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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 30, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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into the bay area. >> millions? i think it could potentially be in the low millions if people come and spend a lot of money. >> reporter: the big unknown factor is the cost of security. the game will likely require more of it eating to profits. the other big unknown, if the visiting team shows up in large numbers. >> i think it will depend on who that opposing team is and if their fan base turns out in force and spends money in the hotels and restaurants. but i feel positive about it. >> reporter: at pizza my heart down the street from the stadium, there's no doubt there's a boost on big game days. >> i would say on game days we're up like 50 percent probably. we're feeling it inside the restaurant. >> reporter: chuck hammers, the owner, said they noticed an interesting phenomenon when the super bowl was in town a few weeks ago. >> people come without a ticket. they want to be near the action. they can't afford it, so they want to come in the area and
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experience it, and then they will like come to the restaurants and sit and watch it on the tvs in the restaurants just to enjoy being near the action. >> reporter: the ambience. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: all right, so the last time anybody did any kind of study was the 49ers after super bowl 50. according to the study they paid for, it was a illion wind fall from a week long series of m40events spread acr$2oss the bay area. we don't know what it will be like in this playoff series, but probably going to be pretty good. niners get a bye and are back on the field january 11th. live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. >> thanks kiet. and as he just said, the niners get much deserved rest after playing their fifth straight game where the outcome hinged on the final plays. >> 4th down. wilson back, throws, caught, hollister hit on the goal line and dropped by greenlaw.
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he is short! the niners stopped him on the goal line, the 49ers are going to win the game! >> greenlaw, the rookie, saves the day by about an inch. they beat the seahawks for the first time in seattle since 2011 and most importantly take the 1 seed in the nfc playoff picture. >> reporter: you just ended 8 years of futility in the stadium with that play, you know that? >> it's crazy, man. it's crazy to think about and crazy that we're the nfc champions and will continue to work. >> reporter: i can't imagine the scene in the locker room after the game. can you indulge us? >> it was incredible, man. something i'll never forget the rest of my life. just it was a party in here, man. >> here's why the stop was so big with the win. the 49ers earn the 1 seed in the nfc playoffs meaning they get a bye week along with the packers and stay at home throughout the playoffs. since 1990, exactly 50 percent of the 1 seeds reach the super
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bowl. seattle however travels to play the eagles on sunday as a 5 seed. a 5 seed has made it to the super bowl just once since 1990. >> we have to play 2 games instead of 3, and that's an incredible feat and accomplishment for what we've done all year, and this is just kind of the icing on the cake. >> it's incredible. especially since the start of the season, all hearsay and everything of our team and what we were going to go and to come out and get the 1 seed is a pretty nice feeling. >> now before the season, many football experts didn't even think the 49ers would make the playoffs, yet alone the 1 seed. they'll next play the seahawks or the vikings. get updates around the clock on the 49ers on and cbsn bay area on your favorite devices. right now we are following so breaking news. chopper 5 over 180 in vallejo
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right now. chp has closed off both directions of the highway for a vallejo police investigation. police swarming the magazine street overpass right now. it remains unclear why the investigation is going on. a look at our traffic map. congestion just building up for drivers working this new year's week. i'm emily turner at the live news desk where we're getting new video and new word right now of a shooting happening this afternoon in san mateo. this is video we just got into our newsroom. it shows a taco truck blocked off with yellow caution tape just off 101. a stretch of the boulevard is blocked off, and the victim is currently receiving medical care, but the condition of that person remains unclear at this point. no word yet on suspects or the circumstances surrounding the shooting, but of course we'll continue to monitor this late breaking news and bring it to you. all right, thank you,
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emily. a look at ocean beach earlier today in san francisco. waves decent, but starting tomorrow there will be monster swells. chopper 5 also flew over pacifica to check out the waves. before it's over, the waves could reach 35 feet in half moon bay. surfers are expected to pour in to catch the epic rides. we go right to meteorologist darren peck. >> let me first give you the time frame or concern. look at the times up there. 1:00 tuesday in the afternoon until 9:00 in the evening on wednesday. that's when we're going to be seeing the waves that could sneak up on you. this is the kind of wave you could be standing on the beach peacefully and a big breaker comes out of nowhere and takes you with it. so be cautious of your surroundings if you'll be near the coast between tuesday afternoon and wednesday night. speaking of that time in ben the 2 time frames and talk about new year's. the headline in the weather
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department is just the surf. there will be nothing else in the sky of major consequence here. other than a few high clouds going into new year's. so while the forecast looks great, and that does say 48 degrees outside by the time the clock strikes midnight tomorrow night. no wind, just a few high clouds. that's a great forecast for new year's eve. i'll be back with the rest of the forecast including looking ahd a to the small chancfee w minutes. back over to you. all right, thanks darren. authorities are scouring the san mateo county coastline for clues in a desperate search for a car that might have sped off a cliff and plunged into the ocean. another driver reported the incident this morning around 11:00 a.m. near gray whale cove state beach. the man told 911 dispatchers he was driving in the northbound lane when a car that looked like a green lexus sped in front of him and drove right off the edge of the cliff. the coast guard and fire crews responded in full force bringing in choppers, boats, jet skis, and did find car
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parts in the water, but fire crews can't say that it looks like it's linked to the search or not. >> so far all they have found other than the tire tracks up here was so vehicle debris in the water, but that could be from another incident. it's unclear if that's from today. so they're still waiting to see if they can find more evidence that this actually happened. >> the driver who reported the incident is the only witness so far. fire crews are asking anyone with information on who might have been inside the the car to come forward. a group of mothers fighting eviction from an oakland home can continue living there for now. an alameda county judge delayed his decision on the case. over 100 people waited outside while the property owner and women's attorneys argued their cases. the group of homeless mothers who call themselves moms for housing have been occupying a vacant home on magnolia street since november, but the owner wants them out. the judge says he wants more
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time to decide whether or not the women should be evicted. >> i want to carefully consider the issues. there's no doubt these are 2 really important issues. >> so for us that creates a lot of hopefulness in terms of his future decision. >> attorneys for moms for housing say these women do have the right to adequate housing, but the developer says while it's sympathetic to the right of homelessness, it doesn't respect or condone the theft of its home. we'll have more on the story at 6:00. residents of a small texas town are coming to grips today of the loss of 2 neighborings, killed when a gunman stormed into a church yesterday. but it could have been much worse if not for the fact that one man was credited with saving many lives. >> kind of halfway turned towards me, and that's when i took the shot. >> reporter: volunteer security director jack wilson is willing hailed as a hero for taking down a gunman sunday inside the west freeway church of christ.
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>> i took out some evil, and again, that's the way i'm processing it. i took out someone who was evil and had evil intent. >> reporter: armed members of a church security team confronted the shooter just seconds of he pulled a shot gun from his pants and killed 2 male church members. >> the church responded in seconds and reacted the saved the lives of potentially the rest of the people in the church that had well over 200 people inside. >> reporter: church members identified the victims as richard white and tony wallace good we lost 2 great mean today. but it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: the fbi is working with local and state investigators to figure out what might have motivated the shooter. >> my understanding is he didn't necessarily have a direct connection. he had been here i think several time, and they always, my understanding is they were very open to helping people that are transient and homeless, and it's probably going to be difficult to determine exactly what his
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motivations were other than maybe mental illness. >> reporter: isabel ariola and her family noticed the man sitting near the back of the church. >> i don't feel comfort i said, he's giving me a bad vibe. >> reporter: she was within feet of the gunman when he started shooting. >> i said give me my baby, we have to get out of here. >> reporter: the shooter was wearing a fake beard and being watched from the moment he walked into the church. police in new york are stepping up patrols around jewish temples after a horrific stabbing attack at a big hanukkah party. investigators say grafton thomas walked into the rabbi's home saturday night and started stabbing guests. 5 people were hurt. over 100 orthodox jews were there when it happened. thomas was arrested hours later in new york city. his motive is unknown, but the attack comes during a rise in anti-semitic attacks. >> we are fighting back as a community, as a county.
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>> expect to see increased uniform patrols and plain clothes patrols. it's all with the backdrop really to keep people safe. >> thomas' family says he has a long history of mental illness, but no known history of anti-semitism. right now we're following breaking news. chopper 5 flying over i-80 in vallejo right now, and chp closed off both directions of the highway for a vallejo police investigation as you can see there. now police swarming the magazine street overpass right now, and it is jam packed as you can see right there going onto the bridge. you can see all of the red lights. it is backed up for quite awhile in both directions. we're still waiting to hear from police about what this investigation is about. now we'll have much more on this, but a look at our traffic map. this is the fallout, severe back ups. we'll have much more on this coming up later in our show. other news tonight, secretary of state mike pompeo is headed to eastern europe
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this week. his first stop, ukraine. the country at the center of the president's impeachment. skyler henry is live with the latest details. >> reporter: yes, mike pompeo's trip to ukraine is the first out of five make in the next few days as part of a eastern european tour. and of course the house voted to impeach president trump for his conduct involving ukraine. secretary of state mike pompeo is headed to ukraine. officials say meet with the ukrainian president later this week to reaffirm the united states' relationship with the country. >> leaders around the world understand that president trump and his secretary of state are focused on the missions that we've set out. >> reporter: the new york times is reporting that pomona and 2 others tried to talk president trump out of withholding military aid to ukraine in august with john bolton telling the president, this is in america's interest.
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mr. trump responded, ukraine is a corrupt country, and we are away our money. >> the new report shows there were serious concerns raised by trump administration officials about the propriety and legality of what the president was doing. >> reporter: eventually the military aid was released to help ukraine in its war against russia. president trump spoke with the russian president vladimir putin from his florida home on sunday. putin has insisted it was ukraine and russia that interfered in the 2016 election. a claim that president trump has repeated. democrats impeached president trump because they claim he withheld the military aid in order to have ukraine investigate former vice president joe biden and his son. how he faces a trial in the senate. now the senate has blocked off the entire month of january for these proceedings, but it can't move forward until house speaker nancy pelosi decides
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to hand over the articles of impeachment for what she wants, which is a fair trial. a new study says president trump's increase in tariffs are backfiring for some americans. the federal reserve found the tariffs president trump placed on china led to a trade war that ultimately led to job losses and higher prices on goods. the reserve says in september of this year u.s. consumers and businesses paid more than $7 billion in tariffs. right now a trade deal with china is in the works. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a new state law will allow convicted felons to serve on a jury. why supporters say it will make trials more fair. >> plus public transit agencies making it for you to get home safely on new year's eve. how you can get a free ride. >> and a sneak peek of the times square new year ball drop. a test today to make sure everything runs smoothly into 2020. ♪ a cat cafe sounded better in my head. ♪
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welcome back. another live look at the breaking story we've been following throughout this newscast. both lanes of the i-80 are closed right now due to police activity on the magazine street overpass above i-80. the traffic right now backing up across the bridge. in other news tonight, a new state law will allow convicted felons who have done their time to serve on jurors. supporters believe it will lead to fairer trials by expanding the jury pool. the author of the bill is democratic senator nancy skinner from the east bay. she says 30 percent of black men can't serve on a jury due to the felon ban. the law excludes felons who are registered sex offenders or those still on parole. more than 20 other states have a similar law on the books. it goes into effect on wednesday. if you're starting a new job or want to change your federal tax withholdings, the
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new w-4 forms arrive wednesday. they're aimed at providing a more accurate withholding for most employees. that should lead to fewer refunds or balances due attacks time, but if you like a big refund every year, you can still ask for extra withholdings. if you don't want to change them, you won't be required to fill out the form. early morning train sweeps at the embarcadero station seem to be working and won't be stopping any time soon. they result in 75 to 100 people per day being removed from morning commute trains. it's part of an effort to stem millions of dollars bart loses due to fare evaders. and bay area public transit officials are also getting ready to ring in the new year by offering free rides and extra service tomorrow night. muni offering free rides night
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service on several routes. cal train will start at 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. wednesday morning. new york is gearing up for the big night tomorrow, and the final preparations sending the iconic times square ball up for a test run. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, happy new year! >> joining the ball test were some of this year's special guests, science teachers and students from some local new york city public schools being honored for their activism and innovative ideas developed to address the climate crisis. speaking of climate, or weather and what's happening for the big ball drop in times square, well, we have the fireworks. >> yes, i think happily not a lot. >> so we'll see them. >> we will. the weather world is really quieting down as far as we're concerned over the next few
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days. the only thing for new year's is a few high clouds. no impact. let's pause to enjoy that incredibly pretty shot from treasure island looking back across the bay bridge with the fading light in the distance. daytime highs under all this sunshine today we were in the low 60s inland today. that's coming in around 5 degrees above average for this time of year. but all the other spots in and around the bay, fremont, half moon bay at 57, those numbers are pretty close to where we should be for this time of year. and looking is at where we're going for tomorrow morning's low, the last morning of 2019, also typical. coldest numbers i have are upper 30s. that's not so bad. we've experienced a lot colder than that over the last 2 weeks and most of the bay stays in the 40s. daytime highs tomorrow once again hit some of the low to mid-60s for inland spots. santa rosa at 63 and much of the rest of the bay is mid to
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upper 50s. san jose 60 tomorrow. mountain view is going to 60. and we'll hit 58 in livermore. okay, tomorrow's easy. for new year's eve just a few high clouds. i showed you that forecast at the top of the newscast. let's talk about the next small opportunity for rain, and it's a very small one. look at this, tuesday afternoon, that's tomorrow. here's the blue sky day. but the higher clouds start to come in. we see them perhaps a bit from midnight, but it's once we've gotten into wednesday, this is right around sunrise on wednesday morning. we've got a storm just grazing us to the north. and we could notice a stray sprinkle in the north bay. let's watch that a little oscl een. edngr and we'll notice the clouds for sure. in the seven-day you'll see a lot of cloudiness, but there's no rain involved in it. even with the weak system coming through wednesday, you have to get maybe into lake county before you notice
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anything measurable. here's the seven-day forecast. the clouds increase for wednesday, thursday, and friday. into saturday there's a second system that will try and threaten a sprinkle but just doesn't look likely. and we'll keep the temperatures relatively warm. 60 saturday into sunday, and more sunshine coming our way by early next week. so pretty uneventful. great looking forecast for new year's and much more coming up in the next half hour. triumph after tragedy. members of the saugus high school band will march in the new year's day rose parade.
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ahhh, which way do i go?! i don't know, i'm voting for our sequels. with geico, the savings keep on going to a screen near you. not the leg! you dang woodchucks! geico sequels. vote and enter to win today! the rose parade is going to be a special time for the kids at a southern california high school still in shock over a mass shooting there. >> as rachel kim reports, 4 students have been selected for the honor of a lifetime. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: it's the show case of some of the best marching bands from around the world. the 40th annual band fest is giving crowds a taste of what they'll hear and see in the 2020 rose parade. >> very rigorous.
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time consuming. but it's definitely very rewarding. >> reporter: among the 200 plus players in the tournament of roses honor band this year, 4 saugus high school students. they and other talented high school musicians were selected to join pasadena city college students to play in the prestigious band after auditioning in october. for these 4, practicing helped them through the shock and sadness after the shooting in their school in november. >> coming back and coming to rehearsals makes it easier to feel. >> they gave us a lot of time off afterwards, so it's been nice to be with other people and not be like stuck at home alone. >> reporter: these students say the theme of the rose parade, the powerof hope, and the songs they'll be performing have special significance to them. >> our first song that only our band is actually allowed to play is everything is
5:27 pm
coming up roses. >> it's important to move on from tragedy and hardships and stuff. >> life moves on and getting better. >> i just want us to be able to enjoy the parade. >> i don't want the 4 of us to be known as the tournament of roses kids who were involved in the saugus shooting, but saugus kids who are involved in the tournament of roses band. >> that was rachel kim reporting there. the 5-mile long parade kicks off at 8:00 a.m. wednesday morning. sad news, emmy award winning producer and san francisco native lee mendelson has died at the age of 86. he got his start here at kpix in 1961 as a producer and director. he won a peabody award here for a documentary on the history of the city. he left in the early 60s
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when his boss wouldn't give him a $10 a week raise. he went on to play a major role in bringing charlie brown to television in 1965 with charlie brown's christmas d th song christmas time is here. and who do you think makes up the fastest growing group of business owners in the u.s.? the answer may shock you. >> and the search tonight for an armed cyclist in the south bay who opened fire on a neighborhood dog. >> and it's no myth, one former tv star can't seem to catch a break when it comes to having his stuff ripped off.
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