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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 22, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> the startup in san francisco says the company tracks epidemics around the globe. all indications point to a getting worse before it gets better. >> we do feel optimistic but how big will it get before that happens. >> the only u.s. case has been in everett, washington. he got back from china on january 15 where he contracted the virus even though he did not go to that market. he will be allowed to go home in a day or so. >> we are much better prepared than we were in 2002 >> china very likely used genetic sequence tests to identify the strain of the coronavirus even hours and not weeks. the lessons learned from the sars outbreak that killed more than 700 people are being
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applied today. >> the public health and emergency infrastructure for public health surveillance is far more organized now. we have new technologies to rapidly develop diagnostic tests and ultimately it will help with development of vaccines or drugs. >> reporter: the incubation period for this virus is said to be 3 to 7 days. that man from washington walked around for five days before he came down with symptoms. they are trying to track down everyone he came in contact with. we are live at sfo. kpix 5 . governor gavin newsom wants land from the feds to tackle the homeless problem. he wrote to the secretary of housing and urban development about turning over surplus federal land where homes could be built.
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he says i hope we will match our commitment to comprehensive solutions that go beyond temporary 10 villages. he has started a similar program involving state owned land. we got our first look at the suspect shop by livermore police when a field sobriety test escalated. police say the 38-year-old man admitted to assaulting two officers as well as private citizens by accelerating his car in their direction. the shooting happened early this morning on kitty hawk road. jackie ward boxes through what led up to those gunshots. >> reporter: this started off as a traffic stop with the suspected dui driver with the white car and out of nowhere the driver of the black car drove toward the police officers. >> reporter: officers were conducting a field sobriety test on and access road off of
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fairway boulevard when the black car and related to the possible dui driver. >> all of a sudden he approached from airway boulevard and made a hard turn into the direction of the officers. and also the person they were speaking with. >> police say two officers fired their weapons at the vehicle hitting the driver. the car made a u-turn and stopped allowing police to take the driver into custody. they do not believe the driver was armed and his condition is unknown. >> they took the action that they needed to take. >> after the shooting this section of 580 was closed down for 40 minutes for security reasons >> we do everything we can to make the area safe and we assume others might be a part of this. >> the driver of the black car is not known to police in this area, and they do not know what his motive was. the driver of the white car was
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not injured. in livermore, kpix 5. he has been charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and two counts against the police officer to track tragedy in southern california where four people were killed in a small plane crash. you can see the plumes of black smoke coming from the crash site. a small plane crashed at the corona municipal airport. the plane wasn't able to gain altitude and crashed through a fence and flipped over. 80 gallons of fuel spilled and ignited the fire. >> they tried to take off three times and didn't get much off of the ground. he hit the fans and flipped. it was in for flames almost immediately. >> the airport was shut down and there's no word on the cause of the crash or model of
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the plane. the faa and ntsb are investigating. day two of the senate impeachment fire, trial. house managers are delivering their arguments against president trump. natalie brand has the days preceding so far. >> reporter: house managers are in their seventh hour of day one of opening arguments. they have been taking turns speaking but right now on the floor is adam schiff delete impeachment manager. he told reporters that they are trying this case before two carries. the senators and the american people. >> the senate will now here you. >> reporter: the clock started hitting after opening arguments in the impeachment trial of president trump. >> president trump has acted in a manner of grossly incompatible self-management. >> he laid out the case for
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what they believe trump's conduct warm and's removal from office. >> he withheld hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid at war with russia to secure foreign help with his reelection . in other words, to cheat. >> the presidents legal team previewed its turn at the podium . >> bonus what is not in the articles of impeachment. no quid pro quo. there was a lot of things we will rebut. >> senators were coming off a session lasting into the wee hours of morning. summer out of their seats and others out of the chamber. jason crow took notice. >> mr. chief justice i see a lot of members taking a break. >> you need to move around, i stand up half the time. is going to be a long and taxing experience >> president trump is back in
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washington. earlier he talked about possibly attending the trial. >> i would love to go. wouldn't that be great? i would sit in the front row and stare at the corrupt faces >> they have not filed a motion to dismiss the trial because they are confident they will win acquittal. >> the president return from sweden this evening but did not take questions tonight. dianne feinstein weighing in on the proceeding so far in a new statement said the house impeachment managers let a compelling case why they need access to documents and witnesses. it is hard to overstate the need to have access to all relevant information to hold the full filled, fair trial. how long will this last? >> we are hearing that house impeachment managers could wrap
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up in a couple of hours. they get up to 24 hours over three days to make their opening arguments. it could be as early as saturday for the presidents defense team gets its turn and then we have that question period by senators and then the issue of witnesses or documents could be revisited by senators as early as late next week. >> thank you. up on track cleared out two san jose courthouses today. the call came in just after 9:00 this morning forcing the downtown superior court house as well as the old county courthouse to be evacuated out of abundance of caution. deputies and k-9 units did a sweep to the units but did not find anything suspicious. people were allowed back in a couple of hours later. police released video of a
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deadly police shooting involving an off-duty richmond officer. it happened in november turning an argument over a parking spot. you can see boat drivers go for the same parking spot but virgil thomas pulls into the spot first. a 38-year-old park to spend behind thomas and walks over to confront him. you can see him walk back to his van and open the hood. he retrieves what looks like a gun and walks back over to thomas. a different angle gives us a closer look when they were exchanging words. you can see him turn around walking towards his van and thomas takes out a gun and fires the first shot. he takes off running and thomas runs after him and opens fire. reason was shot and killed. a statement was released saying thomas was in a position where he was forced to protect himself and the public. reason was known as a local
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rapper and father of six. we've learned the name of a man shot and killed in a sunnydale neighborhood. the 38-year-old eddie ellenberg was gunned down and died at the hospital. police have not released any information on possible suspects. a major development involving lyft. a judge has ruled that dozens of similar cases against the right chair can potentially be combined in one case. the rights your company has not done enough to protect passengers from sexual assault. lyft has rolled out the slew of safety features over the last year. the city of campbell rejected plans to build a chick- fil-a. the proposal drew a crowd until last night city council meeting. the restaurant was slated for the corner of bascom and arroyo seco drive.
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people against the chick-fil-a argued the location will bring too much traffic in one area that is already busy. >> is not going to get any better with the starlike chick- fil-a and they grossly underestimated the amount of traffic that would happen. >> i am disappointed. i was hoping to have another great option in campbell. >> according to the traffic reports, the chick-fil-a would bring in at least 2300 extra cars today. amazon ceo was the target of hackers. how the cyber criminals could be trying to blackmail the billionaire. we are learning new information about why the ceo of the recording academy for the grammys has been suspended just days before the big awards show. how the kansas city chiefs coach went from selling hotdogs to the super bowl. and for us in the bay area,
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a beautiful sunny day today but rain is on the way. also on the way, the forecast as we glide towards the city after the break. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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climate is the number 1 priority. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1. congress has never passed an important climate bill, ever. this is a problem that continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighting and beating oil companies... stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together.
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president trump is back in the u.s. tonight after the world economic forum in switzerland. he met with the rocks president to talk about foreign troops there. he called his visit to sweden a tremendous success and he fielded numerous questions about the impeachment trial and test on other issues including the economy. he praised the health of the u.s. economy under his watch. >> america has gained over 7 million new jobs and the
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employment rate is the lowest in over 50 years. >> the president was asked about u.s. troop injuries when iran attack two of rocky bases housing american soldiers. after the strike the president said there were no injuries. last week 11 u.s. service members were flown to germany with concussion -like symptoms >> i heard that they had headaches and a couple of other things. i can report it is not very serious. >> they told me that you would have to ask the department of defense. >> the director of the world trade organization will visit oregon, washington and the next couple of weeks. was a cutest call harvey weinstein a predator. his sexual assault trial began
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in new york. he limped through the media as he made his way into the courthouse. in the opening statement she laid out the charges saying he forced himself on inexperienced women. more than 80 women have accused him of misconduct but the trial involves just two. prosecutors plan to call four more women. his lawyers say all sexual encounters were consensual. his attorney say they can back that up with affectionate emails from the accusers. >> i expect a number of witnesses to be able to put their emails in context to explain why they continue communication. >> reporter: weinstein said he believes he will have a fair trial. the judge expects that trial to take more than one month. he also faces additional charges in los angeles.
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just days before the grammy awards the recently suspended ceo of the academy is making explosive claims. deborah dugan says she's being retaliated against for reporting misconduct including what she calls corrupt voting practices and a allegation. she alleges she was sexually harassed by the general counsel and he has denied those claims. new details on a claimed that amazon ceo phone was sacked by the crown prince of saudi arabia. experts are calling for an immediate investigation. some say he may have been black male. his security consultant says the government was out to get the amazon ceo. after the washington post covered the murder of jamaal
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khashoggi. the crown prince allegedly sent a malware infected files to a messaging out. some believe the saudi government is to blame. >> that is the way that things work in saudi arabia. u.s. officials believe the crown prince ordered his murder and was killed five months after the election phone hacked. the crown prince says he has nothing to do with it. the washington post covered fleck they put a target on jeff basil's is back. a big rally for the company's market valuation past $100 billion which is more than ford and general motors combined. shares in tesla jumped by more than 4% closing it nearly $570
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each. the report of a profit in the third quarter of last year is fueling the rally along with strong production activity at its new factory in china and higher than expected delivery numbers around the world. the dow dipped slightly losing 10 points while the nasdaq was up about 13 and the s&p gained a single point. the sun came out tonight. we hope you enjoyed it as well. things are not going to last. we've got clouds on the way. not much in the way of rain. by the time we hit the latter half of the week, we will get wet. this is from the salesforce tower cam looking toward the structure. that used to be the tallest structure in the city until salesforce came along. the top of that tower is almost
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2000 feet high. a beautiful vantage point with a few high clouds there and also in the east bay setting the stage for a cloudy thursday. upper 50s into the low 60s. san jose, 61. santa rosa, 60. the numbers will plunge overnight and we will start off at 7:20 a.m. we got clouds spilling over high pressure and as a result, it will be a mostly cloudy day. for us, we are on the ragged edge of the systems moving into the pacific northwest. there is only one caveat and tomorrow afternoon sonoma county like santa rosa could get light sprinkles but that is it. future cast bears all of this out. clear tonight with fog formations.
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that is the suggestion of sprinkles from santa rosa and offshore at north point reyes. clouds for everybody and temperatures might be called for this time of year. we could use the wet weather. rain totals as of yesterday's official count only brings us to 50 to 80% of efforts. we are lacking and the rainfall department. dense fog overnight and clouds will move in tomorrow. maybe some northbay sprinkles. the next significant rain and wind event will comment on sunday. that looks like a better rainmaker than yesterday. if you're heading out of sfo mostly cloudy and a high near 60. it is snowing in chicago. atlanta has afternoon rain. overnight tonight we will have fog forming and temperatures
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bottom out in the mid-40s. daytime highs tomorrow 60. 62, san jose. clouds tomorrow and we will get sunshine on friday and saturday but also more rain coming in on sunday lingering into monday. after that, that is about it. coming up, again the could have many households divided. the couple going head-to-head over super bowl. i am running to defeat donald trump.
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in 2016 i warned that donald trump was a dangerous demagogue, and when the republican congress wouldn't hold him accountable, i went to work helping run winning campaigns in twenty-one house seats. it's time for the senate to act and remove trump from office, and if they won't do their jobs, this november you and i will. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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a missouri couple is divided tonight over this year's super bowl. >> they have been married for 12 years and it's never been a sacred which teams they were loyal to. one is the kansas native. and jason says his mom grew up in northern california and they have cheered for the 49ers since the dynasty days. comes super bowl sunday, they will stick to their loyalties. >> i said, it is going to be the super bowl. >> if the 49ers win i will shoot fireworks outside and if the chiefs win i will be bummed out. >> jason and jc say they
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encouraged them to cheer for the team of their choice as long as they were read. >> our super bowl coverage continues. including a little trivia. do you know where the head coach got his first full-time coaching job in the bay area more than 30 years ago? >> it was quite the super bowl surprise. see the moment he realizes plans just changed. it has been a rain a few weeks across the bay area. what does it take to really figure out the impact on the bay area water supply?
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. we are streaming on cbsn bay area. before he was a head coach he
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was once a ballboys for the 49ers. it turns out his counterpart has roots that trace back to the bay area as well. >> art sports director has more on the chiefs head coach. >> i mix and he read by one year. it was a public address announcer for the football team. inside levi stadium is a museum that preserves the history of the 49er franchisor along with the legacy of football in the bay area. that is where you can find the chief coach andy reid. >> artifacts show the program that spent 63 years but ended in 1994. cox stadium was a training ground for many up-and-coming coaches like bob pulido and andy reid. >> that respect factor. you appreciated. >> he was fresh out of college and he


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