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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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brazen, and scary. in all these cases, the thieves walk around first, looking for the easiest targets. then, it happens. berkeley police say they responded to 80 laptop thefts in the first 11 months of this year. that is a big increase compared to last year. in all of 2018, 61 laptop and cell phones were stolen at cafes. the most popular target for thieves, cafe strata. it up at least seven times this year. most of the seating here is outside. the other hotspots? alchemy, , and the starbucks on shattuck. almost all cafes are located within one mile of uc berkeley. most victims, students. no major injuries so far, but police worry it is just a matter of time. this is footage of a theft victim, hanging onto a suspects getaway car. after a couple of locks, the victim fell off. police said they made arrests
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and half of the cases this year. the suspects are mostly teenagers, including the 16- year-old, a good samaritan chased him down when his getaway driver ditched him after he fell out of the suv. >> even with all the arrests, the thieves could come, leave legal experts say the punishment is light and the reward is high. all the coffee shops are pretty quiet now because of winter break. once the students return, all the cafes will be packed. laptops on every table and eyeballs glued to the computer screens. police say, too distracting and too easy for the thieves. here is what you need to know. police say thieves are mostly going after apple laptops because of the high resale value. don't stay near the front, stay in the back. it is harder for them to get away. and by a cable lock to secure your laptop to the table. berkeley police continue to do undercover stings to catch the thieves, they say the only way to make sure you don't fall victim, leave the laptop home.
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in berkeley, i am donlon, kpix five. notetaking a live look at across the bay area, where it is starting to get a little cloudier. rain will make its way back to us. brian has more on when it is going to start pouring. >> it will not be tonight. it will not be early tomorrow morning, but it is coming soon, and for the rest of sunday, as rain develops from low pressure that is heading south out of the goals, it will eventually get us all wet, the rain probably begins tomorrow morning around 10:00 a.m. in the far north bay and then will begin to spread south, winds pick up along with in terms of amounts, not bad. much of it will be around central bay area, about an inch and a half in san francisco and almost that much in the east bay. here is what will happen, clouds will increase overnight tonight. sunday begins dry, so we will start a sunday morning drive the cloudy, then the rain will develop, first in the north bay in the morning, like 9:00, 10:00. it will spread south of the rest of the bay area, reaching the south bay around noon. then after that, sunshine will return for monday.
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a completely different day for monday, clouds will be back for new year's eve. we will have our forecast coming up when we cover the weather in detail in a few minutes. buddy cam video released by san jose police does show a violent struggle between officers and a suspect, and ends in a fatal shooting. the mercury news, obtained the video of that november encounter on highway 85. officers are trying to get andrew roberts out of his car when they spot a gun, and we want to warn you, the pictures are disturbing. [ sound of gunfire ] >> i got it! i got him! [ sound of gunfire ] >> sergeant lee fired a single shot, killing roberts. police recovered a glock, 40 caliber pistol from the suspect. both officers involved were placed on administrative leave following this shooting. san jose police homicide unit and the district attorney's office are both reviewing that
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case. there are new details about a deadly christmas eve shooting in san francisco. lease now identifying the man shot and killed in the tenderloin neighborhood. it happened tuesday, just before 11:30 p.m., near o'farrell and jones street, 29- year-old jorge hernandez died on scene. the shooting also wended a 23- year-old woman. officers later found a 30-year- old man who was apparently struck in the head with some kind of an object. both of the injured are expected to be okay. meanwhile, there is no information on the suspects. there is a growing memorial at the site of a deadly crash in the east bay. friends have left flowers, cards on the ground, where three teenagers were killed on christmas night. the crash also seriously injured two others. according to the chp, the car carrying the five teenagers crossed the centerline of foothill boulevard, just before 10:00 p.m. last night, a group of classmates from dublin high school gathered to remember the 316-year-olds. one student said the five
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teenagers had come over to his house to see him just hours before the crash. >> he left my house and beforehand they said they had to be home by 10:30. so we just assumed they were going home. >> it's hard now, the pain of them not being here. but i think it is going to hit a lot harder walking to school and stuff like that without them. >> there is a candlelight vigil planned for tomorrow for the three teenagers, set to happen at dublin high school at 5:00. a bay area masseur is facing charges for sexual assault. police were dispatched to body kneads day spa on san antonio road in palo alto. the victim alleges the man sexually assaulted her during a massage twice. police link evidence to the suspect and 46-year-old gang wang was arrested, charged with two sexual assault felonies. he was booked into santa clara county jail. police believe there is a possibility additional victims exist. in oakland, public housing
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residents who may be forced out of their homes are getting some financial assistance from the federal government. the u.s. department of housing and urban development is providing the oakland housing authority with $2.8 million. the money will be used for tenet protection vouchers. those vouchers will be provided to families were forced to relocate if their current home was demolished or converted into something other than public housing. vouchers can also be used by section 8 recipients who were asked to move out if their property owner decides to no longer accept the housing assistance. the vta rolled out its updated system today, promising more frequent bus rides and a new light rail line. we talked to the writers to see just how they are adjusting to those changes. >> reporter: the transportation authority rolled out its new bus and train schedule. transit agency is refocusing its resources on its most well- traveled routes. the ta is increasing the number
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of buses and trains on its most popular routes, hoping to decrease weight times and improve ridership. >> people want faster, more frequent service. they do not want to wait anymore than 20 minutes for the next ride, so these 20 frequent routes will be 15 minutes or less. >> reporter: vta says the changes are necessary in order to put the brakes on a troubling trend, a half decade of double-digit declines in ridership. 17% from buses, and 26% for trains, between 2015 and 2019. >> we are seeing, not only here in santa clara county, but all of the nation, a decline in bus ridership specifically. and by putting and reinvesting more service into the heavily used routes, we hope that ridership increases. >> reporter: but reducing or cutting service on less traveled routes can be a hardship for passengers who rely on it. the trade-off, says jerome perry who uses light rail to get to work at the airport, is in his opinion, worth it. >> the bus that goes by my house, it would take about half
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an hour, now they could down to 15 minutes, which i think is a lot better. that way you don't waste a lot of time, if you miss one you have to wait 30 minutes. >> reporter: vta hopes the changes to its schedule keeps the transit agency on track to fulfill its mission, providing reliable to the transportation for the maximum number of people possible. the valley transportation authority had hoped to coordinate this out with the b.a.r.t. service , but that project is woefully behind schedule, they missed an end-of-the-year deadline and there is no word for when b.a.r.t. may begin for the south bay. are with us? if you're looking to be prices years eve. caltrain, muni, samtrans, and vta are all offering free rides. coming up, california mcdonald's worker being hailed a hero tonight, for helping a woman who was being held against her will.
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coming up, the moment the worker knew that the woman needed rescuing. plus, it is opening day at santa anita racetrack. following a season plagued with deaths. disneyland closes its gates on hundreds of people. look at that. we will tell you why that happened when we come back.
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beautiful city. a woman is safe again thanks to the quick thinking and action of a lodi mcdonald's worker. >> she was being held against her will, linda has more on the special training the workers had that may have saved the woman's life. >> reporter: some scary moments for a sacramento woman, desperately trying to escape her abuser. >> she did come in pretty frantic. >> reporter: as soon as she walked in on christmas eve, and asked for employees to hide
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her. >> kind of one of those fight or flight kind of things. they just took over and they didn't hesitate. >> reporter: it turns out, this is a designated safe place, with employees trained to handle all kinds of emergencies. in this case, they urged the woman to use the restroom. >> quick thinking on her part, she provided a license plate to the employees here at mcdonald's. >> reporter: when she cannot, deputies say she attempted to place an order at the counter. but this man walked in and demanded she go outside. >> he said, no, you can place the order through the drive- through. >> reporter: when she pulled up to the window, lopez says she mouths the words help me, and that is on the employees took action. >> are a restaurant manager had our employees hold up the drive- through line so that we were then able to stop the car from moving forward. >> reporter: when deputies arrived, they were quickly rushed outside to the drive- through. ordering valenzuela out of the car and discovering a loaded stolen revolver tucked away inside. the restaurant credits their
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employees for taking their emergency training seriously. >> it was such an exciting and proud moment for us, to know that what we are doing is working and that our employees are comfortable handling things like that. two dogs are on the loose on the other side of highway 1 from monterey. those dogs brutally attacked a puppy and killed another dog. on thursday, a couples puppy was brutally attacked by two large german shepherd/husky mix is. the dogs were aggressive and alone per witnesses. several pet owners in seaside have come forward to say the same two dogs have attacked their pets. >> and i saw him going toward him, and they sniffed him. and then start rushing him, no hesitation. >> kind of trotted up, there was no barking, no growling, they just ran up and started tearing my dog apart. >> reporter: the monterey county spca says it is possible nothing could've stopped the ravenous dogs. the nonprofit advises throwing
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water on the attacker or carrying a hat character. he could save a pets life. after a turbulent year, santa anita park in southern california did open its gates for the winter horse racing season. the park did come under increased scrutiny after 37 of its horses died last year. at today's opening, a small group of protesters gathered outside the park, demanding horseracing be suspended. the park has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in connection with the deaths. peak season at disneyland has had the thing park and they temporally stop staring selling tickets yesterday when the park reached capacity. this is video from yesterday with the long lines outside disneyland. video and said the park sows just how little room people had to even walk. disneyland temporarily reached its capacity, only during the peak tourist season, mid-summer, and christmas. a beloved bay area toy
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store, getting ready to close its doors for good. talbots toyland has had a 66 year run in san mateo. the store is smack in the middle of downtown, the corner of east fifth street and south b street. used to go in there all the time. it is just two blocks from san mateo central park. here is a look at the store. the general manager says the resin online shopping has made it hard for his door to stick around and be probable. he tried extending the hours but says it did little to boost sales, even during the holiday season. no precise day for closure is set yet but the general manager expects the door to close january or february. >> as amazon gets richer and richer. that is too bad. right now as we look at the airport, the numbers have totaled into the 50s for much of the day. area. for the product will discuss tonight, which i hope is not interfering with your view of a saturday night, spectacular in the western sky.
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i will tell you about that in a minute. but now, the numbers in the 50s, and prospects for rain, moving into the bay area by midday tomorrow, for most of us, earlier in the morning or stay. futurecast gets the timing, first to get the clouds tonight, then about 8:00 in the morning, here comes the rain to the north bay. that wave sweeps through the rest of the bay area by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, then you can see another post frontal trough coming in behind us, right over , a wave of rain followed by another wave of rain, showers off and on, all field by low pressure moving out of the gulf of alaska. expect it to get wet, not first thing, but later in the day. in terms of amounts, about an inch, but greater amounts forecasted for san rafael in san francisco, central bay area coastal gets the most out of this, but even at pleasanton, an inch of rain by the time we get to sunday night. futurecast for later in the weeks show we do get high pressure building up but we will still get a few clouds hanging around. new year's eve should not interfere with the fireworks, as we head out the door tomorrow. it will be cool but it will not
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be wet. it will not get wet until tomorrow afternoon for most of the bay area, again, earlier in the north bay around 10:00, the north bay begins to get rain. we will all get wet by sunset tomorrow night. here is what we are expecting. oh, first, the moon and venus are appearing in the western sky tonight. you cannot miss it. if you can see them and, if you don't have clouds, the moon is a little fingernail tonight, just a few days old. and it looks like a crescent moon, right next to it, bright star, the planet venus. see it. it is stunning. other than that, increasing close overnight tonight, the rain spreads south on sunday morning. fireworks forecast for new year's eve, shows a few clouds around, but not bad. temperatures not buckled, sky conditions, not that bad. it looks like we will get off with a good fireworks display. if you're heading out of the bay area tomorrow, all you have to do slow down traffic, you're supposed to add water, you will by tomorrow afternoon. for the rest of the bay area, the numbers -- i'm sorry, for the rest of the country, chicago is wet, so is atlanta, so is new york.
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overnight lows tonight, in the 40s, sign up tomorrow morning at 7:24 a.m. for tomorrow, the numbers will be in the mid-50s. it will be wet beginning tomorrow my midday, midafternoon, for much of the bay area. in the extended forecast, morning rain and the north bay spreads cells. monday and tuesday to the opposite direction, it will be sunny before we got it up a little bit, but after tomorrow it looks high and dry through the weekend, beginning with monday. so, not a bad way to start 2020. and then we have earned with sports. well, what have we got for you in sports at 6:00? would you believe, a tiger attack in atlanta? ♪ the weather outside is frosty ♪ for the raiders. i will have what he is having. a big old plate full of a 49ers/seahawks preview. because sunday, the nfc west division title is on the line.
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a whole lot of football and lopsided football. >> an excellent acre toss to sports, as we carry the ball, lester not to drop it here. college football games up top. bowl season is upon us in the online today, the two division i championship playoffs mis, top-ranked lsu, laid some cajun style home cooking on oklahoma, and the chef, the heisman trophy winner. and that is joe burrell. what a show in atlanta. it felt like a home game. already up 14-7 early, and bro, great touch on this pass. that is to justin jefferson. a two touchdown lead, and those two, wearden. now 28-7 in the second. borough and then jefferson, went up and got it. four touchdown grab of the house, 14 passes, two, 27
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yards. later in half, borough, wide open, thaddeus, oklahoma got must. he is the son of hall of famer randy moss. there is my boy. borough, who is seven touchdowns, all in the first half, 492 yards and the tigers blew out the sooners, 63-28, and advanced to the national championship claim to face the ohio state clemson winter. meantime, dallas texas, memphis tigers, they are all fired up for the cotton bowl against penn state work so redundantly lyons. running back, jerry brown, gone! a second quarter, 56 yard run, he went for two are two. third quarter, but her back brady white. hit, balls out and garrett taylor plucked it out of the air, and we are done here. touchdown penn state. look at this, james franklin, happily, wrestled one of his
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players to the ground. they won the game, final 53-39. nfl, the 49ers 3 1/2 point road favorites are playing for top seed in the nfc playoffs. sunday. from seattle, things, a couple things get in the way. injuries and the seahawks. >> thank you, both the 49ers and seahawks are limping into these playoffs. key injuries on both side of the football, and why this playoff game is key to both teams, looking for a bye in the playoffs. and, it is also why marshawn lynch is back in the spotlight. >> what brought you back this time? >> happy holidays. merry new year. let's all have a great day. is a great feeling to be back. thank you. >> reporter: well he still doesn't have much to say to the media, his return to seattle after four years, added even more hype to this nfc west showdown.
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>> in case you wondered, i do have a 24 jersey underneath my sweatshirt here, okay? >> they signed a good one. i know marchand will come in and he will be ready, regardless how much time he has had off. is a competitor, bottler. >> i was kind of surprised by it. he is a of a player, he was unreal. we will see what he has got. >> as if this game didn't have enough riding on the light already, a win for the seahawks would not only ensure division title but also bragging rights for a seattle players over there former teammate, richard sherman. >> again, you don't want him to win. nobody wants to hear him on sunday. >> i was about to go out there, i was about to go get you. >> will, you should have did it! >> i don't know if i can say some of the words he used on tv, but let's just say, not nice things. >> a los by the 49ers would likely mean they would have to play three road games to reach the super bowl.
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while a victory gives them the one seed in the nfc playoffs, but san francisco has not won in century link since 2011, a shocking fact to tightened george. >> the situation is what it is, you guys know that. my wife knows it, my kids know it, all of our players know it. anyone who pays attention to football knows it. everyone will be amped up. >> it is december football, bb. >> all eyes on beast mode tomorrow, but keep your eye on the seattle's left side of the offensive line. wayne brown will not play tomorrow and that means neck is going to be licking his chops. >> that marshawn lynch soundbite? that was his entire press conference. you remind me of a story that will relate after a talk about the raiders. here is the thing. for postseason, it is win or go home sunday.
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three point underdogs, they have to win in denver and then scoreboard watch for help. it is running game emma we will have to get it done without josh jacobs. he is out, shoulder. but, there is more in denver. it is the issue of the weather, specifically quarterback derek who does not do well in cold weather. a lot of this usually happens, his record, one in nine and games below 45 degrees. sunday, temperatures will be in the 30s. car? he is in denial. >> it is a team game, man. we are all out there, dealing with it. both teams, just trying to win a game. it doesn't bother me. one bid. the weather doesn't bother me. we just haven't won, you know? so hopefully it will be just above 40 and we will be good. all right, that in the golden state warriors and charts are in action tonight, moving pictures on the late show. now, getting back to the marshawn lynch press conference, it reminds me of the greatest blowoff i ever
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received. it was from bill belichick, the head coach of the new england patriots. he is playing in a golf tournament at pebble beach, i am the only little one man crew right on the practice putting green. i figure i will save the coach to come up and say a few words. i say, you got time for a couple questions? without breaking stride, he looks at me, he says forwards. no, i'm good, thanks. and just walked off to get his team time. that was it. greatest blowoff ever. and he was nice about it, but still. no, i'm good, thanks. >> i don't know how you do it. >> [ laughter ]. >> her job was to promote their teams and guys, and they can't do a little interview with you? belichick is here. >> no, well, you got a high, they go low. coming up in our next half hour, 2019, breaking records when it comes to mass shootings. how california is working to stop the deadly trap.
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plus, we are learning more about the victims of a deadly helicopter crash in hawaii.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. you are watching kpix 5 news. our top story at 5:30, it has been the biggest year for mass shootings in the united states and nearly 50 years. 41 mass killings nationwide, and california had the most. what the state is doing to bring those alarming numbers down. >> reporter: 211 people were killed in the u.s. this year, and 41 mass killings. the most since the 1970s. the data compiled by the associated press, usa today, and northeastern university.
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and california, which has had some of the strictest gun laws in the country, had eight mass killings this year. the most of any state. many people we talked to felt sad and shocked. >> i don't know what the answer is. i really don't. how do you teach respect for life? >> protect the homeland. take care of ourselves and find out where we are suffering from mentally and spiritually. and we will stop shooting each other. >> california is an acting even tougher new gun control laws, beginning january 1st, only those 21 and older can purchase a semi automatic rifle. californians will only be allowed to buy one of those rifles each month, starting the following year. gun licensing and fees will cost more come new year's day. and, those who aren't allowed to own guns in another state will be banned from purchasing one in california. in addition, our state is expanding to workplaces and schools, the ability to request a gun violence restraining order.
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the law, drawn from lessons learned in the parkland, florida school massacre. right now in california, relatives or police can get a restraining order to take away the firearms of a person who has threatened violence. the new law allows employers, coworkers, principals, and teachers, to request the restraining order. some women fill says it bolsters a program the california has had for three years. >> uc davis did a study on this. they found that in 21 cases, gun violence restraining orders actually prevent and potential mass shootings. >> the new law takes effect in september after a training period. there is another new provision, people with a gun violence restraining order against him will not be able to buy any kind of firearms for five years. the chp says it has made hundreds of dui arrests over christmas day holiday. statewide, a 30 hour maximum enforcement period netted 271 arrests. the chp also says at least 10 people have been killed in collisions. it does plan a similar
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enforcement effort over new year's. fulton police plan to have more officers on patrol this weekend, on the lookout for this type of sideshow activity, as well as drunk drivers. police say when it comes to the sideshows, they are determined to crackdown. the department says, quote, violent and disruptive, and illegal behavior will not be tolerated. >> we are learning more tonight about a delay plane crash that happened in louisiana. the eight passenger plane went down this morning moments after it lifted off from lafayette regional airport. five people were killed in the crash. among them, sports reporter carly mccord, 30-year-old journalist who was on her way to watch a louisiana state football game in atlanta. her father-in-law is a leftist use offensive coordinator. the impact of the crash blow out the windows at a nearby post office, two people inside were among three bystanders that had to be transported to a hospital. >> i just heard the big swoop
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and a boom at post office, and my mom was leaving the post office, she backed out. before anything happened. it woke me up out of my sleep. it was scary. >> the youngest victim, 15 years old. there was one survivor on the plane, he is hospitalized and in critical condition tonight. police in hawaii have released the names of three victims in this week's deadly helicopter crash, they say 69- year-old paula terrell was piloting that aircraft. 47-year-old amy and her 13-year- old daughter joyce linda of wisconsin were also killed. for other passengers have yet to be identified. reporter jesse davis has the latest on the investigation into what went wrong. >> reporter: the aircraft belongs to safari helicopters, which is a helicopter tour company based in hawaii. officials declined to comment when we called them earlier today, but people are inside, the doors are locked, but no one came to the doors when i knocked. county officials tell us they found six sets of remains, but again county officials tell us
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there does not appear to be any signs of any survivors. the wreckage of the helicopter was found in a remote area, about 13 miles north of hana pepe. there were seven people including two children on board. in addition to the pilot, there were two families, a party of two and a party of four. >> the question was asked as to what the weather conditions were at that time, and anyone that is familiar with the nepali coast knows that it can be clearer in the morning, and with the tradewinds we do have, it can, whether can roll in. hear the helicopter did not deviate from its planned route. but when it did not get back by 6:00, the coast guard is called in a massive search was launched by air and by sea, with local, state and federal agencies. according to a preliminary report, authorities last made contact with the helicopter around 4:40 p.m. when the pilot reported that the tour was leaving the canyon area.
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the ntsb is taking the lead in this investigation, they will determine the exact cause of the crash. meanwhile in x stan, 12 million people were killed, others injured when a plane went down in the city of ahmadi. technical failure, pilot error, and whether conditions could have been the reason the plane crashed. it went down just minutes after it departed a major airport, federal officials say the airplane's flight reporters will be passed onto the interstate aviation committee in moscow for analysis. 's emollients are in morning tonight after a deadly blast killed nearly 80 people, most of them students. a massive truck bomb exploded at a busy security checkpoint in the capital city. this attack was one of the deadliest and recent history. witnesses say the force of that blast reminded them of a 2017 bombing that killed hundreds, there was no immediate claim of responsibility. new york city police have been going a step further to
6:37 pm
protect jewish communities following a recent series of anti-somatic attacks. two different jewish men were attacked in brooklyn on christmas eve, when punched in the back of the head, the other was cursed at and had liquid thrown on him. the incidents are just two of at least eight such attacks this week in new york. >> it is great to know that people are being attacked, simply because they are jewish. as a rabbi for a whole congregation, making sure all of those people are safe as part of my responsibility as well. which is stressful, considering the uptick in the violence. >> hate crimes are on the rise nationally. in just the past year, more than a dozen white supremacists have been arrested for tax construes. democratic presidential candidate joe biden is setting the record straight, the former vp recently stated he would not testify in the senate impeachment trial. but today, he clarified his stance. >> would you comply with the subpoena?
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>> no, i would honor whatever the congress in fact, legitimately asked me today. i have no firsthand knowledge, there is no base to that. so my point was, there would be no basis upon which to call me as a witness. >> it is unclear when the senate impeachment trial will begin. house speaker nancy pelosi says she wants to make sure the senate commits to a fair trial before she transmits the articles of impeachment. meantime, president trump, once again, taking to twitter to attack miss pelosi. he tweeted today, quote, crazy nancy pelosi should spend more time in her decaying city, san francisco, and less time on the impeachment hoax. from record-breaking box office weakens to college admissions scandals. a big year in hollywood, coming up, we take a look at the stories that made headlines.
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and, how an american woman aboard the international space station just broke a world record.
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2019 give us record- breaking box office, along with a few celebrity scandals. chris martinez takes a look at some of the top entertainment stories of the year. >> reporter: 2019 saw celebrities entangled in a nationwide college admissions scandal. actresses lori loughlin and felicity huffman were among dozens of parents charged with committing bribery and fraud to get their kids admitted to top universities. hoffman pled guilty and spent nearly 2 weeks in prison. robert r. kelly spent much of the year in court, after a lifetime documentary called surviving r. kelly led to a
6:42 pm
number of charges of criminal sexual abuse against the singer. can, empire star jussie smollett was charged with filing a false police report after investigators said he lied about a hate crime assault. the charges were later dismissed. fans mourned the loss of several celebrities in 2019. including wrapper nikki hassel, who was murdered outside a clothing shop he owned in los angeles. 90210 star luke perry passed away after suffering a stroke. and trail losing actress diane carol sisk calmed to convocations for breast cancer at age 84. >> what is survival of the fittest? >> on tv, fans cheered as james holzhauer 1/2,000,000 dollars in an epic 32 game winning streak on jeopardy. galatian also learned the shows beloved host, alex trebek, was diagnosed with stage iv pancreatic cancer. at the box office, several films shattered records. model studios "avengers: endgame" dethroned avatar to
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become the highest grossing film of all-time. audiences warmly welcomed disney's frozen two, giving it the biggest opening of all time for an animated film. and, controversy over its violent content didn't stop moviegoers from making joker the highest grossing r-rated movie ever. at the oscars, "green book" took home best picture, kacey musgraves golden hour took home the grammy for album of the year. while apple music named willie alice 2019's global artist of the year. and "game of thrones," which wrapped up its final season, took home the emmy for outstanding drama series. that is your year in entertainment. chris martinez, cbs news los angeles. >> lori loughlin is due back in court in january. she and her husband are headed to trial for their alleged role in that college admissions scandal, they have pleaded not guilty. also having a big year, tesla was going to start
6:44 pm
delivering its first cars built in china on monday. the first 15 model three is from the shanghai giga factory will go to tesla employees. the model three is exempt from china's 10% purchase tax, but the price starts at about $50,000. tesla also announced an agreement with lenders in china for a loan of up to $1.2 billion to be used for its shanghai factory, that is tesla's first manufacturing site outside the u.s. meanwhile, tesla's electric truck rival rypien is hoping to steal the spotlight. a new video shows its electric vehicle doing full 360 degree turns from a standstill, you just saw that. rivian expects its trucks to go on sale in late 2020, starting price, 69 grand. we have got in our back pocket. business insider reports mark anthony urista five gained the financial backing of amazon, ford, and cox auto. that is my wallet spinning when i spend that kind of money. volkswagen may have its
6:45 pm
diesel admissions scandal but it may also have an answer to the problem that a lot of electric car owners face. instead of hunting down a charging station, you could use a mobile charging robot, the roadblock designed to come to you in your car, anywhere in a parking garage. according to vw, the robot would not require any human interaction, it would simply drive itself to your vehicle, and connect automatically. there is no market launch date yet, for now, this is just a prototype. >> sure looks easy and animation. national astronaut christina made history on saturday. she broke her record by the longest single space flight by a woman. she has been there for 289 days now, passing the previous record of 288 days. she says she hopes the record for longest space flight for a female astronaut will be exceeded again very soon. in fact, tomorrow, because she will. her own record.
6:46 pm
scary moments captured on camera and as an suv careens down an icy road toward it around the side of the road. to a heart stopping into that video. it is something many of us have experienced, that rough day after a night of overdoing it and some heavy drinking. now, those expenses have been inspiring and entire museum.
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
new video tonight showing this incredible video moments before a man is nearly plowed
6:49 pm
down by a car on an icy roadway. it happened on christmas day in alaska. you see that pic of stopped on the side of the road, the man gets in his hand and knees, checks or something underneath, the suv came sliding around the corner, they woke up just in time to see the car miss him. about two feet away. nobody was hurt. another icy roads video out of minnesota shows a school bus sliding sideways into an intersection, the driver reporting the video said the bus eventually came to a stop. and then continued on its way. a person on twitter says they were on board that school bus with a youth hockey team. they say nobody was hurt because of the bus driver who she called a hero him and as a result and because of negotiating the bus very carefully, which when you live in minnesota, you have to know how to drive on ice, you are able to do successfully. that is why we live here. stormy weather that car southern california off guard around christmas, now heading to the east of course, with a vengeance. the storm is hitting several states with snow, ice, rain, cbs news correspondent kenneth
6:50 pm
craig has the latest from new york. the winter weather that pounded parts of southern california last week is shifting east, across the plains and into the upper midwest this weekend. wind, snow, and freezing rain are making conditions treacherous in many parts of the nation's midsection. >> it is happening right now, it will happen through at least monday morning, and the worst of it is in the northern plain states, the dakotas. wind gusts could be 40, 50 miles an hour. this will be a serious snowstorm bordering on a blizzard at times. >> reporter: the north dakota department of transportation was out in full force, trying to keep up with the snow on interstate 29. dangerous road conditions left the semi jackknifed in a ditch. in fort collins, colorado, near whiteout snowfall made staying home the safest bet. and a storm warning is set to remain in effect for southwest nebraska until sunday evening. snowplows there got a head start treating roads, while people stocked up on the essentials before the worst of the weather hits. the weather for saturday's
6:51 pm
peach bowl in atlanta, not a problem. cloudy and in the 60s. kenneth greg, cbs news,. speaking of clouds, i hope it doesn't interfere with your view of venus and the moon tonight. that is the moon, that is a ufo. that is not venus. but, there are a few clouds in front of the main in our shot of san francisco overlooking sutro tower. again, we have clouds. but if you do not have class, you will see something like that. see that, the moon and then just above and to the right to messy the planet venus? it is claiming in the western sky tonight, and if you do not have clouds, you can see that for another hour or so, it really is a spectacular site. and, there it is live from our cam, but you cannot see venus in this view but you can certainly see the crescent moon. we are looking at things that are going to be cooling down for the next apple of days, as a cold front makes its way
6:52 pm
toward the bay area, the numbers now in the 50s and 60s for highs, and that is kind of warm for the last few days of december, right now, the numbers have tumbled into the low 50s as we overlook the airport, where things could be slowed down tomorrow by this. low-pressure that is on the way from the gulf of alaska means it will get wet tomorrow, not immediately. we will take a while for the rain to develop first in the north bay in classic fashion, it will sleep from north to south, about 10:00 in the morning, there's the first wave, central bay area, by about noon. a second wave of rain comes and by the time we had sunset tomorrow night. so, after the morning, we will begin to accumulate rain to the tune of about a third of an inch in san francisco, and about a third of an inch at pleasanton and the same up in ukiah. futurecast shows as high pressure begins to build in, we will get a few clouds. but in general, 2020 will begin, we are talking about wednesday, with a few clouds, but otherwise dry. after we get the rain tomorrow, we will dry it out and keep it that way, then for new year's
6:53 pm
eve, if you high clouds but the numbers aren't too bad, for 8:00 p.m. to midnight, rivers average about 50 degrees. here is what we are expecting men, evenings rectangular. it is really nice. the crescent moon, we have the moon and venus, increasing clouds overnight tonight, the rain will spread south through sunday morning. heading out of sfo, it will be wet tomorrow by about midday, and it will be wet as well, in york and atlanta and in chicago. overnight lows tonight, we will see them in the mid 40s around the bay area, rain will develop at about 10:00 tomorrow morning, numbers manage only mid 50s and as we look at the extended forecast, the numbers will be on the chilly side. it will be on the wet side tomorrow, then monday and tuesday, the sun will come out and it looks like it will be dry right into 2020. and we will get a break from the rain. we also have a break from the newscast, but it will be brief and we will be right back. [ electrical buzzing ]
6:54 pm
[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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6:56 pm
this new year's eve, a lot of people will be popping champagne in the celebration of the end of 2019 and this new year's day. a lot of people will be nursing a hangover. >> for anyone who has had one of those nights, your behavior has inspired a new museum in asia. croatia. >> it will be a night we'll never forget. >> reporter: nights we hope we will never forget can often turn into the mornings we don't ever want to remember. >> why am i seeing a tooth? >> reporter: for anyone who has ever gotten too tipsy, been three sheets to the wind, or had a drop too much. and paid the price the next day. you are not alone. welcome to the world's first museum of hangovers. which opened this month in croatia. cofounder reno says the idea
6:57 pm
was born from a conversation among friends about drinking at parties. he spoke about how he woke up with a bicycle pedal in his pocket, and i thought, as i listened to him, why not set up a place, a museum, with a collection of these objects and stories that will illustrate in a fun way, these evenings of drunkenness and the hangover the next day? the museum is laid out like a busy walk home, with rooms resembling a street, storefronts , a park, and finally, a bedroom, where you can piece your journey together. along the way are stories of drunken escapades from around the world. guests begin their visit by wearing goggles that simulate drunkenness. they are invited to throw a dart, bull's-eye means no admission charge. the can also share their own stories by finishing the phrase i woke up with. entries that we can show you include no money, two stray dogs, and a lot of pumpkins.
6:58 pm
but critics of the museum say it doesn't take the dangers of drinking seriously. >> it is fine to drink in moderation. but that is not what this museum is about. >> reporter: psychiatrist is concerned the museum glimmers is over drinking. >> it makes it look appealing. it makes it look like it is fun and hilarious. and for young people especially, that is going to be a big draw. >> reporter: the founders hope to expand the museum and include the downfall of drinking, but for now, visitors will only have their own experiences to serve as a warning. >> i am very impressed, but also very horrified, because it brings back very bad memories. or good memories, at the same time. >> i don't know, there are a lot of reasons to go to croatia. i don't think that is at the top of the list. >> you go in, it ought to sober you up pretty quickly. thank you for watching us. we will see you back here at 11:00. for news throughout the evening, the latest always on
6:59 pm
for now, from kpix, good night. we will see at 11.
7:00 pm
announcer: the following program is sponsored by operation smile. every year, hundreds of thousands of children are born with cleft lip and or cleft palate. >> dr. bill magee: why should any child, anywhere on this planet, have to live a life of misery. >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children that are born with these deformities are cursed. just imagine a life alone, that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening with brown bags over their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some children don't live, because they have problems with eating, and drinking, and die of malnutrition. >> mel: and they see us as their last resort. >> dr. jill gora: every child deserves a fair chance at life, >> peggy stillman: it may only take an hour to do something that will change their lives forever. >> noreen kessler: and you just see a whole new person, a whole new beginning. it's almost like they're reborn.


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