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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  August 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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from rio de janeiro. turns out collecting hands is another olympic sport here? details coming up in a few minutes. >> looking for to that. are big story, hillary clinton making a big push in arizona. it appears to be paying off. >> clinton neck and neck with donald trump, that has some people wondering if she is turning are normally red state blue. >> brahm reznik hillary clinton was not expected to spend any money in arizona. presidential politics, our state a graveyard for democrats. but donald trump change that. latino murder -- latino voters could hold the key to turning arizona blue since statehood 104 years ago through 26 presidential elections just four democrats have won arizona. will hillary clinton be the
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winning arizona. >> we know arizona is right on the precipice of something huge. >> the arizona demo credit -- democratic party says the money will go to getting out to vote. >> i've been shouting from the rooftops for a long time. >> polls showing the state is not red it is tossup gray. >> never thought it would happen, don't think it will happen. >>reporter: republican senator jeff lake things clinton could turnna clinton could win arizona? >> 1996 bill clinton won arizona so yes it is possible. >>reporter: state republican party chair robert graham did not expect he would have to defend arizona or a nominee named donald trump. >> right now trump's appeal is he is brutally honest. >>reporter: trump as well as clinton get brutal reviews from voters. a bigger problem for the gop, polls show eight in 10 arizona latinos, a growing
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>> now that latino community in the selection is thinking not so much of a party, thinking of the issues that really matter and holding people accountable. >>reporter: state republicans point to their large advantage over democrats and committed party volunteers. clinton money would put more people on the ground to get out latino voters and first-time voters. if clinton wins arizona she would duplicate her a tragic story out of youngstown. a 16 -year-old boy charged as an adult for killing his younger brother. shane holloway accused of brutally stabbing his brother last saturday. his nine -year-old sister try to stop the attack, also hurt. he admitted to killing his brother but would not say why. today the children's grandfather talk to us about
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going to stop loving my grandson and that is all in going to say regarding shea holloway. nobody should have to go through with this family has gone through right now. >> now being held on $1 million bond. not known if he was under the influence of any alcohol or drugs at the time. two immigration rights groups plan to boycott discount tire stores in the valley. we told you on m signs supporting sheriff joe arpaio reelection bid. that is marked a firestorm of outrage on social media. they plan to hold a news conference tomorrow to talk about the planned boycott. >> a check on weather, parts of the state remain under a flash flood watch. what the valley is clear now, storm starting to form south. a live look outside right now some clouds in the sky but still pretty calm so are we in
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that is a question matt pace here with the answer. >> that is the big question we have all been waiting for the ring and all hope not lost just yet. tracking a thunderstorm west of buckeye moving up towards the north but the stronger storms sitting south of the valley, cross a grand -- casa grande right there, a strong thunderstorm slowly tracking up towards the north northeast, that is why we could still see activity especially over the southeastern portion of the valley. for the rest of the state you can see quite a bit of also trending toward the north and northeast. the one area we are watching is sedona. another thunderstorm beginning to move northeast. some locations have seen over 2 inches of rainfall, we are concerned about flooding in the eastern side of the state active as well. a dry trend coming up, details coming up. many of team usa's top swimmers in the pool tonight. michael phelps and ryan lochte
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final. >> you can also watch allison schmitt and missy franklin go for the gold in the women's for by 200 freestyle relay coming up tonight during prime time on 12. for many fancy made the trip to rio this is of course a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. how do you remember such a special time? >> one way to take home your own piece of the games, vanessa ruiz joins us live from rio with more on the olympic past discovery for me. i had no idea that 10 collecting and trading was such a big deal at the olympics. as you can see these are my credentials. apparently the goal to get these all filled up. as you can see this is looking sad. not the case for some people here, they look at trading as intense and competitive as an
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you from? >> you can have olympics without training. >> it seems like you can have olympic pin training without this guy. >> you see this? >> it is his ninth olympics my 10. >> representing the atlanta pin collectors club at every nearly olympic since atlanta. this year the most magnetic figure is a man so jolly he could be a santa claus. >> i tell santa i want my soup back i like serious. we may not be able to speak any other language. >> he may only speak english. >> i worked in two cuban refugee camps nkemdiche of. >> santa and his helpers own 30,000 tens they would say they
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connections, language and country aside. >> one of 3-d pins. >> shaking hands. you can have olympics without it. >> i really need to up my game because i am already almost a week and a half here in rio and this is looking sad. mark curtis i know you are a collector and get back home. >> it goes the other where you are in the olympics you bring pins for us. i don't have any pins for you. >> i will work on it. i don't know why this is sad i am embarrassed to show you. >> you need pieces of flair. you need at least five by the weekend.
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>> all right. >> pressure on. we will see you later. stay with 12 news for exclusive coverage of all of our arizona athletes and behind the scenes looks from the games. don't forget our special olympic show coming up at 6:30 the place you will get the best olympic coverage, long. >> tracking down a killer what new documents are revealing about the serial straight shooter. a new list out the best places to get fried chicken in each state. find out which restaurant tops
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. a manhunt underway for the men responsible for shooting three people outside a home in north phoenix. police say he shot his neighbor then ran her over multiple times. she later died. he is also accused intervene. new documents reveal that bullet casings link several serial straight shooting. >> the man seen in the sketches blamed for nine shootings that have killed seven people in the valley. the victims appear to be random and there is still no motive. a 50,000-dollar reward has been offered for information that
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phoenix today. police say two horses got loose near 35th avenue and washington street. officers able to corral them with help from the owner. and no one hurt. no word on how the horses got out. still ahead, many parents help their child becomes the next olympic superstar. find out why dr. say it is important kids don't just focus on one sport. who will be the leaders of this year sun devils the ball team and guess who friday night not who you think
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. time off of the day. a new list out of the best places to get fried chicken in each state. which restaurant tops the list in arizona? according to mental floss .com, that is mrs. white's golden rule cafe in phoenix. the restaurant serving up southern food since 1964. do you agree? head over to our facebook page
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time for tonight's medicine of the games. important to make sure your kids are well-rounded on and off the plainfield. >> more more parents having kids specialize in a single sport. doctors say that may be doing more harm than good. >> i see patients every day and office playing sports because their parents want them to. it is sad but the truth is the reality we live >>reporter: he is an orthopedic surgeon at the mayo clinic in phoenix. >> i think parents are living vicariously through their kids wanting their kids to have everything. fame, money, tv exposure and be successful in society. for that reason they are being pushed a little too hard. >>reporter: pushed and are specializing in one sport hoping that is the one that pays off. training year-round for one activity may not be good for the body or the mind.
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rates as teenagers stay with one sport. also leading to more kids burning out. >> that got so fed up with plane one sport they gave up athletics altogether. >>reporter: he wants parents to let kids do different things. >> sports aren't bad, but you want to cross train. do multiple sports. teach kids how to play different sports so they learn different reaction times, think differently, develop their brain different way. >> it will pay off on the field and >> less add in kids who play multiple sports, less -- higher grade point average, you have kids play more sports. seems like they are more engaged mentally. additionally it helps different parts of their brain develops. >> baseball basketball, tennis, swimming can all complement each other. >> by doing multiple sports you help your kid become a better athlete. >> sports are fun, kids need to
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them be kids and enjoy life too. >> so true. we all want our kids to be the best and be a star and whatever but in the end it is supposed to be fun. >> it is. >> you can't live vicariously through them. >> it is true. >> great to expose them to different stores and different friends. amazing things you learn. there is a lot going on in the weather. storms to our south a little while ago still looking like those might make it and? >> it does look like they could potentially make it to the valley. the good news is we have better stuff to talk about as far as rainfall totals. if you didn't get anywhere, we should be 1.42 inches of rainfall so far at phoenix sky harbor. currently at 1.79 so even though it has been dry lately you can see we are .37 inches above average when it comes to monsoon.
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high temperature today phoenix sky harbor 101, cooler than monday, 110. unfortunately it feels very warm because we have humid conditions the dew point at 65 right now in phoenix, 66 in tucson a 67 nogales. that is why we are keeping the chance of thunderstorms in the forecast. also another storm system in casa grande, very strong thunderstorms moving north rainfall. casa grande south of maricopa under a flood advisory that goes until 9:00 tonight. thunderstorms are making their way toward the north northeast. >>reporter: can't rule out another thunderstorm in san tan valley, queen creek in the next hour or so. tracking it right here. tomorrow monsoon meter sitting at three over the white mountains at 7, probably where the strongest thunderstorms tomorrow, things will slowly
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the weekend. you are day forecast shows the drying temperatures warming back up 107 by sunday, looks like the monsoon could start to make another turn by next wednesday. right now here is coop with sports. >> game plan the whole way. what are you doing on the sideline? >> decide if we go for it fourth. go for two. tough job. somebody's got to do it. >> harold goodwin carries a job title offensive coordinate but on game days or syrians calling the plays. preseason so why not let goodwin do what the offensive court interest cole the place? as you heard from the man himself areas will step aside and let goodwin not only handle the game plan but the
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>> i'm excited for the opportunity he gives me too grow as a coach and as a man and for him to do this for me is special, tells me he thinks a lot about me i don't ever want to disappoint them. he earlier this week be yourself don't mind me. it is hard not to mind your boss and he is looking at you. >> in the meantime across the way in tempe football going through a rare afternoon practice today. star and center for asu young inexperienced offense the season. not only two of the best players on the team but also two of the best running backs in the pac 12. that said they are also willing to carry the rock and be leaders for the sun devils. >> me and demario are considered veterans and we weren't last year. last year just her sophomore year so we were placed into the
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get thrown into the fire like that. definitely coming into that role making the best of it. >> those guys will take a lot of pressure off asu's first started. manny wilkins or brady white. they will carry the load. i don't room -- know if you remember last year against ucla they carried the entire defense. >> could not bring them down. thanks. coming up on the olympic zone talking about the and if you are not eating dinner, this may be wedding your appetite. the story of brazilian eats and
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. let's check in with vanessa live in rio with a look ahead at what she is working on at 10:00. >> right after prime time coverage we will hear from our very own sam dorman, who took on the silver medal in synchronized diving. so excited to hear what he has to say and also i will introduce you's still couple here volunteering.
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all that and more after from time coverage see you then. >> did you get us any pins yet? >> you need five by this weekend. >> okay. don't make me regret doing that story. >> she his like it has been 10 minutes. >> get some pins. >> i will get you those five pins. >> thanks everyone for watching 12 news at 6:00. >> the olympic sound coming up next. when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure
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liberty stands with you.
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dana, and she is caribe devine and welcome back to the olympic zone where we are getting warmed up with the prime time olympic coverage each and every night. we start with the story of judo champion, kayla harrison, making history to become the first american ever to win an olympic gold medal in the sport. >> she wants more gold and to retire as the greatest the


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