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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 12, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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taking a live look outside of the u.s. supreme court where justices are taking a look at the case. how one daca recipient says that her life is in their hands. >> i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. it is 6:00. start feeling like fall but at least we don't have that arctic blast, mary? >> yes, that's for sure. we can be grateful for that in the bay area. we are looking at temps above average this time of the year so big difference compared to what's going on across the rest of the country. weather headlines, if you are heading out to door for work and school, foggy start along the coast and parts of the bay, clear skies inland this morning
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as you head through the afternoon, mostly sunny. cooling it down midweek. for today, as we head through our afternoon, san francisco, 71 in the afternoon. oakland, 73. 72347 san jose and 78 for concord. highs anywhere from 7 to 11 degrees above average. we are tracking the next weather system. details coming up. gianna, there is a traffic alert? we'll head to san jose. chp has been following this accident for about an hour and they just issued a track alert. overturned vehicle, flips over, rolled over and hit by several more vehicles. activities are going on there. northbound 85 at union avenue. balls of this, can you can see a pretty big backup.
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golden gate bridge, pretty limited view. northbound 101 in san rafael, just as you approach 580. overturned vehicle also in this crash, only one lane open. the left lane is open which means the four right lanes are completely shut. that's counter commute, so that is good news. >> a new lawsuit will be announced in connection with the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. the lawsuit on behalf of five surviving victims alleges neck gent security measures contributed to the deaths and injuries. the gunman killed three people that day and injured 17 others in the attack on july 28th. investigators say that he got inside the festival grounds by cutting through a fence to avoid metal detectors. the fbi investigation into the shooting is still ongoing and the lawsuit is expected to name
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the gilroy garlic festival association. let's go live to hong kong where the protests are continuing and they are been ramping up. the central business district is now closed. schools are closed. riot police are out. these protests have been going on for five months but the tensions are really, really strong right now. traffic officer overnight shot a protester in the torso. police fired multiple rounds of tear gas and arrested about a dozen people. now, in addition to the central business district, a lot of the protests center around the chinese university of hong kong. this is video from a few hours being. the university has been a real flash point. protesters throwing petrol bombs and dropping bricks from a foot bridge. a university spokesperson says that society has been pushed to the brink of a total breakdown. high tensionles on both sides. we'll continue to follow that. >> a live look now from
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washington, d.c., where the supreme court will hear arguments on president trump's attempt to stop the daca program. california attorney general xavier becerra is leading the fight to preserve the program. the high court will decide whether the president has the authority to end the program. >> my future will forever be shaped by the supreme court decision. >> how do i explain into words feelings like you have no control over your future? how do i convey to everyone the tremendous fear that comes from being undocumented? the feeling that you are screaming and no one is hearing your pain. >> president trump says that the supreme court does not even have the authority to decide on the case.
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a decision is expected by june of next year during the heart of the presidential election campaign. cleanup get underway in the kincade fire zone. katy nilsson is live in santa rosa in a two-part cleanup that could cost victims. >> the county is taking care of removing any hazardous waste. homeowners and their insurance companies will be responsible for cleaning up any remaining fire debris. the kincade fire started on october 24th and destroyed 374 structures, damaging another 60 and starting today, specialized contractors will be out inspecting those properties and removing any hazardous waste like pesticides, batteries, asbestos siding and any kind of
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paint. and homeowners will remove any fire debris. >> here at the administration building, the board of supervisors will meet at 8:30 for a reading of a half cent tax to pay for consolidated fire protection. the board of supervise source has to make a decision about that to get that on the march ballot. katy nielsen. google is accused of gathering health data on millionles of americans without their knowledge. a major health care company based in st. louis is sharing patient records with google including names, dates of birth, lab results, diagnosis and hospitalization records. the goal is to develop new
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software for patients. according to the record, at least 250 google employees had access to the data. president trump is pushing back as congress gets set for the first public hearings of its impeachment inquiry. house investigators released three more transcripts of closed door testimony yesterday. according to the deputy assistant secretary of defense, laura cooper, the pentagon did not know why the white house stopped sending military aid to ukraine saying that funds were held without explanation. immediate licks deputies began to raise concerns about how this could be done in a legal fashion, end quote. the money was sent to ukraine three weeks before the deadline. yesterday, president trump announced his intent to release the trans script of his first telephone conversation with the ukraine leader some time this
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week. cbs will air a special report on the impeachment hearings. looking at treasure island where some drivers could be exempt from a controversial toll. and a record cold arctic blast responsible for some deaths already. and dealing with bitterly cold arctic air for us. mild to warm temp as we go through the day but that ridge of high pressure in place for one more day. changes are coming. we have two separate traffic alerts to you know when you're at ross and your new fall look
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and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. happy tuesday to you. here is a live look with the san jose camera good morning, san jose, waking up to mostly
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clear skies, beautiful start to the day. we'll talk about the warmup as we head through the afternoon and when temperatures will be cooling down with more clouds in the extended forecast. >> thank you,. 6:11 right now as we take a live look from cleveland, ohio, where they are in the midst of a fall storm. the wintry weather has much of the u.s. getting ready for record cold. as though thanksgiving is more than two weeks away, about 70% of americans are getting a vicious arctic bless. more than 220 million americans are expected to shiver. some places will see more than a foot of snow and driving is a serious danger throughout the east. authorities are blaming icy conditions for at least tree deaths in michigan and another in kansas. >> you have to expect a little snow in november but this is a little early for me. >> i have been here 60 years, i never experienced winter coming so early. >> this week, more than 300 cold records could be shattered
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from the central plains to new england and are fast south as florida. happening today, the city of santa cruz may loosen up on magic mushroom. some city supervisors are telling police that enforcement on the psychedelics are not a priority. punishment will go down. this aims to empower the santa cruz community by restoring our ripe to nature. a call for action at san diego state. a 19-year-old died after a from a terms event last week. students say that he was memberring. the university has not released details on dylan hernandez's death. we have learned that he fell out of his bunk bed inside his dorm room, hitting his head, sending him to the hospital his roommate found him without a
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pulse. the jacksonville, florida, student had been drinking heavily during pledge. >> they need to ban alcohol. >> every year for the past two decades, one man has died connected to fraternity hazing. right now, health care workers on the picket lines. they say that situation is unbearable and it is affecting patient care. workers say they have to pay an extra $2100 per year with increase every year. the protests will keep going through 2:00 this afternoon. taking a live look at treasure island where residents could get a toll on roads before thousands storm that area looking for homes.
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treasure i'm land is building thousands of new homes to prepare for the flood of new residents in the the coming years. leaders are proposing a $3.50 trip on the toll. >> it has been a rough start to the drive. one accident in south bay and one in marin. 85 northbound right at union, overturned vehicle hit by overother vehicles. injuries reported in this crash. we are seeing crash through almaden highway. a busy condition there. you can use blossom hill as an alternate. get on to guadalupe parkway before you get over to where this trouble spot is. 280 is a good alternate. connecting over 101, we are getting first reports of a
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crash there. blocking lanes, traffic on that side of 237. over to marin county, right in san rafael, we have been monitoring this accident here. still only one lane open. this is northbound 101 right as you approach 580, francisco boulevard. looks like we'll see some delays there. counter commute direction that's the good news there. southbound 101 is where we are seeing the bulk of vehicles this morning. this has been out there for quite some time. try to avoid that area you can. golden gate bridge, foggy conditions. that drive from 137, southbound, taking about 30 minutes. drive times not doing too good here on 4, 77 minutes right now. a crash before port chicago highway blocking the lanes for quite some time. once you get over to hercules,
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connecting on to 80, brake lights on that westbound side. slightly better as you work your way through the upper deck. broken down vehicle on 80. blocking at least one lane and the metering lights are on at the toll plaza. busy ride this morning. >> good to know. as we head through the day, we are looking at mild to warm conditions with mostly sunny skies for most of us here. this is a live look from the sales force towercam. sun will to rise. we are tracking fog along the coast. 52 in san francisco. san jose coming in at 51. thick and dense fog for you along the coast at half moon bay along the coast as well as
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through the golden gate gaps. other locations waking up to clear skies, especially inland as we start the day. afternoon through the coast, at mid-60s. a cool day with the cloud likely hanging around a little bit longer for you. for the bay, mid- to low 70s with mild temps, mostly sunny. air quality forecast, moderate air quality for the entire bay area. the satellite and radar view, that ridge of high pressure in control stays in place one more day today. tracking the low pressure system already bringing rain to the pacific northwest. now for us, we are still going to be dry but we'll see marked clouds as well as cooler temps starting tomorrow. for today, here we are at 4:00
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p.m., mostly sunny skies, clouds along. tomorrow, clouds along parts of the bay and watch the clouds and fog rolling in wednesday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. on future cast. while we are looking at above average temps this afternoon, the rest of the country is dealing with bitter cold arctic air. likely record cold temperatures. most of the country dealing with cold temps. again, for us, above average by about five to ten degrees. big difference. sunrise at 6:46. sunset at 5:00 p.m. daytime highs for today, looking at 78 in concord. 77 in san jose, 73 in oakland and 71 for highs in san francisco. more clouds beginning tomorrow. thursday, cooler day of the week. now here is dennis with sports.
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>> there will be no undefeated season for the san francisco 49ers. i'll show you why and take you inside the locker room when we come back. this
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good morning, everybody, from levi stadium. what is it about seattle? coming into last night, see the won 10 of the previous 11 games against the ninessers and, turns out they were not done tormenting their rival from the south. george kittle, unable to play
6:24 am
with a leg injury. emanuel sanders also left with an injury. lots of drops, none worse than kendall thorn who deflected it for a seattle touchdown. russell wilson hit by the 49ers. fumble, touchdown. wilson in the red zone. it's picked off by green law to save the game. the 49ers had a chance to win it but the rookie kicker chase mclaughlin missed badly. we stay tied. mclaughlin was subbing for the injured robbie gold. a minute left for the seahawks. wilson avoids the rush, picks up 18 huge yards on third down putting seattle into field goal range. on comes the see the kicker, jason myers who banks it home.
6:25 am
27-24 win for the seahawks. 49ers drop their first game of the season and now the seahawks are just a half game out. >> guys are exhausted. >> we felt like we could have done a much better job. the defense played their fricking tails off. >> i could throw the ball better. we can catch it better. it's a little bit of everything. not one specific thing that sticks out. you know, it is a realty check for us. >> that is just a true amazing moment, wildest game, most amazing game i've been a part of. >> at the end of the day, you want to give yourself a chance to win the game. the 49ers try to get back on the winning track next sunday here against arizona.
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nba, stephen curry spoke with the media yesterday for the first time since breaking his hand. he plans to return to the court some time early in the spring. the warriors got draymond green back on the floor. but he was ejected in the fourth quarter. donovan mitch chill had 23 points and massive jam. jazz beat the warriors. warriors are an nba worst 2-9. the 49ers will not go uncompeted but, you know what, 8-1 ain't that bad. they are still leading the nfc west. it is 6:26. new details nearlying in a deadly shooting involving an offduty bay area police officer. why some residents are questioning whether he got special treatment. protesters in hong kong are not backing down as it takes a village to raise a child.
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a live look from washington where the supreme court will hear arguments in the daca case in just about half hour. the key issues that the justice also consider. and fire off the southern
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california coast. it is tuesday, november 12th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's head over to mary lee to talk about the forecast looking pretty behind you, mary. >> oh, my goodness. a beautiful start to the day. here is a live look with the cam looking at mount diablo. this is looking clear. temperatures as we head through the day will be on the rise, above age once again. right now, in the 40s and in the 50s. grab that jacket or coat as you head out the door. anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above average. measly sunny skies later on this -- mostly sunny skies later on this afternoon. con court, 78. 73 in oakland. 71 in san francisco. tracking our next weather system and that means cooler temps, i'll talk about that and more clouds as we go through
6:32 am
the week. let's check in with gianna and that traffic alert. >> we have been following the traffic alert for quite some time. can you see a lot of activities on scene. a lot of debris in the roadway as well. going to take some time for this to clear. only the left lane is open. it is in the non-commute direction. the commute direction, southbound 101 where we are seeing the bulk of the cars starting to get a little slow as you pass the scene of this crash. but you are doing okay as you make your way to the golden gate bridge. second traffic alert is in the south bay, northbound 85 right at union. two right rains completely shut
6:33 am
down for an accident. also a rollover accident. five cars involved in this crash. you are backed up well beyond almaden expressway. michele? >> a live look now from washington where the supreme court will hear arguments in the daca case in just about half hour. right now, some activists at the microphone. the fate of more than 400,000 young immigrants protected by the obama era program is in the balance. >> president has many reasons to end the daca program. it was started by a previous president who he does not agree with. it is his judgment that for national securities or other reasons, we should not have it. those are legitimate reaps.
6:34 am
in this case, essays he is getting rid of daca baits is illegal. it is not illegal. based on that wrong premise, the regulation will fall. >> california attorney general xavier becerra is leading the effort to defend daca. several rallies are planned in the bay area today to support the so-called dreamers. at 11:45 in san francisco, demonstrators will gather in privett plaza at usf. in san jose, students at 10 schools will walk out. the offduty richmond office horse shot and killed a father of six in vallejo has been identified. the mercury news report he is virgil thomas, a sergeant with who has been with the force for 27 years. he shot eric reasons in a parking lot. he was questions after the
6:35 am
shooting but not arrested. some community members are questioning whether he got unfair treatment. >> this officer who was offduty, in my mind, has no greater standing than a private citizen. >> what will this come to an end? when will people realize that our lives matter. a lawsuit in the dive boat fire off the santa barbara coast. the wife of a man who died in the fire is now suing the vessel's owner. this new lawsuit is a counter claim to the lawsuit filed by the boat truth aquatic seeking to avoid liability for the disaster. the cause of the fire is still unknown. this morning, police are
6:36 am
looking for a car stolen from a vet. only american made cars were allowed on the inside lot so he had to leave the car from the front gate. when he got back, his beloved car was missing along with a mustang and impala convertible. through all the years he attended, he never imagined this would happen. >> where is my car? you know, friends -- all my friends were like, where is your car? numb. i don't believe this. it's like a bad dream. >> reporter: there have been sightings? >> there have been sightings, yes, but we have no idea with it is, where it is going. >> pleasanton plays are still looking for the suspects and the organizers of the car show had posted a reward. developing in hong kong, this morning, massive street protests that show no signs of slowing. police fire tear gas into a
6:37 am
group of protesters black clad. demonstrations took on renewed intensity over the weekend when a protester died after falling from parking garage. once again in the last 24 hours after police shot a protester. >> yeah, michele, things have been ramping up. you can see protesters have set fire there in a standoff with police. this confrontation is centered as the chinese university of hong kong and police have surrounded the area. they are wearing riot gear and students are out there preparing for a fight right now. this is really getting intense. in fact, it's been described as the most intense fighting in the five months since the protests began after things really escalated over the past 24 hours. so we have been watching the police fire their tear gas. protesters set these fires and we're going to keep an eye on
6:38 am
it. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, former president jimmy carter is set to undergo surgery this morning. the procedure will relieve pressure on his brain due to a fall. he has had at least three falls in 2019. back in 2015, he has received a dire cancer diagnosis but has since said he is cancer free. we'll introduce you to a north bay couple who went from working from the fields to owning this winery. let's take a quick look
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welcome back. it is 6:41 as you head out the door. some good news to report on this traffic looking at 101
6:42 am
near 580. all lanes are now open. so a lot of activity as you approach. we were telling with an overturned vehicle and debris blocking lanes. now all lanes are open so traffic should be open now for northbound 101. things should be improving. if you take the richmond-san rafael bay from the marin bay, things shut be open. we have breaking news from the supreme court this morning that court is about to allow a lawsuit going forward pertaining to the new town shooting. the shootings at sandy hook elementary school. some survivors and relatives of the victims were trying to sue remington arms because that was the firearm used in the shooting. remington wanted the lawsuit thrown out but the supreme court just ruled that will not happen and allow those victims
6:43 am
and those relatives to pursue that claim. back to you. pg&e is reportedly offering a $13.5 billion settlement with victims. pg&e previously proposed $8.4 billion in again sayings but they boosted their offer a group of the utility's creditors agreed to pay the victims $5 billion more in exchange for more control of the company. fires ravaged the sales each year. most homeowners are at risk of losing their home insurance. residents are forced to turn to non-admitted companies, which means not registered in the state of california. al fleischmann's insurance went from 6000 to $16,000. >> reporter: you were saying this is predatory in.
6:44 am
>> i think it's very predatory. >> al is not alone. department of insurance says that 350,000 californians have lost coverage for those in the burn areas, nonrenewals hit 10%. it is a broken system now under fire. critics say that insurance companies should not be able to do business in california if it can't afford to help those in need. keep sending us your ideas. you can see all the original reports on the website as this morning, bay area company juul will cut jobs. >> the job cuts has been rumored for quite some time. this is after the e-cigarette
6:45 am
company stopped selling its mint. the company hopes to save $1 billion. it will slash marketing and government lobbying budgets. looking at better optimism coming from small business owners. the national federation of independent business optimism index for october jumped over the prior month with the on decks saying that small business openers continue to create jobs, raise wages and create more business opportunities crediting lower taxes and deregulation. one lament that continues is the inability to find qualified workers. stock market off to a pretty flat start. dow adding to that record. up another 17 points at the moment. nasdaq is beginning 17 points as well and the s&p is up by 6 points in the early going. michele and kenny, back to you. >> thank you, jason burks from cbs radio. a 14-year-old monterey county at lead is making
6:46 am
headlines. he is major league soccer player. emanuel ochoa of salinez will be a goalkeeper for the san jose earthquake. he is the second home town player to sign. he joins five other home grown players under 18 on the quake's roster. 14 years old. he is young but not small. he is 6'2" -- wow. and, yeah, the team says he has the confidence that they don't see very often in young people. >> for sure. >> i bet he dominated his high school soccer team, middle school,. >> he is 14. he is still in middle school my goodness. checking out the freeways right now, better news on this trouble spot in marin. updating you in a second.
6:47 am
northbound 85 right at union, lanes are blocked, two right lanes remain blocked because of an accident involving an overturned vehicle and four other vehicles. pretty serious crashes there. very busy ride as you head through there. you want to stick with surface streets. couple new accidents coming in as well. northbound 1301 at capital expressway. also northbound 101, just past that, getting word of a crash there. taking a look at traffic. you can see it's getting a little bit better. dealing with heavy fog this morning, starting to lift this morning. fog advisory could still be in effect? you could make up the golden gate bridge more than it was ten minutes ago. northbound 101. that crash cleared out of lane. that's good news but you can
6:48 am
see delays. traffic is on the mend there on 101. you can see sot brake lights. metering lights are on. backup into the maze with slow spots coming off the east shore free way. no crashes on 580 itself. showing you drive times here, westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 29 minutes, about an hour for drive time on 4 in antioch. look likes that golden gate bridge, mary, the fog is clearing. >> yes, looking at the north sales tower camera. you can see that clearing. grab that jacket or coat as you head out the door for work and
6:49 am
school. con court, 49. 54 in oakland right now. san jose at 51. chilly 42 in santa rosa. checking visibility as we start off it the day. that low cloud and fog action along the coast through the golden gate gap. many locations starting off with mainly clear skies. so, for san jose, as well as for concord, oakland, petaluma and napa, clear skies this morning. heading through the afternoon, highs will be above average for this time of the year. cop cord, 78. oak, 73. downtown san francisco, 71. san jose at 77. highs running anywhere from 7 to 11 degrees above average. all because of this strong ridge of high pressure which stays in place for one more day
6:50 am
today. we will be warming up. you can see the low pressure system bringing rain to us. we'll stay dry. more clouds, temps cooler starting tomorrow. taking you hour by hour on future cast, walking you through the next 48 hours, mainly sunny skies as we head through the afternoon. partly cloudy along the coast, tomorrow, low clouds and areas of fog along the coast for part of the bay but watch as the clouds move in for wednesday in the afternoon. this is at 4:00 p.m. and cooler for your wednesday. as we are experiencing above normal temperatures the rest of the country really dealing with bitterly cold arctic air. these are highs for the die. 20degrees for the high in minneapolis. cold air filtering to the south as well as to the east. many locations across the country dealing with record low
6:51 am
temps. for us here in the bay area, some of the warmest temps around the country. daytime highs, above 77. 72 in alameda. cooler, cloudier, beginning on wednesday. warming up by the end of the week. new this morning, a mexican american family from napa county is breaking barriers with their award-winning wine. >> cejas went from picking games to owning their winery. pedro and emil ya were just 12 years old when they moved to the u.s. they were helping their parents pick grapes.
6:52 am
in an industry dominated by white americans, she says she has experienced pushed back. >> we don't have blood in our veins. we have wine. that's the passion, dedication to building a family legacy. >> the family says that the cejas vineyard takes migrants. she has rallied in washington to protect migrant workers. >> i want to make sure that they are not hurt by pesticides. >> they produce 17,000 cases of wine per year. >> and they hope to raise that to 18,000. a new lawsuit is expected to be announce in connection
6:53 am
with the shooting rampage at the gilroy garlic festival. who is survivors say should be held responsible. a powerful winter storm smashes hundreds of records from texas to new england. and it's not over yet. we are tracking the system and the travel disruption. and a new report
6:54 am
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6:56 am
today, the cleanup effort begin in sonoma county with what's left of the kincade fire. it started october 24th and burned 374 structures. starting today, specialized
6:57 am
crews will be out in the area do cleanup hazardous waste including pesticides, batteries, asbestos, paint. that will be taken care of by the county. but then homeowners and their insurance companies will have to clean up what is left. happening this morning in sonoma county, here at the administration building at 8:30. the board of supervisors will have a hearing of the a half cent sales tax that would end up on the ballot that would provide 200 personnel and nine new fire stations as part of an effort to create a new fire protection district. supervisors have to make a decision on that by the beginning of december to make it on the ballot in march. 6:57. time for a look at the morning's top stories. the supreme court is about
6:58 am
to hear arguments in the daca case. several lower courts ruled that the president failed to adequately explain why he chose toned the program. california attorney general xavier becerra is leading the effort to defend daca. nearly 200,000 californians are enrolled in the program. there will be protests around the bay area today. the impeachment inquiry public hearings will start in less than 24 hours. the president plans to release transcript of his conversation with the ukrainian festival. five survivors of the gilroy garlic festival will file a lawsuit. they say that the organizers were negligent in their security. and the dream force convention kicking off next week, crews will close streets on friday the 22nd when the
6:59 am
convention ends. we are still monitoring the traffic alert in san jose, crashing involving one vehicle struck on its roof. two right lanes are blocked. traffic backed up to 101. drive times, 30 minutes going from benal. >> yuerbo, the golden gate bridge, the fog is lifting. >> here is a live look with the sales force tower camera, looking south. mostly sunny skies, a fantastic start to the day. as we head through the afternoon, mostly sunny. temperatures above average for this time of the year. 78 in concord for a high. 77 for in you san jose. 73 in oakland. 71 in san francisco. fremont at 73. we are looking at temperatures that are going to be above average this time of the year running about 5 to 10 degrees
7:00 am
above average. cooler, cloudier. but so grateful to be living here in the bay area, especially around the country, that arctic blast. >> no kidding. >> you are almost embarrassed by good morning to you our viewers in the west, and welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with anthony in more than a dozen states as an arctic front pushes east disrupting travel for many americans. breaking overnight, former president jimmy carter is taken to an atlanta hospital for brain surgery. it's the latest health crisis for the 95-year-old. google's secret project. the tech giant is reportedly collecting personal health


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