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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 24, 2020 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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this is kpix 5 news. streaming on cbsn bay area the white house and congress say they are close to a deal to pump more than $1 trillion into the economy.
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right now the stock market is surging on hopes for the agreement taking a look at the big for the dow is up more than 700 points. let's gerightothe it afternoon about reopening the country soon saying we can socially distance and go to work. this comes as a group of 20 house democrats led by congress woman [ inaudible ] urging the president to put in place a nationwide shelter in place order. >> the president is urging congress to act on an economic stimulus package tweeting no longer takes the harder it will be the start of the economy. the president is reconsidering whether or national or social
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distancing guidelines are needed when the original 15 day period ends. >> people are full of vigor and energy they don't want to be locked into a house or apartment or some space. it's not fair to our country. we are not lemonade out of lemons.
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>> they are qualified for tokyo and the individual events. he won an individual silver medal. the goal of bringing home as many gold medals as possible will change between now and 2021. >> another world record. >> once a swimmer for stanford olympics gold medalist katie, was trying to earn her spot in june. soon after the postponement announcement she wrote on instagram, now is the time to support all those working to heal the sick and keep us all healthy. golden state warriors were finalist to make the usa basketball team but will now have to wait to compete in tokyo like everyone else. although we now know the year
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the games are expected to be held there is a lot of unanswered questions that athletes have to deal with around the world. >> reporter: this is the first time the olympics have ever been postponed. they were only previously canceled during wartime. santa clara county board of supervisors held a meeting to get the latest update on the coronavirus. >> the county of santa clara are bringing this item board and contributing to mail into a fund that the city of san jose will be voting on to match today. they raised additional private sector and additional $7 million particularly for families whose paychecks aren't coming. >> the total number of coronavirus cases across the bay area have topped 900. that includes 17 deaths. the biggest outbreak is that santa clara county followed by
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san francisco and san mateo county reporting more than one dozen new cases this morning. drive-through testing for the coronavirus is expanding. the test will be available if you meet any broadened criteria. a fever under one -- over 100 degrees. vision exposure to some and confirmed or suspected to have the virus, anyone over the age of 65, and people who >> an upd it has stopped sending out at home tests. the company started shipping kids last --its last friday. officials are saying, as a healthcare company we believe we are uniquely positioned to responsibly contribute and connect people with testing, education, and care. the most important action we can take at this time is to
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support public trust and the fda during this emergency. a napa valley wine maker found guilty in the college admissions scheme been released due to concerns about coronavirus. la times reports augustine junior, cited unique health circumstances in his request. sco cheahis paying bribes and agreeing to pay more money to get his daughter into usc. s home confinement. >> with news changing by the minute you can keep up to date here at kpix 5 and streaming cbsn bay area. check out the roundup of the biggest headlines at kpix scattered showers around the area cloudy and other spots as we take a look outside.
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our meteorologist is tracking conditions from the weather center. >> reporter: tracking weather so the rain has returned. a wet bridge camera here. we are tracking light to moderate rain. you can see from novato down through san raphael valley and there's a light rain over the golden gate into san francisco over the north beach area the sunset district in richmond district. light rain from berkeley and oakland. around the peninsula from san mateo to belmont moderate rain pushing through. pushing down through the south bay some spotty areas as well as cupertino and saratoga getting wet weather. to put this into motion you can see showers pushing east as we have through our day it's going to be cool. all of us in the 50s as we have through the
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afternoon. well below average about 5 to 10 degrees below average withsct will have more on futurecast coming up. a turning point for china well some other countries ramp up coronavirus lockdown efforts. as we try to stay healthy and fit at home how the fbi wants to help out.
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india's prime minister has ordered a 21 day lockdown across the nation.
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three pillion billion people ac cases and 10 deaths from covid- 19. china is confirming plans to lift its lockdown in the province at midnight. the area devastated by the coronavirus is home to 60 million people. restrictions on the city of moveon will remain in place for two weeks. we watch wall street this afternoon taking a look at the big for the dow is up more than 1800 points. that's good to see. stocks are jumping amid expectations congress is nearing a deal on a coronavirus relief bill. for more of today's headlines surrounding coronavirus here is michael george. >> reporter: madrid is using an indoor ice-skating rink as a makeshift morgue. officials began using the rink after municipal's funeral
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service says it could take no more until it restocked protective equipment. more than 1300 people have died in madrid from coronavirus. new concerns the u.s. postal service many billions of dollars to deal with impact of covid-19. the postal service is experiencing a drastic reduction in mail volume and could shatter by the summer without intervention. despite widespread cancellations and postponements nationwide the national committee says it's july convention is still on in milwaukee a spokesperson says backup plans are being worked on and organizers are working from home. yelp is doing its part for local businesses struggling. the company is adding a donate button to its we th a fund me they are matching donations. >> reporter:inme and kids
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attending school remotely families are putting a strain on broadband connections to stay connected. alan martin talked to a reporter about staying in touch during shelter in place. >> our internet companies making sure we stay connected? >> that's a huge concern right now making sure the internet traffic doesn't doll or go out completely. what we saw happening in europe is they asked netflix to slow down quality you are getting. instead of hd people are getting a lower quality video to help with traffic. we are not seeing the that in the u.s. all internet providers say they can meet the demand but it really is huge and so much more than what they are used to. >> you can watch the full interview and get more every tuesday at cbsn bay area
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streaming 24 hours at . people are working out at home during shelter in place. however getting in shape like an fbi agent. they have a mobile app that gives you tips on indoor workout that will help train you if you are preparing for official fbi physical fitness test. we want to see how you are staying fit at home. share your videos with us using hashtag kpix 5 . i am doing a lot of laundry at home. >> a lot of lifting. hopefully you're staying nice and healthy doing workouts at home. we are looking at a rainy afternoon. that is one way or one reason to stay inside other than the shelter in place. we are looking at cool conditions and rain.
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on the doppler you can see zooming in moderate rainfall coming down across napa, vallejo, fairfield, and right over the golden gate. light rain pushing through the sunset district as well as unio across redwood city palo alto, los altos, and san jose. here is our bridge camera. our temperatures are on the 50s. definitely both below average for this time of year. upper 50s in santa rosa right now. it's wet and chilly today with below average temperatures. scattered showers will continue for us. active weather and we're looking a partly sunny skies tomorrow with more lingering showers. we could see an isolated thunderstorm and possibility with unsettled letter whether continuing through the end of the week. the low pressure system is g co
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more scattered showers expected this afternoon. looking at tomorrow if you more showers possible or your wednesday. looking at a lot of snow up in the sierra. winter weather advisory for the west slopes and tahoe area looking at snowfall up to a foot of new snow and 18 inches of snow locally in some spots. a lot of snow in the sierra was sunset at 7:25. daytime highs for all of us in the 50s and here we go with the extended forecast dry out towards the weekend. with backdoor activities canceled during the pandemic see how one man managed to run a marathon without making any rules.
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a runner in france didn't let the country stay at home order keep him from running a marathon. he ran 26.2 miles by going back and forth on his 23 foot long balcony. he did it in six hours and 48
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minutes. his record worst time because he couldn't get any momentum. he dedicated his rent to medical staff working through the pandemic saying they are doing an extraordinary job. we will be right back.
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look at the top stories related to the coronavirus outbreak at this hour. the white house and congress will say they are close to a deal to pump more than $1 trillion into the economy. the tokyo olympic have been postponed and more than 900 cases across the bay area. we will have the latest coming up at kpix 5 at 5:00. that's going to do it for kpix 5 at noon. we will see you back at 5:
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