. that will start to burn off like yesterday around by the lunch hour and taking a look at the tower, you can see the thick fog. again, that will start to burn off in the afternoon hours as things hot up. the current temperatures, mild. 51 degrees in san francisco and san jose; santa rosa, 46; 47 in concord. the breakfast forecast, what you will wake up to this morning is clouds and fog along the coast, the bay and in the inland areas. pretty much in the 40s and 50s, no matter where you are. the temperatures will start to rise with the sun at 6:44 this
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morning. our high temperatures today are going to be a mix of the 60s and 70s. we won't get into the 8s with the exception of a couple of places. the most part, fairfield, 78; 69, oakland; 77, santa rosa and cool of the in pacifica. that will change. i will tell you how later. is this morning air san francisco supervisor is calling the feds to help curb crime in his district. some people say conditions are so bad in the evening and overnight hours, they feel like prisoners in their own home. the supervisor matt haney described the widespread homelessness and rampant druggous as a public health and safety crisis. >> the figure who opens this property was not doing anything to man tapeiate. it was really adding to and
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fueling this challenge we had here. >> at nighttime, there are not many police out. usually on calls and that is where everybody starts to gather to do their business, sell drugs, buy drugs. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office said it's launched a program targeting federal crimes in the tenderloin. we saw more police in the area yesterday, along with crews picking up trash. the supervisor hopes the improvements are a permanent change and not just a pr move. >> an oklahoma woman is free this morning after 15 years behind bars for child abuse. but, that abuse was inflicted on her kids by her boyfriend and not her. she was convicted, however, under oklahoma's controversial failure to protect law. here's more on this story. >> reporter: this is how hall felt freedom. in the first hug from her family in 15 years. >> blessed. blessed to be with my family. >> reporter: her son robert hadn't touched his mother since he was one.
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>> it's great. you know. she got freedom. >> reporter: as a teenage mother, show never reported her boyfriend was battering two of her children and pleaded guilty to enabling child abuse. her sentence was 30 years. robert braxton jr., her boyfriend, admitted the abuse, including broken bones. his sentence was lighter. ten years. he served two. >> let's call the vote on miss hall. >> reporter: last month, hall pleaded her case before oklahoma's pardon and parole board. they heard her ex-boyfriend abused and terrorized her, to. >> i really worked hard to be a woman that my children need me to be. >> reporter: they agreed u unanimously to commute her sentence, time served. oklahoma has the highest rate of female incarceration, twice the national average and more than half of the women behind bars are like hall. survivors of domestic assault or sexual violence. >> her case is not unique. there are so many other women
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who are victims of domestic violence who are incarcerated on failure to protect charges with far longer sentences than the actual abuser. >> reporter: hall wants to make up for lost time with her three tone age children. -- teenage children. hall's family raised her children while she was behind bars. she earned her ged and cosmetology license and feels now to be the mother she wanted to be all along. mark straussman, cbs news, oklahoma city. coming up in campaign 2020, a massive bernie sanders rally in iowa. >> hear what the presidential hopeful said is the threat to the entire planet. >> and big changes coming to instagram this week. why the site is hiding likes coming up. just because we're super hungry...
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. in campaign 2020, presidential hopeful bernie sanders is calling attention to climate change. he held a rally with representative alexandrea ocasio-cortez. reporter monica madden reports from des moines, iowa. >> we have a major global
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crisis. >> reporter: presidential candidate bernie sanders brought the heat at a climate change summit in des moines. >> the threat to our entire planet. >> reporter: firing up a crowd of roughly 2,000 about a world on fire. >> it's our fire. >> reporter: while the crowd was feeling the burn, it was congresswoman alexandrea ocasio- cortez who kicked up the heat. >> this movement is real. this movement is growing. don't let anyone convince you that no one cares about climate change. >> reporter: the freshman democrat attracting an audience of her own, too. >> i am a big fan of hers. i love her. >> i think she's amazing. i saw her documentary on netflix. changed my life. >> reporter: the two self- proclaimed democrat specialists have joined forces over the green new deal, the $1.7 million plan aims to attack climate change by weening the u.s. off of fossil fuels and creating high-paying jobs in the clean industries. >> amazing legislation. >> reporter: many democrats are
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not all in with the plan, calling it too costly and ambitious. >> maybe the dream is unrealistic, maybe. >> reporter: but aoc and sanders arguing that climate changes are costing the world as is, even here in the hawkeye state. >> the floods are already causing serious economic pain to iowa's farmers. >> reporter: something that resonated with all ages in the crowd. >> don't have the luxury to like think that we can deal with it in a few decades. it's time to act now. >> the young climate change activist got a new honor. the swedish teen has a beatles named after her. london's natural history museum has a species discovered by an ecologist in kenya in 1965. the top scientists were impressed by her work promoting action on climate change, including her recent speech at the united nations and the new tribute is meant to make a serious point. >> what we're trying to do is
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to increase awareness of the purpose of natural habitats and the creatures that live in them. so that hopefully future generations will protecting them and care about them more than we have. >> the beatle has no eyes or wings and the museum said is month the smallest insects in the world. portions of a popular south bay hiking area are off-limits until further notice due to a spike in mountain lion sightings. the quarry trail in cupertino is closed along with portions of stephe in, abers and meadow trails. no word when they might reopen. and let's get a check of the weather and weather center. >> if you're going to go hike, save it for the hatch. the morning hours are going to be cloudy, foggy and cool. looking at the cliffhouse cameras, you can see the cameras hugging the coast. they're not only hugging the coast, but there is low-level fog in and around the bay and in the low-lying areas, it's
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foggy in the north bay and the valleys there. the current conditions in san francisco right now, 51 degrees. same thing in san jose. santa rosa in the 40s and 46. concord, 47; livermore, 44. the temperatures will start to rise. we're on the brink of a heat- up. the high pressure system is dominating the weather pattern, creating the ridge and sending any potential precipitation, is come heavy clouds up and over us. it's starting to build in and moving towards the east. what that is going to do is sunday our temperatures up and keep that marine layer and the fog off of the coast. you can see that in the future cast moving through the next 72 hours or so. you can see fog recedes back to the coast hanging out there around san francisco as well and by the evening hours. overnight, it builds back in just briefly and by tomorrow, the high pressure system builds in, watch this retreat off of
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the coast and all the way well- offshore where we will be clear and warm, monday into tuesday and into wednesday before some clouds eventually start to return as that high pressure system begins to weaken. as for your headlines for today, you will wake up with the cool, foggy start in the inland areas. our afternoon will be dry and mild before that warm-up begins into tomorrow towards the middle of next week. we'll cool back off with clouds returning at the end of the week. the high temperatures at or just above average, which will pretty much be the case through the week as we climb warmer and warmer. for today, 63 degrees in half moon bay; 76, los gatos. potentially, 80 in morgan hill and in the inland areas, we'll be close to 80 and mostly in the high 70s and a mix of 60s. right around the bay. with the exception of further north in the north bay in the 70s. we mit hit 80. for the most part, you're in the 70s there. the walnut creek ice and pretty
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much the season of ice rings as a heads up. here and walnut creek and in the city and tomorrow's veteran's day as a reminder. everything starts to heat up. the cloud returns and look at that. we cool off into the end of next week. >> and the fog didn't burn off until 2:00 yesterday. it was glorious for the three, you know, hours in the afternoon. >> it will burn off sooner. we don't have as much of it. yesterday was really, really dense in a way that was surprising to me, even looking at it. today, not so bad. >> all right. some stunning video of a massive freight train derailment outside of pittsburgh. this is all actually a pileup involving three separate trains. investigators said that one train somehow rear ended another, causing several cars to derail and to strike a third. incredibly, no one was hurt. it could be many more months before boeing 737 max is back in the air. southwest and america airlines announce plans to keep the planes off of their schedules until at least early march. that would be a full year.
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regulators grounded the global fleet last march, following a pair of deadly crashes overseas. as of now, united has not extended their planes cancellations past january. no one will be able to fly the plane until boeing passes all of the tests to get it recertified. >> new research out of the uk finds a i simple blood test could detect breast cancer years ahead of the clinical signs. the test screens immune responses to tumor cell substances. researchers say the blood tests could provide non-invasive and cost-effective early detection and a benefit for women and could offer a alternative to the mammograms. >> heads up, instagram users. changes are coming to crackdown on competition for likes. starting this week, instagram will start hiding likes for some users but not all. and then also hearts on a post will also disappear from the insta feed. a user can still see how many likes they have received but their followers won't know the
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count. good morning, everybody. it's a sunday. no raiders. no 49ers until tomorrow night. what am i going to do? well, we're going to go tempo for starters. time is of the essence. ahead, i have saturday action for you. college football. cal. carlos said no, no. we're going to double pump and reload. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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. hey, good morning, everybody. in case you're rolling out of bed and wonder who happened saturday. did anything go on in the sports world? leave it to me. we have the warriors for you. russell, coming in hot. final sections of the third against oklahoma city. he's letting it go. 32 for the night. okayock city has a fellow named mike miscala,p tied. warriors lost. college football spotlight, devian monster. did he put on a show against washington state and accounted for four touchdowns. yeah. under three minutes to play. here came the fourth. as they beat the cougars, 33- 20. you saw bananas. always good to eat them. it's healthy and this is what
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else is healthy. how about a 79-are catch and run. -- 79-yard catch and run. against colorado. tied at 13 of the final seconds. evan price. sunday them away, a 16-13 winner winner. cal, by the way, 5 and 4. they're one win away from being bowl eligible. shout out san jose sharks late last night. going through seven rounds of ay shootout before meyer banged into the back of the net. speaking of shoutouts, a shoutout for branson girls volleyball, division 3 sectional champions. marine catholic, division 2 champions and marin academy, division 5 champions. way to go. good job. high, that is enough. i will see you later.
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and coming up in our next half hour, a push for a hospital in the east bay. >> this morning, resources are stretched thin. community members are demanding action. >> and how elizabeth warren is increasing her perhaps in the bay area.
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but in my mind i'm still 25. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex - now in triple strength plus magnesium. . welcome back to kpix 5 this morning. the time is 6:29.
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i'm emily turner. >> i'm devon foley. this morning, a violent crime on the streets of santa rosa. a man was walking on north denton avenue at 940time last night when he was approached by two suspects. one of the suspects pulled out a black handgun shooting the victim twice. the suspects then ran away. the zoom was taken to the hospital and is being treated for life-threatening injuries. the gunman is described as an hiss panning man in his 20s, wearing a gray and black plaid shirt, blue jeans and white shoes. santa rosa police say they won't release the name of the victim do you to the violent nature of the crime. anyone with information, call police. you can remain anonymous. san francisco police credit de-escalation tactics and training for a big drop in use of-of-force incidents. the department's latest report shows a 47% drop over the last three years. police counseled 500 total
6:31 am
instances of use-of-force in the third quarter this year, down nearly 25% from last year and the report shows the drop was generally uniform across all demographic groups and no incidents resulted in death. the department credits its ongoing crisis intervention and response training. now, chief bill scoots in part, quote -- bill scoots in part, quote, from our footbeats to station staff, we're to work with communities to increase trust and build a safer san francisco. on the flipside, the report showed the assaults against officers are up by 7% from this time last year. >> would you rent out your property to a convicted felon? soon, landlords in berkeley may not have a choice. a proposed city ordinance would require a background check to be dropped. the goal is to prevent homelessness and give former
6:32 am
inmateas i chance to start life over again. berkeley's measure would include private rental unites. >>. and i this morning, there are now demands to bring a hospital to an underserved parts of the east bay. west contra costa county has been without an only room since the doctor's medical center shut down in 2015. wilson walker is on the push to change that. >> we need a hospital with a emergency department. that is what we're here to talk about. >> reporter: it was a local legend. a couple of first responders in a room full of neighbors in richmond, talking about a problem that hung over the community back to the closure of doctor's medical center in 2015. i met them one year earlier when they were fighting to stay open and save lives. >> without a doubt, this is the workhorse and we're the engine that drives healthcareer in this community. >> reporter: doctors were a perfect example of how mark's emergency room serve as a last
6:33 am
line of defense in communities underserved by our health care system. most of the patients are poor. for the family members of those brought there and often those who died there, it was invaluable. >> how can you not have an emergency room in such on it would create a vacuum. i am grateful they were here tonight still. >> what has happened since the closure? expanded urgent care handled some of the traffic and so does keiser richmond. >> we have seen an increase in other surrounding emergency departments. we saw a huge loss in healthcare. they come to urgent care with life-threatening illness. we have to send them to the emergency department that is overwhelmed. >> and this is a regal issue. with the impending closure. >> reporter: brandon evans helped organize the event, including testimony from first responders about having to drive patients across contra
6:34 am
costa county. they say at this point, everybody understands the problem. >> are you willing to be bold? >> how do we fix this. >> wenoed another hospital. >> why is this place close something. >> sutter health said it can't nake the is seismic upgrades required now by the state of california. in berkeley,. and let's go ahead and get a check of our weather with emily in the weather center. >> it's a different morning today. not as foggy for most of us, although it's foggy in some places, looking at the visibility numbers, we have a foggy start in san francisco, oakland and anywhere that is a low-lying area or close to the water. you are going to see some fog and low-lying clouds, specially for those of you in the north bay down to .3 of a mile in santa rosa and petaluma and in napa, all the way into the delta. that will start to burn off right around the lunch hour and
6:35 am
into the afternoon hours. it will be nice for most of us you can see them hugging the coast. they will retreat and stay here along the coast line for the vast major of today. they won't clear out until tomorrow but especially on tuesday as the high pressure system we're dealing with really starts to build in and currently still in the 40s in concord; 47 and liver more at 44; santa rosa, 46; 51 in san francisco. and. san jose at this hour. you will wake up with fog and in parts of the inland areas at 50 or close to it no matter where you are. the sun is to rise here in 9 minutes. a nice start to our day. the high temperatures are going to be a mix of the 60s and 70s. but it's not going to stick around. we have a warm-up. i will talk about that? a moment. >> a lot of people are enjoying a three-day weekend with
6:36 am
veteran's day tomorrow. kpix 5s gianna franco looks at how to get around it. >> reporter: there is a lot going on, especially in san francisco that could impact traffic. 'tiz the season. the union square ice skating rink is opening up this weekend. you will see extra. it starts at 10 in the morning extending until to11:30 at note. how are you getting there? the cable car lines, exit b.a.r.t. and fourth and king, use muni or ride share from there. the parade is happening on sunday and it start at embarcadero and heads northwest toward jefferson street. muni lines are affected and f market and bayshore to name a few. in the east bay, the walnut creek ice rink is opening up and you will see extra busy conditions there. and since it's a she -day weekend for many, the 49ers
6:37 am
taking on the seahawks for monday night football. slows on 101 and 237 and 880. should be beautiful out there at lei have a. kickoff, 72 degrees. 515time with mostly clear and mild temperatures. senator elizabeth warren is increasing her presence here in the bay area. her campaign will open the first office in oakland today. it will be used to rally support and train volunteers for what are called warren weekends. her supporters will host a canvas launch with sessions on how to get involved with the campaign. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi spoke about the televised pole. hearings set to -- impeachment learnings set to start on capitol hill next week. she talked about the purpose of informing the public at an event. >> what we want them to sudden the truth. that is what the proceedings this week will bring forward and clear a way in the public hearings. this is a sad time. a prayerful time. we don't want to think our president could be in such
6:38 am
violation of our national security the integrity of our elections or his oath of office to the constitution. the facts show that possibly he has. >> and days before the start of the public hearings, president trump said that americans, quote, have never been so united. >> meanwhile, weeka yank report -- weijia jiang reports that president trump may release details on the success call to ukraine's president on tuesday. >> reporter: the president touted the economy and slammed the impeachment inquiry as he left the white house for the lsu versus alabama college football game. >> so the stock market hit an all-time high yesterday. the country's doing really well. the 87 hunt continues. >> reporter: president trump is willing to release the transcript of an april phone call he had with the ukraine leader, probably on tuesday. >> you tell me if you think there is anything wrong with why it. >> that call came months before
6:39 am
the july conversation investigators are trying to determine if president trump abused his power by pressuring ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son hunter. the house republicans support a letter saturday try. adam schiff, the chairman of the intelligence committee, requesting witnesses they want to recall during public hearings next week. hunter biden, the whistle blower and anyone relied on in drafting the complaint are on the list. democrats can overrule request of the witnesses. schiff said his committee is evaluating the request and warned the inquiry is not and won't serve, how far, asy vehicle to undertake the same sham investigations into the bidens or 2016 that the president pressed ukraine to conduct. at the game in tuscaloosa, the president received a warm response from the crowd. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> the hearings kick off on wednesday with testimony from
6:40 am
two key witnesses diplomat william taylor and george kent. we will bring the hearings to you live. >> this morning, facebook and youtube are pledging to remove, quote, any and all content mentioning the potential whistle-blower's name. facebook said mentioning the name violates the social network's policy, prohibiting content that a wit -- outs a witness informant or activist. facebook will revisit the decision if the name is widely publicized. >> the port of oakland is reporting a healthy increase in exports despite the trade war between the united states and china. exports were up more than 10% in october, compared to last year. most went to asian markets. port officials are seeing increased shipments to asian countries other than china, where volumes are down due to the ongoing tariffs. overall, the first 10 months of the year, exports from oakland were up 3 1/2%. anger and up rest in
6:41 am
northern syria. the turkish and russian forces are moving in after moving out. charlie dagotta is on the ground with the kurdish people trapped in the middle. >> i they came request with whatever weapons that could find from sledgehammers, rocks, shows and bottles and stacks of eggs. kurdish residents who have seen hundreds of people killed in a turkish onslaught were not allowed to -- about to let a convoy come through with just a scratch. they're as angry as america for allowing the turks to invade in the first place. we found the mother of a kurdish politician executed in cold blood on the street by pro- turkish gunmen. show blames the u.s. for the attack and refused to speak with us, an american news crew. the convoy came into view and then took a sharp right. protestors chased them down at the next turn and unleashed their firey with everything
6:42 am
they had. -- their firey with everything they had. the turkish and russian convoy tried to get around the kurdish protestors. as they did, they were cut off at this point and that is where they were pelted by stones and eggs and bottles of oil. we have seen a few people injured in that. demonstrators told us they made their mark. >> why did you come today? >> i came here to tell's russian and turkish invaders not to patrol our land, one woman told us. we live here. it's not their land. not even that much. >> reporter: one protestor was killed in the demonstration. he jumped on a vehicle, slipped off and was run over. >> the just reflects the outage aimed at what the kurds see as an occupying force. still to come, a cure to monday blues. the mercury transit. how you can watch the rare celestial event. >> and an acclaimed author is honored in north san jose.
6:43 am
we'll take you to iris chang park coming up.
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. most people tonight look forward to mondays but sky gazer can't wait. that is because tomorrow, the planet mercury will transit across the stun. it's a rare e -- the sun. a rare event that happens 13 times a century. mercury will look like a tiny black dot moving across the sun. the event starts before 9 here on the west coast. the full transit will take five 1/2 hours. you will still be able to see it until mid-morning. you will need a telescope and protective eyewear, since it's so small and you're staring at the sun. if you don't have the proper gear, check out images and videos on nasa's website. meanwhile, it's getting chilly across much of the u.s., threatening to shatter record lows for early november. the extreme cold came with heavy snow in some parts of the midwest. the system is moving east where millions are bundling up for
6:47 am
the bitter blast. >> really, really cold. i wore my jacket and glove. >> in than 200 million americans are seeing temperatures well below average for this time of the year. >> another sure sign winter is coming is sitting at new york's rockefeller this morning. a 77-foot norway spruce arrived to take its place as this year's christmas tree. it weighs 14 tons without the decorations and the lights. workers have less than a month to get it ready for the big christmas tree lighting celebration on december 4th. and let's get a check of of our weather in the weather center. >> the temperatures are mild, pretty cool in the afternoon. still above average. and only continuing to warm up. take a live look here to ocean beach. you can see the clouds are hanging out. and that is going to be the case. if we look at treasure island, you can see the fog in place and in play in the early
6:48 am
afternoon hours in san francisco. and still at 51 degrees, the same thing, san jose in the 40s and santa rosa, concord, 47; warming up at 53 degrees. the satellite and radar shows the high pressure system that is still in place. it will remain in place and it's going to dominate our weather pattern the next week. sending any kind of clouds or potential precipitation up and over us and it's blocking the ridge kind of way. as this starts to build in, moving eastward over california, that is going to drive our temperatures up and make the marine layer and coastal clouds recede off of the coast with more of an offshore flow. nothing terrible or concerns. you can see this play out into the evening hours. watch the fog creeping in. after midday and the hours on monday, starts to recede. we'll see building in on monday and tuesday. the high pressure system starts to play in. look at the marine layer. well off of the coast.
6:49 am
we will see by wednesday, a couple of clouds moving through as the high pressure system begins to weaken. until then, pretty much, it's sunny and above average, warm until mid-week. we have the cool, foggy start for most of us. by the afternoon hours, it should be dry and mile. that warm-up will begin to kick in on monday and tuesday into the middle of the week before things eventually start to cool off into the end of it. the high pressure system, and mostly, excuse me, our high temperatures for the day, 78 in fairfield; 69, oakland; 77, santa rosa and 61 degrees in pacifica. your seven-day forecast shows that warm-up kicking in tomorrow before the clouds start to return a little bit. and then things begin to cool off into the end of next week as that high pressure system finally begins to weaken. still no rain in sight. the potential for it and the weather service is saying it's a very, very small percentage. >> love the weather this time of the year. minus the fog.
6:50 am
it's nice, the cool fall temperatures. >> that is true. really nice outside. >> all right. iris chang park is open in north san jose. the arc claimed author is known for the 1997 book the reign of nan king, the forgotten holocaust of world war ii. getting it named after chang took work. the parents started a campaign gathering 200 signatures from the north san jose community where the family lived. >> we always seek in san jose to honor our community facilities to name the facilities after people who played an important role in the community or the world. it gives us a sense of identity and history and so, in the role that show played in the world as a best-selling author and humanitarian and civil rights, human rights activist is important for us to honor. >> city leaders opened the park yesterday in the 15th
6:51 am
anniversary of chang's death. 92 e. and a walk to end always homer's. kpix 5 joined hundreds of people for the common goal yesterday. the annual fund raiser is near and dear to our kpix team. our sports director dennis o'donell lost his father to alzheimer. my father offers from that same disease and at last check, this year's fund raising total was just over $1 million. >> a friendship forged in fire. coming up, how a garbage collector managed to save a camp fire survivor twice. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
6:52 am
hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride. mini golf. relax! relax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for basketball.
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pool. carnival. choose fun. . cleanup is to begin tuesday in the kincade fire zone in sonoma county. it happened in two faces. the first step, hazmat removal, done for free. the property owners and their insurance companies will have to take care of step 2, hiring private contractors to remove debris. the kinkade fire destroyed 374
6:54 am
buildings in all. 174 of those were homes. and when an elderly woman needed help evacuating the camp fire last year, her garbage man rose to the occasion. >> and now, a beautiful friendship blossomed from the issue ashes. i have the story one year later. >> me buddy. >> reporter: this was margaret newsome and her garbage man dane company -- dane cummings last year, days after the fire. >> from garbage man to good friend. >> he always comes in and kisses me on the head. >> reporter: dane helped evacuate the then 93-year-old from her home. >> they left her and put her on the seat and put the seatbelt on her made sure she was up there far enough not to fall out on either side. that was it and we were on the road. >> reporter: the journey didn't end there. once safely down the mountain, she needed a place to stay. >> right now, man. >> reporter: dane connected her with a friend and coworker living in bigs. >> they said you know about bigs and shows not much.
6:55 am
he said would you mind going there? he said no, you're going. he took her home. >> importantly, she was able to move back home. the recent pg&e power shutoffs presented their own challenges. >> i had no way of getting a hold of anybody. >> reporter: with no e like tricity to power her life- saving medical device, no heat and spoiled food, dane brought her firewood and checked on her constantly. >> he will call me and ask if there is anything i need from the store before he comes to pick the garbage up. >> reporter: a year later, their friendship is a year stronger. >> show is my buddy. i look forward to seeing people like that, you know, when you're in the truck all day. it's nice to see him. >> i think he's a wonderful man and said if i was younger and he was older, he would marry me. >> such a sweet story. >> yeah, and i think that is what happens a lot of times in crisis. people that may be didn't know each other before just kind of step up to help that person
6:56 am
that needs it. >> we need more of that in the world. we'll be right back after this. just because we're super hungry... ...doesn't mean you got to spend a lot! because denny's brought back the super slam™. with eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage and pancakes. all for just $6.99.
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the $6.99 super slam™ is back! see you at denny's! . many of us are waking up to the foggy conditions. that should clear around lunchtime hour and later, depending on where you are. then it's going to remain clear into the beginning of next week. the warm-up is going to kick in tomorrow as the high pressure system starts to settle in. and then by the middle of the week after that warm-up, that is when we will start to see things ease up and then begin to cool back down tomorrow. it's the three-day weekend for many of you. it mob a great day to hit the beach. sunny, clear, and beautiful. the warmest day of the week. >> a beautiful fall day. thank you so much for joining us. cbs sunday morning with jane pauly is next here on kpix 5.
6:58 am
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