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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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cars barely making it through. ironwood and broadway more lake then road. >> looks like a river the waves are coming in. >>reporter: she saw the rain start and not let up for 20 minutes. >> it was like sheets of rain coming down you couldn't seem front of you. >>reporter: when she came out half the town was underwater. >> one more will have it made. >>reporter: city officials offering sand for anyone who needs to fill sandbags. >> up to the or bring people are worried about. >> do it we can to keep it out of the house. >>reporter: it's the rain coming. this is the first way from tropical storm javier. the next wave coming soon. >> we might get more rain this evening. >>reporter: as we said they have sand available for sandbags if you need them but you have to bring your own bags at the two fire stations on superstition. live in apache junction william
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east of the 101, run off of rain creating many waterfalls as it braced west. elsewhere we found street flooding and fountain hills the run off was pounding down this drainage area at a pretty good clip. one casualty this good size the world toppled into a massive title and fountain hills. >> the storms have affected most of the state today. to get the scene in tucson where a lot of drivers were rising floodwaters. emergency crews called out different locations to help pull people to safety. >> you said we are not done yet? what do we expect? >> pretty quiet for the valley for now but some activity happening in the high country. let's show you what is happening on the radar. right now mainly areas to the north of us get to the graphic here around yavapai county and white mountains we are seeing
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you are to the west of prescott a pretty nice size storm over the mountains, a lot of rainfall , plenty of lightning shifting in a northeasterly direction. another storm earlier north of sedona has fizzled out but i 40 westward toward williams another storm cell there lightning, rainfall i 40 east of williams be careful with travel there. storms packing quite a bit of rainfall. we had reports of hail around payson so we will be watching for that as well. the threat for flooding the majority of the state right now under a flash flood watch until tomorrow. monsoon moisture with a little help of remnant moisture from what was tropical storm javier, now a regular low pressure but the moisture getting caught up in our monsoonal flow. take a look at what we are
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mainly midnight, 60% chance of scattered storms, 70% chance as we head into tomorrow morning and late afternoon it dips to a 40% chance and we keep going down from their heading into the weekend. rainfall totals today and how much more we could be getting coming up in a little bit. . members of the valley's horse community are paying their respects to william try on. he died after a tragcc charly edsitty live in north phoenix with the details. we are here at the home where happened off of third avenue in carefree highway. he was a loved and respected veterinarian in this community, practicing for several decades. tonight, many are heartbroken over the news of his passing. >> he wasn't just are veterinarian or neighbor he was our friend and family. >>reporter: for over three
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the first man to call for so many if their horse needed care. >> we knew how he was and you can see the passion and the compassion for them. >> a man who loved animals, people and was devoted to his faith. dr. tryon served countless horses at the american rescue his reputation spread across the valley, several clients turning into lifelong friends. >> a very important person in my life [ speaking emotionally ] he is to he made me laugh too. >>reporter: the scene of the horrific accident at his home. phoenix fire pulled dr. tryon from a 20-foot deep underground grain silo where firefighter said there was only about 4% oxygen. he was attempting to drain water from a recent storm. juan pablo garcia who works with tryon attempted to rescue him. a neighbor try to help them was also taken to the hospital. >> it was one of those unfortunate, tragic accidents
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don't even know what to say. >>reporter: as the community honors the legacy of a man devoted to caring for animals. >> it is going to be hard not having him. very shocking, a huge hit for us in the equine community for sure. >>reporter: one of the victims, juan pablo garcia, currently in critical condition. there will be a vigil this friday at 7:30 here in north phoenix. we have details on 12 live in edsitty. now to hot headlines. developing a 5:00, we start with a couple from san tan valley arrested last month after their two -year-old boy was found wandering outside of their home. 27 -year-old brent daley in his 26 -year-old wife brianne daly have been formally indicted and face one count each of child abuse. pinal county investigators say they admitted they left the boy alone at home on july 29 so
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the search continues for the serial straight shooter. police say the man in this sketch has killed at least seven people. if you have information you can remain anonymous by calling silent witness. you can earn a 50,000-dollar reward. if you have information that could help buckeye police in the disappearance of jesse wilson called her special hotline at the number on your screen 623-349-6411. jesse has been missing for mo an infant whose mother traveled to a zika infected area in latin america has died. it's the first zika related death in texas. a health officials as the infant died a few weeks ago and had microcephaly linked to the zika virus. time now to had to rail. are you ready for what could turn out to be an historic
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cauldron. tonight is the big night for women's gymnastics and the biggest stars in the pool competing including katie ledecky and michael phelps. >> team 12's vanessa ruiz live in rio. a huge night for the most decorated olympian of all time and may be the end of this grudge match. >>reporter: look at that face. >> this is my michael phelps face very in the zone i don't think i could create the intensity and michael's face last night talk about memes gold everywhere. he qualified last night and tonight racing in his signature event the 200-meter butterfly. we got a chance to see some very excited fans to catch up with michael after the race. he talked to us about the momentum he feels team usa and
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>> we do really well as a team. when we pick it up and get the ball rolling, it is tough to stop. hopefully we can keep things going. >>reporter: again michael phelps, one of the big stars tonight. swimming in a few hours rio time, the 200-meter butterfly. of course you will watch it in prime time and only right here on 12 news. coming up at 6:00, it is a thing and i will tell you all about it coming up at 6:00. good luck to michael phelps and katie ledecky. we will see you here at 6:00. the u.s. women's gymnastics team goes for gold. valley olympian amanda boarded on the 1996 gold-medal team. we caught up with her in rio and she says tonight is going to be huge. >> everyone of the u.s. women
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when it comes to gymnastics the finals will be showstopping i can't wait. >> is and excited to hear her talking about it. when somebody knows the gymnastics and is excited it is amazing. >>reporter: rio coverage continues before prime time competition. >> if you like shopping or super models olympic zone is for you tonight. if you like both you are in for a real treat coming up at 6:30 before olympic prime time. call 12 for action helping you the consumer. my it is kinds of deals or you could face costly consequences. presidential candidates keep taking swings at each other, we now know when those important debates will be taking place. history could unfold again tonight and prime time. olympic coverage you can only
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. >> donald trump's comments about second amendment people and what they could do about hillary clinton's judicial picks. the new controversy developing tonight. details in the potentially deadly health threat that is forced a major hospital to move babies out of its neonatal intensive care unit. bile and her parents and why gymnastics made so much sense for her live from olympic park
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coverage. while the war of words continues between hillary clinton and donald trump, we know the face-off and and at least three presidential debates. >> the first in hempstead, new york and on such a 26. october 9, the candidates will gather for debate in washington university in st. louis. the final debate scheduled for october 19 at the university of nevada in las vegas. rallies. he told the crowds if hillary clinton were elected she would essentially abolish the second amendment by picking her own supreme court justices. meanwhile hillary clinton called on congress today to return to washington and pass legislation to combat zika. clinton toward a miami health clinic earlier today close to the wynnewood neighborhood where 21 zika cases have been diagnosed.
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>>reporter: last week that the florida epidemic was under control did a disservice to efforts to fight the virus. sometimes it feels like you need a backup as a consumer. that is what a phoenix woman needed when dealing with a local car dealership. >> when she could not get them to listen she did what a lot of other people do she call 12 for action. stacia shows us what happened, new at 5:00. >> do what you said you were going to do, not too much to ask. that is all patricia wanted as she turn waive the early termination fee of $400 since she was buying a vehicle. after the transaction she found she was still on the hook. when the salesman would not return her calls she decided to call 12 for action. one of our volunteer investigators helped her get that eliminated. $400 saved and advice for all of us to make sure any verbal agreement as part of the written contract. >> always a good idea to get
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before you sign the paper read what you are signing. >> always good advice. if you have a consumer complaint call 12 for action. volunteer investigators here to take your call monday through friday from 11:00 a.m.-1 p.m.. 602-260-1212 or you can file your complaint online go to call 12.12 time to weigh in with the answer to our social sound off. >> the question is, which arizona hotspot next the list of top tourist america? >> let us know what you think the answer is on social media it using the #social sound off and we will give you the answer 6:15 on 12 news at 6:00. the monsoon back in full swing. everybody talking about it bringing powerful thunderstorms earlier today. >> it was gorgeous. we want to give you a view from several i've cameras outside.
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coming up neck. >> great to get the rain not very nice when it causes flooding but when you get 2 inches in a very short period of time that is what will happen look at the rainfall totals today 2 inches in apache junction north of mesa on the hunt highway one and a half inches on the bush i we i should say. fountain hills 1.46, litchfield park a little over 310th of an inch and you got rain at phoenix sky harbor rain gauge for us. even though we got more than two in some areas of the east valley it is sky harbor that will take the official number. we could see more tonight and into tomorrow. flash flood watch is in effect for pretty much the entire state with the exception of southwest arizona so yuma county and the northeastern chunk there. basically all of us on alert here as this next round of storms moves in. there could be flooding that could happen rapidly. some of the rainfall totals with one model, bringing that blue indicating anywhere from
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or eastern portions of the phoenix area. a little further east into gila county more than two and a half inches possible and another section and southeast arizona cochise county another area where we could see more than two and a half inches of rain. you can see why there is the flooding threat out there. numbers way high on the monsoon meter as we see remnant moisture from tropical storm javier get caught up in our monsoon nine of the white mounds, nine in northern arizona, 7 in the valley and eight for southeast arizona looks like the yuma area is the only area not expecting to see a whole lot but you have a slight chance. check out temperatures in the '90s wednesday at the -- thursday and friday as we lose the moisture we see temperatures come up. by the weekend looking at sunshine with high temperatures
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switching gears to sports. quarterback news making headlines at asu. let's check in with coop for the details. >>reporter: yes there was big quarterback news coming out of asu this morning but he had nothing to do with the 64 million-dollar question like, who will be the devils starting quarterback the season? the new centered around former chandler high school standout bryce perkins not a practice this morning, rumors began to surface he would transfer because he was no long quarterback job and he was asked to make a move to wide receiver. i talked with bryce's dad, bruce who confirmed the rumors that added his son was not transferring and will be staying at asu. coach todd graham was asked about possible position change for bryce. >>reporter: as he considering transferring? >> not to my knowledge. he is still a quarterback. honestly is a talented guy and does some other things for us but still definitely a quarterback. >>reporter: he did suffer an
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things are not all rosy at the cardinals camp either. here why bruce arians is calling for the leaders to step up. when we come back right after this. . >> more standing images from rio. remember 12 news is your
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. arizona cardinals three days away from kicking up their preseason schedule. friday evening at the university of phoenix stadium cardinals working defense plane gets himself that will finally get a chance to hit somebody else in, for sloppy practice monday. bruce arians looking for his key, veteran players to help get the focus back and keep it. >> mental errors, penalties up we did not answer the challenge of coming off a day off very well. disappointed in leadership because that is their job. >> such great leadership on this team.
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us back on track. >> being in the locker room following that sloppy practice monday, you know the expletives were extremely high. >> i'm just happy we have the ball on friday night. >> about time. >> yes it is. tonight at 10:00 the big showdown between usa's michael phelps in south africa as phelps swims in his fifth olympic 200-meter butterfly final. he shocked the world by beating phelps in london and since then he has been playing mind games with michael phelps we will see who hits the ball first tonight at 10:00. another huge night in prime time with olympic swimming and gymnastics competition. 12 news is your olympic
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hasn't been legal since the sydney game. >> an emotional thing not very logical. >> new at 6:00 we had back live to rio where vanessa will take a closer look at the business of betting on olympic. social sound off question which arizona hotspot makes the list of top tourist traps across the country? let us know what you think the answer is on s the answer is 6:15. 12 news always on. >> at the latest news no matter where you are on 12, the 12 news app and your
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it all starts here. the water srp delivers to the valley it fills our reservoirs and then is managed through a vast network of canals right into our lives. explore the beautiful journey our most precious resource takes
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breaking news tonight. what did donald trump just say? controversy erupting as we come on the air after we hear what he said about hillary clinton, the judges and the second amendment. and babies in critical care being urgently moved after a potentially deadly bacteria is discovered. is it connected to the deaths of two infants? ferris wheel accident. children hospitalized after a terrible fall raising questions about safety. who's regulating all those rides? and golden statement. from an american champion caught up in a cold war with her russian rival, showing who's


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