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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  November 13, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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vote to launch this investigation. >> commissioner randall. >> reporter: they say the real need is something in the way of a long-term solution. >> want to make sure that just because the lights are on now, we know there is a problem you have to work on a solution. >> reporter: in a statement, pg&e welcomes any feedback on how to improve safety or the power shut off process. the results of this investigation are due by the second week of january. in sausalito, wilson walker, kpix 5. a new bill is looking to crack down on pg&e bonuses. senator kamala harris introduced the legislation that would ban utilities and that are going through bankruptcy, like pg&e, from paying their executives bonuses. in june pg&e announced plans to give his top executives $11 million in bonuses but a bankruptcy judge with that money on hold. here's released a statement saying "my common sense bill will make sure executives of bankrupt utility companies won't be rewarded with big
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bonuses and free trips after the failures leave millions of people without essential services like power or water." multimillion dollar settlement over deadly wildfires near los angeles, southern california edison has agreed to repay cities and counties for damages and firefighting costs. the $369 settlement covers two major fires. the woolsey fire in 2018 and another fire in 2016, both were sparked by the utilities equipment and one caused a mudslide that killed 21 people. here's a look at our top stories at 5:30, nearly 2 weeks after five people were killed at a house party in orinda , families are demanding answers. two so far police have not released any information about possible suspects. our security analyst says investigators may be staying tightlipped because they don't want anybody to slip to the cracks and get away.
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san francisco giants introduce their new manager, gabe kapler who now replaces a bruce bochy. he signed a three-year contract with the giants just weeks after being fired from the philadelphia phillies. mike pence is a visiting monterey county, but soon it'll be wheels up for a visit to the bay area. we have someone live at moffett field where air force 2 is expected to land in under two hours. >> reporter: that is right, vice president mike pence expected to land here at 7 p.m. you can see a pretty eager crowd gathering for his day, will be in california for two days, his first stop this morning in southern california for a trump victory fundraiser. his second stop in monterey for another trump victory fundraiser. now, once here in the silicon valley hill stay here because he scheduled to tour a nasa facility and speak to 200 nasa employees about returning astronauts back to the moon by 2024 of course, all of this happening as impeachment hearings on president donald
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trump are happening right now. we do not know if are going to have the opportunity to speak to the vice president once he arrives here at moffett field. back to you. a new initiative to crackdown on illegal dumping in the east bay. now, officials wanted to stop commercial haulers and individuals from leaving construction debris, mattresses and other trash in residential neighborhoods. assemblywoman rebecca bauer of orinda has secured $750,000 in state funding. that will enable sheriff's deputy is to enforce dumping laws full-time, including using two deputies in alameda county and one in contra costa county. voters in mountain view will soon have a say on whether to give landlords the right to raise rents above the previous cap. last night, city council voted to approve a 2020 ballot measure that would make a number of changes to the city's rent control ordinance. one major change would raise the rent increase cap to a flat
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rate of 4%. tenants make up 60% of mountain view's population. coming up tonight, how well- prepared are shelters to deal with people experiencing homelessness and mental health issues at the same time. well, tonya swink and her son were waitlisted for 18 months before a shelter in fremont finally took them in. when her son had an outburst and they were back on the street that same day. tonya has not seen her son since. >> haven't been there to make sure he takes his medication. that's an issue, i don't want to get caught up in the mental health hospitals are jails. from wandering around homeless. their hands were tied, this tonight at 11. it takes a village to raise a child.
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to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive.
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deputy had left his vehicle geared up in the parking lot. >> reporter: el dorado county sheriff's a loaded patrol and other deputies in the area of highway 50. and, the chase was on. before spike strips about it to a stop and plaster ville. >> netted the negative a continues westbound. >> reporter: and the jacob wilson. >> the el dorado county sheriff's office tells it was left running outside what was stolen. is it against lee patrol cars running, equipment and the cars must be powered up at all times >> all these things that need to stay on in order to do our jobs. skin back to the sheriff's office says it's no patrol cars have features to prevent something from running.
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>> then made a shut off switch. if it goes to be put into drive, it ought to be shut down, our older vehicles are not equipped for this. >> that was ryan hill reporting the sheriff's office says that they are try to figure how the suspect got into the patrol car. staggering new numbers show how many people die, each year, in the u.s. by antibiotic and dramatic resistance infections. a new cdc report lists 18 specific germs as antibiotic resistant threats. it finds antibiotic resistance leads to more than 3 million infections and 48,000 deaths each year. overuse of antibiotics leads to drug resistance. the cdc says hospitals have made significant progress in preventing infections, but more work is needed. >> we need to improve infection control, sanitation, we need to improve the way we use
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antibiotics wherever they are used and we need new drugs. some doctors say patients should always ask whether there any alternatives to the antibiotics. and, how long they really need to be used. the remains of a veteran who served in the korean war are finally back home with his family. his casket draped with the american flag arrived at sfo this morning. army sergeant ability mendoza was killed in 1950 his remains cannot be recovered in the battle but falling president trump's summit or the north american leader, north korea turned over 55 boxes that contained remains of u.s. service members. mendoza sister was at the airport for the emotional homecoming. >> i feel good that my brother is okay, i will see him someday. >> we received letters from the military that he was missing in action. for the longest time. this is a bittersweet homecoming for her. >> mendoza will be laid to rest with his brothers in dixon.
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climate change activist greta has found a new ride back across the atlantic the 16-year- old from sweden as a board the 48 foot catamaran called le vagabond detailing back to europe, she is feeling first to madrid, spain where she is expected to attend the united nations climate conference being held there in early december. she is coming off a three month north american trip to promote climate awareness. i am ken bastida at the live news desk. police have announced they have made an arrest in connection with the vandalism of a joe stadium. they are not giving as much detail on who this person was, only that the statue, somebody tore the facemask off of it, don't know if it was a seahawks fan or not, but the statue showing the football legend jumping in the air mid play as a part of the catch art installation it is located inside a gate or inside the
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gate letter a plaza. according to them it was vandalized just after the mennonite loss to the seahawks. santa clara police and arrested a suspect on felony vandalism charges. the game, as we all know, and did 49ers unbeaten streak. at the live news desk i am ken bastida. thank you. social media abuzz after the giants announced gabe kapler as the new head coach. many people taking to twitter to voice their opinions. one users are saying sf giants i hope your decision is right. giants fans will be watching his action, don't disappoint. another person saying gabe kapler is the worst game manager i ever saw, he can't manage a kids game. >> not all the comments are bad what prison tweeting "it's ridiculous how people are already throwing in the towel, i'm excited about this next phase and ready to give him the opportunity to prove himself no giants." >> everybody gets a shot. >> everybody gets a shot it'll be a lot more helpful for him
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if he wins as we heard earlier. let's talk about how things look out there as far as the big drop in the temperatures today. that is the numbers i have got in the column on the left there. san francisco, the winner if you want to call it that, 12 degrees cooler today for the daytime high. you notice the theme here? if you were in the bay you got the big drop in temperatures. if you are inland, a cooldown, just in a cooldown as dramatically as it did we really felt that the onshore flow and the marine layer come in and the cooler air. those are the daytime highs we only got up to 57 in san francisco, bean ball 73 for the daytime high in concord. as we get into tomorrow, these numbers will come a lot closer and by that there's only going to be a couple of degrees difference from this weather pattern speaking up. speaking of which, look how this played out it takes us back to that:00 in the morning. look at the marine layer surging it from the golden
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gate, piling up on the east bay hills. we started out with a pretty simple pattern. once we got into the late morning and early afternoon we started to bring in the layer cake of clouds which just kind of made the whole thing a bit tougher to figure out but we still have the marine layer. we are just covering that all up with the higher clouds coming in from this next system that gives us a small chance of rain tomorrow morning. you can kind of make it out there but if you look at on the regular satellite, you don't necessarily see a whole lot of organization. you can see a counterclockwise is been, doesn't show up as clearly as it did yesterday but you can still pick it out. that is our chance for rain tomorrow. it's also the reason why the onshore flow turned on, why it was so cloudy today. why we are going to be so much cooler. but if we switch from the live satellite and put this into the futurecast and bring this onshore, there is our chance of rain that is tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. there are just a few light showers showing up off the coast. as we played at three by the time you get into the afternoon, that is done. don't count on much rain from this. but, it'll look kind of stormy, it'll certainly feel cooler because we are going to have to
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experience average temperatures for the middle of november. a few leftover clouds on friday but by friday late in the day we clear this out. the weekend will bring us right back to the sunny, and well above average. if you like that, there is more coming. as far as the slight chance of rain, there are the totals. it'll be helpful if you are near the coast and want to get any rain out of this. it doesn't have any big impact on the commute and we don't get a lot but, to be surprised. tomorrow morning you made notice a drop of rain and it could even happen as early as tonight if you're near the coast as the marine layer deepens. will probably bring a few light showers. let's talk about daytime highs as a result of all of this. we would not only get back to average but, we are going to really level the playing field. you were not going not going to see much difference from one part of the bay area to the other. it'll be 60 a morgan hill that'll be our warm spot. concord goes to 66, walnut creek is 65.
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we are going to go back over here, a lot of low to mid 60s, not a big change. as we work our way up north let a squeeze in mendocino and lake counties going into the mid 60s. that is thursday. let's take a look past that now in the seven day forecast. friday is kind of a rebound day. remember? few clouds left over on friday but we start warming backup, and by the weekend, it's like it never even happened. sunny and 80, right back into november that you have come to know and love so well. it is not done yet. we are still looking at temperatures well above average and it'll be a great weekend if you want to get outside for it, and then by the middle of next week into the upper 60s. no real significant chance for rain on that one. c with more on this later. see you with more on this later. a sneaky shelter cat cannot be contained he will start busting out his feline friends. wait until you try to hear how
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to put a stop to all the jailbreaks.
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a southbay tenet noticed that people telling her special- needs friends she can't more often than she can. she sprang into action. we are introduced this week to this week's was an award winner. >> reporter: help the student celebrate their differences and reach their full creative potential. she teaches a free our class after school each week at
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infuse, as it has a program that empowers special needs or narrow diverse students. >> they have misconceptions about their abilities for themselves because of what society puts upon them. they aren't sure of what their own talents are. >> reporter: the evergreen valley high school senior started her hand in hand art program last year after volunteering at infuse for two years. >> i really want to showcase their true potential and their true creativity through these are yes art lessons. >> reporter: her 12-year-old son ryan has gained friends and self-confidence thanks to our jefferson award winner. >> it feels like i can do it. that is huge. that is what a volunteer like she brings to the program. >> reporter: in addition to the our class, simrithaa also organized a prom for the students. >> i felt like a princess that day and my junior prom and i
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really want it all them to feel the same at a prom that they could attend. >> reporter: she helped more than 50 students to decorate and design their own all- inclusive dance last spring. it included a fashion show. but disciplines, like 19-year- old krishnan had never been to a prom before, and can't wait to plan next year's. >> simi is the one who brings her joy, and a smile to me. >> reporter: she is a kind and compassionate friend to all including according to the infuse cofounder. >> she treats everyone equally and treating everyone like they are their own special individual. >> they all have the capability. i want to make sure that they know that. >> reporter: for empowering the road a students with opportunities, confidence, and a sense of belonging this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to simrithaa karunakaran. >> simrithaa is an intern at the usf neuroscience center, she was to be a neurosurgeon or neurologist that they. some day. she is quite the go-getter.
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>> the problem with is a big brainchild as above spontaneously came up? >> yeah, she was showing them her prom picture and they were asking her about the prom and asking her about what the dance was like at her dress and everything else. she suddenly realized that oh my goodness, allow the students and never gone to the prom because, you know, it's uncomfortable, the stripping lights, the dim atmosphere, the loud music. all this things are things that would make a lot of the students uncomfortable. so now they have their own. and had a great time. you can nominate your local hero jefferson award online at underneath hero. new at 6, what one city has done. a vape related death in the bay area, is the most recent incident enough to get the vapors to give it up. heartbreaking cleanup for a family in sonoma county in a matter of hours.
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three generations of property completely gone.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ blow a kiss, into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss, into the sun ♪ all we need is somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪
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talk about your sweet vacation. and otello theme to pop up hotel opening here in the bay area. you could win a chance to stay the night. hotel nadella will open in the valley. guests will enjoy a variety of motel experiences including, well plenty of food with the chocolate hazelnut spread. guest rooms showcase the tele- themed items and decorations for a chance to stay at hotello that tell of you must submit a video detailing how the spread make sure morning special. was, this shelter cat has become the latest darling of the internet. workers at a houston animal shelter but him in solitary confinement. they say the door to the cat room kept opening rather mysteriously, letting more than a dozen cats out multiple times. after reviewing security footage they realized quilty
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was the mastermind, he would jump up, pull the handle down on the door so the workers put him in the lobby while they secured the room and clearly, he is not too happy doing time. as you can imagine people are clamoring to adopt that cat but it is too late, he has already been matched with a family. lock the doors. the lobby of the news at 5. kpix 5 news at 6 begins right now. with ken bastida and veronica de la cruz. now at 6, a bay area's woman depth death being linked to vaping, rushed to the hospital and only hours later, she was dead. >> within a matter of two hours. >> heartbreaking cleanup after the kincaid fire, one family losing three generations worth of memories. the san francisco giants welcome a new manager and, right away, tough questions about a past controversy. kpix 5 news at 6 begins now with what is believed to be the first to vaping related death
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in the bay area. that evening i veronica de la cruz. >> i am ken bastida. read health officials announcing a 45-year-old woman developed acute lung disease just six months after she took up a vaping. this is the fourth reported vaping related death in california since july. and 40 nationwide. len ramirez a reports that even people who have used the cigarettes are also sounding the alarm. >> reporter: that is right, this is a growing problem in the bay area and, despite mounting evidence now about the dangers of vaping and the fact that it can be sometimes fatal. people are continuing to do it. vaping is a common and popular thing to do, it's now also deadly according to marin county's public health officer. scared to leave a better sense of what is causing this it is not safe. >> reporter: dr. matt willis is talking about the death last friday of an otherwise healthy marin county woman who took up
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a vaping six months ago. she came to the hospital with a cough, fever, and shortness of breath. she eventually stopped breathing on her own. >> eventually, over a period of hours her condition worsened and she eventually passed, this is clearly the case of vaping associated illness. >> reporter: results from an autopsy are pending. >> nowadays you cannot trust her because of black market, you don't know what they are putting in there. >> reporter: joseph, a tobacco smoker his wish to vaping says there's two potential problems. people are smoking concocted liquids that they get off the streets and dangers for mass- market vaping products. he developed a lung tumor not long after he switched to vaping. >> i haven't died yet, thank god. i hope i don't, but, at least i know that vaping did some damage and it is permanent. >> i wore a long sleeve shirt and a vaped a couple times. >> reporter: charlie lockwood got hooked on vaping from his friends but has now become an outspoken advocate against it.


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