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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 10, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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just when you thought donald trump couldn't say anything worse... after that remark - democrats are pouncing on him - and republicans are scrambling to explain what he ?might have meant. meant.explain what are on him - and remark - worse... donald trump just when you triple busy were sleeping - while you were sleeping - phoenix police were busy investigating a triple investigating a busy police were busy police were phoenix
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while you were sleeping -while you while you were sleeping - phoenix police were busy investigating a shooting. just when you donald trump couldn't say anything worse...
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pouncing on him - and are scrambling to explain what he ?might have suing....over ?suicide why one unhappy fan says he wants just his money back from the movie studio. ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy ???adlib weather???adlib ???adlib weather weather???adlib weather weather???adlib weather
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weather a flash flood watch is in effect... but right now it's bone dry out there.jen wahl is live this morning in the 12 news tracker.... tracker....12 news live this there.bone dry out right now it's effect... but watch is in a flash flood a flash flood right now it's this
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breaking news this morning... as phoenix police are on the scene of a triple shooting in a phoenix 12's bryan west is tracking
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here's a quick check of your morning hot headlines - a second man has died after falling into a 20 foot underground storage facility... and phoenix fire officials say a third man remains hospitalized in critical condition.the first man who died -- fell while pumping rain water out of the hole... and the other two fell in trying to save him. newly released police reports -- say investigators have shooter's crime scenes.they were also given vehicle descriptions in at least three of the all, seven people have been killed and two others wounded. an arizona couple has been indicted for leaving their 2-year-old son alone to go play pokemon go. prosecutors say brent and brianna daley are both facing one count of child abuse.count of child abuse. the couple was arrested after a neighbor found the boy crying outside their home. so if you didn't like a if you didn't like a movie...would you sue the
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you drink at the olympics?emma is here with the answers in this morning's juice. don't drink and compete.that's the message after one member of the dutch gymnastics team was sent home.yuri van home. yuri van gelder started his olympics strong - by earning a chance to compete for a medal in the men's rings final.but - thanks to alcohol and but - thanks to alcohol and bad juegement - he won't be was sent home after he admitted to's not the's not the first time he's missed competition because of bad judgement.he was caught taking cocaine just three days before his nation's championships... and was ineligible for the london games in 2012. some people will sue for just about this next
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false advertisement.he claims the trailers for the new movie "suicide squad" "heavily featured" jared leto's joker, but he's barely in the movie. he claims he drove 300 miles to london to see the movie, only to learn the joker was in the movie 15 minutes. the fan apparently complained to the theater about the "unjust act" and requested a refund, but was kicked out of the venue instead. for your juicy question of the morning... on average, a woman does this about 3 to 4 times every single week, and each time it takes about 15 - 20 minutes. women tend 15 - 20 minutes. it takes about single week, and each time it takes about 15 - 20 minutes. women tend to do this more often than men. what
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use the social media platforms and give us your answers answersgive us your platforms and social media use the what is it? use the social media platforms and give us your answers baltimore police - in some serious trouble this morning. racially profiling, arrests for no reason...and we'll talk about what else the department of justice found. and we're trying to keep up with this week's wednesday's child...let me tell you... its not easy!
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checking hot headlines this morning -the olympic games are taking center stage in rio for the rest of the world - but brazil is still in crisis this morning. the brazilian senate has voted to place suspended president dilma rousseff on trial about allegations that she committed fiscal crimes while she was
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speaker of the house paul ryan easily defeated his republican challenger paul nehlen in wisconsin's primary tuesday night. nehlen, whose campaign had been courting trump supporters, was considered a long-shot against ryan in wisconsin's first congressional district. bad news for the baltimore police department... a justice department investigation has concluded that its officers routinely stop, search, and even arrest the city's african-american people without provocation. launched after last year's unrest following the death of freddie gray in police custody...the investigation reviewed more than six years of records. it found deficiencies in training, policies, and supervision. it's not easy keeping up with this week's wednesday's child. darryl is at a local fire station and he's like a kid in
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if you'd like to learn more about darryl or helping a child in foster care, please contact aask- aid to adoption of special kids at 602-930-4900. organizations like aask help families build relationships, and change the lives of children like darryl through adoption. for more information you can also visit their website at: ?? traffic ?? ???adlib weather???adlib ???adlib weather weather???adlib
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donald trump's latest comments...have even caught the attention of the secret service.did he cross the line for good this time?that's in two minutes. miss one of your favorite shows on nbc?now you can catch it on snapchat!the details on that big change... in 20 minutes. ####break####
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####break#### ####break#### minutes.change... in 20
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####break########break#### ####break#### ####break#### donald tr or it's just something his campaign calls totally ridiculous. democrats say he implied violence in suggesting gun owners take action against hillary clinton. tracie potts is live in washington this morning with more on that plus, whether trump will debate clinton this fall.
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there's no there's no indication the commission indication the there's no there's no indication the commission will do that. but they are asking debate sites to plan for a third podium, in case one of the other candidates - gary johnson or jill stein - hits the 15 percent threshhold to participate.threshhold to hits the 15 gary johnson one of the for a third asking debate will do that. indication the there's no indication the commission will do that. but they are asking debate for a third podium, in case one of the other gary johnson or jill stein - hits the 15 percent participate.i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. q: now there are more republicans going public to
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of support has been white men, but nbc's latest poll shows that's waning?a: tba-----q: trump says his wife may hold a news conference? hold a news conference? what's that about? a: tbaabout?what's that conference? hold a news his wife may q: trump says -----a: tbawaning?latest poll been white base of q: trump's clinton?going public to support hillary clinton?a: tba -----q: trump's ----- a: tba-----q: trump's strongest base of support has been white men, but nbc's latest poll shows that's waning?a: tba-----q: trump says his wife may hold a news
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there's early evidence of a possible link between the zika virus and joint problems in babies. that tops our morning health check... in a new study -- researchers in il were born with joint deformities, and who were presumed to have been infected with the zika virus, it's too early to say zika definitely causes malformed joints... but doctors say it's worth monitoring zika-affected babies for such problems as they grow. exercising to stay healthy does not necessarily mean having to join a gym or run 10 miles a day. university of washington researchers pooled the results of 174 studies of physical activity and disease risk.
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lowered the risk for chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.diabetes and heart disease. walking, biking... even gardening and vacuuming counted. doctors generally recommend 20 to 30 minutes of daily physical activity. as you get up and get going... think about this while you're making breakfast: fruit and vegetables appear to be the breakfast foods of choice for those who maintain a healthy weight... like matt mauro. researchers from cornell university asked about 150 ?healthy ad generally ate for breakfast. more than half responded with fruit and vegetables.... while only about a third said they ate a more traditional breakfast... like cereal, granola or eggs. only 4- percent said they skipped the meal altogether. disney c-e-o bob iger
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had an impact on disney's theme park business in orlando. those comments coming after the company's quarterly results beat wall street estimates. yesterday, florida's department of health identified four more people who likely contracted zika through mosquito bites in the state. got skim milk??sales of skim milk are down 11 percent as americans look for different fact the milk industry has taken a billion dollar hit in the last five years according to neilson. products t are rising.. almond, soy and coconut milk are all rising in sales. monsoon 2016 - left a pretty good reminder that it's still here.we are wating for another round today...the latest on that at six... and we are following the developments in that triple shooting in north phoenix. north shooting in north're watching 12
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three people shot...and now detectives are trying to figure out why it happened. we're live with the latest. monsoon 2016 slammed into the state on tuesday...are we looking at a repeat
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you're not imagining things... that water is was blue just a day ago....the mystery in the pool... in this morning's juice. ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy ???adlib weather


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