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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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exactly what happened on board their train this afternoon. >> we received calls into our dispatch center of a fight in progress involving 2 males on a warm springs train just leaving the bay fair station. the fight continued through our hayward station at which point a knife was introduced into the fight between the males. >> reporter: and by the time that officers arrived here at the south hayward bart station, the victim was found bleeding and badly injured on the train. now initially the suspect in this case managed to get away, but he didn't get far. about a block away from the station, they caught up with him where he apparently had tried to steal or to carjack a car at an auto dealership a short distance away from the bart station here. now the south hayward bart station remains closed to passengers at this point. they're allowing some trains through the area, but they're not stopping here at the station. in hayward, devin fehely, kpix 5.
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in just the past few hours, pg&e scaled back significantly on the planned power outages set to begin tomorrow. >> earlier today the utility was projecting more than 120,000 customers in 8 bay area counties would lose power. now just napa, sonoma, and solano are on that list. kpix 5's don ford reports that all the uncertainty has left many small businesses feeling powerless though, whether the lights are on or not. >> reporter: here in marin, many small businesses were getting ready for the anticipated power outages. but late this afternoon, the situation changed. pg&e announced that this time marin county would not lose power. scotty's market is relieved, but the senior meat department manager is still getting ready. we just lea few moments ago that marin would be spared. >> i was standing next to you and you said we're safe, and i just looked at you.
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>> reporter: you're not convinced? >> no, not my any means. >> reporter: he says it's too late to cancel the order for the large generators. last time the store last tens of thousands of dollars of inventory. he said not this time. >> i'm not canceling the order. we need the insurance. we need to have something on hand. we're not able to take a chance. >> reporter: even when it's good news, folks are still skeptical of pg&e. pg&e says they're not going to turn the power off in marin now. >> i don't believe them, but that would be nice if they don't. >> reporter: how come you don't believe them? >> they're not very organized i guess. >> reporter: this wholesale produce salesman came by scotty's, and he says storms all across marin and sonoma were hit hard last night. >> they're not open, so they can't make transactions and sell food, so that's a big bad in the cooler. of plwhatgo >> reporter: restaurants and stores are hit harder than most place, but all businesses
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suffer when the power goes out. don ford, kpix 5. >> and we have posted a power outage survival guide with useful resources on and if you lose power, you can still watch us on your phone with the cbsn bay area app to get the latest updates. the winds playing a big factor in pg&e's decision. meteorologist darren peck on when we'll see the strongest gusts. >> here's an important distinction on that between a red flag warning warning that's issued from the national weather service, specifically for what the conditions will be like in the mountains. that's totally different from anything you hear about what pg&e does. these are two totally different agencies. the red flag warning is exactly the same as it was yesterday as i showed you in the forecast. that means the timing, see where it says 4:00 a.m. wednesday through 7:00 a.m. thursday, that means for all the locations in red. specifically the north bay mountains, but also the east and south bay hills as well.
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we'll see gusts to near 60 in the north bay, and potentially 50 for the east bay and south bay hills. in fact, here's a close up look at the peak winds. this is tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. you know the drill on this map. if not i'll put the numbers on there. the brighter the colors, the stronger the winds. 60 miles per hour gusts at st. helena, and about 20 miles per hour in town. just to drive home the point, this is a mountain event. we'll bring the terrain out. the worst of the winds are in the mountains, not necessarily where we all live. of course that's where a lot of the transmission lines are. i'll be back with the rest of the forecast. you probably noticed a cool down today. i want to talk about that in the forecast. back to you. all right, darren, thank you. it's been more than a year since the deadly camp fire broke out in butte county. today we got a better picture of the scope of debris clean up. >> 59 trips to the moon. that's pretty phenomenal right? you know, 4 golden gate bridges worth of debris.
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it puts it into context of how complicated this effort was. >> in 9 months, crews cleared nearly 11,000 properties of debris. now phase 2 of the project includes identifying and clearing hazardous trees so the remaining build process can move forward. live look at capitol hill where house lawmakers heard new public testimony today in the impeachment inquiry. these 4 officials testified, some of them addressing concern over that july phone call between president trump and the president of ukia. nikole killion is live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: the second hearing is still going on right now. it's nearing the 4-hour mark, and it features kurt volker, one of the so-called three amigos that helped the president with ukraine policy, something he pushed back on. >> i think the allegations
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against vice president biden are self-serving and not credible. >> reporter: kurt volker testified about what he now sees as an effort to pressure ukraine to investigate the bidens. >> in retrospect i should have seen it differently. >> reporter: in request came during a july 25th phone call between president trump and ukraine's leader that sparked the impeachment inquiry. former national security council official tim morrison was on the call and testified he raised concerns about aid to ukraine being conditioned on investigations. >> i was concerned about what ambassador sondland were saying were requirements, yes. >> reporter: earlier in the day house lawmakers heard from 2 other witnesses that listened in on the phone call with ukraine and described it as in inappropriate. >> i found it unusual. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel arvin said it was his duty to report his his concerns, but republicans pressed him about whether he told anyone else.
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>> colonel, you never leaked information. >> i never did, never would. that is preposterous that i would do that. >> reporter: democrats pushed back. >> you attack a man who's wearing a springfield rifle on a field of blue above a purple heart. >> reporter: the white house says nothing new was learned in the hearings, and maintains the president's actions are not impeachable. the president said he watched some of the hearings, which he dismissed as a kangaroo court. live from capitol hill, kpix 5. >> thank you so much. now tomorrow ambassador to the european union gordon sondland, defense official laura cooper, and david hale from the state department are scheduled to testify. cbs news will have special reports here on kpix 5. and local news will continue streaming on cbsn bay area. you can log on to or access the cbs news app on a streaming device. a woman in sonoma county
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is recovering from serious injuries after being attacked by dogs from a homeless encampment. kpix 5's john ramos is in santa rosa where the camp has been a fixture for 5 years. >> reporter: santa rosa has a growing homeless problem, but what happened here is testing the limits of its compassion. her friends are helping her prepare for a city council meeting. the exhibit they're creating shows the injuries carolyn suffered last week when she was attacked as she walked on this path by a pair of dogs living in a homeless camp in the bushes. >> i little white dog first started biting me, and the pit bull bit me immediately on my calf and went to my arm and pulled me down and started dragging me. >> reporter: the homeless woman that owned the dogs was bitten as well as she tried to get them off. carolyn spent 3 days in the hospital and underwent emergency surgery. >> my tendons needed to be
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reattached. nerve damage, broken bones. i'm on heavy antibiotics so i don't get a bone infection because the dog bit through multiple bones. >> reporter: but this wasn't the first time the dogs were aggressive. craig murphy's wife was also on the path back in august when the same dog snarled at her and tried to break free. he reported it to police and was told the dog had a history of biting people. >> the officer reported that he asked the residents of the encampment to leave but he didn't have the power to make them leave because of the injunction. >> reporter: the injunction is a ruling in a boise, idaho court case saying that people camping on a public property can't be removed if there's no bed to place them in. officials posted signs advising residents to avoid a popular biking trail because the homeless had essentially taken it over. >> right now it just feels like they can do whatever they want. >> reporter: so because of attempts to show compassion to
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the homeless, carolyn now sits wondering if the feeling will ever come back to her fingers, knowing that no one is really being held accountable for what happened. >> it feels like being victimized over again knowing that something could have been done before this happened to me. >> we got no response from animal control today, but the attack victim was told the pit bull has been quarantined and scheduled to be euthanized. and orinda could take action tonight on short term rentals in the wake of an airbnb party shooting that left 4 people dead. some are demanding a permanent ban on such rentals in the quiet affluent community. the council is expected to approve at least a temporary moratorium. 5 suspects arrested last week have been released, including
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4 arrested for murder. we'll have more on that part of the story coming up at 6:00. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a new option for travelers to get around the ride share pick up rules at sfo. the convenience that comes at a cost. >> jail guards charged after the death of jeffrey epstein. what prosecutors say they were really doing when they should have been keeping watch. >> protests and stunts as tens of thousands pour into san francisco for dream force. how a rival tried to crash the conference. it takes a village to raise a child. to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope.
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we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive.
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i'm ken bastida at the live news desk with a big blow to big oil coming out of governor newsom's office tonight. he's blocking the approval of hundreds of fracking permits until independent scientists can review them. he also has temporarily banned all high pressure steam extraction drilling in the state of california. that's the method chevron uses in kern county where more than 1.3 million gallons of oil mixed with water spilled this
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summer. the oil industry is calling today's move quote disappointing. i'm ken bastida, back to you. live look at sfo where starting tomorrow passengers can pay more for uber drivers to pick them up right at the curb. the airport is announcing a 2 month pilot program. most ride share pick ups were moved to the top level of the domestic garage this summer, but starting tomorrow for people ordering uber comfort, uber select, and uber xl, drivers will be allowed to pick up curb side at each domestic terminal. until now, only uber black was allowed to do that. the program could continue past january if all goes well. >> it gives us a chance to study this and see if it's something the roadways can adominate during the busiest time of year. >> the rule applies to about
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10 percent of uber customers leaving the airport. the changes don't apply to lyft drivers or regular uber pick ups. the chair of the ntsb says an ineffective safety culture at uber led to last year's deadly crash involving a pedestrian and a self-driving test car. they said the pedestrian was detected 5.6 seconds before the crash, but it wasn't equipped to know what to do next. instead of watching the road, the back up driver was streaming a tv show. uber says it has made many safely improvements since the crash, but the ntsb will likely recommend more. a santa clara driver managed to get away from this crash unharmed. the sheriff's office says the person was distracted on their cell phone and hit a power pole.
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it happened this morning on prospect road in saratoga. 2 guards assigned to watch jeffrey epstein the night he killed himself have pleaded not guilty to charges of falsifying records. the 2 were named in a grand jury indictment unsealed today. they were supposed to check jeffrey epstein every half hour, but it's contended that they were setting at their desks shopping and sleeping. jeffrey epstein who was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges was left alone for 8 hours, then found dead of an apparent suicide. a couple of disruptions on the first day of the dream force software convention in san francisco today. dozensof immigrant rights activists called on sales force to cut ties with customs and border protection. >> sales force is a company that claimed to have a social justice bottom line.
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we're here to demand they uphold that bottom line and drop the contract with u.s. customs and border patrol. >> and another disruption today. this blimp flew above where dream force is being held. sky divers eventually jumped and landed in a park near drum street. it was put on on fresh works, a competitor. dream force will have several speakers this week including former president obama. it runs through friday. all right, darren, the winds may not apply to everybody, but the fire danger certainly does. >> especially for the north bay hills. look at the live view from the
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top of the sales force tower. san francisco was 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. fremont 11 degrees cooler, san jose dropped 8. right now the winds are coming from the northwest. those are gentle breezing. west-northwest. you see the wnw. a west-northwest breeze happens when you have a weak cold front that comes through. after the front passes the cool air rushing in behind it. but we haven't gotten to the
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real issue. i'll play this into the overnight hour, and you see the screen light up over here, and you also noticed wind direction changed. it hits the mountains over the north bay, and then that's where we get the fire weather concerns. then we have the winds going offshore and speeding up to get over the mountains. that's why it's a total different scenario in terms of winds for the red flag warning. most of us won't notice it down here where we live. it's a lot windier in the mountains than it will be at your house, and we've had several events like that that
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have happened so far this season. see is spin? can't miss it. that's the area of low pressure. you can see the storm here. watch what happens. counterclockwise spin, and the storm missed it going too far inland. when storms go inland, we feel them pass, but don't get the rain. we get snow in the sierra. that's tonight into tomorrow and into early thursday. and cal trans is already temporarily closing some of the passes. temperatures back to average. there's the morning lows for tonight. i'll show you the daytime highs in line with what we should be doing for this time
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of year. in the bay the headlines continue to be the winds overnight tonight through tomorrow. after that it's run of the mill november temperatures with no rain in sight. back to you. all right, thank you. every day thousands of bay area families struggle to make rent or have to choose between buying groceries or medicine. >> so we're helping to feed hungry families, we're teaming up with whole foods. juliette goodrich has details on how we can all help. >> reporter: we certainly can. hello guys. we can go to any whole foods market and certainly contribute, and there's so many ways. this is our 11th year. we've partnered with whole foods market, joining me live now is gary ramirez, the storm team leader here.
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tell me how can our viewers help? >> you can visit any whole foods and donate nonperishable items directly into the barrels. >> reporter: and at the cash register there's another way to help. >> yes, you can add to your bill or add a separate donation, you can use that method to make a donation as well. >> reporter: and i love the last one. bring in a reusable bag, walk through the door, you're already donating. explain now nickels for nonprofits work? >> you bring in your reusable bag, and we use it to rebag your grocery. for every bag we use we credit you 5 cents and convert that create into a donation. >> reporter: brilliant. thank you so much. if you'd like more information on how to help, just go to our website, back to you in the studio. >> great we can all help. thanks. coming up, did door dash
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pull a fast one? the lawsuit that claims the delivery service misled customers about where their tips were going. just because we're super hungry... ...doesn't mean you got to spend a lot! because denny's brought back the super slam™. with eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage and pancakes. all for just $6.99. the $6.99 super slam™ is back! see you at denny's!
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amazon is taking over some large south bay warehouses to use as a delivery center. together the buildings will provide the online retailer with nearly 350,000 square feet of space. amazon says they'll be used as a delivery had deliver hub and
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not a delivery center. they're located in milpitas with easy access to major freeways including 237 and 880. the attorney general of washington dc is suing door dash tonight saying the food delivery service ate up millions of dollars in tips that customers thought were going to drivers. the suit aims to recover the money and impose civil penalties on the san francisco-based company. in a statement door dash called the accusations without merit and says drivers are actually earning more since they changed the pay structure back in september. they added quote transparency is of paramount importance which is why we disclosed how the previous pay structure work, and we have always paid 100 percent of tips to dashers. coming up at 5:30, a project home exclusive. a bay area nonprofit touts success finding housing for the homeless, but dozens of people say they're back out on was billions and
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billions of dollars donated to get us off the street to get us permanent housing. so what's going on? >> what we uncovered in our months long investigation. >> and a restaurant chain apologizing for refusing service to a bay area drag queen. >> and a rugged stretch of coastline is world famous. why a top travel publication is now telling tourists to avoid big sur.
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, our top stories at 5:30. just minutes ago we learned the south hayward bart station is back open, hours after a deadly train stabbing. >> police are saying a man stabbed another man to death during a fight, and the train stopped at the south hayward station. the suspect ran out, and allegedly tried to carjack a car at a nearby dealership before being taken into custody.


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