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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  November 16, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the cbs bay area
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studios. this is kpix five news. a crash that sent an officer to the hop. what investigators are saying about that officers injuries. a look at the bridge where a celebration is scheduled today. police are sounding the arm about a scam. we will hear from a victim: it is just about 6:00 a.m. on saturday. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm emily turner. we begin with draking news in san francisco. video from the app showing a fire this morning. the is happening around 18th and castro street. no word on exactly which build asking involved but that area is parked with bars and restaurants. so far no injuries. a stretch of 680 in san jose is open.
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a driver was treated at the scene. here's eyelike live look at the synura testify bridge wherely bonn cutting event is set for this evening that will allow bicyclist and loren counties. we are having issues along the coast. zero visibility which is better
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than it was. oakland not great. 3 tenths of a mile. all the way up to the delta, three tenths of a mile in napa. it is a very foggy cloudy start for most of us. this is a live look of fse but you can only see a few lights. that the likely going to be causing flight delays. currently 49 degrees in concord. a little warmer in san jose. those temperatures are going to climb and we will top out above average. foggy along the coast as around the bay. then in those inland areas we might have low clouds here on there. pretty mild temperature this is morning. sun rising at 6:50 this morning. for most of us though we will end up like we said above averaging for your highs. getting close to but not quite in the 80s. 85 degrees in santa rosa.
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san jose not quite that warm, 71. around the bay mix of 60s and 70s. coolest along the coast in the low to mid 60s there. the warming trend will continue into the weekend before we do have change as head necks week. ly get to that in just a bit. president trump is being accused of trying to intimidate a witness while testifying in the impeachment inquiry. >> i don't think so at all. i tell you about what tampering is. it is when a guy like shifty shift doesn't let us have lawyers. >> the former ukraine ambassador said she was given no reason for her sudden dismissal after 33 years of service. during her testimony the president tweeted everywhere yovanovitch went oned bad.
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>> well, i mean i don't think i have such powers ! house speaker nancy pelosi is weighing in on what democrats call witness intimidation. >> thement and some have to know that the words of the preponderate weigh a ton and are very significant and he should not throw out insults but that is what he does. i think part of it is his own inky curety as an imposter. i think he knows full well that he's in that office way over his head. >> you can mare more from pelosi on face the sakes. gamble police are warning people to be on the lookout for home rental scams. some victims have been cheated out of thousands of dollars. katie shows us what happened when one woman tried to move
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in. >> reporter: according to the latest victim, the suspect lived here at this apartment off union avenue in campbell. it appears that someone was still living there although no one answered the door. >> this was the first time i rented an apartment. >> reporter: she thought it was a great deal listed for rent on craigs list for only $1,500 a month. >> he showed us the apartment. it needed work which is i believe part of why we were more trusting about it. >> reporter: according to campbell police, robert milo had no intents of renting it. >> these renters were getting excited about it. giving him cash and cash yers check and signing rental agreements that were not real. >> reporter: alexis said she gave him $4,000 in cash for a security deposit and the first month's rent. when it was time to move in,
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milo backed out and wrote her a personal check to refund her. >> when i went to city bank to try to deposit it they confirmed i could not withdraw from the account. i was like walking around with a knife in my chest. it was difficult. >> reporter: police say that the same scam paid out with at least five other victims and possibly more. the best way to protect yourself. >> if it is looking too good to be true, it probably is. >> the suspect was actually arrested twice for that same crime just in a matter of weeks. he was released both times. campbell pd said because of jail overcrowding. the san did a clara sheriff's department said that the suspect did not have a violent history and white claar crimes are released while waiting on trial. collin kaepernick will show
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off his skills today. the former 49ers quarterback will take part in a workout near atlanta. recruits will be there to watch the 32 year old. his run ended after the 2016 season. he claim had the league and teams colewded toecap him from playing after he started kneeling during the national anthem. a scary night at a football game. >> we saw everybody from the crowd running and the football
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team -- the coach told us to get down and we wanted to get in the school. we ran up here, ran through the fence and went through here. >> the gun fiere you wanted on the home team side of the bleachers. they found the weapon but not the shooter. a 16 year old shooter that killed 13 in a high school died. thatting that yet bub how -- nathaniel berhow turned the gun on himself and he has died. >> reporter: you see them navigating through the sorrow. one is dave. >> this has been very traumatic situation for the community and for my neighborhood in particular. >> reporter: that's because he lived right across the street from dominic blackwell. one of two victims killed during the saugus high school
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shooting. the blackwell moved into the neighborhood about a year ago. >> they are an incredible family. very loving. >> reporter: this radiant smile for gracey who was also killed. >> she loved to shop. that was her favorite thing and making out fits and taking pictures and doing that stuff. she was so funny. >> reporter: the la county sheriff's department announce had the suspect died one day after turning the gun on himself. >> we know it was a planned attack and deliberate. he knew how many rounds he had. >> reporter: outside saugus high school this was created we love you tribute from drawings from her art students. >> we just went together. it was heart wrenching. we are here to do what we can do to show support. >> black well was remembered by his fellow rotc members with values that say exemplify his
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young neighbor. >> very incredible respectful young man. full of life. positive and happy. >> meanwhile investigators are trying to determine how the shooter got his hands on an unregistered firearm. the time is 6:11. california could be heading into another drought. a look at a dribbling study. as we head into the holiday travel season one bay area airport ranked above the rest. we will explain why. the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock.
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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. the demolition continues at what was once one of the bay areas premier shopping centers but now the city is saying it will provide more oversight on the tearing down of the mall. that is in response of the video here. a representative for the developer said those chunks of wall did fall into a zone designed for that purpose. they are making way for a complex of apartmentings, retail and office space and currently at the heart of the legal battle. new numbers show
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california's unemployment rate rate dropped the a record low last month syncing to 3.9%. here in the bay area almost 6,000 jobs were added last month. nearly 3,000 of them in the east bay. high hiring in the manufacturing industry has gone up. >> the constant refrain that manufacture is dead in california, as of this morning we have 1.3 million manufacturing jobs. we added another 4,000 over the past month. so manufacturing continues to be strong, construction strong. that is really the great growth of the california economy. >> across california more than 23,000 nonfarm payroll jobs were added last month. a new report suggests that california is headed into yet another drought. >> very little rain has fallen since october 1st. the federal drought monitor map shows 81% of the state is abnormally dry.
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wilson walker explain what it will mean if we stay dry this winter. >> for the first time in a couple years the state is moving back into drought as we measure shortage of rainfall and soil moisture. >> reporter: there is of course no telling what the remainder of the fall and winter will bring us but he said that the early returns are less than encouraging. remember we are now just a few years removed from the exceptional drought of 2012- 2016. >> it is just crazy. >> reporter: remember it did not feel apocalyptic for the first few year. >> the state has infrastructure built to handle drought. people don't really start to see the effects either in their pocketbooks or in the fields of california for a year or two. >> reporter: our reservoir is full right now to manage a dry year or more. there are some drought challenges we do not have a did
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you ever for. >> during the severe drought that ended in 2016, hundreds of millions of trees died in the sierra and in our forests that now are part of the problem with wild fires that we are seeing. >> reporter: another goes to droughts, ground water that has not recharged in three years. so the question is time and whether this winter or the next or one after that fit any kind of pattern that can be called normal. >> the longer term question is what are the trends for california given now that we are fundamentally changing the climate. are we going to see more droughts moreoff or more rainfall and flooding more often? >> that was wilson walker reporting. let's go ahead and get a check of our local weather in the weather center with emily. >> when it comes to rainfall, i don't want anyone to panic because it is early in the water year. that start it is beginning of
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october. as for november itself this is the 8th driest november we have seen year to date. as for how much rain we have seen, depending on where you are, it is about an inch so far in november which is significantly low. but remember last year we started well below averaging as far as our rain totals were concerned. then we ended last year well above average. so just because we are relatively dry or rather dry at this point doesn't mean that is how it is going to be f. at this point as far as humidity is concerned, you can't see it. the fog out there, dealing with visibility issues. we will not see that happen tomorrow though. current temperatures, 46 in livermore, 46 degrees in santa rosa. a little warmer there at 57 degrees. satellite and radar, the fog will clear out and be nice and sunny for most of us. that's to the high pressure system. that is going to start to build
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in over the next 24 hours making tomorrow not only clear but also warmer than today and well warmer than average, anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees. also sending what potentially could be rain for us up and over. eventually it will start to reseed and we will see the possibly for rain next week. take a look at the low cloud tracker. the vizzable coming in, the golden gate all the way to the delta due to low clouds and fog, that will start to recede by the afternoon hours. off the coast maybe a little clouds alodge the beaches. then overnight it returns. waking up tomorrow, not quite so cloudy or foggy. then by the afternoon hours, you are nice and clear again and that will continue with that warmup before then at about tuesday or so when we will begin to see the changes. waking up to the low clouds and dense fog. above averaging temperatures today. tomorrow is the warmest day.
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in the 80s in some spots and cool down on tuesday with the possibility and i say possibility with an asterisks there, the possibility of showers returning on tuesday before we then dry out again. your high temperatures for today. not quite in the 80s but still getting up there. 75 degrees in santa rosa. cooler closer to the water, 69 degrees in oakland, san francisco 65. along the coast you are at 60 degrees for those of you that enjoy football a great day for it. a warm 73 degrees. then sunny for those of you who are readed out for the 49ers. quickly let's just move on to the seven-day forecast where you can see that warmup really kicking in tomorrow before things cool off. the clouds return on tuesday and then we remain cool but dry and sunny toward it is end of the weekend. devin. >> happening to day a community meeting for people affected by
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the kincade fire. people with destroyed properties are invited to attend the meeting which include an insurance workshop. you can get assistance and support to help recover and rebuild. set to begin at 10:00 this morning at the alexander community hall. today east bay nurses and community leaders will hold a public forrum to discuss the effort to stop the planned closure of bates hospital. in 2016 it announced they would shut down the facility by 2030. they have the only 24 hour emergency center in berkeley and the only birthing center. the holiday travel rush is almost here and it looks like travelers one day area airport will get a better deal than the rest. a live look toward san jose international. according to the points travel guy website, sjc is the fourth most affordable airport in the country. hailed for ticket prices and
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lower uber fares and two priority lounges. oakland is fifth behind. not the says at sfo which is ranked the most expensive airport in the country. good morning everybody, i'm here to deliver. will be warriors in a nine game win streak by the celtics last night. how did that work out? there are those who will say that you're: too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft.
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too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive.
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good morning, your warriors were up against a red hot texas asphalt team in the boston somethings last night. they came in with a nine game win streak. mismatch? we will show you what happened. russell left the game with a sprained left thumb.
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it didn't matter. they were balling right in the celtics face. four players in double figures. willie, tip in for the dubs. up by 5. momentum shift here. give me that and let me do this. celtics took the load by one. 20 seconds left. suddenly hot, right time for boston, worst time for the warriors: boston by 5, 105- 100. everyone was there but the dub it is dropped. boston ten in a row. we got the top five. number five, bumped by the ref and red, red wine, all over the floor it is a shame. number four, it was a time when my buddy could do this at the schoolyard.
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little dip skidoo, going glass, grizzlies beat the jazz. number three, lebron in his face. oh, man. la beat sacramento. number two, by yu need a prayer, hawes for the win. the friendly bounce. number one, the hero. at the horn. charlotte beat detroit. that, my friends, is a top five to get your saturday morning going. all right. the rest of the day dominated by high school play you haves. you pick the sport, it is all over the map for the bay area. college football, big game on cbs around noontime today. i'll come on the back end with inside the five football show for you. speaking of football, collin kaepernick later on this morning working out for 24 nfl
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teams after a three year wait. how will that unfold? check with me later on today. the bay area has now seen its first death from a lung illness from vaping. how growing concerns of e- cigarettes are affecting this. we will be back in a moment.
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welcome back. it is 6:30. i'm emily turner. an update on the breaking news in san francisco. crews are in the final stages of battling a four alarm fire near market street. this video from the app, the fire department said that the blaze appears to have started in the become after the building and spread to one neighboring building. two others are being examined for possible fire damage. two people. treated for smoke inhalation. it is soup by out there as far as the fog is concerned. that is a temporary situation. that should be gone by lunchtime. in the meantime facing visibility issues right now.
6:31 am
taking a look, three tenths of a mile. it is getting better. same thing at sfo, three tenths of a mile there. potentially weather delays as a result of the fog. have you zero visibility right there coming through the gap. even three tenths in napa through to the delta. this should be burning off toward the afternoon hours. live look to the golden gait bridge where you can't really see it. give yourself extra time if you are crossing any bridges this morning because visibility will be an issue. 43 degrees in santa rosa. still in the 40s in concord and 49 in livermore. those temperatures are going to climb and be climbing big time especially tomorrow. as for your breakfast forecast, waking up with fog along if coast. loads and bay along the bay. fog in the morning and towards the afternoon clearing up. those inland areas depending on where you are, low lying areas
6:32 am
you will have low clouds and we will start to clear by the afternoon hours as well. pretty much the upper 40s to low 50s. the sun comes up at 6:50. highs for today, warmer than average but not as warm as tomorrow: close to the 80s but not quite there. the inland areas. cooler near the water. 62 along the coast. low to mid 70s in both the north bay and south bay. devin. new details on a crash that sent a san jose police officer to the hospital last night. it happened just before 10:00 near the exit. all lanes are back open this morning. investigators are saying what the officers injuries are not considered life-threatening. investigators are releasing chilling details and motive in the halloween house party shooting that killed five party. here's a look at the five
6:33 am
suspects in custody. authorities are still locking for others who may have been involved. here's kpix investigator enamor. >> reporter: although arrested are made, there's a lot of work do in this case to match dna evidence and figure out who shot here. 2014s say that two of the five victims were armed with guns. the sheriff shares with us the details of the horrific scene. >> it was complete chaos inside this rental on halloween night. >> in my 32 years of law officer, i have never seen a homicide scene like this ever. it was a blood bath inside the home. >> reporter: the sheriff describes it as littered when bulleted cases. he adds what the suspects have gang times but bad blood between rival gangs may not be the only motive. >> we are told by certain witnesses there was also an
6:34 am
attempt to steal property from one person to another. >> reporter: in the last 24 hours investigators served five search warrants. here in antioch they captured video of him leaping out of a window trying to elude. he was arrested for murder and conspiracy along with three others. lebron wallace. the two youngest suspects played basketball and graduated from high school in 2017. authorities say a fifth suspect, devin vin williamson the promoter was also taken in on conspiracy and carrying a concealed weapon. >> the blame rests specifically on the individuals that carried guns into that party, pulled the trigger and murdered someone. >> reporter: many are glad to hear what the arrests are made in the case but point out this shooting like many others in the news is reminutedder of the gun violence that exists in our society. >> you can't stop things like
6:35 am
that, it is people with guns. >> no place is going to escape some sort of violence. >> reporter: authorities say a man was posing as a security guard at the front door but the suspects snuck past him as the guard was drinking hennessey. a bay area real estate is waking up free today. she was acquitted after a high profile trial in an alleged love triangle murder case. tiffany lee's case posted one of the most expensive bails in the united states at 35 million- dollars. she was founding in of plotting to kill her exboyfriend who was also the father of her children. the jury deadlocked on the. which as against lee's alleged acomplies and current boyfriend. the mother of the victim was stunned by the verdict.
6:36 am
>> she or castrated all of this. i know her for six years. she was evil. >> the district attorney said his team will decide in just a few weeks whether or not they will retry. we are awaiting word on the condition of a girl that was hit. she was running into the street after her skateboard last night. police say what the driver of the truck is cooperating. the sheriff's office department said they busted an operation involving honey oil. it is a form of cannabis extract. there they found 5400-pounds of cannabis along with honey oil. they say an ice cream truck was filled with frozen cannabis material. also in the warehouse hundreds
6:37 am
of bootleg vape pens leading to another big discovery. >> there were oils containing vitamin e which has directly been linked to those vaping illnesses and deaths that we are seeing across the country. so far only one suspect has been named. >> deputies evacuated while dispanelling the lab as a safety precaution. meanwhile some shops that sell vaping products are reporting a drop in sales. betty reports from san francisco, it appears that vaping related illnesses are having a chilling effect. >> one of the top brands on the market. >> this actually has cannabis. >> reporter: these were top selling products. >> you get lucky. so you know, one a week, you know if that. when we used to sell 10, 20 a day. it is a big drop. >> reporter: manager said
6:38 am
business has went to 50 percent sense a ban on e-cigarettes and the sharp and sudden rise in lung disease that killed at least 42 premonition wide including four in california. the majority of the illens have been linked to black market cannabis vape cartridges but legal vape shops are feeling the eat. down the street at the oldest smoke shop in san francisco pipe dreams said it's vape sells which accounted for 20 percent of the business have gone down to nearly nothing. >> almost every person that comes in, especially for awe identify days was bringing that up at some point. like what about these carts for the last six months, i am worried. >> reporter: the owner said vape users are turning to glass pipes. >> being a customer i want to make sure that everything i purchase for ingestion is safe. >> reporter: this customer and owner who didn't want to show
6:39 am
his face on camera said he smoked cannabis vape pens every day for the last six years. he has not change his habit since the up tick in vaping related illnesses. >> only certain companies, not every oil company is bad. you know, it what z to do with what -- how you make them. >> reporter: in san francisco betty ewe. apple is making changes in the rise to vaping related illnesses. the tech giant removed 181 vaping apps from the store. in june apple banned the promotion of vaping products. customers who have downloaded it can keep using it. twiller is providing more details on the banover political adds. the ban will include references to political candidates and legislation. twitter also rejected and advocate for an outcome on political causes.
6:40 am
they are facing growing pressure to stop accepting adds that spread false information. time now is 6:39. drivers on one bay area highway can skip the traffic. details on the just opened extres lanes. helping special needs students reach their full creative potential. how a south bay team is open enpowerring others in her community.
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6:42 am
update for you on the breaking news in san francisco. crews are now in the final stages of battling a four alarm
6:43 am
building fire on castro street near market street. this video is from the citizen app. the fire department said that the blaze appears to have started at the back of the building and spread to at least one neighboring building. >> we don't have a number on displacements yet. but it is as you can see it is residential up above and commercial on the ground. so we are still working on the cause and origin. >> two other buildings are being examined for possible fire damag. two people were treated for smoke inhalation. teams arrested two dozen
6:44 am
at 10:00 a.m. police departments are all taking part. in los angeles county the 16 year old student accused of shooting five other students at a high school in santa county of los angeles rita has died. investigators are trying to fig your out how he got access to an unregistered firearm. two victims died. >> reporter: tomasive fund raisers and one common goal. a playoff game featuring wilson and hometown west ranch high have a lot more on the line
6:45 am
than just football. >> here the wildcats taking the field with rival saugus high schools flag and the initials shs. >> we are in the same school districts so if it hits one school it hits all schools. >> reporter: everyone asked to dress in blew. a halftime vigil balloon release and the majority of the proceeds going to the family offense the victims. that's the least we can do. a packed pizza. a fund raiser that was originally meant for just the saugus team changed course friday. people. >> people are wonderful here. i did not expect this. i had a woman come in this morning at opening and order food and hand me a check for a thousand dollars made out to
6:46 am
saugus. >> reporter: the one word i repeatedly heard friday night was it was overwhelm energy we are overwhelmed. >> reporter: what i also heard was, that's just saugus. >> i grew up in knew hall, saugus was my rival. i went to park high but tonight we are all united. >> that report from jake riner. at the football game they had buckets for people that wanted to make donations and at one pizza place they donated 20% of the easternings. in silicon valley, drivers can skip the traffic but for a price. car pool lanes, express toll lanes along a stretch of the highway. it is to matilda in von any dale. they can use them but electric vehicles get a 50 percent discount. everyone else will have to pay. >> i mean i am in a rush and have to pick up my kid by 6:00
6:47 am
p.m. that's fine i will pay 6- dollars. >> we are putting so much in tags on my vehicle and gas tags and now get us with this driving lane too. >> the vta say it shaves 7 to 20 minutes off a commute. but make sure you have a fast track monitor. let's get a check of local weather. citing very foggy. >> it is very foggy at the golden gate. you can't see the bridge thanks to the fog and low clouds that will be burning off by about midday. in the meantime it is keeping your temperatures pretty mild. 50 degrees in concord, 56 in oakland. san francisco a limb warmer at 54 degrees. still in the 40s however in both santa rosa. 43 in livermore. the temperatures are going to climb and be above average by the afternoon hours but not sneerly as warm as we will see
6:48 am
tomorrow. that is thanks to the high pressure system. this is going to start to build in over the next 24 hours. that's going to keep us really warm exam have i little offshore flow that will keep us nice and clear. our temperatures are going to be well above average, ten to fifteen degrees by tomorrow afternoon. eventually this will tart to restrict and we will be able to see all this, the moisture here that goes up and over us, we will then see that sync down into the area by the beginning of necks week when we will see the changes. to looking at our low cloud tracker, as for now, you can see we are sopped in. through the delta around the bay and along the coastline we are having visibility issues that will start to retract in. it will move back in a little bit overnight but we will be waking up tomorrow with a clear
6:49 am
pictureth noth as foggy as this morning. that will back off sunday and we will see nice, clear weather even pretty much for most of the beaches tomorrow. so three things to remember, waking to up the low clouds in the dense fog burning off by the afternoon hours. above average temperatures, but even warm were tomorrow before we have a cool down and then possible showers on tuesday as the high pressure system starts to back off. we do see some moisture kind of sync down into the area. our high temperatures for today, not quite in the 80s but mid to upper 70s. a mix of 60s and 70s around the bay. cooler along the coast. in the 60s there. you are in the mid 70s in san jose as well. the north bay, your seven-day forecast shows tomorrow as the warmest day before we do have that cooloff and weather change on tuesday before thinks remain cool but sunny toward the end of the week.
6:50 am
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a teenager noticed that her friends said they call not do something more than could. >> she sprang into action. she is the jefferson award winner. >> reporter: she teaches a free art class afterschool each week at infuze a program that empowers special needs or neuro diverse student. >> they have misconceptions about their abilities for themselves because of what society puts upon them. they are not sure of their talents. >> reporter: this senior started her hand in hand art program last year after volunteering for two years. >> i really want to show kids
6:52 am
their true potential and true creativity through the art lessons. >> reporter: her 12 year old son gained friends and self- confidence nfl woman said. >> he feels that i can do it. that's huge. that's is the program. >> reporter: in addition to the art class she organize aid prom for the students. >> i felt like a princess that day at my junior prom and i wanted them to feel the same at a prom that they could attend. >> reporter: she helped more than 50 students decorate and design their all inclusive dance last spring. it included a fashion show. participants like this guy had never been to a prom before and can't wait to plan next years. >> she brings joy and a smile to me. >> reporter: she is a kind and compassionate friend to all according to the founder.
6:53 am
>> she is treating everyone equally and treating everyone like they are their own special individual. >> they all have the capable. i want to make sure they know that. >> reporter: so for 'em pouring students with confidence and a sense of belonging, this week jefferson award goes to this young lady. >> she is an intern at ucsf neuro science center. she wants to be a neuro his honorren one day. >> she plans to bring the program to an orphanage to her hometown in india. you can nominate at low. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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time for a look at the morn's top stories. >> crews in the last stage of batting a four alarm fire in san francisco. new video just in to our newsroom. it began early this morning on castro street near market street. the fire department said what the blaze appears to have started at the back of the building and spread to at least one neighboring building. two other buildings are being examined for possible fire damage as well. two people were treated for smoke inhalation. a stretch of highway is back open after a crashth it happened about 9:45 near
6:56 am
mclaughlin interchange. the officer suffered injuries not considered lightning. a community meeting set for awe few hours of now for those affected by the kincade fire in sonoma county. you are invited to include the meeting at 10:00 this morning in guiser ville at alexander val lou community hall. a ribbon cutting planned this morning for a pike and pedestrian path across the richmond bridge. it will allow people to walk or pedal between the counties for the first time. collin kaepernick will hold a workout by himself to audition for a spot in the nfl. he has not played since the 2016 season. representatives from 11 teams including the niner also be there to watch today's work out. here in the bay area as far as weather, you are waking up with dense fog and low clouds in most spots that should burn off
6:57 am
by midday. temperatures above average, not quite in the 80s in tin land. the 60s along the coast. tomorrow will be the warmest, colorrest day of the weekend. beautiful but well above average. we will then cool off and do have some changes ahead on tuesday with the possibility of some sprinkles. i was looking at that map and trying to see. you said a small chance of rain maybe tuesday. is that right. >> possibly on tuesday. that's the big question. okay. >> and we heard earlier we really need this rain. i know that it is early but right now pretty dry and brought like conditions -- drought like conditions. >> this is the 8th driest november on record. however that being said, last year for the rain season or the rain year rather we were below average for the vast majority. we didn't pop up well above average inflict about february last year. so while we are starting out dry, this doesn't mean
6:58 am
necessarily doom and gloom as far as the overall big picture. we just need the rain to kick in at some point soon. >> got you. that's fantastic. it is time for us to call it a morning. thank you so much for watching kpix 5 news. we will be back in the morning. enjoy your saturday. it takes a village to raise a child. to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand
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narrator: today on "lucky dog", this sweet working dog was surrendered by his owners for being too nice on the job. now atticus could provide a welcome boost of independence for a visually impaired teen... kristina: i have a problem with depth perception and seeing. narrator: ...but only if he can master the skills for a whole new career. brandon: so the big question in my mind is can i train atticus to do what kristina needs, and furthermore, can kristina be trained to handle a dog like atticus? let's try it again.


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