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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  November 24, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. a lot of lingering questions this morning after two kids were killed in front of an elementary school. what we know so far. >> hundreds of people gather to remember a student killed in a high school in l.a. we'll take you to the celebration of life in santa clarita. >> and pg&e drowning a new wildfire claims. fire victims fear the utility will barely have to pay. it's 6:00 a.m. on this sunday, november 24th. thank you for joining us. >> union city police are trying to determine who shot two boys outside of an elementary school. >> both died from gunshot wounds yesterday. kpix 5s betty yu reports this kind of violence is rare in
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union city. >> reporter: candles let up the parking lot that hours ago was a crime scene. police say at 1:30 in the morning, an 11- and 49-year-old boy were of sitting in a van in the elementary school parking lot when they were confronted by at least one shooter who opened fire. the older victim died on the scene. the younger died while being rushed to the hospital. >> all of a sudden, we heard the pop, pop, pop. it almost sounded like machine gone. it was constant. >> reporter: she woke up from the sound of gunfire. >> i don't know why an 11- or 14-year-old boy would be out at that time in the morning. i am so heartbroken these kid his to go through that. >> reporter: police don't know whether the gunman approached by foot or in a car or if they had any relationship to the victims. it's unclear if the shooting was random or targeted. >> we don't know at this point if that were there to meet
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someone. we haven't ruled out if this is gang related or verify the information. >> reporter: friends and families of the victims did not want to speak to the media. many neighbors are stunned by the violence. >> and this is a quiet neighborhood. this morning, the police man sit here in front of my driveway. >> reporter: another neighbor didn't want to show his face on camera. >> what is your sense of safety in this neighborhood? >> usually there is none. nothing wrong going on here. it's pretty peaceful. >> reporter: police are investigating whether a sep cat double shooting on wednesday. seven blocks away, may have a connection to this crime. two men in their 40s were shot and survived their injuries. the union city police department is search for any surveillance video from the area that may help them crack this case. in union city, betty yu kpix 5. there was a celebration of life in santa clarita for one
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school shooting victim. special notes with pink hearts hag atce of the church where gracie muelberger attended. hundreds of friends and families gathered to share stories about the 15-year-old. the father played a video of the song cinderella, saying it was their special song. >> we always tacked about how it would be our father-daughter dance song at her wedding some day. >> and gracie was in her freshman year at saugus high school when a classmate opened fire at the start of the school 10 days ago. she and a 49-year-old boy were killed. more than 3,000 watched the celebration online. >> one person is dead after a fire in contra costa county, happening in the gated senior community of ross moo. the blaze broke out last night in a multiunit building. the damage displaced three other families. the cause of the fire is under investigation still. the fire marshal said the victim's name will not be released until next of kin is
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notified. breaking news this morning. crews are on the scene of a deadly plane crash in the central african country of congo. a local official said this aircraft crashed on takeoff with 17 people on board, landing in a neighbor full of homes. 15 people were reported well i on board the plane, owned bykno busy bee. as more people file claims against pg&e over wildfires caused by its equipment, there is growing concern among the plaintiffs that they'll of smaller payouts. under the plan, it agreed to pay $8.4 billion to the people affected by the fires. as the number of claims grow, the amount of the payout remains the same. some fear their share of the payout could get smaller. gavin newsom issued an executive order aimed at streamlining wildfire recovery
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efforts. the order contains more than a dozen sections and involves everything from housing to licensing fees, including a three-year suspension of planning and zoning requirements for mobile homes. the order calls for the state to wave fees to replace driver's licenses and birth certificates for those affected by the fires. a traffic alert this morning for bay area drivessers. this is a live look at the bay bridge where cal transclosed three lanes in both directions for maintenance. they won't open until 9 this morning. the opening will be short lived, though. caltrans will close the northbound lanes at 9:00 p.m. tonight and eastbound a couple of hours later. all lanes are scheduled to reopen by 5 tomorrow morning. is any the bay area's most iconic bridge seeing heavy traffic due to closed lanes. tonight's southbound traffic on the golden gate bridge is down to one lane whole the northbound is down to just two. the lane should be back open
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this morning. overnight closures are expected to continue until wednesday. expect delays on those nights. let's get a check of the local weather. we have rain coming up. >> and we chanwe one more day o and that is before the big changes kick in. not only on monday, the first but on tuesday. we're nice and clear. it looks beautiful. not a cloud in sight and means our temperatures are going to be chilly in the overnight hours. you're in the 30s in santa rosa; 35 there. 44 degrees in san jose. 38 in livermore and. concord. the numbers will twin. along the coast and everybody, it's going to be a nice, clear day today. chillier than yesterday. 43 degrees around the coast and 46 around the bay.
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in the inland areas into the 30s as well. the sunrise is at 6:59 a.m. the high temperatures close to average, actually. 64 in heyward; scene, campbell; scene in pacifica and the inland areas will make it barely to 70 in brentwood. cooler the closer you get to the water, 65 degrees in vallejo; 69, pleasanton. 65 pretty much no matter where you are. warming up further north. santa rosa, 71. the warmest will see likely in the far north bay cloverdale at 73 degrees. your headlines for today, another clear, mild day. changes on monday with fire weather returns and an offshore flow before a cold front comes in on tuesday. bringing with it rain. i have more on that just ahead. and another projectile to hit a car in mont ray county. the latest incident happened
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yesterday afternoon. chp said that something hit a car's windshield on highway 101 in bruindale. similar incidents happened more than 40 times this year. the windows broke on two vehicles on friday. one was a school bus carrying the caramel high school football team. the emergency windows shattered and the broken glass injured a student. he's expected to be okay. the team continued to the game, although kickoff was delayed. and chp investigators are not sure if the same person or people are responsible for the dozens of incidents. oakland police say they're putting the breaks on side shows. adding nearly three dozen additional officers to patrols every weekend through the new year. opd is trying to end scenes like this one. a side show that took over the intersection of market and
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addeline. residents are tired of the displays. >> side shows are dangerous for everybody. dangerous for the people wrecklessly driving and spectating. when you're spinning doughnuts like that, you're not in control of your car. >> rosen remines them that the f. ishment foris besides the potential for arrest, having the car towed and impounded for a month can rack up major costs. oakland police officers are credited with saving a life. the officer said a driver pulled up to the station yesterday with a passenger in the back seat who was unconscious and possibly appeared to be dead. that is when his training kicked in. >> we put him out of a car and on the ground. started cpr. >> the brother advised me he had taken some drugs. we were training on this by the opd medical staff and issued narcan for those kinds of situations. i administered are can to the is -- narca in, to the subject.
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after that, he began breathing again. >> the man is recovering morning; pd said that highland hospital donated 800 units of narcan for officers to use. so far, they have saved 5 lives. and people ruth bader ginsburg is on the road to recovery. >> an update on her condition after she was hospitalized on friday. >> and joe biden speaks out. the viesident and democraticont runn latest comments on the impeachmin
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. ruth bader ginsburg is expected to be released from the hospital this morning. the 86-year-old supreme court justice was admitted to john's hopkins in baltimore on friday after complaining of chills and a fever. doctors have been treating her with ivy fluids and antibiotics. she has been through a series of health scares recently that included treatments for young and pancreatic cancer. house democrats are preparing the next steps after five days of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry. the congressional epchoiry focuses on whether president trump tried to pressure
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ukraine's president. and whether he held up military aid to try to get kiev to investigate a potential rival, joe biden. the former vice president shared his thoughts on the matter yesterday. >> i believe he should be impeached and have the senate try whether or not they are high crimes and misdemeanors that would cause him to be thrown out of office. that is a decision for them to make. i hope they have the courage. >> in order for that to happen, first, the house intelligence committee would have to issue a report with its findings and recommendations. then, that report would go to the. >> you dish area committee, where more hearings could held and that would be followed boy a vote in the full house. >> vice president mike pence made a surprise visit to u.s. troops in iraq and give them a promise about pay races. >> in our budget negotiations with congress as we speak, we're fighting to secure another pay raise. it will be the biggest in 9
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years. whoever going to keep it coming and keep supporting you t, some asabout the recent decision to -- the president, quote s always going to look for opportunities to bring our troops home. mounting troubles for prince andrew. the duke of york is forced out of the buckingham palace office. now, the sunday times of london reports. the fbi wants to grill him on the ties to sex offender jeffrey epstein. >> reporter: prince andrew back in the saddle with the queen on friday in a public display of family unity. yo it's always been said that prince andrew is her favorite child and suggested she's indulged him over the years and perhaps let him get away with more than he should have done over the years, which is part of what is the current situation now. >> a situation of andrew's own making, following this
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disastrous interview with his -- about his friendship with jeffrey epstein. >> you could not spend time wish to appear grand, but there were a lot of people walking around his house. as far as i was aware, they were staff. >> reporter: the media skewered his performance calling him arrogant and lacking in sympathy. the scandal comes as britain is in the middle of a bitter election battle, making the prince an unavoidable talking point at this week's leader's debate. >> is the monarchy fit for purpose? >> it needs a bit of improvement. >> mr -- . >> the institution of the monarchy is beyond reproach. >> before we discuss prince andrew, i think we should discuss the victims that are there because of what epstein was doing. >> shortly afterwards, andrew anstep back recedented
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from royal duties. never before has the queen had to sideline one of her own children because of the scandal. prince andrews ties to jeffrey epstein led to just that. thousands of protestors marched in paris, france. they're demanding more government investment to prevent deadly domestic violence against women. activists say 130 women have been killed in france this year bay a current or form iser partner. >> today, the international day to fight violence against women and girls. so, we are basically gathering to protest against what we call the continuum of violences. so -- rape and sexual violence, sexual harassment, con youthal violence -- co in, jugal violence, et cetera. >> they're calling for extra measures. prioritizing police training so officers won't brush off
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women's complains -- complaints as private affairs. and a check of the local weather with emily. >> and we have big changes ahead. another one set for tuesday. we have two clear days. you can clearly see the beautiful sky line of san francisco. the towers all lit up looking nice. the clear skies mean our temperatures are chilly. we're cooler than yesterday and still in the 30s in santa rosa. 35 and the inland areas. livermore, 38 degrees and pretty much the 40s everywhere else with the exception of san francisco. the temperatures will drop before they get warmer today. we'll have a nice mild day. and this high pressure system i was talking about has moved in and gotten closer to shore. that is what is dominating our weather pattern and not just today but tomorrow. this low pressure system is going to bring changes. we have to get through monday first. that is bringing with it fire
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danger. as a result of the high pressure system, that will bring offshore winds. fast forward through the next 48 hours where you can see that start to pop up on monday. into the afternoon hours and evening. these are actually significant numbers. all the way through. things start to come down on tuesday. that is when that cold front is moving through and bringing with it a chance of holiday rain. we're talking anywhere from a half an inch to an inch and a half, depending on where you are. marin are likely see the most -- marin will likely see the most and the santa cruz mountains, the traditional north to south movement of rain. the hastiest rain is tuesday night into wednesday morning. and there will be impacts in the low sierra as a result of snow. three things to remember. the mild clear start today to warm up before the offshore wins return on monday, bringing with it fire danger and lack of rain. we have the rain to change that potentially on tuesday. the future cast, nice and clear through the evening hours
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today. the offshore winds keep it clear. into tuesday, clouds return first and then, by the morning commute, we're going to so pretty much widespread rainfall, moving from the north to the south as it makes its way through that and behind it, we have showers on wednesday potentially into thursday as we continue to remain unsettled as far as the weather patterns are concerned. certainly, cool daytime and chilly nights. that is going to be the issue there. of course, rain here means snow in the sierra. we have a winter storm watch in affect above 2500 feet. there could be several fight at the top of the mountain. the pass level they're expecting one foot if not more. expect travel delays if that is where you're headed. it will be nice and a holiday weekend up there today. or, excuse me, this week. the high temperatures today, though, 71 degrees in fairfield and santa rosa.
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68, san jose; 61, pacifica. the seven-day forecast will ultimately show we have major changes ahead. we have fire concerns with the chilly temperatures before you see the cold front bringing with it the rain on tuesday and wednesday before turkey day on thursday and then the chilly temperatures continue. the big story, i think, is obviously rain and the fact that wednesday's going to be a big travel day. it's going to be, depending on where you are, snowing and rainy on the roadways. >> and when people hit the roads for thanksgiving, they really just need to understand you probably are going to get wet at the least. >> and also, you might be late, unless you leave early. >> got you. and more than 55 million americans plan to travel 50 miles or more this thanksgiving, up 3% from last year. the majority will be driving 49 miles to be exact. the road trips are expected to hit your wallet this year. the gas prices are in a record high for this time of the year.
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kpix 5s da lin breaks for us. >> reporter: it's almost -- . >> it's almost thanksgiving. around this time of the year, gas prices are cheaper. not this year. some of us are paying over $4 for a gallon. aaa reports bay area drivers are paying record high prices right now. those gas prices have never been this expensive a week before thanksgiving. here's why. experts say the economy is extremely strong. the demand for gasoline remains very high. the supply was down last month after the disruptions and a few california refineries. it goes back to supply and demand. aaa reports that san francisco had the highest gas prices in the bay area. one of the highest in the country. $3.98 for a gallon of regular unleaded gas. across the bay, oakland armies $3.91. san jose is where you will find the cheapest gas.
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$3.84. in case you're wondering why are prices consistently higher than the rest of the country, well, we pay more in taxes and for cleaner gas. according to the california energy commission, we pay about 75 cents in taxes and fees for every gallon. i know some of you are thinking the prices are high because the gas companies keep jacking the prices up. the governor sometimes to think so. he's asked for an investigation. the good news is that relief is on the way. experts say gas prices will continue to drop during the will day season as we transition to the cheaper, winter blend gasoline. on the night beat, i'm da lin. the sharks were at home looking to stay red-hot as they host the islanders and stanfoyear the streak ends. how it all ended. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride. mini golf. relax! relax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for basketball.
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pool. carnival. choose fun. . >> for the last 9 years, it might as well be called the cardinal act. stanford hasn't lost a game since 2009. the bears trying to end the street and take the axe back. cal down 3. and chase avoids the pressure and he's going to get into the end zone for a 16- yard touchdown run. that gives the bears a 24-20 lead with a minute and 20 remains. so, was cal going to take the axe back. fourth and 1 for the cardinal. scarlet is stopped short of the first down and the first in a decade.
6:26 am
cal wins the big game, 24-20. the bears are bowl eligible and sanford falls to 4 and 7, meaning their streak of 10 straight bowl appearances is over. to hockey. the sharks are 7 and 1 in the last eight games, looking to stay hot as they host the islanders. the second period, no score. the sharks on attack. mario ferraro shoots at the net. sorenson there for the deflection. the islanders tie it up and the sharks go into ot. and wholes. scoring the game winner again. the raiders against the jets at 10. the 49ers and packers in the sunday night game. a full wrap of all of today's games on game day coming up at 11:30. coming up in the next half however, the asylum crackdown. tomake asylum harder to obtain. >> and an alabama sheriff killed in the middle of the night. details on the investigation
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and the arrest coming up.
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. welcome back to kpix 5 this morning. the time is 6:29. i'm emily turner.
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>> i'm devon fehely. a sheriff noticed big john williams was shot and killed in a gas station in hainville while responding to a call last night. johnson was the first elected sheriff in 2010. so far, few details were released about what led up to the shooting. >> and investigators said the suspect william chase johnson was arrested without incident after he returned to the gas stationand midnight. a step toward recovery in el paso, texas, 3 months after the deadly shooting in a wal- mart there. the officials dedicated the grand condella to 22 victims of that massacre. the monument features 22 individual arcs coming together to form one 30-foot candle. el paso's mayor spoke to the crowd at the unveiling yesterday. >> the community, our region has experienced much pain this
6:31 am
year. >> the accused de not guilt in a texas am crew. he said he drove to el paso to harm latinos. mexican officials are seeking to extradite him for terrorism. and the trump administration has begun a new phase of the immigration crackdown sending a honduran migrant back to guatemala. the man had been seeking asylum. the trump administration is aligning the u.s. with the european union and other wealthy nations that are making asylum harder to obtain. the new policy forbids anyone who travels through another country to get to the u.s.- mexico border from applying from asylum at the border. that is why the man is being sent to guatemala rather than honduras. and navy secretary richard spencer is denying a new york times report he threatened to quit if a military review of navy seal edward gallagher was not allowed to proceed. heses to be rumors out there i threatened to resign. i have not threatened to
6:32 am
resign. i am here. i work at the pleasure of the president. we made great strides at the navy marine corps team the last two years. there is a bit to do and i hope to contribute going forward. >> spoking to reporters on friday, he reactions firmed the position that the inquiry should continue. the president tweeted on thursday that the navy will not be taking away war fighter and navy seal eddie gallagher's trident pip. this case was handled very badly from the beginning, get back to business. the trident pin is worn by seals to symbolize their membership in the elite unit. the president had intervened in his case earlier this month and reversed his demotion for standing with a dead body in iraq. gallagher was acquitted of a murder charge. and let's go ahead and get a check of our weather name. >> weather center with emily. >> and a nice clear day today. thy had lane closures overnight lot hobeautiful it ready to be is. the sun set going ready to come
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up at am bottom of the hour 35 degrees in santa roguesa and livermore. dipping until the sun comes up, when the temperatures will rise. and it will be a nose mild morning for most of us. clear, no matter where you are, off of the coast. 43 along the coast and 46 around the bay our temperatures are at or above seasonal this time of the year. 62 degrees in half moon bay; 69, los gatos and milpitas, 64, heyward. the inman areas like brentwood and fairfield. cooler closer to the water, 65 degrees in vallejo and 68 in pleasant hill. on the money, 65 degrees around the bay. warmer the further north you
6:34 am
get. santa rosa at 71 degrees. 73 in cloverdale and that is about as warm as we can expect. it feels like fall out there. the headlines will be another clear mild day about ever we have fire weather returning on monday with windy, gusty situation. woke have a cold front coming in. bringing with it rain on tuesday. finally. devon. all eyes were on the harvard-yale football game yesterday. it was not the play on the field getting everybody's attention. about 200 protestors stormed the field and they were rallying to bring attention to climate change and call on divesting from fossil fuel companies. the protest is getting mixed reviews. >> i say why not. the awesome opportunity for all generations to be together and understand where we're going in this world. >> maybe the approach was not
6:35 am
the best but they're expressing themselves. >> dozens of people were arrested during that event. uc berkeley is testing out the idea of dropping the s.a.t. and a.c.t. exams from the admission requirements. that is according to two top university administrators, including carol crist. research convinced him the performance on the test is strongly influenced by factors like family income. parent's education and race and using them as a basis for admission seams unfair. the cal state system is reviewing the use of standardized tests. >> and stanford university purchased an apartment complex to house employees working at a new campus nearby. the recently constructed complex has 175 units from studios to bedrooms. the university plans to give priority to staff and post doctoral students. the purchase price is not
6:36 am
disclosed. a few months ago, the property had an assessed value of $48 million. >> a lot of kind-hearted folks gathered to offer struggling families much needed help. the holiday season >> the event of hope. it involved food and other assistance for working class families. >> we came here to get there and go deep. >> reporter: hope comes in many forms. for the 9-year-old esteban, it was a new pair of shoes and a bite to eat. >> my mom went to mexico. we're by ourselves and don't have going to seat or something. >> reporter: they were one of more than 5,000 people to take part in the convoy of hope at the san jose giants ballpark outside of downtown. families could get free haircuts or a shower or a checkup to a dentist. >> less stress. yeah.
6:37 am
it'sit's a big burden. >> reporter: they're parents to seven children. when he lost a good-paying job two years ago, he feared for the family's future. >> and filling their needs. it's things that back then, we all had it. insurance and all of this stuff. you were able to do these things. >> reporter: the non-profit convoy of hope partnered with local churches and volunteers to organize and staff the event, providing food, services and something often and equally short supply among struggling families. hope and proof that people care enough to help. >> in some ways, it breaks your heart. it's hard for people to make ends meet and not only is it humbling, but it's a joy to help them. >> and each family leaves with two bags of groceries and referrals to services that they might need. the really defensing thing. there was a lot of families and a lot of families struggling. you feel for the parents who c
6:38 am
feels like. he has seven children. >> seven. >> and oh, my goodness. you're going to the season where it's thankful for what you have and they don't have that much. it's wonderful that something like that exists. >> absolutely. and still to come, holiday ads during halloween. consumers are coping with the christmas creep. you know when you're at ross and your new fall look just keeps getting better?eses
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and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. . i have a lot of feelings about the next story. it seems like christmas advertising and the decorations against my wishes. get earlier and earlier every year. >> i say circle december 15th on the calendar. that is a perfect time to start. >> and you're later than me. >> mid-detective is. >> as stove reports, the public seems to be divided on whether it's a good think this. >> reporter: for many pe, decking the halls while still lit is unthinkable. >> and back in, i don't know,
6:42 am
october. it was weird. >> reporter: for some shoppers, it's never too early to get in the spirit. >> we bought stuff for christmas. they were running pre-christmas sale or preblack friday sale, which i bought a few presents. >> reporter: according to the national retail fed remarks 40% of consumers -- federation, 40% of consumers begin their shopping before halloween. retailers respond. >> many have started offering promotions earlier in the season and some as early as halloween. >> reporter: there is good reason for the so-called christmas creep. >> a longer shopping season gets consumers more time. it gets them time to browse and find items they really want. >> reporter: more enthusiasm around shopping translates into more spending. the nrf forecast holiday retail sales to hit nearly $730 billion over november and december. yet even with the christmas creep, the five days between thanksgiving and cybermonday will be the busy yesterday shopping days of the year.
6:43 am
>> and it's projecting an estimated 14 million consumers will shop on black friday and that is still the biggest shopping day out of that entire weekend. >> reporter: whether you're an early bird or strict after turkey day traditional west, it's ticking. for consumer watch, i'm steve nanes. and devon is the 15th of december. i am the day after thanksgiving. that is like a hard rule. i have a bet with my husband. he owes me $10 and christmas reference before there. weigh-in on the facebook page. i would love to hear you what you think. let's go to the weather. it doesn't feel like christmas but feels like fall. the temperatures are still cool in the 30s. 35 degrees and holding. santa rosa and in livermore, 38 degrees. the temperatures will climb and be mild by the afternoon. there is a cool down, though, around the holiday. and it feels festive toward the middle end of next week and
6:44 am
that is thanks to the low pressure system. before that moves in, we'll deal with the high pressure system. the last 24 hours, started to build into the coast line. as it does so, we will see fire conditions returning on monday as a result of offshore winds. the low humidity, dry fuel out there and let's move the next 48 hours, as far as the wind gusts are concerned. moving into monday. you can see the colors start to light up. into the afternoon hours, popping into the double digits in the valley floor and not at the peaks. we could see gusts up to 40 miles an hour. we're moving into tuesday as that cold front starts to really move in. that is what is bringing the holiday rain chance. seeing a half an inch to an inch 1/2 of rain. starting earlier in the north bay. i will show you that in just a moment. the heaviest is tuesday
6:45 am
overnight. it will be mild and clear. windy before the rain chlier temperatures on the back end ever that. the next. hours, nice and clear into the afternoon evening hours and more so with that offshore flow on monday. before tuesday, watch as the clouds come in and we see the rain coming through. we should have most of us by the evening commute, see some form of presipitation in marin and the santa cruz mountains, seeing significant numbers and wednesday, showers behind that. of course, yawn here means snow in the sierra and we have a winter storm watch in affect. about 2500 feet. you're travel will be impacted, likely chain restrictions and potential closures. we'll see at the peaks, potentially several feet of
6:46 am
snow above 4,000 feet. it will look nice and like a thanksgiving holiday in the sierra. the high temperatures today, not going to get much warmer than say 71 degrees in fairfield, santa rosa, cooler, closer to the water. and mid-60s. the coolest is the low 60s and that seven-day forecast, shows today being the last day of the mild temperatures before things start to cool off tomorrow. and we do have that offshore wind and fire threat returning on monday. as clouds start to move into our forecast on tuesday. moving from the north to the south and that is when that rain begins. wednesday is going to be a showery, soggy commute for the holiday traffic before we might see some showers on thanksgiving. certainly, it's going to feel like the holidays on the back end of the weather system as the temperatures really start to cool down. >> and for those of us who like to snowboarded, inexpertly but snowboarded, snow, too. >> and absolutely some snow. they have been doing a bit of artificial snow making up in the mountains. so, if you're heading up there,
6:47 am
first off, drive carefully and enjoy it. there will be plenty of the white stuff. and coming up soon on sunday morning, the annual food issue. it's got plenty of food for thought, including a story of rock star jon bon jovi's other calling. he takes us inside his restaurant that gives the homeless a warm meal and helping hand. he gave correspondent tracey smith a special tour. >> reporter: for most people, red bank is another stop on the new jersey rail line. here, just a few fight from the lumbering train cars is a place that almost feels like home. >> hi, how are you all? >> hi, denise. >> hello. >> oh, hi. >> hi. >> reporter: this is the jbj soul kitchen. cooking up classic farm-to- table cuisine five days a week. fancy stuff. but for the needy, it's not so much a restaurant as a refuge. >> we're right by the train
6:48 am
tracks. >> the train goes by so much. you don't notice it. and yes, the jbj in the name stands for jon bon jovi. he cofounded the place eight years ago, turning what used to be an auto body repair shop into a place where no one is ever turned away. >> over here. >> did you deliberately build it on the wrong side of the tracks? >> well, we didn't build it on the tracks. >> reporter: and here's how it works. there are no prices on the menu. diners are asked to pay a $20 donation covering their meal and someone else's meal, too. if you can't donate money, you can donate service like washing dishes in exchanging for your supper. >> what motivates you guys to do this? >> the question should be asked is why am i doing this interview? i don't look doing interviews. we want someone watching this
6:49 am
to do this. >> jon bon jovi and a look at whether certain foods can help treat depression and a taco stand and a tribute to tupperware. jane paula with the sunday morning issue later this morn. and still to come, an effort to curve something that devastates too many dog owners. what is being done to reduce cases of cancer involving people's pets. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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carnival. choose fun. . it's estimated that one in three dogs will develop cancer at some point. i didn't know this. it's the leading cause of death in dogs. >> some bay area pets are among 800 across the country participating in a new study to prevent it. the results could one day help humans, too. >> reporter: at the uc davis veterinary hospital in the small animal clinic. >> let with the knees. >> reporter: meet max. >> all right, buddy. >> he's healthy and six years old. >> yes, thanks. >> reporter: turns out this bingal is a big -- bothel is a
6:52 am
big pioneer. -- beagel is a big pioneer. >> for us, it was in the name of science. >> reporter: he's enrolled in a major new study, the largest clinical trial conducted for canine cancer. the hope. >> can we prevent cancer in healthy dogs. >> reporter: by using an experimental vaccine. it target says roughly 30 abnormal proteins found on the surface of different kinds of cancer cells. max first gets a shave on the back leg. then. >> ready. >> that is all it took. dog cookies quickly followed. >> who is a good boy? >> good boy. >> reporter: once injected, the vaccine aims to work in a similar fashion as the flu or measle shot. it primes a healthy dog's e mound system to be on alert. >> so they can identify and kill the cancer cells before they can blow up into a full- blown tumor. >> reporter: vet nair oncology said unlike some immunotherapy
6:53 am
strategies that focus on treating noticeable tumors. >> we're trying to get the immune system to recognize them earlier in the process. >> their teeth are beautiful. >> reporter: in the trial, dogs are randomized to get a series of the real vaccine or placebo. no one knows who gets what. max will be checked two to three times a year for five years. >> he's getting excellent treatment. >> reporter: renee is his owner. >> immediately, we knew we wanted to get him enrolled in the program. >> why? >> at home, max has a best friend, another beagle named lucy. lucy has mast cell cancer, the most common skin tumor found on dogs. she's been on surgery and treatment. >> we go have gone through it with lice and would be nice to have him not go through that, too. >> not all dog owners have the ability to seek cancer treatment when a pet dog is diagnosed. if this works, hopefully fewer families will be faced with a
6:54 am
tough choice. >> i can't imagine not having them in our life. >> reporter: dr. burton said if the vaccine works, then cancer specialists will look into whether a similar approach may benefit humans. >> cancer affects everybody. it affects loved ones whether they have two or four legs. >> reporter: julia goodrich, kpix 5. >> uc davis is know woke of three sites testing the vaccine, the only one in california. >> the trial is open to healthy dogs. we posted information if you're interested. we'll be right back.
6:55 am
. well, time now is 6:55. and time for a look at this morning's top stories. >> police are trying to find out who shot two boys outside of an elementary school in union city. both boys died of their wounds yesterday and shot as they were in a van before 1:30 yesterday morning. the parking lot of the elementary school. police say there does not appear to be a connection
6:56 am
between the shooting and the school. >> in los angeles county, hundreds attended a service yesterday for the victim of a high school shooting in santa clarita. gracie mileberger was one of two students fatally shot november 14th at saugus high school. the suspected gunman, who was also a student, died of a self- inflicted gun wound. >> and a man suspected of shooting a county sheriff to death in am alabama is in custody this morning. the sheriff noticed big john williams was shot and killed at a gas station in hainville while responding to a call last night. and as more people file claims against pg&e over wildfires caused by equipment, there is growing concern among the plaintiffs they will receive smaller payouts. under the embattled utilities bankruptcy plan, it agreed to pay $8.4 billion to the people affected by the fires. as the number of claims grows, the amount of pg&es total payout remains the same. and this is a live look at
6:57 am
the bay bridge. some lanes are expected to be closed until 9 this morning. some will be closed again at 9 tonight. and let's take a look. we have the weather and there are changes ahead. one of them is on monday. and we have offshore winds, dry fuels and it's gusto monday. it will start to cool down and that will brung some moisture on tuesday. we'll so anything from a half an inch to an inch 1/2 of rain depending on where you are tuesday and wednesday. showers on thursday for thanksgiving chilly during the day. the biggest travel day of the year, and you're going to need to give yourself extra time. the roadways are wet and there is also a winter storm warning in affect for the sierra. >> thank you for joining us. cbs sunday mopping with jane
6:58 am
paula is next. >> enjoy the rest of your sunday. see you next week.
6:59 am
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