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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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similarities, the police department says the cases are not related, the shootings within hours of each other have many residents concerned about their safety. >> i was just shocked. then i saw another car, like the lady. >> reporter: the man did not want to be identified but was there shortly after the bullets were fired, this is the scene of the first shooting, police got calls of a shots fired yesterday afternoon around 4:45. paramedics rushed to the scene but couldn't do anything. >> as soon as i ran out, it was pretty traumatizing. say hey you need to be careful because there is something going on under the bridge, a lot of police and everything . >> reporter: more than six hours later, the second shooting happened here at the
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27,000 block of the belvedere court, similar circumstances were officers responded to shots fired and found a man dead at the scene, we talked with the neighbor who did not want to be in the camera who said she did not hear any gunshots or sirens but noticed a fleet of police cars parked on the street in the middle of the nights. she said this is the second murder on this cul-de-sac in the last few years, the previous happened in september 2015. the shootings have residence on edge wondering what is going on in their community. >> sometimes you do not know what is nice or not nice anymore, yeah, it is a bit crazy. >> reporter: when homicide total is four this year, officers say they will release more information as soon as possible but at this point, there is no new information on a possible motive or the suspects in this case. andrea nakano , kpix5. the clouds reveal bright
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blue skies from time to time, what a difference 24 hours mix. the rains are out of the area, low pressure is also being booted to the east, we get leftovers tonight, fog and cool weather, the fog can be a real problem, it is forming around the bay area but in general, things become sunnier tomorrow. what a week it was. in seven days, northwest in sonoma county picked up a foot and a half of rain. the santa cruz mountains almost a foot, same for big sur station. santa rosa had almost 8 inches of rain. the santa cruz mountains more than 8 inches of rain. it was wet this week, we get a break this week. the rain monday looks sunny with shower chances returning late tuesday and again late thursday. mostly north bay, we discussed the details to the weather
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minutes, no big rainmakers on the way, mostly dry with highs near 60, details coming up in a few minutes. first let's get more from jules. people in the west portal neighborhood spent the day cleaning up after trench downpours caused major flooding yesterday. they told john ramose as they were digging out of the muck, the city cleanup crew was nowhere to be found. to the people living here know the neighborhood is a low spot but what happened yesterday afternoon came so fast they had no time to do anything about it. with a sudden day louche began, he was eating at a restaurant on west portal avenue, he took this video when the street quickly became a river. >> one of the workers at the restaurant said you are in venice. it was funny until i star ng, ere is all the water going to go? truck and went here, to the corner of 15th avenue, all the water overwhelmed the storm drains and brought raw sewage
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up into a three foot deep toxic soup, flooding garages and the bottom floor of homes. >> within minutes we do not have time to do anything, all we had time to do was take the kids upstairs. everything done here got destroyed. >> reporter: when today neighbors were cleaning up, tracking ruined possessions. christine lost things that cannot easily be replaced. >> like his baby pictures, yearbooks, my yearbooks . >> reporter: while the downpour may have been expected, the vulnerability of the neighborhood is well known to the city. public works dropped off pallets of sandbags the week before thanksgiving. she says no one came us to clear the storm drd says sfar, nobody from the city has been back to view the damage. >> the city should be out here surveying this, looking at this, photographing high the water came up on the houses, they are not here. >> reporter: when it may be
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important to neighbors because normal homeowners insurance does not cover flooding caused by nature. it could be a different story if the flooding occurs do to human negligence. in san francisco west portal district. john ramose, kpix five. >> the flooding affected about a dozen homes on both sides of 15th avenue. new video into the newsroom tonight showing seconds leading to a fatal officer involved shooting in contra costa county. the footage may be difficult to watch. those shots rang out during a chase in danville about a year ago, the video shows officers trying to pin a suspect's car in another section near downtown danville, all of a sudden the suspect hit the gas and drove between the two police cars, that an officer opened fire on his windshield standing just a few feet away. the victim a 33-year-old had a history of mental illness and out of the hospital. his family filed suit over his death but the denver police
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department is defending the officer saying he used the weapon because his life was in danger. another pedestrian has been killed in san jose, the latest crash happened just after 10:00 last night on story road near carl street on the east side of town. kid still says these types of deadly accidents are now at an all-time high in san jose. >> reporter: happens like everybody thought it would. this is now the deadliest year for pedestrians in the san jose history. san jose police say the man was walking on story road in the number two lane when he was hit near the corner of carl street. paramedic took the 37-year-old victim to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. the driver of the hyundai going eastbound on story road pulled over and cooperate with investigators. san jose police do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash. the area looks very familiar to us, that is because just three months ago, a man was hit and killed while in the crosswalk just a half a block away. in san jose, 2019 now has 25
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pedestrian fatalities, an all- time high with a total of 56 traffic related deaths, an all- time high for traffic deaths was 60 back in 2015. >> i'm not surprised. >> reporter: when the chair of the san jose bicycle and pedestrian safety advisory committee keeps a number of so- called ghost bikes ready to go, they are painted white and ready to be set up at roadside memorials marking the deaths of bicycles. >> you think this will be the push to really make the changes happen fast in san jose? >> i am not sure yet. but, i look forward to seeing what the city continues to do in the near future. >> reporter: a land-use consultant and adjunct professor at san jose state says drivers need to own up to bad behavior. >> i think a lot of these cases, drivers still tends to blame the pedestrians or the bicyclist. often i think they are blameless behind the wheel and it is the responsibility of those getting hitched to have a
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brighter clothing or, you know, hurry across the street, even if they have the right away. so, it is really more of a change of mindset and a change of behavior i think. truck and you think you never will climb? we have 23 days left in the year. >> i hope not, i pray it does not. in other news, gasoline evacuations this afternoon in santa rosa, firefighters cleared out of a stretch of saint francis road. the fire department said somebody who is digging on private property ruptured a gas line. fire crews will remain on the scene until pg&e is able to give the all clear. new at 6:00, wildfire victims are spoken to about a multibillion-dollar settlement with pg&e, the utility agreed friday to pay out over $13 billion, a portion will go to people who want to rebuild after the devastating fires
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linked to pg&e equipment, that includes the wine country fires in 2017 and the camp fire which level the town of paradise last year. today, attorneys for survivor say their work is far from over. >> for us, it is halftime, for you, it has been an attorney. i work really begins at this point in time because now we have to go to work to make sure this money is going into the trust gets into all of your pockets in the right amount, full and fair in the shortest amount of time. >> people must file claims by the end of the month, the senate still needs approval from a bank the courts, a hearing is set for december 20. i heard an explosion. and i was shot. >> more random attacks on highway 101. tonight's, the reward is now being offered to catch whoever is responsible for throwing projectiles and cars. the game of the week turned into the game of the year of the 49ers win a wild game with
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big playoff publications. a special delivery at a san francisco hospital, the annual fundraiser that brings joy to hundreds of children.
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police arrested this man accused of robbing a credit union on of course drive yesterday morning, police say a number of tips let officers to the home of the 31-year-old. he was spotted at a parking lot in santa rosa last year. he was taken into custody and booked into the county jail. tonight police are offering a $5000 reward for help finding a group of suspected jewelry fees. take a close look at the suspect. police say the three men smashed display cases and stole thousands of dollars of merchandise from malawi juniors in the great small, it happened in august but authorities have not been able to track down the suspects and they say they have
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been searching for the men in various cities and northern and central california . a monterey county the reward is going to find the person or persons responsible for a number of random attacks on drivers traveling on highway 101 in ferndale. many concerned citizens are pitching in, the reward stands at $14,000 now, comes after another driver was hit by something thrown at them thursday night between echo valley road and dunbar drive. he is the 47th person to be attacked this year. >> i was driving with pretty heavy traffic about 60 or 65. heard an explosion. for an instant maybe a blowout but what is going on that i sent i think my window has been shot. >> the investigation is a top priority for chp and the sheriff's office is also working jointly, if you are a victim call 911 immediately and quickly and safely pull over. a scare paradise, wow alpine meadows today, the storm drops two feet of powder in 24
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hours. once it rolled through, the clouds parted to make way for sunshine and people certainly enjoyed. 12 lifts running today, mount rose ski resort also seeing 28 inches of powder this weekend, just one inch away from a total of 10 feet for the season, most of the resorts, lips, and trails are open in time for a reprieve from all the stormy weather. >> it looks like we will get a break this week. a chance tuesday night, thursday night, we might get a few showers around the bay area but aside from that, we probably get a chance to dry things out and clean things up, in some cases it takes people a while. theory while the scattered showers moved into the central valley in southern california say, a few lightning strikes in the southern seer but that was it. as we go from treasure island to the port of san francisco, the ferry building, it looks nice tonight, temperatures in the 50s, but we will be looking
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for some fog to be for me between now and tomorrow morning. it will be fairly dense with the cold temperatures and all the moisture in the air. by the time we get into monday and tuesday, really for most of the week, just a slight chance of a shower mid-week then again coming for the end of the week. mostly affecting the north. in the meantime, more sunshine and rainfall as a percentage of average, you will not believe this really, a lot of us are still below average. san francisco is only two thirds of where we usually are the season. the season now, why the national weather service used to count this from july 1 until june 30. now it is october 1, since october 1, we have 67% of average in san francisco, oakland 56% below average except santa rosa with almost 10 inches of rain on the season so far. futurecast shows we have puffs of low cloudiness here and there in the early morning
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hours, inland should be a nice day along the shoreline we have more clouds and in between, partly cloudy, as we head out tomorrow, the only thing we have to worry about is not showers but fog in the early going, set up at 7:13, in general we broadbrush it by saying partly sunny, the numbers within a few degrees of 60 everywhere. heading out of problematic sfo delay after delay this weekend, tomorrow is not bad, partly sunny skies after chance a few sprinkles tonight. then, seattle, mostly sunny skies, the only city day the gets this weekend settle. then rain for chicago and atlanta and new york. for us, we will have fog for me tonight, temperatures will be in the 40s and set up at 7:13. the highs tomorrow will be clustered around 60 degrees, pretty close to what we expect for this time of year, the numbers will be in the low 60s to upper 50s and we look for fog around the shoreline to
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confined mostly to the bay and run along the ocean. the north bay, fog, clouds, sent in the afternoon, 59 santa rosa 62, 59 kentfield, 61 san leandro. heading to ukiah and clearly, a nice day, little bit of a chill in the air but what do you expect for mid december? as we look ahead, the chance for a few showers coming in tuesday night and wednesday mostly confined to the north. i want to plant that, things could change mid-week, it will not be much, then maybe late friday, you know, friday is so hard, we talked about rain. instead would like to hear about assistance. >> riga, santa claus arrives with his assistance caring choice for young hospital patients in san francisco. the continuation of an annual tradition. >> reporter: nearly 4 decades, 36 years and counting, santa arrives a little early at the san francisco general hospital,
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now with reindeer but writing a hog. sent arrived on a harley with helpers from the harley davidson chapter. >> it means a lot to them. i'm an underprivileged kid too. when i grow up, you know, we do not have, our christmas was really limited. >> reporter: the annual fundraiser donates hundreds of toys to little boys and girls who spend the holidays sick in the hospital, bringing them holiday cheer and what can be a jury time for kids and their families. >> there are hundreds of toys donated every year. that definitely supports the healing of our patients. to the annual fundraiser started as a way to give thanks to the care thomas perkins received at the hospital after he was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. perkins has since died but the
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tradition to start spreading holiday cheer rolls on. >> most of this is for tom perkins because he was in a bad motorcycle accident, he lost his leg and san francisco general then took care of him and brought him back. to the toys collected today will be distributed to children at the hospital closer to the holidays. the 49ers could take over first place in the nfc west after what went down in new orleans. it all started slow for the raiders in oakland. what went wrong? next. mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights, the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco,
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helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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the 49ers with a chance at the number one scene likely on the line today. both offenses ready for the bright lights, the superdome one of the toughest place to play if you are an opponent smoking today, second quarter new orleans leading 20, emmanuel sanders earlier caught a 75 year touchdown, but a 35 yarder, down to 27-21. a tenured scored san francisco leaves 28-27 behalf. 3rd quarter, and friends, the 49ers leads 35-30. moving in the fourth quarter, groff hello with the six yard score. san francisco leads 42-33 with s ba comw ors, a minu to go, drew brees leaps into the end zone, saints led 46-45. too much time for jimmy g in
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the 49ers. fourth d he is gone, 39 yards down to the 30, facemask penalty. a field goal, this wednesday football game. it is up, it is good, the 49ers in thrilling fashion, 48-46, four touchdowns goodbye to the game, san francisco is 11-2. >> i would not say it is stenatemt,t iis a good step in the right direction. couple games left here to finish the season out and everything and gives the playoffs but we are moving in the right direction at the right time. >> i want to say i am exhausted. i was a dogfight. >> i am tired. >> for the time being, the 49ers are once again the top
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seed in the afc. that will change if the seahawks wood. on the bright side at the seattle beats the rams they clinched a playoff spot. the raiders the a team in the nfl they beat the penguins last month for the third straight wood. three straight losses since have put the playoff hopes on thin ice. jacobs will not play against the titans, he is out with a shoulder injury. how is this for a fast start? dn jordan picked up, the big man goes 55 yards aroften runni 2nd quarter. wide open, 49 yards to tie the game at 14, the only catch of the day. 21-14 titans. right before the half carl finds monroe. into the locker room. momentum shifted after the break. the second score of the game
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despite nursing a hamstring injury. 20-21 titans. tennessee separated a fourth- quarter. throwing back across the field, smith makes the catch, 35-21. the third touch of the game, titans win, they improve 8-5. the raiders dropped 6-7. >> we miss the guys. i can keep going. our guys are fighting. >> they have injuries too. the head injuries too. this game, nobody cares the situation. nobody cares who is playing. >> the steelers won today, oakland out to games back with the last playoff spot in the afc with just three games remaining. staying close to home for the holiday season. they face illinois december 30 at lehigh stadium.
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the college football playoffs also announcing today number one lsu will face for sita oklahoma in the semi finals. second-ranked ohio state plays clemson in the other semi. st. mary's taking on number 19 dayton in phoenix. the flyers starting the game 5- 5 from downtown. they won 72-60. that snaps the eight-game winning streak. the panthers and the sharks this weekend in florida. michael matheson with a shot from the blue line. florida won 5-1, san jose lost four straight. out 12-2 in the last two games. up and down for san jose, game day tonight. the 49ers, an incredible win. >> a funny moment to the very end the last few seconds to go. what was he going to do?
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but playing the best football. >> teamwork. all right, thank you. coming up next half hour, new report shows firefighters are among the best paid workers in california. just how much it is costing the state for overtime. democrats are getting ready to make the final arguments against president trump, what we can expect in tomorrow's impeachment hearing. original reporting, the classic holiday belly providing much neatest therapy to a unique group of death students. >> these are the parkinson patients at the san francisco ballet, really one of the first is kind.
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taking a live look at capitol hill warehouse democrats met privately today
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ahead of the next round of impeachment tomorrow. the judiciary committee will hear from lawyers from both sides of the aisle. nicole killian says the drafting of articles of impeachment is likely to happen anytime. >> reporter: jerrold nadler says he expects to bring articles of impeachment against president trump this week. >> i think the case we have is presented to a jury would be a guilty verdict in about three minutes flat. truck of the judiciary committee will formally hear from the house intelligence committee with democratic and republican lawyers such to testify. >> this is precisely the kind of contact the founders are most concerned about when they provided this impeachment. >> reporter: they told face the nation there is overwhelming evidence against the president. >> that is the president of united states would abuse his power to seek foreign intervention in affairs and do so in a way that threatens the ordinary mechanism of removing
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a president from election. to the white house says it will set out the hearing while the president accuses democrats a change in the guidelines is not giving him due process. >> he was acting and concerned about ukraine the third most corrupt country in the world, i think is also reflecting specific concern about the biden connection. >> this is a kangaroo court in the house that will go to the senate, it will go nowhere . >> reporter: chairman nadler did not say how many articles of impeachment would be presented but he suggested there may be a focus on possibly obstruction of congress. a bay area congressman who sits in the committee talked about the scope of potential articles of impeachment. >> whether or not the mueller investigation is included, i can promise you, the pattern of inviting governments to help and she to the election coming up investigations, that will be included because that is what
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he has done and that's what he continues to do and that is why we feel the need to act now. >> reporter: it tonight, president trump showing a warning for the north korean leader in a tweet trump said kim jong un is too smart and has far too much to lose, everything actually, if he acts in a hostile way. tweets, after reports that north korea conducted a possible significance test any missile sites. is not immediately clear what was tested. trump also said north korea must denuclearizes promise. duncan hunter admits to campaign finance violation says he will step down. hunter has represented a district in the san diego area as a republican for 11 years, last week he pleaded guilty to conspiring with his wife to use campaign funds for vacations in private school tuition. now, he says he will resign from congress after the holidays. so far hunter headed give a specific date. overtime pay for california firefighters a surgeon because of a string of major wildfires
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in the past couple of years. the analysis of state payroll records by the la times, firefighter overtime pay jumped by 65% in a decade. pushing total wages to nearly $5 billion a year. firefighters now are among the best paid workers in california government. last year in the los angeles area more than 1000 firefighters are is more than $100,000 just in overtime. we are learning more about the saudi aviation students that went on a deadly rampage at a for naval base. investigators believe the gunman took to twitter shortly before the shooting to bash the u.s. support of israel accuse america of being anti- muslim. we are also learning he allegedly used a loophole to purchase the 45 millimeter handgun used in the attack. anybody who enters the u.s. on a nonimmigrant visa is normally barred from possessing firearms. but there are exceptions for
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people with a valid hunting license or permits which the shooter apparently had. today the florida governor called on lawmakers to take a look at the policy. >> that is a federal loophole he took advantage of. you know, i am a big supporter of the second amendment but the secondment applies so we the american people can keep and bear arms, does not apply to saudi arabians. he had no constitutional right to do that for sure. why the federal law has that, i'm just not sure. >> meanwhile a solemn procession for the victims in pensacola today, police escorted the bodies of the three sailors to the hospital back to the naval base where they serve. the governor also commended sailor joshua watson for warning others about the attack after being shot. tonight's doctor police are investigating a fight in the an apartment complex that ended
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with a death of a security guard and a woman behind bars. police say a 51-year-old woman tried to enter the complex saturday morning but the building long-term security guard would not let her in because she did not live there. that a physical fight broke out and at some point a guard fell and died. the president knows the man as bob. they say they worked there over a decade. tonight they are in shock. >> i'm sure could happen to anyone. but, it's very said. >> i'm actually mad and said. because he did not deserve whatever happened to him. i do not know exactly what happened but, just the facts, he did his job. >> the woman is facing elder abuse charges tonight, the cause of the death remains unclear. new video tonight shows the end of a manhunt in union city the forest nearby hotel guest to shelter in place. it all happened 11:00 this morning, the suspect crash near the 880 on-ramp while being pursued by police. the man dig the car and ran.
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police ordered garcetti motel 6 to shelter in place or they search for him. he tried to hide in an alley behind the hotel laying flat and dragging himself along the pavement. but dozens of officers armed with rifles spotted him and swooped in. he ended up being arrested in connection with a gun incident. chp officers found a woman dead on bevil island road after being hit by a car, happened about 6:30 last night on gateway road west of piper road. the victim a 42-year-old woman from discovery bay. her identity has not been released but, officers say they got a call later that night from a 56-year-old man saying he may have had the woman with his car. officers went to the drivers him to investigate and they say he is co-op running and alcohol and drugs not affect. a driver of this rollover crash walked away without any major injuries. it happened this afternoon on mount diablo avenue and san scen you can sema
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nobo el was hurt in the crash and the causes of investigation. the puppeteer behind big bird and oscar the grouch has died. caroll spinney played those characters on sesame street for decades. he started back in 1969. in recent years he was living with dystonia causes involuntary muscle contractions. he died today at his home in connecticut at the age of 85. today people have been leaving flowers and a small puppet on the big bird star on the hollywood walk of fame. the big bird star was dedicated in the television category back in 1994. it is a shock for the music world today, rising artist juice world died suddenly at the age of 21. the rapper emerged from the
6:38 pm
streaming platform sound cloud with his career taking off, he was trying to collaborate with well-known artist. one of them chance the rapper took to twitter calling him a young legend. while ellie goulding wrote he had so much further to go. because of his death has not been released. still ahead, the search is on for two dear looking rather festive. award for homeowners with christmas lights on their bushes. plus, nasa getting closer to the sun than ever before, what scientists are learning from afar.
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nasa conducting a mission to unlock some of the mysteries of the sun, a spacecraft called the parker solar probe will get as close as anything can get, traveling more than 200,000 miles an hour, it made three passes around the sun so far, 21 passes remain. each time, the probe gets closer to the service, the data comes back to help scientists understand the outer atmosphere and to better predict solar storms which can be a big deal
6:41 pm
when they cause disruptions on earth. >> it can cause problems like problems with gps, with electric power grids, it can create beautiful things like the aurora, the northern lights. >> actually a solar flare knocked out indications with air force one when reagan was aborted 1984 so it is important step. it's a protected from the extreme heat by carbon composite shields which are supposed to last until the end of the mission 2025. people near folsom lake on the lookout for two bucks tangled in christmas lights. emily turner with the holiday the core warning. >>, doing this 37 ears, a change of your. >> reporter: she is not shy about letting up her house for the holidays. >> yes, i mean, was the about, look at my yard. adair would have a blast of this place if he wants lichens and slurs. >> wandering antlers full of lights. >> all i know is he got into
6:42 pm
the bush i guess and tore off the christmas lights? and got caught to the zellers. dystopic he shot the zellers is your. >> reporter: maybe the scenery in this part of el dorado hills, neighbors are used to seeing deer all the time. these two bucks are turning heads. >> i stopped and looked at him and he looked at me. i said, you are not even frighten. so, i said gosh i will take a picture. >> reporter: she finally members the encounter just a few days ago. she spotted one the bucs in the bushes. >> i think there envious of his decorations. >> reporter: wildlife rescue group says this happens every around the holidays. more people in areas with lots of deer putting led to the bushes, decorated deer have been spotted far and wide. and marin county this poor box got his antlers tangled in christmas decorations.
6:43 pm
animal services was unable to catch him. still ahead, original reports with dramatic results on ballet rattling an incurable disease. >> it is nice to see them enjoying la as much as we did. >> very beneficial, it makes a difference. any more rain on the way, we answer this vital question from treasure island, it is all happening when we come back.
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governor gavin newsom set to induct a new class into the california hall of fame. my angelo dragged rupaul tony hawk and george lopez as part of the 13th class of the state hall of fame. the ceremony tuesday at the california museum in sacramento. the final episode of that of secretary and it will be a star studded finale. a new landmark political initiative kicked off with members of the world cup champion u.s. women soccer team. we went behind the scenes with casts and dusters checking but the show journey, the incredible send of, check it out. >> i spent more time with this crew that my family the last
6:47 pm
six years. in a census, this incredible family. >> i feel like i snapped my fingers. >> we are filming the finale of madam secretary. the story we aim to tell. the greatest group of people i ever worked with in my entire life. >> you do not want to miss the ban them secretary final episode right here on kpix5. the height of doppler showing there is not much left, a few showers over the area, thunderstorms and vcr and foothills but for us it is all heading south and east and not a wreck behind, one wet week. northwest in sonoma county, a few times and some of highway, picking up, do not like it is a metropolis. off and half of rain, opens the santa cruz mountains, the big
6:48 pm
sur station on highway one. almost inches of rain. santa rosa city almost 8 inches, up where the national service radar is, there is fog floating in the clouds over the city, sunshine tonight and tomorrow, it will be a mix that you cannot lift the fog especially in the central valley, that stuff is dangerous. hit the wall. looking ahead, a slight shower chance tuesday night, wednesday morning, mostly north of the golden gate, same thing late thursday into friday, few ripples in the atmosphere passing through but nothing like what we had over the past several days, tomorrow looks okay, futurecast says a few clouds taken along the shoreline, otherwise, a beautiful day where the fog clears, brilliant visibility,
6:49 pm
temperatures, days like this i often want to go to the amount diablo top in the morning. afternoon looks fine, partly cloudy skies, they say on an extreme the clear day when a cold front passes through, it cleans up the atmosphere, you might be able to see the peak from the top of the amount, the visitor center up there. i can't do it, maybe you can. rain in chicago and new york, seattle has a subset that is unusual, 51 degrees, overnight lows in the 40s, set up at 7:13 a.m., high temperature tomorrow will be within a few degrees of 60. a warm spot down to the south bay, temperatures in the low 60s, fremont and 62 over in the east bay, fog on the east bay shoreline then sunshine and a degrees fairfield, 61 up in the north bay, nice, low clouds tomorrow morning then clouds breakups silly partly cloudy day for the north bay including
6:50 pm
cloverdale and lakeport and st. helena 60 degrees. the state forecast, the shower icon for late tuesday night into wednesday to plant the idea psychologically. just so it won't be a surprise the pans out. then friday i will leave it off at friday is also something you want to tune in to see if it happens or not, one way or another no big rainmakers coming to the bay area to be a nice day tomorrow and tuesday, maybe a little rain tuesday night into wednesday but it will not be a big deal and that is good news. we have more when we come back.
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the nutcracker a beloved holiday classic celebrating its 75th anniversary season in san francisco. inspiring people living with parkinson's disease. ken bastida has the original report. >> reporter: the nutcracker returns wednesday to the war memorial opera house. one group is celebrating the magic, very special class of dancers. the nutcracker is packed. with swirling snowflakes, a dancing bear, and a sugarplum ferry who waltzes with flowers. but, it is here inside this studio at the san francisco ballet where a different kind of magic is revealed. a pilot about the nutcracker phenomenon, people can share this. >> reporter: here the dancers are not professionals. they are patients who have been
6:54 pm
diagnosed with a neurological disorder. >> steve has parkinson's, was looking for something, you know, to keep me going. so, a large part of my parkinson's program. to parkinson's disease is quiet and progressive. >> affects the brain which controls movement. >> reporter: shaking, muscle stiffness and difficulty walking. balancing and coordination. while medications can help, there is no cure. but, there is ballet. this class is part of an internationally acclaimed dance program for parkinson's patients. they are encouraged to bring their loved ones. >> you are not as good if your caregiver does not come to. sewer package tina. >> reporter: this former ballet dancer and instructor cecelia is the teacher. the focus -- >> is about a big movement.
6:55 pm
to this school director brought the program to the ballet three years ago. his late mother:let herself a dancer and instructor, died from the disease. >> it it was a huge shock when she was diagnosed. a very early age, she was in the late 50s. to he was determined to help others. >> ballet actually helps the physical way. >> reporter: as to whether there is proof dance can help -- >> absolutely. to doctor megan lynch spli rehabilitation at kaiser permanente in san francisco. more than 30 peer-reviewed studies point to the benefits of certain kind of dance for patients with parkinson's. >> this dance class with partisan patients at the san francisco ballet was really one the first of its kind . >> reporter: while ballet has not yet been rigorously studied, the patient's here are convinced. >> is very beneficial. makes a difference that pills
6:56 pm
do not make. >> i'm sure i can stand on one leg i could before i started. balance is important. >> the music stimulus part of the brain that is not could used quite so much. >> reporter: the dancers say they felt connected to their bodies in a positive way. while feeling connected to others. >> the social aspects are undeniable . >> reporter: towards the end of the class, young dancers from the ballet school performs two pieces from the nutcracker. the spanish then the russian dance. the kids got a treat and return. the patient's performed in front of them. to rousing applause. >> it's nice to see them enjoying ballet as much as major . >> reporter: the class ended in a huge circle with patients and dancers bowed to say goodbye until next time. >> there will be a next time,
6:57 pm
tis a ar. l in san francisco, ken bastida, kpix5. check thanks to funding by kaiser permanente the class is offered to patients with parkinson's for free. for more information go to our website, >> a great program, music and moving your body, can't hurt anyone. >> no. we appreciate you watching, 60 minutes is coming up next. the latest is always on and we will see you 11:00.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> we went looking for one of the worlds leading geneticists and found him here. >> most of these are frozen george. >> george church's own d.n.a. is in many of the experiments in his lab at harvard medical school. church helped pioneer mapping the human genome and editing d.n.a. today he's working on making humans immune to all viruses, eliminating inherited disease and... one of the things your lab is working on is reversing aging. >> that's right. >> how is that possible? ( ticking ) >> in a surprise move, america recently reversed four decades of policy by declaring that


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