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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 22, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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get rapid results to let the patients know if they are carriers, even if they are asymptomatic to quarantine and know they are being quarantined for a reason. >> the commissioner released a statement saying, today marks an important step in expanding
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the availability of testing and importantly rapid results. there are more than 23,000 expert machines in operation worldwide. the new test ship friday with a rollout on march 30. kpix 5 a fire station is being set up as a drive up screening station. tents have been sent to the station. they can handle up to 370 tests a day. they will operate from 9 am to 6 pm starting monday. open to anybody without a referral but the city cautions that there is a screening process. >> what we are asking is that people only with the symptoms, i merrily fever or other symptoms come to the site so it is not overwhelmed. >> if you show up, it does not mean you will get a test. people will be screened before
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getting cleared. people that are tested will wait for results could be available is as you as six hours. >> the virus has hit all 10 counties in the greater bay area after napa confirmed its first case. it is located in the city of napa and the patient is in isolation. no details are released. there is more than 700 confirmed cases across the region. the greatest concentration is along the san francisco, san mateo, santa clara corridor. tonight the governor is declaring a major disaster declaration providing federal assistance for the state responds including emergency assistance, disaster relief this and the president has made the declarations for the states of oregon and new york. the santa clara convention center could be turned into a temporary medical facility. 39 new cases today for a total of 263.
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that includes 10 deaths up at this temporary hospital would not be for those patients. it will be for everyone else. patients recovering from surgery for example. >> so the way that we are looking at this is it will be coordinated through the county and what that means is that it will allow us to take patients that are not infections or trauma patients and moved them off-site. they can be cared for fully and the many hospital. >> the idea is to ease pressure on the local healthcare system by allowing hospitals to focus on patients that have more serious needs including coronavirus complications. they put out a call for donations of masks and gloves and time. they need healthy volunteers to hand out food and deliver meals on wheels. there are reports that san francisco civic auditorium could be turned into an emergency homeless shelter for the time being.
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the current shelters are being rearranged to leave at least six feet between the beds and that is leaving last spaces for them to stay. the venue could possibly housing 175 people. >> amount half south of the park and far from the usual crowd but plenty of people out and about enjoying the sun that we had today. they all seemed to be keeping their distance and observing the six foot will but tonight marin county has ordered an immediate shutdown of all of the parks from the golden gate national recreation area down to the small community squares. >> that is after way too many people flock to the coast this weekend for fresh air. john ramis shows us the beaches are largely off-limits as well. >> reporter: it seems like a great idea, take a walk in nature and it is a great idea until thousands and thousands of people have the same idea.
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>> this is what san francisco looked like this morning. here is the golden gate bridge. all but deserted as much people were in their home. it was like that in the remote areas of west marin county as well. that is until yesterday. >> the trail was one person after another. it was a line of ants and similarly the parking lots are absolutely full, beyond capacity. >> everyone came out to play. the beaches were overrun and trails were jammed has a lot of social distancing went out the window. >> that was something that even we as park officials did not anticipate because all week visitation was way down. i think come the weekend, people were excited about coming out and enjoying the trails and beaches and it was
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just too many people. >> as a result, while the beaches are technically still open, many roads have been shut down. people wanting to access the beaches have quite a hike on their hands so visitors began filling the nature trails instead. lara was shocked by what she saw. >> we were the only ones stepping off of the trail to give some space. it is a very narrow trail so it is very hard. you cannot observe the six foot distancing rule. >> the parking lot at the visitor center was crowded as families and friends head up the trail. >> i have not had had any instances where i have come close and i am not worried. >> he spent the week biking trails all over the northbay and does not see anything wrong. >> i think it is great to be outdoors and that is probably the safest place to be and a good time to be here. there could not be a better time to be outside in the bay area. >> she is concerned that disregard of the order could
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ruin it for everyone. >> i feel we should be modeling for everybody. appropriate behavior. >> john ramis, kpix 5 . >> the order does allow people to go outside for exercise but for bids driving long distances to get there. so far law enforcement has not enforced that part of the order. a dark sky in san jose as a fresh round of rain moved in this afternoon. >> there is more on top later this week. >> tuesday and wednesday but before i get to the next storm let's talk to the one right now because for the last three hours we have had two clusters of thunderstorms. on the knee south bay and north bay. you can see them. i will put this in the last frame and show you what it looks like. here and now and frozen in time at the moment. we will come back to the south bay and a moment. i will focus on the northbay with better lightning. distant rumbles of thunder in
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santa rosa. that is been moving through the mountains to the east through sugarloaf state bar. a good amount of rain. the rain is light and the park is to the east and if we watch the last hour you can see how this has fallen apart like we were talking about at 5:00 but watch over here and you will see there is a stray spark of lightning there and it is actually getting a reading for one of the thunderstorms which is starting to die down. nasonoma county. rder between it is difficult to get the line but these are the mountains separating sonoma valley and napa valley. the heavy rain in the mountains up there but some is drifting over sonoma. and then we have thunderstorms down here. the most persistent starting at 3 1/2 hours ago and getting decent rain and if we look at what happens next, we switched
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over to the futurecast. with that the south bay complex and northbay complex. it falls apart over the next few hours and into the evening hours we are done. no rain in the forecast for tomorrow. it comes back on tuesday and wednesday but tuesday and wednesday will be different. none of the thunderstorms. noticeably colder on tuesday and wednesday and we will get widespread rain. i will talk to about that in detail coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. here is how much rain we can expect between now and midnight. see with the forecast shows in a few minutes. the lawmaker is calling for the end of the restrictions for lgbt blood donors. they currently prohibit and sexual men from donating blood. he calls it irrational giving the quality and accuracy of modern blood testing and hiv screening techniques. he said we are in a national and global healthcare emergency
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and it is all hands on deck. we need the fda to take a rational approach to to blood donation and end this discriminator exclusion. still to come, how local students are stepping up to protect the future colleagues. big changes ahead for bart. the one group of riders facing the biggest impact a major announcement about the fate of the 2020 olympic games ahead in sports. updates coming out the minute. stay with kpix 5 on and cvs for the daily roundup of the top stories.
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a students are stepping up to help with the shortage of tive mas a mask drive. organizers say community members have been dropping off
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single dozens or hundreds of masks at a time and are far they have collected 12,000 of them. >> we have no other means of supporting the doctors and nurses so it does feel good to get out and do something. we have been incredibly impressed and grateful for the amount of support we have received. >> organizers wish they were in this position but they have been uplifted by the amount of support. some stores and restaurants are boarding up their windows during the shelter and place order. many are leaving signs assuring customers they will be back. nonessential businesses are closed through the east april 7. san mateo county supervisors are expected to vote on a $3 million emergency fund for small businesses, nonprofits and residents. they could place a moratorium on elections. big changes to bart.
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people who work late will fill the biggest impact. all service will end at 9 pm. on weekdays the trains will run from 5 am to 9 pm. until further notice, weekend hours will be from 8 am to 9 pm. part is adjusting their online trip planner to reflect changes and list late-night options. the northbay smart train is cutting down morning service. it is making changes due to the decrease in demand. just to show you what it looked like in the south bay earlier today, we started about two hours ago as of the rain was coming through and this is what it has looked like in san jose. speed it up and you can see the traffic moving quickly and you can see a drop of rain on the lens and now we picked up in parts of san jose about a quarter of an inch but officially at the airport this
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has been really variable. it depends on if you are in the right location to get the best rain. we will leave that view behind and we will switch over to the high def doppler and things have begun to start quieting down. this is the here and now and while there is rain out there, there is less than it was over the course of the last three hours and it is spotty and less intense and if we look at the northbay, these are the showers since we have been watching since 5:00. there is far less lightning and a few showers getting down to the ground and here is the complex which is widespread. northern santa clara county and southern alameda county. write it down into santa clara where some of the best rain has been over the last few hours and futurecast sees that and it is seeing the thunderstorms and things are on the down swing. as we get to midnight things will quiet down and we don't
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get a whole lot more rain from this current phase so look at the bigger pictures. how do we get thunderstorms? you can see the spin off of the coast. we happen to be just on the northern end where the energy is allowing the thunderstorms to develop. that clears out for the remainder of tonight. we want to take a look at monday. monday is going to be far quieter. morning lows as we wake up to clearing skies with temperatures dipping into the low 50s. no different than the last few mornings and daytime highs get cooler from 6-7 degrees cooler but you do not notice a big change. tuesday we get more noticeable changes because on tuesday, the next storm is coming from the gulf of alaska right there. that will be colder and giving us widespread rain. it won't be thunderstorms. it will be isolated like today.
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totally different kind of storm and character. this one comes in like a week winter storm and gives us a washout widespread light shower and a noticeable dip and daytime highs with not getting out of the 50s and it is not a big rainmaker. these are the totals for tuesday and wednesday. nearing midnight with the grand total coming up at 2/10 of an inch of rain but you need to plan for showers on both days at this point. the storms will be much better at giving us snow in the sierra. if you look at the grand total for now until friday, we pick a full and a half of snow and we take all of the snow mother nature is throwing us so there is your seven-day forecast. chance of showers and we clear it out and call it partly cloudy and gradually warmer.
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we get into next week and we will come back in the next half hour. if you happen to do a google search yesterday you notice this animated clip of a man displaying how to properly wash your hand. it is more than that. pays homage to a doctor credited with discovering the medical importance of washing hands. google launched a website for the coronavirus. the site features information and tips about the pandemic. it comes after president trump and mike pence announced that google was building a national testing website. google never confirmed that. the new site does not include the screener but they hope to link to ac/dc screening tool when that is available. the author of the harry potter books is offering support to teachers and students who were forced to stay home from school.
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jk rowling and her publishing agents are relaxing copyright infringements. they cthemselves reading from the seven books and upload the videos onto the networks. it is until the end of the school year. i have done social distancing from 120 miles away. could a former 49er quarterback replace tom brady in new england? it could happen. plenty left in his tank. just ask his mom.
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taking social distancing to its extreme, 120 miles east of the studios. >> he is in the studio. what is for dinner, dennis?
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>> i will tell you, i will take this out after this broadcast. this is fishing bait called jerk bait. you are all invited. >> sounds good. >> i am not going to catch that big of the fish. the international olympic committee continues to hold out hope that they can hold the summer games as scheduled in japan. we will see. announcing today they will wait up to four more weeks before making any final decisions. if they can't be held in the summer they would be rescheduled canceling them completely is not under consideration. with the 49ers losing joe montana they had steve young. aaron rodgers replaced the great brett favre in green bay.
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the plan for patriots is not as clear. new england is reportedly bringing back brian hoyer for the third time. the former 49er was released by the colts yesterday and is suspected to compete with jarrett stidham for the starting job. not exactly steve young or aaron rodgers waiting in the wings there. espn said they are reairing all six of the patriots super bowl wins it during the brady era but brady's mom used the marathon as a way to help motivate her 42-year-old son for next season. he posted the exchange. we are watching espn six or seven hours. i think they think you are retired. brady replied, i love you mom. nba players forced to get creative in order to stay in shape. the big man running sprints up and down the hallway.
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tray young doing a three-point shootout with his socks and the razorback head coach in the empty gymnasium going through his daily routine with practice followed by a press conference. >> good to see you. yesterday the guys really worked hard. i know the video went out for everybody on yesterday's practice. i am sorry. that is enough. you asked about 13 questions. go hawks. >> they love the media. it is always fishing season. >> that is a huge fish. >> that catch of the day goes to ethan or as his email said,
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bassmaster ethan. he caught this nine pound baby. it is not a baby. it is a huge carp at lake anderson just before he and his dad were going to pack up and call it a day. never quit. email your fishing pictures to catch of the day at . tonight on location for the first time. i will be in my home. he will be in his home and the newsgroup will be in their home. we are taking safety measures. i suggest you do the same. >> we are. good to see you. good luck with fishing. we will see you soon. coming up in the next ha >> the deral government wi be funding 100% of deploying the national guard. >> president trump calls in the troops to help california. three is a crowd and that
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is true in one country. district is van yet on group gatherings. we can all use a laugh. enter t rex on the run. the international arrest that dare we say is going viral tonight.
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the top story at 6:30, president trump promising relief to california in the midst of the crisis. welcome back. i am juliette goodrich. >> about 32,000 cases of covid-
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19 have been confirmed in the u.s. and more than 400 people have died. >> millions of american under virtual lockdown and congress hope to send out good news this weekend. the deal on a massive economic rescue passage. that will have to wait. >> on capitol hill, lawmakers race to reach bipartisan agreement on a tree and dollars stimulus package to soften the blow of the coronavirus crisis. at the white house, president trump ordered fema to set up mobile hospitals in the hardest hit states. washington, california and new york. >> funding 100% of the cost of deploying national guard to carry out approved admissions. this action will give them maximum flexibility to use the guard against the virus. >> they hope congress would reach a deal. >> the goal is to get relief as
6:31 pm
quickly as possible so that the families can get by. small businesses can keep workers on the payroll. >> democrats expressed concerns that it does not go far enough restricting companies to buy back their own stock were laying off employees. >> nancy pelosi said democrats are drafting their own proposal. >> we have been introducing our own bill and hoping it will be compatible. >> the doctor is a key member of the coronavirus task force said more challenges are ahead expect we will get hit. the physical separation. the influx of cases coming in and i think that will go a long way to prevent the us be coming italy. >> officials say the testing is crucial. the food and money and restoration is made headway a nursing test providing results
6:32 pm
in hours rather than days. cbs news. that test kit is on kpix 5 . rand paul is the first u.s. senator to test positive for the coronavirus. the kentucky republican is in quarantine. he is said to be feeling fine. the u.s. markets are looking to extend losses to start the week. dow futures tumbled 5% minutes after trading. triggering a halt. the stock exchange will feel a new effect from the health crisis starting tomorrow. >> from the new york stock exchange is switching to the electronic format to combat the coronavirus. >> it is absolutely a short term shift. >> the iconic institution had been taking precautions and checking temperatures before
6:33 pm
allowing them entry but at least two workers, one from the trading floor tested positive for covid-19. >> that is not why we made the decision but it played into the decision-making process. when we thought about how quickly this is advancing and making sure that we wanted to provide an orderly shift to electronic trading for the customers. >> this monumental move comes as wall street deals with massive volatility by the global health crisis. >> stocks have fluctuated wildly going from a record high in february to the increasing likelihood of ever session as businesses big and small shut down. >> it puts everyone nervous. until we start to get more clarity on the issues that are driving the prices, i think it will be more volatile. >> adding to the uncertainty of
6:34 pm
the market is the uncertainty of when the traders will return. cbs news, wall street. the dow and s&p 500 have lost about 30% of their value since february. much like wall street the bells are ringing in st. peter's square in rome even though nobody is outside. it is the new temporary custody. pope francis delivered his sunday angeles video link asking people to pray for a and. >> he asked for prayers for croatia were a 5.3 magnitude earthquake shook the capital. it caused serious damage across the city knocking down buildings and leaving cars buried under rubble. many people lost power. many residents ran out of their
6:35 pm
apartments and several fires are reported. zone footage showing damage to the cathedral. shaking caused one of the spires to collapse. more than 17 people were hurt and to sizable aftershocks followed the quake. germany is banning all public gatherings of two or more. for at least the next two weeks trying to stem the spread of the virus in the country. there is exceptions for groups of people who live in the same home. or when the gathering is work- related. hours after the chancellor keep the order, she herself went into quarantine at home because the doctor who recently gave her vaccine has since tested positive for the virus. she will be tested as well. in spain, forces used to clean the streets were deployed
6:36 pm
to a town at 70 miles away from madrid to disinfect the streets and a healthcare center with the truck that blows out disinfectant as if it were snow. the french army set up a field hospital to ease the strain of medical centers struggling to put the spiraling number of cases. the facility is expected to accommodate 30 intensive care beds and should be operational by the middle of the week. meanwhile the auto industry is shifting gears in response to the crisis. what tesla and others may soon be manufacturing instead of cars. this has become the hot commodity during the pandemic. people are clearing shells and some are calling 911 when they run out. how businesses are responding. with updates by the minute, we've got you covered. stay with kpix 5 , for continuing coverage on the
6:37 pm
corona virus crisis.
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after months of distress, thousands and will china going back to work. >> a large chinese hydropower enterprise has begun the construction of a river protection project and will one. more than 1 billion u.s. dollars and the construction is expected to employ about 8000 people. a lot of the folks are happy to see some sign of normalcy and wuhan but they are not taking chances. they are still taking the virus seriously. >>
6:40 pm
no new infections have been reported in wuhan since wednesday. back here some automakers could shift into medical manufacturing to help shore up the national supply of ventilators. president trump tweeted that ford, general motors and tesla are given the go-ahead to make the ventilators fast. go forward. let's see how good you are. ford has said it stands ready to help anyway including producing ventilators and other equipment in the factories. a spokesperson for gm said she has been in touch with the white house regarding the possibility and tesla's ceo elon musk said we will make the ventilators if there is a
6:41 pm
shortage. all three automakers have ramped down production and shut some plants altogether. concerns about the coronavirus and the projected drop off in demand for new cars. with so many businesses flailing to the paper manufacturers are flush with cash. the rush has taken many small start ups by surprise.. at stores everywhere shoppers see this. shelves that usually hold it with a play. our way to clean. >> why? >> the shelves are empty. >> lucky toti mi lifind it. it has become so bad the police in oregon posted this on facebook. it is hard to believe we have to post this. do not call 911 because you ran out of toilet paper. >> this is not a supply issue a demand issue. >> manufacturers have ramped up production and are getting it
6:42 pm
to stores faster but panic buying is keeping the shelves empty. >> we have to resist boarding. by what you need and use what you buy. >> the rush onto the paper is a surprise benefit to small businesses. many are swamped with orders. >> something that folks desperately don't want to be without. >> the ceo of the luxury toilet paper brand which ships direct. business has been on a roll since stores ran out. >> the amount of new subscribers that we gein a month, we are getting every hour. >> speeding up production to meet demand. >> replenishment will happen. the supply chain is strong. >> when the panic buying ends, the aisles will be flush with for the paper again. michael george, cbs news, new york. still to come, the free feature to help people connect from a far.
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gyms and fitness studios are closing because of coronavirus. how fitness instructors are bringing the work out to you. talk about a love story. a couple ties the knot from help from above. if you look at the high def doppler, you can see today's showers and thunderstorms falling apart over the last three hours. we will track what is left but we will look ahead. another rainmaker coming for the early and middle part of this week and i will have all that coming up in the forecast next.
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when we face adversity, we find a way through it. it's about taking care of each other.
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it will be available next week through the end of the month of april. another way people are connecting is through fitness. >> creative ways fitness studios and trainers are finding work around the world. >> with signs like these around the country, fitness instructors like this family have been forced to change their work out. they have moved their kickboxing classes from in person to in- home. the family owned and operated fitness studio is live streaming classes. >> the family got together. the clients want to work out. they don't just want to go to jumping jacks but want to work out with us. >> during a time that social distancing is here many are
6:48 pm
turning to personal trainers and national chains offering classes online. >> in hard times you have to find a way to evolve. >> not just for adults. with it so many children out of school, there is classes for them too. >> quick dance and strength workouts for kids to music. she is channeling her inner yoga . a 1000% increase in the past few days. >> something for everyone as they try to stay active as we are encouraged to stay home. >> cbs news, los angeles. we have seen it all. speaking of creative workouts, these nursing home residents in
6:49 pm
the uk are playing hungry hungry hippos. >> they are using colorful balls and baskets attached to broom handles. they have been on lock down since arch 12. no visits from loved ones. you can see they are doing what they can to keep their spirits up. >> i don't think i have walked as much. have you been out walking? >> i have been making sure when i am out i am keeping my distance and i am the guy with the uncomfortable moment when somebody gets too close i say six feet please. you follow that with don't take it personal. >> you have done that with us. >> as soon as i say that they say you are right but it is a habit and this is the beginning. >> i hope it doesn't stay that way forever but for now it is a
6:50 pm
necessity. >> we will get back to high- fives and that stuff but we are developing a habit. let's take a look at what we saw today in the south bay. this is the best rain. you are looking at a timeline from this afternoon. it tells us an important story. there was good rain. look at the drops off of the top of the lens. if we switch from the time- lapse as it speeds up on cue, let's go to the live camera. looking over san jose. i will put the rainfall totals on here. look at the bottom line at the airport. that is the official reporting station for san jose. we look at the record books today, san jose got a 10th of an inch of rain but we know better. look at this at san jose state which is not that far. 3/10 of an inch of rain. go further south has 6/10 of an inch. those are the hills in the northbay. picking up three quarters of an inch of rain in the state park
6:51 pm
today and some of the showers worked up to santa rosa. here is how you can tell what is happening now. watch the last three hours. you can see the showers dissolving and falling apart which is exactly what is happening. the energy is dying down. we are getting closer to sunset where we are getting the showers falling apart. a little rain down here but there is not a whole lot from that hitting the ground and as far as the northbay goes, it is pretty much done. i will play that loop. showers fell apart in the last hour and a half and watch what happens next. the future cast shows us this complex of rain down here. between now and midnight it is done and no rain on monday. a little bit cooler on monday. not so much in the morning. mid to upper 40s and around 50 in some locations. santa rosa is 10 degrees cooler than everybody else. the daytime highs tomorrow is
6:52 pm
back up to 60. that is cooler by seven or eight degrees but the bigger cooldown is coming for tuesday and wednesday. totally different kind of storm on tuesday and wednesday. here's today's tightly went up start on the northern edge. unusual weather with isolated thunderstorms and it was relatively warm. here comes tuesday's storm up here. this is more of a typical winter like system. we don't get thunderstorms from this. not close but we get a noticeable drop in temperatures and widespread scattered showers for tuesday and wednesday. both days. none of the totals are big. not a big rainmaker but it looks like a promising rainmaker for both days. it does not amount to a lot. we will only pick up 2/10 of an inch of rain total. we will take what we can get but what will happen on the other side of the state. a foot and a half of new snow
6:53 pm
to the higher elevations because it is a colder store. there it is in the seven-day forecast. tuesday and wednesday has showers and thursday is done. start to warm up into next week and get into the low 70s by the time we get there. we will be right back after this.
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6:55 pm
i hope you agree we can use a left. in this video from sprain spanking do it. this person just in a custom and thought the rules did not apply to him or maybe he thought it was as good as a hazmat shoot. police posted it online. people are allowed to walk the
6:56 pm
dogs, the rule does not apply to dinosaurs. more proof that even in the most trying times love will find a way. >> it is official. they weren't going to let the coronavirus pandemic stop them from tying the knot. the couple had a friend officiate their sidewalk ceremony from his fourth floor apartment window.
6:57 pm
the couple first tried but the place was closed down and the opted for wedding by the window. who gets the bouquet? did she toxic? >> she would have to have one heck of a pitching on. thank you for watching. 60 minutes is next. >> see you back here at 11. the news continues on we appreciate you washing. stay well. good night.
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oh hey man, uhh... [car beeps] my $4.99 triple bonus jack combo! stack it up for an extra buck. and ford. we go further, so you can. >> if we had a therapeutic agent that we knew worked or if we had a vaccine that could help prevent the spread of this illness, then this would be something a little more controllable than what we have now. >> at the university of member member medical center, one of the earier scenes we have witnessed in recent weeks. cocooned inside that bubble called an iceo pod, a 36-year-old woman unluck to have been infected with this new coronavirus but lucky to be here. this facility was one of the first in the country built for outbreaks like this. >> millions of people are going the lose their jobs, and that's what's so scary about th


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