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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 8, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MST

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adele proving adele proving she's just like everyone else...wait until you hear what happened to her at one department store.... ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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a disaster this morning at airports across the country and the world.. as delta is suffering a crippling computer outage.bryan west has the latest on our top story...
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breaking news this morning as a clerk is murdered during an early morning robbery of a 7- eleven store.jen wahl is live near 16th street and southern.... phoenix police are investigating a deadly shooting at the 7-11 on 16th st. and southern. one clerk was shot and killed during an armed robbery and the suspect is on the loose, authorities
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emergency call around 12:30am. police say a man in dark clothing, wearing a bandana and red gloves walked up to one of the 7-11 clerks who was standing outside of the store. the suspect told the clerk to go inside and join another clerk behind the counter, then demanded money from the register. the suspect then took both clerks to the back of the store, where authorities say he shot and killed one of the 7-11 employees. he then ran off. officers are investigating and say they're talking with the clerk who was able to safely escape. police say the south phoenix community around 16th st. and southern should keep an eye out for anything suspicious until the suspected armed robber is caught.if you have any information, contact phoenix police or silent witness. you could receive a
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taking a look at hot headlines this morning... maricopa county sheriff's deputies investigating - the murder of a 3 year old in youngtown - out in the west valley. mcso - not releasing many details as to what happened - or any possible suspects. but neighbors - told 12 news - detectives told them - the homicide was a domestic incident. right now.. a man is in the hospital after he was shot by police. authorities say the man was fighting with a woman.. when she holding a knife when they arrived. that's when they shot him. police believe the man was intoxicated. phoenix police have arrested 37-year-old brandon southerland... in connection with the death of a man and a woman. southerland is accused of killing the two ... who were found dead inside a mobile home near the loop 101 and 35th avenue over it's been three weeks since a ten year old boy in the west valley went authorities search for the
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santos is live in goodyear...
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super stars... they're just emma has it ... morning juice today.. grammy winning singers--- they're just like the rest of us. this morning, adele is talking about the time her credit card got declined at the clothing store, h-and-m. the superstar told fans the story at a sold-out concert in san jose last month. no word on exactly ?why the credit card was rejected,
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ninth highest-paid celebrity in the world. take a look at this.a pretty embarrassing situation for the owner of this classic mercedes. the driver was trying to parallel park and somehow backed up and onto a ferrari. we're talking about a 300- thousand dollar ferrari.this all happened at a classic car shop near washington, dc. now time for your juicy question of the morning... that this week.... the average man has blocked out 45 minutes to an hour each day.... so he can think about this? he will think by himself... he might think with his friends... and with his friends... and with his co- workers. he will continue to think about this for months. and the answer.... ???adlib??? now time for your second
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things most kids take to school today that none of us ever of when we were in school. the first one.... is a cell phone.what is the second item? hit us up on facebook or twitter with your answer... ???adlib its the kickoff to the n-f-l preseason...and it never in the world do you mess up paint on a turf? yet another big wildfire burning in california...we're tracking its progress...and how it might impact us here in
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####break#### besides the olympics.... football is back.... sort of. 12 sports insider jay taylor
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a bit of an embarrassment for
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moving to baseball -- alex rodriguez, one of the most polarizing athletes in history will retire.his statistics are unreal.. he was involved in a steroid
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???adlib & toss jimmy
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on the road to rio this morning.. we're taking a look at the overall medal count.. as we enter day three of the rio olympics. right now.. u-s-a is on top with a total of 12 medals -- 3 of which are gold. team u-s-a continues to have the golden touch in rio.. the americans are leading in the overall medal count after two days of the summer games -
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the latest this morning from olympic park.
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both phelps and ledecky are back in the pool today.. and keri walsh-jennings and april ross will play under the lights on copacabana beach looking to advance in beach volleyball.. and a quick reminder -- if you miss any olympic events.. just go to 12-news- dot-com -- and click on our "daily rewind" tab to get caught up. they're used to rain in florida - but what they are about to get ... has some people worried... taylor swift....keeping herself in the spotlight... with just one kiss.we're details... in 30 minutes.
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taking a look at wall street this morning...u.s. stocks are coming off a higher week following friday's stronger than expected jobs report.both the s-and-p 500 and the nasdaq on friday closing at all-time highs.
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morning... a fast-moving wildfire consumed at least a thousand acres in southern california's san bernardino national forest. hundreds of firefighters are battling the flames, helped by seven air tankers.there's no word on what sparked the fire yesterday. this is all that remains of a 12-foot tall red, white and blue "t" that belongs to a new york supporter of donald trump. firefighters are investigating this as arson. the homeowner says despite the fire, his support for trump, just like the sign outside his yard, is only g a young child is dead after an accident at a water park in kansas city. the 10-year-old boy's name is caleb schwab. he's the son of a kansas state representative. he was on the 'verruckt' - dubbed the world's tallest water slide on sunday. how he died is still in question. the entire water park - will stay closed until further notice florida residents are bracing for what could be an historic rainfall. by friday - parts of florida's gulf coast
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warning of heavy rain and flash floods from tampa to pensacola. residents along the coast are packing sandbags to ward off flood water not a good not a good way to start off the airlines.... grounded this morning.we're tracking the problem this morning... valley police - searching for a killer this morning...after conveinence store clear was gunned down during a robbery.
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world are grounded after the airline experiences computer problems. a 711 clerk is dead after an armed robbery. we will have the details on the investigation. we have a tropical system that is going to change our forecast big time by the middle of the work week. is it time for taylor swift to move along already?
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finger at the competition. good morning to you. we will talk much more about the olympics and jimmy's forecast in a bit. travel news right now, a computer outage shut down flies everywhere and brian west is brian, you are hearing some good news from delta, right?>>reporter: delta telling us the system is back up and running after a technological outage that originated out of indiana. the line has diminished about a half hour ago there was a good 30 or 40 people deeper. we just got an update from delta, they are saying limited


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