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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 25, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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now at 11:00. breaking news. san jose passes the first of its kind ordinance requiring gun owners to buy liability insurance. reaction from opponents and supporters. plus, a structure fire shuts down a major south bay roadway. update from the police in the past hour. an emotional reunion after a french bull doing was stolen at gunpoint, how east bay deputies found the dog. >> i have no illusions about these disappearing any time soon. >> what we know tonight about the covid-19 strain detect inside a bay area county dubbed the stealth omicron variant. plus, above mask face painting, and what fans can expect at a full
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capacity, pandemic super bowl. good evening. let's get right to the breaking news in san jose. it just came down in the past 30 minutes. >> yes, san jose just made history by becoming the first city in the nation to require all gun owners to pay for liability insurance. kpix5 has reaction from supporters and opponents. >> reporter: just moments ago, councilmembers passed th fiof ite hopes of curbing gun violence. it comes a year after the bay area's deadliest mass shooting that happen inside san jose at the vta. >> i lost one of my childhood friends last year. >> reporter: tonight, councilmembers. >> you know, my own family has been touched by gun violence, particularly from the gilroy shooting. >> reporter: were among those sharing stories. >> my daughter was shot and kill inside san jose. i know firsthand the terrible lots. >> reporter: last year's deadly mass shooting at the vta
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was the catalyst for the proposal that the mayor believes will reduce gun violence and promote firearm safety. if passed the ordinance will require gun owners to pay an annual fee of about $25. as well as obtain liability insurance. but not everyone in the community agrees. >> people got killed and you got the audacity to come up in here and act like you will be the savior of us all. >> reporter: a mixed bag of those opposed and for the strategy. >> vote no on this ridiculous law. it will get shot down in courts before you waste more of san jose's money. >> we do not believe this proposal will stop gun violence at all. >> reporter: jonathan flemming says a constitutional right to bear arms should not come at a cost.
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>> they are ignoring the opposition in the public record and on the ecomment system because they are trying to approve a political agenda and advance their political careers. >> reporter: the ordinance will need to be read next month before it goes into effect this august. kpix5. >> the liability insurance and annual fee requirements were separated into two different ordinances tonight. the money collected from the annual fee ordinance will go to a nonprofit for gun violence prevention program in the community. minutes ago the firearms policy released a response saying quote, insurance requirement for law-abiding fire-arm is a burden and against california law. a fire broke out at the
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closed wheels and deals car dealership. inside of that building it was completely torched. firecrews tell kpix it took them 45 minutes to knock it down. >> the crews kept it to the building of origin. the crews or the buildings in the back all of the homes and residents were shelter inside place because of the smoke. but overall, it was confined relatively quickly. >> no one was hurt, no word on the cause, the closure is expected to last for hours. good news at 11:00. a french bull dog stolen at gunpoint back home with his owner tonight. >> thank goodness. the reunion caught -- camera this evening. >> hi, baby. hi baby. [crying] >> is that tito. >> hi. >> tito was stolen on january 15th, his owner says she was walking him in castro valley when throw suspects, armed with handguns, stole him.
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hours later the suspects returned to her home and stole her car which has since been recovered. the alameda county sheriff's department says detectives worked relentless to find tito some coming in on their days off to help out on the case. they made a number of arrests. today, they followed up on tips that led them to tito and confirmed it was him by scanning his microchip. now, to the coronavirus a new strain called the stealth omicron. it could be harder to detect. what doctors are saying and what it means for the pandemic. >> reporter: in technical terms this variant is ba2, 11 cases in california but the concern is that it is even more transmissible than the original omicron. >> it spread from about 20% of
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the sequences in december to then 45%, you know, the second week of january and now it is up to 65% of the cases in denmark. >> reporter: ucsf infectious disease expert has been looking at data from abroad to learn more about the stealth omicron. >> we don't think it is causing more severe disease from the initial analysis from denmark. and i am confident our current vaccines will work at protections most people from getting into the hospital. >> reporter: this new mutation did not come as a surprise to those in the medical field including stanford house infectious disease specialist. >> i have no illusions that this virus is going to disappear any time soon. >> as long as the virus has the ability to spread it carries the potential to mutate. doctors feel vaccines are the best way to slow down the virus. >> i do think that if we were more vaccinated it would help but remember, it is not just the u.s. we have to make sure everybody in the
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world gets access to the vaccines. >> as doctors learn more about coronavirus the doctor hopes there will be a shift in the approach to this pandemic. the goal is to have the data to be able to focus on those that are most vulnerable. >> how can we predict who are people who are going to get most symptomatic and not run the risk of ending up on a ventilator. there will be more and more information that shows us who are those people at high risk. >> reporter: back to attorney general warning about an uptick in fake covid-19 science. many are posing as analysts to scan people out of money and information. go to california department of health website to find verified covid- 19 testing sites. kpix has done extensive reporting on efforts to crack down on the sites right here in the bay area. you can see our reporting at
11:09 pm the first fully attended super bowl in the covid-19 era is two weeks away. fans will have to get creative with above the mask face mask. >> kn-95 will be handed out to fans, to ender you will have to show proof of vaccination or tested negative for covid-19 they will offer testing on the site. for the two california bases remaining nothing new, from crowds all over it can be an adjustment. >> clearly we have approached the public health recommendations and covid-19 differently than most parts of the south. we don't find it as controversial that we need to wear masks for example or follow some of the guidance around vaccination. >> as for sunday's game between the 49ers and the rams the faithful plan to make the trip down to l.a. for a niners take over of sofi
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stadium. those that can't are determined to have a great game day experience. there will be several watch parties around the bay area. >> we are going to be hosting an event in sunny val oh dwayne avenue and it is, we are pretty much going to throw it for the poem that can not go that live in the pay area that want to hang out with other faithful. if you don't have a place for the game our watch party will be the go to. >> we want to go to his party. the diehard hosting the watch party in san jose, ray pina, such a big fan when he lost an eye to cancer he asked the doctor to make his prosthetic eye into a 49er's logo you can see it closely. talk about commitment. >> we were searching for the ultimate fan. the guy that gets the tattoo, that is cute. but top this, i have an eye. [ laughter ] >> oh, my. wow. we will give it to him. hopeful low they win.
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tonight, we are learning jewelry stores have been targeted twice at a poplar san bruno mall. a group of five men swarmed the jewelry store. they smack ár smashed the cases and took the jewelry. it is unknown how much merchandise they stole. no one was injured. the police released that pictures of the suspects, all of them escaped. the police say another jewelry store was targeted by a group of people in the same mall just a few days before. on friday, five suspects walk into a jewelry store and one smashed the case with a crowbar, that owner pulled out a gun and point today at the suspect and another suspect pointed a gun at the owner before the group ran away. streaming on cbsnews bay area. >> uphill battle to change how chinatown does business. how the change can prevent
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people from being targeted. an area of san francisco banned from having new bars for decades. how the city just changed that. later, the dog so excited to be at the he needed a jetski rescue. temperatures were several degrees above average this afternoon for most of the bay area. along the coast and right around the bay the temperatures stayed in the 50s. we will have a warm up and now for our high school's most admired alum. get up there. oh shut up. this is so embarrassing. guys don't make a scene! oh please you love a scene. there's no way it's me... was that good acting? that's why it's you. (giggling) you know her. you love her. you wish you could be her. ruh roh. i told her not to go up there. what are you doing here? (mouths silently) it's anna gomez! (cheering) what? who? our first gigillionaire! gigloni... giggly-a-what? man: with at&t fiber,
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new at 11:00. ahead of lunar new year there is a push to change the way oakland chinatown does business. as kpix5 reports, it is all to privent people from carrying cash who carry cash from being targeted. >> reporter: the cost of credit card fees for businesses can add up quickly. after years of resistance
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businesses in oakland chinatown are finally making a switch as a way to keep their customers safe. big dish restaurant in oakland chinatown there are ducks in the window, and more recent addition, a square credit card reader at the register. for years asian-owned and operated businesses in the neighborhood have largely run on a cash only model. getting them to convert to accepting credit and debt cards has been a 10-year long project for the president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. >> it is like pulling teeth. harder than that. profit margin is so low and if they are using credit cards there will be fees involved. >> reporter: what changed for business owners of the seemingly nonstop video of the two years of asian seniors getting targeted and attacked for the cash they were carrying. >> normally you go to bank, get cash before they come to the business.
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>> reporter: leaving asian seniors to be targeted after hitting the bank for their shopping money. those cash only businesses including big dish. >> bbq pork and chicken. >> reporter: e because they wousee cash only. atthe one they to ck and has been offering om personsses to ucatsinended lower rates for accepting cards with operators like square. more people are coming into big dish now. and spending more money thanks to the switch. >> many people use the square, use the card. >> reporter: they hope to have all of the businesses in oakland chinatown converted to accepting credit cards very soon. kpix5. new at 11:00, for the first time in more than three decades now bars can open up in
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san francisco's castro commercial district. the board of supervisors passed a new ordinance today overturning a law that had been put on the books since 1987. until now, new bars have been banned for several blocks near castro and 18th streets. the chronicle reports there are currently eight bars in the area. according to city data, castro's store fronts had a 15% vacancy rate in november. on the fire watch tonight, we are learning the cause of the wildfire burning near big sure and monterey county. fire investigators say winds blue hot embers on to nearby vegetation, the wildfire burned 700 acres since it broke out on friday near big sur. favorable weather conditions allowed them to boost containment to 50%. as we look at that fire burning in the middle of january, it just shows us the need that we need more rain. >> rain would be that favorable weather condition. >> that is the best. we don't have much of a rain
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chance for the forecast for the next several days. dry stretch continues, moisture in the form of fog and spreading into the inland valleys tonight. it should fadeaway faster than it did this morning. chilly start, ending up with a mild afternoon, temperatures running three to seven degrees above average. late changes are heading our way. we will at least see more clouds and long-range data and a chance of passing showers primarily sunday night but the highest we can go with that is a one to three chance of a trace of rainfall moving quickly through the bay area. it will not be a big rainmaker and even that 30% chance is probably on the optimistic side. we will keep looking at the latest data. another rainmaker will head towards the bay area. we need it to wash the haze off of the horizon. as the winds die down tomorrow back into the moderate category across
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the board into the first half of the weekend. there is the fog spreading in as we look towards the golden gate. the temperatures dropped into the 40s across the entire bay area. down to 40 degrees, exactly n livermore. inland spots ending up in the upper 30s by the morning with lower to middle 40s around the bay. a little on the chilly side for late january. high temperatures, tomorrow, bouncing back once the fog dissipates, plenty of sunshine, lower 60s along the coast. 60s on the south bay, middle to upper 60s in the san jose valley. high of 67, the fog slows down the warm up inland in the east bay with highs in the lower 60s there. around the bay, a mix of lower to middle 60s. north bay, farther inland you go the warmer the temperatures get. upper to middle 60s. that is bonus territory. temperatures will not change a whole lot. we will see a cooling trend with the cloud cover over the weekend and into next week. the cooling trend only pushes us down to
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normal high temperatures by the weekend and monday and tuesday of next week and no rain icons in the seven-day forecast, just additional clouds on sunday. we will keep looking for the rain, though, just in case. charlie? >> thanks, paul. cooperstown gained a new hall of famer, how about a last ballot chance for barry bonds. kerr told you not to push the panic button. the only button that was pushed is the red
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welcome into late night sports. no hemerun king clearly had the qualifications, the link to steroids never allowed him much of a chance. being sour with the media, aka, the voters, does not help. he received his highest vote, 66%, needed 75% to get in. his fate is now in the hands of the veterans committee which could vote him in later this year in december.
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and to make it more controversial, david ortiz was the only player elected by the writers, big papi also linked to peds. he received 78% of the vote on his first try. admit today is strange to get in over bonds and over roger clem ens. >> when i see these guys, i do not compare myself to them. hard to believe. those guys, they, they did it all. >> bonds was second behind ortiz in overall voting, alex rodriguez on the first year, had 34%, former giant, kent, had 33%, and tim linthicum received less than 5%, it means timmy is permanently off of the ballot after one year. to the nba we go, warriors, fifth straight game hosting the mavericks, slightly concerning a development on sunday when thompson was announced as a late scratch due to left knee
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soreness, no reason to panic. there he is. the knee looks fine to me. this is the mav's night in a nutshell. takes it in the crowd. can not do that. sorry about that. excuse me. clay's best game of the season. season high, 26 minutes, three long balls, warriors up 11 in the second, 15 for thompson. six assists, look at this one, behind the back, wiggins, this is never in doubt. a laugher. more passing. flushing it home. that is a grown man's jam, team high, 22 for him. they are up 31. like harry houdini. easy work tonight at chase, 130- 92 is the final tally. they get to t-wolves at home thursday night. >> the last couple of weeks week we have been grinding and hoping to get out of the mud and tonight it felt kind of
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cleansing like, okay, we are, you know, we are right again. >> i thought it was an a plus, a plus for the warriors. >> clay and the captain hat, we love it. >> clippers come back from 35 points. some people can have
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an amazing rescue caught on camera in delaware. a group of police officers and a bistander used their super human strength to save a woman pinned under her car. you might call it a freak accident. 70-year-old woman stepped out of her suv without putting it in park and got trapped underneath. her leg became stuck in the wheel well, a neighbor tried to use the jack to lift the car. it was not enough. so, neighbors and police combined their strength to lift the suv.
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they are certainly hailed as heroes for possibly saving her life. >> wow. strong guys there. a dog so excited to visit a california beach he ended up nearly 2,000 feet from shore. we will tell you what happened
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a dog got so excited visiting a beach he needed a jetski rescue. >> a brown lab visited a state beach in malibu yesterday. he was so happy to be there, how happy? he jumped into the ocean and ended up swimming 1800 feet off shore. so a lifeguard jumped on to a jetski and found him swimming near a small cove. >> you hear the cheers when the dog came back. the owners were delighted, clapping and cheering, a lot of hugs and treats for that pooch. back here in the bay area,
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a juvenile hawk found injury inside san francisco is already back in flight tonight. >> it is nice to know. >> eddie has shown improvements and relocated to an outdoor aviary two days after the police found the bird stunned on a sidewalk along eddie street. it is believed the young hawk may of hit a window. >> here is another update. rescuers say eddie could be short of edwina because she turned out to be a female. >> just a slight detail change. a slight one. i am glad that she is doing much better tonight. >> she is like call me eddie for short. i love it. good news to end the newscast. thanks for watching, the late show is up next. >> continue streaming on cbsnewsbay area. good night. >> good night
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> the big story, the big sort of media story is joe biden being caught on a hot mic saying this to a reporter who is from fox and asking about inflation. >> a question on inflation? ( laughter ) ( applause ) and now "fox & friends'"


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