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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  November 26, 2019 3:12am-3:42am PST

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military dog who cornered the leader of isis. our exclusive interview with a grieving grandfather charged in the death of his granddaughter on a cruise ship. >> i saw her fall. i saw her fall. >> o'donnell: gone in a flash like the scene from a movie. thieves swipe rare gems from a museum and make a clean getaway. and call it grateful on the gridiron. the children of paradise, california, bonded by fire, undefeated at football. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell. >> o'donnell: good evening, and thank you for joining us. as we come on the air tonight, there are several late-breaking headlines, including an exclusive interview with the secretary of the navy who was just fired. also a federal court has just ruled that the president is not above the law and cannot stop his aides from testifying before congress. but we're going to begin tonight
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with two storms, one that the national weather service says is dangerously strong and unprecedented. both could ruin thanksgiving travel plans for tens of millions. snow is falling right now in salt lake city, the leading edge of a storm that will dump about a foot of snow there by the holiday. more than two-thirds of americans could be hit by powerful wind, rain, or snow. wcbs' lonnie quinn has the latest forecast, but first adriana diaz is at chicago's o'hare airport. adriana, this is shaping up to be quite a rough holiday getaway. >> reporter: that's right, norah. as the snow moves east, most cancellations could be in denver and minneapolis. and as you mentioned, a second storm hits tomorrow night out oust, bringing more snow and headaches. this week's highway havoc started early in washington state where a semi jackknifed into a ditch. the first of two monster storms heading east also sidelined travel plans outside salt lake city, where a car slid into a
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ravine and only 4x4s and tires with chains were allowed on these roads. 50 million people from california to michigan are under winter weather alerts. a.a.a. expects record-breaking driving delays on wednesday. the congestion is due in part to 1.6 million more thanksgiving travelers this year than last year, says molly hart with a.a.a. auto club group. >> we are anticipating that there will be record-high travel delays, up to four times higher than normal throughout the country and in major metropolitan areas. >> reporter: the view from above may not be better. t.s.a. lines like these today at newark are already clogged, and today's the best day for air travel, making for a thankless trek to thanksgiving. adriana diaz, cbs news, chicago. >> o'donnell: wcbs' lonnie quinn is here with the latest on the storm. lonnie, this is going to get worse, right? >> reporter: without a doubt. there will be big problems on
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the big travel day, thanksgiving, as well. we're watching this low pressure system around the four corners. you heard adriana talk about maybe 6 to 12 inches of snow near denver. then it pushes up toward the chicago area and detroit and minneapolis with precipitation, snow on the western side, rain on the eastern side, but everybody dealing with wind. winds will delay aircraft as much as precipitation almost the snow around denver ends up putting that swath of 6 to 12 inches anywhere from denver, follow that purple trail, all the way through omaha, minneapolis, green bay. snow is an issue, as well, but it's the winds. i believe the winds will be the telltale of this particular system. as it makes its way into say the area around the great lakes, this is wednesday night, big getaway time, right? well, the airports are dealing with big winds anywhere from, you know, minneapolis, green bay, chicago, detroit, indianapolis. then it pushes toward the east owd gets to new york city. that low goes off shore, and now it blows up. now we have winds that could be really gusting strong out there. the balloons in the thanksgiving day parade could be affected. if they are gusting at 34mph,
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they're either lowered close to the ground or they don't fly at all. this year we think it will be blowing around 41. i think it will be a problem. the last time we didn't have balloons in the parade, 1971. norah. >> o'donnell: lonnie, thank you. now a cbs news exclusive. es extraordinarily blunt message from the outgoing navy secretary in his first interview since being fired. richard spencer was ousted yesterday after going against the president and the secretary of defense. in the case of edward gallagher, a navy seal at the center of a war crimes case. spencer's last day was today, but david martin tells us he's not going quietly. >> reporter: leaving the pentagon after being fired, secretary of the navy, richard spencer told cbs news he is not the only casualty of president trump's decision to intervene in the case of navy seal edward gallagher. what were the ramifications of intervening in that review process? >> what message does that send to the troops? >> reporter: well, what message does it send? >> that you can get away with things. we have to have good order and discipline. it's the backbone of what we do.
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>> reporter: president trump said he stopped the navy from taking away the trident pin, which identifies gallagher as a navy seal, in order to stand up for warriors on the battlefield. >> they wanted to take his pin away. i said, no, you're not going to take it away. he's a great fighter. we're going to protect our war fighters. >> i don't think he understands the full definition of a war fighter. a war fighter is a profession of arms. and a profession of arms has to be standards that they have to be held to and they hold themselves to. >> reporter: gallagher will be retired as a seal despite being convicted of dishonoring the uniform by posing with the body of a dead isis fighter, but spencer is out of a job. speaking off camera, defense secretary mark esper said he fired spencer for going behind his back to try to work out a deal with the president. >> secretary spencer had proposed a deal whereby if the president allowed the navy to handle the case he would guarantee that eddie gallagher would be restored to rank, allowed to retain his trident
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and permitted to retire. >> reporter: spencer says that was because esper was traveling overseas. >> i will take the bad on me for not letting him know i did that but he was informed because his chief of staff was briefed on it. >> reporter: spencer said he was trying to head off an order from president trump, which as he put it in his resignation letter, "i cannot in good conscience obey." what did you mean? >> well, what do i stand for as secretary of navy? good order and discipline of the united states navy. that's a prime tenet. this, in fact, erodes that. >> reporter: what's wrong with following a lawful order from the commander-in-chief? >> nothing. everyone should follow a lawful order. that's good order and dicould not in my conscience do this. >> reporter: spencer no longer has a government limo, so he was driven away from the pentagon by his wife. after spencer's firing was announced, a post appeared on the edward and andrea gallagher instagram page. it showed a picture of a dumpster fire with a caption that read, "the current state of navy leadership."
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gallagher is set to retire from the navy this weekend. norah. >> o'donnell: david, thank you. more breaking news. a federal judge has just ruled that former white house counsel don mcgahn must testify before congress. now, this is a potential game changer in the impeachment inquiry. paula reid is at the white house and has been reading through this 120-page ruling as quickly as she can. but paula, break down, what's the significance of this? >> reporter: norah, this long- awaited decision is a win for democrats, because it effectively pierces the white house's long-standing effort to block current and former officials from cooperating with house investigators. and norah in reading through this, i was struck that the judge specifically said that no matter how busy or essential a presidential aide might be, the president cannot excuse that official from complying with the law. but cbs news has learned that the justice department intends to appeal this ruling, so this decision, which many democrats tonight are celebrating, may just be a temporary win.
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>> o'donnell: paula, this not only affects the former white house counsel, don mcgahn, does hnis mean we could hear from other top administration officials who have refused to testify to congress? >> reporter: that's the big question tonight: will this apply to, for example, acting chief of staff mick mulvaney or atrmer national security adviser john bolton? a source familiar with mulvaney's legal strategy tells me he will not comply with any of these decisions. his team believes that if executive privilege applies to anyone it's mick mulvaney. but it's still a question as to whether this will impact john bolton. he's recently reemerged on twitter. he seems to be man with homething to say, but so far his lawyer has not replied to my questions about whether they intend to comply with this. ultimately this is a question, norah that could go all the way to the supreme court. >> o'donnell: a significant development tonight. thank you, paula. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg kicked off his presidential campaign today in virginia by saying he's going to spend his own money to beat president trump. ed o'keefe has more on
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bloomberg's late start in the race. bloomburg's untraditional campaign with a pretty traditional first campaign stop, chatting up the locals at a virginia diner. >> order one of each. >> reporter: and justifying his late entry to reporters. >> i think that there is a greater risk of having donald trump reelected than there was before, and in the end i looked in the mirror and said, i just cannot let this happen. >> reporter: the 77-year-old former new york mayor has a daunting task. in a cbs news poll released shortly before he entered the race, one in five democrats in early voting states said they would consider him, but more than twice as many said they wouldn't. >> he could have just been the middle-class kid who made good. >> reporter: so he's spending a record $35 million on a week- long ad campaign to introduce himself to voters. bloomberg has also set aside $100 million for digital ads enrgeting the president. all this money will come from
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his own pocket. he won't accept any campaign contributions. his fellow candidates aren't impressed. >> mayor bloomberg, who has decided to use part of his $55 billion not to buy a yacht, not to buy another home, not to buy a fancy car, but to buy the united states government. >> reporter: bloomberg plans to skip the first four voting states and focus instead on the 14 states voting on super tuesday in early march. iowa and new hampshire get plenty of attention, but super tuesday states will be awarding about one-third of all the delegates needed to win the democratic nomination, norah. >> o'donnell: proof this race is never boring. thank you, ed. conan, the delta force dog, made a surprise rose garden appearance with the president today, who hailed him as a tough cookie for his role in the raid that killed isis leader al- baghdadi last month. conan was hurt in the operation. his treat for being a good dog was a medal and a plaque from the president. he probably would have been happier with a bone.
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tonight, britain's prince andrew has all but disappeared from public life. there's news now that the queen is taking control of the situation. this after andrew's widely panned bbc interview about his relationship with late convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein. roxana saberi tonight has the latest. >> reporter: as the scandal engulfs prince andrew, buckingham palace tells cbs news ro's stepping back from the more than 200 charities he's involved in, at least for now. the move appears drastic but aimed at stopping a growing number of organizations from dropping him first. backlash has been building since the prince's bbc interview when he responded to claims by one of jeffrey epstein's accusers, virginia roberts giuffre, that she had underage sex with the prince three times. >> i have no recollection of ever meeting this lady. none whatsoever. >> you don't remember meeting her? >> no. >> reporter: since then, prince andrew has said he'll cooperate with law enforcement agencies investigating epstein.
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now the f.b.i. wants to interview him says royal correspondent roya nikkah. >> if he's ever got a hope of clearing his name, he's going to have to speak to law enforcement agencies who then will have to kind of say, yes, nothing else to see here. >> reporter: but the damage has been done. queen elizabeth is now reportedly cancelling a big party in february celebrating the prince's 60th birthday. british media are also reporting that prince charles, heir to the throne, is ready to ban his beleaguered brother from royal duties for life. norah? >> o'donnell: roxana, thank you. today police in los angeles shot and killed a man who was armed with a machete. an officer opened fire when the suspect charged at him holding the foot-long blade. police say the man first robbed an auto parts store, then carjacked a vehicle at a chick- fil-a restaurant after crashing into two police cars he tried to get away, which led to the deadly confrontation. now to another cbs news exclusive. a grandfather from indiana is speaking out tonight in his
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first interview after being hit with criminal charges in the death of his granddaughter. just 18 months old. they were on a cruise in puerto rico when the girl slipped from his grasp and fell more than ten stories from a window. salvatore anello is now charged with negligent homicide for what he says was an accident. well, late today he sat down with david begnaud for "cbs this morning." >> i remember trying to find her on the floor, and then i saw her fall. i saw her fall all the way down. i saw her fall, and it was just disbelief. i was like, oh, my god. and i think for a while i was in shock. i was just standing there. and then i just remember screaming that i thought there was glass. i thought there was glass there. i kind of relive it all the time, and i... i just thought
3:26 am
there was glass there. i don't know what else to tell you. >> i don't know if there is a feeling more helpless than watching her fall. >> no. it seems like it's all not real. she's such a beautiful little girl. perfect little girl. >> o'donnell: you can see david's exclusive and emotional interview with salvatore anello tomorrow on "cbs this morning." there is still much more ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." how thieves stealing rare, valuable gems from a museum in a matter of minutes. and a fire wiped out their homes. football brought the town back together. 5% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast! life isn't a straight line.
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>> reporter: by the time the police showed up within minutes of the 5:00 a.m. heist, the thieves had vanished. but here they are on security camera video, armed with flashlights and an ax. one repeatedly smashes the glass until it shatters. and this is the sumptuous room they hit. known as the green vault, it holds one of the largest treasure collections in europe, priceless paintings, sculpture, and plenty of gold. but the robbers were after one thing, millions of dollars worth of diamonds in 18th century settings. the police say it was a sophisticated hit. first, a fire was started nearby to knock out streetlights and the alarm system. then the thieves broke through an iron grill and a window. their getaway car was later found torched. curators and art lovers are devastated, but they are
3:30 am
grateful for one thing, something the thieves didn't get, a rare 41-carat green diamond. by an amazing stroke of luck, it's sitting safely in new york, on loan to the metropolitan museum of art. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >> o'donnell: still ahead, the latest on supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg's condition. is that ireland...1953? how did you know? mom...that was taken at the farm. it was in this small little village. in connemara? right! connemara it is. honestly, we went there- oh, oh look at that! look at that. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture now might not be the best time to ask yourself
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four times, including twice in the past year. >> o'donnell: supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg was back at work today after spending two nights at a baltimore hospital. ginsburg, who is 86, had chills and a fever. she was given antibiotics for a possible infection. she has been treated for cancer four times, including twice in the past year. also it's the first night of freedom for three men who spent 36 years behind bars for a crime they did not commit. alfred chestnut, ransom watkins and andrew stewart, jr., were teenagers when they were arrested on thanksgiving in 1983 and later convicting of
3:34 am
murdering a 14-year-old boy. newly uncovered evidence points to a different gunman and the innocent men finally went free tonight, just in time to celebrate this thanksgiving with their loved ones. next, let's hear it for paradise. up from the ashes to the friday night lights. you don't let a cold ruin your day. you take dayquil severe liquicaps
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>> o'donnell: one year ago today, crews finally extinguished the camp fire in paradise, california. flames tore the community apart, but friday night lights brought it back together. here's jonathan vigliotti. [cheering] >> reporter: the undefeated bobcats of paradise may have been playing in top-seeded eagles territory, but you wouldn't have known it from the crowd. >> defense! >> if you look at the stands, the whole town of paradise is here. >> reporter: here to watch the team play for more than just a title. >> we have something to prove. since 95% of paradise was erased by the camp fire, the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california's history. 86 people died. >> and the front door would be right there.
3:39 am
>> reporter: 37 of 40 bobcat players lost their homes, including fullback lucas hartley. little has been rebuilt. schools, cafes, and churches, the heart of the town, buried in the dirt. somehow the football field survived, an oasis in the ash. >> it is definitely -- this brings everybody together. we have so much more to play for than just football. >> reporter: under friday night lights, the bobcats won. next up, the division championships. >> it shows where our roots are. it's like planting a tree. >> reporter: a football team replanting paradise in the ashes. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, los angeles. >> o'donnell: that's why we said they are grateful for the gridiron. that is the "cbs evening news." i'm norah o'donnell. i'll see you back here tomorrow. good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ca ♪ >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." >> i'm meg oliver. we have more news to tell you about this morning, starting with your holiday travel plans. 27 million americans are expected to take to the skies over the thanksgiving holiday, and nearly all will pass through security checkpoints. that's no fun for anyone, including the security agents, but new technology could soon speed the line. kris van cleave has the story from los angeles international airport.bu e 3.2 million people to pass through its checkpoints for thanksgiving. that's a record. and look, the tsa knows this is
3:41 am
no one's favorite part of the travel experience, but what they're looking at is the possible checkpoint of the future of one u.s. airport. that could change. they're also working with researchers to develop sensors that could be tucked inside of checkpoints aimed at spotting explosives, and that's something you and i will probably never actually see. in a field outside providence university of rhode island researchers are working on new ways to detect and stop explosives popular with terrorists. >> one. >> reporter: they're partnering with the department of homeland security on this sensor. they call it a digital dog nose. it will soon be the size of a cell phone, or able to be mounted on a drone and can detect homemade explosives as well as better than a bomb-sniffing dog. they've also created a gel called schmoo that can surround a explosive and flash freeze it. professor jenny oxley. >> we talk about how to detect
3:42 am
and mitigate the threats for today. while we're steal realizing if we get really good about getting today's threats, there is going to be a different threat tomorrow. what would that look like, and how would we attack it. >> reporter: 2700 miles away at this new aircraft checkpoint in las vegas, the tsa's new technology is being tested together for the first time with real passengers. they call it their innovation checkpoint. >> this is a glimpse into the future of what aviation security is going to look like. >> reporter: jose venilla is the director of the innovation task force. >> what we're trying to do is how do we make that a more seamless process for the traveling public, but not giving up on security capability. what you see here may not be here in a year. we may bring in new pieces of technology. >> reporter: as passengers approach this innovation checkpoint, they'll see dynamic message boards. next, new id readers can scan your license to quickly validate your identity and confirm you're flying that day without needing to show officers your boarding
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pass. from there, carry-on


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