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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 24, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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justice system trying to catch up to these brash crimes. max? >> reporter: the arraign .just wrapped up late this afternoon. this was the first time these suspects went before a judge, and it will not be the last. tonight, five people accused of felony's related to the smash- and-grab crime spree in union square last week entering in pleas to all charges. per the judge's orders, we're not allowed to show their faces. they all face felony charges related to burglary and theft. miller was said to be the driver of thus mist age seen on numerous videos. the judge ruled miller and speed are not to be released from custody, charging documents reveal miller has prior burglary convictioning, speed has prior gun and drug-
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related conversations. bond was set at $5,000 for cherry and white. during a tuesday news conference, district attorney chesa boudin had strong words. >> and we stand together, united to send a message to anyone who would consider committing these kinds of crimes in san francisco that it will not be tolerated. you will be arrested. you will be brought to justice. and you will face serious consequences when you commit serious crimes. >> reporter: one of the prosecutors argued the incident was more than just a burglary. a defense attorney took issue with that claim. >> so max do police expect there will be more arrests in this case? >> reporter: yesterday the police chief said he is confident there will be more
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arrests in this case, so we may see more court appearances in the near future. well now to the south bay, where prosecutors are trying to send a message by holding two retail theft suspects on $2 million bail. len ramirez with more on the arrests and the new get-tough policy. len. >> reporter: in that's right, the city of san francisco is work crashing down and working with the district attorney's office to put pressure on the organized crime believed to be behind the latest robberies here in the city. >> we're not going to put up with it here in san jose. >> reporter: san francisco isn't just taking tough when it comes to stopping the latest rash of retail crimes. >> we are watching, we are responding, and we will arrest you, just like we did yesterday. >> reporter: police officers arrested two men from hayward and antioch, as they tried to run from the valley fair macies, after allegedly stealing $2,000 worth of perfume and cologne. >> i'll sure these guys did not
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expect the police to be right outside the doors. put guess what? we were. >> two earlier took a similar haul from another macy's. >> these are retail robberies with mill tim people involved, often armed, extreme live dangerous. >> reporter: district attorney jeff rosen is trying to keep the crimes from getting out of hand, and wants to send a message by setting extremely high bail amounts. >> for the two aested so far, the bail was set at 2 million. we're concerned this is a crime of opportunity, and when people get out, they may try it gain, so we're doing everything we can to keep them in custody. >> groups of robbers stole $45,000 in merchandise from one store saturday night, and items worth thousands more from an eyeglass store. one of the robbers was scene with a gun. >> i am just more cautious of might have surroundings, and what's going on, and i guess maybe not go at night in f i
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can avoid it. >> reporter: san jose mayor sam liccardo said she asking the city council for a million dollars to improve license plate riders and other technology to solve crimes. >> if you do it in santa clara county, you're going to be caught and punished. >> we talk about that extremely high bail amount. how does that jibe with the state's zero bail law? >> reporter: well, the district attorney said today that law gutierrez not prevent them. it's more of a default on minor crimes and defendants, but on cases where the district attorney feels it is necessary, and weapons being used in a lot of these cases, he does set it at that high amount. in fact, it's so extraordinarily high, it's usually the type of amount you see in a homicide case, not a robbery case. >> yeah, these are some tough times, though. all right, len, thanks. we brought you the mayor's news conference live on cbsn
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bay area. catch up 24/7 on or the kpix 5 news app. we're learning a that a popular downtown san jose cafe was burglarized hours ago. nirvana sole broken into this morning when it was closed. the front door you see there smashed. a cash register was stolen. fortunately nobody hurt. we're getting our first look at two suspects arrested in connection with a mass robbery that was in this warted by palo alto police. officers say a group of 30 to 40 suspects tried to break into the real real store in palo alto on sunday night. they smashed a glass, but no suspects actually not inside, and they fled when police arrived. an officer then stooped car with stolen goods from another real real location. police arrested these two suspects. one from richmond. the other from valejo inside the car. the investigation revealed the two women had traveled to palo alto to burglarize the store with a larger future. >> in contra costa county, three people facing charges in
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connection to the weekend's mass burglary at a walnut creek nordstom's store. a well and two men faces charges now including organized retail theft and conspiracy. 87 suspects still outstand pentagon the charging documents say the group stole $100,000 in merchandise. new at 6:00 on this thanksgiving eve, traditionally, there's a rush to the grocery store. this year there's a rush to get a covid test. a steady stream of people showing up today for testing at the santa clara fairgrounds. peel planning holiday gatherings or trips wanted to be sure of their condition before time. >> coming from spain, it's really nice to be here and see the facilities, and how available it is to everyone, and, you know, the drive- through experience, it's really quick and dynamic and i think it's great. >> the bay area is off to a good start on it child vaccine campaign. according to state data, six
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bay area counties have the state's highest vaccination rates for children ages five to 11, ranges from 26 to 51% of kids with one dose. that's much higher than the statewide vaccination rate for the same group. for a closer look at covid vaccination rates, click on thec if u'taki skieis nh some long lines. a number of travelers at the big three airports in the bay area up sharply this year compared to 2020. >> we have been speaking to traveler, and have a live report from the san jose airport. >> reporter: yeah, check out this traffic here at the airport. we have not seen it this busy in quite some time. there is a buzz and an excitement here at their airport. many of these individuals tells us they have the vaccine and
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the pasters and it's time to get back to some sense of normalcy, and it is showing in the passenger numbers. the week of thanksgiving, from 2019 to today, we saw a massive dip, and then a recovery. the number of passengers this year projected to more triple last year number. the same goes for oakland. pre-thanksgiving travel this year is 2.5 times that of last year, and it is now up to 81% of 2019 levels. and at sfo, thanksgiving week travel cratered in 2020 as expected. it's projected to rebound this year to 65% of pre-pandemic levels. it was not traveling for thanksgiving an option for you? >> no, unfortunately not, it wasn't, because my family decided to all meet in one location. so i didn't really have much of a choice. >> any concerns about flying? any nervousness about covid? >> no. [ laughter ] >>
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>> reporter: >> we all is are a lot of homework, but are very determined get on the plane and go see our family, because you can always do homework. you never know when you can't see your family. >> i took a lot of things for granted. i'm starting to appreciate things a lot more. >> she cried in my arms. >> reporter: worth it? >> absolutely worth it, 100%, always. [ laughter ] >> and here at sjc, last weekend was the biggest ever since the onset of the pandemic. this weekend should be just as big, if not bigger. we're live at sjc, kpix 5. a cans are luck you have hundreds of choices when it comes to a holiday getaway in- state from the beaches to the rugged beauty of yosemite, and then go to socal and the santa monica pier. >> or just go surfing. >> yeah, the holiday weekend
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look nice mostly statewide. breezy in southern california. that could potentially be a problem. but mid-60s for most of the bay area. san jose will reach into the upper 60s. a little cooler in the is rather, but not enough for any snow to happen. high temperatures around 80 degrees for southern california. combine that warmth with gusty winds, and it's a dangerous fire weather combination. red flag warnings in effect right now around los angeles, over towards palm springs and san diego. they remain in friday with winds 30 to 40 miles per hour sustained. gusts 60 to 70 in the higher elevations, and very dry relative humidity levels. focus on the bay area's weather coming up in just a few minutes. still ahead, kpix 5 and cbsn bay area. >> how the aftermath of a mass burglary caught on cam randied in other violent crimes. plus what one airline is
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telling us about a bay area bound flight that led to an emergency landing. and the golden gate bridge cracking do this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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a burglary in oakland caught on camera, but this crime leading to yet another
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violent crime. >> security guard was shot while protecting a tv news reporter who was following up on the story. >> will wilson walker has more on what happened. >> reporter: that officer is hospitalized after that shooting around lunchtime. behind me is one of the stores hit in the area of the recent smash-and-grabs. a boutique that has now being been burglarized twice in the past month. that break-in happened on monday night. it was today just before 12:30, a new crew from kron television was here to cover that burglary when an armed group pulled up. they say the gunmen ordered the news crew and their guard to get on the ground, and it was just a few moments after that that shots were fired and the guard was hit. now oakland police have not released any details on the shooting, other than so say that the guard was hit in the stomach and no one else was
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injured. >> as you know, it has been an extremely violent week. we are asking if you in the area, have a business, or live nearby, to please check your surveillance footage, as you may have captured the crime before, during, or after it occurred. >> reporter: in the officer works for star security. that's used by kpix 5 and other television news agencies around the area. >> as wilson mentioned, the guard who it was shot has worked in the past with kpix news crews, and we offer him a full, and fast recovery, and certainly our thoughts are with him and his family. a live look at union square, as the city is planning to restrict vehicle traveling traffic at night. starting friday through the end of the year, three city owned garage near union square are offering free parking for up to
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two hours. they are the sutter stockton garage, the ellis garage, and union square garage at post street. take a live look at sfo, where an alaska airlines flight had to make an emergency airlines today. in the flight was headed to san francisco from portland, oregon, when the right engine started experiencing a mechanical problem. take a look at the flight path there. the plane didn't actually get very far, was able to safely return to portland international airport. there were 150 passengers and five crew members on board. things are going to be pretty nice around here. >> yeah, we're in the middle of a tranquil weather pattern that we've been in for the last couple of weeks. anytime even a cold front slips through, it doesn't have any moisture, so a couple of passing clouds, that's it.
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the only concern those strong november sure winds in southern california. if you're driving that direction, the wind will try to move you around on the road. high pressure in control of our weather, which means the dry weather continues. that will remain the case as we head into the weekend. a cold front will fry to slip through friday and friday my night with some passing high clouds. nothing you're going to even notice, and even temperatures aren't going to change very much as that front passes through. right now clear skies overhead. temperatures dropping off into the 50s. 58 downtown as the warm spot tied with oakland. 53 is the warm spot in livermore, but those temperatures will continue tumbling. there will be plenty of 30s to start the day for thanksgiving. low-to-mid 40s around the bay and along the coast. but those temperatures in the east bay and north bay valleys are chilly enough to prompt another frost aid visery, but
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temperatures will warm up. we have tuck bringing you tomorrow's dog walking forecast. she an adoptable dog. i'll put up a link on social media as son as we finish this weather segment if you are interested in adding this sweet face to your life, and who wouldn't be interested in that. for those turkey trots happening around the bay area, it's going to be cool, but not as cool as right around sunrise. mid-60s around the way for highs, with low 60s along the coast. temperatures won't vary a whole lot. coolest spots in the the coast will be in the low 60s. the warmest spots around san jose getting close to 70 degrees, but falls just short of hitting 70 tomorrow. think you have a better chance saturday and sunday. temperatures will cool off
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modestly next week, a little more cloud cover next week, but our odds of squeezing out moisture from those clouds are very low. lower than 10%. really our rain chances lower than five percent. inland temperatures will remain warm through sunday, and then even along the coast, low 60s all the way into the beginning of next week. we'll have another update and zoom in for a closer look at the hour-by-hour forecast coming up at 7:00. all right. we have series evening news coming up. >> here is margaret brennan with a preview. >> here is what we're working on. we talk to dr. fauci about his recommendations to stay safe while traveling to see your family during the thanksgiving holiday. the cbs evening news is just minutes away. straight ahead in sports. last hour i promise add thrilla. i'll make good on it. it got espn sports center's attention. and if you're having thanksgiving dinner at the
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shanahan house, don't be in a hurry to eat. and stream tonight on cbsn bay area. how world leaders are putting the pressure on tech giants to protect children on-line. you can find cbsn bay area on our kpix app. we're also on the cbs news app. you can download it for free on your favorite streaming platforms.
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college basketball up top, and the preholiday tournament. it's a time for conferences to shine like the west coast conference. it's more than top-ranked gonzaga. get this. st. mary's, usf, and santa clara came into today a combined 17-0. let's out the badger doing a head stand in los angeles. wisconsin badgers on defense against st. mary's. watch out! logan johnson in transmission the former saint francis mountain view star. the gales up at the half, but then johnny davis got hot, and the badgers handed st. mary's its first lots of the season to
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win the maui invitational championship. >> on draw kelly scored 23 points against seton hall. you like passes? how is this. a little behind the back number. ended in a two-fisted jam by samuel. final seconds. cal down one. grant got an open look! but sometimes the shot just doesn't fall. 24th ranked seton hall one this tournament in florida 62-59. last night san jose state down one to northern colorado, until amari moore played hero! a jam to win the game! san jose state spattenned up. that play, number 3 on the espn sports center top 10 plays. the warriors running
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tonight against the 76ers. moving pictures on the late show. what is thanksgiving lite like at the shanahan house? well, it's a work day for kyle. so for everybody else? there's a lot of waiting around to eat. >> we speed up the schedule so we can get home by 7:00, and usually when i walk in the door, i see about 12 people junior upset with me and very hung and i have irritated, because they didn't get to do it normally, but when they have to wait for us, i get home, and i have to go to bed quickly after, and they are annoyed, but i say stick around and if we win, i can visit a lot more sunday night. >> opposing quarterbacks aren't the only one on judon's radar this week. the family was put on notice about this item on the thanksgiving menu. >> we have to get macaroni and
6:26 pm
cheese. i'm almost 30 now. i'm pretty net is my ways, and it's disgusting. they know not to put it on my plate, or those are fighting words. i wait until they eat their macaroni and cheese, get sluggish, and then i'll whup 'em. >> so mac and cheese? [ laughter ] macaroni and she's a go-to! >> mine two, six night also week, maybe seven! >> for me, too! crazy! more fors. >> i think he uses it for strategy, slows 'em down so we can whup 'em. a speeding crack down coming to the golden gate bridge, but it's not affecting drivers. >> and our food for bay area families drive. to donate your time or
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a live look at the golden gate bridge where cyclists could soon get speeding tickets. beginning january 1st, cyclists have to follow a 15 mile per hour speed limit or face getting a ticket. if you speed and get caught, you'll be treated just like drivers behind the wheel of a car, fined up to $500. right now the bridge has add an advisory speed limit, but starting in 2022, that is going to be absolutely mandatory.
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>> wonder if they'll put one of those speed monsters, like slow down there speedy gonzales. >> i would love to go that fast. ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: tonight, breaking news-- a jury finds the three men accused of chasing down and killing ahmaud arbery guilty of murder. >> guilty. >> guilty. >> guilty. >> brennan: after less than 12 hours of deliberations, aa father and son and their neighbor now facing a minimum sentence of life in prison. the emotional day in brunswick, georgia. outside the courthouse, the victim's family and a crowd of supporters celebrated the verdict, calling it justice for ahmaud arbery. tonight, president biden weighs in. millions of thanksgiving travelers hit the roads, airports, and railways at pre-pandemic levels. but, rain and snow threaten to make the trip back home treacherous. the new forecast just coming in.


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