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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 17, 2020 4:00am-4:28am PST

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battiste. . --acaptions by vitac -- it's it's friday, january 17h, it's fr 2020.january 17h, this is our top stories this morning. president trump's historic historic impea trial. impeachment trial has officially started. opening arguments are expected next tuesday. the senate trial opens as the trump administration is accused e ctors were sworn in yesterdad of breaking the law by withholding ai missile attack in iraq last week. weekend wallop. mr. trump called the trial a blizzard conditions could bring hoax put on by democrats to win the election in november. half a foot of snow as winter weather sweeps across much of the countrpthe countryy >> the department of defense says 11 u.s. service members were injured in iran's missile attack last week. cbs news learned several were cbs anne-marie green. treated for concussion symptoms. iran's attack was retaliation for u.s. drone strike that killed one of tehran's top military leaders. some long forgotten music by black composers has resurfaced the historic impeachment trial of president trump has thanks to a woman who is working to make it available to
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officially opened. yesterday senators were sworn in everyone. and pledged to do impartial justin case. chief justice john roberts is presiding over trial. democratic congressman an lead prosecutor adam schiff led the articles of impeachment against mr. trump on the floor. ♪ the president faces two charges related to a pressure campaign on ukraine. front row seat. yesterday mr. trump called the to play music a composer like case against him a phoney hoax. mark, this is all coming as the white house is accused of breaking the law in the ukraine scandal. ignatio sancho a self-taught >> reporter: yesterday the government accountability office slave. and another one who was the envy of mozart. issued the legal opinion that the administration broke the law >> a lot of music hasn't been published. when it held back military aid from ukraine. this as the president faces new a lots of published but allegations from a former donor. forgotten since. >> reporter: the classical music of more than 350 black composers the impeachment trial of donald spanning four centuries has resurfaced thanks to this trump is under way. woman's research. chief justice john roberts took >> my primary motivation behind over as presiding officer and administered the oath of doin w to inir impartiality to senators. young african-american students >> you'll do impartial justice that classical music is part of according to the constitution their history and they are an and laws. important part of classical music future. >> the weight of history, the >> reporter: it seems to be working.
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what did you think of classical eyes of history, you feel it. >> reporter: opening arguments begin tuesday. seven democrats will serve as house managers, prosecuting the case. music before? >> president trump solicited the >> old people. >> do you feel classical music interference of a foreign is for you? government ukraine in the 2020 >> yes. >> reporter: music by black composers have created a music united states presidential book and coloring book, election. >> reporter: yesterday a government watchdog agency inspiration jesse montgomery bolstered the democrats arguments announced the budget office violated the law when it followed president trump's order would have loved them when she to withhold millions of aid to ukraine. was younger. >> i never seen anything like >> knowing about these this. performers and composers it >> either taxpayer dollars going would have eliminated the to another country that people believed there wasruion question in my head, am i odd with the new administration. for being interested in it was the rightful thing to do. >> reporter: president trump classical music? wants the senate to acquit him >> reporter: it's a question already answered by these young quickly. composers. >> i want to share my feeling >> a witch-hunt hoax which with the world. >> reporter: that's so sweet. i love that. >> tchaikovsky doesn't expect his music to be played only by hopefully everyone knows is not russians. going anywhere. >> reporter: with new allegations from indicted we're supposed to play all businessman, lev parnas, a trump od music. donor and associate of rudy that's how we learn about each giuliani. >> president trump knew exactly what was going on. other. >> reporter: cbs news, brooklyn, new york. >> reporter: democrats are coming up on "cbs this
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pressing republicans to allow new witnesses to testify. morning" we speak with senator >> they are afraid of the truth. >> i don't want to hear from any witnesses. amy klobuchar about balancing >> reporter: the white house hopes the trial lasts no more her campaign in iowa with her than two weeks. important role in president trump's impeachment trial. anthony mason talk with the ending before the state of the union. it's not clear how long the trial will take but if there are unes aut being ned to the so witnesses it will most likely run through the state of the union. if that happens president trump could ask for a delay. unes aut being ned to the so that'sha great day. he could deliver it in writing. he could deliver the annual address to congress as the trial is under way. mark liverman here in new york. ahead on "cbs this morning" a closer look at the crucial role of chief justice john roberts who is presiding over president trump's impeachment trial. last week missile attacks by iran targeted based in iraq. no deaths but for the first time the pentagon is revealing details of injuries among
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american troops. in a statement obtained by cbs news u.s. central command said 11 service members were injured in the assault on al asad airbase. several were treated for concussion symptoms. they are still being assessed. in the days following the attack, out of an abundance of caution, eight service members were transported to a regional medical center in germany. three others were sent on the an airbase in kuwait. iran's attack was a retaliation attack. a powerful winter storm is expected to bury the east in he. yesterday the storm unleashed ryd san cisc making travel extremely ed flood dangerous. heavy rain caused massive flooding in north texas. authorities say two dozen accidents were reported in fort worth in a matter of two hours.
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in minnesota officials are gearing up for snow. a majority of the state is under a winter storm warning. erik fisher of our boston station tells us who will be hit hard this weekend. >> we got another winter storm making its way across the midwest. icy conditions in the southern plains this morning. peak snow in the upper midwest. close to blizzard conditions in parts of minnesota as we make our way through friday into saturday. here's our storm system tracking off to the east. onthe back edge heavier snow continuing across minnesota and spreading across the great lakes. the snow will spread across the northeast on saturday and saturday night bringing a fresh blanket of snowfall and heading the eastern coast on sunday. total snowfall, a broad area, about a half foot, close to six inches of snow. parts of iowa, minnesota heading through the great lakes and stretching right across into the northeast, interior new england gets about half foot.
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mountains a little bit more on a busy ski weekend. that's some good news there. as for the cold we've had subzero wind chills across the upper midwest, northern plains. a little bit of a breather as the storm comes through and heads towards the east and cold pours back in. 31 below in bismarck. 20 below in minneapolis. that cold air will spread across the great lakes by sunday. i'm meteorologist erik fisher for cbs news. they're new concerns this morning about violence at a gun rights rally on monday. it comes after the fbi arrested three members of a neo-nazi group. >> reporter: among the men arrested is patrick matthews a canadian army veteran saidree n for building a functioning assault rifle and alleged to be part of a white militia group that call for violence against
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minorities with slow arrogance like "save your race." sources tell cbs ingenuous the men had discussed heading to richmond for monday's gun rights rally. they had recently purchased 1500 rounds of ammunition. >> the threat in this kind of situation is with 1500 rounds and semiautomatic rifles hundreds of people could go down in seconds. >> reporter: with fears of the charlottesville chaos in 2017 police in virginia have been bracing for violence on monday. the governor declared a state of emergency banning all weapons from the capitol. >> perhaps like storming our capitol is one specifically. weaponizing drones over our capitol square is another. >> reporter: rally organizer said the event should not be cancelled because of the three men arrested. >> they are the problem makers. if they are trying to create problems police will handle them. we'll go on. >> reporter: one of two americans arrested is an army veteran who served in iraq.
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investigators tell us when the fbi moved in to take the men into custody two of them tried to destroy their phones. david begnaud, cbs news, richmond, virginia. part of an illinois starbucks collapsed after a pickup truck slammed into it. the truck ran off the road in mchenry yesterday. hit a vehicle at the driver through window and then ran into the building. the driver and four people inside were hurt. one was in critical condition. police are investigating just major league baseball sign stealing scandal cost another big league manager his job. new york mets and carlos beltran agreed to part ways. it came less than three months after beltran was hired by the mets. he had yet to manage his first game. he's the third manager to lose his job in the wake of mlb's report detailing how the houston astros stole opposing team's
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signs in 2017. beltran was a player on the astros at the time. he was the only player mentioned in the report. coming up on the morning news an arrest warrant is issued for wide receiver odell beckham jr. after a locker room incident. and trouble for singer ariana grande. why her hit song "7 rings" is at the next of a lawsuit. this is "cbs morning news". bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein,in
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suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking slow turkey. talk to your doctor about chantix. new orleans police have issued a misdeamnor simple battery arrest warrant for cleveland browns wide receiver odell beckham jr.. video surfaced this week of beckham slapping a super dome security guard buttocks. it happened in the lsu locker room after the team won the college football national championship. the security guard had been gao. beckham was seen handing out cash to players during the
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post-game celebration. browns issued a statement saying beckham and his representatives are cooperating with authorities to address the situation. singer ariana grande is accused of copying another song. good samaritans chase a kidnapping suspect. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. boston reports a massachusetts couple helped chase down a suspect after an amber alert was issued. police say a man abducted a 11-year-old girl off a springfield street. hours later the couple saw the car fitting the description from the amber alert. they called 911 and followed the car. >> i had a feeling that was the car. when i pulled up against his drivers door that's when he pulled the jacket up from his face.he back seat and somebody pushed her down. the couple eventually ran out of gas but gave police the license plate number. the driver of the car was arrested. the girl was found in the back seat. the suspect appeared in court
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yesterday on kidnapping and other charges. the "new york times" reports police on long island revealed a key piece of evidence in a decade long serial killer mystery. yesterday police displayed a photo of a black leather belt with can letters hm or wh that was recovered during the initial stages of the investigation. 11 sets of human remains were found along a new york beach highway in 2010 and 2011. they believe the suspect handled the belt and didn't belong to any of the victims. investigators launched a website to share information with the public and receive tips. variety says hip-hop artist is suing ariana grande and more than a half-dozen songwriters for copyright infringement. josh stone who performs as dot claims the chorus of ariana grande's nominated hit "7 rings" was plagiarized from a song he wrote. ♪li "i got it want ."
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here's a look at today's forecast at some cities around the country. an announcement from buckingham palace about prince harry and meghan markle's future could come as soon as today. the royal come intends to spend the queen has expressed her support. $10 million a year and the details still need to be worked out. the prince who is now sixth in line to the throne made what could be his last traditional appearance yesterday. meeting with rugby players. on "cbs money watch" google's parent company joins and elite club. >> a new ice creme for netflix fans. naomi ruchim is at the new york stock exchange with that and
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more. >> good morning. today it's all about the housing market. the commerce department is set to release december housing stats. meantime another record rally on wall street yesterday after a batch of solid economic data. the dow gained 267 points, the nasdaq added 98 points and s&p 500 was up 27 points. google's parent company alphabet is a $1 trillion company. fourth company to hit that milestone. apple was the first american company to hit a $1 trillion cap msoft and amazon. apple and microsoft are still valued at more than a trillion dollars while amazon has fallen below that mark. the senate overwhelmingly passed the president's signature trade deal with mexico and canada. the massive overhaul cleared the senate on an 89-10 vote. it's dubbed the usmca passed the
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house last month. the white house says the new trade agreement will lead to significant economic and job growth in the u.s..est' desk for his signature. >> gap has nicked plans to spin off it's brand. it determined the move would be too costly and complex. they pinpointed old navy's struggles. gap announced they plan to split into two publicly traded companies one for its low cost old navy brand and the other for gap, banana republic and lesser known brands. and there's now a perfect u eat for you to snack on while flavor netflix and chill. twasz inspired by the phrase netflix and chill. the flavor features peanut butter ice cream with sweet and salty pretzel swirls and fudge brownie. no word when it hits the store shelves. >> sounds delicious. thank you.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ demi lovato will sing the national anthem at super bowl liv next month. part of her re-emergence as she recovers from a 2018 overdose and time in rehab. she has said that she wants to the singer will also take the stage at this year's grammy awards.
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>> check out these skills. skye is 11 years old and a skateboarding prodigy in the uk. this is her debut at the youth olympics in switzerland. she's hoping for a bigger stage. she wants to become the youngest british olympian at the 2020 olympic games the first time skateboarding will be a competitive sport. she says she doesn't even have a coach. and you're looking at a new colony of penguins. researchers found them while tracking a different species of penguins on a remote island in argentina. the discovery add to the growing list of 50 plus known colonies. coming up on "cbs this morning" anthony mason talk with the neptunes about being named the sgwriter' ofame. i'm anne-marie green this is the "cbs morning news". all of fame. i'm anne-marie green this is the "cbs morning news".
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