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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  November 17, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> our high temperatures should be warmer than yesterday. force just a little bit closer to the live from the cbs bay area water but not a huge studios, this is kpix 5 news. temperature spread. only 65 inpa serve ca. now at 6:00, a strategy on 76 it will be fairfield. a moderate situation going on here. that is going to change into the tracks. a young boy killed. tomorrow as we continue to warm back up. in the meantime 72 san rafael trying to piece together how it happened. >> plus tear gas and bows and aarons. violent clashes at a university and mounds view. a >> and as temperatures drop, more shelters are opening. campus. thick fog making way for heat in november warm upright a shelter at the st. mary's center in west oakland plans to around the corner. open tomorrow. it is a facility that caters to >> are they ready for collin kaepernick to make a comeback? homeless senior citizens. what made him move from a league facility to a much less graham russ location? the shell there on brocker viet will be open for people age 55 >> it is sunday, november 17th, and older, daily through april from 4:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. he was shot with an arrow 2019.
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>> thanks for joining us. >> a young boy was lit by a during protests. train yesterday near lafayette it happened at the campus. hundreds of protesters, some with bricks and make-shift treat. the tragedy disrupted service and police have not revealed barricades have head off the age of the victim but police. authorities responded with tear described him as a very young gas and watercanyons. minor. investigators are still trying protestors have begun using to figure out why the boy got bows and arrows against the on the tracks. it was not a suicide and police. the pro democracy movement has clearly an accident. >> what a difference a day can been going on for months now. make. here is a live look at the airport where delays were worse than usual because of yesterday's fog. now the airport blamed the fog for more than 250 delayed the pros tests demanded to full flights but the skies are much democracy and into police clearer today. a live look. with the fog burning off it is expected to be a lot more toasty in some areas of the bay brutality. six months ago, we here lost a co-worker to gun area. emily, in the weather center, violence. he got caught is a stray of how warm will it get today? >> close to the 80s and it is gunfire under side his richmond going to be warm in many spots, but i can tell you that is home. anne makovec caught up with his family as they still look for going to be much warmer than normal. that is going to be an above answers. >> reporter: lee was grabbing a
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newspaper when lee was hit by a stray bullet and killed. average situation. remember this time yesterday, we were waking up with some tonight his family members say six months have passed but it visibility issues. hasn't bother ten any easier. that was a problem because there was a dense fog advisory >> the serving we are going in ct d the meantime our visibility this morning is through, it is hard. not so bad. take a look at our visibility >> reporter: time hasn't be gun to heal a wound left by the map right here. loss of her father, only 56 years old when a bullet from blocks away struck and killed down to just about an eighth of a mile at half moon bay. him. >> you wish it was a nightmare yesterday it was zero. to wake up from and be able to further north some issues in wake up and be able to see him santa rosa, eight 8 of a mile again and it is not possible there. this is a much better story and it is not fair for me, it than yesterday where the fog is not fair because he didn't deserve that. >> reporter: the last six was socked in. months have been trying because they are just beginning to deal likely no flight delays. with their loss. that won't happen at sfo or a.i. miss him all ready. you will never see him. that is kind of like i lost oakland. yesterday was the worst. a live look. part of me. >> reporter: as a family tries nice and clear, beautiful. to deal with the grief they are it is interesting though with bringing attention to a
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those clear skies, our temperatures from 2 to 5 senseless murder. >> this one i worry. >> reporter: with these pins degrees cooler than yesterday. add shirts they hope someone with information on the 42 in santa rosa. shooting will come forward to the warm errs we're seeing san help police catch the killer. francisco 52 this morning. >> it is not going to fill the void that we have in our heart, these arerurthwill change. we will warmer than erdaa lile but he deserves some answers. our eaht wa up withy >> reporter: he left behind his fog in the coast d a few spots along the bay, parents and three daughters and four granddaughters. now his youngest daughter is the low-lying areas, but for the most part we're mainly about to welcome the first baby clear this morning waking up 6: boy of the family into the world next spring, a baby conceived six months ago. >> i know that probably he said that little boy to who took her we reached out to the police department. investigators say there is no new information to release but they are actively investigating this case. anne makovec, kpix 5. a utility worker for the city of palo alto is dead after an action dense on the job.
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it happened about 9:45 yesterday morning at east meadow drove. a crew was upgrading an electrical transformer when something went wrong. the injured man later died at a hospital. so the city is not disclosing the exact nature of the worker's fatal injury. a >> you'll want to avoid highway 121 for the rest of the weekend. one way traffic control will be in affect through 5:00 a.m. on monday. crews will clean up after a tanker truck rollover yesterday morning about five miles north of highway 37 right there at sear's point. no one was hurt, but a lot of fuel was spilled. >> a the impeachment hearing against president trump will resume on tuesday with public testimony from four witnessness. >> that is right. meanwhile here is cbs news with details of a private session yesterday on capitol hill. >> reporter: president trump
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tweeted saturday that the economy and stock market would come crashing down if he is impeached. they held a behind closed doors deposition with mark sandy. he testified about the freezing of nearly $400 million in military aid to ukraine last summer, a key part of the investigation. >> they can keep having secret dep circumstances down here in the basement of i think the american people see through this whole thing. >> the former ambassador yovanovitch talked about being pushed out by the president. president trump tweeted everywhere marie yovanovitch went it bad. it is a u.s. president's right to a point ambassadors. >> i can't speak to what the president is trying to do, but the affect is to be intimidating. >> reporter: transcripts of
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closed door testimony of an aide to mike pence were released late saturday. williams who was on the july 25th call between president trump and president zelensky testified she fine the call unusual and inappropriate and she said it sheds some late on possible other motivations behind a security assistance hold and president trump's personal political agenda. other key figures set to test fay next week include the top ukraine expert for the national security council as well as timothy morrison a europe and russian expert for the nfc. >> they listened to the call between trump and ukraine's president. house speaker nancy pelosi spoke with "face the nation" moderator about the impeachment inquiry. here is a quick preview. the president and prance
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some at the white house have to know the words of the president weigh a ton. they are very significant and he should not frivolously throw out insults but that is what he does. i think part of it is his own security as an impostor. he knows he is in that office way over his head. and more of that interview yan key seen on nation" that airs at 8:30 on kpix 5. it has been years since we saw colin kaepernick out on the field until now. they show cased his skills at a workout session in georgia yesterday. the kpix 5 tells us the much anticipated event didn't go as planned. >> reporter: the dissing series of events ended with colin kaepernick on a high school football field more than an hour away from the training facility in atlanta where he
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was set to work out. they are impressed with his arm strength and deep passes. at the list minute his camp announced they were changing venues. much of the draw plah was around the request it be in full display of cameras. thnnitanthe evdiea kaepernick wanted the training open to the media and an independent film crew until friday night. kaepernick's camp said he wanted a transparent and open process. >> i have been ready for three years, i have been denied for three years. we all know why i came out here to show today in front of everybody. we have nothing to hide. >> reporter: he hasn't played since january of 2017. his pre-game protests during the national anthem.
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>> we're going to wait to hear from roger good del. the ball is in their court. we're ready to go. >> i fought in vietnam and i fought for his freedom and my freedom. i respect what doing, his stand. he is a great quarterback so give him a chance. >> i am glad he had the opportunity to go out there and show his stuff. it is up to the teams whether they want to pick him up or not. >> if he can do it, good for him, but i'm not rooting for him because what he did it is like disrespect to the police and the fire departments. >> the league says kaepernick's de sis had no affect on his status in the league. he remains el able to sign with any team. and up next, a four alarm inferno caught on camera sending residents running out
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of their homes it's dead of the night. >> people share their terrifying stories of only having seconds to spare. >> the golden gate bridge has competition. the east bay bridge opening to avid cyclists.
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fire crews are investigating this blaze that displaced more than a dozen people early saturday morning. the four alarm fire tore through an apartment building in san francisco's castro district. i spoke to several people in the building that said they only had seconds to get out. i saw the fire. you know, the smoke, and it was like this is real. your brain is trying to tell you this is real. >> they were urged to get up and get out. >> i opened our backdoor to look at the patio and there was a wall of flames coming up between our building and the
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building next to us. >> each building sandwiched, the fire had the potential sto spread quickly and the fire department responded. >> it seems like it started in the very back of the building so it wasn't visible on the street initially, so it came from a phone call, several phone calls from residents. >> most made it out with little more than a clothes on their back and whatever they could grab but were thankful they made it out at all. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. i mean nobody died. that is great. >> that is really great. >> the red cross was out at the scene helping people displaced by that fire with temporary housing. one of the victims is being treated for serious burns. you can now bike or walk across the bridge.
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it opened other top deck this weekend. it stretches connecting contra costa county to marin. >> reporter: a bike lane on the bridge, crazy idea critics said over the years. i wonder if the critics got a look at the crowds on opening day. >> they said out loud like crazy this would never happen. no one will ride their bike across the bridge. look at that. >> it is awesome. it is awesome to see everybodhe option. >> reporter: if these crowds are any idcation this is an option people want it. >> people are excited. a ton of people riding in both directions. it is tremendous day today. >> you have to do it in style. >> out on the span, the morning fog gave way to a heavenly
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afternoon above the clouds for driven across the bridge to be able to just stand here is to experience something entirely new. >> i usually go and get my latte' and kick it down here and it is nice to come up here and see everything from a different angle. >> it is not just a new perspective, this bike path ties some larger things together. >> while the four year pilot program kicked off with something of a party, the future is still a little foggy. the enthusiasts out here do know they have opponents. >> we have seen that and on the online groups against this bike lane. we just have to see, you know, how people adapt to it.
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>> how long does it take to get across? my guess is 20, 25 minutes. just about any age of sake kris can do this as well. last thought, wow, were there a lot of smiles out here today. in san rafael, kpix 5. a >> let's get a check of our weather with emily. >> a clear day today to go across the bridge, right? >> this is a much better day whether biking across. let's peak in at the golden gate bridge. there it is. what a difference a day makes as far as the fog. interesting without that fog look at our temperatures, cooler than yesterday. 47 in concord at the moment. 52 san francisco is the warm ester. 46 livermore. this high pressure system
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yesterday it was a little further offshore. it has built in and that makes the temperatures warmer. keeps us nice and clear for the next day or two. it will drop down and then we'll keep an eye on this as that starts to build in. it will bring some of these clouds into our area and some cooler temperatures by about the beginning, middle of next weeks. it is a much clearer start with above average temperatures today. there is a cooldown where the clouds will return tuesday, monday afternoon into tuesday and wednesday. then unfortunately on the back end there is possible fire weather that could return with that offshore flow. the marine layer stays well offshore. not a problem at all. clear at the beaches. overnight it builds back in. then the high pressure system moves out and we sea clouds
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returning tuesday into wednesday but uniters nail likely no precipitation as a part of that system. without the fog this morning, though, take a look at our 24 hour temperature change. there is no blanket to keep us warm. for the most part cooler this morning, warmer today. anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees above average for your highs. 76 in cupertino. 68 pa siv camp brentwood 75, 76 in concord. a mix of 60s and 70s around the bay. mostly 70s. into the 80s in santa rosa and far north into the 80s there, as well. a perfect day for football. it is going to be wonderful tailgating weather. 71 and clear. taking a look at your seven-day forecast, really quickly, let me hop through this. warm es day today. tomorrow before the clouds
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return into tuesday and wednesday. then we have that brief break thursday. potential fire weather and we stay cool by next weekend. >> they said yesterday possible a little bit of rain tuesday. is that still possible? >> it is a possible asterisk maybe question mark... so i'll give you that. [ laughter ] in the mean tame we will be right back just
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you couldn't go at washington state. david mills came in got them going. 494-yards of offense. stanford within 3. after along touchdown, here is the drive that ended what branden arg na dough sending it to bed. 49-22. washington state beat stanford. >> opening drive deshawn collins off the gut and in. 7-0. in the second quarter garber's boy re-injured that elbow kept him out the last
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four games. his night was over. then su c. they smelled blood in the water but started testing cal's defense deep. 33-yard play. they landed at the half 27. they won final of 41-17. sharks up a goal until they put in the equalizer to send this to a shootout er sa let's hori straight wins including last night's. a string of a shootout at the "shark tank." that is sphour. some of you i'll see at the oakland coliseum as the raiders try to improve their record to 6-4 with a win over the bengals 11-13. underdogs in that one. see you later. >> coming up at 6:30 the
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rapidly shifting field on full display in southern california. >> one presidential hopeful soaring in a key was el ground state and another plummeting at home. east bay authorities are using the promise of holiday shopping to get guns off the street.
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welcome back. the time is 6:30. i'm emily turner. the fall democratic convention. he is trying to cement his surge in the polls. >> stop tearing each thare hopeful. >> and as one questions. >> we have felt a lot of momentum of the ground especially with the work we have been doing. over 100 organizers building relationships and getting our message out. now we even know we not as well
6:28 am
known as my competitors. >> but pete buttigieg says he is known to california voters and a familiar face but struggling in the polls and dis missing reports she is struggling in the campaign. a.i. do believe it is the hard work and the smart work of the people working on the campaign that got me to where we are today. we have to focus on the real issues in front of us lake we have an impeachment hearing going on, we have a criminal living in the white house, we have immigrants who are afraid of leaving their homes. >> amy klobuchar. here in california, there have been laws and have made if rest it difficult for people to get zoning to be able to create affordable care actable
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housing. i don't believe in development everywhere but i do believe you need to strike a good balance so affording housing can happen and we should in cen vise my be stake here is everything. i said i believe the natural word is at risk and my number one priority would be climate change. now congressman adam schiff leading the impeachment inquiry in the house was a surprised guest. he said the country's democracy is at risk more now than ever. here is emily. >> a much different morning as far as visibility is concerned. yesterdayway saw major fog really thick fog and some
6:30 am
visibility issues that caused weather delays. today not the same story. it is much better off. sfo, no delays there. we're seeing a little visibility in the north bay. napa down to five miles but that is not bad. yesterday this was all socked in. today not so much. p u n see the golden gate bridge which is nice. it will be a beautiful clear day for all of us. now, we have the fog. our temperatures are a little cooler than yesterday. 47 in concord currently. livermore 46. dipping down into the 30s in santa rosa. 39degrees there, the warm errs in the 50s in san francisco and san jose. your breakfast forecast, fog conservatively. just patchy fog along the coastn't in a couple places in the bay, but northly the southern portions of the bay anywhere from the upper 40s to low 50s in those areas.
6:31 am
sunrise happening here in 20 minutes or less. that is going to change as far as your temperatures are going to be concerned. we're starting out cooler than yesterday. we'll end up close to the 80s in some spots. 78 in livermore. 75 san jose. 78degrees in santa rosa which might get into the 80s, depending on howt degrees in pacifica. now, we are gog to warm geto a little bit later. given. >> a little boy in san diego is fighting for his life after a domestic violence indent turned deadly. brandon lewis has details. >> reporter: she walked outside her home ana tragic scene unfolding. >> it was a little baby. they had him in their arms and they carried him, looked life less. they drove off down the street. >> three boys she used to see
6:32 am
playing rushed to the hospital where two are pronounced dead inside the home a fourth by and their parents found dead. >> i felt sick to my stomach. that is a tragedy. this can happen and innocent babies get taken away from us. >> they received a 911 call from someone inside the home around 6:49:00 a.m. it is not known if it was the mother or kids because no one spoke but an operator heard arguing and someone asked to leave. a rest third what they thought was a nail gun. officers arrived a minute later and saw the body of a young boy through the window. >> as a husband and father this is difficult to even in vest it a murder-suicide. less than three weeks ago, police responded to the same home. officers said the wife kicked the husband out and hay were
6:33 am
arguing over tools. >> our female victim filed for a restraining order on friday, less than a day before her husband returned to kill his family before turning the gun on himself. >> my heart goes out to the family and friends i have been doing this over 30 years. these are the tough errs callsway respond to. >> one student remains hospitalized after a deadly shooting at a southern california high school. two students kid and three injured when another student opened fire at saugus. the shooter then shot himself and dade the next day. they are trying to see how he got a .45 caliber handgun he used. i couldn't -- i tracked out. i was in shock. everytime i close my eyes i can see the gun and i can see the
6:34 am
fire. >> investigators say they found several unregistered firearms during a search in his home. many students who knew him are shocked that it was him. his father died suddenly in 2017 and the young berhow refortdly lad recent problems with his girlfriend. investigators believe the a fact was planned but that no specific students were targeted. >> a gun buy back with a twist in exchange for gift cards to target. assault weapons were good for $200. authorities say there is a reason why they offered gift cards instead of money. >> we do gift cards because we don't want to incentivize people to get money and buy more guns. the purpose is to give them a gift card around the holidays so they can use it for holiday shopping or what they need it for and we think the gift card
6:35 am
is a better solution for that than cash. and police from concord, clayton and walnut creek teamed up for the buy back. another is set for next month in santa clara county on december 14. they r inviting people to turn in their firearms for cash, with a limits of five guns per sleighs per person. >> they got a head start on their holiday shopping. businesses were eager to offer special deals and discounts to recoup some of their lost profits. >> we haven't recouped but november and december are good months for us. many mer charts depend on it. last month's power safety shut offs deliver add blow for winemakers.
6:36 am
it stopped those without them to stop their harvest. they have finally reached a deal. it comes after a three day strike that followed nearly a year of negotiations for better pay. it with give team earns a 12% raise over three years. students and teachers will be back in class on monday. happening today, a public viewing will be held in oakland for the late chairman and ceo of cray ser perma ten tay. he died in his sleep and he was 60. he leaves behind a wife and three sons. the public viewing will take place at the rotunda from 11 to 3:00 p.m. that will be followed by an invitation only service on monday at the chase center in san francisco. well still to come, a community up in arms over a loophole that allowed a homeowner to kill a bear.
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shutting it down. shocking video in venice. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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pool. carnival. choose fun. getting death threats the homeowner wasn't talking but many were after hearing a black bear was was killed. >> most of the people thought it was nut. >> the homeowner in the north shore was fed up with bears breaking into his car. he called and they set up this bear trap and the bear was captured overnight and kid. >> it is devastating and the community is up in heat about it. i have been on the phone with
6:41 am
multiple people today. >> he voiced frustration as angering. >> who knows if that bear was the one that caused the damage. it is just unnecessary. >> under state law they can use the policy to apply for a legal permit to kill a bear or any problem animal the department says it is a last resort and only after an investigation. >> i'm not for that. if you're up here in tahoe, you expect to see bears. this is where they live. >> even this bear named t-shirt known tort sheriffs for raiding them could have the same end. >> they plan a protest for saturday and is sure a bear will never again lose its life overcome plates from a homeowner. >> we need to be diligent in what we can do to prevent the unnecessary death of a
6:42 am
community member really. >> that was rob malcolm reporting. a fish and wildlife spokesperson said the killing of bears is done by a licensed trapper not by their department. venice suffered the worst flooding. it has been submerged since tuesday. flood waters in the century old buildings. let's get a check of our local weather. we have nothing like that. not even a hint of rain. >> no. no rain. no floods. no crazy tides. in fact looking where you can see a beautiful morning when it comes to the beach. much different than we saw yesterday waking up. much more clear. there are visibilities issues, i'll toll view what i'm talking
6:43 am
about. this will begin to clear pretty quickly, much more quickly than yesterday. without the fog in a lot of those spots we're dipping down in the 30s, 39 santa rosa. still in the 40s in concord, livermore as well. so those temperatures cooler than yesterday to start out, but warmer than yesterday by the end of the day. this high pressure system has bit in bringing more of an offshore flow the that will keep us clear, dry and warm. now it's eventually is going to start to sink dunn and dissipate monday afternoon we'll see the return of an onshore flow and tuesday, some of these clouds and this low pressure system are going to start to move in changing our temperatures, as well as the predictstion for clouds and clarity for the day. three things to remember for today. much clearer start with above
6:44 am
to average temperatures from 5 to 15 degrees warmer than average. we do have a cooldown sched would for the end of monday going into tuesday and wednesday but then on the backside of that, possible fire weather is returning with an offshore flow and really dry conditions. that is going to bow on the back end of that. the futurecast, you can see for most of the day, the marine layer stays well offshore. nice and clear for most of us. it starts to build in monday afternoon. that says the high pressure system starts to dissipate. then it fully drops down on to tuesday into wednesday as it begins to clear up in the afternoon hours orn wednesday. that is when we'll see the threat of that fire weather. at this point, nothing has been issued but they are keeping a close eye on it. the fog this morning, take a look how much cooler we are from 0 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. at the end of the day, 5 to 15
6:45 am
degrees above average. getting to the 80s there. same in the inland areas. 78 in bless santon. valeo 72. mostly the low 70s right around the bay. san francisco 72. 80 in santa rosa. then a mix of the 70s and '80s in the far north bay. cloverdale at 84 degrees. as far as the seven-day forecast, well have that warm day today, tomorrow, with clear conditions and that starts to move in with more clouds monday night. cloudy and caller tuesday and wednesday. the cool off kind of lasts but those clear conditions will return by a bought the middle towards the end of next week and the threat for fire weather which we'll keep an eye on. they met in the vineyards as children. now they own their own winery. the mexican american couple
6:46 am
breaking barriers one bottle at a time.
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6:48 am
a mexican american couple in the north bay is breaking barriers with their award- winning lines. other husband and wife team went from picking grapes to owning their own. >> reporter: wine, food, and fa melia. running a successful wine business in the wine country has been a labor of love. >> so it is just very good. >> reporter: pedro and amelia were just 12 when they met in the vineyards. they had just moved to the u.s. and were helping their parents pick grapes on the weekend. >> i told my dad, i was going to have my in yard someday.
6:49 am
it was his dream. >> reporter: they are now one of very few mex can americans who have gone from grape pickers to owning their own vineyard. >> it can be done independent of our humble beginnings if we work hard. >> reporter: she faced push back fom pairing high quality wines with mexican dishes. >> people thought i was crazy when i started pairing cab ber now. >> reporter: that is what she eng visioned doing one day watching her mexican heritage into delicious wines. >> and something she has passed down. a there is a saying, we don't have blood in our veins, we have wine. it is an expression, of passion, dedication and focus to building a family legacy. >> the family says they take workers' rights very seriously.
6:50 am
amelia says she has rallied in washington to support legislation to protect mig grant workers. >> i care deeply about protecting them so they are not exposed to harmful pesticides, herbie sides and make sure their contributions are acknowledged they produce 7500 cases of wine a year but they hope to raise that to 18,000 cases within the next decade. >> family first. salud.
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6:52 am
well time now is 6 when 55. time for a look at this morning's top stories. >> a young boy hit by a train in santa clara after 4:00 yesterday afternoon near lafayette street. investigators are trying to determine how and why the boy got on the tracks. and a police officer in hong kong is being treated for injuries after he was shot with an arrow during a pro democracy protest this morning. it happened during the seige of fortified central university campus. hundreds of protesters, some with bricks and make-ship barricades have held off police surrounding the campus. san diego investigators are looking into an apparent murder- suicide that led to deaths of five family members, three young boys. another of the boys is hospitalized. neighbors heard arguments at the home prior to gunfire.
6:53 am
the impeachment hearing for president trump is set to resume on tuesday. senior white house budget official testified abut freezing of nearly $400 million in military aid to ukraine last summer. >> colin kaepernick threw passes at a high school field in georgia yesterday. representatives from eight teams were at the much hyped event. he said he has been stung by the league while he was with the 49ers. the seven-day forecast. ware waking up today much more clear than yesterday. we're seeing fog in southern portions around the bay, but we will be warmer today than yesterday. same tomorrow as we continue that warm up. then we'll see clouds returning on tuesday as things start to cooldown. tuesday into wednesday and then on nurse there is a potential for fire weather to return, not necessarily because of temperatures, but because it is
6:54 am
dry and we'll have offshore winds returning before there is another break next weekend. >> all right. we're off to a beautiful start to the day. thanks so much for joining us. cbs sunday morning with jane pauley is meanings here. >> enjoy the rest of your sunday. you know when you're at ross and your new fall look just kthat's yes for less. score a head-to-toe look you'll love and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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>> pauley: good morning. i'm jane pauley, and this is sunday morning. eof etion higooding today threatening countless historic buildings and precious works of art. ng inire the servespert
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