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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 28, 2019 7:00am-8:58am PST

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warm mashed potatoes or good morning to our viewer in the west. happy thanksgiving, i am michelle miller and gayle king and anthony mason and tony dokoupil are off. >> north korea launches two more missiles towards japan while china protesest president trump decision to back the movement in hong kong. >> climate change threatening the world's most famous sparkling wine. >> hear from the college basketball player who scored a giant upset and wins big after a
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hurricane. it is november 28th, here is today's eye opener. >> 12 marching bands and nearly a thousand clowns and 46 floats. . what's the coolest part so far? >> watching him blow up. heading into sunday as all is trying to get back home, we have a big storm across the east. the new york time is reporting the inspector general did not find any evidence that the fbi tried spy on president trump. >> president trump is spending his time having worthless investigation taken place. >> a chemical plant rocked the neighborhood in north texas. angry reaction in china.
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former president jimmy carter is now back at home just in time for thanksgiving. he was released from the hospital yesterday. >> all that. >> president trump tweeting this photo on rocky balboa's body. >> show us your gorgeous chest. >> i love doing this every year. >> he opens it up and poke a hole in the bottom. >> jose andre trying to teach stephen colbert trying to cook for the holiday. >> don't dcome to thanksgiving t my house. >> according to new research, 70% of young americans prefer celebrating friends-giving over a traditional thanksgiving with family. depending on what kind of f-- e
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presented by toyota.fair, lucli our folks. friends-giving is fun, too. >> the weather is a big issue for millions of us but it will not interfere with one of america's thanksgiving traditions. there are high winds alert across the northeast and some areas expecting gusts up to 50 miles per hour. the macy's thanksgiving day parade here in new york is flying its famous big balloons. the route runs 46 blocks to manhattan, 34erth street organize organizers announced moments ago
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that the parade will go as plan. errol barnett is live. >> reporter: good morning, the good news is nypd have decided to let the balloons soared. there are no credible security u have milliofplehe parade anxie all the balloons that make today so special. >> it is magical for them to see them go from the ground all the way up into the air. >> i think this is better than school. i came here because i want to see the balloons. >> reporter: millions of fans are lining the street of new york city to see the iconic parade balloons fly high in the sky. >> it all depends on the strength of the winds. the nypd, chief of patrol says they are watching closely of high winds.
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>> reporter: each one will have its own police sergeant assigned to it to make sure it is safe and secure along the route. >> reporter: the weather against these massive balloons could be dangerous. >> it snapped off and came around and hit the people. >> reporter: in 1997, four people were hurt including a woman who spent a month in coma after strong winds through the cat and the hat balloon in to the metal pole. in 2005, an m&m balloon knocked off street lamps and left people with cuts and bruises. >> about 12,000 police officers are lining the 2.5 mile parade route and along with the explosive detection canines. that's 135 cameras and detection drones throughout the entire route.
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we need everybody to have their eyes and ears out. >> reporter: now the nypd does have patrol cars blocking the route. you do have many interesting floats. behind me you may be able to recognize the '80s pop star debbie gibson. many young folks and families are out here, the police want to keep everybody happy and safe. >> happy thanksgiving errol. in the west, another big storm is moving into the southern rockies and the great plains. jeff berardelli is with us. good morning. >> all these storms are moving towards the east. it is going to be a busy next few days across the united states. we have a coast to coast storm shaping up. this one right here smacked right into the oregon of
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california coast a couple of days ago. wind gusts to 160 miles per hour. can you believe that? storm is not as strong anymore. it is huge and it had a double jet stream structure forcing all that moisture north. it is going to be very busy with all that moisture moving into a lot of cold air. if you are a skier and loving it, one, two, three feet of snow for the inner mountain west. let's take it day by day. that's the situation today with all the storm in the west. if you are skiing on friday in utah and down in new mexico and colorado, it is going to be great. the storm becomes a blizzard for the upper midwest. on sunday, this is a big system across the great lakes, could be an ice storm for the interior part of the northeast and as we round out into nerxt week with the potential of significant snow in the northeast that could include boston and suburbs new
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york city, busy travel few days ahead. >> the bad weather could make treacherous driving conditions for many drivers that remains br brutal in parts of the west because of a powerful storm that left people stranded earlier this week. the main highway there, interstate 5 fully reopened, transportation, kris van cleave has been tracking the holiday rush. >> reporter: travelers making their way closer to thanksgiving meals, they pay harsh weather across the country. two storms dump heavy snow in the west and brought winds and rain to the east on wednesday. >> people are in a rush. take it easy. many drivers in minnesota spent the day digging out and crashes and spin out and tied up traffic for miles. the weather also caused delays at airports, nearly 4.5 million americans were expected to fly this thanksgiving holiday.
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>> i wake up at 4:00 a.m. and i got here an hour early. >> reporter: amtrak has more trains operating at its major hubs. >> you are going to find extra staffs and stations and extra trains and capacity. >> reporter: most americans are hitting the road like we did. we are on the move from downtown boston. an early start did not save us from running into traffic on interstate 95 on our track to d.c. not even going 20 miles per hour right now. >> a trip should not taken about an hour, took about 2 to 2.5 hours. >> reporter: it is around 400 and 40 miles per hour. this was not a good day. this was the day before thanksgiving. it took more than 11 hours but we have just now finally crossed into washington. from cbs this morning, kris van cleave, washington. >> we have some breaking news
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from south korea. south korea's military says north korea launched two short range missiles towards japan. they were reported fired from north korea's eastern region right into the sea of japan. japan's prime minister is calling it a threat to japan and it is also a threat to the international community. >> reporter: this comes as the 13th projectile launched. the move to be attempt by the north to make nuclear talks which have been in a deep freeze. meanwhile north korean ally, china is reacting furiously to a move by u.s. president trump. >> antigovernment protesters are celebrating what they call a moral victory after the
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president signed the hong kong human rights and democracy act. that law passed with a veto proof bipartisan majority in both the house and senate allows the white house to sanction chinese and hong kong officials and organizations based in the foreign colony if civil liberties are violated. this morning china summoned the u.s. ambassador to protest that move. from cbs this morning. seoul. a massive fire is still burning in southern texas after an explosion in a chemical plant. a second blast rattled the city yesterday afternoon. the initial explosion hit early yesterday morning and felt up to 30 miles per hour away. tens of thousands of people have been told to evacuate, omar is in texas with a look at the
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devastation. >> reporter: just hours after a massive blast tore through the refri refinery wednesday morning. evacuations of 60,000 people within a 4 miles radius of the plant. putting many residents' thanksgiving plans on hold. >> i had a turkey in the oven. >> lit up the whole entire sky. >> reporter: the first blast happened just after mid night in an area of the plant that produces a highly flammable chemical used to make synthetic products. it was fell 30 miles per hour and blew out windows and doors and near by homes. throw workers were hurt during the explosion. all been treated and released. a series of smaller explosions occurred throughout the day. >> it puts a lot of fears in a lot of families because their
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husbands and wives working in these refineries. >> reporter: texas have seen massive fires in five chemical plants this year. in april, northeast of houston, killed one person and seriously injured two. a loss of power at the plant is preventing investigators from estimating how long the fire will last. >> it is horrific when you realize what forest took the front door and put it in your living room. we are thankful we are all safe. we have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. from cbs this morning. to politics in impeachment inquiry, president trump is likely to reject the democrats' offer to appear in the house committee. the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, discussed lucrative business deals with ukrainian officials while he was working with them to investigate joe biden and his son hunter.
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weijia jiang. >> reporter: good morning. how much is unfolded with the president knowledge are essential in the house. many witnesses have already testified under congress that it was rudy giuliani leading the administration campaign to pressure ukraine to announce investigations into the president's political rivals. rudy giuliani has denied that he tried to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars from private business deals with ukrainian officials. >> he's acknowledging that he did consider working for one company. in a statement on wednesday, his lawyer says bottom line he did not seek any business and turned down the business that saw giuli
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ukrainian officials came pursuing damaging information about the bidens. >> reporter: president trump defended rudy giuliani. while also claiming he did not send rudy giuliani to ukraine. >> i didn't direct him. he's a warrior. rudy is a warrior. rudy went and possibly - >> reporter: eu ambassador gordon sondland describes rudy giuliani as the master mind of pressuring ukraine to investigate the bidens. >> i followed the directions of the president. we worked with mr. rudy giuliani because the president directed us to do so. >> reporter: president trump found out about the whistleblower's complaint in late august. before he released aid to ukra a sourcese to the preside sws t aids release was not connected to the whistleblower's complaint
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because he waited at least 11 days. democrats say it shows the opposite. >> a lot of scrambling went on th ts including the ultimate aid itself. >> we have not seen president trump during his break down here in florida. he does have one public event today. last year the same event turned into a free reeling news conference so michelle, you never know he may chime into rudy giuliani or whatever else he feels like talking about. >> it is true. you never know, weijia, thank you. three navy seal linked to the case of edward gallagher. president trump ordered his rank to be restored. the secretary of the navy elled view boards for the
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three seals. those pins identify them as navy seals former navy secretary richard spencer who was fired over his refusal in stopping the investigation into gallagher. in a new op-ed. "the president has little understanding for what it means to be in the military to fight ethically or governed of rules and practices." jimmy carter is spending thanksgiving at home after his latest hospital stay. the 39th president was released in atlanta hospital after surgery for bleeding around his brain. a spokesperson says he'll continue to recover at home in georgia. mr. carter was injured three times this year after falling. at age 95, he's the oldest living president in u.s. history. >> happy thanksgiving mr. president. >> one of the world's most
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popular wine is being threaten by climate c is. bundle up. a full lynnering showers possible as we head through the afternoon. but also catching some sunshine. it is going to be a cold night tonight into tomorrow morning. and any few showers are possible for tomorrow for black friday. here we go for the by tame highs. we-- does look like a wet weekend ahead.
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weav much more news ahead.uch more news the player who beat the buzzer, talks about winning massive support. meet some of the thousands of people who gathered to celebrate christmas movies hallmark style. we are keeping an eye on our biggest thanksgiving parade. we'll have a preview of the nfl action that follows the show. good football today. >> yes, it is. go bills! it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey. so chantix can help you quit slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first
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ahead in our "a more perfect union" series, meet a woman who started her own foo a woman who started their own food pantry that's free to anyone in the neighborhood. the mistake that led to a thanksgiving tradition between a total stranger. you are local news is next.
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good morning. it is 7:26. i'm kenny choi. investigators are trying to find a missing woman on the two grandchildren hoe has been raising. fairfield police say that 75- year-old has been raising nine- year-old jaden and 7-year-old kataliah hill since the kids' parent were killed in a car accident in 2012. young's sudden disappearance is out of character. police trying to track three thieves who stole several bicycles in campbell. the trio were captured in
7:27 am
surveillance video stealing bicycles from an apartment. and happy thanksgiving, kenny. we are starting off date with childy temperatures. definitely bundle up for sure with that winter gear. we are down to 33 for santa rosa. 37 in-soles as well as livermore. 42 in san francisco. weather headlines looking at a few lingering showers this afternoon and also catching some sunshine as we go through the day. going to be a cold night ahead into tomorrow morning. a freeze warning for the north bay valleys and mountains tonight through tomorrow morning and a frost advisory for the north bay coat as well as the east bay and santa clara. spotty showers but catching a bit of sunshine but check at the daytime highs today. 10degrees below average. upper 40s and low 50s. it does look wet as we head into the weekend. >>lcback, herewh"cbs this morni"
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>> millions turned out for the thanksgiving parade. >> every year we are here. when the kids didn't want to come, my husband and i came by ourselves. >> rain and snow and heavy traffic slow thanksgiving travels across the country. >> the drive is out there. they don't have any idea how to drive. >> if you don't have to go outside, don't go. >> president trump is likely the skip the next impeachment hearing. rudy is a great crime fighter and corruption fighter. >> yes, yes! meet the player whose game oning shot against duke turned into a game changer for his family.
7:31 am
>> it is a blessing. >> we enjoy a good field and enjoy the happiness that it brings. we'll bring into the first ever christmas cong with jonathan bennett. >> yes, i do. >> welcome back to cbs this morning. i am with michelle miller. . happy thanksgiving. >> this morning in our eye on earth series, we'll explore how changing the environment is affecting the production of the popular wine prosecco. epr:te changes threenin ions of prosecco.
7:32 am
extreme weather is posing problems for his vineyard. >> when it is raining, it is raining very much. pro prosecco should have low acidity. >> reporter: so thomas is testing new techniques and letting italian government scientist diego. >> reporter: toe mahomas shows grapes that's burnt on the grind. it can produce different aromas and flavors. >> the vine is very sensitive to
7:33 am
temperatures. >> repteer, ey're hearing from wine makers who are planting at higher elevations and >> why do you blame climate change? >> because the soil is more the same and the variety is more of the same and so everything we are discovering now is depending on climate. >> reporter: making some adjustments like cutting back foliage to stop photo synthsis. >> it changes the character of wine and place. as climate change creeps in another aspect of life. from "cbs this morning," italy..
7:34 am
>> i didn't know prosecco had such a high acidic contents. >> huge numbers of christmas movies are being produced. we'll see how these movies are so popular. if you are on the go, subscribe to our broadcast to hear today's top stories. you are watching "cbs this morning." ♪ go bang bang ♪ there goes my bang bang, ♪ go bang bang, there goes my bazooka ♪ ♪ ♪ go bang bang, there goes my bang bang, ♪ ♪ i want my mind blown, i want my mind blown ♪
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we're there. so you can be too.
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definitely in the holiday spirit with that definitely in the holiday spirit with that song. kickoff to the holiday movie season. for die hard fans, it started earlier. lifetime and hallmark get began premiering christmas movies back in october. there will be 70 hallmark movies out by christmas day. how many may be too many? >> you went to a christmas movie convention? i am jealous. >> this was a tough assignment. earlier this month we attended christmas-con sponsored in hallmark in edison, new jersey. 9,000 tickets were sold of this annually gathering of christmas movie pads. some paid hundreds of dollars to >> tis oe clest wanted to know experiences i have ever been to. >> if you want to be the envy of
7:40 am
thousands of women. >> look at all these just walk through christmas con with the heartthrob king of holiday movies, jonathan bennett. and bennett is the king. >> people love hallmark movies because it makes them feel good. >> it is a perfect blend of brio and cotton candy. >> you guys are the royals of hallmark movies. >> these days have found a home in holiday movies. >> is it too weird? slightly weird. >> their festive fans came to edison, scribner soy for the first ever christmas con to see them and more thanchristmacon s out.
7:41 am
passes cost $75. that does not include a price of a photo with the celebrity. this guy loves hallmark christmas movies. >> james deangelo says watching the movie is part of his holiday routine. >> it is relaxing watching those movies and entertaining and no violence. it is good. >> there is no denying the growing popularity of christmas movie since its holiday season launched on october 25th. it reached 40 million total viewers making it the highest rated and most watched channel on cable. hallmark is putting out 40 movies this is year and lifetime and netflix, six. >> merry movie, a woman falls in love with a handsome small town man and they end up together. fans we spoke to says it is not
7:42 am
about the plot. >> we enjoy the good feel and happiness. >> this mother/daughter duo came from kentucky and say they watch over 100 a years. >> the movies are not always reflective of everyone. lifetime says four of its movies this year features lgbtq couples in prominent roles. holly robertson has two hallmark christmas movies coming out this year. >> we celebrate christmas and we come in different shapes and colors and sizes. it is important for the movie and the content to reflect the people who are watching. >> really encouraging steps being taken. >> matt donnelly says as
7:43 am
diversity behind the camera increases, he expects it to be reflected on screen as well. >> christmas is not just about religion, it is american past times. it is something irresistible. >> a break from reality, this holiday season, is your cup of cocoa? >> say hi gayle king. jonathan bennett is the perfect temperature. nicky, there is nothing left to say but we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! bye everybody, have fun! >> did i sing on national tv? >> i did. >> my mom is shaking her head. the christmas confounders say
7:44 am
they'll be back next year and lifetime told us diversity is importa important. >> we can't get enough. you know how it is going to end. >> i got to keep watching it. >> really steals from the jane austin formula in my humble opinion. this goes all the way back to july. there is a christmas in july hallmark. >> they film these movies in the summer and they said it is so hot. f >> i have never seen it. >> i have now and i am addicted and even my husband last night. >> happy thanksgiving. >> ahead of what to watch, we'll show you how tom hanks is trying to make social media a little nicer.
7:45 am
happy thanksgiving to you. it is a chilly start to the day. you will need your winter coats all day long with temperatures well below average for this time of the year. we'll keep a chance for a few showers as we head through the afternoon but also catching some sun. it is going to be a cold night tonight into tomorrow morning. and a few showers possible for your friday. daytime highs about 10 degrees below age. upper 40s to low 50s. and there we go with a wet weekend ahead. this portion of "cbs this morning" sorry toed by -- (vo) imagine a visibly healthier pet
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all right, get those turkeys in the oven, it is time to eat. >> all right, i am bringing the heat. >> holy. >> happy thanksgiving family. >> you, too. here is a few stories. since january, i.c.e. arrested 250 foreign students at a fake university in michigan. the university of farmington was opened as a guide by i.c.e. officials. students mostly from india arrived on limit student visas. some of the students were arrested and deported while
7:50 am
others await trial in the united states. a lot of people criticized i.c.e. because of their growing power. the government says the students should have known this was not a real university and they were using it to have a student visa. >> that's a lot of students for them. >> we know twitter can be nasty. those of us know that twitter can be a nasty place. tom hanks making twitter a whole lot nicer. take a look at this. >> we'll read some of the nicest tweets on the internet. i worked at mcdonald's for two and a half dwreyears and i put nuggets in every ten piece i make. >> he's feeding the world. an old lady took a photo of my cat, chips, went through the trouble of getting it developed and put them in our letter box this morning. for you, your lovely cat, i always look for him, jane.
7:51 am
>> oh my lord. who does not love cats? >> this wrapped up 3.8 million views. people love tom hanks reading nice tweets. he's playing mr. rogers. >> what's the name of your dog? >> paddington. >> he's going to be here in about 20 mens. minutes. >> all right, more thanksgiving for you. a friendship forge over a wrong text message years ago is still going strong. it happened back in 2016 after a grandma in arizona invited a stranger to thanksgiving dinner. her name is wanda dench. she meant to send that to her
7:52 am
grandson. he then said can i still get a plate then. the past three years, they have spent every thanksgiving together. they are commemorating their fourth thanksgiving dinner this year. this year, they're celebrating with his girlfriend family. >> i love that. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you are the best. >> ahead we'll talk with the host of this morning's cbs thanksgiving parade coverage, stay with us. stay . en 2pm thursday. save on boots...keurig®... diamond 40% off levi's® jeans for him and her! sale ends saturday! jcpenney! for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease, sale ends saturday!
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good morning. it is 7:56. i'm michelle griego. sacramento police made a break in a nearly two decade old case involving a missing woman from san francisco. the victim known for 18 years as jane doe was burned alive before she was found in a dumpster. dna submitted to a genealogy lab led to perion gray who was reported missing from san francisco. the contra costa county police are making increased patrols after an increase in crime. let's check in with mary on this thanksgiving forecast. >> happy thanksgiving to you,
7:57 am
michelle. we are looking at some sunshine. few lingering showers possibu o bridge camera. you can see a little bit of sunshine out there as well. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. santa rosa, down to 35 degrees. 38 in san jose. livermore at 37. looking at low 40s from concord, oakland and san francisco. weather headlines, a few showers possible this afternoon, also catching some sunshine. a cold night tonight and into tomorrow morning. freeze warnings in effect for the north bay valleys. frost advisory for the north bay coast. a few showers possible tomorrow. upper 40s to low 50s. it does look very wet as we head into the weekend. thanksgiving, 6pm to midnight. reopening friday at 7am. ...with extended hours saturday and sunday.
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good morning to our viewers on the west on this thanksgiving day, welcome back to "cbs this morning." gayle, tony are off. i am michelle miller. ahead, the thanksgiving parade. >> see how this game -- >> but, first, here is this hour's eye opener. >> concerns about the weather may leave americans without one of the most familiar sites of this holiday. >> the nypd decided to let the balloons soar but the lowest
8:01 am
possibility height. >> it is going to be a busy next few days across the united states. we have a coast do coast stoto . >> this is a 13 projectile launched this year. a massive fire is still burning in southern texas after an explosion in a chemical plant. >> lit up the whole entire sky. >> rudy giuliani's pursuit in ukraine and how much unfolded with the president's knowledge are essential to the house. we don't do thanksgiving. this is fairly new to me. british give thanks the same way we express love by sipping tea and avoiding eye contact. this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota, let's go places. >> let's go.
8:02 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." happy thanksgiving this morning. many of us are not giving thanks for the weather, another powerful storm system is bringing heavy snow and strong winds to much of the western europe. that storm will travel coast to coast throughout the weekend affecting the rockies, plains and great lakes and finally the east coast. >> there are some strong gusty winds in the east today. cbs news climate and weather contributor, jeff berardelli is joining us. >> happy thanksgiving to you. little snow and rain way up north. the wind is a big story today. really the biggest story is a huge storm, this was a bomb cyclone rammed into the oregon coast with winds of 106 miles per hour and now it got two jet
8:03 am
stream producing a ton of rain and snow. look at this. look at all this powder for skiers. three feet of snow and a very jealous weather man that i am not out there by now. watch what happens tomorrow. an ice storm into the east as we head into sunday, nor'easter with heavy in land snow as we head into monday. it is going to keep me busy and for everybody else this is going to be a tough couple days ahead. jeff, thank you. >> estimated 3.5 million spectators are packing along the route of macy's thanksgiving day parade. gusty winds threatened to ground the parade but -- the parade
8:04 am
continues. errol barnett is at the beginning of the parade, happy thanksgiving. what's the mood? >> reporter: good morning and happy thanksgiving to everyone. the excitement here, we got folks all around the country excited to be here to see the balloons are flying. they are just at their lowest possible height of 10 feet. people are thrilled to be at one of the most famous parades in the world. among the amazing sites and sounds here of 11 marching bands from across the country. there are 34 floats this year including a new lego floats that's never before seen. of course there are 16 giant character balloons marching through manhattan right now. those balloons are inflated last night and we saw as that in of itself was an event that drew
8:05 am
large crowds, making a triumph return is the giant snoopy balloon, he'll be dressed as an astronaut to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. he was most excited to see the snoopy balloon return. now on a most serious note, the nypd does have officers throughout the parade route and they have all tl latest technology to keep the streets safe including drones. at the end of this parade route, you will get a glimpse of santa claus which is just another sign that the holiday season is here. >> cbs broadcast the parade for 59 years. you can see the thanksgiving
8:06 am
parade right after "cbs this morning." >> you are in good hands. i will see them later when i appear on their show. >> we are waying for you. >> where are you along the route? >> we are at 6th avenue and 53rd, right across the hilton. you can see the hilton in the background. we have a beautiful spot. we know you are on your way so we are waiting on you. you are going to hold the parade. michelle can happenedndle every. >> kevin and i go way back. >> tell us what you got? >> well, miranda almost bettlam coming by to perform and a couple of broad kay showay show. we are so excited. 50 million people are going to be tuning into watch this around the world, 3.5 million fans lying in the streets, with e are down early this morning, we have people from florida and destroy
8:07 am
. hawveryone is braving the >> very, very cool. the parade is in its 93rd year this year. it is a special holiday tradition. it kicks off the holiday season. i am so excited. it is so festive, you know? here is the deal, guys. all these people come out here early in the morning, they get a prime spot, they want to see the balloons fly and we hope they are flying today. that's a big thing. you have folks from all around the world. every one of the 50 states. by the way, for you at home, just sit tight. >> stay in your pajamas. please send us a message on social media using the #cbs. >> i want to see babies with funny hats on and dos are costumes and your food. >> food, we need food. >> i like the dogs and funny costumes. >> as somebody been there watching it live and in person, the best seat in the house is in
8:08 am
front of your tv set right there. >> or right here. >> what are you thankful for? >> sure. >> oh, kevin. >> i am always thankful for my family and getting to spend this time with my family here today but just being here, we love doing this together. >> it is a really special thing. >> i was thankful for kevin frazier. >> we really do work closely in entertainment tonight like one little family. if we can turn the camera arn around, you can see everybody here each and every year. >> kevin, say hi to yasmin for me, too. >> michelle, save us some food. >> i will, come on down. >> shout out to your crew, happy thanksgiving. we'll see you guys soon. >> yes, on the route. >> get down here. >> you can watch the thanksgiving parade right here
8:09 am
on cbs just after this. it is being called one of the biggest upsets
8:10 am
there's much more ahead. thanksgiving it always means football. so bill cowher of cbs sports will preview the nfl action.
8:11 am
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sports fans are stillg out e sports fans are still buzzing about one of the biggest upset of college basketball history. this is at state university victory over number one ranked duke on their court this week. steven austin ranked 254
8:16 am
according to one widely watched ranking. >> yeah! the lumber jacks have done it. >> .1 second left in overtime was a shocker to end all shockers. this is got to be the greatest win in program history. >> n. >> nathan bain! that buzzer beater was truly history in the making. >> by the time i put it up, the buzzer went off. >> the win was a pride.
8:17 am
to his family, it was a miracle. >> they lost nearly everything from hurricane dorian hit the bahamas in september destroying their home and his father's church. >> the university set up a go-fund me to help with recovery. before the game, there were about $2,000 in donations. >> after the lay up and bain's new found fame, the site raised nearly double the $50,000 goal. money that'll help bain's family rebuild. >> i did not correlate that winning the game will help with the go fund me. >> the go fund me donation this help go towards the church and the school that his family run in the bahamas. his team has put the spotlight
8:18 am
on the post dorian relief effort as of late october. there was a total of $3.4 billion in losses for the bahamas. >> i could not help be notice, number 23 in that moment. michael jordan, you know? he had number 23. >> oh wow. >> i just checked the go fund me page, it is up $113,000. >> oh wow. >> amazing. >> somebody is thankful. >> touche. >> football will be at the center of many family gatherings. go saints! >> all right, calm down. our cbs sports analyst, bill cowher is here with us. you are watching "cbs this morning," come on back. how do i use better than bouillon?
8:19 am
8:20 am
i just add a spoonful to my marinades... stir frys... ...sauces. just whisk it in... ...brush it on... sauté it. it adds a "cooked all day taste" ...that doesn't take all day. better than bouillon. don't just make it. make it better. this is colonel ander,
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command sergeant major hill. >> this is the 1118 tsv here in we just want to take a moment to pause and say thank you. >> this holiday season, we wish you to gift of health and happiness. happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving! many families will be focusing on thanksgiving football today. the buffalo bills and dallas cowboys will face office in a crucial game. you can see right here on cbs. former pittsburgh steelers and cbs sports analyst, bill cowher is joining us right here on the table on what we can expect. >> good morning. >> big game here between dallas and the bills.>>ou got to ge it bills. >> the bills a w
8:22 am
be number one wild card game. for dallas cowboys, we have the owners calling out the coach this week. so a lot of pressure on the dallas cowboys even though they are leading their division. a lot of implications in this game. >> do you think the saints are going to pull it out? >> i think the saints will be talked about. the team is 9-2 and historical pace. michael thomas is on as a receiver and drew brees is there. and tom brady matchup. >> san francisco and baltimore, and looks like lamar jackson kind of year he's having. >> great story throughout nfl. >> i mean they really have to crunch it down and make the right call. >> i think officiating is going to be apart of the game. again, it is a contact game and a lot of times it is so quick.
8:23 am
slow it down of what we see. officials out there in game speed. i think they're all doing a good job. >> you spent the last 40 years since thanksgiving, you start thanksgiving everyday with football. >> football and family. a lot of times there was a family i was working with whether it is a football team. last year is the cbs family that we have here. family has been forefront and you think of thanksgiving though, david, i think of the ability to put things back into perspective. and you know you think of family and encouraged players that i was coaching, take som you be h this chair. sometimes we take things for non-foot do you ksvi>>r r the n
8:24 am
tell them? i would say the bills. >> when you watch the game, it goes back so far. everyone has their own team. dallas call themselves america's team for so many years. i have played in this game before we played the detroit lions. stay with your team. support your team. right. >> absolutely. >> i am excited for the bills and super bowl. they never won another 83. >> right here. >> josh allen has had a very good year right now. >> okay, whatever. [ laughter ] >> all right, coach cowher, thank you so much. >> happy thanksgiving. >>od tcb thanksgiving day cover this afternoon followed by the bills, cowboys game right here on cbs. ahead how to find the best holiday shopping deals and when to buy. your local
8:25 am
good morning. it is 8:25. i'm michelle griego. so many police are searching for the driver who struck and killed a pedestrian and then drove away. and the damage to the war qasr arena. water seeped into the new room at chase center including an se damage and flooding. and runners are in the silicon valley trot. it has grown to be the largest thanksgiving foot tr the race raised more than $8.7
8:26 am
million for several nonprofits in the valley. and here is mary with a look at turkey day forecast. how is it looking? >> not too bad for this thanksgiving as we see temps cool down. let's show you a live look with the treasure island camera temps. a chilly start. the weather headlines, a few isolated showers especially for the south bay but also catch willing some sun. as we look ahead to tonight, temps will be plummeting. a cold night ahead into tomorrow morning. even colder than this morning and a few showers possible for tomorrow. daytime highs today, upper 40s to low 50s. and there we go with that extended forecast. increasing rain and wind saturday through sunday. looks very wet and windy for the weekend. ♪
8:27 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." it o the stories that are the "talk of the table" this morning. is i welcome back to "cbs this morning." this where stories we like to share with others and all of you. jerika is starting us off. alexa is able to respond with an excited tone which could be used when you answer trivia questions correctly. >> alexa can use a disappointed tone when your favorite sports team loses. >> it is the first time amazon is adding a layer of feelings to alexa. people like the new speaking style more than her standard
8:31 am
monotone voice. experts say it will speed up how fast people adopt alexa and their daily routine. >> i feel like she's talking back to me. >> yes. it is kind of spooky. >> i don't have alexa and i don't use those. >> i don't bloelieve in that stuff. it is pretty cool. >> we'll see what happens. >> she sounds pretty robotic. >> what do you have? >> astronomers. this is kind of spooky to me. it is being called lb-1. this one is the 70 times the mass. it is the first time the black hole been detected in the milky way. how it is formed is a mystery. two black holes may have merged.
8:32 am
as str the milky way contains 100 million black holes. the whole notion of this mass out there that gobbles up the entire universe, freaks me out. this is not good news for me. hate to be down on this thanksgiving but you know what can i say? >> it makes you humble when you start talking about the galaxy. >> it should not be possible. >> yeah. >> now we have to change the way we look at these. >> fascinating. >> on thanksgiving we want to give thanks to those who gives. the founder of the charity group of central kitchen, they deliver meals around the world. the charity serves 9,000 meals in the bahamas which is still recovering from hurricane dorian. we met the chef.
8:33 am
last night he appeared on the late show w about his philanthr. >> when something like this happens in the bahamas, nobody had water or food. what do you have to plan? start cooking and bringing water and delivering as quick as you can. that's what we do. >> he's a remarkable human being. if you land in northern california, you find the local chef and they set up this kitchen and they give. he talks to the fact that he's an immigrant and he came to this country and found his love and he's giving back. turkey is not the only thing on people's minds. many americans will be searching for the best holiday deals as we approach black friday. this holiday season online sales
8:34 am
are expected to increase a new record of more than $143 billion. with a "b." it tracks internet retail more than 14% increase from 2018. how do you know if you are getting the best deal? executive editor and director of the content from our partner joins us now. what people want to know is where and how do you get the best deals on black friday. >> it is happening right now. you don't have to shop on black friday, you can do your shopping this morning on thanksgiving and get back to your turkey. >> the real deal is get somebody in your store and telling you what's happening on black friday on thanksgiving. >> where is the best place to do shopping, in store or online? >> online is the place to do the best shopping. >> for convenience or because it is cheaper?
8:35 am
>> a little bit of both. >> it used to be you had to go to the store to get the best deal. we are seeing a lot of retailers replicating the same deals in store and online. the best part of shopping online and at home is you can do comparison shopping. you don't have a lot of options. if you came for a door buster deal, there is a good chance they have a small amount of inventory and then you are stuck with whatever they have left. big ticket items, air pods and apple watches. what's the best deal and where can we find it? >> we are seeing discounts on apple products which never happens. we are seeing great deal on the apple watch especially y get it a little as $200 off right now. it is a great gift. air pods, we have seen as low as $129. >> not fror the frprobut the sed model. >> why are they discounted?
8:36 am
>> because other retailers are discounting them. we are talking about walmart discounting in particular. we know 50% of holiday shopping growth because of smartphone shopping. what does it say of where we are going and not just using computers but doing everything on our phone. consumers are becoming comfortable of shopping on their phone. a big part is becoming a streamline experience. what we are seeing is retailers are responding to new behavior by offering ways to bridge the gap and going into the stores. increase in buying online and pick up in the stores of happening. you buy on your phone and drive your cart into a specific parking stpar parking stall and they'll bring the product out to you. it is kind of the best of both e how do you make sure you are getting the real deal. >> yeah, one of my favorite tools is camel, camel.
8:37 am
you really can't forget it. you got to make sure the discount you are seeing is special and a rare discount. you are entering the product you are shopping for and it will let you know. the other thing to look out for is fake reviews. we have seen increasing fake reviews. >> how do i know the review is fake? how do you know? >> yeah, i recommend being skeptical of our reviews and use a tool called fake to find out how reliable those reviews are. you enter the url and they have an algorithm that helps how accurate those reviews are and reliable those are. >> when did you start shopping? >> i started shopping on monday. black friday is r i last black .
8:38 am
>> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you very much. a more perfect union, how neighbors are working together to help families that are struggling. >> now we don't get heat for another three days, we are at the pantry trying to figure out what to feed the kids. >> what are you hoping to get today? >> breakfast is som
8:39 am
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♪ our series, our perfect union shows what united states is about.40illionn alwaysord it.
8:43 am
adrianna dias. >> reporter: everyday she checks her food pantry. >> what needs to be restocked today? >> some more of the vegetables and macaroni and cheese. >> reporter: this food is not for her family but her community in saint paul, minnesota. >> reporter: the tlisupplies ar headed to her front yard. she replaced books with food, so many people took the free food, she had to replace her 2.5 foot cabinet with a 7-foot one. >> that tells me we have a much bigger problem in our community than what i had even thought. >> every day when i come home and checked it.
8:44 am
right after they paid their rent. >> reporter: saint paul lives below the pavloverty line. now we don't get hit for another three days. we are at the pantry trying to figure out what we can feed the kids since they're out of school. >> what are you hoping to get out here today? >> some breakfast. >> reporter: she learned about the pantry on facebook. she gone to food banks but they have limbited hours. she said she and her husband make $70 too much to qualify for food stamps. >> it makes it so you don't have to answer anybody or feeling
8:45 am
shameful. as a mom, it makes you feel really sad that they don't want to eat ramen noodles or the soupy grass because they are to because you don't have anything else to feed them. it is really hard. i am going to cry. >> reporter: no, it is okay. i am sure it is nothing harder to hear you say they're hungry. have your life experience push you to do this in. >> we always fought our way to be able to make it and be able to help other people. >> reporter: free food pantries are popped up nationwide. more than 700 are lifted on this online directory. neighbor rosie sees the impact. >> it is not only the taking but
8:46 am
people are moalso bringing stuf. >> reporter: that provides a little bit of something for people and just in the sense that there are something there that other people care. >> and so that in of itself makes a big difference. everyone did a small thing like this in the community, what kind of world do you think it will be? >> a non-hungry world for sure. it will make it easier for people to survive. >> reporter: from cbs this morning, adriana dias. >> we have an update of that story. they put together a thanksgiving meal, their packages including corns and mashed potatoes and stuffing. they're trying to do something similar at christmas.
8:47 am
>> that reminds me when you think of the amount of food that's wasted. that's why i always like to have a clean plate. >> people are taking and people are showing up to give back. >> yes. >> to give, too. >> you always feel better. >> totally. always feeling better to give than receive. >> the podcast kenneth davis sharing the history of thanksgiving. why democrats and republicans held separate thanksgiving holidays in 1959. how football became a large part of the day. aea h ecoming fo sands of sailors and marines just in time for the holiday. we'll be right back. the van gogh.
8:48 am
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
8:51 am
before we go, thousandssari reunited with their loved ones. they returned senonth deploy them home with signs and tears
8:52 am
of joy. one sailor met his baby daughter in person for the first time. our san diego affiliate ksnd spoke with us. >> i could not wait for him to come home to be with his son. this was his only child. >> it was hard leaving his son behind for all dothose deployme. that sailor son was also excited. he says his dad was in the military until the day he was born. >> sweet kid. >> happy thanksgiving, you guys. >> that does it for us. be sure
8:53 am
8:54 am
it's 8:55. i'm kenny choi.
8:55 am
investigator are trying to find a woman and two children she has been raising. fairfield police say that 75- year-old young has been raising nine-year-old jaden and katalia hill since their parents were killed in an auto accident. young's sudden disappearance is out of character family and friends say. campbell police trying to track down three thieves who stole several bicycles. surveillance video show the suspects in action. bicycles were taken from a locked storage unit. and charities throughout the bay area are in the thanksgiving spirit this morning, preparing special meals for the homeless and other people in need. let's check in with mary. happy thanksgiving, mary. we are looking at a few showers as we head through the day but catching a little bit of sunshine. you can see a little bit of sun. bundle up with that winter coat. temps running in the upper 30s
8:56 am
to low 40s for many locations. concord, oakland, san jose coming in at 32. 38 in live more and 39 in santa rosa. weather headlines, a few isolated showers as we head through the day with that low pressure system still sticking around for us. but also, catching a bit of some sunshine on this thanksgiving. it is going to turn cold as we head tonight into tomorrow. freeze warning for the north bay valleys and mountains tonight through tomorrow morning and a frost advisory for the east bay as well as the santa clara valley and a few showers for tomorrow. here are your highs. now this is a deal that goes beyond the holidays.
8:57 am
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. live from new york city, it's the 2019 thanksgiving day parade on cbs, the most spectacular holiday celebration in the nation starts now! with a show stopping number from the broadway hit "mean girls." and an exclusive performance by music superstar miranda lambert. now, let's go live to our hosts from entertainment tonight kevin frazier and


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