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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  June 30, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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immediate urgent danger had passed suffered a massive heart attack and thankfully there were three skilled police officers on hand to help. >> the curtains were on fire and the front door had fire around so he knew we couldn't get out that way. >> reporter: the flames chased the victim out of a small window in the back of the apartment and a narrow escape became the least of their worries. >> her heart stopped and she had no pulse and respirations. >> i had her head hunched down and she was not responsive. >> reporter: they found the woman slumped on the ground outside of a neighbor's patio but she wasn't dead but she was dying. >> is that the medical definition of death? >> y. i guess you can say that. i would say she was technically. she has no pulse and she has no breathing. >> reporter: what transpired over the next few minutes made the difference between life and death and the officers didn't have a second to spare.
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>> reporter on the gurney and i started doing chest compressions to get the heart pumping again. >> officer read and the other officer myself for switching off chest compressions and it gets tiring when you do that see want to make sure you keep the same pace up >> reporter: for the next five minutes these officers with 21 years, five years and officer read with just seven days on the job held this woman's life their hands but by the time she was loaded into the ambulance she did have a pulse and a second lease on life. >> this is what officers do when people need help, you are there to be there here on the worst day. >> reporter: one officer said he has been on the job for 26 years and only the second time he has used cpr on the job. tragically, the first was at the vta railyard shooting la >> even though officer reisnot experience. he is a form ear -- former army ranger who did two tours of
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duty in iraq. a shark attack sent a teenager to the hospital. she reports the encounter has -- >> reporter: lifeguard say a 15- year-old boy was bit by a shark while canoeing with his father off of catalina island wednesday morning. >> the patient and father were kayaking offshore and their boat was bumped by a shark of unknown size and type and during the encounter the patient had placed their hand in the water in the hand was in the water and they re bitten. >> reporter: officials say the team suffered a hand injury and was airlifted to undergo surgery. >> due to the injury and the remote location, we decided to transport the patient via air ambulance. >> reporter: lifeguard say the father and son were in the water off of a quiet part of the island.
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>> that portion is very secluded and kind of a hike and only camping along with portions of the beach. >> reporter: the boy scouts of emerald bay say the victim was at a youth camp and in a statement the boy scouts of america added the on-site doctor and paramedic immediately provided for state and called an additional medical personnel who transported the individual to the hospital. our thoughts are with this young man and his family, and we continue to support them in any way we can. >> officials in this afternoon the teenager is doing okay and they have closed off that area for the next 24 hours. looking live at sfo,nacat d arriving after being rescued in colorado. we first cover the story back in 2016 when she escaped the first time and she got loose before her owner moved to new york. luckily, the staff it the kitty charm school in mill valley discovered billy and eventually
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help reunite them, but when her owner was moving again, really jean jumped out of the car and escape and hurt owner looked for her like crazy but ended up dying before she found her. the woman was originally found billie jean back in 2016 has decided to take her in and billie jean will spend some time rehabbing in mill valley before going to a sanctuary the woman runs in maui. looking out at san jose where there is now a big change inside, the santa fe unified school district, a community group came together to celebrate the end of partnerships between the school district and san jose police it resource officers on campus next year and those who gather today said it has been a long fight. >> you talk about trauma especially at the hands of violent authorities like police
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and without you will speaking in our classrooms in school and district meetings, this change would not have happened. keep speaking up because people are listening. >> the school district is reworking its safety plan for the upcoming school year. still ahead on kpix 5 news and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> college athletes saying show me the money. coming up, emotions running high from one of bill cosby's accusers here in the bay area. >> i just want to throw up and i want to cry and i want to smack him and i feel really sad. a wild scene in a north bay
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delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point.
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we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. there is a new statue of liberty in town. a second smaller version of lady liberty arrived at new york city harbor today made from the same plaster mold as
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the 1878 original. the smaller statue is only 9 feet tall and weighs 1000 pounds. a crew of the french officers follow the same path of the original one to deliver it from marseille to new york. the second lady liberty is also a gift from france and will go on display at ellis island and the statue heads to washington dc where it will be on display for 10 years. the ncaa just cleared the way for athletes to profit off of their name and athletes in every state can now pursue compensation for sponsorship deals and online endorsements and personal appearances without jeopardizing their college eligibility and this applies to all three divisions or some 460,000 athletes and the ncaa is also allowing athletes to enter into agreements with agents while encouraging them to keep schools informed. more than 10 states have laws set to go into effect tomorrow
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that would allow for such compensation. some yale drama students will no longer have to pay tuition. david geffen is giving $150 million to the yale school of drama and he founded geffen records and cofounded dreamworks studios in the name of the school and abby called the david geffen school of drama at yale university. coming up how one east bay woman gives families in need with small acts of kindness and compassion. and now that the bay area is reopening, we are asking you to share your photographs and in getting back together again with family and friends with the holiday getting up.
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live pictures of san francisco and you can see it through the fog. the district attorney there announced to build new policy to respect to gender identity and the policy aims to promote acceptance and honor and all members of the lgbtq+ community and staff members at the das office have been directed to start using correct pronouns and names and titles for crime victims and witnesses and policy believed to be the first of its kind in california. she has worked in alameda county social services for more than 30 years.
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>> she goes above and beyond to bring smiles to families to receive county assistance in their time of need. we introduce you to this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: ondrea ford inspires her staff at social services and other departments to do something special to and the parents they serve. >> you have to try to hold your head up and it is for the kids. >> reporter: a simple gift overwhelms this single father living in a hotel with his four kids after neighbors fire burned them out of their apartment. >> this is hard when you get put into a situation where you do some rep ise 0 faer's day ft . it was fiitems ranging from toiletries to neckties. >> it is a wonderful thing to know that somebody cares. >> reporter: andrea ford heads
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up a growing group who does care. she is the assistant agency director for the alameda county social services department that administers aid. >> we are known to just simply issue benefits to the populations that we serve. but i wanted to humanize our role in the community and for our clients to see us differently. >> let's think how we can do bigger and better. >> for staff to see each other differently as well. >> reporter: she is organized annual father's day and mother's day giveaways since 2016 and at the edend ree other oakland. the mother's day event distributes new or gently used purses and tote bags along with
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gifts like toiletries and make up and scarves. this year both serve the 700 pe donated voluntarily by some of the 1200 staff members she oversees and employees from other county departments. the executive team member here said her commitment is contagious. >> she does not see a client just by looking at a case number. she sees the client as a person. >> reporter: that is what touched eric in his time of need. >> sometimes you just don't know what to do and when they help out in those little ways, it is great because you know there is hope. >> we want them to feel special and walk away with dignity. >> reporter: so for making social service clients feel special through gift giveaways, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to andrea ford. >> reporter: she and her team want to expand their efforts so they are asking retailers to donate new items to the mother's and father's day giveaway. >> what a wonderful program. thank you. if you would like to nominate an unsung hero for a jefferson award, you can go to our webpage at and click
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on the nominations tab for the online for millions americans on the east and west coast are facing another day of scorching temperatures from two separate heat waves and all because of two domes of high pressure on opposite sides of the country. we report from new york. >> reporter: children in new york city cooled off wednesday as temperatures soared. one woman used an umbrella to shade her cell from the sun. >> stay inside. it is terrible and muggy and unbearable. >> reporter: air conditioning service crews have been working around the clock. >> reporter: here in new york it's not just the heat but the humidity. public pools like these are a lifeline for people looking for some relief. >> it is very hot but very comfortable in the water. >> reporter: while these new
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yorkers cool off in pools, people in maine headed to the beach where the humidity is making it feel like 100 degrees. on rhode island, this paving company cut short its work on tuesday because of the conditions outside. >> we called it a day after 1:00 to get everybody a break and get home and hydrate properly. >> reporter: in the pacific northwest record-breaking temperatures have cooled down in seattle but spokane, washington, is expected to see triple digits each day through saturday. nasa released an image of the heat wave and the northwest based on thermal infrared energy from the earth surface. a new pool sharing app is here for summer. it connects swimmers and sunbathers with pool rentals in their area and similar to an airbnb or vrbo but it is swimming pools and it offers pool owners the opportunity to make a little extra cash by listing their underutilized
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swimming pools. >> i have a pretty good idea that this weekend will be a lot of folks using their swimming pools. >> probably not around the coast because it will be cooler on the coast. this weather pattern will change very little as we head to the next several days. we look at low cloud and fog spreading out again tonight and it's already over the city as we speak and we will talk about that in the second but some drizzle possible on the coast and cooler than normal temperatures will continue and regardless of whether it is in the june gloom or further inland but independence day weekend is looking pretty pleasant if you don't mind the back-and-forth fog. it has not budged really at all over san francisco and along the coast with gray skies all day and only 61 for the high downtown and 75 in san jose where the sun broke through and up to 80 in concord and 83 in
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fairfield, so it depends on whether or not you saw the sunshine emerge and temperatures right now even with the warmer conditions inland is well below normal for the last day of june and we will take that. 77 in santa rosa and 76 in concord and it is 66 at sfo and temperatures downtown have dipped already into the upper 50s and the temperatures have retreated significantly compared to 24 hours ago and around the bay 2 to 4 degrees but further inland 4 to
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around 60 degrees around
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the coast with the gray sky and not taking a break at all. temperatures down the peninsula and on the south end of the bay mostly in the low to mid 70s with a mix of upper 70s and low 80s for the valley reaching 78 degrees in san jose and we will stay short of 80. mid upper 70s to around 80 for the tri-valley with the warmest temperatures inland and the east bay reaching the mid-80s and that is not bad for 1 july. 86 and we will take that. low 60s for san francisco again with mid to maybe upper 60s for the east bay and a mix of mid upper 70s and low 80s for most inland parts of the north bay until you had further north were temperatures are still going to be hotter with low to mid 90s from mendocino and lake counties until you get closer to the coast and even northern sonoma and napa will be significantly warmer than
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points for the to the south and temperatures there should relax a little bit as we had closer to the holiday weekend but for the rest of us very little change day today and maybe a little warming trend inland as we head into the holiday weekend but barely. temperatures around the bay in the mid-60s for san francisco in mid upper 60s for the east bay and around 60 degrees along the coast. we will have the evening's dog walking forecast coming up at 6:00. the bay area county getting millions from the feds to get ahead of wildfires plus one of bill cosby's accusers is speaking out and the bay area woman describes her shock about his sudden release from prison. and definite the not a house cat and this mountain lion taking a little daytime stroll through north bay yard and the search now for the big cat. still ahead, a bay area city stepping up during the
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getting word of a fatal crash on 880 in san jose and the solar wreck happen in the southbound lanes near baskin avenue. no details on what led up to the crash and an alert has been issued meaning drivers should avoid that area. after imposing a strict ban on outdoor irrigation they are now offering an alternative. free recycled water and as john ramos reports, they are willing to go door-to-door to deliver it. >> reporter: it has become the bay area leader when it comes to emergency water
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conservation, not because they want to but they really don't have any choice. with lake mendocino, the city's sole water supply at only 37% of capacity, people are being green by going brown, but there is another way to keep plants alive. >> we have millions of gallons of recycled water and it is a question of how you get the water to the people. >> reporter: the wastewater treatment plant filters effluent into recycled water and the public filling station up front has become a popular place for people like sam to top off their tanks for work or garden. >> if you show up in the morning and maybe between 20 or 30 trucks waiting for water. it is crazy. i have never seen this before. >> reporter: here 11 homes have installed water storage tanks and he said people are into conserving and the gardens themselves are no longer the focus. >> it is not so much about your garden but about your tank now and it's not so much about your
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flowers but about how your hoses going out to water something. >> reporter: what if you don't have a way to bring the water home? that is where >> joe: comes in. he has been hired by the city to drive his truck around town and personally delivering free recycled water on a weekly basis to those who register their tanks. it is costing the city a lot of money, but they see it as a way to keep people invested in conservation. >> if we tell people they can't use her drinking water to irrigate we have to find an alternative solution. >> reporter: they see that as uncommon good sense of during uncommon times. >> i am proud of our city and those who are trying to make sense out of this which is the drought. >> john says he is currently delivering recycled water to about 350 homes, but they expect that number could double in the coming weeks as residents rush out to buy their
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own storage tanks. and now at 6, and streaming on cbsn bay area, emotions running high for one of bill cosby's accusers here in the bay area after he is let out of prison. >> i want to cry. i want to smack him. i feel really sad. >> a bay area county serving notice and it's tough approach on fireworks ahead of the holiday. >> we will be out there on full force. a bay area neighborhood on alert after this and the active search now for this rather large mountain lion. >> i am very glad we were not out here at the time. good evening. emotional reaction from one of bill cosby's accusers who lives in the bay area. helen hayes was at a tennis
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tournament and rubble beach and the former actor and comedian this doctor and worked over. >> bill cosby is now out of prison in a court overturned his conviction on a technicality and a deal made. we spoke with the accuser. certainly it did sound like a difficult day for her. >> reporter: it certainly was. helen hayes is one of the first accusers coming out in 2014 talking about how bill cosby sexually assaulted her. when i called her this morning, she wasn't even aware that the conviction had been overturned. >> i thought he was to die in there with bread and water. i didn't care. >> reporter: bill cosby is a free man after being released. >> he deserves to be in there. he is evil. >> reporter: she was one of the first and oldest of dozens of
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accusers still vividly remembers the night she said america's once favorite dad approached her in 1973 at a tennis tournament in pebble beach. >> he came up behind me and put his whole body up against the back of my body and then he reached over my right shoulder and grabbed my right breast, and i said what the heck do you think you're doing? >> reporter: cause we testified in depositions and 2005 as part of a deal with prosecutors with the promise it wouldn't result in criminal charges and to date six of the seven pennsylvania supreme court judges ruled in favor of reversing his sexual assault conviction and 2018 but not because they believed the tv star was innocent. cording to a legal analyst. >> they determined that bill cosby had been deprived of a fair trial because his constitutional right against self-incrimination had been violated. >> reporter: hayes is now 86
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hopes the latest twist in this


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